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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 16, 2018 3:30am-4:01am PDT

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you can't say for certain that the president of the united states is not compromised by the russians. >> it is stunning, and i wish i wasn't saying it, but it's the truth. >> the fired fbi director versus the sitting president in a war of words with both sides hitting the other where it hurts most. then to motherature's fury seen here ripping the roof off of a house, with more nasty weather on the way. we'll have an update on the health of former first lady barbara bush. today stormy daniels may come face to face with president trump's attorney, michael cohen, in a courtroom. and beyonce's blockbuster performance at coachella still has people talking. "early today" starts right now.
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good to be with you on a monday morning. >> i'm phillip mena. dozens are stranded after a storm dumped more than two feet of rain in 24 hours. it has damaged dozens of homes. a half dozen people have been rescued from flood waters and at least 40 people are stranded in evacuation centers where food and water are running scarce. right now there are no reports of injuries. >> in the mainland in the southeast, powerful storms killed at least two people. a tree collapsed on to a family's rv and nearly tore it in half. it damaged homes and knocked down trees and power lines. more than 100,000 customers across the south's are without power this morning. and in parts of the southeast it looks like winter. the twins were forced to call
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off three straight baseball games after getting more than a foot of snow. it also grounded hundreds of flights and created treacherous road conditions. >> former fbi director james comey is taking aim at donald trump after being fired by hymn in 2016. comey says that he is horriblely unfit to be president. >> the personal that seeing moral equivalence in charlottesville. he lies constantly about matters big and small, that person is not fit to be president of the united states on moral grounds. our president must embodiy respect and adhere to the core values of the country, most importantly being truth. this president is not able to do that. he is morally unfit to be
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president. >> he believes that russia has material that could be used to blackmail mr. trump. >> you can't say for certain that he is not compromised by the russians. >> it is stunning, i wish i wasn't saying it, but it is the truth. it strikes me as unlikely and i could have said with high confidence about any other president, but i can't, it's possible. >> he also gave new insight into his thought process while investigating hillary clinton's e-mails. for more, let's go to tracie potts. >> good morning, in this very long interview that we saw excerpts of, he says the politics that were happening at the time, and the polling suggests that hillary clinton would likely win had an influence on his ninvestigation.
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>> i was operating in a world where hillary clinton was going to beat donald trump. i don't remember spelling it out, but it had to be a factor. she will be president and if i hide this he have be illegitimate when she wins. >> president donald trump called him a slime ball on twitter and says that comey is, he calls him sh slippery james comey, the worst fbi director in history. we also heard from sarah huckabee sanders talking about the comey interview and the fact that he leaked information. >> he is a self admitted leaker. he knew what he was doing. he thought hillary clinton would win and this would give him some
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cover. >> so comey throwing out a lot of allegations, taking a lot of heat for it, too. taking into the context here this interview comes days before his book release tomorrow. >> that book release highly anticipated, thank you. former first lady barbara bush is surrounded by family this morning following a series of recent hospitalizations. they say the 92-year-old has decided not to seek additional treatment and will seek comfort carry been she has been a rock in the face of her failing health. the statement continues that she is worrying not for herself, but her abiding faith for others. she is the wife of george h.w. bush and the mother of george ww bush. and russia could be facing new sanctions.
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assad is expected to be responsible for a chlorine gas attack in damascus. vladimir putin is now warning those strikes could lead to global chaos. bill is in beroute witberuit. >> it is business as usual for assad. his war planes bombing rebel are areas. the u.s. is warning do not use chemical weapons. >> the smoke as cleared and the impact cleared too in new satellite images. president trump repeated that the raid was perfect. this chemical research center perfectly destroyed by 76 missiles, but syria denies it
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produced or used poison gas. >> we developed med sicines at this site, especially to combat cancer, but a defector says there are poison stocks. >> syria can still produce more and use them. the u.s. plans to punish russian companies linked to syria as revealed on "face the nation." >> you will see that russian sanctions will be coming down. sec fair mnuchin will announce them on monday. >> russian troops now in control of the suburb where last week's gas attack killed dozens. the chemical investigators will now investigate there. >> the u.s. threatening the air strikes wills be repeated if
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they strike with gas again. the french president says he persuaded president trump to keep troops in syria after the president say head would withdraw the troops. he said he persuaded the president that he had to stay long term. >> bill neely for us, thank you. let's get over to kelly in moscow, what are you hearing right now about the potential new u.s. sanctions. >> president putin says the risks of global chaos if they strike si yria again. we have heard from the deputy foreign minister that accused the united states of "open economic aggression." the spokes person here said that russia is being penalized simply
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because they're an actor on the global stage, not for anything they necessarily may have done, but of course that is not what n niekki haley said. they targeted those connected with chemical weapons use. she says i think everyone will feel it at this time. the u.s. imposed sanctions on a dozen companies with close ties to president putin. they are already considering counter sap counter sanctions to those sanctions, they are debating it and we will hear more about it. >> kelly, thank you. >> today the country is mourning the loss of ermey. he served in the marines as a staff sergeant and drill instructor before making his
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transition for the big screen. he became known for military roles. >> are you allowed to eat jelly donuts? >> sir, no, sir. >> why not? >> because i am heavy. >> twitter paid their respects with many tweets including this tweet saying he was the real deal. bill is joining us now as a major storm is hitting the northeast. >> yes, it produced a foot of snow in minneapolis, two feet in green bay, and a deadly tornado.
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jumping to the west coast, getting snow in the high elevations of the sierra, nevada range. temperatures are dropping, know along with it, and we will still see it in a widespread area in the next couple days. still unsettled in the pacific northwest. they will be the highest in the coastline areas of the olympic mountains of washington state p rain showers in many areas. also a shower today in central and northern california. it has been very windy in areas of southern california. high fire danger and other areas coming up. >> we'll hear from you then,
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bill, thank you. >> fastforwarding to monday, the world's oldest marathon will be held day. coming one day after the anniversary of the boston marathon bombings. on sunday, families of the victims laid wreaths at the site of the blast. if you have not filed your action is taxes yet, don't worry you have until tomorrow. and stormy daniels is expected to be in court today. complicated relationship with milk? pour on the lactaid. it's delicious 100% real milk, just without that annoying lactose. mmm, that's good. lactaid. the real milk that doesn't mess with you. and try calcium enriched lactaid. 100% real milk with 20% more calcium. still no lactose.
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eucerin has been solving dry skin problems for over 100 years. discover eucerin advanced repair. it moisturizes dry, itchy rough skin for immediate relief and proven 48 hour moisture. for healthier looking skin, look for eucerin. leading the news this morning, protests broke out at a starbucks where two men were arrested for refusing to leave. starbucks apologized and says they are investigating. >> protestors calling for justice.
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after the arrest of two black men at a starbucks. the police were shown handcuffing the men. when they would not leave after being told they could not use the restroom. >> they were just sitting on their phones and chatting like everyone else in starbucks was. >> they say the officers did not do anything wrong. they followed policy. >> the men who don't want to be identified by name were held in custody for eight hours before they were released. their defense lawyer saying it was not about the law, it is about bias. >> a lot of people are saying this issue is about race. do you think it would have happened if their clients were not black.
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what's the 911 call you're never going to hear. two there are two white women in here and they want to use the bathroom but they didn't order coffee. >> we own the situation, we are responsible for the situation. and we will take accountability for the necessary changes. >> many on social media are calling this a clear cut case of racism. >> thank you, morgan, nar report. >> starbucks says the manager that called police is no longer working at that store. >> the biggest gathering of rockstars over the weekend. and how will wall street react to the missile strikes in syria? your report is next.
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case you missed it, the 33rd class was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in cleveland on sunday, it included the moody blues, the cars, dire straights, and jon bon jovi. >> that was a richy sambora and
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jovi reunion on stage there. investors anxiously await the opening on wall street today after the strikes on syria and the additional u.s. sanctions on russia. good morning, jackie. >> while the markets were concerned about this prolonged campaign in syria, but futures moved higher this morning as they moved airstrikes as a contained attack. but oil prices were significantly lower this morning while syria is not a major oil producer, it puts markets on edge. meantime, customers could start paying sales tax on all online
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retailers, tomorrow the supreme court will reconsider this rule. >> and drugstores are making it easier to empty your medicine cap nit. they are installing hundreds of drug disposal units allowing them to get rid of left over prescriptions in their stores. the supply chain has come under for for fuelling the opioid crisis. >> coming up, can you guess what a big portion of president trump's reelection campaign funds are being spent on? and a massive egg recall to tell you about. but the challenge remains the same. and the generation may be different, but the color needs to endure. and the toughest stains come with their own rewards. we've re-engineered tide because no matter what life
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bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty the quicker picker upper. zlrchltt one one of the stories of the day is the high wind. we have a fire danger, a huge risk, a critical risk area of 12 million people that extends all of the way up into areas like wyoming. palm springs, you get winds up to the 45 miles per hour area. by the time we get to tuesday, it kicks into the plains. >> thank you, bill, just ahead fans pay tribute to jackie robinson and beyonce makes history at coachella.
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an attorney for president trump is asking for access to files seized by the fbi last week to determine what material is privileged. they called the raid disquieting. she saying the atmosphere aren't the case makes it unreasonable for prosecutors to assess what materials must be kept private. a judge didn't immediately rule on the request, but cohen is expected at a hearing later today. a cordiccording to a recent federal filing, over 20 pact of trump's reelection campaign has been sent on legal fees.
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they have pent $3.9 million. major league baseball celebrated jackie robinson day. a foundation scholar through out the first pitch. he broke the baseball color bar your. and colin kaepernick shared a quote from him. i cannot sing and stand for the anthem. first a recall involving more than 200 million eggs of salmonella fears. the fbi is disclosing the largest recall of eggings since 2010. following a outbreak in several states. investigators tie it to an egg farm in north carolina and trace distribution to nine states.
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health officials are warning that people in 11 states have been sickened by chocked romaine lettuce. consumers are advised to avoid eating lettuce they may have been contaminated. >> she came, she saw, and she slayed. >> after cancelling year, beyonce set the stage on fire. she gave us a taste of southern flavor by paying homage to historically black colleges. the performance immediately caused a flood of tweets from people who were amazed at what they were seeing. to top it off, the brought out
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the former group, destiny's child, her sister, and jay-z. thank you for watching
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i was operating in a world where hillary clinton was going to beat donald trump. >> james comey is a self-admitted leaker. the guy knew exactly what he was doing. he thought hillary clinton would win and he thought that this would give him some cover. >> fired fbi director james comey' revelations are out and the white house hits back with ferocious rebukes. >> over 1500 flights already delayed today. tornado damage in the south including at least one death and fires in the midwest. nature's fury on full alert today. >> new details on 92-year-old former first lady barbara bush's health. >> outrage is growing over the arrest of two black men at a philly starbucks. the police chief is now speaking out. >> more fire works expected from the kremlin t


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