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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 23, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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as thousands of fans pour out of levi )s stadium... following a world cup warm-up... ♪ a very unsettling sight as thousands of fans flow out of a warm up. that breaking news up folding. >> police in rili -- police in gear, what is have you found out? >> well, jessica, just now, police are he will thie i -- poe telling us that nothing major happened, they are they're
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secure the safety of the fans. but i will tell you, before the game ended, we heard a code 20 on the scanner. meaning officer needs assistance, all available units respond. i spoke to a witness on the ground and he too said that he heart officers patrolling the area using the code 20. something came in over the call that required all of the response. police cars from several jurisdictions raced to get to an area east of the stadium. whatever happened, it required a massive response and fans were ordered to leave or they will be subject to arrest. that required crowd control measures. officers in protective gear lined up and were next to the parking lot. light rail was affected and witnesses were told to leave the vta platform and catch uber on great america parkway. police say there were fights in
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the stands but nothing major than out of the ordinary happened. there were arrests. but nothing major happened here outside levi stadium. this crowd was peaceful, and jovial if you will, for most of the game here at the levi stadium. but when you get a large crowd like this and the police acknowledges that large crowds like this, nearly sell-out crowd, something like this is bound to happen. nothing major happened, we are told and right now, they are securing the perimeter of the stadium, cars and people are still filing out of the parking lot and on their way home. >> thank you very much. well, not again. check it out. another injury for the warriors and again, it's steph curry. curry reinjured on the night of his return to the court. missed six games with a strained right ankle. he suffered an mcl sprain in his left knee, hurt in the third quarter after his teammate, javale mcgee fell on his leg. steph is scheduled to have an
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mri tomorrow. >> and another bay area sports star injured, madison bum garden out with a broken pinkie on his pitching hand. tonight fans are reacting and we are live at at&t park with more on what this means for the giants season jean, this is a big deal. >> reporter: it is, jessica, the stadium or the ballpark is dark and so is the mood of giants fans. fans we talked to say they are bummed and worried that the giants will have a losing season without their star pitcher. >> oh, no. >> that's horrible. >> oh, no. that the painful. >> oh! right back. >> giants fans are feeling madison bumgarner's pain tonight during the final game of spring training in arizona, the star pitcher deflected a line drive with his pitching hand. breaking his pinkie finger. >> going to have pins put in it tomorrow. so, there was no way around it.
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>> reporter: madbum may be out of the rotation for weeks recovering. after the game, he was wishing for a do-over. >> it hard to control your reactions when something is happening that fast. obviously i wish i would not have, rather took it in the chest or most anywhere else. >> reporter: last season he was out for three months with a shoulder injury after a dirt bike accident. fans say they were counting on him to start healthy so he he had could lead the giants to another world series. >> if bad minimmadbum is not th are we getting to another world series. >> while he is down, he is not out. >> it's the smallest finger on his hand. >> it's madbum, he is a tough man. he can get there. there's more rain on the way, a live look over san francisco, look goods right now, but new systems are starting to manufacture in, jeff is joining us with a look at when we could
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see the first rain drops, jeff. >> and throughout the next 15-25 minutes we will continue to sew things pick up across the north bay as the storm system is starting to move in. and this is after already 4-5.5 inch totals at some of our higher elevations this week. let's get a look at storm rain charts. it's our mobile doppler radar. we get a closer view. some moderate rainfall continuing in through 11:33 tonight and looking at a heavier pocket pushing in to novato. and san francisco, eventually getting wet when we hit 11:43 in the sunset district by 11:51. we are tracking more showers in to saturday morning. and we will have the full weekend time line coming up in 15 minutes. >> thank you, jeff. they risked their lives to save his, a heroic effort in a deadly crash involving a tesla. we have new video and details from a ga isood samaritan that d
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to pull the driver to safety before it burst in to flames. we have his story and what do we know new on the investigation? >> reporter: yeah, jessica, that man said he knew he had to act fast and he did not want us to the identify him tonight, but he recounted what happened shortly arriving when the tesla caught fire. the good samaritan sent us this video, he took it after the driver was pulled to safety, saying that he and another man worked to pull the driver from the smashed and smoking suv. despite their efforts he died at the hospital. witnesses say shortly the crash, it sounded like there was an explosion. >> we saw a big cloud of smoke, and then, all of a sudden, there was like, a fire ball, like in the air. boom. >> the chp said that the tesla-x hit the median and went airborn. two other cars smashed in to it.
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the chp thinks the car's battery was involved in the explosion, so officers kept their distance and called for back up. two tesla employees responded and took the battery, while the tow truck took the vehicle away. >> we are used to regular vehicles. we are learning as we go. sfwloo with a high concentration of tesla's on bay area roads, many fire departments are invited to the company headquarters to train on the cars. though they didn't respond to today's crash, santa clara chief, drew miller, thinks the results of the investigation could help firefighters in the future. >> i imagine as a result of this event that we are talking about today, we will get some type of training bulletin or information on things that were encountered by that responding agency when they showed up on scene. now, we reached out to tesla for comment, but have not heard back, both the crash and fire are under investigation.
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reporting live, ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, ian. a second day of protest continuing in to the night, we see outrage growing over the police shooting death of an unarmed man. he was killed sunday night in his grandparent's backyard. we need to warn you that the images could be disturbing. officers were responding to reports of a vandal breaking car windows and a police helicopter spotted clark and they chased him. thinking he had a weapon, they fired shots and they found no weapons, just a cell phone. at the trump is moving ahead, banning transgender people from serving in the military. sawing they are disqualified except for circumstances. retaining troops with a diagnosis of gender dysphoria presents considerable risk.
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they saw, california will fight the ban, tweeting, california will take every measure available to prevent discriminatory action that harms transgender service members or americans that wish to defend our nation. tomorrow, thousands of kids across the country will march against gun violence, today, some went on lock down because of a gun on campus. that irony not lost on students or parents. we have more. >> reporter: jessica, according to the alameda county sheriff's department, a student spotted a handgun in a backpack and that student told a staff member. with just minutes left in the school day, some students were thinking of what they planned on doing this weekend. some were heading to local marches against gun violence. >> i think the march is very
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important. and like, people that are going, because i may go. >> crazy that it happened just before the march. like all the stuff that is going around in the world is not good. like, stop the gun violence. >> their school went on lockdown, a 15-year-old student brought a loaded gun to campus and others alerted police and the officers figured out which classroom he was in and they called in a tactical response team. >> they knew the student right off as they walked in and went in and detained him without incident. the student never pointed the gun at anyone, he is now under arrest. this incident comes as the finishing touches being completed for the march for our lives are going to occur. here in the bay area, student it is will be marching in full force, and jason chen said he wants change. >> i want lawmakers to pass common sense gun reform.
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that does not mean overlooking it and staying silent, or arming teachers. >> reporter: they expect senator dianne feinstein to be at the san francisco event, and they plan on students being the focus. >> okay, thank you. if you are heading to one of the two, one of the two dozen marches planned in the bay area, we want to see your pictures and videos. we would love if you send them to us, we will be sharing them on our air and across our digital platforms as well. ♪ rain developing across the north barracks this will continue wet weather in to richmond by 11:49, we are tracking rain chances, details in 10:00. also, ahead, the search for answers, new information about the man at the center of the identifiry crash at travis air force base. it could be big changes for b.a.r.t. commuters.
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thousands may have to take the bus instead of a train.
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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a supermarket attack in a global icon going dark, the eiffel tower turned off its lights to honor the three people killed in a supermarket attack in southwest france. 16 other people were hurt. the suspect hijacked a car, killed one of the people inside and fired at police officers before hiding inside the superer market where two more people were killed. the minister said that the suspect was known to pleaolice. new details tonight about the firry crash at travis air force base. we have learn today the driver of the car, lived in sacilito, he drove his car past the main gate before crashing. and today, we learned that he had five propane tanks. three plastic one gallon gasoline cans in the car and we know most recently he worked as a cab driver in the east bay. but we really don't know much
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else about him. the fbi now trying to piece together what happened. >> we are going to try and look at the phones that were inside the vehicle at the time. and you know, e-mail type accounts, things like that, to try to understand what his frame of mind was. >> investigators say that at this point, they don't believe it was an act of terrorism, but they are not willing to rule anything out. new at 11:00, $12 million bail this man is facing more than 20 counts of sexual acts on multiple juveniles. investigators believe there's more victims, if you know anything, you are urged to call the san ramon pd a deputy known for his sense of passion and quirky sense of humor was remembered. his car hit a tree. he was only 24 years old and was engaged to be married to his
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childhood sweet heart, his brother spoke at the memorial saying he looked up to ryan and the love he showed his family, fiance and his friends. >> b.a.r.t. wants to make the tubes safer for earthquake. but to do it, they have to shut it down early in the morning. that impacts 3,000 early commuters. if they decide to move forward, the project will start next february and last for 3-1/2 years. ready. set, fire! what a super duper goal. >> levi stadium was rocking when mexico scored on the free kick. mexico facing ice land in a tune-up match. both will be going to russia in june. mexico was winning it 3-0. this was like a home match for
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mexico. we were at levi stadium with the ice land fans and they were simply out numbered. the bands crashed the tailgate parties in the levi parking lot. their national soccer team, the pride of mexico was taking the field. >> it was a one-sided party as levi is quickly becoming the second home of the team. we did spot three brave fans wearing the opposite color, the color of ice land, they think they know how many were at the march. >> maybe 30. >> maybe 30. >> we are used to being out numbered. it's nothing new here. >> they said it's lucky it's labeled as a friendly match, know how long much they were out numbered in the stayed jump and it seems they were treated okay. >> actually, really good, everyone was friendly. >> it was a warm-up game as the road to the world cup in russia came roaring through the south bay. at levi stadium, nbc bayier
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news. >> we are the official spanish language nation for the world cup. all right, let's bring in jeffrey, you had a nice night out there. >> not bad. >> yeah, relatively clear skies and chilly, and nothing we cannot handle. temperatures in the low 50s out there at levi stadium. going to get colder. and we will head through tomorrow, i start you off, getting a look at storm ranger and mobile doppler radar. we have rainfall coming in with the latest system. it's not nearly as strong as what we dealt with in the past seven days. it's enough to get the roadways wet yet again. you can see, from cordelia to novata, it's heading east to napa, in 11:53, here is closer to a pocket. that is pushing through american canyon at 11:32 and near san
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francisco, we have moderate and a bit of heavier rain move engine to mill valley through 11:59, and san ra fell, 12:09 and things pick up in san francisco as well. i think we will see the chance of spotty showers holding on in to tomorrow morning's forecast. and it's a colder storm. so, numbers will be dropping down. look at this. 40 in the tri-valley, starting off with 46 in the pa then sn p. we have an average of 39 and san francisco beginning at 48. the east bay chillier there and 43 degrees. now the good news about tomorrow's forecast, it's not going to be raining all day long. as you will see on the hour by hour look here. we will start with that chance of rainfall holding on for the south bay, east bay and parts of the peninsulpeninsula, and we wa break around 1:00. we have sun and clouds. but then, hold o if you are he hadding out tomorrow night, have a big night plan inside we have rainfall coming in around 5:00. maybe some isolated thunderstorms and small hail. and that would likely hold on
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through about 8:30 at night. as this with the weather arrives on and off tomorrow. temperatures are going to stay cool, it's not going warm up too much for the morning conditions. we are looking at 57 in san jose, and 55 in milpedes, not too many differences on the board. looking similar throughout the east bay. mid to upper 50s and 55 in redwood city. san francisco, wind kicks up out of the west at 17, that 51 will feel like the upper 40s and threw the north barracks 55 here in sonomo aa and you are lookint 53 in santa rosa. snow in the area. 3-8 inches on saturday in to sunday morning. and then we dry out as we hit monday's forecast. we are looking at dry weather returning monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday. up to 68 by next friday. in san francisco, and for the inland valleys, not only the chance of rain on saturday and also on sunday.
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just trace amounts to a tenth of an inch and keep your eye on next friday. it's the prize. so to speak. going up to 80 degrees. >> 80. >> oh, my god, i cannot wait for it. >> 80 degrees. >> yeah. >> thank you so much, jeff, want to say it again? >> 80. >> well, still ahead, it's not your average garage sale item, the dangerous device uncovered again, during an estate sale in the south bay. >> and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys, tyler perryjeffri change the channel. it's good. fire fighting is a very dangerous profession.
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we have one to two fires a day and when you respond together and you put your lives on the line, you do have to surround yourself with experts. and for us the expert in gas and electric is pg&e. we run about 2,500/2,800 fire calls a year and on almost every one of those calls pg&e is responding to that call as well. and so when we show up to a fire and pg&e shows up with us it makes a tremendous team during a moment of crisis. i rely on them, the firefighters in this department rely on them, and so we have to practice safety everyday. utilizing pg&e's talent and expertise in that area trains our firefighters on the gas or electric aspect of a fire and when we have an emergency situation we are going to be much more skilled and prepared to mitigate that emergency for all concerned. the things we do every single day that puts ourselves in harm's way, and
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to have a partner that is so skilled at what they do is indispensable, and i couldn't ask for a better partner. but it won )t be a vacation. the help they )re giving to families in need. and - what i did to help a man - shocked by an insurance bill
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claiming he owed thousands. that )s monday on )today in the bay ) - another live grenade,found inside a home in the south bay just days after five grenades now to a story you will see only on nbc bay area, another li live grenade found inside a home. days after grenades were found in the estate sale. the opener of the property was a equity which-- was a collector military items. a north bay high school is parting ways with the mascot. the napa school board voted to retire the indian at the high school. the decision has been talked about for three years before the vote, testimonials were read that agree it's time for a change. what will the new mascot be?
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>> a move in the civil rights age. >> the time is always right to do right. >> in the 1960s, dr. king recognized the power of a brand new tool to further the cause. evening tv news casts. tomorrow, the link between the two is examined in a two-hour nbc news documentary. it's called hope and fury. mlk the movement and the media. it is anchored by lester holt. it will air tomorrow, as we said, right here, at 8:00. >> it coming up next. happening : just hours after threatening to veto it on twitter - president trump signed the 1-point-3 trillion dollar spending bill to fund the happening now, hours after threatening to veto it on twitter, president trump signed the spending bill to fund the go. . he blasted the bill as rushed and bloated with unnecessary
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domestic spending but the billions included in defense were critical for national security. the bill will fund the government until september, we are back with more news in a moment. ♪ ♪ get high speed internet from at&t.
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$30 per month. no extra monthly fees. more for your thing. that's our thing. visit
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his knee in his return to the court, tonight. well, it is bad news for the warriors, we told you at the top of the news cast, steph curry r injured his knee after the first night back to the court. >> here he is how he did it. hurt the third quarter, javale mche gee falls on his leg, there's no way to predict how long he will be out until they have an might be. that is tomorrow. he missed two weeks of action with a sprained right ankle and despite that, the warriors go on t t the -- go on to win over the hawks. madison bumgarner out for six weeks after breaking a bone in his pitching hand. kansas won, and beat the giants 9-6. the giants held their annual media open house to reveal what is new at at&t, a lot of players. this is the orange and black's 60th anniversary, food, of course, a big part of their
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planned season long celebration. some of the new items, the juicy lou. and soft serve ice cream. when we come back, a never before seen photo of the before seen photo of the mysterious south bay land mark.
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should i be making motorcycles? before seen photo of the mysterious south bay land mark. yes, you like motorcycles. should i start a motorcycle company? yes! you really like motorcycles! should i make a squarespace website for it? yes, they're very good websites. but why am i in the desert talking to myself? don't ask me. ♪ ok. [motorcycle revs away]
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♪ music fades
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house, before rifle a discovery of one of the most famous land marks, it's a view of the winchester mustry house before they began building. we will show you the photo, this is it, a mystery house employee found this photo in a local archi archive, it shows the house in an early stage. after sarah bought it and before renovations. >> we never dreamed to see something like this, i have been waiting 40 years to see it. and it materialized. it's exciting. in there's a horse with a figure on it, there's a second photo showing sarah winchester at the winchester mystery house. obviously,ly many years ago. much bigger, for 30 years she added rooms that went nowhere with doors and little steps.
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>> i remember seeing us years ago. >> jeff, now talking about changing the weather. >> yes, look at had this, more rain coming back, that is the change. >> that is no change. well, yeah, we had break today, kind of a brief, brief wes fight a -- a brief, brief respite, sunday, showers, and a tenth of an inch and take a look from 55 tomorrow to 80 on fridayment i know you two are excited about next friday. >> i am next friday. >> it's good friday too. >> really? it's going to be really, really extra good. >> that will do it for us, have a safe weekend, with we will see you tomorrow. >> i will see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- tyler perry, jim jefferies,


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