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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 6, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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creek, petaluma river and willow brook creek, stay on alert tonight as more additional rainfall could send some of the water out of the creek and riverbanks. so you just want to really stay on alert for this. as we get a wider look at our radar things are a little bit lighter in the north bay right now, but there still is rainfall we're tracking on our storm range radar. here's 5:34 tonight. a heavier round on the way for saturday morning. we'll put the full track on this coming mup. the north bay certainly getting hit the hardest. the people who live in the fire zones have really gin preparing for this kind of event and tonight thbig test. >> is this just a small setback
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or can we expect much longer? >> reporter: it could be a setback of weeks or longer, jessica. you can't grade the soil and you can't lay a foundation until the land is actually dry. so that's a problem in coffee park. we're going to get to that and of course the issue of mud slides. you have a house right here where someone is still living. the house still through the fires but just above it a piece of property that has been scarred and leveled. what neighbors are doing not just here but all over this neighborhood, putting up fences to protect one another. >> when i opened the door and this whole hill side behind me was red, orange blaze. >> reporter: sandy steel says she's alive today in large part because her neighbor atop the summit helped open her garage. now she's repaying the favor. >> it's to prevent if we should
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have a lot of water come down it's to stop it. she says she's not concerned about her hill side friends. >> we have what's called a neighborhood watch, and we meet and we've got a block cap tan. and we're online every day keeping each other updated. >> reporter: a mile below at the foot of his hill it's not mud slides but flooding that neighbors fear. are you worried about your neighbors on the street or who could be in the pathway? >> i do. i'm sure those directly on the street that burned i'm sure they're nervous. >> reporter: thankfully fire officials and emergency personnel have not been caught off-guard. >> we've anticipated large storms in the past but they've fizzled out. >> reporter: in addition to the copious amounts of sandbags, they've taken other precautions including patrols and beefed up
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staffing. there are also swift water rescue crews that have been situated. ahead at 6:00 as you mentioned what does the rain mean for the rebuild in many parts of santa rosa. sam brock, nbc bay area news. >> and no one is immune to the storm. take a look. a chp cruiser stuck in a flooded ditch. it happened just west of sonoma, a tow truck did come to the rescue. okay, no park visitors today or tomorrow. yosemite has closed its gates because of concerns and they'll stay closed at least through tomorrow. national weather service says the river which runs through yosemite is expected to surpass flood stage overnight. in fact, waters expected to reach their peak tomorrow. >> but also it's a very warm storm and so the rain will fall
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on the snow, and that will accelerate the amount of water in the river. >> park rangers say they're just going to have to reassess the conditions on sunday after the storm passes through. we're also keeping a close eye on the flood waters at lake oriville. so far it hasn't dumped enough water, but as a result of last year the spill way problems they had there dam operators put in place a winter operations plan which triggers more aggressive out flow from the lake when levels reach 830 feet. as of now the water level is just under 800 feet, but forecasters think it could hit that 830 mark by the middle of the week. okay, you can hear it. play ball but not tonight. for the first time in 12 years we have a rainout at at&t park. the marquee matchup between the giants and dodgers postponed.
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tonight's game was supposed to be right here broadcast live on nbc bay area, but there's no game. however, collin resch is on duty. >> reporter: it's kind of an eerie feeling. the rain continue tuesday come down. if you look at the field, the tarp. look at the warning track, the puddles that have formed in front of the dug out. this was really the right call to milwaukee. it was the only call to make. let's go to some video we shot early in the day, the grounds crew working until they were told to work no more. telling us of the postponement that gave fans plenty of notice. he's up here from l.a. on spring break with his mom. this would have been his first
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time seeing a game at at&t park. he wanted to at least set his eyes on it. why not? he's here. >> on my way over here we looked at the weather forecast and saw there was a 100% chance of rain. so i was already like dang, it might get canceled or postponed. it's kind of what i wasn't hoping for, but i'm okay with it. i get to watch the game on april 28th, but i am a little bit sad to say the least. >> he says he's keeping his tickets and coming back on april 28th with his mom. they don't like dodger fans in these parts, but even giants fans, i would say, have to respect him in that he wants to come back and see this game here at at&t park for the first time. so good for him. we'll be back at 6:00 with much more about the rain, the postponements and hear from larry bear. we do have a little room in
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our hearts for dodgers fans as well even in this rain. tonight's game reskenledchedule couple weeks from now. if you have a tilcket for tonight's game, hold onto it. you can use it for that rescheduled game april 28th. and now tomorrow's game is also pushed back because of the game. instead of 1:00 p.m., first pitch is now at 3:05 p.m. and we've been tweeting updates throughout it day. it compare tuesday what the bears home opener looked like to what the ballpark looks like today. we want to see your weather photos and videos. the hunt is over for a man accused of stealing guns and he threatened to shoot people in san francisco. a call from people tipped off people to his whereabouts earlier today. hamilton was arrested without
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any problems. the search began for him yesterday when his estranged family returned to their home to find two guns missing, and also found a manifesto written by hamilton. the family says hamilton was later diagnosed as a schizophrenic which sent him into drug use and a life on san francisco streets. he's now faced with charges in san jose and san francisco. >> new questions tonight of this week's shooting where she shot three people on campus and turned the gun on herself. we also know before the shooting mountain police found her in her car and questioned her. now the question is could police have done something to prevent that shooting? liz? >> reporter: law enforcement can run the names of people they encounter through a database of
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all gun owners in california. tonight mountain view police tell us officers didn't check her name when they came across her at a wal-mart parking lot early tuesday morning. san bruno police say they did check the database of state registered gun owners and found her name. if mountain view officers had run her name they would have learned she owned a .9 millimeter handgun. and remember her father told authorities why she might have driven up to the bay area. and here's what mountain view's police chief. >> he expressed his daughter may have been up here because of youtube and the proximity and she had videos that were posted and she had disagreements over those videos. >> the chief says officers didn't notice any red flags when they spoke with her hours before
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she shot three youtube employees. a spokesman told me officers may run names through the database when they suspect mental violence. a gruesome discovery in oakland hills. a body was found near a car that crashed. investigators say the thick fog made the search even more difficult. police say it may be connected to a missing persons case. big announcement in san francisco. six cold case murders have been solved, and a sprawling crime ring busted. the police chief and a special agent for homeland security couldn't reveal anymore details to us, but they did say they made arrests and the suspects belong to two gangs based in san francisco, and the gang activity described in the 33-page indictment is chilling. >> in that you'll read a horrifying account that details
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the historical activities these accused murderers were allegedly involved in, some dating back well more than a decade ago. >> i think anytime you make arrests this significant we hope it diswanrupts the violence the individuals are involved in. >> the ten suspects are named in this indictment, six in custody. aside from murder the crimes alleged in the indictment include na inclu include narcotics and racketeering. and would you pay for your own privacy on facebook? it's an idea brought up by the company's high profile coo cheryl sandberg. storm ranger doppler radar has moderate rain and a few heavy pockets. that rainfall continuing through
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eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. risked his life... to help a driv take a look at this. jumping into action. a quick thinking uber driver, you see him right there risks his own life to help a driver who was having a medical emergency. this was was on the approach to the san mateo bridge. this dash cam video shows how it
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all unfolded. christy? >> reporter: yeah, that driver says they were heading this way on 92 yesterday morning when they noticed a problem with that car in front of them. he said when it started to slow down, they got out and ran over and tried to help. now the chp says they certainly appreciate that effort but are also offering suggestions on ways to help without putting yourself at risk. >> there's something wrong with the guy. >> reporter: dash camera video shows eric seeing a driver making unusual moves on 92 yesterday. he says the car was hit moments earlier, kept going and started to drift to the right. >> i got out my car and i need to stop this car and i have a lot of cars coming and there might be crash. >> reporter: he said he was driving for uber and his passenger called 911. he was the first to run to the car and found the window open. >> and stopped the guy, turned
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off the keys, and maybe the guy call the police. and i get off my shift and i stop the car and the police coming. >> reporter: the chp says the driver had left the dentist's office and had an allergic reaction to medication and began losing consciousness. he was taken to the hospital. >> think about more about how to do it. >> reporter: the officer says if you're standing on the freeway and you think drivers see you, you may be wrong. they're often distracted and could hit you. >> the other thing is don't get out of your vehicle. try to follow the vehicle at a safe distance and put your hazards on so other vehicles see you. >> reporter: he says the accident is under investigation. he says he's never jumped out to help at a scene like this before, but he felt like if he didn't there might be an even bigger crash. christie smith, nbc bay area
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news. >> he really stepped up. facebook says it is taking action to avoid making the same mistakes in the upcoming mid-term election. facebook admitted it fail today stop russian bots from posting political ads. he says facebook will require large page owners and political advertisers be verified. also advertisers have to show who paid for each ad. the company plans to hire thousands of employees to handle that. will they charge users for better service? >> woo have different forms of opt out. we don't have opt out at the highest levels. that would be a paid product. >> facebook's coo cheryl sandberg on the "today" show this morning apologizing for data breach. sandberg seemed to hint that the company may consider a pay
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option to keep other advertisers and companies away from your data. that led us here to ask users if they'd be willing to pay if they'd pay to use the app ad free? >> i personally wouldn't pay. i think it's always been a free social service. >> we'll have the results from our own facebook poll about if you would pay. a measles out break in the bay area. there are fave cases and also one case in alameda county. none of those patients had received the measles vaccine. >> these measles cases are all linked to a person who traveled to europe and was infected there and came back and had measles here. >> there's also a seventh case, a college student in nevada who came in contact with a bay area
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patient. as you know measles is highly contagious. let's bring in meteorologist je . >> and we do have an update to the time line. let's take you right now to our microclimate forecast. and i want to start now with an updated look at our rainfall totals. you're looking live right now at our high definition camera in san francisco where it is coming down and coming down good. the north bay certainly the hardest hit. this is in less than 24 hours. mount tamalpais, 4.75, petaluma, 3. and this is exactly what we expected and here's the deal, we're going to add to this even more, and i'm going to shoi yw why i do think that rainfall is
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going to be picking up late tonight early tomorrow morning. we do have the atmospheric river, and offshore we have a storm system that's going to join together with the atmospheric river, and that's where we'll get a second push of rainfall moving into the bay area. ahead of that we do have the flood issues. the first one a flood advisory until 10:00 p.m. tonight from petaluma right through subastable. so i want you to watch out. we could see some of the water push out of the banks. so you know who you are if you live near those creeks. just watch that closely tonight. the other concern is just a general flood watch that we have in place until 8:00 a.m. on saturday. that's where the highest rainfall toments are likely. north bay wave been talking about and also the santa cruz mountains. please be aware in those areas as well. now let's bring you into the
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hour by hour forecast after the radar. and while we do have the rainfall moving in right now and some moderate pockets that could continue through the east bay in richened through 5:54, also another zone back here towards pleasanton, towards 6:01 and we're going to see things move in even more. pushing into tonight the bag change we think by 11:30 tonight we could be under some very heavy rainfall through the north bay and peninsula. this would likely continue until about 3:30 montana morning ain after that we start to clear out a bit sooner. and then as we hit 9:00 it's cloudy and a spotty shower chance until about 2:00 p.m., but nothing major. and then get ready for the sunshine. once we hit sunday's forecast a much needed break because everything is definitely moving
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on out. on my extended forecast we'll pick up possibly under quarter inch with a blast of that hot weather. and so very busy here for us when it comes to that rainfall tonight and especially early tomorrow morning. >> and no giants game tonight. >> yeah. >> that's what we figured, thank you, jeff. college students lining up around the block. the crucial help they're getting when they get to the front of that line.
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like stan lee. and check out our home page for a list of recalled vehicles.
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♪ ♪ get high speed internet from at&t. $30 per month. no extra monthly fees. more for your thing. that's our thing. visit beating puppies. a troubling story in south san francisco. a man accused of beating puppies. the humane society says this all started back in january. they were tipped off by someone. they obtained a vid yeof him
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attacking the dogs, so they rescued these three puppies. the few weeks later they went back to the home and rescued another puppy. today we hear all four of the puppies now have new homes and they're doing just fine. we want to show you firefighters rescuing a person. they posted these photos on twitter. the fire happened on richardson bay around 9:00 in the morning. a san jose college that served food to the community noticed a mead among its own students. so today it expanded its own program. it recently noticed many of its own students were missing meals. so they served extra meals today to help some of the students who attend the school. the program is a success and eventually hopes to open a pantry on campus to make sure none of its students go hungry. up next a visual example of
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tell your doctor about all your medicines and medical conditions. check insulin label each time you inject. taking tzds with insulins like lantus may cause heart failure that can lead to death. stay together with the lantus $0 copay. ♪ let's stay together talk to your doctor or visit coming up after "nightl well, we have a busy evening ahead. coming up after night lee news we head to the south bay where
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it's been a dangerous day on the roads and continues to be into the evening hours. we're shown how crews in the south bay are preparing for what's to come. >> reporter: okay, reminder to pay attention when you're on the road. campbell police tweeting this picture of this car crash. the car almost fell in that hole. happened yesterday on basken and campbell. police say the driver was distracted. luckily the driver not hurt. april, by the way, is distracted driving awareness month. so that's a good picture of look where you're going. >> the driver was probably texting the whole time. jeff rineiri with us now. >> once we hit 11:30 we'll likely see it pick back up again in the overnight hours. and this weekend it's not going to be completely wet both days. we'll clear out certainly by the noon hour on saturday. sunshine on sunday, maybe a few more spotty showers next tuesday
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and wednesday. i'm tracking a biggest flood threat coming up. >> have a great evening. we'll see you at 6:00. tonight president trump dramatically escalates trade war fears sending stocks into another steep dive after threatening new tariffs on china. how it all impacts jobs and the prices you pay. facebook announces major changes in your feed to prevent election interference as the u.s. slaps new punishments on putin's inner circle including his son-in-law. breaking news. the fbi seizes backpage, the popular classified ad website long accused of being a hub for prostitution and sex trafficking. police shoot-out. new body cam video showing deputies arresting a gunman after dragging a wounded mother to safety under fire, then going back to rescue her terrified children. and nightmare cruise.


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