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tv   Today  NBC  March 24, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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as many as half a million people led by the students from parkland, florida, set to rally against gun violence in washington, d.c. scores of other rallies around the country. this happens weeks after the tragedy at stoneman douglas high school. students saying enough is enough. >> i think our generation is sick of the mass shootings and having to prepare for tragedies like this. >> we are little in the nation's capitol. breaking overnight. transgender ban.
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the democrats up in arms. this after a day of chaos in washington. threatening the streveto of the spending bill. >> i will never sign another bill like this again. growing outrage. for a second straight night, protesters hit the streets of sacramento, california, calling for justice after an unarmed black man was shot and killed by police. the protests getting tense at times. city officials asking for calm as they investigate how this could have happened. all that plus a hero police officer dies after saving others from the terror attack inside the supermarket in france. police investigate a tragic mystery in mexico after an entire family from iowa dies on vacation. and elite company. >> texas tech is in the elite
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eight. >> march madness kicks in high gear with texas tech taking down purdue making it to the elite eight for the first time ever. duke, villanova and kansas moving on as well. one step closer to the ncaa tournament championship. today, saturday, march 24th, 2018. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with sheinelle jones, craig melvin and dylan dreyer. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. welcome to a special split edition of "today." thank you for joining us. i'm sheinelle jones with dylan dreyer. you see craig is in washington, d.c. this morning ahead of the massive rally for gun control happening in a few hours. good morning, craig. >> hey, sheinelle jones. organizers calling it the march for our lives. half a million expected to march
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down constitution avenue ending to my right where the three-hour program is said to happen. people performing are lin-manuel miranda and miley cyrus an among the few. all of the scheduled speakers are students. many of whom who have been directly impacted by gun violence while much of the march was paid for by celebrities of george clooney and oprah. they are absent by design. they wanted the focus to remain on the students. in just a moment i'll be speaking to a mother who lost her daughter in the mass shooting in marjory stoneman douglas high school. as well as a student who had to hide in fear. let's get a preview of the events today. we turn to kerry sanders who is a stone's throw from me at the
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stage. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. these kids are young. teenagers who are usually ignored by aduladults, but anot generation ignored seemingly, but not. these teenagers from the mass shooting generation, so-called, say they believe they can challenge the status quo much like the kids during the vietnam war. today they gather in large numbers. numbers they say will stand for what they would like to see during a march for our lives. this is all happened so quickly for the kids from marjory stoneman douglas high school. th it was less than six weeks ago where the gunman slaughtered 17. now sparking rallies around the world and bringing the message to washington, d.c. for the march for our lives. >> you will be here with 500,000 kids. could you expect this to happen?
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>> honestly? as humble as this is, yes. i think our generation is sick of having to look through the mass shootings and prepare for tragedies like this. >> reporter: to that end, students turned lobbyists. meeting with members of congress like virginia senator tim kaine. >> you have started something powerful around this country. >> reporter: you can't even vote and he says you and all of you are doing something that hasn't happened before. >> i mean i definitely think generation z is the generation built on technology. we are aware of the fact we are capable of change. >> reporter: a generation that uses social media to inspire action. >> you keep on your phone a running total of teenagers shot? he uses an app that updates the gun violence in chicago every four hours. >> total number of shootings is 110. >> reporter: he started watching
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after his brother was shot and killed. among those in washington is laurie. her daughter killed in parkland. >> she would have been here absolutely fighting with these kids for common sense gun laws and for school safety. >> reporter: president trump who is not here in washington, he left yesterday for the home in florida, has given the kids something they have been demanding. tweeting in part. the department of justice will issue the rule banning bump stocks. we will ban all that turn legal weapons into illegal machine guns. the kids are asking for so much more. craig, there was no bump stock involved in the massacre at their high school. >> kerry sanders here for us in washington. thank you. kerry mentioned so many people from parkland have traveled north to d.c. to participate in the march. including laurie who you heard.
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she lost her daughter alyssia. nicole martin is a fellow freshm freshman. she hid out during the shooting. again, sorry for your loss. thank you for stopping by this morning. the last time we saw you on television, were you angry. you called out president trump by name. what message would you have for him this morning? >> today is going to be history. today, all the kids will be speaking out and asking him, specifically, how are we going to make our schools safer? how are we going to change your gun laws? what is he going to do? >> nicole, you know, we were familiar with what you went through that day. to be here today, measuring success. what does that look like for you and why is it that young people
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have been able to seemingly get through with their voices in ways that adults have not been able to so far? >> i mean this is our future that we're worrying about and for us, the douglas students, we were in the building. we have saw our friends dying in front of us. we want to make a change and we don't want to let this ever happen again. i think that the reality is that we're not used to taking no for an answer and that we still will not take it for an answer. we won't stop until there is some kind of change and we feel safe. >> laurie, have you been surprised by the outpouring of love and support for you and other families who lost someone that day, but what we have seen in the young people as they marched and rallied even before today? have you been surprised? >> i'm not surprised. these kids are so smart. they're so passionate. they are using their cell phones as their weapon and their voice is their power.
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>> you talked in the past about change. wanting to see change. specifically what you would like to see this country do that we're not doing now? things that might have kept your daughter alive? >> so the second amendment was passed in 1791. we're in 2018. times have changed. we need to move with the changes. we need to make changes. moving forward, we need to come together. we need to collaborate with the nra. we need to work together with president trump and we need to work together as a nation to make these changes. an ar-15 gun was used to shoot my daughter ten times. she was shot in the heart. she was shot in the head. she was shot in the femoral artery. he is only 18 years old.
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he was able to purchase this gun. why? why should he be able to purchase this gun? he can't go into a bar and buy a beer! that does not make sense. we need common sense gun laws. sglp a >> nicole, thank you. laur laurie, thank you. we will have more from here in d.c. for now, let's go back to sheinelle in new york. >> tough to hear. craig, thank you. we have breaking news to get to this morning. a tragic end for a hero police officer in france who sacrificed himself to save the hostage held by a territoorist. nbc's kelly cobiella has more from london. >> reporter: good morning to you, sheinelle. the french president is calling this officer a hero. he traded himself for a hostage. going into the supermarket unarmed where the gunman was holed up.
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the officer died from the gunshot wounds and this morning tributes a s ars are pouring in. he served in the iraq war and special forces. a decorated police officer. married with no children. his last act heroic. the interior minister stating his bravery and sacrifice. the supermarket where he was shot in the small town in france is still a crime scene this morning. the lone attacker dead. he was identified as rodouane lakdim. seen walking his sister to school before the shooting spree. at 10:13 a.m., he hijacked a car killing a passenger and opened fire on the group of police officers out for a morning jog. injuring one. 15 minutes later, the gunman went to the supermarket and declaring allegiance to isis. this man was inside. he saw a person with a gun and
6:12 am
knife yelling akbar. he and others hid in a meat locker. with special forces surrounding the supermarket, colonel walked in so a female hostage could walk free. his cell phone still connected to officers could hear what is happening. the prosecutor said the gunman shot him several times. seriously injuring him. shots triggering a raid which killed the gunman. overnight, investigators searched his car and apartment and interviewing the family. he was known to police. the prosecutor said there were no warning signs he was about to attack. isis claimed responsibility for this, but offered no evidence to links to the gunman. the brother told french radio that he was very aware of what he was doing and knew the risks. sheinelle. >> kelly, thank you. back here at home, overnight news from the president who announced an order banning
6:13 am
transgender people from serving in the military. this is after the confusing day in washington where the president tweeted he was considering a veto on the spending bill, but signed. it -- signed it. we have kelly o'donnell with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. this sets restrictions on those serving now who are transgender and those who want to serve in the future. it gives the secretary of defense the discretion to decide who serves and who doesn't on a case by case basis. the first family back in palm beach for the weekend as president trump issued an order to ban most transgender people from serving in the military. exemcept under limited circumstanc circumstances. democrats outraged. nancy pelosi saying no one with
6:14 am
bravery should be turned away. transgender advocates are willing to fight the ruling. this after a day of drama in washington. >> i will never sign another bill like this again. >> reporter: friday, the president set up a reality show cliffhanger that put the shutdown on the table with a tweeted surprise. i'm considering a veto of the spending bill. a veto? a shock to his own team and party. >> cut to the chase. is the president going to sign the bill? the answer is yes. >> the president supports this bill. >> reporter: the president kept up the suspense for four hours and promoted a news conference. >> a matter of national security i signed this omnibus budget bill. >> reporter: making official the $1.3 trillion spending package that fortifies military readiness. >> increases total defense spending by more than $60 billion from last year.
6:15 am
>> reporter: but puts a down payment on his promised border wall. >> it does start the wall. >> reporter: the president is at the center of a storm. shaking up his national security team. general h.r. mcmaster out. conservative hawk john bolton coming in. a change made just as another woman, former playmate karen mcdougal had an affair with donald trump more than ten years ago. and the stock market plummeted over the tariffs on china. the worst week in two years for the index. after react to the stock market, the president said it has been up overall since he has taken office. he says he expects the chinese will work with the u.s. on trade. sheinelle. thank you. there is growing outrage in sacramento, california after an unarmed black man was shot to
6:16 am
death last week. there were tense moments overnight as protesters took to the streets again calling for justice and answers. nbc's joe fryer is in sacramento. >> reporter: good morning. investigators are asking for the patience in the process. for the second straight day protesters hit the streets after a long day that ended with a vigil. a warning, some of the images from the shooting on sunday are disturbing. in the fade where stephon clark lost his life, a community gathered to mourn and rally. police officers shot and killed the unarmed man nearly a week ago. hours earlier -- another group mash mu marred through the streets of downtown sacramento. >> i want justice to be served. >> reporter: the demonstration punctuated by anxious moments. police formed a line to block
6:17 am
the group from walking on the freeway. eventually the protesters moved on, but tensions continued to rise and fall into the night. this comes after the city released video of the shooting. >> running south. >> reporter: police responding to reports a vandal was breaking car windows when they confronted clark in the grandparents' backyard. they thought he had a weapon. after two officers opened fire, they found no weapon. only clark's cell phone. >> they tell him as soon as they come around the corner, hands up. >> they have a right to be angry. >> reporter: the sacramento mayor says he doesn't want to prejudge the investigation, but he is calling for a review of police policies in this type of situation. >> no justice. >> reporter: as the protests continue. >> as long as we remain peaceful
6:18 am
and nonviolent in response to violence, we will be okay. we will heal. we will change. >> reporter: police say the two officers involved in the shooting have received numerous threats. that is why the police department is not releasing their names. sheinelle. >> thank you, joe. other news now. relatives of the iowa family are waiting to hear what happened to the loved ones who mysteriously died on have a virginia indica- vacation in mexico. amy and kevin sharp died in the tourist area not far from cancun. the relatives reported the family missing after they did not return home. mexican authorities say there are no signs of foul play. dylan is here with the check of the weather. >> we have a lot to talk about from the midwest to the dakotas
6:19 am
to western north carolina. we have snow falling. several winter weather advisories and storm warnings in effect. 16 million people are under risk for severe weather as we go through the day today with the heavy snow moving out of minnesota and start to push south of chicago. we will see heavy snow in illinois and indiana. we will also see gusty winds. that could lead to blizzard like conditions. it will exit. we could see about 5 to 6 or 7 inches of snow through cedar . waking up to 30s in napa. 39 degrees, oakland 48 this morning. san jose also at 48. san francisco into those low 50s, upper 40s. now, your coastal fog for right now, we are seeing a couple of low clouds, especially in the santa cruz mountains. temperature change, seeing a bit warmer, especially for areas like san jose, running eight degrees warmer. stormranger showing a couple
6:20 am
showers making their way through further towards the coast along san francisco. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. still to come, with friends like this, facebook's mark zuckerberg holds a town hall with the employees in the wake of the employees in the wake of the massive data
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ggb good morning, thanks for joining us. coming into the bay this morning. we'll see what is in store for the rest of the weekend. good morning. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana has a look at the microclimate forecast. >> you were right. moving through the radar right now. so far we can expect to see this in the afternoon, as well. that rain and temperatures in the 30s for the north bay. but for the most part, upper 40s ajohan santana the board. san jose, 48 degrees, san francisco, 49. half moon bay, 49. if we zoom in and look at the temperature can changes, some spots seeing fog and clouds, especially along the mountains.
6:28 am
but san jose rain, about 8 degrees warmer out this hour than yesterday. i do want to turn your attention now towards stormranger, actively scanning in the parking lot, and we can expect to see a couple showers, as i mentioned, move through. you can expect light showers now, but i'll give an update coming up. >> we'll stay tuned for that. thanks. we want to take you to a live look at washington, d.c., where hundreds of thousands of people already are gathering to take part in the march for our lives. this is part of an ongoing grass roots movement started by the students from parkland, florida, where a gunman killed 17 people during an attack on stoneman douglas high school more than one month ago. there are 843 events planned worldwide today, and seven across the bay, at 7:00 a.m. frightening movements for soccer fans. police received a code 20
6:29 am
scanner call, meaning an officer needs help. several cars were spotted and officers in riot gear marched to the parking lot. turned out nothing major happened. there were several fights in the stand that ended up being controlled in the end. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," two bay area sports stars injured on the same day. we'll have the latest on steph curry and madison bumgardner. we promise good news coming up at 7:00. right now, we send you back to the "today" show.
6:30 am
we are back on this saturday morning, march 24th, 2018. a live look at the nation's capit capital. again in a few hours, hundreds of thousands of people will rally on the streets here, taking part in the march for our lives movement. a massive rally is also being planned in parkland, florida, today as well. site of that tragic school shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school that sparked this whole thing. >> people will be marching all over the country. that's where we begin this half hour. with our check of the headlines. >> march for our lives, as many
6:31 am
as half a million people taking to the streets of washington today to call for stricter gun control laws in the wake of the parkland massacre. >> we need to work together as a nation to make these changes. >> students from marjory stoneman douglas high school leading the way, hoping to make sure the mass shooting at their school is the last. >> banned. president trump releases an order forbidding most transgender troops from serving in the millty. democrats furious. a court battle now ahead before it takes effects. >> this after a day of drama in d.c. president trump first saying he was going to veto a $1.3 trillion spending bill, then in the face of a government shutdown, signing it reluctantly. >> i will never sign another bill like this again. >> sacramento protests. >> don't shoot. >> marchers taking to the street once again to demand answers after an unarmed black man was
6:32 am
shot to death by police. thinking the suspect had a weapon, two officers opened fire. no gun was found. just his cell phone. >> dramatic rescues. emergency responders plucking flood victims from life threatening situations across the state of california. >> as good samaritans risk their own lives to save others. >> and honoring mr. rogers. the late fred rogers honored by the u.s. postal service on its newest stamp. the forever stamp, showing mr. rogers in that signature cardigan sweater. the stamp sure to be a favorite among collectors and everyone else in the neighborhood. saturday, march 24th, 2018. >> also this morning, more fallout for facebook, as ceo mark zuckerberg comes under fire in the wake of the revelation a company had accessed millions of users' info without permission. on friday, he spoke out to facebook employees. nbc's business correspondent jo
6:33 am
ling kent has the latest. >> this morning, facebook's top leadership is under fire. >> this was a major breach of trust, and i'm really sorry that this happened. >> i'm so sorry that we let so many people apologies, mark zuckerberg addressed his company at a town hall on friday. the tense meeting coming nearly a week after a bombshell report that the personal data of tens of millions of facebook users was allegedly accessed without permission by cambridge analytica in 2013 and 2014. now the federal trade commission is launching an inquiry as bipartisan leaders opthe senate commerce committee call for zuckerberg to testify. >> the short answer is i'm happy to if it's the right thing to do. >> this morning, the hasht hashtag #deletefacebook is picking up steam as high profile users like elon musk jump ship. advertisers like mozilla and pep
6:34 am
boys auto parts yanking their facebook ads until changes are make. as sonos pulls theirs from all major social media platforms in protest, but just for a week. >> facebook will have to work really hard to get back the trust of its users. >> facebook's business model relies on collecting personal data and making it available to advertisers. >> this is how the internet gets paid for. if you don't like giving up data in exchange for a free and entertaining media experience, you're not going to like the 21st century much. >> facebook shareholders feeling the pain. the stock dropped more than 13%. that means facebook lost about $75 billion in value. for today, jo ling kent, nbc news. >> dylan has made her way to the plaza for another check of the weather. >> good morning. what a crowd we have on the plaza. everybody seems to be celebrating something. i love how dressed up you got. today is your birthday. >> today is my birthday. >> who do you have with me? >> my daughter who flew in to
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surprise me, and all my frenz who drove in from indiana to be with me. >> happy birthday. let's all say happy birthday. let's take a look at the weather going on across the country. and it is going to be very warm out in the southwest. warm and dry with wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. that will increase the fire danger today. just like we saw yesterday. but we will see improvements as the winds start to ease later on. we are looking at warm temperatures. dallas, 80 degrees. that's 20 degrees above average. midland, texas, 25 degrees above average with a high of 91. the cool air hangs on across the northeast. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. atlanta, 49 on monday. the heat still hanging on down through dallas, 86 as we start off the week. this whole system will continue to move to the east where we have the snow today. especially back through minnesota. this will extend through parts of illinois, into indiana, even into north carolina today. but it should continue to move east tomorrow and turn into more
6:36 am
we've got that cold front that swept in overnight, bringing light showers. you can see some creeping into san francisco right now. we've got some light showers off the coast, and moving further inland through the east bay. as we continue through the afternoon, we are expecting another system to make its way in tonight and into tomorrow. that's going to bring the chance of seeing isolated thunderstorms and possibly some hail. as far as your temperature trend, we will remain mostly cloudy, with a combination of sun and clouds with temperatures in the 50s. i told you we're celebrating a lot. more birthdays, more anniversariesering another byte. this guy's birthday is only 287 days away. >> almost there. all right, thank you, dylan. >> still to come, george clooney's message to the students of marjoriy stoneman douglas high school, and a look at how young people have shaped some of the most popular movements in our nation's history, right after this. you ♪
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we are back on a saturday morning with more on the power of a movement. in just a few hours, hundreds of thousands of people will take to the streets. majority of them kids. >> many of them aren't even old enough to vote, sheinelle. some not old enough to drive. none of that is stopping them making their voices from being heard. those voices can be powerful as history has shown us. for today's kids, images like these are norm. >> ho >> high school on lockdown. >> virginia tech and sandy hook
6:41 am
and too many others. they carry a mass shooting generation. in a new poll, 13 to 24-year-olds says gun violence is the top fear. more than terrorism, racism and climate change. one in four said it is likely a classmate would bring a gun to school. 1 in 5 said they don't feel safe there. but in the wake of parkland and yet another school shooting this week, they fought back. refusing to accept this is just the way things are. >> we're 17 lives too late. we have to do something now. >> oprah tweeting these inspiring young people remind me of the freedom riders of the '60s. harkening back to another time america's youth had to fight for their lives. from the lunch counter sit-ins. >> wrote a new page of history. >> to birmingham, alabama, the
6:42 am
heart of the seeigregated south. battered by fire hoses and police dogs. john lewis, a central figure of the civil rights movement, saw the power of youth. >> with young people speaking up. and their mothers and fathers and aunts and uncles. winning them over. >> as the vietnam war raged on, students persisted across the country. while those students rallied against a war an ocean away, students today are fighting violence at home. >> we are afraid of getting shot no matter where we go. movie theaters, airports, churches. this happens everywhere. >> young people like cameron kaskey. >> can you tell me you will not accept a single donation from
6:43 am
the nra? >> with florida raising the minimum age of a gun purchase to 21, it sounds like lawmakers are mi listening. >> we will see changes. members of congress. members of state legislatue wil not be at ease with the power of the children. >> the march we are creating is a representation of how many people are here and with us for the change. politicians have tried to endorse us, but we are here to say, you can support us all you want, but we're in this for ourselves. >> you know, one of the things that continues to be striking is just how organized these young people have been in the wake of the shooting. we saw the walkouts across the country just a few weeks ago. a lot of this is really grassroots motivated. these are not kids who are having this dictated from the
6:44 am
top down. these kids got together and created the ground swell in the country. >> we will talk about social media. another piece of this story. you think about what you are doing at 16 or 17. what these kids have been able to pull off around the country. fantastic report. thank you, craig. >> see you in a bit. coming up next, the way social media is helping to fuel the students taking part in today's marches. but first these messages. ♪ for all the noses that stuff up around daisies. for all the eyes that get itchy and watery near pugs. for all the people who sneeze around dust. there's flonase sensimist allergy relief. it relieves all your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. it's more complete allergy relief. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. and 6 is greater than 1. flonase sensimist. dear freshpet,
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6:48 am
we had this one. why i march. my friend should have graduated with me. when we were in seventh grade he was gunned down. he deserved to graduate school. he was 13. it is a fight for our lives. this teacher tweeting sitting in my dark classroom for a lockdown drill. children holding chairs and microscopes to throw. we are seeing tweets. it pains me to witness another school shooting. my heartaches for the entire country at this point. it could happen anywhere to anyone and that is why i march. a lot of powerful messages being shown on social media. i think it is putting it in perspective. >> throwing microscopes? >> to think that is the drill. sad. heartbreak connects to what we are talking about in "popstart." >> we start on the topic of the march. george clooney making headlines for the lietter he wrote to
6:49 am
students of the parkland shooting. he thanked them for making them quote proud of his country again. amal and i are 100% behind you and marching in d.c. on the 24th. we feel strongly this is your march. your movement. joining them is ariana grande and many more the student organizers. moving on to the wedding overseas. prince harry and meghan markle. never been royals, according to lorde, but the wedding china just went on sale with gold monogr monograms. the china is corn flower blue and finished in 22 karat gold. it features $69 for a plate. >> you can go to h&m.
6:50 am
>> and finally, captain america is hanging up his shield. not yet, but according to the profile in "the new york times" captain america four could be the last time he is playing the superhero. chris evans says you want to get off the train before they push you off. you have two more movies to get the fix. affinity war is out next month. >> that will be big. thank you, dylan. still to come, we check back in with craig as the nation's capital gets ready for the march for our lives ray. butll
6:51 am
6:52 am
we're back with just a few hours to go before the massive march in washington. we're taking a look at live pictures. let's check in on craig one more time. craig. >> hey, there. a final thought before we go this morning about what we're going to be seeing here in our nation's capital in just a few
6:53 am
hours. a statistic as sobering as it is staggering. starting with columbine in 1999, more than 187,000 students and 193 schools have lived through a shooting on campus. many of those students will be here today in d.c., along with friends and parents remembering victims of gun violence. but they have decided that thoughts and prayers for fallen friends isn't enough. what's happening here, it really does feel like the beginning of a movement. not merely enough another march. i have covered nearly a dozen mass shootings at churches, nightclubs, schools, starting with sandy hook. i have never seen a tragedy trigger a response like this one has. students simply fed up. fed up with gun violence. fed up with not feeling safe in of all places schools. they decided to vote, to lobby,
6:54 am
to demand changes, to call their lawmakers and along the way, encourage hundreds of thousands of other in flesh and in spirit. whatever your politics, no matter how you feel about the best ways to address this undeniable problem in our country, it is impossible not to be moved, not to be inspired, not to be proud of these young people who have turned tears into action. we, the adults, haven't been able to muster the collective courage and political will to keep our children safe. but wouldn't it be something if in the end it was the children who saved themselves. >> fantastic. have a great day, everyone. which is why the online financing application at is so convenient. get some of that finance stuff out of the way from wherever you are, at the doctor's office, karate practice or my favorite... back at the doctor's office. knowing before you go means more quality time sewing a costume for the school play
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♪oh, it must be love ♪let me tell you now, oh it must be love♪ bay .... thousands of people will take part in the "march for our lives" movement today. including several demonstrations next on "today in the bay," thousands will take part in the march for our lives movement today, including several demonstrations in the bay area. and exclusive video of first responders trying to save a driver. also, the bay area woke up to scattered showers this morning. vianey arana says more is expected on the way. does this map show the
6:58 am
6:59 am
peninsula trail? you won't find that on a map. i'll take you there. take this left. if you listen real hard you can hear the whales.
7:00 am
oop. you hear that? (vo) our subaru outback lets us see the world. sometimes in ways we never imagined. (avo) get 0% apr financing on all-new 2018 subaru outback models. now through april 2nd. good saturday morning. it is 7:00. here's a live look outside, looking towards mt. hamilton. cloudy, but you can see the sun breaking through there. we hope you're enjoying a cozy saturday morning. thank you so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana has a look at our microclimate forecast. i see some rain coming in this morning but only in certain cities. >> a little bit of a cold front moved in last night and into early today. that's what's bringing light showers. but now they're starting to track south and east. so they're moving away. but we do have another incoming syst


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