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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 27, 2018 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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airport this evening. we begin with frightening moments at oakland international airport this evening. an suv jumping the curb at terminal 1 injuring four people. fears of a terrorist attack were laid to rest but the resulting traffic nightmare cost some people more than time. terry mcsweeney has the details. did people miss their flights? >> some people did. i'll tell you what's happening
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right now, investigators processing the crime scene at the airport. pay special attention to the mercedes suv. the driver whose identity they haven't released to the public had absolutely no business behind the wheel. >> thax maroon suv still resting on the sidewalk in front of terminal 1 hours after setting off a chain of events that landed a 54-year-old driver in jail. >> he's being arrested for being an unlicensed driver. >> reporter: and for felony reckless driving causing injury. his collision sent a subaru over the curb. >> his foot at some point got stuck on the accelerator. he was not familiar with operating a motor vehicle. >> reporter: no flights were canceled but roads to the airport were closed. passengers left their rides behind and walked to the terminals suitcases in tow. >> we were less than a mile away and saw the police cars and helicopters. >> reporter: victor was driving
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relatives to the airport for a flight to portland. they didn't make it. >> they can't find any flights out tonight. the ones out tomorrow, the prices are through the roof. it's hard to find them flights now. >> reporter: four people with injuries is ranging from minor to moderate, two taken to the hospital for treatment it, two others including one hit by flying luggage refused treatment. >> reporter: law enforcement reaction was swift and overwhelming. they didn't know what they had. the investigation goes on tonight as you can see. live at oakland international airport, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, terry. terry has been tweeting updates from the airport all night. follow him on twitter his handle @terry mcsweeney. tempers running high at a sacramento city council meeting tonight leading to the arrest of one person outside as dozens of people shouted let him go.
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inside the chambers dozens of people voiced outrage over the death of stefan clark. we are joined live by cheryl hurd. that is not the only protest we saw today. >> reporter: there was another protest outside the kings game. this community is angry. tonight they are demanding change. tuesday city council meeting packed with people expressing anger and concern over the shooting death after stefan clark. his brother making his point in front of the mayor. stop, stop, stop y'all. stop please, my brother just got shot. >> the at one point protesters briefly taking over the meeting as cull members listened to family members and the community, protesters marched around the golden1center for another night block the doors, the arena virtually empty.
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>> the entire city is responsible for what happens to the people of this community. >> reporter: the community has been wanting answers since clark's death. police promising transparency by releasing this video from the air and on the ground. police firing 20 shots at him in his grandmother's backyard, finding no weapon, only a cell phone. >> i'm dedicated to making sure we gather all the facts, conduct a thorough investigation and promise we will continue to be transparent throughout the process. >> these police officers will never come to justice. >> reporter: demonstrators feeling frustration outside council cham bersm bers, one fa charges of assaulting an officer. that are pushing and shoving between police and protesters was the only thing we saw tonight. there were a lot of the tense moments. stefan clark dlb married on
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thursday. al sharpton says he'll attend. >> such a difficult time. thank you. new at 11:00, another legal blow for facebook. the company being sued by three users of the messenger ap. they say facebook collected logs of their calls and texts. the lawsuit filed in san francisco asks for unspecified dabblings and may become a class action lawsuit. on sunday, they admitted they had been logging some users call and text history only when android users opted in. they said that information is securely stored and is not sold to third parties. >> he admittedly found himself in a precarious position. tonight an uber driver says he was following directions from google maps when his car got stuck nearly church and market. sky ranger was overhead. the 74-year-old driver says he cut through a parking lot and the google maps appeared to guide him right to the steps.
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>> it's kind of confusion where to go left or right because it looks like an exit. need to go a left turn. collision i suppose. >> he's in good spirits. the car had to be towed off the steps. the repairs will probably cost a couple thousand dollars. google is looking into the incident and is happy no one was injured. the motive still unclear but tonight police release this mugshot of the man they blame for a random shooting in east palo alto that put a 65-year-old in the suspect. oscar carmona. police say he led them on a chase yesterday. she was hit as she was carrying groceries home. she is recovering after undergoing surgery for removing bullets from her elbow. we spoke with her niece.
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>> in pain, more confused of why and why her was one of her main questions. >> police arrested the suspect on emerson street in palo alto. he's facing several charges. >> more headaches for fire ravaged santa rosa tonight. water in one of the neighborhoods tested positive for benzene, a chemical that can cause cancer. the neighborhood fountain grove. pretty widespread, too. the clean-up could cost $43 million. the water department delivered the news to the council today. five miles of water mains, 70 fire hydrants and 350 service lines need replaced. burned plastic water pipes are blamed for the contamination. >> just in tonight, proof of an unexpected meeting. north korean leader kim jong-un made an unannounced trip top beijing to meet with the chinese president. it's his first known visit to a foreign country since taking
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over for his father. it's believed they met to prepare president kim for his meeting with president trump in may where they'll discuss the denuclearization confident area. >> mrs. obama will host a conversation at the oracle arena in oakland. the tickets range from $115 to more than $450. that program begins at 8:00 p.m. new at 11:00, what was it? take a look at the mysterious light in the sky followed by a loud boom. the majority of the people that witnessed live off 85. yirngs any idea what this was? >> reporter: no, we simply don't know what it is. most people tell us it was louder than any fireworks they've heard. they felt it inside their homes and one thing is clear tonight that this has become the talk of several san jose neighborhoods.
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>> you can see this is coming from way over on this side. >> this video posted to a south san jose next door page shows a small light travel across the sky for about a minute. then a flash, and boom. and it disappears. >> yeah, that doesn't do it justice at all. >> reporter: dale johnson says it shook windows and set off car alarms sunday just before midnight. >> new year's eve, there's m-1,000s going off. this was nothing like that. >> reporter: he's not alone. next door had more than 120 comments. people saying it sounded like it was right outside their front door. >> i thought at first that maybe it was of the transformer blew but we've had that happen before and it wasn't. a lot of people heard it pretty far away too. >> reporter: we asked the faa if they could identify the flying object. a spokesperson didn't want to guess but said it didn't look
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like an aircraft operation. the neighbors including the man whose camera captured at all is just as confused. >> want to find out what it was. but the fact we haven't heard has been weird. >> reporter: ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> still ahead, kids running for their lives. what prompted an emergency evacuation at a bay area high school. holy crap. >> your truck was clearly not in the lane. >> totally not in the lane. >> express lanes are supposed to get you there faster. are you being billed for something you didn't do? we investigate more than a million dollars in mistakes next. >> i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. it was warm today, even warmer tomorrow. we're 83 degrees is possible. and when the rain chances improve coming up in about nine minutes.
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we know bay area traffic can be a nightmare. fast track fast lanes are supposed to help you. commuters can get going faster if you pay a small fee. but vicky nguyen learned thousands are getting ticketed for a lot more and it's all a mistake. vicky? >> reporter: when the fast track ticket showed up in kyle's mailbox, he knew he wasn't at fault. the driver says he doesn't own a fast track and doesn't drive in the express lanes. when we started digging further, we learned kevin and many other bay area drivers are being asked to pay more than $1 million in fines for something they didn't do. these express lanes are supposed to speed things up during rush hour. drivers need a toll tag to use them. if you drive alone, you pay a small fee. carpoolers travel free. kyle was neither. >> holy crap, i didn't do that. >> reporter: he was on his
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commute on 680 when his wife rang. >> she called me up jokingly accusing me i didn't use any fast track. i was driving to work. there was a sign ta said $400 fine. >> reporter: it was only a $25 fine and a notice of violation with a photo. >> your truck was clearly not in the lane. >> totally not in the lane. >> reporter: the photo shows his truck wasn't in the express lane. this van was. somehow the cameras mixed up the two cars. he spent ten minutes on the phone top appeal the fine and his dad got this is the notice, another $25 fine. >> what happens a week later? >> well, i opened up the envelope which has letters on the outside, urgent attention. i thought this is interesting because i can't remember the last time i used fast track for anything. so i checked and i looked at a picture of my license plate and the number was wrong. it was off by one digit. >> reporter: a totally different car with a different plate
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driving 30 miles away from any routes he uses. >> i suspect a lot of commuters don't pay close attention to these things and over the course of a lot of commuters it adds up. >> reporter: he's right. we learned since last january, bay area drivers were billed for at least 58,000 violations that were eventually overturned. the top two reasons tickets are mistakenly sent out, cameras don't capture carpoolers or misread license pleas. that adds up to $1.4 million in fines issued by mistake. >> that's a lot of money in mistakes. >> sure. and that's a number that is shrinking all the time as the system gets better. >> reporter: john good wynn is the senior public information officer for the bay area toll authority which oversees the funds for roads and bridges. >> what are you doing to not bill people by mistake? >> over time we get better equipment so that the equipment
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that's being used now on the 680 contra costa express lanes for instance, is more robust and that was installed on 580 two years ago. >> reporter: so the technology is getting better. >> always. >> reporter: he says once an error has been identified it gets flagged and goes to a human for review to reduce incorrect billing. still, our calculations show about 5% of the violations issued for the express lanes on 680 between walnut creek and san ramon were wrong and more than 8% of the violations issued on 680 between pleasanton and milpitas it is as well as 580 between livermore and dublin are also wrong. >> the contractual target for the cameras in place is 8%. >> reporter: would it be fair to say you're falling short of that? >> i don't believe we are. >> reporter: he says the contract requires an accuracy rate of 98% for all transactions across all the toll lanes and
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bridges, not just express lane violations. >> it seems unacceptable to have such a high error rate. >> reporter: they want you to trust the fast track and get one but your experience maybe indicates they have work to do. >> that my experience i think both of our experience is that we're going to pay very close attention because they have a lot of work to do. >> reporter: kevin and kyle say drivers need to keep a close eye on their statements. the good news is they said appealing their tickets was a simple process and only took a few days to resolve. >> thanks. if you have a story for our investigative unit please call us. you can visit our website >> chief meteorologist jeff rain near roory has seen the warmup about to get even warmer. >> you're still excited about it. so many people loving this warmer weather we've had the past couple days. as we look towards tomorrow, even some 80s coming our way.
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let's get starred with your wednesday forecast. for the morning hours no problems on that commute. we're looking mostly sunny here. sure it's on the cool side. it's everything we can handle. 49 in the south bay. peninsula 52. the tri-valley at 47. 49 for the north bay. san francisco at 509. cooler for the east bay at 48. cool to start. we got warm weather by the afternoon. high pressure continuing to build and bring heat. it's keeping every single bit of our rainfall chances well off to the north. it's acting like a big chooeld here keeping the storm activity away. the other thing we'll see happen throughout tomorrow is a drier northeastly wind built in, not that strong but basically cutting off the typical ocean breeze. again, it's going to help temperatures warm up a little bit more throughout your wednesday forecast. let's get a look. you can see in the south bay, close to the 80s. los gatos at 79. downtown san jose 78.
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milpitas 75 it, we're going up to the 80s tomorrow here in concord. also for danville, slightly cooler near the bay with 73 expected in hayward. sunshine right up against account coastline here in half moon bay. not quite 70s but feels like it in the sun. over to redwood city, 77 and in san francisco, starting to push into the 70s. got to go to the mission to find milder weather. up towards marin it, napa and sonoma counties my warmest temperature tomorrow, 83 expected in santa rosa. 80 in novato and 81 in napa. you might have noticed some coughing, sneezing, watery eyes. it's the tree pollen off the charts. so you might need to limit your outdoor exposure. >> my extended forecast warmer in san francisco throughout the next two days. 72 for the high on thursday. and as we head through friday,
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temperatures start to cool off a little bit with a storm to our north. increased cloud cover we'll see temperatures drop throughout early next week back into the 50s. for the inland valleys, we stay with milder weather and the chance of 80s right through friday's forecast. we get clouds on saturday 37 looks gre. rainfall chances ahead. i'm not seeing a big storm system right now. i put it on the extended forecast. we're looking at april 6th for possibly some showers to move in. we'll keep a close eye on this. we could use another 3 to 6 inches to get us caught up on the rainfall. thanks, jeff. >> it was an emotional night on "the voice" for a north bay teen went from team blake to team alicia. >> and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys alicia keys is my guest tonight.
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plus tonight #it's a great show. stay tuned. >> happening now in our website, a burglary investigation in contra costa county. >> nbc bay area's microclimate weather certified most accurate by weather rate, the only independent weather forecast verification company in the country. of credit card points a vanishing before a bay area man )s eyes. we put our consumer reporter to work to get answers and action! plus- all the news that breaks while you sleep! when you wake up with us- tomorrow - from 4:30 to 7.
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one of the country )s largest first responder exerc it's been funded for now. one of the country's largest first responder exercises will continue but not everyone's happy about it. dozens of people protested outside the alameda board of supervisors chambers tonight saying urban shield militarizes local law enforcement. supporters say the exercise is
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critical for possible disasters and terror attacks. they agreed to fund the exercise this year. however, the long-term future of the program is still up in the air and will be decided by a newly created committee. >> school is back in session tomorrow at a cupertino high school after a chaotic day on campus today. students forced to run from class at lunchtime. the snapchat video shows what happened at the school when it got a call threatening the school. students told to run off campus. some ran to nearby businesses which sheltered them till parents could pick them up. >> it was a little bit scary. >> i saw a bunch of cops. i was furious. this has got to stop. >> you can hear how angry she is. no credible threat. the call came from a number traced to similar threats at schools awe across the nation. celebrating caesar chavez on the big screen. tonight people watched a movie about the labor leader's life at
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the dr. martin luther king library. the movie titled? common man uncommon vision, the cesar chavez story." members of the family are sitting there including a sister, the oakland a's also honor the day this saturday. his nephew will throw out the first pitch before the game. >> speaking about the baseball season about to begin, we'll show you who was sitting front row at at&t park for the final game of the bay bridge series. kn
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>> okay. how about we start with the good news. >> draymond green and kevin durant expected to return to the warriors lineup on thursday and klay thompson not behind. >> without their all-stars fanned watched them lose another game at oracle hosting the indiana pacers. another valiant effort by the undermanned warriors. andre iguodala with the steal on one end and then bam, the slam on the other. in the end they didn't have the enough firepower and lose to the pacers 92-81. >> to at&t park so you can get a good look. who do you see there? do you recognize him. >> barry bonds. >> that's right. the third game of the bay bridge series, the giants jumped out to
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an early lead and never looked back. they beat the a's, 3-0 in spring training. officially over now. the giants open the season in los angeles against the dodgers. a's open at home against the angels. both games thursday. >> sharks and st. louis looking for their ninth straight win. joepa very ski deflects the shot into the net. the blues would eventually even things up. so this game went into overtime. st. louis ended the sharks winning streak in o.t. sharks lose, 3-2. and saved by the buzzer tonight on the voice". we'll show it to you next. the ne
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♪ i give you the love song >> she's pretty awesome, the north bay's carolyn competing tonight on the voice. she is 17 and from santa rosa. she lost her battle round match-up against another member of team blake. when she thought she was going home, this is what happened. >> dallas is available to steal. dallas. we've got a steal! >> alicia stole her from team
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blake. alicia keyes gives dallas caroline a chance to continue on the show. bret hunter also competed tonight. unfortunately he won't advance to the next round. we know he is going to be famous. we do, don't we? >> we do. >> we love him. >> this is just the beginning of bret's musical career. >> so sad. >> i know. >> we're behind you though. >> serve recognizes him now. he's going to be noticed. live pictures of san francisco. what a beautiful night. >> i know. stunning out there. clear skies across san francisco right now. that's going to set us up with a nice morning tomorrow. no problems on the commute. 49 in the south bay. peninsula 52. a bright start in the tri-valley and 47. we'll get a look across the east bay. low 50s in san francisco and 49 in the north bay. we start off cool. by the afternoon, inland valleys up to 79 tomorrow. 83 and near records on thursday.
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we're at 80 on friday. clouds will increase into saturday. we'll see temperatures drop over the next seven days for well above average. we may get rainfall building in once we hit april 6th. i don't think it's a big system right now. we're going to continue to monitor that. right now, the fan mail is blowing up in the mailbox. >> all big fans of yours. >> well, the weather right now. >> good job. okay. that does it for us. thanks for joining us. >> we hope to see you tomorrow. >> bye. >> enjoy the sun. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests --


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