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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 11, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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are still slick at this late hour. and here )s why. another spring storm whipped through the bay area, tonight. and it may not be over just yet. how will it impact your morning commute ? let )s bring in meteorologist rob mayeda who is tracking what )s happening right now. rob has also been tracking
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passing showers. still a chance of a brief downpour. and as we head toward 8:00 tomorrow morning most of the showers could be along the coast and it will be a chilly start. low 40s. we'll let you know if you need the umbrella into the afternoon forecast in our microclimate on comingng up in 12 his h minutes. >> "at r we shall see you then. thank you, rob. rob has been tracking the storm's every move on twitter. a you can follow him. @robma yeda.ras standing room only at ally n hall meeting in oakland tonight. billionaire hedge fund manager and philanthropist tom tsteyer
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trying to rally support to impeach the president. cheryl hurd with what he had to say before the packed house. cheryl. >> reporter: well, a lot of people came out here in the rain to hear what tom steyer had to say. he's in friendly territory in the bay area but one republican is telling me tonight she doesn't believe his tour is about the people. she believes it's about tom steyer. >> i remember when richard nixon was being impeached. it is a long process for the american people. >> a process billionaire hedge fund manager tom steyer is taking on. he's taking his need to impeach campaign to 30 cities across the country. >> we really are talking about getting rid of a lawless reckless and dangerous man putting our democracy at risk. >> republican national committee
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member harmeet dhillon. >> the president is being impeded from achieving his agenda by all these distractions. >> reporter: president trump has a lot of distractions. he's dealing with the international crisis in syriaia, the mueller investigation and the stormy daniels scandal. steyer making his impeachment point right now. >> if that isn't a case for impaefg and removing a dangerous president -- >> his $10 million ad campaign is making the rounds with his commercials. his town halls are going directly to the people. >> if we remove mr. trump, we are not getting nancy pelosi as the new president of the united states. >> dhillon believes steyer is misleading his knowledgers. >> and he appears to be promising young people they can impeach the president by signing on to his petition asks what's going on is he's getting their personal information for a potential future bid for himself.nd >> reporter: in r oaklandem chet hurd, nbc bay area news.when h former nfl star aldon smith
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made a brief court appearance today and remains in jail tonight. we learned that lastblood a fria he showed up at the sheriff's l department to be fitted with an ankle monitor that detects alcohol use his blood alcohol level was .40. that's five times the legal limit. a judge in his domestic violence case had ordered him to stay sober. his attorney is now asking that he be sent to a substance abuse facility. a wrong turn caught on kyraa camera. a new video offvista a car that down a a massive ravine in san l jose. sky ranger over the ascene.bout this happened in the sierra ucky vista open space. t droveve off a dirt road, he cr sliding about 2,000 feet down. luckily the driver after a 2,00 drop was okay. police investigating the cause s of t that. a sad development on the hit-and-run in oakland involvinh young children.e rid oakland police said a 9-year-old girl died and were that crashed happened last night at 35th and pack-ton avenue. an suv hit the car the girl was riding g in. a woman in & two other childrenw
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in the car were also injured. inside the suv ran off, haven't been caught. now to a developing story.. ready, russia. that warning from president trump on twitter today in response to saturday's alleged gas attack in syria.a. russia's response, a threat to shoot down american missiles. ba now the world isre waiting.xpers is it just global gamesmanship or reason to worry about war? nbc bay area's ian gill joins us now with what the experts are a saying. >> reporter: world leaders saying you can't let a chemical attack go unpunished. at the same time warning a esidn strike too big or broadt on sya could provoke a serious conflict. tonight tensions rising over syria. a missile strike appears immine imminent. today president trump feeting get ready russia because they will be coming. nice and new and smart. you shouldn't be partners with a gas-killing animal who kills his people and enjoys it. defense secretary james mattis not ready to say for sure if the syrian regime is behind this
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weekend's deadly chemical weapons attack outside damascus. >> we're still assessing the intelligence, ourselves and our allies. >> reporter: to the white house and other world leaders it's clear, syrian dictator bashar al assad is to blame for yet another horrific poison gas attack on civilians. >> the use of chemical weapons cannot go unchallenged. >> reporter: it was just one year ago the u.s. bombed a syrian air field in retaliation for other chemical attacks. >> so why do more of it and expect the result to be different? >> reporter: professor kashirkarar says since russia backed the regime early on she'd expect the russians to project force if it feels threatened especially if the u.s. applies too much pressure. >> if russia were to suffer a defeat in syria, it wouldn't really affect russian national security as such. however, it would affect the world's perception of what russia is and to what extent ita can exercise its power.on )t >> and russian president .
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vladimir putin saying today he hopes common sense prevails and that they don't take part in twitterr diplomacy. ian cull, nbc bay area news. jerry brown has agreed to yr deploy the national guard to ow border security, but there are some conditions. in a letter to the department of homeland security brown wrote, "let's be crystal clear on the scope of this mission. this will not be a mission to build a new wall. it will not be a mission to round up women and children or a detain peopledy escaping violen and seeking a better life."go ther arizona and texas have already b sent national guard members to thee border. governor brown, though, says hi, troops won't go there. some will be deployed to the ts coast and some other places. the governor is also disputing the president's claim, writing, "there is no massive wave of immigrants pouring into ng california." a very busy day at the rs.. capitol, where it was also rounu 2 for mark zuckerberg. the facebook ceo facing contentious questions before house lawmakers a day after hisg senate grilling about the thome of data for millions of facebook
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users. zuckerberg revealing he was among those hit.her . mark zuckerberg once again facing skeptical lawmakers pushing him on facebook's failure to protect its users' private information. >> it seems as though you turned a blind eye to this, correct? >> congressman, i disagree with that assessment. >> reporter: and pressing him to change facebook's default settings to minimize how much of your personal information is shared. >> congressman, this is a complex issue that i think deserves more than a one-word answer. >> well, again, that's disappointing to me because i think you should make that commitment. >> reporter: and now the billionaire admitting he was one of the 87 million facebook users who unwittingly had personal information harvested by political data firm cambridge analytica. >> was your data included in the data sold to the malicious third parties? your personal data. >> yes. >> reporter: zuckerberg says he agrees with what critics say is overdue, more regulation of the social media network that accesses the personal information of 2 billion users.
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>> the internet is growing in importance around the world in people's lives and i think it is inevitable there will need to be some regulation. >> reporter: but when pressed on the exact type of regulation zuckerberg would not agree to specifics. >> why should americans -- >> reporter: and after two marathon days in the hot seat, the embattled ceo leaving capitol hill with many questions still unanswered. >> they didn't talk enough about what exactly happened and how the decisions were made. mark tended to skitter around about those and saying i didn't know about that, i didn't know about this.ial ceoeo of the company. >> although zuckerberg is done i testifying, this is round one of a longer battle. the cloud of potential regulations still hangs over ng facebook ass lawmakers propose new limits on what they can do with your data. a potential lawsuit is looming for tesla after a bay area man is killed behind the wheel.march the family of walter huang hired a san francisco law firm to explore their legal huang died march 23rd when his a tesla x crashed on highway 101 e
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in mountain view. the car was on autopilot when it drove into a concrete highway so median. the family says ter whotesla's m autopilot feature is defective. huang is survived by his wife n and two small frchildren, a i sa son.nd tesla claims huang wasn't paying attention at the time of the crash and ignored multiple car.ngs from the a north bay bowoman is amone plane crash in t crashe arizona. she was one of six people aboarf that te coursplane.ogan )s it was headed to las vegas from scottsdale monday night. it crashed shortly after takeoff into a golf course. her family remember mariah as the life of the party. >> she loved life and was living it to the absolute fullest. we're really in shock about the whole situation that has c happened. >> peoplntsb investigators are looking into whether that plane was equipped to carry six people. a chilly blast on the way
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tomorrow. those are high temperatures around san jose, only in the upper 50s to near 60s, plus tracking showers and a chance of small hail at times too. details coming up. power o plus, roaring waterfalls, flooded campgrounds. new video from yosemite shows he the power of last week's storms and the mess it left behind.eird plus the navy promised hunter's point would be cleared of its nuclear waste. it didn't happen. now they have another mess on their hands. new information released tonight. the problems are piling
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this week it was revealed the e- p-a has raised new concerns new at 11:00, the problems are piling up. this week it was revealed the epa has raised new concerns about allegedly falsified superfund data at san francisco's hunter's point shipyard. well, tonight the navy hosted a community meeting to share its new cleanup plans. nbc bay area's sergio quintana live at hunter's point tonight. and sergisergio, did the navy a
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the questions about the new information from the epa? >> reporter: terry, this was billed as a community event, but we were told that the navy wasn't going to be answering any of our questions at this event. these unobstructed views of the city are the reason why this land is so valuable, but it's where nuclear reactors on submarines and aircraft carriers were decommissioned, and this area hasn't been properly decontaminated. this evening the navy set up several poster boards illustrating its plans for another clean upand future development of hunter's point. but we saw some clear tension between the navy and local residents. >> i just want to know why i can't have an interview with the local media in this room. >> you can absolutely have an -- >> in this room. >> reporter: the man in the blue blazer is derek robinson, a navy environmental coordinator. he told all local media he wasn't available for on-camera interviews. the man in the blue t-shirt is brian butler, a resident and community organizer. we talked with him outside.
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he's especially concerned about the epa's new findings of allegedly falsified cleanup data. ? 90 be 90% to 97% of the testing data the navy's been basing everything on, that the investors for lennar and five points are basing everything on, is fraudulent. >> reporter: the nbc bay area investigative unit has been following this story for years. the navy admits that its contractor, tetratech, may have falsified up to half of its soil samples. but the new epa information means potentially more alleged fraud and a longer cleanup and a longer delay until 10,000 homes will be built here. residents are losing confidence in the whole process. >> no, this is not going to get cleaned up. they're just going to continue to throw money at a problem. >> reporter: there's a pretty well-organized group of residents out here who have been following the cleanup efforts at hunter's point since the 1990s. they want a voice in the process
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to make sure the navy and its contractors adequately clean up this site before any other homes are built here. reporting live in san francisco, i'm sergio quintana, bay area news. >> sergio, thanks a lot. we have continuously reached out to tetratech. they have declined to comment. if you have a story for our havingive unit call us at 888-996-tips or visit our website, nbc investigate. there you'll also find previous reports on this topic. we have some new information late tonight. we learned one of the mothers who died when an suv plunged off a mendocino cliff sent a text just days before that wreckage was discovered. the friend said she received a message from cheryl hart at 3:00 in the morning. it said she was so sick she might have to go to the hospital. emergency call records show the friend then called the police to report she had not heard from hart in two days. hours later the family's suv was discovered at the bottom of that cliff. a monterey county teacher
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who accidentally fired a gun into a classroom ceiling has resigned. dennis alexander was leading a gun safety demonstration at seaside high. one round struck the ceiling. falling debris injured three students. alexander is also a reserve police officer. the resignation is effective at the end of the school year. he's on administrative leave. well, this student magazine has gone viral. not for the articles but for the unique way it's sending a message with a mock bullet hole that runs right through it. journalism students at palo alto high are trying to get people to talk about guns and gun violence. >> there just shouldn't be a situation where kids have to feel the need to text their parents for the last time, text their family and their friends. >> the student staff of verde magazine say a student artist designed the bullet fracture and then a drill press was used after the magazines were printed to make that piercing. they say whatever your position on the issue is, they just want to get a conversation going before something horrific happens again.
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back to our microclimate weather coverage. we're seeing new video of the pounding that yosemite took in last weekend's storms. you can see bridges almost completely submerged, campgrounds flooded. rangers did close the park on friday and saturday. it reopened sunday but a lot of those areas are still being cleaned up. and quite soggy. and bracing for another batch of bad weather, chain controls in effect on i-80 coming up to the sierra. highway patrol's already reporting some spinouts which close parts of 80. national weather service has issued a winter weather advisory for elevations above 4,000 feet and that should last through tomorrow morning. let's bring in meteorologist rob mayeda. you've been talking about in the last couple of days saying it's going to be a little iffy heading up to tahoe. >> conditions still really rough in the sierra. and chances overnight those conditions will stay through tomorrow morning. we'll show you what we're seeing right now from the resort at squaw creek. it is snowing sideways. got gusty industry up to 40 miles per hour times 12 miles per hour right now, you see it's
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30 there. the cooler air has arrived. and now snow levels beginning to drop closer to 4,000 feet, which interestingly enough will have an impact on our weather during the day tomorrow. not only cooler high temperatures but some showers that may drop and strong hail. for the sierra it's snow we're tracking here. could see another eight to ten inches of snow by mid-morning tomorrow for the bay area, right now things have relatively dried out compared to what we saw earlier this evening. 52 in san francisco, breezy and chilly outside. we'll take you over to dublin where we've got some showers around the tri-valley. 43 degrees. in san jose after the soaking we aw at 8:00 to 9:00, right now 51 and temperatures during the day tomorrow will likely be staying in the 50s for most of the bay area. that was a view of this evening. the main event from 6:30 to about 9:00 and now looking at the scattered showers, which are still moving across the bay, about to drop into san jose and fremont, you can see a pretty good cell approaching 680 in the
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sunol. this is going to be the nature of the way the weather will be shaping up as we did into tomorrow. widely scattered showers. hit and miss from the morning commute but probably we'll see more of those showers along the coast early in the day. also i think the east bay hills, those showers that develop with freezing levels close to 4,000 feet, might involve a little bit of small hail at times. the peak heating of the day, you will see those showers popping up especially in the north bay hills. as the sun begins to set the atmosphere stabilizes and from about 7:00 to this time tomorrow night no more showers in the forecast. how much rain from here? looks like we might see, depending on if you get one of those showers during the afternoon tomorrow, less than a tenth of an inch of rain. so the main rain event is over but you've still got to keep the umbrella on standby for another day tomorrow. and the jacket for the afternoon. look at those temperatures, upper 50s. 60 in san jose. 50s and low 60s for oakland
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toward the tri-valley. plus the wind will make it feel cooler outside. mid 50s around san francisco and north bay temperatures in the 50s and 60s. as you get into friday and saturday we're going to see a warm-up as the seven-day forecast shows at the bottom of the screen. saturday, by the way, looks to be the warmest day for the end of the week. we can't have a dry weekend. sunday clouds spilling spilling on in. w50ekd plans, saturday is just fine but as we head toward sunday evening that looks to be the next chance of rain showing up as he with head toward the beginning of next week. so it will feel more like winter outside. breezy and cooler. passing showers. might see some hail with those showers along the hilltops but then we get a nice break with mid 70s making a comeback but more april showers there to wrap up the weekend too. >> they'll be bringing may flowers. >> a lot of them at this point. >> rob, thanks a lot. up next, by land, sea, and soon to be by air? an out of the box idea from the a's. for their proposed ballpark.
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and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys, kerry washington is here for mad libs theater. plus comedian gad elmaleh. and music from five seconds of summer. it's a great show. do not change the channel. gunpoint. no one was hurt. police bie san ramon police on the lookout for a suspected bank robber. he held up the pacific service credit union at gunpoint. no one has hurt but police believe he may be responsible for other bank robberies. we posted this surveillance on twitter. we'll be back in a moment. weath. how it could impact your weekend plans. and -- nbc bay area responds to a pet owner-- with a big medical bill clawing at her wallet. the way our team came to the rescue. join us tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7.
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there's only one word for the all new together forever-a pixar night time spectacular. ooohhhh. ahhhhhh. okay, maybe two. celebrate friendship and beyond at pixar fest. staring april 13th at disneyland resort.
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uber. the company announced today
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it )s launching "uber rent". it will allow people to rent cars from car owrs need a rental car? soon you may be able to count on uber. the company is launching uber rent. it will allow people to rent their own cars from owners instead of a rental company. there are hourly and daily rates and flexible pickup and drop-off locations. uber rent will launch in san francisco next month. now, our coverage of uber continues on the "today" show. tomorrow you can tune in to see savannah guthd rie's exclusive interview with uber ceo darea ks roe shah. that's just in a few hours on the "today" show. the oakland a's considering a new way for fans to get to the ballpark, a gondola. the team wants to build a new ballpark at jam london square. but oakland city leaders are concerned there's no bart, very little room for parking. zmaz where these would come in, gondolas operating from the 12th street bart station, taking you right over 880, ending up at jack london square. a's fans we talked to say they're in. >> that's an innovative way to do things.
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i know some of the transportation in the past was bart but being able to transport people through gondola, that is new and innovative. >> the a's team leaders are looking at the system at the oakland zoo, which successfully uses a gondola. oakland city leaders say it's too soon to know if it would be a viable option so for now the gondola plan is up in the air. >> ha, ha, ha. well, big game for the a's. and why a warriors star was watching it closely. we'll show you next in sports. at stanford health care, we can now simulate the exact anatomy
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of a patient's brain before surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for seizures. and if we can fix damaged heart valves without open heart surgery, imagine what we can do for an irregular heartbeat, even high blood pressure. if we can use analyze each patient's breast cancer to personalize their treatment, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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playing in la -- the two teams wrapped up their it was a late night for the a's and the dodgers. >> yeah, playing in l.a. the two teams wrapped up their game just after 11:00. the a's had a lot of work to do. oakland dominating on offense. the highlight of the game, right here. yasiel puig almost gets it out of the park. in fact, should have went out of the park for a two-run homer. but thompson makes the amazing grab at the wall, faces the younger brother of warriors star klay thompson. and there's klay. there's klay just watching the game on tv and enjoying every second of it. he posted that on instagram. a's go on to win 16-6. giants and diamondbacks wrapping up their series this afternoon.
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dustin posey with a two-run homer. ties the game at 3. but arizona's goldschmidt hits a deep rbi double to center field. almost got out, didn't quite. arizona goes ahead and they go on to win. final score there, 7-3. live look at the oracle arena where it will be rocking this weekend. the warriors are about to begin their playoff run and we now know who they'll play. san antonio spurs coming to town. warriors swept the spurs in the western conference finals last season on their way to the nba title. this year two teams will face off in that first round. and it is time for playoff hockey as well. the sharks are in anaheim getting ready to start. playoff series against the ducks tomorrow night. tonight san jose city hall was lit up in teal on the eve of game 1. puck drops tomorrow night at 7:30. so get ready to cheer. we'll be back in a moment. )hap.
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bee colonies were destroyed well, the bees are buzzing again at happy hollow park and zoo. bee colonies were destroyed when san jose's coyote creek flooded last year. park volunteers now working to build the colony back up. at one point in its prime it had 20 million bees. thanks to santa clara county and other donors the zoo raised
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enough money to get a new one started. >> all right. so get ready for tomorrow because we're going to have some rain. >> yeah. we're seeing scattered showers moving through the bay area. san francisco, san jose dry but fremont, you've got some right now. 52 degrees. scattered and brief downpours. you could see a little of that for the morning drive. showers one more day. friday, saturday look great. here we go again, sunday evening into monday. another cold system. though again near 4,000 feet. >> okay. make sure you have that umbrella. nice to have you with us today. >> thank you very much, jessica. thanks for joining us. have a great night. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kerry washington, gad elmaleh,


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