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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 6, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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traffic good at this hour. tonight we could see flooding across the region. we are joined in the santa cruz mountains. but first check in with jeff ra mery for the latest conditions and the latest time line, jeff. >> in terms of the storm totals it has been a split picture here as expected. north bay hit the hardest with the storm system. in less than 24 hours, we have seen nearly 5 inches. mount tamalpais. santa rosa, over 2 1/2. oakland hills all most 2 inches now. stan fr san francisco, 1 1/4. 1/2 inch in east san jose. biggest flooding concern that we are watching here from petaluma. flood advisory. means flooding may happen. you are under this advisory until 10:00 p.m. if you live near green valley creek. near willow brook creek. on alert through tonight with fast rushing water. that may exceed those river and
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creek banks. as we get a look right now, what is happening in the north bay. under ape b bit of break. see the rain developing towards the coast. that would push in heavier rain to petaluma. storm ranger mobile doppler radar. showing how active right now. do want to take you into more rain, heading into oakland through 6:25. and then, the 680 corridor hilt hard tonight. more wet weather continuing here over to danville. as we head throughout the next 35 minutes. we'll talk about the next round. going to get heavier than this. when it arrives at 6:19 tonight. jeff, thank you. don't be the last to find out about the rain where it is coming down. download the free nbc bay area app. helpful. you can monitor the changes before you head out the door. >> the south bay is getting pounded by round two of the storm. causing all sorts of accidents along highway 17. nbc's laura sambol continues from the santa cruz mountains. laura, tell us how bad it is out there with the commute?
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>> reporter: well, jess. bear creek road, highway 17. you can see the rain is coming down lightly right now. but there are no major problems on the highway. what a big difference just a few hours makes. emergency crews head to an accident along highway 17 south of los gatos. one of several this afternoon as the rain came down. jonathan sergeant says he counted five accidents on his way home. >> three on the way up. two going down. >> he is not blaming it on slick roads. >> the driving conditions are fine. people just drive terrible. what it its. everybody is in a hurry. driving like an idiot most of the time. >> highway 17. backed uppen both directions today. the driver of this car was too upset to talk on camera. but says he lost control going around a curve. electronic signs warn drivers of slippery wet roadways and slow down. sergeant says few pay attention.
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>> that tea there mall. no one can drive. >> on the brighter side, the king family isn't bothered at all. they're enjoying the beat ginning of a rainy spring break. >> it's great. we need it in the bay area. it's one of the thing where you have the drought. then rained a little bit. we go out. it's off. now back on. we need it. yeah. >> back out here, live, you can see the lexington reservoir, the fullest we have seen it in a long time. and we also just got reports of a tree down about a half-hour south of here in santa cruz. apparently it didn't land on anything. it is blocking off about ten houses. we'll be sure to give you've the pictures soon as we get them. reporting live from the santa cruz mountains. laura sambol. nbc bay area news. >> it is messy. thank you. people who live in the fire zones have been preparing for this kind of weather event. they're being hit the hardest, and tonight will be a big test as well. coming up at 6:30. nbc bay area sam brock joins us live from santa rosa with the
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preparations that really have been going on for months now. >> lot of spinouts, crashes, and stuck vehicles. each for the chp. this cruiser you see it there. stuck in the flooded ditch. highway 1. just west of sonoma. a tow truck. see the yellow truck there coming in for the rescue. this is certainly not baseball weather. about 40,000 feel had to change their plans tonight. the giants game at att park. rained out. this has the not happened in 12 years. live look from the exclusive ballpark cam in center field. too tonig tonight's game. no dice. from an eerily empty ballpark. not the seagulls are with you tonight. i feel lonely. no sea gulls. show must go on. you heard the explosion. not when it comes to baseball and rain. a rarity here as you said, 12 years since there was a rainout at att park. shock to the system.
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hear the word postponed. the first one in 12 years. the sixth rainout since 19 years ago. cleert cut call to make though. rain is relentless. perfect slip and slide conditions if you are into that at the moment out there on the tarp. giants president, ceo, told our g garvin thomas. i caught up with larry. we haven't seen a rainout here for so long. >> couldn't believe 2006 was the last rainout here. so 12 years ago? >> it is incredible. when you think about it. the teams, multiple rainouts every year. and it's good part of the, game, usually we get, you can pretty much be assured the game will be played. we go hard to play the games. last year started the game at 11:00 p.m. if you remember. and, the dodgers are in town. you don't want to lose a game. so fact that we can replay this game, in the month of april, is a good thing. and any body that has a ticket for tonight's game, for, you know the april, sixth game, it's
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good april 2th at 1:00. walk in. the ticket will work perfectly. >> mother nature doesn't always cooperate, but the jeents have fhave -- but the giants have figured a we to appease everyone. the weather for the ducks saw. larry and i in the room with giants artifacts. newly unveiled, giant vault. we will take you inside the vault coming of in sports in about -- 45 minutes from now. right now. live from att park. collin resch. nbc bay area. >> collin with the ducks. don't thing in 1 years we have seen the ducks, colin, rain together. >> tonight's game, april 2th. day/night double-header at the ballpark. cool if you have a picket for the game. as larry bear was telling us, use it for reskujabcheduled gam. tomorrow's game. push back because of the rain. instead of 1:00 p.m. first pitch.
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3. 0, 5. >> the giants' 33rd rainout since moving to san francisco in 1958. we have been following the story since it first broke. earlier today. this is video, we posted, att park. follow us on twitter at nbc bay area. >> trying to figure out how they're trying to get out of town after the storm related delays. flights, delayed all day long. at sfo, 496 flights delayed. 153 canceled. san jose, oakland. not reporting any delays or any cancellations. now, it wasn't storm related, but still it was a dangerous situation. a garbage truck snagged power lines, in walnut creek this afternoon. lines were low hanging. power at rage outage in the neighborhood. >> following developing story in the east bay hills. police officers have made a gruesome discovery. >> a body found in oakland's
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griezly peak. jodi hernandez. investigators think this may be connected to an act of missing persons case. >> that's right. police aren't telling us much. now this is where that car and the body was found. down this muddy hillside off i grizzly peak boulevard. we will show you photos of the car as investigators pulled it out this afternoon. shortly afterward. cadaver dogs found the missing person's body. police won't give us any information about the victim. a neighbor thames us police knocked at her door this morning, showing her a photo of a woman, who was dating her tenant. a man who lives in this very neighborhood. now that neighbor says she talked to her tenant on the phone. today. who told her that his girlfriend, visit itted him on sunday to say good-bye before he left to hawaii. for a week-long vacation. the neighbor says the tenant is now flying back to the bay area
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and is very devastated. again, police are being very tight-lipped about this case. >> the officers responded out here about 9:00 a.m. this morning. 9:00 this morning. officers were doing their investigation and they were just checking areas that the person is known to travel. >> again, police not telling us much at this time about that missing person, but again the neighbor does believe she knows who the victim is. she describes her as a soft-spoken person, and very sweet. she is really shaken up by all of this. she also tells me that that, woman's -- son, reported her missing, and that sunny was supposed to have come home sunday. but never made it back. reporting live in oakland. jodi hernandez. nbc bay area news. >> we'll stay on the story. thank you. still to come. tracing the well upon used in
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the you tube shooting this week. what we learned about the store where the shooter purchased the gun. >> also watching the water levels. the dam releasing waters as the heavy rain continues to fall. >> the department of resources will have to do if enough water comes down. empty storefronts are on the rise in san francisco. this is a big reason why. >> use the word cesspool. >> we investigate a dirty problem that is leaving the bay area with a financial mess. >> you are seeing and will continue to see mr. and more businesses getting out. >> leaving san francisco. >> leaving san francisco. >> to night at 11:00revealation
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youtube shooting. we now know where nasim aghd tonight we have more answers and revelations from tuesday's
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youtube shooting. we know where nasim aghdam bought the gun and picked it up. she shot three people and killed herself with the 9 millimeter handgun. and roz plater from san bruno, youtube headquarters latest in a difficult week. roz. >> reporter: as we reported yesterday, raj, we knew she bought the gun legally in san diego where she lived. but in a chilling twist on the day sena day she went to pick up the gun from the store. youtube made a big announcement. >> i'm being diskrim nate e bei. >> she complained about the company's tough new rules for content creators as far back as 2017. she baltimore a gun three months before she went on the shooting rampage tuesday at youtube headquarters in san bruno. the san jose mercury news reports an employee of the gun range san diego says that she bought a semiautomatic handgun
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there, january 2nd this year. that worker telling the paper that at the time, the sale seemed rather routine, saying "it's not like she stood out." he said after the ten day waiting period she came become to pick up the gun on the 16th. turns out that was the same day youtube announced it was cracking down harder on controversial sites and their content creators. saying the new rules wad law us to significantly improve our ability to identify creators who contribute positively to the community and drive more ad revenue to them and away from bad actors. san bruno police say, aghdam went to a gun range to practice morning of the shooting. got on to the company's outdoor patio. shot three people before turning the gun on herself. >> reporter: now we have learned again tonight that, third victim, man in his 30s, still hospitalized tonight. told still in fair condition. live in san bruno, roz plater, nbc bay area news.
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>> thank you, as we first reported the night of the shooting. mountain view police officers questioned aghdam hours before the shooting. her father told them at some point that aghdam had a beef with youtube. he thought that's why she may have driven up. mountain view police did not believe sunny was a threat to herself or public. our investigative uniit learned today officers have access to a database that would have told them that sunny had recently bought a gun. but nay did not use the database. san bruno police tell us the state database of registered gun owners shows aghdam bought a 9 millimeter handgun in january. mountain view pd say when they found her asleep inside of her car near a wal-mart parking lot at 2:00 a.m. thas mornit mornin didn't say or do anything to raise a red flag. the follow-up call from her father didn't initiate a red flag either. the chief told us wednesday that's when, why, they did not notify youtube. >> the information that the
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officer heard did not rise to a level in which we felt, he felt, that, the situation should be escalated to, to making noe notifications to security or law enforcement. >> mountain pd trying to defend itself now. tonight a department spokesperson told us, checking gun registration database for some one found sleeping inside of their car might violate that person's constitutional rights. they never learned that aghdam bought the gun. now 500 miles from san diego close to the company her father said she might be planning to visit. >> in san francisco, six cold case murders, potentially solved. a sprawling crime ring busted. san francisco's police chief and special agent from homeland security couldn't reveal much details. and the six arrests belonged to a gang, based in san francisco. the gang activity they describe, and the 33 page indictment, disturbing. >> in that you will read a horrifying account that details
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the historical activities these accused murderers were alleged involved in. some dating back well more than a decade ago. >> i think anytime you make arrests, this significant. we disrupt the violence. circle of violence that individuals are involved in. we thing it will make a tremendous difference in that regard. >> ten suspects are named in the indictment. as we mention six are now in custody. they were arrested in richmond, pacifica, san francisco. operated throughout the bay area. aside from murder, crimes allege, robberies racketeering. >> no visitor tuesday or tomorrow. yosemite closed because of flood concerns. the merced river is expected to surpass flood stage overnight. waters are expected to reach their peak tomorrow. >> also, a very warm storm. so the rain will fall on the snow. and that will -- accelerate the amount of walter in the river. >> that's something that jeff
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ranieri has been telling us throughout the week. park rangers will reassess conditions sunday after the storm passes. >> also keeping a close eye on floodwater, the bureau of water resources says they may have to use the dam spillway because of a storm. dam operators put in place, winter operation plan after last year's collapse. that winter, that winter plan triggers more aggressive outflow from the lake when the water levels each 830 feet. right now, walter is hovering just under 800. forecasters think it could reach the 830 mark by the middle of the week. bring in jeff ranieri. find out what he thinks? >> it is possible. so much rain happening in the higher elevations. all got to go some where. that is going to be a daily thing as we head into next week. for us a lot of rivers across the bay area. seeing, 5 to 7 foot rise. so no major river flooding. small creeks, rivers, streams, that were closely watching. check it out. this is what the road look like
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tonight. in oakland, from our high definition camera. mow to motorists going slow. right-hand side of the screen. double storm effect. even when the rain is not coming done super hard. you have all of that water coming up on your windshield. and that is making it feel like a torrential downpour on a lot of the bay area road. currently, 60 in oakland. stay with 60s in our rain, all the way into early tomorrow morning. storm ranger, mobile doppler radar. scanning now. we have a few pockets of heavier rain. with widespread coverage. i want to focus in on the top two locations. the first one is this heavier rain, now developing near the coast. that would put more rain into san rafael by 6:51. rich mond richmond. 7:02. we showed you the camera. how wet it is. diablo. also, tassajara.
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7:00. 680. a sore spot this evening. it is just really hard to get from point a to point b. on my extended forecast. we keep that rain into saturday. a quarter inch. dry out this weekend. more rain chances tuesday. wednesday. you want to stick around. 6:2 tonight. tracking the top flood concerns. 6:48, the time line through saturday. let you know when all this blows out of here. >> see you shortly. >> next, damage control continues at face book. what they're doing to restore their tarnished reputation and new employees they're bringing in. >> would you pay for facebook? the alternative option, some are kidding tonight. put the question to the people on the street? the reaction coming up.
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developmental services says theives broke into its offices two months ago. personal happening now on the twitter feed. california department of developmental services says thieves broke into the offices two months ago. personal information may have been stolen or hacked. the department provide services for the developmentally disabled. on our home page. silicon valley, comicon kicked off in san jose. host celebrities, stan lee and david tenet. mom you called?
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oh hi sweetie, i just want to show you something. xfinity mobile: find my phone. [ phone rings ] look at you. this tech stuff is easy. [ whirring sound ] you want a cookie? it's a drone! i know. find your phone easily with the xfinity voice remote. one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. facebook is taking action to prepare for the midterm elections. they admitted they failed to stop russian bots from p facebook is getting political. taking action to prepare for midterm elections the they admitted they failed to stop russian botts from political ad
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in the presidential election. today, mark zuckerberg in suit and tie announced steps to correct the problem. he said facebook will require the owners of popular pages, and political advertisers to be verified. the advertisers also have to show who pays for those ads. the company plans to hire thousands of new employees, to pull this off. >> facebook also responding to a controversy by sending ceo mark zuckerberg to washington. and coo sheryl sandberg to the today show. >> part of their damage control tour here. earlier, talked about what the company would do in light of the cambridge scandal. she made one comment that had people buzzing abut a paid version of facebook. our business and tech reporter, scott budman out to ask would you pay. what are results? >> jessica, raj, doubtful we will see a paid version of facebook any time soon. people are talking about it. we took a poll. where else on facebook. >> would you pay for facebook? it's been a rumor, but now, it's
6:25 pm
a question? spurred by this comment from sheryl sandberg on the today show. >> we have different forms of opt out, don't hatch it at highest level. that would be a paid product. >> her comment, part of an interview where she apologized for tens of millions of facebook users' data used by an analytics firm without user knowledge. >> i think we were very idealistic and not rigorous enough. >> it got people talking. about the idea of an ad free, more secure social network. is it worth paying money for? >> uh, no. i don't then itting so. >> i actually personally wouldn't pay for facebook. i thing it has always been a free social service. >> probably not. >> how come? >> but i look to have the privacy of my data. >> we also put the question up, on facebook. and got more than 100 comments. most of you saying, you won't pay. some saying, yes.
6:26 pm
for $10 to $25 a month you would be in for an ad free facebook. >> again, no plans from facebook as far as we know for a premium paid service. ceo mark zuckerberg set to testify next week before a house committee. we will keep you posted. >> $10 to $25 a month. steep for facebook, to pay. >> thank you, scott. >> still to come -- 6:00. rain may hurt the rebuild in the north bay fire zones. how some are stepping up to help their neighbors. >> plus if an uber driver ever deserved a five-star rating this guy. what happened to the driver in front of them. and what led that uber driver to risk his own life.
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i feel like they i have been taken advantage of. >> 14,000. >> their consumer complaints went nowhere. they contacted nbc bay area responds. >> then the ball started rolling. >> nbc was the first to respond. >> glad i called you guys.
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>> recovering $1.5 million. >> i thought i would never, ever see that money again. >> nbc bay area responds. to every call, and every e-mail. to make sure you get your money back. that's our promise to you. right now at 6:30, impact of the storm, and the north bay more than puddles and slick roads. putting a damper on the rebuilding of neighborhoods in the fire zones. now the rain is coming down everywhere. but it is the hardest in the north bay. and very unwelcome as you might imagine the fire zone. >> nbc bay area's sam brock continues. he is in santa rosa. let's get an update from jeff ranieri. what are you seeing? >> seeing things picking up. tonight. early tomorrow morning. what we have happening a cold front off shore. the second round of heavier rain, as it interacts with the atmospheric river. show you the top two flood concerns right now. the first one is in the north bay. where we have seen most of the rainfall in the lower elevations
6:30 pm
is right around petaluma to a flood advisory until 10:00 p.m. flooding may occur. if you live near the area. the people that need to watch out, would be any one that lives near green valley creek. petaluma river. willow brook creek. some waltter may exceed the ban. a wider look. other zones tracking for flood potential here, all the north bay. near the fire zones. and also here for the santa cruz mountains. overall, 2 to 5 inches. track this on storm ranger. more updates as the we head throughout tonight. >> see you then. thank you, jeff. straight to nbc bay area, sam brock. santa rosa. where the hours ahead could bring challenges for people who want to get on with their lives, sam. >> reporter: jessica, good evening. the next 12 hours are kidded critical because firefighters here have pinpointed 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., period of time
6:31 pm
they believe there will be the greatest rate of rainfall increase. they're really watching that. and this is what they're concerned about. what you see behind me. hillside properties have people living inside them. nestled between burned lots of land. >> in the neighborhood of santa rosa. sandy explains the sense of looking out for your fellow man is now reached new heights. >> we have what is called the neighborhood watch. and we meet and we have got a, a block captain. and -- and we're online every day keeping each other updated. >> steel also fashioned this fence around her property. to keep any moving mud and debris at bay. the concern for others is contagio contagious. >> neighbors are talking to each other. saying, i smell smoke. you know, do you, what do you think that its? so, i think everyone is still, on edge. >> communities are bracing themselves for a variety of risks. flooding, mudslides, and in coffee park, the still fledgling rebuild. >> if this was february. even march. january, it would be, we would
6:32 pm
expect that. but it's april. it is a time when we are expecting the dirt to dry out and start building. >> grading soil requires dry land. pools of walterter accumulating not be able to be pumped out. that can add days, week, more time off to the building process. he remains confident that coffee will keep its steely resolve. >> not how many times you get knocked down. how many times you get back up. always issues. whether the city hits a hiccup, set backs. has to re-evaluate things. you lose a builder. there is more rain. we ran into all the things. we keep going. >> and if you look at coffe park you will see something encouraging. home frames popping up all over the area. i would say a. boult 10 of them, maybe more than that, hopefully the storm won't throw a wrench in the schedule. reporting live from santa rosa. sam brock, nbc bay area news. >> hard to see anything with all that rain. our nbc bay area viewers are
6:33 pm
helping us cover the story. one viewer sent the photo from san francisco. posted it in our nbc bay area twitter page. of course would love to post your photos and video too. if you have them send them to i >> trump administration doubling down on sanctions against russia. targeting wealthy business leaders and friend of russian president vladamir putin. the sanctions freeze their assets, bar them from traveling here to the united states, and prohibit them from doing business with american companies. among those named, russia's largest company, state owned na natural gas firm. >> zero tolerance policy in effect at u.s./mexico border. the announcement today from attorney general jeff sessions. just days after the white house announced it is sending national guard members to help with border security the a crackdown is in place. sessions says starting to day, illegal immigrants crossing the border illegally will be pros cuted. illegal border crossings are at lows.
6:34 pm
a spike in the last year has angered president trump. as for the national guard, the republican governors of new mexico, texas and arizona, support the president's deployment. governor brown from california, so far has stayed silent. requests for comment have been forwarded to california's national guard. democratic governors from oregon and nevada say if asked to dispatch their guard members to the border, they will refuse. >> a major sigh of relief. the manhunt is over for that suspect accused of stealing guns and threatening to shoot people in san francisco. this was a credible threat that prompted an intense search for dustin hamilton. a call from people near att park tipped off police to hamilton any whereabuts early today. he was arrested without incident. the search began when his family returned to san jose to find two guns missing. there was also a written manifesto describing hamilton's hatred of san francisco police. his family says hamilton, show you a picture there a moment of him as the a young man is
6:35 pm
schizophrenic and living on the streets of san francisco. >> quick thinking uber driver risked his life to help a driver having a medical emergency. on the approach off to the san mateo bridge. you are looking at dash-cam video how this all unfolded. christy smith spoke with the uber driver. >> the driver tells me they were heading this way and knew immediately something was wrong inside the car. when it started to pull over. they ran to help. while the chp says while they certainly appreciate that effort, they also offered suggestions on ways to help, without putting yourself at risk. >> this guy. >> dash camera video shows noticing a driver making unusual moves on high way 92 yesterday. >> there is something wrong with the guy. >> he says the car was hit moments earlier and get going started to drift off to the right. >> i got out of my car. i need to stop this car. because i have hey lot of cars, maybe, there will be more big
6:36 pm
crash. >> he says he was driving for uber. his passenger called 911. first to run to the car and found the window open. stopped the guy. turned off the keys. maybe the guy called the police. and, and, get off the shirt, stop the cars. the police coming. >> the driver left the dentist's office, and had allergic reaction to medication and losing consciousness. he was taken to the hospital. >> their heart is in the right place. we want to make sure they are safe while they're duke something. >> the officer says if you are standing on the freeway, and you think drivers see you, you may be wrong. they're often distracted and could hit you. >> the other thing is, don't get out of your vehicle. try to follow the vehicle. at a safe distance with hazards on. so other vehicles see you. >> the collision is under investigation. eric andrate tells me he never jumped out at a scene before. in this case he felt like if he didn't there might be another
6:37 pm
collision. in foster city, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> ahead, danger on the road. >> ford rolling out a recall impacting 300,000 truck owners. the issue that is triggering concern from the company. st st ♪ ♪
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witnesses described it as a war freemont road reopened after an all-night investigation of a deadly police shooting. witnesses described it as a war zone. what it looked like last night. minutes after officers fired their gun on a man. police say, officers pulled over the man, wanted at a felony warrant. he ran out of the pickup truck. point the his gun. and started shooting. officers fired back killing him. none of the officers were hurt in the shootout. >> one of the most famous athletes in world arrested for salt. that's connor mcgregor, facing three counts stemming from the backstage melee last night in brooklyn. take a look at the video. mcgregor attacked a bus carrying
6:40 pm
other mma fighters. threw a dolly shattering one of the windows. scheduled, three fights were schedule ford tomorrow. they have been canceled. mcgregor released on $50,000 bail. >> warning for drivers who bought a ford this year. the company recalling more than 300,000 cars in the u.s. canada and mexico. that recall includes 2018, f-150 pi pickups and expeditions with automatic transitions. ford says there is an issue with the lock on the gearshift that may make cars drive when they're put in park. if you have one of the cars recalled take it to the dealership. they will inspect it. make all the nels scacessary re and for free. >> one thing i noticed. the lovely umbrella. used by jessica aguirre. >> nice. >> beautiful umbrella. >> didn't want my hair to get wet. >> very fashionable. >> looking good in the rain. need the umbrella into parts of tomorrow morning. you can see right now. storm ranger, mobile doppler
6:41 pm
radar. shows things picking up. in fact the time line is speeding up. look at the heavy rainfall, 11. 30. tonight. talk how much of this lasts into your weekend in a couple minutes. >> your hospital, doctor's bill has a mistake on it. you are not alone. i'm consumer investigator, we want to help you correct the errors when nbc bay area respond. next. ...some of the biggest dis
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well, nbc bay area respond to billing mistakes. all the time. >> yes. some of the biggest disputes, obviously involve medical billing errors. and investigative here with strategies to correct them. plus, nbc owned tv stations, the steps they're taking to combat medical. so confusing when you get those statements. half the time you don't know what they're billing you for. >> do they use english? >> yes, exactly. >> we do for every statement. >> yeah. mistakes on medical bills are rampant. so the personal website, personal finance website, nerd wallet did research. they studied thousand of bills.
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6:47 pm
rainfall totals. you can see in less than 24 hours, how much it is stacked up in the north bay. but we are going to be adding to that as the we head into tonight. biggest flood concern has been where we have seen the most rainfall. right near petaluma, over 3 1/2 inches. under a flood advisory until 10:00 p.m. we may see flooding issues here. especially if you live near green valley creek. petaluma river. or willow brook creek. phone on. alert settings on. get our app. let you know about anything that would be happening in thlocatio. get a look at the doppler radar. starting to see rainfall pick up near the coast. bad news throughout the bay. going to pick up in intensity. by 7:06.
6:48 pm
santa rosa. 7:12. second zone. heavy rain in san francisco right now. moving off to the north and the east. through west oakland by 7:09. now, with all of this rainfall, we have had today. we wanted to get a check on where we are so far with the rainfall season. from, our sister station, telemundo. gaby dellan? >> we have seen a lot of rain today. you may be surprised. we need more. see in santa rosa. we have received a little built more than 22 inches. and we still have a deficit almost 10 inches. this tells you we need more storms to recover to be where we should be at this point of the year. but we understand also the promise the storm might bring. but it will bring help. we have more rain coming out. and jeff is tracking, and we will let you know what time it is going to be heading to your city. so take a look at what jeff has to say. >> all right. thank you so much. gaby. you pointed out.
6:49 pm
we have made a dent in the rainfall season so far.we certa storms. on storm ranger. widespread activity we are tracking now. things are going to pick up. become heavier. you can see at 11. 30. to night. it gets going good across marin, napa. sonoma counties. down the peninsula. for the east bay. see it continue through the south bay. into 3:30 in the morning. the new thing. looks like this would continue to push out of here faster. by 6:00 a.m. hoefldi i holding on to showers. worst is over. hold on to spotty showers. 2:00 p.m. saturday. eventually that sunshine you are waiting on gets here as we hit sun day's forecast. in the extended. you can see. looks good sunday. monday. then we get a few spotty showers, tuesday, wednesday. also drying ow as we hit thursday and friday's forecast. so again, we are under the, under the strongest part of the storm, as we head throughout the next 12 hours with another
6:50 pm
quarter inches coming our way. good news, long-range models that gaby and i looking at. behind the scenes. next week's storm doesn't look that bad at all at this point. >> no it doesn't. i was saying, we still need that rain to help with the water deficit. this is going to help. >> if we could get, two, three more, late season storms. we could really see things get close to normal. going to be hard pressed to do that. keep an eye on it. >> two hardest working people in our newsroom now. >> glad to have them tag teaming us. >> thank you both. just now tuning in. the giants game here on nbc bay area. has been rained out. no surprise there. however there was action, discovery at the ballpark today. we crack open the giants vault. a real vault at at & t park. colin resch joins us.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
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6:53 pm
the first rainout at att park -- in 12 years. maybe there is a chance we can squeeze in the game tonight. >> don't think so. no! no. >> as we mentioned earlier. no chance. the first rainout at att park. dodgers, giants. everyone at home in their hotel.
6:54 pm
no baseball tonight. wediscovery. debut of the vault. and colin resch from the ballpark. the vault. can't wait to hear this. >> hey, guys. why can't we play the game? before i get to the vault. just need to show you this. look down the left field line, it is like a walter fall cascading from the 300 level. that my friend is why we are not playing baseball tonight. first pitch would have been 20 minutes from now. around at & t park. doesn't look like the giants could square out one inch for an addition. guess i haven't been looking hard enough. >> kind of like on your wedding day, you want it to rain. good luck. so, this will be good luck for a long living exhibit. >> one, two, three. >> yeah! >> not too bad for an old boiler room. >> old boiler room home to the giant vault. located just inside the lefty
6:55 pm
entrance to at & t park. minimuseum, giants history back to the move from new york. >> home plate from the polo ground. all the cool things. willie mays jersey. come to the ballpark. take a look at some of the history. >> history made possible by steven wang, lives in hong kong. grew up in los altos hills and smitten with the giants at age 6. collecting giants meem beal yeah three decade. 13 artifacts are on display in the vault. off awe i try to make it a pin the to share artifacts. it is wind tul onderful to learh artifacts opposed to text. to be able to be part of this. is, is something beyond my wildest dreams. so, it's a real privilege and honor. and something that, that is very, very important to me personally. >> after today's unveiling.
6:56 pm
the vault will have a soft opening through the remainder of this home stand. just select groups. then will be open to all, on april 23rd. guys, i will leave you with the shot of our att park, walter fall. >> ha-ha-ha. >> it's good stuff, right. live at a soggy, at & t park. colin resch. >> who need yosemite. >> gloomy too. >> gloomiest we have seen that. jeff, want to chime in on the water fall. new tourist attraction in the bay area. >> means traffic is going to be bad out there. >> look at all that walter. >> thank you, colin. at 11:00, spreading in the south bay and beyond. measles outbreak has the health officials concerned. what we are learning about patient zero where he has been. the story coming of on the 11:00 newscast. >> jeff gets the last word. >> well, rain, widespread. we saw it there at & t park. on storm ranger. mobile doppler radar. see a few heavier pockets. that are pushing around the bay area. it's going to stay heavy into 11.
6:57 pm
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