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tv   Today  NBC  April 7, 2018 5:30am-7:01am PDT

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good morning. breaking overnight. deadly bus crash. a horrific accident kills 14 members of the junior hockey team on the way to the playoff game in canada. their bus slamming into a tractor-trailer on a busy highway. we'll have the latest. wild weather from coast to coast. it's the winter that just won't quit as more snow is in the forecast this morning for tens of millions from kentucky into the northeast. this as possible tornadoes and dangerous winds expected in the south. while out west, relentless rain forcing rescues and major flooding concerns for an already water-logged region. dylan is tracking it all.
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breaking overnight. ready for action. national guard is on the way to the border with mexico. this as the dow plunges over fears of a possible trade war with china. those stories plus unexpected resignation. a texas congress member caught up in a sexual harassment scandal quits months before planned ri tietirement. shoppers scrambling after a man walks into sam's club and sets off a small explosion. and brushing up on british history. meghan markle's dad pulls a total dad move. he is probably getting ready for his daughter's big day. today, april 7th, on 2018. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with sheinelle jones and craig melvin and dylan
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dreyer. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. glad to have you with us. >> let's get to the top story. canada is in mourning after a horrific crash on the busy highway. victims are members of the junior hockey team. tragedy in canada this morning. investigators on the scene of the fatal bus crash. it happened friday night when the bus packed with junior hockey players collided with a tractor-trailer in the canadian province of saskatchewan. 28 people on board. half of them dead. the injured rushed to local hospitals. the crash happened as the humboldt broncos team was on the way for a hockey game. mourning a nation as justin trudeau tweeting i cannot imagine what the parents are going through and my heart goes out to everyone affected by the tragedy and the humboldt community and beyond. the team's president releasing a statement. our broncos family is in shock
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as we try to come to grip was our incredible loss. of course, investigators are going to be spending the day price to piece the clues -- trying to piece the clues together. and we are following wild weather across the country today whether it is extreme cold, snow, torrential rain or high winds. we have it covered from coast to coast. let's start with dylan. >> sheinelle, we will deal with below average temperatures. snow falling across new york and central and northern new england. a line of snow through massachusetts. we have snow filling in southern ohio and west virginia. heavy pockets of rain in the carolinas and virginia. we will not see a lot of accumulation. the fact it is cold enough for snow is the story alone. any accumulation is light especially but the appalachian and the rain with eastern virginia and west virginia.
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snowfall is about 1 to 2 inches and higher amounts in the higher elevations. i want to show you the cold. as the cold air is surging, we broken record temperatures in green bay this morning. 12 degrees. 13 right now in minneapolis. kansas city is 18. tulsa, it is 26 degrees. this cold air is going to remain in place throughout the day today. we are going to see a high today of 39 in detroit. 47 in d.c. in nashville. in st. louis, 44 degrees. these temperatures are 20 to 30 degrees below average for this time of year. sunday, not a lot of improvements with 30s in the great lakes. memphis at 35 degrees. it is cold. it doesn't warm up anytime soon. guys. dylan, thank you. the weather also cause for concern out west. major concern there where it has rained nonstop for days. southern california had to be rescued when the flooding got to be too much. now there is more rain in the
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forecast. nbc's steve patterson is in san francisco. steve, good morning. >> reporter: craig, you can see it now. the rainfall is just hammering us. this rain has been relentless. yesterday, san francisco set the second highest total for rainfall in the month of april. now all of this is wrecking havoc on the roads. dramatic rescue in northern california caught in the cross-hairs of the powerful spring storm. parts of the bay area hit with over 6 inches of rain in the last 36 hours. wrecking havoc on the region. >> a strong pineapple express. >> reporter: the national weather service is bracing for a busy season. warm air channelled by the pacific ocean is aiming a fire hose. >> if you have a heavy downpour that lasts for a while, especially over a burn scar will pose problems. >> reporter: the vulnerable is the wine country.
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deaf at savastated by the fires year. now at risk for flooding and mudslides. crews hope to keep the drains clear to prevent debris floes. >> no matter what, everybody is concerned because it was a disaster that happened to the community. >> reporter: the storm also posing the first true test to the oroville dam's spillway after it failed last year. but some won't let the rain ruin their plans. these tourists got into yosemite national park before it closed for the weekend. >> we are not affected by the flooding. we will be out by 5:00. >> reporter: and since we're making lists, the giants had to cancel the first home game in a dozen years. 10,000 energy customers without power due to this storm. all of that could pale in
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comparison to what happened in the burn scar areas where crews are working around the clock to make sure the debris is shored up. craig and sheinelle. >> steve, thank you, sir. >> dylan will have the full -- full forecast coming up. president trump is cracking down on the border with mexico sending troops to the border. and we have all this with fears of a trade war with china. we have jeff with more. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. let's start with the national guard troops. texas is the first state to heed the call from president trump following the announcement this week to deploy troops to fight illegal immigration and drug trafficking. this morning, 250 members of the texas national guard are headed south to the u.s./mexico border. >> with the authorization and
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authority of governor abbott, this deployment has started with the movement of equipment and troops today. >> reporter: this comes days after president trump's surprise announcement to deploy up to 4,000 troops to police the southern border. critics of the move say fears of crime and illegal border crossings are unfounded. the president talking tough on the border and trade. and the trump administration considers slapping another round of tariffs on $100 billion of chinese goods. while the president's aides downplay the flare up in tension. >> there is the potential of a trade war. let's be clear. it is not a trade war. >> reporter: the tit-for-tat with the two biggest economies spooked investors and sent the stock market tumbling. president trump saying wall street may feel short-term pain, there is long-term gain for the american economy. >> i'm not saying there won't be
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a little pain. the market has gone up 40%. we might lose a little bit of it. we will have a much stronger country when we're finished. that's what i'm all about. >> reporter: that's if china is ultimately convinced to stop what the administration considers unfair trade practices. the president's top economic adviser says the threat of tariffs may be a negotiating tactic. that is if officials work to tamp down fears of the full-out trade battle with u.s. and china. it could be months before the full tariffs are applied. >> thank you, jeff. >> let's bring in rustephanie ruhle. always good to have you here. >> great to be here. >> we like that. let's start with one of the questions. the dow dropped 600 points on friday. markets don't likeuncertainty.
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you heard in the piece, there is a potential for a trade war. what do you think? >> that is the issue. the market doesn't like confusion or sabre rattling. you have michigsteve saying thi not a trade war. they are good and easy to win. you heard we lost a trade war. he is trying to reclaim a country. whether you are an invest errora farmer, tell me the game plan. >> china is talking about slaps tariffs on beef and pork and soybeans and corn. >> trump country. >> exactly. tariffs on the flat screen televisions we love to get from china and medicines as well. how would a trade war impact farmers and impact average con s assumers? >> it would -- consumers.
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>> it would affect consumers. wilbur ross said it. the chinese are good at math. their trade tariffs are targeting trump country. thosefarmers, if you are a soybean farmer, half of the production goes to china. china is getting soybean from brazil. and mexico will get corn from argentina. you need to plan. this confusion is very concer . concerning. >> i want your perspective of job numbers. they looked tepid which is 103,000 added to the economy in march. the unemployment rate at 4.1%. that is your interpretation of the numbers and what do they say about the health of the labor market? >> that is not a bad number. 4% unemployment. we are full employment. not a lot of places to grow. here is where the issue is right now is wages. we are still not seeing wages go up. you have 6,000 open jobs in the
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country. and still people saying i'm struggling. the reason they are struggling is the skills gap. americans don't have the proper skills or education base to fill those jobs. when you look at the teacher walkout in oklahoma and you are saying why does this matter. if you care about income and equality, it starts with education. we need people with the right skills and training to fill the jobs. >> you mentioned stagnate wage growth. we are dealing with that in the country for a number of years. why aren't wages going up at the pace a lot of folks would like to see? >> globalization. you know the president does talk about it. when you know the manufacturing happens overseas and labor is cheaper overseas. you don't need to pay people more money. plus, automation. when you have robots getting stuff done, we don't need to pay workers more. we hope that changes. people need to support their families. >> steph, always learn something
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when you are here. you can watch her all week at 9:00 a.m. on msnbc. >> she is a busy woman. also this morning, the white house is unleashed the strongest action yet against russia. the president punishing vladimir putin by targeting his inner circle. this is action of the moves in the recent years and its meddling in the election. the former soviet spy and his daughter poisoned with the nerve agent in england are no listeninger in critical -- no longer in critical condition. nbc news learned the agent came from a russian research base. a republican congress member from texas resigned. blake farenthold said he would not run for re-election months ago, but then on friday, he
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called it quits immediately. nbc's maya rodriguez has more. >> reporter: in the announcem t announcement, blake farenthold resigned. >> i know in my heart it is time for me to move along and look for new ways to serve. >> reporter: the republican previously announced he would finish serving his fourth term, but not seek re-election after reports that he settled a 2014 sexual harassment claim by using $84,000 of taxpayer money. which he promised to pay back. there was no mention of it friday. house speaker paul ryan plans to hold him accountable saying, quote, mr. farenthold made a commitment to reimburse taxpayers. he reiterated the commitment to the speaker and the speaker effects him to follow through. farenthold fended off questions of resigning months ago.
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>> check my facebook page. >> reporter: the complaint filed by the former communications director. alleging he told her he had not had sex with his wife in years. he told another staffer he had quote sexual fantasies about greene. >> i felt i had to stand up for myself. i felt i would have regretted it for the rest of my life. >> reporter: farenthold denied the allegations. blaming political inexperience. >> i allowed a workplace culture to take place that was decidedly unprofessional. >> reporter: the sudden resignation raised questions. his constituents are now without a voice on the hill. maya rodriguez, nbc news. facebook is promising to be more transparent. the embattled social media company will require advertisers
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to verify identity and locations before being approved to buy political ads. mark zuckerberg is scheduled to appear before congress next week after the cambridge analytica. we will have more of savannah's interview with facebook's number two in charge sheryl sandberg in the next hour. and the advertising web site called back page had a month's long probe of problems cushion with underage girls. 69-year-old michael lacey faces chill charges as part of the sealed indictment. dylan is back with a quick check of the weather out west. >> you saw steve in the rain in northern california. that is the pineapple express. the moisture originated from the hawaii area. you can see overnight we had a lot of the rain through northern california.
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it is starting to shift in san francisco. we have torrential rain falling right now. today is the last day of the really heavy rain as this system moves inland. we will start to see some of the heavy rain begin to move east and fizzle out as it does. by sunday, we should see improvements. we have additional 1 to 2 inches to go before all is said and done. the rest of the country dealing with record low temperatures and little bit of >> and a look out our window, doppler radar showing you we have the rain moving through san jose, through the tri-valley but the back edge of the system is starting to cross in the bay area. as it approaches around 6:00 a.m., widespread rain changing over to scattered showers. still some cloudy skies headed into tonight. so today, we have rain to start the morning. showers and sunshine heading into the afternoon. now sunday looks drier. as you notice a bit of a warming
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trend as we head towards monday. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. still ahead on saturday morning, fighter under fire. we'll have the latest on the ufc conor mcgregor out on bail this morning, but facing serious charges after hurling a hand cart into a bus. and pass or fail. how do you think the person behind the wheel did on this driving test? that's coming up. >> if they pass that person, they should shut down the
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time now for "the weekly download." the look at the week that was. >> the decision to send troops to the border by president trump and the winter weather won't quit. there were other stories we could have be covered as well with the horrific shooting at youtube
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headquarters. terrifying moments for youtube employees when a woman trying to maybe money with youtube videos entered headquarters and opened fire. >> i'm being discriminated. >> law enforcement confirmed that anger drove the 38-year-old to unleash a hail of bullets at youtube headquarters. >> we hear a couple pops. >> three people were shot before the shooter took her own life. teacher protests spread to oklahoma. educators walking out of classrooms and into lawmakers' offices. >> thousands of teachers. >> this is your classroom? >> amber's sixth grade class is emp empty. she makes $34,000 a year. >> we live month to month for the paycheck. >> she and her husband and two kids work second jobs. she helps pay for student supplies. mostly out of her pocket. local anchors at stations across the country owned by sinclair raised eyebrows when
5:52 am
forced to read identical messages of fake news. >> same words. same message. >> push their own personal bias. >> mandated by the same station owner. >> this is dangerous. >> it is odd to see all of the anchors say the same thing at the same time. it is massive propaganda. mourners in memphis to remember martin luther king jr. 50 years after being assassinated. >> martin luther king jr. was killed tonight in memphis, tennessee. >> a single gunshot silenced the voice of the movement. >> i have seen the promised land. >> now a half century later, remembered in memphis for the movement he ignited. >> this is important for him to understand that people fought for him to go to school and get an education. >> across the country. demonstrations of purpose and peaceful unity. some of the weeks incredible moments caught on camera.
5:53 am
smash-and-grab. a pair of thieves in sarasota, florida, smashed display cases and made off with $100,000. a car barrelling through the window of the department of motor vehicles. and retiring state trooper made a final radio call. >> i wanted to thank everybody for everything they have ever done. it has been a great adventure. ♪ finally, the family that sings together -- ♪ >> the family from utah turned their living room into a broadway stage for their rendition of "one day more" from "les mis." ♪ >> that is the best. did you see the little girl?
5:54 am
she looked like -- can we see the video? there she is. look at the little one. she is singing with mom. >> she has no choice. >> when she gets to the final note. she hit it with her mom. after she plays with her mom's hair. >> or she was yawning. >> i'm impressed with the seriousness of how they are taking it. >> because they're good. >> i'm waiting for the next act. >> that has never happened in my family. >> good stuff. still to come this morning on "today." more of savannah's interview with facebook's number two executive. sheryl sandberg. she answers the question if facebook has a trust problem. and tackling the spring allergie allergies. and what is old is new again. retired tv shows getting new life and big ratings. but first these megoodmorning i.
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5:56 am
a live look at the radar. ad-lib. the storm is still pounding the bay area right now. good morning, it's 5:56. look at our live radar, the storm is still hovering over parts of the bay area. we're continuing to monitor that still. we are going to get a look at that. good morning. thank so much for joining us. i'm marcus washington.
5:57 am
>> we want to get right to that big story. the rain coming down steadily soon. our meteorologist rob, what does that look like? >> right now the rain over san jose and the bay. the back edge of this line is starting to approach san francisco. so the good news, the north bay beginning to see a bit of a break as this trailing edge, the last real main part of the storm. now over the central bay and south bay through about 6:00 a.m. then we'll begin to see this line push on out. not exactly a day of fully clearing skies. we will see a chance of an isolated shower or two. but notice that the rain rates are tapering off around mid-morning. the highs in the mid 60s then tomorrow a dry forecast. clearing skies. and temperatures that will be climbing as we get to the beginning of next week. the next chance for rain is tuesday but that won't bring nearly the amount of rain with this most recent storm.
5:58 am
>> and make sure you stay connected with what's going on with the weather. you can actually download our nbc bay area app. you can track that radar and keep track of what's going on weatherwise. you can actually download that with your iphone or android. it's free. we want to see photos of the rain. be sure to send them into us and tag us on instagram and twitter. and power is back for nearly 10,000 pg&e customers. >> yeah, it affected the people, and the power was back on by 4:30. the power officials say it was caused by an underground equipment failure. we'll have a live report at 7:00 a.m. right now, 1,000 customers are without power in the bay area. we want to talk about that, because look at that damage that's actually caused by the weather. and coming up on this
5:59 am
morning on day in the bay, we're following the story of a plane going down in the north bay. the new details we are learning this morning. we'll have that and plus all the top stories and the weather. but first at 7:00, we hope you'll join us, and we'll send you back to the "today" show.
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we are back on saturday morning, april 7th, 2018. good morning. thank you for joining us. >> let's start this half hour with the check of the headlines. including a tragic accident in canada. >> deadly bus crash. at least 14 people killed. more than a dozen others injured after the bus carrying a junior league hockey team collided with a tractor-trailer in western canada. canada's prime minister tweeting condolences. writing, i cannot imagine what these persoarents are going thr. record cold temperatures in the midwest. threat of snow in the east and out west, record rains causing flooding and rescues and fears
6:01 am
of mudslides. the wine country hit hard by the wildfires last year. sam's club explosion. this man evntering the sam's clb sending smoke in the aisles. fogel sues. former subway pitch man files a lawsuit against the fbi and his lawyers for $57 million. fogel claimed they tricked him to pleading guilty to child porn charges. and felines on the force. a police department outside detroit is adding a cat to the ranks. you can vote for your favorite name on twitter. we are not kit-ten you. today, cater day. >> i did not know that.
6:02 am
>> let's talk about conor m mcgregor. >> he is free on bond after he threw a hand truck into a bus. you can see it there. he injured some fighters in the bus. the question this morning is could he face serious prison time. nbc's blake mccoy is outside of the barclays center in brooklyn where the big ufc event is being held. >> reporter: craig, good morning. the match ups are overshadowed by the rampage this week. one of the biggest names in sports charged with assault facing up to seven years in jail after showing up here uninvited. this morning, mixed martial arts fighter conor mcgregor is out of jail and facing criminal charges. unusual silence from the trash-talking fighter who attacked a bus full of fellow fighters and staffers thursday after the media event. the rampage caught on video
6:03 am
provided by tmz sports. he throws a dolley through the window. actions that lost support of ufc boss dana white. >> normally i would dive in and do everything in my power and the history of the ufc, this is definitely the worst thing ever. >> two fighters were injured in the melee with cuts to their face and eyes. and will sit out tonight's bouts at new york's barclays center. the outburst apparently stemmed from a long-standing beef with another fighter. just hours earlier, mcgregor was stripped of his lightweight belt for failing to defend it. his last ufc fight? 2016. mcgregor made international headlines last year fighting floyd mayweather jr. in a much-hyped boxing matchup. he lost that bout but still took home an estimated $100 million. fans friday showed their support outside the police station. >> well, he's an aggressive guy.
6:04 am
you know? antagonize mcgregor, he's coming for you. >> he's one of the best fighters of all time. >> reporter: now instead of defending his titles, mcgregor will be defending himself in court. mcgregor's future in fighting is now in jeopardy. keep in mind he's an irish citizen. so he could face visa problems if he's convicted. for now the judge is letting him keep his passport. >> all right. blake mccoy for us this morning. thank you. let's check in with dylan with another check on the weather. >> great crowd this morning. i hear you're celebrating a birthday. how old are you turning? >> 10. >> 10 years old. and where are you from? >> houston, texas. >> and you get to secelebrate yr 10th birthday in new york. how cool is that? that's pretty cool. let's look at the southeast where we are going to see the chance of some stronger storms. this morning the heaviest of the storms are moving through new orleans with torrential downpours, also small hail and
6:05 am
damaging winds are a possibility. mobile, alabama, seeing that. and it continues to move east. this storm system is going to continue to slowly move east through the day today. so it's going to be kind of a washout for areas like eastern virginia and north carolina, south carolina too. then the front moves away but it gets very, very cold on the backside of this system with temperatures still staying below average. rainfall amounts could be up to about 1 to 3 inches. especially up near wilmington. charl charleston could see up to an inch of rainfall. record low temperatures working into the upper midwest. green bay, wisconsin, broke a record this morning. and heavy rain continues out in >> and you can see the rain moving through san jose. widespread moderate rain at times, but the back edge to the more steady rain starting to cross san francisco. so the north bay catching a break which the futurecast picks up on as we pass 6:00 through
6:06 am
8:00. still a slight chance of isolated showers in the afternoon. 60s, muggy at times. we'll dry it out sunday with temperatures into the 70s with clear skies on monday. >> we also have a 13th birthday here. where are you from? >> north carolina. >> anybody you want to say hi to? no? you got everybody you need right here. oh we oh, you have sisters? we'll wave to them. >> that was hilarious. coming up here this morning, jay z opening up to david letterman about his infidelities and how beyonce stayed by his side throughout it all. and how to survive the spring allergies. what you should be eating today to help get you through another allergy season. that's after this. ? hi! i had a very minor fender bender tonight
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and all you wanted to do was surround them in comfort and protection. that's why only pampers swaddlers is the number one choice of hospitals to wrap your baby in blanket-like softness and premium protection. so that all they feel is love. pampers the number one choice of hospitals, nurses and parents whi while we all get excited when spring arrives, there's one part a lot of people dread. that's spring allergies. >> how can you get through the next several months without reaching for the tissues or the eye drops? dr. john torres is here with some great advice. always great to have you. >> great to be here. thank you. >> when does allergy season actually start? how long does it last? >> allergy season is right now typically goes through september. but because of all the climate changes recently, most areas nine month.
6:11 am
in the south it's year round right now. >> what are some of the most common seasonal allergies. trees, grass, weeds. and it typically goes trees are right now this time of the year, spring. grass is the summer. weeds are the fall. but with the climate changes and the way they're working, you can go to an area where there's weeds even though in your part of the area it's just grass, you have to be ready for it anywhere now. >> is there anything folks can do to prevent, like, the allergies? i suffer from pretty serious allergies and i'm taking stuff year round. >> there are a few things they can do to help. monitor your daily pollen counts. just google pollen count. you'll find a bunch of them. there's the american academy of allergy. look for the daily pollen counts. if they're high, avoid them. think of your hair as a pollen sponge. during the day a lot of pollen is getting on the hair. you put it on the pillow, it puts it on the pillow.
6:12 am
start allergy medications early. clarit claritin, those types you want to start early. once the symptoms start, you're behind the ball. >> quickly on those meds, should you be taking those every day during allergy season? or should you only take those meds when you actually feel the symptoms? >> it depends how bad they are. but you want to start before the symptoms come on. we have these nasal steroid sprays you can take. those work better for people trying to avoid them. >> can i tell you what i found fascinating? you can think i knew everything. i didn't know anything about the diet. that's a big part of it. things you should eat and shouldn't eat. let's start with what to eat. >> basically, avoid spicy. you want to go bland. >> see, and i didn't know that. >> because spicy foods can activate your immune system and the allergy problems you have. green tea. natural antihistamines. onio onions, peppers, berries wi, an
6:13 am
parsley. fish. get roid -- rid of the anti-inflammatory issues. and pineapple. >> did you know that? >> no. >> those can help with symptoms. other side of the coin are things that can make symptoms worse. >> look at this. >> tomatoes. tomatoes have histamines in them. if you have allergy symptoms, they can make it worse. dairy can cause mucus to thicken up a little bit. sugar, inflammation is the big thing. and that could be an issue during allergy season. then alcohol. >> uh-oh. >> that glass of wine, that -- >> that explains a lot. >> it can make your nose stuffy, mucus flow more. and just things you can avoid. >> all the good things. cheese, sugar, alcohol. thank you for coming in this morning. >> you bet. coming up next, some of our favorite tv shows coming back on the small screen. why are so many networks eager
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we are back on saturday morning with the return of one of the most popular home makeover shows ever. tlc's "trading spaces." it is coming back after being off the air after a decade. >> this is just one of a reboot. >> nbc's business correspondent jo ling kept hnt has more. >> reporter: everything old is new again. tv going old school. >> i love you, darling. >> reporter: bringing back comedy and reality shows that fans never stopped loving. >> are you ready? >> reporter: tlc's "trading spaces" returns tonight after a decade off the air. >> they said they wanted to bring it back. how many said yes. >> reporter: wishful home renovators are not alone. lovers of the gym, tan, laundry
6:18 am
got snooki and the gang back together this week. >> you looked like you have not aged. >> reporter: a few more blasts from the past. abc brought back "american idol." and the reboots do not stop with reality tv. >> you're a good friend. >> reporter: nbc's revival of "will & grace" was the top comedy and abc's "roseanne" brought in 18.4 million viewers for the show's premiere. it topped the original finale back in 1997. as times have changed, shows have made sure to stay current. >> what's up deplorable? >> reporter: even the president is watching. >> unbelievable. over 18 million people. it was about us. >> reporter: with more than 450 original scripted series airing on networks, the tv networks are hoping the tried shows will break through the noise. >> a reason for existing in
6:19 am
2018. they taken those characters that people know and love and they have brought them into a world that is very different from when the shows originally aired. i think that's what makes them feel relevant and interesting. >> reporter: could even more reboots be in the works? now speculation of "married with children" and "the office" in talks as well. for "today, jo ling kent, nbc news." >> i didn't know "married with children" could come back. >> do you remember the show "double dare?" i always wanted to do that show. if i could do that again and do it this time and be the parent with the kids. >> i want to be on double dare. still ahead, the moment that many fans have been waiting for. we will have a first listen to
6:20 am
cardi b's new music that we can play on network television. but fst this is "today" on ir
6:21 am
6:22 am
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6:26 am
the storm is stil good morning. the time now 6:26. a live look at the radar at this point. the rain is hovering over parts of the bay area and that storm is pounding parts of the bay area. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm marcus washington.
6:27 am
>> i'm karen clapper. the rain is coming down steady still and rob mayeda, what does the rest of the time line look like? >> well, most of the rain and flood watches up until 9:00 for most of the bay and on the radar areas around san jose which you can see. really muggy outside. 62, it's raining. you can see how most of the south bay is dealing with moderate rain at times, but fog now in san francisco and some clearing in the north bay. you can see how the moisture is starting to move off to the south and east. it's picking up from 6:00 to 9:00, you see how the main rain band pushes out. throughout the day, still a chance of scattered showers, as the air flow shifts from north to south. even around the hill tops to the south bay there's still a chance we could see some showers. so today, highs in the upper 60s. a muggy day with rain changing
6:28 am
to isolated showers. tomorrow, more clearing and as we get into the beginning of the week at least a bit of a warm-up as the highs approach the mid 70s. next tuesday, not bringing nearly the amount of rain as with this recent pattern. rain on tuesday and thursday mainly around the north bay. back to you. >> thanks, rob. you can keep track on the nbc bay area app. you can download it on to your iphone or android devices. it has the live radar, so you can keep track and all of this is free. we want to see your photos of the rain. please send them to us. and be sure to tag us on instagram and twitter. and power has been restored to more than 10,000 thousand pg&e customers. >> that was mostly in the nob hill neighborhood. and power officials tell us that the outage was caused by an underground equipment failure.
6:29 am
we'll have a live report at 7:00 a.m. >> right now, about 1,000 customers across the bay area without power and here's a live look at the pg&e website. most of the outages caused by weather. coming up on "today in the bay," a plane goes down in the north bay. the new details we're learning this morning. >> we'll have that plus all your top stories and weather with rob coming up at 7:00. we hope you'll join us in 30 minutes from mow. meantime, back to the "today" show.
6:30 am
good morning. breaking overnight. deadly bus crash. condolences pouring in after a horrific accident in canada that left more than a dozen dead when a bus carrying a junior hockey team on the way to a game collided with a tractor-trailer. wild weather from coast to coast. the calendar may say spring, but it is anything but that. severe weather in the south and relentless rain in the west. dylan has her eye on all of it. and brushing up on british history. a candid moment caught an camera when meghan markle's dad is reading up on britain. he is probably preparing for his daughter's big day. today, saturday, april 7th, 2018. ♪
6:31 am
>> all the way from cajun country. >> it's my tenth birthday. >> hey, grandpa, i love you so, so, so much. >> it's our first time in nyc. >> celebrating my birthday on "today" show. >> let the good times roll. good morning to you. welcome back to "today" on saturday morning. we will get outside in a bit. we start with canada. a horrific crash on the busy highway there. the victims are members of the junior hockey team. tragedy in canada this morning. investigators on the scene of the fatal bus crash. it happened friday night when the bus packed with junior hockey players collided with a tractor-trailer in the canadian
6:32 am
province of saskatchewan. 28 people on board. at least half of them dead. the injured rushed to local hospitals. this happened as the humboldt broncos hockey team was on the way to a playoff game. the condolences pouring in with prime minister justin trudeau tweeting. i cannot imagine what the parents are going through. my heart goes out to those affected by the terrible tragedy. in the humboldt community and beyond. the broncos family is in shock as we try to come to grips with our incredible loss. no word on exactly how this happened. investigators will remain on the scene spending the day and days trying to figure it out. let's get to the weather now where people on both coasts and everywhere in between is tracking the latest wild weather. dylan. >> let's start in the northeast with the light snow and we could see flurries across northern new jersey and through parts of new
6:33 am
york and connecticut. we also have lighter snow falling through southern ohio and down into west virginia later on this afternoon. heavy rain through virginia and north carolina. it is just a front moving through the area. that is why it is unsettled. we will not see a lot of snow. it is cold enough for snow. it is also a strong enough storm to produce heavy rain across north carolina. how much snow will we see? not much. you have to go to the higher elevations and appalachian where we see 1 to 2 inches. winter advisory in kentucky and west virginia and southwest virginia. it is the cold impacting so many people this morning. record-breaking cold temperatures like green bay where it is 12. minneapolis is 12. 26 in tulsa. we will continue with the cold temperatures as we go into the afternoon. 30s for minneapolis and detroit and washington, d.c. same in nashville. tomorrow, more than of the same. temperatures stuck in the 30s and 40s. 48 in louisville. memphis at 56 degrees.
6:34 am
these temperatures are 15 to 25 degrees below average. it will stay cold for most areas going into next week. that is the look at the weather -- just kidding. craig. >> i'll pick it up from there. thank you. also this morning, more rain in the forecast out west. the pineapple express is already hitting san francisco this morning with 2.5 inches of rain. 150 flights canceled so far. 10,000 people without power. the strong spring storm wreaking havoc across the region forcing countless rescues and concerns of mudslides and major flooding will soon follow. dylan will have more on the weather out west in just a few minutes. a big announcement overnight. 250 members of the texas national guard are headed south to the u.s./mexico border. this comes days after president trump's call to deploy as many as 4,000 troops to stop drug trafficking and illegal crossings. the white house unleashed
6:35 am
sanctions on 24 russian officials antd tycoons and companies. this is over the annexation of crimea and meddling in the u.s. election. the organizers behind the march for our lives are holding a series of town halls across the country. aimed to encourage face-to-face conversations with the constituents and representatives. dozens of democratic lawmakers pledged to attend, but there has been next to no response from republican lawmakers. organizers will use empty chairs to symbolize law mmakers invite but did not attend. and the third round of the masters gets under way in augusta, georgia. they will all chase patrick reed. he have led nearby augusta state to two ncaa titles. he is leading the field at 9
6:36 am
under par. tiger woods, four-time champion, is tied at 4 over par. tiger made the cut and will have a shot at a fifth green jacket. this also, cruise ship passengers looking for answers after the vacation turned into a nightmare. passengers shared video of the ship that was heavily under construction during the two-week trip. the cruise line is apologizing and offering credit to another trip. some say it is not enough. nbc's catie beck has more. >> reporter: a luxury vacation. more like a splitting headache for some norwegian cruise goers. who paid thousands of dollars for what they call a nightmare. >> sanding, they were using hammer drills. tons of noise. >> reporter: the ship left march 16th. a two-week trip ending in los angeles. >> a full-blown construction zone. that is not peaceful. >> reporter: decks cornered off for improvement.
6:37 am
construction dust everywhere. materials stockpiled. >> they were herding us around like cattle because we could not use sections of ship. >> reporter: noise from power tools. smell of chemicals making people feel ill. the efforts did not work. norwegian cruise lines said we recognize during the recent sailing we did not meet t expectation of our guests. offering passengers credit for a future cruise matching the fare they paid. >> i would like a full refund for the cruise. it was two weeks of anguish. >> reporter: some not willing to take the chance after a rough time at sea. catie beck, nbc news. >> sounds like a lot of the customers have a gripe. >> especially if you looked forward to the vacation.
6:38 am
>> drop a bunch of money. let's go to dylan with the check of the forecast. >> good morning. we have an awesome group here. what are you doing later today? >> we are going to sing at carnegie hall. >> what time do you have to get ready? >> 5:30. >> the fact you are here this morning -- thank you for being here. have fun. let's take a look at the west coast. we have the atmospheric river of moisture pulling in that rain into california. it is starting to shift farther south now. today should be the last day of heavy rain. this system will move inland tomorrow. we still could see 1 to 2 inches of rain. flood threat continues today. we will see improvements going into sunday. elsewhere across the country, it is really cold. temperatures are breaking records this morning. it will stay 15 to 25 degrees below average. severe storms are possible in the southeast with the front moving east. it could affect masters play with the heavy rain in augusta.
6:39 am
it remains chilly and more snow in the >> out the window in the south bay, beginning to see the rain move away from the south. this is the last bit of the rain of the storm. we'll see a chance of isolated showers this afternoon and temperatures mostly in mid to upper 60s. patchy fog for tomorrow morning. a bit of a warm-up early next week. the next chance of rain is on tuesday and most of that should be in the north bay. so the heavier rain starting to move out of the south bay with drying conditions to wrap up the weekend. and that's your latest forecast. guys. >> dylan, thank you. to facebook now. the company getting ready to make major changes and pledging to be more transparent. in light of the cambridge analytica scandal that exposed 87 million users information. mark zuckerberg announcing facebook is going to be making itself more transparent to prevent potential russian
6:40 am
meddling in the 2018 mid-term elections by hiring thousands more workers to verify political ads. >> we have more of savannah's interview with facebook's number two. sheryl sandberg. talking about getting the trust back and taking responsibility for what went wrong and how the social media company goes forward from here. >> facebook has a trust problem. would you agree? >> absolutely. we know we didn't do enough to protect people's data. i'm really sorry about that. mark's really sorry about that. what we are doing now is taking real action. starting on monday, we will start rolling out to everyone in the world a notice at the top of news feed which tells everyone which apps they connected and gives them a way to delete. >> why do you think this happened? how do you diagnose the problem? >> that's a good and important question and one we certainly spent a lot of time thinking b. here is what i think -- thinking about. here is what i think the understanding is and we will still learn more over time.
6:41 am
at the highest level, we were focused on building social experiences. that's a good thing. that's why you can listen to the friend's play list or know it is your friend's birthday. what we did not do is take a broader look at all of the ways data could be misused and be pro-active and restrictive. >> whether meddling, russian fake news on facebook or the latest scandal with cambridge analytica, it does often feel that facebook's initial response is to dismiss and downplay. >> let's talk about election interference. it is definitely the case in 2016 we were behind and we did not understand that form of election interference. when you go back to what people thought of security around then, we thought of hacking. that is what everyone was worried about. we are focused on preventing that. when this form of russian internet research agency was
6:42 am
putting false and deceptive conte content, we did not see it. >> mark zuckerberg said it is a crazy idea russians would use facebook to pass fake news. i know he apologized for it. >> it was a flip comment. >> he did not say i'll investigate this. let's get to the bottom of it. >> he did apologize for that. we did investigate. now we are ahead. this is really important. we still want to make sure good happens on facebook. i was in houston this week. i met two brothers. nathan and austin. when hurricane harvey happened, they jumped in a boat and rescued 20 people. one of whom an elderly woman who would not have made it. an ambulance could not have gotten to her. the way they did that is people shared where they were on facebook. >> no question that people -- the proof is in the pudding. you have 2 billion users. people love facebook and appreciate it. a lot of good comes from it. that is why it hurts. the breach of trust feels profound. >> that's why it feels profound
6:43 am
to me. >> do you take it personalityly? >> personally. i run this place with mark and i take responsibility for the operational weaknesses we have and the things we did not do and did not do soon enough. i care so much they were able to find people in houston who publicly shared where they were located. they have to trust us to do that. whether it is the next hurricane or the next someone's birthday. daily activity. if we don't have the trust of pen people, they wouldn't share and the good we do goes away. that is something i take personally. >> facebook ceo mark zuckerberg will be on the hill tuesday and wednesday this week. it will be interesting to hear lawmakers grill him about what we heard savannah grilling sheryl about there. >> i thought it was interesting what sheryl said. this is a business and you want to keep customers. >> we are talking about facebook now. the reality is other companies in the space that engage in
6:44 am
similar practices and do things. it is going to be a matter of time before that comes to light. all right. still to come, the adorable moment meghan markle's dad is caught reading up on his daughter's new home. and jay-z and david letterman sitting down. he is talking about the mistakes he made as husbands and the he made as husbands and the wives that stood by ( ♪ ) man: you can do this! grab those command picture hanging strips and let's make it work. they're tool free and they hold strong. oh, rustic chic! an arrow angled to point at rustic chic. hmm, may i be honest here? let's take that down, damage free, with a stretch, remove... and look: no marks, no mess. like a pro. command. do. no harm.
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back now on saturday morning with a royal story. >> dylan is in the originange r. >> since the announcement of the engagement to prince harry, the world has been falling in love with meghan markle. now to a stop at starbucks, the father of the bride is internet royal-to-be sensation. check out the photo of her dad reading a book. it is called "images of britain." the internet is loving this calling it the ultimate dad move. this tweet is meghan markle's dad reading a picture book of england when his daughter is about to marry in the royal family is me cramming before an exam. nothing more pure than her dad reading more about england. and this is dad and i love it. the spotlight will be on harry and meghan markle next month. after this, dad may steal some
6:48 am
thunder. it is sweet. where do you get your information from? a book. i love he is going the traditional route. >> we like to see that. how about "popstart?" >> first up, jay-z opening up to david letterman. he sat down on the show "my next guest needs no introduction." they spoke about his past and racial injusticinjustice. it was the frank conversation about family. he never used the term infidelity, he talked about the personal family trouble from years ago and jay-z had this response. >> much like you, i have a beautiful wife who is understanding and knew i'm not the worst of what i have done. we did the hard work of going to therapy and, you know, really we love each other. >> jay-z went on to say he is proud of the father and husband that he is today because of all of the work he has done.
6:49 am
moving on to cardi b. she has dominated the hip hop world. now her studio album is finally here. it has both fans and critics going crazy. the album built around the rags-to-riches story. it has one collaboration called "best light" featuring chance the rapper. ♪ i'm the own competition ♪ i told you i'm living my best life ♪ >> and that's all we can play. you can see more of cardi btonigh b tonight. she will be on "saturday night live." >> when so many people are sleeping in line, you think who is performing. >> you can tell. great news for sir elton john fans. some of the biggest pop and country rock artists have come together recording his classics.
6:50 am
because there are too many hits, two tribute albums have been released. revamp features covers by lady gaga and ed sheeran. >> one is pop and one is country. >> you have not gotten to the rock 'n' roll one yet. >> dylan, thank you. we are back aft
6:51 am
6:52 am
♪ i don't want to leave you this morning. i'm sad the show is over today. >> i enjoyed it. >> that does it for us on saturday morning. tomorrow on "sunday today" willie sits down with emily blunt to talk about her new movie. and former attorney general loretta lynch is talking about
6:53 am
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and i )m kira klapper. coming up next, on today in the bay .... a powerful atmospheric weather event has almost pushed out but the aftermath isn )t over yet. good morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kira klapper. coming up, an atmospheric weather event has almost pushed out but it's not over yet. rob mayeda is tracking why some of us can feel the effects unto the weekend. >> plus, power cut off in downtown san francisco, impacting residents and tourists. the reason why weather is not to blame. and a deadly plunge. new this morning a plane goes down over the north bay in washout conditions. we'll tell you what investigators are telling us. as a big storm continues to hit the bay area, we keep you prepared with storm ranger. a one of a kind mobile radar.
6:58 am
>> here's snapshot from the conventional radar. now with storm ranger you get a more accurate look at what's happening in your area. >> live reports every hour and live weather alerts based on your location from the nbc bay area app. at home or on the go. stay prepared during storms with nbc bay area's microclimate weather. right now at 7 o )clocke
6:59 am
7:00 am
look outside on this saturday morning at xxx. things are beginning to clear up... but we are still right now at 7:00, a live look outside this saturday morning. things are beginning to clear up, but we're under a microclimate weather alert as the flood threat continues to loom. while you're sleeping this is what it looked like in daly city. heavy rain powered by the powerful atmospheric weather event pummelled parts of the bay


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