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tv   Today  NBC  March 27, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> that's all we have for you this morning here on "today in the bay." of course, we will be back at 7:25 for your local news updates. >> and don't forget to join us at 11:00 this morning. have a great day. good morning. breaking news, an arrest made just this morning in that string of suspicious packages containing bomb components sent to u.s. military bases. the secret service and cia. so, could there be a connection to the bombings that terrorized austin? we're live with the very latest. the new cold war? the u.s. kicks out dozens of russian diplomats for the nerve agent attack on the former spy. this morning, moscow reacting with russia's ambassador, calling the move a grave mistake. war of words. the white house denying
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president trump had an affair with stormy daniels and questioning her credibility. >> the only person who has been inn consist interest is the one making the claims. >> as the adult film star fights back against the president and his attorney. all that, plus, demanding answers. >> i want justice for my baby. i want justice for stephon clark. >> the emotional plea from the man shot and killed by police leaving the city of sacramento on edge. nbc news investigation into the wake of fertility clinic failure in ohio. new concerns about the freezers used to store thousands of eggs and embryos. and who bit beyonce. the mystery that has the internet in a frenzy. today, march 27th, 2018. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb.
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live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." thank you for joining us. did you think we would say three words. who bit beyonce? >> who did? >> we will try to get to the bottom of that story later. but first, we're going to win of course with the fbi and u.s. military. they're investigating six suspicious packages sent to government facilities in the d.c. area. authorities on the lookout to see if others were sent as well. we have nbc justice nbc's justice correspondent pete williams has the very latest on all of this overnight. >> hey, pete, good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning. three sent to military bases and three to other government and intelligence facilities. in each case, responders disposed of them safely. and nobody was hurt. and this morning, law enforcement officials say they now have a suspect in custody. all were sent through the mail, law enforcement officials say to addresses on the eastern seaboard. the first was discovered monday at the national defense university on ft. mcnair in southwest washington, d.c.
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a bomb squad detected explosive residue on the package and x-rays revealed bomb components inside. similar packages were sent to ft. belvoir in virginia, the naval station. and the screening center and the secret service mail center in washington. a law enforcement official said some of the packages included letters described as rambling and disturbed. investigators were quick to say they do not believe it was the work of marc anthony condit who placed and sent functioning bombs earlier this month in austin, texas. bombings sometimes lead to copycats. >> when bombs are in the news, aspiring bombers sometimes awaken. >> reporter: just last week, a man died when his car drove past the checkpoint at travis air force base in california, caught fire and crashed. investigators say he apparently set a fire inside the car as he was driving.
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>> now, the question is why. why was he there and what led him there. and we don't know the answer to that, quite frankly. >> reporter: the fbi is trying to find out if that is an attack on the base or elaborate suicide. as for the latest packages, bomb on the west coast now in custody this morning, it's not clear if any of the packages contained functioning bombs. they were more to scare the recipients. hoda and savannah. >> pete williams, thank you. to the u.s. joining a major crackdown on russia kicking dozens of russian diplomats out of the country. now moscow threatening to retaliate. we've got complete coverage. we start with nbc's peter alexander at the russian embassy in washington this morning. peter, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. in total, the u.s. is expelling 60 russian diplomats, the most ever, including 48 here at the russian embassy in washington. the expulsions under score the rising tensions and highlight the gap with the president's words and his administration's actions.
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this morning, the trump administration is taking its toughest actions yet, against the kremlin. not for meddling in the american elections but poisoning a former russian spy in england. >> this kind of action cannot be tolerated. the united states is responding to russia's action. brazen and reckless. >> reporter: joining other countries for expelling agents. for the nerve agent attack earlier this month that russia deny. and the british have exposed 130 of its citizens. >> we sent a message we will not tolerate the continued attempts to flout international law. >> reporter: and the u.s. went further closing this russian consulate in seattle. moscow used to spy on the nearby boeing factory and navy base where the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons. now, the russians must leave by next monday. russia's ambassador delivering this warning. >> time will come, they will come to understand what kind of
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grave mistake. >> reporter: on social media, the russian embassy asking which u.s. consulate generals in russia should be closed? >> honor to be with you. >> reporter: the diplomatic standoff comes as critics have accused president trump of holding back on criticizing russia. >> it would be great if we could get along with russia. >> reporter: just last week, reportly ignoring advisers after vladimir putin's re-election and congratulating the russian president who he's embraced in the past. >> if putin likes donald trump, i consider that an asset. not a liability. >> reporter: notably, president trump still hasn't said anything publicly about the expulsions. moscow is expected to expel in the days and weeks ahead. we will focus on the meeting with the president vladimir putin. he said he wanted the two to meet about arms control. that's now up in the air. the bottom line at this point is, it's not clear what happens next. the white house has said the
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ball is until russia's court. savannah. >> peter, thank you. also this morning, the white house is firing back at stormy daniels in the wake of the bombshell interview detailing her alleged affair with president trump. this as the adult film star ramps up her legal fight against the president and his legal team. nbc's white house correspondent kristen welker has more on this. >> reporter: good morning, hoda. president trump has not commented publicly about stormy danielses, in fact, top aides have advised him against engaging in comment about the adult female. officials here at the white house are firing back. this morning, stormy daniels under fire. the white house disputing her claims of alleged affair with donald trump in 2006. >> the president strongly, clearly and has consistently denied these underlying claims. >> reporter: even pushing back on one of her biggest bombshells. daniels telling "60 minutes" she was physically threatens in 2011. >> a guy walked up on me and
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said to me leave trump alone. forget the story. >> reporter: her attorney, michael avenatti telling msnbc they're getting closer to determining who made that threat. >> we've received a handful of leads a couple of which are very promising. it was not michael cohen individually. >> reporter: while the president has stayed uncharacteristically silent, only tweeting, so much fake news. his deputy press secretary raj shah took on daniels. >> he doesn't believe she was threatened? >> no. he doesn't believe there is nothing to corroborate her claim. >> reporter: what about evidence of the alleged affair? her attorney tweeted out a photo suggesting video may exist. so far daniels hasn't provided any. her attorney pressed by savannah. >> it seems like you are playing games. >> i'm not playing games. there will be more evidence. it's just not going to happen right now. >> reporter: we have to wait and see. but also this morning, daniels is alleging in new court documents that president trump's
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personal lawyer michael cohen defamed her by insinuating she lied about the affair and that he violated campaign finance laws when he paid daniels $130,000 to stay silent about the alleged relationship. cohen said there was no violation because the money came from his pocket. there is also a cease and desist letter to daniels saying she defamed him after that "60 minutes" interview. hoda and savannah. >> thanks, kristen welker. there is fallout from the larry nassar sex abuse scandal. his former boss at michigan state university has been arrested and named on undisclosed charges. 70-year-old william strampel was head of the school's college of the osteopathic medicine practice. strampel has been on medical leave since september. in the meantime, nassar is searching is the sentences to keep him in prison for the rest of his life.
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is north korea's kim jong un in china? a mysterious train visit to beijing is fuelling lots of speculation. we have nbc's bill neely with more on this in seoul. good morning, bill. >> reporter: good morning, hoda. this is quite a mystery. quite typical of the leader of the world's most secretive state. it is pretty clear that someone very senior from north korea is in beijing, though that's not confirmed by any state, including here in south korea. but if is kim jong-un that's really groundbreaking. a motorcade with heavy security and near lockdown in beijing this morning. where a north korean train unexpectedly pulled into the city last night. the distinctive green train is identical to the heavily armored one used to carry kim jong-un's father eight years ago. the limousine carrying today's
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mystery guest. the speculation is tense that it is kim jong un himself here with secret talk was the chinese. if it is kim, it would be his first trip outside of north korea since becoming leader seven years ago. and china's president xi would become the first foreign leader, he's met, months before kim's proposed summit with president trump. >> this would be another sign that kim is trying to push forward a diplomatic track we have not seen from north korea. >> reporter: kim sent his younger sister on the diplomatic mission to the winter olympics in south korea last month. but a visit to beijing is different. relations with the two communist countries are not good. north korea's repeated missile and nuclear tests have angered china, it's only real ally. china joined the global sanctions to pressure kim jong un. economic sanctions biting. so kim needs friends.
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and china wants a word in his ear before he talks to president trump and to south korean president moon. that meeting potentially just weeks away. the train and secret talks are another twist in the extraordinary road to a trum trump-kim summit. kim jong un hasn't been seen for a month. when his father visited china, that wasn't confirmed until he crossed back into north korea. this trip may be following the same pattern. local media now saying the train has left beijing. but south korea says this is all a very positive sign. at the white house, they will be following this very closely. hoda, savannah. >> thank you, bill. a lot more to get to this morning, including the developments on the controversial police shooting on an unarmed man in sacramento. there are growing protests now and the family of stephon clark
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is making a plea of justice. we have nbc's joe fryer with more in sacramento. joe, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. stephon clark's family is preparing for his funeral on thursday. clark's grandmother who heard the shooting spoke out monday during an emotional news conference. we want to warn you some of the video from the shooting is disturbing. >> all i heard is boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: sequita thompson describing the trauma she experienced the night two sacramento police officers shot and killed her grandson stephon clark outside her back door. >> show me your hands. >> i said call 911. >> reporter: after firing 20 shots police found that clark was unarmed carrying only a cell phone. >> justice. i want justice for my bean. i want justice for stephon clark. please give us justice.
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>> reporter: officers were responding to reports that a vandal was breaking car windows. >> just broke a window, fleeing south. running for the south. >> reporter: police say they thought clark was holding a weapon when they confronted him in the dark. >> it looked like a gun from our perspective. >> reporter: the actions of the officers on paid administrative leave are now under investigation. >> where's the restraint when it comes to our live and their lives? why is it shoot first and then ask questions later? >> reporter: clark's family has hired civil rights attorney ben crump who also represented the families of trayvon martin and michael brown. >> as long as she lives in that house, she's going to sleep in a bed less than five feet away from where her grandson was shot 20 times. >> reporter: nba players joining in wearing t-shirts with clark's name. and appearing in a public service announcement that aired during sunday's kings/celtics
7:15 am
game. >> we will not shut up and dribble. >> this is bigger than basketball. >> change can be uncomfortable. >> reporter: citing the investigation, police declined to comment on the details of the case, but released the videos saying they are dedicated to getting all the facts. >> we also are more than willing and will look at should things change. should our training change? should our policies change? >> reporter: black lives matter is organizing protests starting today outside the district attorney's office. they're urging prosecutors to charge the officers involved in this case. many are planning on attending the city council meeting tonight. police urge patience. savannah and hoda. >> joe, thank you. now to facebook's growing privacy pressure. state and federal authorities announcing an investigation. users deleting accounts over how it tracks your information. including your phone calls and your text messages.
7:16 am
nbc's tom costello has the newest developments. hey, tom, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if you have an android phone and you use facebook messenger, you may have unwittingly given facebook permission to track every call, every message you've sent. that's just the most recent privacy concern that has the company on the defensive and stock on a slide on wall street. this morning, the world's social media giant is facing a giant backlash. at least 37 state attorneys general demanding answers and the federal trade commission launching an investigation over what it calls substantial concerns about the privacy practices of facebook. after a third party cambridge analytica accessed the personal data of millions of unsuspecting users in 2014. as part of the 2011 agreement with the federal government, facebook agreed to get user consent before sharing private information. across the country, millions of americans have a sort of love/hate relationship with facebook. concerned about privacy issues, yet too attached to friends and family on facebook to delete all
7:17 am
together. >> i feel i can trust facebook to a point. >> at the end of the day, i have nothing to hide. so, i don't see myself deleting it anytime soon. >> reporter: now a new outrage. some android phone users learned facebook keeps reports of their phone calls and text messages through the messenger app going back years. facebook insists users contented when it approved contact to the contact list. it was never shared beyond facebook and you can turn it off anytime. meanwhile, ceo mark zuckerberg has apologized for the breach of trust for cambridge analytica's third party access to private information. so facebook has promised to cooperate with the new federal investigation and it says it remains committed to protecting people's information. meanwhile, privacy experts are urging all of us to tighten our facebook privacy settings. delete or deselect any third party app you don't want to share information with and you
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can also download a complete report on everything facebook has reported about you. all of that is in the settings dropdown menu on facebook. ladies, back to you. >> thank you, tom. let's get the first check of the weather. mr. roker is across the studio. >> we have severe weather to talk about for the second day in a row. this is seymour, texas. you can see golf ball size hail coming down, causing massive problems. in fact, folks losing control of vehicles. a mess. we have more of the same today. firing up from detroit to san angelo. we're looking at strong storms and it's going to get worse. this is a slow moving system. for today, we have severe weather in del rio, texas to little rock. 9 million people. tomorrow, it slowly moves east where we have up to 13 million people at risk. from corpus christi to jackson. even thursday, the lower gulf coast, morning storms with gulfport, to mobile all the way up to birmingham.
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we're looking at strong storming just slowly crawling along. 4 to 5 inches of rain as it comes along. flooding is a big problem. we will get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. up in the next 30 seconds. we took legendary... and made it liberating. we took safe... and made it daring. we took intelligent, and made it utterly irresistible. we took the most advanced e-class ever... and made the most exciting e-class ever. the 2018 e-class coupe and sedan. lease the e300 sedan for $569 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. good tuesday morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. beautiful sunrise as we take a live look outside at san jose. it's a cool start, but we will be warming up quickly and we are already in the mid 50s right now in parts of the north bay from napa over toward fairfield, it's 45 in san jose and 39 now in morgan hill. our temperatures will be in the
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low 60s for the coast and san francisco 65 degrees and low 70s for the inland areas. in san jose and livermore expect a high of 72 degrees. that's your latest weather. guys. >> thank you, al. still to come, exclusive information on the heartbreaking malfunction at the ohio ferra fertility clinic. now it could happen at other clinics. a "rossen report" in the wake of the tragedy involving the family from iowa. but first this is "today" on nbc. ♪you've got a friend in me
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celebrate friendship and beyond at the first ever pixar fest with all new fireworks and your favorite park parades. only at disneyland resort. coming up, the nfl cheer leader fired and now suing and speaking out. chrissy metz will talk about her role and lunch with oprah. after your local news.
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save $10 when you spend $50 on groceries, at target. expect more. pay less. parents still plan to hold a good morning, it's 7:26. marcus washington. parents still plan to hold a counterprotest today in the east bay against a nationally known hate group. this even though the aclu is now bowing out of the kourcht protest. members of the westboro baptist church are picketing outside an elementary school in alamo that promotes gender diversity. the westboro baptist church with a hate group based in kansas. out of respect for family members tied to the issue the aclu is pulling back to focus its efforts on fundraising campaigns for transgender youth. but again parents who support the school still plan to be there. right now taking a look at what's going on weatherwise for you. going to be a nice day today. >> it does start out cool but with all of this sunshine it will be a warmer day. as we take a live look outside
7:27 am
from our san bruno mountain camera looking over san francisco it is such a nice start. as you head out the door we are going to have some 40s, but look at where we're headed today, up to 65 in san francisco, santa rosa 75 degrees and 72 in san jose, livermore and morgan hill. in concord look for a high of 76, oakland 69 and our temperatures will stay warm and also clear. weather over the next several days our warmest day moving in by wednesday into thursday. let's get an update on the commute. >> northbound 280 still slow but looks like they've cleared the lanes at wolf after the earlier tree fire on the side of the road. should see some recovery. 280 and 101 both slow out of aj 85 also joining in. the rest of the bay a sim laer pattern, but north 880 and north 238 jamming up out of castro valley. there is a disable truck i think blocking one lane of north 880
7:28 am
at washington just after the merge. i will have a local news update in half an hour.
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♪ good morning, everybody, welcome back to "today." it's tuesday morning, 7:30 a.m., it's the 27th of march, 2018. >> it is, indeed. we're going to begin this half hour with a check of the headlines, including a string of disturbing packages mailed to u.s. military bases. arrest made. a suspect taken into custody this morning as the fbi and u.s. military investigating six suspicious packages sent to d.c. area government facilities. this amid concern they could be related to the recent bombings in austin. >> when bombs are in the news, aspiring bombers sometimes awaken. stay alert. under investigation. white house lawyers examining whether hundreds of millions of
7:31 am
dollars in loans secured by senior trump adviser and son-in-law jared kushner's family business may have violated laws or federal ethics regulations. >> may day, may day. >> speaking out, the pilot from the deadly new york city helicopter crash revealing to investigators the fuel shut-off lever was turned off by a passenger's harness that he told those on board multiple times how to cut themselves free. on the prowl. a large mountain lion spotted roaming through southern california yards. leaping over fences, and sniffing around homes. and dancing into history. >> knocks it down. >> the dominant university of connecticut women's basketball reaches its record 11th straight final four. today, tuesday, march 27th, 2018. they're so amazing. i think there should really just be a final three since we know the women from connecticut are always in the final for it.
7:32 am
>> they are so dominant. >> awesome. now to an nbc investigation. this morning, we've got exclusive new details about that heartbreaking failure at a fertility center in ohio. the hospital now says it affected 4,000 frozen eggs and embryos. twice what we were initially told. at a time snow has the latest. kate, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah and hoda. overnight, nearly a thousand patients from university hospitals fertility center being sent a letter apologizing once again to them. but also for the first time acknowledging what happened, what went wrong in that freezer that malfunctioned here. at the same time our investigative team uncovering a history of problems with other storage tanks made by the same manufacturer. overnight, crushing news sent out. it's unlikely the hospital says in its new letter to patients that any of the more than 4,000 frozen eggs or embryos are viable, a total loss. in a draft letter detailed to
7:33 am
nbc news, university hospital's fertility center says the remote alarm system on the tank which should have alerted an employee to tempera off. the center does not know who turned it off, but it was off all weekend. >> why are all these lives put in the hands of one person? >> reporter: despite 11 miscarriages, wendy and rick penniman had two healthy children with the he want of the center. now there's no hope of having a third child. >> i got a taste of how good it is. i've got two really perfect kids. that makes me more angry. >> because you wanted more? >> yeah, yeah. and they deserve that. you know? >> christina and mark ellis also wanted to use their two remaining embryos to give their 2-year-old a sibling. >> and i'm like, i don't know if i can go through the whole process again. what's the outcome going to be? because we were already older. >> both couples are now suing, and so are at least 16 other sets of plaintiffs, all claiming negligence and breach of contract.
7:34 am
and there may be an underlying technical problem. in the letter the pennimans and ellises will receive, university hospital says for several weeks the clinic had been experiencing difficultpy with the automatic fill system that's supposed to keep the tank full of super cold liquid nitrogen. and that has happened before. an nbc news investigation found the manufacturer of the tank used at the center, custom biogenic systems has a history of previous malfunctions dating back almost 15 years. >> they simply said they've been a technical malfunction with the unit that was storing the sperm of my husband. >> rachel southwood's husband andrew had sperm frozen in 2003 in the uk after he was diagnosed with cancer. but a freezer malfunctioned. her husband passed away and his sperm was no longer viable. several months later british regulators warned that freezers made by cbs had problems with their automatic filling mechanism.
7:35 am
the manufacturer is aware of 21 incidents in the uk regulators said. the british warning was withdrawn when the supplier told regulators the devices were being upgraded. but two years after the warning was first issued, a similar incident in gainesville, florida, male patients, many with cancer, lost frozen sperm when a tank made by the same manufacturer failed. >> so 60 people experienced a loss similar to what you guys are going through in florida in 2005. >> oh, my god. >> that's 13 years ago. >> these are family's families. >> there's regulatory vacuum in the united states. >> reporter: doug fox is the director for the center of health law policy and bio ethics at the university of san diego. >> it's surrogacy agency, in all these areas we don't know how common the mistakes are. >> reporter: there are numerous regulators and organizations that all have a piece of the oversight puzzle.
7:36 am
but when nbc news' investigative unit asked who's ultimately responsible, most said it wasn't them. the only government agency that told us it technically could regulate storage tanks is the fda. but because freezers in fertility clinics have not been specifically marketed as medical devices, they don't. >> who else has them? who else has the tanks? then how many babies are, you know, at risk right now while we sit here, while we talk? >> i wonder how many times this has happened before. and has it just been brushed under the rug. >> reporter: we repeatedly reached out to cbs, the manufacturer of those tanks. they declined to comment. meantime, university hospitals has said it will pay for future treatments if any couples want them. the ellises are considering. the pennimans don't want to hear the name university hospitals again. savannah, hoda. >> skakate snow, important reporting. thank you very much. ears and get a check of the weather from al. >> we are starting to finally
7:37 am
see a change in our atmosphere and things are starting to get warmer here from texas to the northeast. washington today will be a little on the chilly side. little rock, houston, new orleans and louisville will see temperatures normal. chicago will see 57. jackson up to 83 degrees. out west, we are looking at warmer weather as well. in fact, it goes from mild to nice and warm out there. over the next couple days, 51 in idaho falls. san francisco up to 71. for the rest of the day, a weak santa ana sets up in california. you may have fire danger and severe flood risk in texas and good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. a lot of sunshine around the bay area and it's going to warm up a little bit more than yesterday. for the coast some low 60s and mid 60s for san francisco while
7:38 am
the inland areas will reach into the upper 70s in some spots like napa and concord. 76 degrees. 72 in san jose, livermore and in morgan hill. palo alto 70 degrees. the rest of the week looks absolutely gorgeous reaching into the low 70s in san francisco by thursday. that's your latest weather, hoda? >> al, thanks. coming up, a fired nfl cheerleader, speaking up and fighting back. was she held to an outdated double standard? a best selling author, questioned everything she knew about faith after a really difficult diagnosis. also ahead, a bizarre mystery that has the world guessing who bit beyonce in the face? >> okay. but first, a warning you need to see before your next trip. >> reporter: good morning, i'm jeff rossen, a family discovered dead inside their vacation rental, a culprit, hidden toxic gas leaking inside. how do you protect yourself?
7:39 am
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i don't see why not. what about, let's say... oh, i don't know, a purple van with a painting of a wizard just shooting lightning out of his fingers riding a unicorn sneezing rainbows? definitely. just asking for a friend. yea, i figured. (whispered to camera) wow. we're back at 7:43. "rossen report" to dekeep your family safe on vacation. >> how can you protect yourself? we have jeff rossen here with more. >> reporter: good morning. this family could be any of us renting a condo or house for
7:44 am
vacation. toxic gas leaked in the home and killed them. no warning at all. it turns out when you rent a vacation home, web sites like vrpo say they are not responsible for the condition of the property. that means it comes down on you. this morning, with spring break in full swing, we're about to show you the top three things you should do the moment you walk in the door. it was a family vacation to paradise. what happened inside the condo would be the end for the sharps. a father, mother and two young children. investigators in mexico confirming it was toxic gas leaking from a faulty water heater that killed them. they would have no idea before falling unconscious. >> i want people to know they were a wonderful family. i had a beautiful daughter and grand kids and great son-in-law. i want people to know. >> reporter: experts say that toxic gas was likely carbon
7:45 am
monoxide. the silent killer. tasteless and odorless and invisible. anyone could be victim. how can you tell if the water heater is leaking? the moment you walk in the door, drop your suitcase and come to the basement. you want to make your way to the pretty small and cramped room with the hot water heater. this is dave hamilton with the fire training academy in new jersey. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> how can you tell if this is leaking? >> you cannot tell. that is what makes carbon monoxide so dangerous. >> just standing next to it? >> standing here. no idea. >> what do i do? >> carbon monoxide detecter. >> where do you put it? >> mount it outside the room with the furnace and water heater. this captures carbon monoxide. >> this captures it first? >> yes. >> the foreign countries like mexico, these are not necessarily required like they are here in the u.s.?
7:46 am
>> no, they are not. one of the best things you do is take it and put it in your suitcase. battery operated. plug in. >> take a sticky and boom. >> reporter: according to the cdc, more than 400 people die every year from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. and that's not the only danger. vacation rentals vulnerable to fires. as guests, you have no idea if the home you rent is up to code. >> how do i protect against fire? >> fire extinguisher. train your brain to know where the location. you need to ask the homeowner where is the fire extinguisher. >> make sure it is where they said it is. >> absolutely. >> reporter: he says just like at home, you need a fire escape plan on vacation too. even more crucial since you don't know the layout. >> the first day, as soon as you arrive, you want to know the exits. >> not just the front door.
7:47 am
my kids assume. >> not just the front door. the secondary exhibits. a door behind this curtain and another doorway halfway down the stairs that you would not find in thick black smoke. >> when seconds count, you would not find it when you are scared out of your mind. >> correct. >> here is another tip. make sure there are smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detecters just outside of every bedroom as well. i think it is worth repeating. top tip from the piece that i took away. travel with a carbon monoxide detecter. this is the kind that plugs in the wall. we bought it for $30 at a big box store. >> stay in hotels on spring break. >> i would say staycation. it is good. it is not too big. you can fit it your case. thank you, jeff. coming up, your morning boost. the big event that had former president bush tearing up the dance floor. but first these messages.
7:48 am
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good tuesday morning. right now it's 7:56. we have some clear skies and some chilly temperatures for the south county. it's much milder in parts of the north bay. it's 56 now in napa and 53 as you step out the door in san francisco. here is a look at our forecast with our high temperatures today, mid 60s in san francisco, oakland 69 degrees and 72 today in san jose. antioch expect a high of 74 degrees and if you're going out tonight to at&t park for the a's and the giants game, it's going to be in the upper 60s to start, but it does cool down fast so make sure you bring a nice warm jacket. it will be warming up over the next few days with some low 70s in the forecast by thursday. our dry weather continues into the weekend with some slightly cooler temperatures. inland areas may be close to et something new records by thursday into friday, but once again it does cool down several degrees by saturday. what's happening on the roads, mike this. >> looking at your south bay
7:57 am
commute it has built up over the last half hour. general slowing if you would expect but no major issues after things calm down for 280 at wolf, the earlier tree fire there. northbound 880 and northbound -- or westbound coming out of castro valley the box truck still blocks the slow lane, right two lanes blocked by activity over the last half hour that continues to build. getting over to the bay bridge it's starting to thin out for the east shore freeway. back to you. happening now parents are gathering outside an east bay elementary school, they plan to hold a counterprotest against the westboro baptist church, a nationally known hate group. members of that group are promising to pickett the school's gender diversity efforts. go to our twitter feed for updates. california has filed suit over a white house plan to add a question to the 2020 census, that question would address immigration status. critics fear putting it on the census would reduce the response rates and that could severely impact california's census. i'm marcus washington, more news
7:58 am
in 30 minutes. of credit card po vanishing before a bay area man )s eyes. we put our consumer reporter to work to get answers and action! plus- all the news that breaks while you sleep! when you wake up with us- tomorrow - from 4:30 to 7.
7:59 am
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it it is 8:00 on "today." coming up, leading the charge. a cheerleader for the new orleans saints fired after posting this photo on instagram. why she's now saying there's a double standard over the way cheerleaders and players are treated. >> it's not fair that we've worked our whole lives to do this professional job. we're stifled by these rules. plus, no reason. >> i mean, i think things -- yeah, i think everything happens, period. >> our new series, finding faith, takes us through one woman's spiritual journey and coping through cancer. >> part of it was that i was a really good faker.
8:01 am
and destiny's chomp, the internet buzzing over the claims the star was bitten on the face by a well-known actress. now everyone wants to know, who bit beyonce? today, tuesday, march 27th, 2018. ♪ >> we woke up at 4:00 a.m. to give a shoutout. go trojans! >> i'm hoping for a hug from hoda for my 12th birthday. >> we drove 18 hours from the north woods of wisconsin to visit new york city and the "today" show. >> we're from bakersfield, california. >> representing western kentucky university. go hilltoppers. >> welcome back to "today." we appreciate you joining us on this tuesday morning. we keep saying the crowd is the biggest it's been so far. i think we just topped it again today.
8:02 am
>> al roker is out there, going one by one saying hi to everybody. we're going to join him in just a few. >> yes, we will. right to your news at 8:00. the fbi examining a half dozen suspicious packages sent to military bases and other government facilities in the washington, d.c., area. let's get to nbc's justice correspondent pete williams, following the investigation. and any link to this month's austin bombing. >> reporter: officials say they have a suspect in custody accused of sending these suspicious packages. none of them exploded and responders disposed of them safely. all were sent through the mail, law enforcement officials say, and the first of them was discovered at the national defense university on fort mcnair in southwest washington, d.c., a bomb squad there detected an explosive residue on that package. post likely black powder. an x-ray revealed a possible arming device and a fuse inside. similar packages were sent to ft. belvoir and mail sorting
8:03 am
facilities for the u.s. secret service. some of them included letters described as rambling. investigators tell us they're confident this was not the work of marc anthony conditt, the man who placed and sent the functioning bombs earlier in austin. a suspect now in custody on the west coast. officials say it's not clear if any of these packages contained functioning explosives. one official this morning, in fact, says they appear to be designed more to scare the recipients. >> keep us posted, pete, thank you very much. this morning russia is vowing a harsh response to the u.s. expulsion of 60 russian diplomats. the trump administration joined european allies in a move to punish moscow for the nerve agent attack on a former russian spy in britain. russia denied any role in that. most of the diplomats being kicked out of the country work at the russian embassy in washington, d.c. the u.s. also closed the russian consulate in seattle. american officials say that
8:04 am
outpost was used to spy on a nearby boeing aircraft factory and a navy base. there is is new controversy surrounding the 2020 u.s. census. the commerce department announced on monday the survey will include a question about citizenship status. the agency says that information will help the justice department enforce the voting rights act which protects minority voting rights. opponents say the question will discourage immigrants from responding to the census, may cause a population undercount. california's attorney general said the state is going to sue over this decision. the census, as you know, is held every ten years, and helps determine political representation in congress as well as funding of federal programs. that's the news. let's get the boost. >> we've got you. all right, spring is wedding season. it's here. if you're ever a little self-conscious about getting out on the dance floor, take some inspiration from this guest. ♪ >> keep your eye on the bottom right of your screen, george w. bush.
8:05 am
he's dancing at a family wedding in colorado. he's 71 years young. he loves life. you know, he has some moves. this isn't the first time we've seen the former president in action. he hosted the west african dancers at the white house. it's all in the shoulders. clearly dancing is no spectator sport. >> he's drumming. >> he gets right in the deep end. >> we couldn't resist. we always have to show that. just ahead, the former nfl cheerleader fighting to even the playing field after she was fired for posting that photo of herself online. and on this week of easter, finding faith today. we'll introduce you to a remarkable woman forced to question everything she knew after a life changing diagnosis.
8:06 am
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8:09 am
una porrista, eso nos preocupa >> it is a story that's raising new concerns over the things you post on your private social media account. morgan radford is here with that. hey, morgan. >> that's the key, guys, it was private. in fact, we've all been there, posting photos, selfies, vacation snaps on social media. the question, though, can you be fired for it? 22-year-old nfl cheerleader bailey davis says that's exactly what happened to her. she says the new orleans saints fired her because they say she violated the team's code of conduct. now, she's filing a complaint, claiming she was discriminated against because she's a woman. >> reporter: it all started with an instagram post. former new orleans saints cheerleader bailey davis showing off a lacy one-piece outfit on her private instagram account. days later, she was fired. >> they saw the photo and said it was distasteful.
8:10 am
i was terminated. >> reporter: davis says the saints accused her of breaking two of their cheerleading rules, appearing seminude or in lingerie and for attending a party with saints football players. she denies both but says the team fired her anyway. >> we've always been told, you're replaceable, there's hundreds of girls that would do this for free. that's kind of why any little thing we kept our mouth shut. we wanted to be professional cheerleaders. >> reporter: now she has filed a discrimination complaint with the eeoc claiming the team has one set of rules for its male players and an entirely different, more strict, set of rules for its female cheerleaders. for example, cheerleaders must block all players from following them on social media. they can never interact with players in person or online. and cheerleaders are banned from eating at restaurants if a player is dining there. and must leave even if a player arrives after she does. for the players, there are no such restrictions.
8:11 am
but for cheerleaders who violate those rules, they risk being fired. >> it's not fair that we've worked our whole lives to do this professional job as well as the players have, and we're stifled by these rules. >> reporter: in a statement to nbc news, the saints say their team does not tolerate discrimination of any kind, and it specifically denies that miss davis was treated any differently on account of her sex. the nfl has declined to comment, but it's not the first time their teams have come under fire. in an ongoing wage lawsuit, several buffalo bills cheerleaders have claimed mistreatment. one report cites a copy of their glamour guidelines which say their hair must be worn in a glamorous style. they should never be overly opinionated, and they must always pose for pictures enthusiastically. the oakland raiders also faced a class action wage lawsuit, settled for $1.2 million paid out just last year. after a leaked copy of their
8:12 am
2012 raiderette handbook including directives, make a point to find out if a player is married. in most cases, he won't tell you. as for davis, she says her dreams have been shattered. she does hope her experience will help level the playing field. >> i don't think they'll give me my job back. i do want the rules to be equal for the other women. >> you can see there are quite a lot of controversy. critics say it's a double standard. arguing that, one, a lot of the cheer leading uniforms themselves violate many of those team's very policies. >> exactly. >> and two, that the rules suggest the players are predators. that puts the onus on the women for their own protection. davis ultimately hopes the case will at least start a discussion for teams across the country, especially when it comes to social media posts. >> that are private. >> antiquated are these crazy, insane rules? >> right, talking about how to wear your hair, what kind of perfume you can wear. >> that's crazy. >> you'll be following this one, i think, morgan. >> thank you.
8:13 am
we're going to turn to our special easter week series. finding faith today. >> no real segue today. big push to be present and mindful. for one north carolina woman, those mantras mean more now. anne thompson has her story. >> we like to believe that everything happens for a reason. that god has a special plan for each of us. but two years ago when the unimaginable happened to kate boller, that idea got turned on its head, changing everything, including her relationship with god. to look at kate boller, you see a woman at the top of her game. a duke divinity school professor, the 37-year-old is a sought after speaker. a "new york times" best selling author with a picture perfect family. what is it that i don't see? >> i have incurable cancer, so i have a stage 4 cancer diagnosis which means that i just go for scans and we all hold our breath, and hope for another
8:14 am
three months of life. >> but you don't look sick? >> i learned that people don't like it if they know that you're really coming apart. my illness wasn't as obvious as other people's illnesses, and part of it was that i was a really good faker. >> how do you manage it? >> i mean, part of it is noticing how many beautiful things keep you locked into the present, like my -- like my husband i've loved since i was 14. or my totally absurd, completely narcissistic 4-year-old. >> boller grew up in canada, raised among mennonites where god was a constant and benevolent presence. she met her husband at bible camp, earned degrees in religion, and wrote a history of the american prosperity gospel. at 35, she was initially told she had terminal colon cancer. did you get angry at god? >> i was really angry.
8:15 am
i felt really angry when i would look at my family. this is a very poor substitute for the life i promised them. >> desperate to live, boller began an endless series of tests, surgeries and chemotherapy, pulling out all the stops to get into a clinical trial. her insurance wouldn't cover for immunotherapy that's kept her cancer at bay. >> so far, so good. but it feels like i walk to the edge of a cliff, and then i can just like feel the upward draft and in terror have to hope, please let there a bridge be built and a cross over to the other side. >> a bridge built on faith for kate and tobin. >> the thing i come back to, what happened to jesus, what happened to the disciples, why am i different from them? how can i expect that anything not bad is going to happen to me? >> how do you explain it when you look at zach? >> i can't explain it. it's horrific. all we can do is just do the best we can.
8:16 am
>> for kate, that means writing 4-year-old zach letters for when she's no longer here. >> i've just always tried to say, in a million different kinds of ways, who you are changed my life. and i could not be more grateful to have been so worried about losing you. >> she's turned her odyssey of living while dying to a best selling book, everything happens for a reason and other lies i've loved. letting go of the ideas that god has a specific plan for her. >> it's hard to imagine god is doling out cruel and terrible lessons to watch us learn or die. >> where did you see the face of god? >> in my friends, in my family, in the dozens of people who showed up. everything was full of people praying for me. everybody was just the hands and feet of christ. and that love really sustained us. >> and yet for all those prayers you still have cancer? >> yes. that's right.
8:17 am
my faith isn't dependent on whether or not that works out. and i'm kind of done with lessons, like i'm done. >> instead she wants an honest conversation about suffering. >> i mean, i think things -- yeah, i think everything happens, period. >> not for a reason. >> i do think things just happen. and some things come apart and some things come together. if i could pick one thing, it would be that everyone simmers down on the explanations for other people's suffering and just steps in with love. >> that's a beautiful ending statement. >> isn't it? what kate says when you meet someone who's in her situation, one of the things you could do is just say i'm sorry, and give them a hug. because people who are in those situations aren't looking for a reason, for what happened, they're trying to find a way forward. and that's what you want to help them do. >> and the explanations are too pat for something so profound. i read an excerpt of her book, and i thought she was amazing. >> it's extraordinary. she's a beautiful writer.
8:18 am
and it's a very uplifting book. and it really sort of makes you look at things, look at your faith, it made her look at her faith in a different way. this whole idea that god doesn't, you know, make somebody have incurable colon cancer because god wants you to suffer. it's -- that's not it. like she said, it isn't because i didn't eat enough sprouts. things just happen. >> you were great with her. we're going to switch gears now and get a check of the weather with mr. roker. >> we are watching some strong storms firing up. we have snow back through colorado to icy mix back through western new york, but you can see these storms, and, in fact, there's going to be a lot of rain with these systems as well. we've got a moderate risk of flooding from tyler, texas, texarkana, little rock to southern parts of missouri for today. and tomorrow, that risk continues through louisiana into arkansas, and stretches all the way as far east as nashville and
8:19 am
beyond with heavy rain anywhere from three to five inches. that good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. a lot of sunshine as we take a live look outside over san jose. hazy sunshine at that. now, we are going to have a chilly start, but it warms up quickly as we go throughout the morning and our highs reaching into the low 70s for the inland areas, up to 65 for the high in san francisco and oakland, look for a high of 69 degrees. more sunshine in this forecast as this dry weather continues. good weather to get out there and wash the car, it's going to be warming up as well, low 70s on thursday in san francisco. that's your latest weather. don't forget, check us out throughout the day, on our siriusxm channel 108. the star turning heads with a new magazine cover. carson's got this one. >> i saw this image yesterday. you know who this is? >> not until you told me. >> i have known this person
8:20 am
since they were a teenager, pop star, had no idea who it was, until i did that, and saw it's christina aguilera. and i couldn't believe it. as much time as i've spent with christina on the voice, i was so taken aback, posting about it, and i wrote digging this on instagram, sent it out. she often sports bright red lipstick. went makeup free. people online convinced defendant kesha at first. similarities obvious there. christina telling the paper magazine, i'm a performer, who i am by nature, but i'm at a place musically where it's liberating to be able to strip it back and appreciate who you are and your raw beauty. so brave and empowering, imagine if the social media world started posting selfies with no makeup. how cool? james adding here she's even more beautiful without the makeup, absolutely stunning.
8:21 am
and this is her best photo shoot in years. this doesn't mean we've seen the last of christina aguilera with wild makeup. the magazine featured her with vivid eye shadow and thick mascara. christina said she loves the theatrics. last week she wore a big, bright pink wig doing a tv show. it was interesting to see people's reactions to see her looking so different, so stripped down, and that fresh faced look. >> i saw it when you posted it. i was like -- is that really christina? >> who is that? >> she looked amazing. >> gorgeous. >> she already was beautiful. >> alicia keys, too, on the voice has done that whole make-understood idea. >> catching on? >> if you look at good as them. our results may vary. >> it's great. people should show your face, show what you got. >> a different kind of beauty comes out with less.
8:22 am
>> i'm wearing a bald wig right now. i've got a big fro. >> looking good. >> what you got. >> the question everybody had on their mind this morning, who bit beyonce in the face? gq magazine, tiffany haddish is spilling the beans about what happened with this selfie with beyonce when it was taken. according to haddish, quote, there was this actress there, reference at a party, that's just like doing the mostest, she bit beyonce in the face. haddish said she later went up to beyonce and offered to fight the woman on her behalf. beyonce said, calm down, told her not to worry about it. she used this moment to get this picture. haddish wouldn't reveal who the actress was. when gq reached out for comment, they had no knowledge of the alleged incident. naturally that didn't stop the internet from trying to speculate, who in the heck bit beyonce in the face, chrissy teigen chimed in, i can only
8:23 am
think of one person who would do this, i cannot say. but she is the worst. hours later, my initial guess was wrong. the real person? i never would have guessed. meaning she knows. i've said too much. >> oh, my gosh, chrissy is watching right now, let's call her. >> chrissy's on at 10:00. >> 10:00. >> find this out. >> on her. >> this is the new who shot j.r., who bit beyonce? sarah foster has been named. both have denied it was them. haddish also verified it was not tiraji henson. could have been becky with the good hair. >> oh. >> the world may never know. but surely, it will be talked about for days, perhaps weeks to come. maybe we should see the whereabouts of judi dench, where were you the night of the party? >> she gets crazy, she gets
8:24 am
nutty. >> it's probably her. it's probably judi. >> move on to serena williams, being serena, a five-part documentary. look at the newly released trailer. >> when i realized i was pregnant i was like, oh, my god, how am i going to play? i put so much pressure on myself. i want to make sure that i'm the best. i don't know if there's anything left for me in tennis. but i'm not done yet. >> that looks pretty cool. >> she's already returned to the tennis circuit. she's going to compete in the first grand slam event since her pregnancy this may at the french
8:25 am
open. being serena premieres on may 2nd. >> when marcus jefferes approached the counter at shake shack, let's see how it played out. >> who made this? >> who made this, man, i know you all hear me. who made the burger? >> jason and mike back there. >> jason, you killing it, man. >> see, it may have seemed like he was upset. oh, gosh, what's this guy going to do? who made the burger. i'm not going to tell him. he did. >> he was thrilled with it. he loved the burger. you killing it, man. you killing it with the burger. 7 million times this video's been seen and even shake shack respondedi )m ...
8:26 am
the offramps to port chicago good morning, it's 8:26. i'm kris sanchez. the off ramp to port chicago highway from highway 4 and 242 in concord are finally open again. that's where the chp says a chase this morning ended in a crash and that crash left the driver with major injuries. it also closed the ramps in the noncommute direction for several hours. the chp says concord police were chasing a truck a little before 4:00 this morning, now we're hearing from the chp that the driver was actually ejected from that truck and suffered injuries that are not life-threatening. concord police have told us -- have not told us that led to that chase in the first place. we want to go down to san jose with mike inouye for a look at your commute. >> no chases, but we had a couple crashes, northbound 101 boggs down here and there's
8:27 am
southbound 280 across the screen. 280 northbound and 680 northbound are slow. the commute winding down. slow through san jose and pushing up through the rest of silicon valley. the rest of the bay looks pretty good. we have recovery for northbound 880 that disabled rig was cleared from washington boulevard on the nimitz, but westbound 580 look how slow that is coming off the dublin grade through castro valley. that's the toughest drive of the bay. looking over toward oakland 880/580 a little slow. we have more local news coming up in half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now on a tuesday morning. it's the 27th of march, 2018. good morning, everybody. nice to have you with us. brisk spring day here with our crowd. before we get to the crowd moment, another moment, breaking news on beyonce biting gate. >> oh, my gosh. >> we have a moment to go, chrissy teigen, you were talking about her. i told you she watches the though, she tweeted i'm heading to the "today" show now who bit beyonce. >> she's going to be on at 10:00. she is going to give up some info. crowd moment. first i promised a hug to this little girl right here.
8:31 am
i saw you in the open. all right, thank you, honey. here's our crowd moment though. come with me. we have a bunch of great musical acts. a bunch of fun folks. hi, guys. we've had a lot of music on our plaza. i don't think we've ever had an orchestra. this is the midwest philharmonic orchestra. your hands are cold. you're from chicago. will you all play for us? take it away. ♪ >> yes, yes, yes, you all killed it. that was awesome. where are you guys performing? >> we are performing at carnegie hall on wednesday.
8:32 am
>> awesome. >> that was awesome. >> you know, coming up, "this is us" star chrissy metz getting candid about life before "this is us". >> and then tatum o'neal is here. she's got a my movie to tell us about. hi, tatum. the benefits of olive oil, and how to add more of it to your diet as we explore super foods for a healthy life. >> brisk out here with the breeze. >> it is. all in all, you're seeing warming trends coming around much of the country. start off with today, severe storms through texas, flood watches in the mid-mississippi and ohio river valleys, weak santa ana winds picking up in southern california, icy conditions western new york and pa. mountain snows through the pacific northwest. and look for plenty of sunshine along the west coast. that's
8:33 am
a lot of sunshine in our forecast over the next several days. san francisco makes it up to 65 degrees today. and a touch warmer tomorrow. now, the warmest day will be on thursday, up to 71. and we have some slightly cooler temperatures in time for the weekend. for the inland areas, expect a high of 75 today. and some upper 70s tomorrow. but 81 degrees on thursday. and then we will have some much more comfortable weather, but this will still be well above normal, reaching into the mid-70s by saturday. another huge crowd hanging out here. so want to make sure everybody gets on tv. and don't forget, check out our sirius-xm channel, channel 108. oh, hoda. >> oh, al. we are delighted, very delighted this morning to have emmy and golden globe nominee chrissy metz with us now. she's best known for her role on
8:34 am
the nbc hit show "this is us." before her rise to stardom, her journey to hollywood was not easy. she writes about it in her candid new memoir called "this is me." chrissy metz, hi, how are you? >> i'm wonderful. nice to see you as always. >> great to see you. your book is full of great humor, great sadness, great life lessons. but you chose to put it all out there. tell us why. >> yeah. i mean, not even just for my own catharsis, but just to have somebody else. i think we sort of get put on a pedestal as celebrities, which is funny for me to say in reference to myself. we're all the same and we want the same thing. i thought if i'm vulnerable and honest with my feelings, i think it could help other people to do so as well. >> you talk, you share some secrets, and you talk about your father, your biological dad whose name is mark. you say he disappeared when you were younger.
8:35 am
you said this i didn't want my biological father mark to get any credit whatsoever for my success when it did come. he didn't want any part of us when he divorced my mom and abandoned us in poverty. why should i carry his name. the idea of carrying the name metz, you ended up staying with it. how tough was that? >> i was such a bratty resentful young woman. i thought, you know what, that has nothing to do with me. his choices are his own. he's still a human being. i could have more grace about that. i thought it's a cool name, might as well keep it. people called me just metz in sports and high school. i'm over it, i'll keep it. >> after your dad left, you know, this man walks into your family's life. and i bet you thought this guy, who would be your stepfather you called trigger was going to change everything, he was going to fix us, make us better. that's what you thought initially. but that wasn't what happened at all, was it?
8:36 am
>> it's interesting because so much of the press has been about the negative relationship we have. but there was a lot of negativity that i write about in the book. it was very, very difficult. but since i have forgiven him. he's apologized, and we're very close, and i love him dearly. he was there for me when my father wasn't. but it was hard when it was hard. >> the healing part is really, really part. but you do -- a lot of kids go through some of the things you went through. you said of trigger he never hit me in the face. he struck you in other areas because, i think you said, that somehow just looking at you repulsed him. did you understand what was going on when you were a little girl? >> no. i didn't know what i did wrong or what i could do better. it was very confusing. and now, of course, as an adult, and going through this evolution of, i guess, spirituality and forgiveness and everything, i get it that it had nothing to do
8:37 am
with me, that hurt people hurt people. it was hard because as a child you don't understand. you can't even figure it out. >> one of the parts of the book that broke my heart was when you said you didn't know if your mom had any idea what was going on. your mom saw your step dad handling your sister in the aggressive way he handled you and she said to him you're not going to do to her what you do to chrissy. >> right. >> somehow your mother was aware of what was going on in that house. >> yeah. i think that she was sort of aware. but then i didn't want to worry her. so i didn't want to talk about it with her. you know. there was so much that came before that. and we had a roof over our head. a gentleman who was taking care of us, and who they were in love. i didn't want to be the burden. but it's hard sometimes we turn a blind eye. >> you said that afterwards trigger wrote you a letter and said he wouldn't have had the courage to do all the wonderful things you did and he sent us a
8:38 am
note that says he loved you like he always has. you getting your start in this business. you went to an "american idol" audition, to be the driver, and then somehow you stood out. >> i sort of made myself stand out. she asked -- somebody asked me to sing, and i did it. you have five or ten seconds. i was like, wait a minute, hold on, let me do that again. he's like, you don't get to see again. >> what did you sing? >> "heavy" from dream girls. a woman in the tent next to us. she's sassy. sing for me. and i sang for her. what are you doing? give her a ticket. sometimes you've got to toot your own horn. >> i've got to say, this book has great lessons, you actually speak to the reader. if you're going through any hell in your life and you read your book, you have moments of wisdom that people can take away, takes
8:39 am
you on your journey of "this is us" to your stardom and life and eating lunch with oprah, just you and your life now. >> just me and my life. >> chrissy, people should get this book, if you're in a funk at all. this book will help you get out. chrissy, we love you. >> love you. >> the book is called "this is me," and find more about it at straight ahead, catching up with tatum o'neal. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:40 am
8:41 am
we're back now, 8:41 with tatum o'neal. lived her entire life in the spotlight, growing up with famous parents and becoming the youngest person to ever win an oscar at the age of 10, that record still stands and back on the big screen in the new film
8:42 am
called "god's not deead, a ligh in darkness". >> here's my counter. withdraw your claim, or we sue. >> see what a judge has to say about it. >> we're done. this case will never make it to court. >> tatum o'neal, good morning. >> good morning. >> so this movie you play a school board member at a public college and the big fight is over a church on campus. >> right. >> it's a faith-based movie, but it's -- i really think anybody could watch it and enjoy it and get something out of it. >> yeah, i feel when i read the script it was a good opportunity to sort of do something that brings people together because nobody seems to be listening to each other right now. and i also thought it was universal to -- you know, to everybody, you know, which is interesting. >> rare. it takes on a big issue.
8:43 am
kind of church versus state. >> yeah. >> but the resolution is -- i don't know, it's open minded, yeah. >> well, it keeps the conversation going. instead of each of the -- you know, fighting or leaving each other, you see them sort of figure out the way to make their way back to each other in a loving way. it sort of all goes back to love, doesn't it? if we could just be more loving with each other. >> i mean, right, there's the secret of life right there. >> yeah. >> has it been fun to continue to be in acting? are you still loving it? >> yeah, yeah. >> well, wait, you paused. >> well, i mean, i've been doing this for so long that i think that there's always, you know, your ups and downs. and certainly it's nice to be part of this film. and i'm what you call sort of the reluctant celebrity. i was forced into this. i didn't like choose it. but i'm not saying that i don't really appreciate everything i've gotten.
8:44 am
>> yeah. one thing i read you said that you wanted -- i have been kind of a no person, and now i want to be a yes person, which i think is cool. >> in some ways. >> depends on what you're saying yes to. >> yeah, with boundaries. >> yes, yes. >> and, yeah, well, i'm trying to be a little bit more accessible. you know, i was raised in a house with a dad who was an actor who, you know, we believed that like they -- that was the outside world, and we were like, you know, the chosen few, i guess, although i don't think that way at all now. but -- and i didn't really think about it like that then. but i think that, you know, i'm enjoying being part of the world, and i don't sort of -- i don't like to be as isolated as i used to be, if that makes any sense at all. >> it does kind of make sense. you're saying when you were young, because you were in a famous family, it was kind of isolating. >> right. >> and now you kind of want -- >> and fame so young and
8:45 am
marrying someone very famous. we were isolated. it's nice now to try to be more accessible, with reason. >> do you think fame is a good thing? >> i don't know. no, not at all. like, it's good for people's egos, i guess. like, i mean, i think being talented at what you do is good. >> yeah. >> i think -- and with that comes attention and celebrity and whatnot. but i do think that there are people that sort of get into it so that they can be, like you said, famous. >> yeah, well, your daughter is adorable. >> oh, thank you. >> you guys, i see you on your instagram posting. and it looks like you're having the time of your lives and you have a podcast you're relaunching. >> yes, called "tatum verbatim." she's my partner in crime. emily katherine. >> what kind of show is it going to be? >> what we started with was talking honestly. i had not heard any podcasts where it was a mother and
8:46 am
daughter talking about just like her experience and her life, and my experience and my life, and i came from a mother that was an addict. and she has a mother who, you know, is an ex-addict. and sort of hearing it from those two different juxtapositions was interesting in a way of opening the conversation, in a time when so much of the country is addicted. and also just continue i think as addicts we get -- all of us feel marginalized. and then women feel even more marginalized because your parents, your mothers, it's funny in the secret program that, you know, you're not supposed to really talk about, it's far more men than women. i think women feel really -- it's very hard to come in and admit and feel safe. and then actors, you know, men get to come back and get a
8:47 am
second chance and, like, oh, man, you did it, you know. and women actresses, i feel like, oh, no, no, no, like i feel like it's not the same set of rules. i'd like to just keep saying that so that people here, not necessarily for me, but for my -- for generations, you know, next to me, below me, whatever. >> there's so much to talk about with you, as always, your movie opens soon. >> please go watch it. i think it's good for the easter sunday. >> absolutely. >> good friday, i mean. >> tatum, thank you, we're back in a moment. >> thank you. >> first this is "today" on nbc. [nature sounds]
8:48 am
♪ triumphant music follow your dreams and before you die
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[fire blazes] make a squarespace website. ♪ cyprus, a mediterranean island
8:50 am
off turkey, the land of love and beauty. it may also very well hold the fountain of youth. because in the middle of the island on an untouched stretch of land are more than 6,000al live trees, some dating as far back as 900 b.c., part of the family farm that has the healthiest olive oil. >> the olive tree holds the secret of a long, long life. we have olive trees that are 2 1/2 thousand years old. the longevity is already in the tree. >> the secret is the combination of the way he processes the olives and the lang they grow on. this produce the highest levels ever documented of an organic chemical named -- naturally reduces inflammation in the body. >> we need to go back to basics and use the foods that are not new, that can help us take less medication and live longer. >> for many years scientists and doctors have recognized the
8:51 am
exceptional benefits to a diet rich in olive oil. for its ability to lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure, and boost the immune system. but for cypriots who live on average ten years longer than the rest of the world olive oil is a way of daily diet. >> translator: when you eat oil you feel young and it make a very nice face. >> the secret for me is the olive oil and the wine. >> this chef uses olive oil in just about everything he cooks. >> our food is based on fresh ingredients, good olive oil, and lots of love. >> so much love that people here consume 50 times more each year than americans. >> the ancient greeks, if you look at the way they were using olive oil, it was for pharmaceutical properties, before it became a food. we dug back into that ancient age, and we brought modern new science to create something
8:52 am
extraordinary. >> this doctor is a new utritio psychiatrist. what makes olive oil, a, a superfood, and b, from a doctor sta standpoint, the health benefits. >> the good fat, healthy fats, we all agree, amazing for your health. why is it -- what's in there? there's things that tell your cells be healthy. cell signal, amazing for your health. health benefits, three i think of. psychiatrist, brain health and mental health. more olive oil, mediterranean style indict, 52% decreased risk of depression, 40% decreased risk in dementia. we want americans to get more olive oil into your life. >> how about my anxiety? >> it's going to help. >> how do you incorporate more?
8:53 am
>> well, people -- >> you just drink it? >> yeah, sure, here we go. >> he drank the whole thing. >> how was that, carson? >> spicy? >> drinking olive oil, not bad. >> feel that burn? >> i'd like a beerback. >> that burn, those nutrients, high quality olive oil. >> you do that, take a shot? >> in the mediterranean -- >> i go through a liter bottle every couple weeks. >> all oils are not created equal. >> extra virgin. avoid refined oils, a mixed or light oil. go with something that's higher quality. >> that was light. >> you're still sensing the burn? >> can i have the rest of yours? >> don't buy salad dressings, make -- >> make your salad dressing.
8:54 am
lemon juice and olive oil, and it will pull the nutrients out of the vegetables. roasted veggies. >> clooney made a billion dollars on tequila, this is the next one, olive oil. dr. ramsey, thanks. m're back in aoment.
8:55 am
8:56 am
who bit beyonce? >> i )m - -... police say a man targeted in a good morning. it's 8:56. i'm kris sanchez. police say a man targeted in a shooting helped lead to an arrest in two apparently random east palo alto shootings. this started around 6:00 last night and investigators say the man was sitting in traffic on schofield avenue when someone with a gun pulled up in the car next to him and fired. the shooter missed, but his target then started following. shortly after that,
8:57 am
investigators say the shooter fired at a woman walking home from a convenience store. she was struck in the arm. arriving officers eventually located that suspect and arrested him. still no word on what the motive might have been in this case. happening now, we do have a crew talking with police and we'll bring you a live report in our midday newscast. but you can also link to more right now on our home page. also in this midday newscast coming up at 11:00, parents are wrapping up a protest outside an east bay middle school where members of a nationally known hate group has gathered to pick at the school's gender diversity efforts. and california filed suit over a white house plan to add a new question to the 2020 incidenc consensus. that question woulder address immigration status. critics fear that putting it there could reduce response rates which could impact federal money. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto
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good morning, everybody, and welcome to the program, i'm megyn kelly, and we begin today with chrissy metz, the star of the huge nbc hit "this is us." she is opening up in her new memoir about her life, childhood abuse she suffered and how she overcame incredible, incredible adversity. you may not know this about her, to become a household name. from a difficult childhood to struggling as an actor with just 81 cents in her bank account. this is chrissy metz. take a look. chrissy metz has become a household name, beloved on screen


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