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tv   Today  NBC  March 29, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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where more live, local news. >> join us at 11:00. it is going to be a nice, sunny day. good morning. revolving door. president trump announces yet another cabinet shakeup, replacing the secretary of veterans affairs with his personal doctor. but some are questioning is he up for the job? we're live at the white house. breaking overnight, poisoned at home. police find dangerously high levels of toxic nerve gas on the front door of that former russian spy's home, as tensions between the east and west heat up over the attack and who was behind it. biting words. apple's tim cook takes a jab at mark zuckerberg over facebook's growing privacy scandal. >> what would i do? i wouldn't be in this situation. >> as the social network faces new lawsuits and growing calls
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for zuckerberg to appear before congress. all that, plus look out! why the number of distracted drivers on the road is higher than ever. red states, ratings gold. >> what's up, deplorable? >> why roseanne's big return has the attention of both hollywood and washington. ♪ and batter up! it's opening day for major league baseball, as millions of winter-weary fans look to the boys of summer for a glimmer of hope. today, thursday, march 29th, 2018. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody, welcome to "today." thank you for joining us on this thursday morning. wow, roseanne is back, she's back big. >> throwback thursday. can you believe it? if you said turn on the tv,
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roseanne is on, will & grace is on. what's old is new again. >> she did very, very well on her first night out of the gate. but we are going to begin with new drama at the white house. the veterans affair secretary shown the door as president trump moves forward with a dramatic reshuffling of his cabinet and he is tapping his own doctor to fill the post. peter alexander is at the white house with more on all of this. hey, peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. president trump is going with his gut, picking a man that he personally likes a lot, promoting the physician to the president, ronny jackson, to lead the second largest agency in the federal government. also this morning the va secretary that he's replacing, david shulkin, is criticizing the environment here in washington, writing an op-ed saying that it's turned so toxic, chaotic, subversive and disrespectful that it became impossible to do his job. president trump's latest cabinet pick, his own doctor, rear admiral ronny jackson. two months after giving the
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president a clean bill of health. >> in summary, the president's overall health is excellent. some people have just great genes. i told the president that if he had a healthier diet over the past 20 years, he might live to be 100 years old. he has incredible genes. >> reporter: the president also praising jackson who was also president obama's personal physician, as highly trained and qualified. even though he has no experience managing a sprawling government agency, this one with a long history of problems. getting the boot, secretary david shulkin, an obama holdover and the first-ever nonveteran to head the v.a. >> we have a great man, david shulkin. >> reporter: the president last year touted shulkin and joked about his own catch phrase, "you're fired." we'll never have to use those words. >> reporter: but now the president thanking shulkin,
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thanking him for his service to the country and our great veterans. the departure coming in the wake of a bruising ethics scandal. the v.a.'s internal watchdog sharply criticizing shulkin for letting taxpayers pick up the tab for his wife to join him on a european business trip last summer and improperly accepting tickets to wimbledon, an unforced error that angered the president. shulkin, the second cabinet secretary to go amid controversies about expensive travel. >> it is a great place to be working. many, many people wanting every single job. >> obviously, peter, the president there talking about it's been a turbulent few weeks. there have been a lot of staff shakeups. the question is, is this the end of it or will there be more changes to come? >> reporter: the president recently insisted that he's close to the cabinet and other officials he wants, but it certainly has been that turbulent time you're referring to just getting here. consider this last month, removing his secretary of state, rex tillerson, swapping out national security advisers, his top economic advisor is heading
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out and this as communications director hope hicks' last week here in the west wing. is any more change coming? only the president knows for sure. >> makes it interesting on your beat, thank you very much. breaking overnight, the leaders of north and south korea will hold a landmark summit next month, a meeting the trump administration will be watching closely. north korean leader kim jong-un will meet with moon jae-in in a border village on april 27th. the summit could prove significant in the push to resolve the stand-off over north korea's nuclear program. it follows a surprise meeting between kim and china's president. the white house says the president also plans to meet with kim in the coming months. we have breaking news just out on the poisoning of a former spy that's really raised tensions between russia and the rest of the world. british police say they now believe that toxic nerve agent was left on the man's own front door. nbc's kelly cobiella with the very latest.
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kelly, good morning to you. >> savannah, good morning. investigators found traces of this poison throughout the town where the former spy and his daughter were found, but they now believe that the two were actually poisoned at the front door, possibly a chemical nerve agent smeared on the doorknob. it was right on their doorstep. for the first time this morning, british investigators said the highest concentration of the deadly nerve agent was at the home of former russian spy sergei skripal in southwest england. investigators explaining we believe the skripals first came into contact with the nerve agent from their front door. reassuring neighbors that the risk remains low. sergei skripal and his daughter, yulia, are still in critical condition more than three weeks after being found on a park bench in salisbury. this police officer among more than 20 affected by the poison was also hospitalized but has since been released. police have searched a pub, a
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restaurant and cemetery tracing the skripals' steps, but are still trying to figure out whether a banned chemical weapon was smuggled into the country. the uk, convinced russia is to blame, rallied allies, throwing out more than 150 russian diplomats from 28 countries. the u.s. expelling 60 and closing the seattle consulate. >> expulsion of diplomats on a scale that we have never seen before. >> reporter: russia denies it was involved, even suggesting british intelligence could have been behind it. this morning russian officials once again demanded evidence and said they were ready to cooperate. the russians say they will retaliate for the expulsion of all of those diplomats. this morning president putin's spokesperson saying that response will come, quote, at the appropriate time. savannah, hoda, back to you guys. >> kelly cobiella in london for us, thank you. there are fast-moving developments with facebook's
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privacy scandal as more users flee the social network, pressure is mounting on mark zuckerberg. apple's tim cook is weighing in in an exclusive interview with msnbc with harsh words for his fellow ceo. jo ling kent has the latest on all of this. >> good morning. it's rare to see one tech titan go after another in public, but that's what happened when apple's ceo, tim cook, sat down with msnbc to discuss facebook. cook's searing comments come as facebook is disabling the abilities for outside companies to target ads to you on facebook. this morning apple ceo tim cook taking aim at facebook ceo mark zuckerberg. the social media giant under fire after a bombshell that data analytics firm cambridge analytica allegedly harvested the personal information of 50 million unsuspecting facebook users in 2013 and 2014.
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now in an exclusive interview on msnbc, cook questioning the way facebook makes money. >> mark zuckerberg, what would you do? >> what would i do? i wouldn't be in this situation. >> reporter: saying apple would never sell customer data. >> if our customer was our product, we could make a ton of money. we've elected not to do that because we don't -- you are not our product. >> cook also says apple is now investigating its massive app store for potential problems. >> we're looking at every app in detail. what is it doing, is it doing what it's saying it's doing, is it meeting the privacy policy >> reporter: meanwhile, zuckerberg and his team behind the scenes still deciding whether he'll answer questions from congress. >> what we try to do is send the person at facebook who will have the most knowledge. so, if that's me, then i am happy to go. >> reporter: zuckerberg has not accepted invitations from multiple congressional
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committees. now, facebook hit with five new lawsuits in federal court. at least three facebook users suing the company for tracking phone call and text message data on android devices through facebook messenger. facebook saying users had to opt in to the feature. the mounting pressure comes as nbc news partner itn channel 4 discovered a trove of data, including psychological profiles on thousands of facebook users in colorado, still circulating. >> it's a manipulation of our society by people who don't really care about our society. they care about their business. >> reporter: cambridge analytica denies it's responsible, while facebook once again says it's very sorry. apple's cook says consumers should be aware of what tech companies value and what they don't. >> i think it's an invasion of privacy. i think it's -- privacy to us is a human right. it's a civil liberty. and it's something that is unique to america. >> reporter: to earn back your trust, facebook rolled out new
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tools this week to help users find out what you shared and more centralized ways to delete that. but now online privacy concerns are expanding to other big tech companies. some users now concerned about how much personal data google is gathering, like your physical location, your hobbies and your interests. and google now telling nbc news it encourages users to regularly review their privacy settings. guys? >> all right, jo, thanks. we should mention that you can see that full interview with apple's tim cook. that will be on next friday on msnbc. we've got shocking, new details just emerging surrounding the 2016 orlando nightclub shooting. prosecutors say that omar mateen's original target was actually the disney springs entertainment center at walt disney world. and look at this surveillance video that shows mateen walking around disney springs. prosecutors say he planned to hide a gun in a baby stroller, but when a police sprens scared him off, they say he instead chose the pulse nightclub as his
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target. all the details were revealed during closing arguments in the trial of mateen's widow, noor salman. she's accused of helping her husband with the attack. 49 people were killed and the jury is now considering that case. a growing nationwide movement to improve teachers' salaries is gaining steam this morning, highlighted by a massive protest in arizona. thousands of teachers descended on the state capitol to make their case. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer is in phoenix with more on all this. hey, miguel. good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning. the largest protest at the capitol was actually here behind me. thousands of teachers told lawmakers they want a 20% raise and millions of dollars to be funneled into the education system. there's no talk of a strike now, but a strike is not off the table. [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: showing power in numbers, thousands of teachers across arizona call this a learning moment. >> the most powerful weapon you all have is your voice!
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>> reporter: at the state capitol, educators demanding better pay and more money for the classroom where they say funding for their students gets a failing grade. >> these kids need teachers who care. >> i knew i was never going to be rich, but it's what i love to do. >> reporter: taking their fight to the governor and legislators, educators say you do the math. in arizona, first-year teachers on average make about $34,000 a year, $4,000 under the national average. >> i know teachers that teach kindergarten all day long, and then they leave and go waitress at applebee's. >> reporter: elementary school teachers in arizona are some of the lowest paid in the country, something elizabeth millich knows firsthand. she posted her paycheck on social media, asking, "i need a college degree to make this?" >> when you see what the salary is, you cannot live on it. [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: it's a rally cry
7:14 am
that's turned into a movement. after shutting down the state capitol in a nine-day strike, teachers in west virginia won a 5% raise. in kentucky, they're fighting for better pension. and with its own strike looming, oklahoma's state senate passed a $447 million revenue package wednesday to fund teacher raises. >> we are ignored, dismissed, and contradicted. >> reporter: back in arizona, some legislators say there isn't enough money in the books. >> they need more money. we realize that. but there is very little money and there are many competing needs. >> reporter: this morning, a national battle over classroom spending and teacher pay is brewing, a fight some say students and teachers can't afford to lose. teachers here at arizona say they want to see some progress by the end of the school year. they say they don't want to strike, but if necessary, they will.
7:15 am
hoda, back to you. >> all right, miguel almaguer, thanks. new this morning, an eye-opening study shining light on distracted driving and the habits that puts your safety at risk on the roads. nbc's tom costello's got that u. hi, tom. good morning. >> reporter: hi, savannah. good morning to you. as you are walking out the door this morning, aaa says please be careful. the number of us who are now admitting that we are texting or talking on the phone while driving is up dramatically, doubling in five years. the risk now thought to be greater than aggressive driving or drunk driving. rush hour in america this morning, and more drivers are driven to distraction, talking, texting, drifting off. watch this man just miss a pickup, then plow right into the median, or this bus driver so distracted on his phone, he fails to notice traffic had stopped. but while nearly almost all motorists tell aaa they know it's dangerous to take their
7:16 am
eyes off the road, most admit they still do it. >> you can actually look in your car in the rearview mirror in their car and see them looking down. they're probably texting, eating, only god knows. >> there's always an urge to kind of reach down and check your device. >> well, actually, dad doesn't do it, mom does. >> mom does? >> reporter: now 88% tell aaa texting behind the wheel should be bad, but 45% admit they've read messages while driving. and more than a third say they've sent one, making their risk of a crash eight times as high. and think hands-free are safe? watch as this woman with earbuds blows right through a stop sign. cindy cooper was six months pregnant with her twin daughters when a teen talking on her phone missed a stop sign, killing cindy's father, john. >> my dad was thrown over her vehicle and landed on the curb, and his motorcycle was scattered along the side of the road. she ran right by him and never called 911.
7:17 am
>> reporter: now celebrities like mark wahlberg say things have to change. >> i pledge to put my phone down and #justdrive, and i am asking all of you watching this video to do the same. >> you know, it sounds like he's right, but i think a lot of people, tom, sometimes feel that pull, i just want to respond to one quick thing, something really fast, but give us some ways we can kind of break those crummy habits. ac first of all, the recommendation is that you should put your phone out of reach, put it in the back seat, put it in the glove compartment, whatever it takes. if you need your phone for gps, program the gps before you ever leave so that you're not tempted to go do it while you're driving. and lastly, take advantage of the phone and some of the apps that will sense you're driving and lock up the phone so that the temptation is out of reach. but the temptation is still great, as you know. by the way, as you know, it's not just us adults, teens, too. >> sure. and it only takes a second to
7:18 am
really lose your concentration. >> it really does, tom. thank you. let us turn to al. this is our first check of the weather. hello, mr. roker. >> hey, guys. we've been talking about the same system over and over since monday, and it's still just dragging along. heaviest rain from houston up to memphis, and we are looking at right now flood watches in effect. i mean, we're talking flood watches and warnings from houston to charleston. 16 million people at risk for more heavy rain. we've got severe weather to talk about as well, from louisiana all the way on up into eastern tennessee and parts of georgia. 8 million people at risk. here's the system slowly dragging along. it makes its way through the central gulf coast today, a continued flood risk, and then as we move into tomorrow, it goes from atlanta all the way up to new york. probably airport delays as people get ready to head off for the easter holiday and spring break. and rainfall amounts anywhere from 1 to 3 inches stretching from new orleans all the way on up into new england. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. ack.
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i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. good thursday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. let's take a live look outside with our high temperatures today for three microclimates in the middle of the screen looking live in palo alto. our high temperatures up to 80 degrees and 72 degrees in san francisco. the east bay, 76. 83 degrees today in the north bay. san francisco low 70s. but it does cool off in time for the weekend, easter sunday up to 73. nd that's your latest weather. guys.
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>> all right, al, thank you. coming up, roseanne's return and the ratings. why the sitcom about a working class family is putting both hollywood and washington on notice this morning. and during this holy week before easter, more of our sc s exclusive access inside the vatican, including a rare look at the library's ancient treasures. keir simmons is there live. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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downy conditions to smooth and strengthen fibers. so, next time don't half-wash it. downy and it's done. good morning. it's 7:26. i'm marcus washington. a short time from now funeral services in sacramento for stephon clark shot and killed by police who was only carrying a cell phone. pete suratos is live outside of the church where the funeral will happen and mourners will gather. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus. we've seen widespread demonstrations throughout sacramento following the deadly shooting of is he fstephon clar. at the church in sacramento we'll have a number of speakers here as well as the service. this all started when clark was shot and killed on march 18th in his grandgrandmother's backyard. they thought he was a burglary
7:27 am
suspect who was armed. investigators on the scene only found he was holding a cell phone. as i mentioned a number of civil rights advocates will be speaking here including al sharpton. that service is set to begin at 11:00 a.m. marcus? >> we'll be streaming that. we want to get a check on your weather today. kari, a really nice day. a lot of sunshine. >> reporte we're seeing that already, all clear skies, our highs for the afternoon. along the coast in the low 70s but low 80s for the inland valleys. morgan hill expect a high of 83 degrees. also 83 in napa and santa rosa. livermore up to 80 degrees. 82 today in san jose. how are the roads, mike? they're looking slower around the bay but not as bad as we often see. the san mateo bridge jammed up. 101 had an earlier crash. there's a chance westbound moves
7:28 am
slower than you'd like. the volume building southbound to university. ♪you've got a friend in me
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good morning, everybody. it's 7:30, good morning, everybody. take a look tae on the morning of march 29th, 2018. nasa astronauts are going to be doing some renovations to the international space station. it just needs a little tlc. a little dusting and cleaning. so if we look up, it's happening right now above us. we have some other headlines of the day, including new staff shake-up at the white house. white house shake-up and yet another cabinet change. president trump replaces his veterans affairs secretary with his own personal doctor, ronny jackson. >> he has incredibly good genes. remembering stephon clark.
7:31 am
a funeral will be held today for the 22-year-old who was killed by police in sacramento. as the city remains on edge after days of unrest. homecoming, nobel pieeace prize winner mulala musafa returns home for the first time. lottery winner. and take me out to the ball game. >> swing and a drive. deep left field. >> the 2018 baseball season kicks off in just a couple of hours. >> ground ball to the right side. sliding. >> as millions of fans get set to embrace america's past time once again after a long, cold winter today thursday, march 29th, 2018.
7:32 am
>> that's a sign of spring. >> it certainly is. carson has this story, the much-anticipated return of oh roseanne." more than 18 million people tuned in for the sitcom revival after a 21-year hiatus. it seems really relevant right now. carson, you've got this story. >> we know president trump pays attention to ratings, that's for sure. he called roseanne barr. the show, just the latest to return to tv in a new political climate. >> what's up, deplorable? >> this morning, everything is coming up roses for roseanne. >> aunt jackie thinks every girl should grow up and be president even if they're a liar, liar, pant suit on fire. >> the hit show returning 20 years later tos massive ratings. more than 18 million people tuning in.
7:33 am
roseanne barr tweeting i am so grateful to the fans of the rosenan show adding and perhaps to president trump here's to making america laugh. >> well, she did vote for the president. >> that's part of the dynamic with you and your family on that show. >> yeah. and in real life. >> is your family mad at you? >> well, you know, we had some pro littlerihillarys and some p and there was a lot of fighting. >> the revival's premier, a hit in both red and blue states, but especially dominating in places like tulsa, cincinnati, kansas city and pittsburgh, all cities in red states where mr. trump won the 2016 election. >> i wanted to see a person that spoke their language that was a trump supporter from kind of
7:34 am
hard scrabble midwestern city. >> the show's success capturing the attention of donald trump jr., the first son tweeting in part it seems there's some demand for an alternate viewpoint. >> right now, some characters have different viewpoints. >> can i have some money? >> i don't know. can i have some money? >> among them, gilmore girls, murphy brown and will and grace. >> melania called me last night. >> in the politically charged climate of 2018, many revivals have had to figure out how to reframe their characters. roseanne's success had people on twitter reimagining other hit shows, some even asking which character owes "friends" would vote for mr. trump. >> it's sort of an interesting continuation of the dialogue about who we identify with and who we support. >> just a couple of points to
7:35 am
show you how big this thing was. this premier had 10% higher overall total viewers than the series finale 21 years ago, which is saying something. also noteworthy, the half hour tv sitcom has become an almost impossible thing to get everybody on in this country on board. tonally, rosenan has nailed it. >> it seems like they hit all the viewpoints and they're talking about a lot of families, right? >> both sides. >> i was watching and it's funny. >> good. that's it. speaking of al, from roseanne to roker. >> it's not been funny. it hasn't felt like spring. let's get some spring in here. again, we're going to see temperatures cooling off here in the east. jet stream up to the north. so 54 today in boston. 77 in washington. 76 in mobile. look at the weekend going into easter. it's going to be 48 in portland on sunday, 56 in philly, 43 in detroit. nashville, 57 degrees. mid section of the country turning colder, as well. again, temperatures today about
7:36 am
10 to 15 degrees below average. look what happens into the weekend. chicago, for example. we're going to see a temperature 40 degrees on easter sunday. 43 in bismarck. memphis, 52. out west, temperatures looking nice and mild. you can see today temperatures in the 70s and as we head into the weekend going into easter sunday, you're going to have we do have some spectacular weather around the bay area expected today reaching into the low 70s. inland, that's where it's going to feel more like summer. low 80s today in santa rosa, napa, as well as concord down to san jose and morgan hills, the tri-valley up to 80 degrees. we are going to have slightly cooler air moving in for the weekend, easter sunday in san francisco. we'll reach up to 63 degrees with inland areas in the low 70s and continuing to cool by mid next week. >> and that's your latest weather. guys. >> all right, al, thanks so
7:37 am
much. just ahead, parents behaving badly at kids' games and why referees are not having it anymore. then raising the kennedys. we've got a first look at personal letters from the family's long-time nanny before they go up for auction. plus, we just talked about roseanne's revival, so what about another beloved hit. how about "the office." why one of its stars wants it to happen. >> i'm for that. and extraordinary access behind the scenes at the vatican behind the scenes at the vatican during the holiest week of the behr marquee presents: it's got potential. behind the scenes at the vatican during the holiest week of the - i think it'll look really, really good without the stripes. - margo and sam had a vision, brought to life in one coat. ♪ whatever your home may hand you, behr through it, in one coat. behr marquee, #1 rated interior paint. guaranteed in 1,000 plus colors. find it exclusively at the home depot.
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back now, 7:41 with our special holy week series taking you inside the vaticans. >> as christians around the world prepare to celebrate easter, nbc news has been given extraordinary access to the center of the roman catholic church. keir simmons is right there at the vatican this morning. hi, keir, good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning, everyone. it really is so special to be here during the most important week in the christian calendar. to get to see the preparations up close. later this holy thursday, pope francis will wash the feet of inmates at a prison. the washing of the feet, a humble act by the pope, has become something of a tradition. ♪ it is a powerful image of faith and love. pope francis washing the feet of prisoners, and perhaps his
7:43 am
inspiration can be found inside the apostolic palace. nbc news was given rare access to the pope's exquisite chapel. on one wall jesus washes the feet of the apostles. pope francis will pray here tomorrow. the easter weekend celebrations broadcast to a billion or more catholics around the world. holy week began with something so simple. palms for palm sunday cut from the vatican garden to adorn st. peter's basilica. vatican official father luke sweeney hails from new york. >> this takes us right back to when jesus entered jerusalem. he came sitting on a donkey. what did people do? they took palm branches, placed it before him and acclaimed him king. >> this really sets us up for easter. >> it does. >> reporter: for centuries, pilgrims have congregated from afar, like the kent family from
7:44 am
san diego. >> holy week began in what we believe is the holiest place. i don't even know how to describe how excited we are. >> really excited. >> reporter: encountering the holy father for the first time is an unforgettable experience. and for pilgrims here, the holy city itself can be awe-inspiring. >> a church like st. peter's basilica takes heaven and brings it down to earth. we actually feel like we're walking among the saints. >> reporter: around every corner, art celebrating the easter story. from the famed fresco of the sistine chapel. >> what we see here from roselli is this beautiful, colorful picture of the last supper. >> reporter: to michelangelo's sublime sculpture. >> we see jesus right off the cross, dead, lying in the arms of his mother. >> reporter: then there were the places pilgrims rarely see.
7:45 am
>> how many books are here? >> at present, the library holds 2 million. >> reporter: the vatican library. filming is highly restricted here. this 1,000-year-old manuscript is fascinating. >> the black writing is dated 886. >> reporter: the parchment used with even more ancient writing underneath. >> look at that, you can see the writing underneath the writing. that's amazing. >> reporter: liturgies for holy week written in the language jesus spoke. >> is it true that hundreds of years ago you could borrow books from this library, but if you were late bringing them back, you'd get a note from the pope? >> yes. yes. >> that's a lot of pressure. >> reporter: words and worship resonating through the centuries, repeated across rome in its 300 churches. >> to celebrate holy week in
7:46 am
rome, i don't know if it gets better. as catholics, this is home. >> reporter: the spirit of easter alive today, in this ancient holy city. just a quick explanation of the service you saw at the end of the piece there, every morning during lent, folks from the u.s. gather at a different church across rome. it's just one of the special traditions here. >> it must be so cool, keir, what you've gotten to do. i will acknowledge the sin of jealousy because we wish we were there. how has it been? >> reporter: well, of course just the sheer beauty of what you're seeing and the sense of privilege that you get to see effectively the inner sanctum of the vatican, knowing that not everyone gets to do that and hoping that we've really brought that to people. just one final thought, we tend to forget that the past can really have lessons for us now. i think that's one of pope francis' message. from this historic place
7:47 am
reaching out to people around the world. >> very cool. >> that was awesome. >> thank you so much. >> terrific. coming up, a revealing look at the childhood of john junior and caroline kennedy from ♪ piano music >> vo: they want more out of life in every way. so they're starting this year's garden with miracle-gro potting mix and plant food. together, they produce three times the harvest to enjoy... and of course, to share. this soil is fresh from the forest and patiently aged to guarantee more of what matters... every time. three times the harvest. one powerful guarantee. miracle-gro. oh, it's actually... sfx: (short balloon squeal) it's ver... sfx: (balloon squeals) ok can we... sfx: (balloon squeals) goodbye! oof, that milk in your coffee was messing with you, wasn't it? try lactaid, it's real milk, without that annoying lactose. good right? yeah. lactaid. the milk that doesn't mess with you.
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so what will you do with it? are we
7:56 am
good thursday morning. right now at 7:56 we walk out the door to some sunshine and a beautiful day to head out there to the coliseum to watch the a's home opener for this afternoon. it's at 1:05 and it's going to be 71 degrees, very warm. make sure you can find a spot in the shade or bring your ball cap. our highs today will reach into the low 70s for the coast and also in san francisco. oakland up to 75 degrees and san jose 82 degrees. 82 in concord. low 80s in the north bay. we may set record high temperatures today. i'll be watching those numbers. we will be cooling off heading into easter week. as we keep the sunshine in san francisco on sunday, expect a high of 63 degrees and slightly cooler early next week. inland areas go from 83 degrees today to the upper 60s by the middle of next week. let's get an update on the commute now from mike. kari, a pretty smooth drive around the bay.
7:57 am
more slower spots but over here extra slowing north 880 off 17 and 280 heading up to brokaw. a crash just shy of that exit there. the northbound 101 jammed up into morgan hill. that's because of a crash blocking two lanes. clear north of morgan hill. friends and family getting together for the man shot and killed by sacramento police. the officers later admitted he was only carrying a cell phone. the funeral for stephon clark gets under way around 11:00. civil rights leader is expected to attend. in the bay area the weather is perfect for baseball. today is opening day. at 1:00 today the a's open against the angels. the giants open a little later at dodgers stadium. go to the sports section of our home page for a look at each of the teams. i'm marcus washington am we'll have more news in 30 minutes. ri)
7:58 am
that )s the message protesters n the south bay say - they )ll bring to city hall. and - preparing for fire season. the way one county is getting families ready - after last year )s deadly wildfires. "today in the bay - tomorrow - 4:30 to 7.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it is 8:00 on today. coming up, unnecessary roughness. youth sport referees are walking away in droves. the reason? parents. >> if it was so easy anyone could do it. >> the message frustrated officials are sending to moms and dad. plus the kennedy nanny diaries a first look at the woman who helped race caroline and john junior. >> you are right there when she takes her first step or john f kennedy says dada for the first time. is a never before seen side of the camelot.
8:01 am
>> and bryan cranston goes from "breaking bad" to barking mad. >> no one is giving up around here and don't you forget it, ever. >> and you can see him. john cena stops by to talk about his new comedy, "blockers". >> i'm in. >> today is thursday march 29th, 2018 of. >> we're o senior class trip from ohio. >> firefighters from the winter haven, florida. >> my grandmother brought me to see the "today show"? >> hey al roker. we came to see you from cleveland. >> i love codhhe and savannah. >> happy birthday nana. >> we got you on the "today show." [cheers and applause]. >> nana, happy birthday. welcome back everybody. appreciate you being with us. a little drizzly outside but they don't care and we don't care. right? >> they're smiling and we're
8:02 am
smiling to have them right here. >> can't wait to see you guys in a bit. let's head right to your news. after weeks of speculation president trump has made a surprising pick to replace a key member of his cabinet. the latest from christen welker. good morning. >> hi hoda. daif daifld schalken is out and the president is praised jackson who was always former president obama's personal physician as highly qualified but he has no experience of managing a sprawling government agency and the va has been beset by management problems for years. schalken leaves amulg fears disputes. and amid questions and his own ethical conduct.
8:03 am
shulkin saying i have fought. in recent months though the environment in washington has turned so toxic. chaotic. disrespectful and subversive that it became impossible for me to accomplish the important work our veterans need and deserve. shulkin becomes the latest in more than two dozen high level departures from the trump administration. now the president is up and tweeting this morning, not about the va secretary but about amazon. yesterday adams's stocks fell amid criticism from the president. the with the writing "i have stated my concerns with amazon long before the election." unlike others they play little or no taxes to state and local governments. use our postal system causes losses to the u.s. and are putting many thousands of retailers out of business. mr. trump has been a sharp critic of amazon. they have pushed back against his criticism. president trump heads to ohio later today to talk about ib
8:04 am
fracture. police believe the poison that sickened some people was left at the home. they remain in critical condition nearly a month after the poisoning. they were found unconscious on a park bench while the daughter was visiting from russia. britain has blamed moscow. which then resulted in week's expulsion of the russian diplomats from the u.s. and about two other allied countries. russia has angrily denied any responsibility. a judge has thrown out the most serious charges against former penn state fraternity brothers in the alleged hazing death that includes involuntary manslaughter charges. he was injured when he fell down a staircase during a night of heavy drinking. his parents are disappointed but
8:05 am
confident that prosecution on repaining charges will eventually deter this kind of behavior from happening again. >> you are caught up on the news. let's get our morning boost. >> why don't we. a dream come true for a 12-year-old boy with down syndrome. he was in st. peters square when pope francis picked him out of crowd. the pope gave him a kiss and blessing and then gave him a ride around the square in the pope mobile. peter's mom said by the grace of god he beat cancer. showed us hope. and we're grateful and humble. >> the chill meter went really high on that. we got a lot more to get to this morning. including how to you behave at your kid's sporting event. referees aren't going to stand for it anymore. >> and the life in camelot. your first look at the treasure trove from the kennedy family nanny right after this.
8:06 am
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8:09 am
we are back with a revealing look inside one of the country's most iconic families. >> kristin dahlgren is here with more on that. >> the diaries and letters of the woman who helped raise the kennedy children are being auctioned off. 22 pages being auctioned off on the lives of both caroline and john jr. >> this morning, the children of camelot like we've never seen them before. >> the white house nanny. through the eyes of their beloved nanny. >> in it, there's just day-to-day notes. >> maud shaw kept a personal diary marking their developments from height and weight to first steps to the emergence of their personalities. >> she's very cherubic, laughs loudly, plays patty cake. in march 1961, she writes, john, how very good baby he is. he coos, he laughs, he talks very loud. he sleeps through the night.
8:10 am
>> shaw detailed the milestones of both caroline and john jr. in 22 pages now up for auction, along with postcards and letters she received from caroline. >> jackie famously got her children out of the spotlight. so they're in mexico and other exotic places and they're postmarked and you can see caroline's handwriting as she does. >> shaw, an english woman, served as the kennedy's nanny for more than seven years, joining the family just days before caroline's birth. the experienced nanny becoming a fixture in the kennedy white house. and an important figure in the lives of the first children. in her 1966 memoir, white house nanny, shaw writing, i nursed the children from the cradle and came to love them just as if they had been my own. but shaw and the children would grow even closer, with forever bonded by tragedy. >> we are now told that the president was shot once. >> shaw, asked by jackie kennedy's mother to tell a 6-year-old caroline and a 3-year-old john jr. about their
8:11 am
father's death. >> in her biography, maud shaw tells how heart wrenching it was to be called upon to tell caroline that her father had been assassinated. that's how close they were and that's how much caroline loved maud shaw. that's who they entrusted to tell this 6-year-old that her father had been murdered. >> these mementos, a symbol of this special relationship and offering a rare glimpse into growing up kennedy. >> shaw cared for the children until her retirement in 1965. also hitting the auction block, the so-called victory map used by president kennedy during the cuban missile crisis, bidding for the items and next month. they expect those letters from the nanny and the diary to go for about $3,000. >> is that all? wow. you would think it would go for more. >> i'm surprised caroline wouldn't want -- i mean, maybe she would want them. she could bid for them. >> it's interesting, such insight. >> and all the things that the nanny had to do, the fact that she was the one who told the children about their dad's passing. i didn't know that.
8:12 am
wow. >> thank you. we will shift gears now to a growing problem in youth sports. overzealous parents have referees across the country putting down their whistles and saying enough is enough. >> gaudi schwartz has the story this morning. >> the videos from have gone viral. parents and sometimes kids behaving badly against referees. what was once a shortage of game officials is now become ago national crisis. from all-out bathrooms in the stands to raging tempers on the ice, sidelines are become ago hostile place. videos of parents behaving badly posted on social media and all across the country more and more referees are just walking away. >> they have been threatened, verbally abused. >> dwayne finley has been calling games for 20 years and says now not only are parents rowdier, they'll report officials and troll them online.
8:13 am
>> now, it's judged by thousands, sometimes even before you get home. >> and in the days of instant replay on tv, parents expect officials to make perfect calls all the time. bob gardner is the head of a national organization for high school athletics. >> you know, we have kind of come to depend upon perfection. we see that at the professional level and at the collegiate level and the replays. so that is filtered down to the high school level. >> there's no replay at a kid's soccer game, no jumbotron in middle school basketball. >> many of the officials at this level are doing it to give back to kids. remember that the kids don't play a perfect game. coaches don't coach a perfect game and certainly our officials aren't going to officiate a perfect game. >> many of the refs are kids themselves. take this father, a wichita policemen charged with battery ever after pushing a referee during a basketball game. it's gotten so bad some parents
8:14 am
have asking parents to literally be quiet and watch the game while in many states games are getting canceled over a lack of referees. 07% of new soccer refs don't come back. 80% of refs are quitting after the third year. for finley, it's a simple two-step solution. one, people should calm down. and two, parents who think they can do it, should sign up. >> put on a whistle. go to training. we would love to have you come into the fraternity of officials and you can see it's not as easy as it looks. >> the average ref makes anywhere from $40 to $90 per game. they are not getting rich. and by and large, most will tell you they do it because there are they love their sport. >> thank you. hoda, you were telling me you were a basketball ref back in the day. >> when i was younger -- >> i'll give you a whistle right now. >> and i remember getting screamed -- i remember getting screamed at by parents and i remember going home and, like,
8:15 am
feeling horrible. and when i got to college, i refed fraternity games thinking i would meet cute guys. i remember that's a tough job. you get paid almost nothing. and you're doing it for the right reasons. >> to meet guys. no, but you love the game and you love the -- >> it's a real problem, too. i see it all the time with my kids and these parents go nuts. the real losers are the children. >> flag football. >> parents, mellow out. mr. roker, what you got? >> flag on the play as we go over to the map. we are looking today at a mild late march out west. a beautiful day in the pacific northwest. although this has been a slow-moving system. we've been talking about this since monday. and as severe storms now move into the central gulf and mid mississippi river valleys, more rain up to the north. flood watches in parts of the ohio river valley. tomorrow, that system makes its way to the east. probably close to some airport
8:16 am
delays. above-average temperatures out west. look for winter storm watches making their way into the northern plains. so spring hasn't quite hit here that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it will feel like spring around the bay area today. maybe even summer. we have a lot of sunshine as we take a live look outside in san francisco. with our high temperature there today reaching up to 72 degrees. santa rosa and napa will see a high of 83 degrees. and 82 in concord and san jose. live more and antioch up to 82 degrees. with some 70s today it does cool off in time for the weekend. >> that's your latest weather. don't forget, heading out the door? check us out on sirius xm channel 108 where we've got a big show today. the return of "today" show confidential with executive producer libby liest and tom
8:17 am
breen. >> we're going to switch gears and go over to carson. he moved over the orange room. there's a huge debate -- >> i've got to write that down. when's that on, al? >> 1:00 eastern. >> we're going to talk millenials. they're being credited with killing off a lot of things, chain restaurants, shopping malls, fabric softener, golf, cereal, bars of soap. i could go on. the latest casualty possibly, the top sheet. the top sheet, this part, right in between your cover and your fitted sheet. that top sheet separates your body from the duvet or comforter. the top sheet is believed to help regulate comforter and keep your duvet cleaner longer but a lot of people are saying you should toss that top sheet out for good. jeff is writing top sheets are archaic. this is just the truth. katie posts my top sheet and blanket always end up in a ball at the foot of my bed. >> you've got other problems. >> roker is giving commentary.
8:18 am
>> we know a lot more about kay than we need to know. grace, i'm a millenial and passionately believe in top sheets. i'm not going to wash my comforter weekly. way too much work. and helena writes top sheets are the very foundation of our society. we did not raise you to be wolves. >> do you use the top sheet? yes, of course you do. almost 80% say that you do, 22 don't. so it doesn't look like the top sheet is dead quite yet, but there is something with the whole cleanliness factor. researchers do say you should typically wash your duvet cover every few months but if you don't use the top sheet you might want to wash the comforter every week. >> the comforter becomes the top sheet. >> by the way, the average person sweats about a cup of perspiration every night. >> is that true? >> it's true. it's true. >> really? >> blow your whistle, that's gross. >> you guys use the top sheet? >> absolutely.
8:19 am
>> yes. you've got to. >> you know what i do? i'll go -- my wife will watch me. i'll go underneath the top sheet and she'll go on top of the top sheet. >> locking you in. >> creating a slumber prison in my house. >> i know the trick. >> as opposed to getting short sheeted. >> that's right. let's get to "pap start." john krasinski thanks to the sitcom revivals -- i'm in trouble tonight. i'm sleeping outside. there are rumors about a possible reboot of nbc's "the office" even though the popular series only wrap good five years ago. many would still love to see the cast get back together. in an interview, krasinski opened up about whether he would be on board to play jim again. he said, "i think the uk thing i always pitched and have wanted to do was that christmas special thing where we do a christmas special this year, and then two years from now and three years from now, and then they do another one." i love that idea, finding out
8:20 am
where everybody is, i would be down for that. referring to the way they did it in the uk. their version of "the office" with ricky gervais. one-offs. >> i love that idea. >> terrific. >> if you get a good number, maybe you roll it out. next, new casting news from "the crown." we know that claire foy's and matt smith's runs have come to an end. who's going to play the pair in season three? the new prince philip will be playsed by tobias menzes. you might recognize him as jack from "outlander." he will play alongside olivia coleman. it will begin shooting this summer. and prince william and kate expecting their third child very soon. while kate middleton is already on maternity leave, an even larger clue about the imminent arrival has been given. ladies and gentlemen, there's a fresh coat of paint on the hospital gates.
8:21 am
>> oh, boy. >> these pictures show st. mary's hospital in london where a new coat of paint has been applied, signaling that the hospital is expecting that entran entrance to get a lot more attention than normal. this is the spot where in the past william and kate have greeted crowds after the birth of their son and daughter. kate is due in april. that is your "pop start" today, guys. >> wow. you got a click? >> when drew decided to use the restroom at chick-fil-a, he didn't expect to have company. have a look. >> what is your name? >> andrew. >> okay. well, i want someone to help me wash my hands. >> i think your mom's outside. >> what? >> i think your mom's outside. can you just -- yeah, that's fine. can you shut the door behind
8:22 am
you? >> you just got to lock it. >> i'll lock it, thanks, bro. >> you should see the video of him locking the door. that's been viewed nearly 11 million times. the little boy's dad saw it on line and admitted that his son can sometimes be a little too friendly. >> somebody in the restroom -- >> thank you. >> wait, we heard a rumor that somebody's here. >> who? >> a knew who we know and love. his name is mr. john cena. >> where? >> i was going to come out here. what's going on? >> what's up? >> good to see you. he's got a new movie called "blockers." and in times square saw a huge billboard for it. that's big news. >> there's a rooster on top. >> there is. and that doesn't mean anything. >> yes. >> it totally does. >> tell us, it's about prom? >> yeah, three young ladies decide to waltz into womanhood and use prom as their vehicle.
8:23 am
we as parents find out and say no, we're going to stop them. >> you're like a nerdy dad in this. you're overprotective. you worry about your little girl. >> yeah. i'm a bit of a nerd. little bit of a coach. i kind of maybe wanted a son and don't know how to handle my daughter becoming a woman. >> that's tough. >> your career's been unbelievably cool to watch, man. you're such a great guy. >> the coolest thing has been my existence on the "today" show. >> yeah, baby! >> we see you here all the time. >> you own this place. >> no, you are awesome. you treat me like family. it's awesome coming back. >> would you mind making a little news? >> yes -- >> you're tying the knot. tell us when. >> i can't. >> what? >> i can't. even with -- you're asking me so nicely, i can't. >> she would kill you. >> would she? >> she's got the information. >> how is everything going? >> awesome. we're one day closer than yesterday. >> see. >> i could tell you that. there's the first clue. >> can you tell us like what's the theme colors or something? >> nope. >> will there be doilies? >> can't do it. >> come on, something --
8:24 am
>> are you involved? >> i am. this week was a big week. i was involved via satellite. >> you said too much already. >> yes. that's it. that's it. >> the charitable work and stuff that you do for veterans and for make-a-wish and everything is probably the best thing -- >> world wish day coming up. i want to remind everybody, april 29th was the granting of the first wish 35 years ago. it's raising awareness for make-a-wish. keep in mind for world wish day. >> no one like you, cena. i hope -- >> i hope you see me in "blockers." >> opens next friday. >> you'll come back and sit with klg and myself and have vino? >> thirsty thursdays. >> he knows about it -- booze day tuesday. wednesday? >> winesday wednesday. >> of course. >> and starting to learn like when we say things all together. i'm getting it. ready -- >> ready? >> what? >> working on it.
8:25 am
>> love it. all right. we have a packed half hour straight ahead. thank you, john. what did jill martin do? what does jill martin do? >> what does -- >> "steals and deals." >> all right. plus, you like stars? you like bryan cranston? >> i do. >> man's best friend. bryan cranston. >> yes! >> his movie coming up. after your local news. - there's a common thread i see every time i'm in the field. while this was burning, you were saving other homes. neighbors helping neighbors and strangers alike. - this is what america's about. - sometimes it's nice to see all the good that's out there. bringing folks out, we have seen it in community after community.
8:26 am
a live look at the oakland good morning. it's 8:26. i'm chris sanchez. let's take a live look at oakland coliseum where the a's kim off their 50th season in oakland. happy anniversary. they play the angels starting at 1:00 this afternoon. the a's are opening up the tree house. it is above left house. it is the a's first day time home opener since 1994. the giants start on the road at dodgers stadium where health inspectors have to clear repairs after that sewage spill on your screen canceled the game on tuesday. the team insists the problem is fixed. the giants start their game at 4 this afternoon. sewage willing. or sewage not willing anyway. >> yeah, we don't have any of that over here on the roadways at least, chris, not so far as i know. the drive is not so bad.
8:27 am
we have your slower spots you would expect northbound route through san jose. we're looking at a little lighter build recokov ecovering the earlier crash. north 101 still slow. that crash still blocks two lanes. that's why we have that real significant build coming up. gilroy, clear by the time you get up and smooth into san jose. southbound coming into the sun, with the sun hitting their eyes. looking at the southbound traffic building. still a bit. as san mateo is slow both directions. >> we have more local news coming up for you in half an hour. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto
8:28 am
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it's 8:30 now. it is the 29th of march, 2018, and it's a little bit of a drizzly day out on our plaza. these are the spring showers that are going to bring those beautiful flowers. we're so happy to have everybody along. john cena is out here somewhere. hoda. >> oh, we got a secret. >> i think cena is up to something. >> here's the story. go hokies. so we have our crowd moment, where are you. where are louis and charles? raise your hand if you are -- uh-oh. louis? >> yes. >> so you came here for one reason. >> yes. >> which is? >> john cena.
8:31 am
>> you want to arm wrestle john cena. are you here, john cena? >> oh, he's ready. it's happening. >> it's happening, sweetheart. >> it's on. >> yes! >> i'm in the "today" show and i'm in the audience. hey, man, what's your sign say? you're here to wrestle john cena. what does my sign here? i'm here to arm wrestle luis. do we do this? >> yes, do it. >> let's do it, let's do it. on three. >> come on, luis. >> 1, 2, 3. oh! i'm officially not very good. congratulations. i like your sign better. it more explains how i feel. i'm here for nikki bella too.
8:32 am
>> that was awesome. john, we love you. >> that was awesome. guys, also coming up, we know that john is coming up in the fourth hour. bryan cranston, best tease ever. he'll tell us why he accepted a role in his new movie and didn't even read the script because he's dangerous like that. that's bryan. >> look out. and then jill martin brought a bounty of spring steals and deals. we're talking sunglasses, workout gear and other goodies at big, big bargains. >> look how pretty that is. >> i can't believe cena lost that. i wanted to see him crush. >> rematch. >> and a super food and working magic for people in other parts of the world. we'll show you how to add more rye into your routine. >> megyn kelly, what have you got? >> michael cohen and the president are in the dispute with stormy daniels.
8:33 am
michael cohen's lawyer is here today and we're going to ask him whether he's going to produce his client and the president for a deposition, which is what t stormy is demanding: that's how we're going to kick it off. >> sonny just gave me a little lick. it feels good. al, where are you? >> i'm here. >> hello. >> you can't see me. anyway, let's show you what's happening, starting for your weekend outlook. tomorrow we're looking at spring highs out there, going to be beautiful out in the west and southwest. mountain snows and snow in the plains, mild and wet along the east coast. saturday it's going to be nice as we head toward easter sunday. wet weather around the great lakes and continues warm in the western third of the country. and then sunday, sunday, easter sunday, staying warm out west, highs are going to be a little on the chilly side. the plains all the way back to the great lakes and the northeast we're looking at sunny skies through the gul that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your
8:34 am
neck of the woods. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. today will be the warmest day of the week. san francisco reaching up to 72 degrees. a few more clouds tomorrow. and some slightly cooler temperatures. that will continue into easter sunday. 63 degrees will be the high. lower 60s into the middle of next week. for the inland areas, low 80s. we may set some records here. tomorrow, still very warm. but it does cool down for the weekend. but still very nice. a lot of sunshine. and it cools down into the 60s by next wednesday. we're having such a great crowd out here. it's spring break. even though these folks are from santa claus, indiana, wearing their santa hats, so that's what's going on. now let's go back inside and say hello again to savannah and bryan. >> all right, al, thank you so much. well, he has been nominated for an oscar, he won big at the emm emmys, the tonys, the golden
8:35 am
globes but bryan cranston is setting his sights on something new. he provides the voice of chief, a fiesty black hound who never backs down from a fight. [ dogs growling ] >> wait a second, before we attack each other and tear ourselves to shreds like a pack of maniacs, let's just open the sack first and see what's actually in it. it might not even be worth the trouble. >> i'm not sure. >> maybe. >> all right. >> a rancid apple core, a moldy rice cake, sardine bones, a broken egg shell -- >> okay, it's worth it. >> it's so worth it. bryan, good morning. we just mentioned you have an oscar, the emmy, the whole thing. now we're going to award you with the teasy.
8:36 am
and you've won the chew toy that you put in your mouth. >> you said it so well. you said it so well. >> thank you. >> it's perfect because, of course, you are playing a dog. >> yes. >> in your new movie. >> i know. it's so much fun. >> i love this mutt. he's kind of a -- i mean he's a mutt, right? >> yes. >> he's a leader, though, wouldn't you say? >> yes, he is an alpha dog i think primarily because he was a throwaway puppy and he had to survive on the streets and be tough and resilient, so he's that guy. and yet he longs for something more. >> and don't we all, though? don't we all? like a chew toy. wes anderson is the director, he's a genius. and i hear that when you heard it was him, you were like, whatever it is, i'm doing it. >> my agent uttered the first three words, wes anderson wants -- and i said yes. he's a great guy.
8:37 am
>> so one of the things, we had bill murray here last week and i thought it was so cool. a lot of times when you do these voices you never get to see the other actors but you all got to play together. edward norton, bill murray, you -- >> and jeff goldblume as the pack of dogs. we were in the recording studio at the same time. like dogs, i marked my microphone. bill made a mess on the floor. it was like, hmm. we were into our characters. >> oh, my gosh, don't make me take this newspaper. now, you've got a lot of different projects coming up. you also have an amazon series based on a book called "dangerous book for boys." >> yes. >> what is that? >> it's not dangerous, it's adventurous. i'm so proud of this show. it's a true family show. it's filled with adventure and whimsy and learning possibilities for young boys. so it embraces the
8:38 am
rambunctiousness of boyhood but it also says, you know, there are places in your maturity where being a good young man is going to come in handy, and so hopefully we are teaching young boys to become better young men. i think now is the time for this to happen. >> this is a worthy goal, for sure. there's all these tv revivals, like roseanne is coming back, "will & grace" is back. got me thinking. you were in seinfeld. do you want to come back as the dentist? >> in a second. >> it was the role of a lifetime. tim wattley. >> i converted to judaism for the jokes. >> actually this is a perfect segue that i didn't even plan but you posted something on instagram about a little snafu with some toothpaste. key tell us what happened? >> my wife and i were vacationing in iceland. so you have your little pack of toiletries. i pull out my toothbrush and take the cover off and pull out
8:39 am
the little thing of toothpaste and open it up to put it on there. oh, that. i'm brushing away and i realize this is the worst-tasting toothpaste i've ever had. i have to make sure i never get this again. i look at it and it's not toothpaste. >> what was it? >> it was anti-fungal cream. not that i have fungal -- >> wait, who has the fungus is the real question? >> it's for athlete's foot. >> okay, enough. >> sometimes when your feet can get -- >> no, no. sometimes i shouldn't ask the follow-up question. nobody wants to know. >> and so i put that in my mouth. good news is i don't have any athlete's foot in my mouth anywhere. nothing. >> i'm out of time, but you just were on stage in london. can you just give us i'm mad as held and not going to take it anymore. >> i'm mad as hell and i'm not going to take it anymore! >> love it. bryan cranston, thank you so much. congratulations on the teasie.
8:40 am
you wear it well. "isle of dogs" in theaters now. coming up next, a special spring steals and deals. fashionable products up to 82% off. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:41 am
8:42 am
and we are back with a brand new edition of "steals and deals." jill martin is here with style staples for the new season at exclusive discounts. we've been waiting patiently for spring. >> let's pretend that it's warm. let's start with these beautiful cashmere wraps. italian cashmere. three-way wrap. retail $498. six colors, one size. so this is right up your alley, right? >> i love this. great for a plane or whatever. >> wrap it different ways, great for the beach and it's that light italian cashmere. the retail $498. the deal $89.
8:43 am
82% off. >> it feels like butter. y'all should get that, it's a good one. what else do we have? >> okay. we all like to get into shape. athleisure wear. we all wear workout clothing all day long. this is a way to stay stylish all day. they have been seen on reese witherspoon, naomi watts. retail $55 to $195, the deal $27 to $67. >> so it's for working out but you can also hang out the way we do. >> okay. we have a visitor here, right? because flat stanley -- >> flat stanley is about to get some serious cred. >> the retail $185. it comes in seven colors. celebrity fans include flat stanley, amal clooney and kendall jenner. the retail $185. the deal $42. 77% off. >> jill, these are awesome and cute for the summer, easy to
8:44 am
carry and spacious. i like those. >> and the perforation, just a fun pop of color if you want to spruce up anything you already have. here you go. i left you an h, k but there's also somewhere in here a j and an h. you can get two initials on these lariat necklaces. the retail is $128. you can really play with it and wear it all different ways to represent your family or if you want your name or your initial. you can go online and personalize it. the retail $128, the deal $29. 77% off. they have been spotted on kate hudson and rihanna. >> i love the sunglasses segment. what's hot? >> i'm looking for ones. you pick. >> how about this. >> sunglasses, retail $75. polarized glasses with maximum protection. >> those are cute. >> do i look crazy? >> no, they're cute.
8:45 am
>> oh, they look good. >> i never wear this kind. >> they're not fantastic but i like them. better than i did last time. the retail $75, the deal $21, 72% off. >> wow! these are awesome. all right. all great deals. the products again, one more time. cardigans, those are awesome. great for now. athleisure. the belt clutches, sunglasses. head to with questions. we're doing giveaways on the plaza. it's very cool if you are here today. still ahead the superfood that you should eat more of for a longer and healthier life. first, this is "today" on nbc. >> give these away? >>
8:46 am
8:47 am
it is day three of our super series super foods healthy life.
8:48 am
this morning a grain that's been a key part of the nordic diet that could help you live better and longer. here in sweden's capital, a daily ritual is baking up. it dates as far back as the vikings and the key some locals say to the country's health and happiness. which rank among the top in the world. that secret is rye, a miraculous grain that for centuries has given strength and vitality to generations of scandinavians. the breakfast of champions for swedes, like octogerian baker who has started with rye as long as he can remember. >> rye bread has always been important in sweden. it's the most popular bread. >> 93% of swedes eat bread regularly. on average they consume 4 million pounds of rye a year, with roughly 1,000 bakeries around the country crafting and flattening its flour into bread,
8:49 am
cookies, cakes and a thin crispy cracker. here at the bakery green rabbit, they go as far as to say eat rye or die. rich in vitamins and minerals, the health benefits of rye go beyond the loaf. with nutritionists and researchers worldwide recognizing its ability over wheat to control diabetes, aid in weight loss and fight cancer and cardiovascular diseases. >> there are a couple of reasons that rye is interesting from a health perspective. one is that it retains its fiber even after the bran has been removed and fiber is thought to be good for us in the diet. and the second is that when you eat an equal amount of rye compared to wheat, your blood sugar rises and more slowly. >> something to chew on when you're baking bread. kelly is a naturopathic physician. we've been doing this superfood series all week long. rye is not something i thought
8:50 am
of when i think of superfoods. >> who knew. this is a superfood we need to know more about, no one does. but there's so many benefits and i love what it does to your body. there's health benefits we need to talk about. >> tell us some of the health benefits. >> this is my favorite one. it actually controls your appetite. it's got what i call the nutritional 1-2 punch. it's got a lot of protein, a lot of fiber. when that happens, wow, it keeps you fuller longer. >> right. >> also we hear a lot about these modern day diseases. diabetes, heart disease, all of that. well, guess what, this may naturally lower your cholesterol and keep your blood sugar in control. so when that happens, all good stuff. all good stuff. >> people go to the market. >> yeah. >> they see breads. not all bread is created equal. >> it isn't. what you have to keep in mind is a lot of the breads that we see are actually just wheat bread with a little rye sprinkled in. what you want to look for is whole grain rye. that's the most important thing. >> when i think of rye bread, i
8:51 am
think of this rye bread. >> right. so you want to get whole grain rye. this is what we want to look for. the whole grain rye has all fiber in there. that fiber is really what makes the difference. the protein, the fiber, all those antioxidants in there. >> what is the relationship between rye and the gluten-free -- >> it's a little less gluten. if you're going to say what do i get, rye or gluten-free bread. rye has let gluten than wheat, so there is some advantages there. >> how do you incorporate more rye into your diet outside of the just the bread? >> so easy. the rye flakes, and you can make this cereal. this cereal is so easy. put some water in with the rye flakes, pop it in the microwave and you're done. put a little cinnamon, a little apple in there. it's absolutely delicious and only 80 cents a serving, 180 calories. you have to try this. >> i'm glad i'm not doing a shot of rye today. >> this is one of those ways you can get a blast of nutrition early in the morning. >> it's good. the rye doesn't taste like the rye that you see in the rye bread. that has such a distinct rye
8:52 am
bread taste. >> it's a nutty taste. >> it's closer to oatmeal. >> it is. it tastes like oatmeal. >> do you eat rye? >> i do, but usually with pastra pastrami. >> and there's also seeds. seeds are another great way. throw these in a salad. you have to try this. put in salads, my favorite way is in soups. throw it in yogurt. >> is it beanie? >> it's more nutty. it's got a nutty light taste. again, you've got that nutritional punch in there. you've got all that fiber, you've got the protein. >> rye is in the wheat family? >> it's in the wheat family. it does have gluten in it so if you're on a dplgluten-free diet not going to work. >> kelly ann -- you guys have that table in the back. >> kelly ann, thank you so much. you can find more about the super foods we've been talking
8:53 am
about this week. go to first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:54 am
8:55 am
okay. birthday time. >> all right, here we go. bring on the smuckers jars and let's meet some nice folks. first up, happy 100th bit drthd to mr. arthur gertz from walnut creek, california. arthur and his wife will be celebrating 75 years of marriage next month. congratulations. bette from monroeville, ohio, celebrating 100 years. 13 grandkids, 21 great grandkids. happy 100th to doris mathias. her secret to longevity, stay active. alvin kravat is 100, a fisherman from lake worth, florida. loves to test his luck at the casinos. mona effram says the secret is
8:56 am
just a little chocolate every day. happy 100th to john drake, an atlanta braves fan from harvest, alabama. enjoy opening day, john. he spends time with his family. always makes sure to schedule a daily call with his 92-year-old twin sisters. they eat rye every day. if you want to help us celebrate somebody, head to we've got a big fourth hour. john cenai )m - -... in about two hours .. family and frien good morning. it's 8:56. in just about two hours, family and friends will say a final farewell to the man shot and killed by sacramento police. officers later admitted he was only carrying a cell phone, though they thought it was a gun. on march 18ths officers responded to someone breaking car windows. officers shot clark in his grandmother's own backyard. a list of civil rights advocates are planning to attend the service including al sharpton
8:57 am
scheduled to deliver the eulogy. happening now, our pete suratos is at the church where the funeral is planned. pete will have a live report at our midday newscast at 11:00. also, many of the evacuees forced from their hayed with hotel by an early morning fire now have been able to go back. at least two rooms are completely destroyed at the america's best value inn. that investigation is ongoing. from our twitter feed, link to the story and dramatic video from the peak of the fire. also, the countdown is now on. today is opening day, at 1:00 this afternoon, the a's open against the angels. the giant option a little later today at dodgers stadium down in l.a. go to our facebook page for a look. rights. )
8:58 am
that )s the message protesters n the south bay say - they )ll bring to city hall. and - preparing for fire season. the way one county is getting families ready - after last year )s deadly wildfires. "today in the bay - tomorrow - 4:30 to 7.
8:59 am
9:00 am
good good morning, everyone. good morning, and welcome to the program. i'm megyn kelly. and we begin with the latest in what has become a legal chess match between adult film star stormy daniels and president trump. two days ago daniels' attorney filed a motion seeking the depositions of presidentrump and his longtime attorney, michael cohen, as part of her lawsuit against the president. she's claiming that a nondisclosure agreement she signed right before the presidential election is null and void and unenforceable. if her motion is granted, the president and mr. cohen, the president's lawyer, could be placed under oath and asked about stormy daniels' claim that she had a sexual relationship with the president and accusations t s


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