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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 16, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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is coming. >> and it just makes it harder to get out of bed on a monday morning. it's rainy and cool and we're going to see times of rain not only this morning but off and on throughout the day and also watching out for storms. here's a look at the wider view and satellite. we've snow coming down in the sierra and for the bay area, the waves of rain coming through after the cold front moves through yesterday evening and it's going to be chilly with breezy winds tracking this rain for you. seeing the rain come into bodexbo -- bodega bay, there are showers and he wanted to give you a head's up of when the wet weather will move in. 14 minutes and about 24 minutes in arinne da. watching for the rain as it continues to move east and showers around alam rock. mike, still tracking that possible traffic break. >> i am north of the golden gate bridge. here's the golden gate bridge where the radar says it should
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continue for a short time. you also see headlights now coming southbound and traffic is at least flowing across the bridge getting down, chp keeps talking about a traffic break and clear being vehicles from a crash on the shoulder and also blocking two right lanes southbound 101 at spencer. there's the radar in san francisco, over in the tri-valley. no major problems, tracking the altamont. back to you. >> mike, also new this morning, one person hurt after a car crash that damaged two homes. this is brand-new video into our newsroom. you see the damage there. it happened after 2:00 a.m. at slope boulevard and 37th avenue in san francisco. police say one person in that car needed treatment and we don't know what led up to the crash. >> continuing coverage for you right now on that interview everyone is talking about this morning. fired fbi director james comey sits down to answer questions about the clinton e-mail probe
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in his one on one meet being with president trump. tra tracie potts has reaction on the war of words. a lot of people talking about this one. >> reporter: including president trump who tweets that comey is a slimeball, that's the word he used. comey on other hand says that president trump is morally unfit for the job. >> president trump's a liar? >> yes. >> former fbi director james comey on abc last night about his firing. >> i thought it's crazy to fire me. >> comey says he publicly closed the clinton e-mail investigation because he thought his boss attorney general loretta lynch was not credible. >> i have to step away from her and show the american people the fbi's work separately. >> give me a break. the guy knew exactly what he was doing. he thought hillary clinton would win and thought this would give him some cover. >> comey expressed concern about connecting the anthony weiner sexting scandal to clinton e-mails just days before the
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election. >> the whole lot of me was thinking, oh, my god, did we have some role in this? did we have some impact on the election? >> behind closed doors, comey insists president trump demanded loyalty. >> and i just stared at him and had this little narrative with myself inside saying don't you move, don't you dare move. don't even blink. >> and pressured him to stop investigating former national security adviser michael flynn. >> if he didn't know he was doing something improper, why did he kick out the attorney general and the vice president of the united states and leaders of the intelligence community. >> president trump calls comey a slimeball for making decisions based on a likely clinton win and tweets slippery james comey will go down as the worst fbi director in history. in a statement the head of the republican party says comey has no credibility and should have been fired. now, we have heard a lot from james comey and heard some from
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president trump. comey by the way that interview also said that he believes russia probably doesn't but may have something on president trump that they can use as blackmail. it's something that has come up as part of this entire investigation. live from washington, i'm traci potts, back to you. >> something that will keep us all talked. >> we posted a link on our twitter feed nbc bay area. i'll retweet that as well. scott mcgrew will join us in a moment bringing us more analysis coming up at 5:45. continuing coverage for you right now at 5:04. today the u.s. is set to announce new economic sanctions against russia. nikki haley, the ambassador to the united nations sees that the move is punishment for enabling the syrian government. just this morning we learned that russia is blocking attempts by security council to investigate recent actions. the white house says syria still
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has chemical weapons over the weekend and the u.s. struck sear syrian targets with missiles. back here at home, crime concerns as shots are fired on the streets of downtown mountain view during a violent attempted kidnapping. police say it happened on the street early saturday morning as bars were letting out. anser hassan is live to tell us more. overnight we understand you've been sifting through crime reports for the area. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, good morning, right now it's quiet out here but downtown mountain view is very busy with these shops and restaurants, very popular with families just packed on the weekends. this woman says the two suspects tried to push her into their car at one point threatening her with a gun. the mountain view police arrested these two, 19-year-old walt era mir ez and guillermo
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president. she was walking behind one of the restaurants around 2:00 a.m. on sunday when the men approached her. police say the suspects tried to push her into their car but she fought back screaming out for help. two of her friends rushed over and that's when one of the suspects pulled out a gun. police say at that point the two suspects decided to back down and took off firing shots as they sped away. i checked with mountain view crime reports this morning and there have been 14 incidents here in the downtown, just over the past two weeks. most were car break-ins so the attempted kidnapping and shooting has many people shaken up. >> it's very populated. a lot of people it's happening, it's a good place to be on a saturday night but that's a little scary. >> but then you go in the back and there was -- any -- anybody can hide anywhere. i would definitely not walk around there at 2:00. >> reporter: although the two men are in custody, the investigation continues.
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they searched their homes and found ammunition and a taser. reporting liver in mountain view anser hassan, "today in the bay." a developing story this morning at 5:07. students at snow elementary school in napa will return to class today. this after a woman's body was discovered on campus. a police department posted these pictures you're about to see right here, this was on facebook. the napa valley unified school district says there were no school events when that body was found. police are now working to identify the woman. officers say that there's no threat to students or public. >> and unresolved criminal case may return to the headlines today as real estate heir robert durs the is back in court. three years ago authorities arrested him in the death of susan berman in 2000. prosecutors say berman may have known too much about the unsolved death of durst's first wife. a documentary that aired gave prosecutors new evidence, including what seemed like a
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recorded confession. the judge in this hearing will determine if there is enough evidence to take that case to trial. >> happening today, we'll get an update on efforts to stop prescription drug abuse in the south bay. california's attorney general will join san jose's mayor and other santa clara county leaders, national prescription drug takeback day is a week from saturday. >> starting today anyone with a bike will board first at the caltrains station, part of a pilot program to eliminate the boarding delays. >> happening now, i-80 is now back open for drivers heading to the sierra. this is a live look at the interstate right now. that region has been getting fresh snow and there were several crashes on sunday, prompting the closure and at certain points that weather was so bad that people could not even ski. >> snowing really hard, couldn't see in front of you. >> started going out about three miles in and got windy so i decided to turn around. i'm glad i did.
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it was a little much. >> you know it's bad when the snow prevents you from skiing. so kari, a lot of people have been talking about this. you've been telling us that this snow not over at all. >> it's still coming down and we're looking at the possibility of about a foot of snow and some of those higher elevations. as you're making plans to possibly head there for today, bring the tire chains and make sure you have a lot of time to get there. we're also seeing rain across the bay area, some spotty showers moving through and wanted to take you throughout the day. you can see what to expect and what the radar may look like. shows pretty good coverage and snow coming down on mt. hamilton. the north bay peaks above 3,000 feet, we're going to see that snow and also the potential of a few thunderstorms that could bring us lightning along with some small hail for the afternoon. i'll be tracking that and mike is tracking the crash that's been cleared from marin county. >> the slowing on southbound 101 may remain for a couple of
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minutes but the crash at spencer avenue just before you get down towards the approach and golden great bridge has been cleared. we see radar activity a little bit around the golden gate bridge area and here near the altamont pass where the traffic is starting to build out of tracey, no big surprises, may be complicated a bit by slicker roads so we're tracking that. this crash right there, that is due to a disabled vehicle and in the hov lanes, should be clear from sunol out of pleasanton and no major problems but we do show you that the slick roadways are still resulting in the water kicking up on the windshield. this is 580 near the overpass. >> here on the east shore freeway, a nice drive towards the berkeley curve. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:10. coming up, a marathon to remember today as runners race to the finish line, the way people are honoring the victims of the boston mare tathon bombi
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five years later. a lot more until nars after a successful -- >> the more you went through, the more you can empathize. >> sometimes the best medicine comes in all fours the canine helping california burn victims and his unique connection to his patients.
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it's 5:13, the rain stopping
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for now but the roads are still wet as you get ready to head out the door. we're going to have some chilly temperatures as we go to willow glen, 50 degrees through 9:00, off and on rain throughout today and normally we're at 69 degrees but we're not even going to be close today. we'll talk about the cool weather and rain and also a chance of storms for this afternoon coming up in less than five minutes. >> drive times are great heading towards the maze and bay bridge right now. watch for slicker roadways and we're looking at the rest of the east bay drive coming through the tri-valley, no major problems right now. i'll show you the map. >> and it's 5:14 on your monday. stocks get back to work today. all of these numbers were before the strike on syria. we'll see what if any effect that has this morning. starbucks in the news, stick around for that. zuora had first full day of trading on friday and continues to climb after a successful ipo.
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there's a new appetite for companies to go public after a bit of a dry spell last year. uber will hit the markets at some point as an ipo later next year probably. lyft has been talk being to bankers, it's been good for ipos. the biggest so far this year is a company out of san jose. the guy who created that company created six silicon valley startups, the first at the kitchen table alongside his wife. 70 employees at that the first startup became manaillionaires. the supreme court will consider online sales tax to decide whether online stores that don't have a presence in a state should still have to charge sales tax. amazon started collecting that tax regardless or whether or not it's located in a particular state. comcast says it will start bundling netflix with its cable offering. you still have to pay for netflix but the price will be
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included in your cable bill the way hbo is or sports package is. we should point out the tv station owned by comcast. they are not being specific how much they are going to charge. >> >> so they are making money off of it? >> no, it's more likely paying a netflix or comcast bill every month it will just be -- but i'm hoping that netflix bill might be a little less. not been specific but hoping. >> i thought you were going to say it's included since -- >> it's included. >> good a good rate. thanks, 5:16 right now, happening today, president trump's personal attorney set to testify in federal court in new york. michael couhen expected to answr questions. we expect stormy daniels to be in the courtroom. authorities raided cohen's home and office last week. >> developing now, we're watching the health of barbara bush this morning, this after a
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family reads a statement saying she's not doing well and will not seek further treatment. the wife of former president george h.w. bush dealt with a series of recent hospitalizations, she's 92 years old and said to be suffering from respiratory and heart problems. her granddaughter, "today" show contributor jenna bush hager became emotional talking about her grandmother and grandfather on this morning's show. >> i think the fact that they are today in this and he still says i love you, barbie every night, it's pretty remarkable. >> the family says mrs. bush will spend her time focusing on comfort care after she and loved ones consulted with doctors. the boston marathon starts in about 20 minutes now, most runners no doubt will face an extra challenge. >> it's cold, rainy and windy there but for many at today's race, they will have extra meaning when they run today because it marks the five years since that bombing killed three
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people. remembering those victims five years to the moment first bomb exploded. the mayor says that attack helped unite the city. >> we claim the finish line, boston has emerged with a new strength, a resilience in love. >> despite the challenging weather, tens of thousands are still expected to attend. >> all new this morning, not just an uncle anymore. that's the hash tag after john staple os reveals he's now a father. his wife gave birth to a baby boy. they are naming his billy after stamos' father. he was famous uncle jesse on "full house" which took place in san francisco. a wet one out there. >> if you're walking by the painted ladies today, make sure that you have your umbrella and it's going to be one of those days. it rains and the sun comes out and it rains again and i'm also watching out for a chance of storms. as we get a look at what's
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happening out there, we're going to see some spotty showers on the radar and a cool start but as we get a live look in san jose, we're see wet streets and seven-day forecast for the south bay coming up at the bottom of the screen. come over and take a look. you'll see big changes on the way after we go throughout the week. rain throughout the morning and some breezy winds once again, it's only 49 degrees and there will be a chance of spotty storms today with small hail and then above 3,000 feet some of our bay area hills will have snow as we go into this afternoon. by tomorrow, it's all clear but it will still be cool out there. as we get a look at the highs today up to 57 degrees in morgan hill and 58 in downtown san jose, and 58 degrees in walnut creek, also 58 in oakland for the coast only 55 degrees there and half moon bay and 56 in palo alto. 55 in the mission district and north bay up to 58 degrees.
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now our highest chance of storms will be in the north bay, also for the east bay but could be anywhere as we have seen waves of showers moving threw. as i get a look what's happening around ukia, a wintry mix of snow and we're going to see some snow capped hills once again. we also have rain that will be moving into santa rosa within the next few minutes, give it another 15 minutes before we start to see the showers there. and also seeing rain going through the altamont pass. that may slow things down even more. looking at times of showers and even as we go into this afternoon, still not much of a change behind the cold front that moved through yesterday. we have a very cool and unstable air mass that could trigger a few storms as we go throughout the day and that sierra snow will continue into tonight before that tapers off. your 7-day forecast, another quick wave of rain for san francisco and for wednesday night and also the rest of the bay area. look at the weekend, it warms up quite a bit with sunshine.
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mike is tracking those slick roads. >> that's right, just that note, actively raining, you might have slicker roadways and that green shows you the weather data translating to roadway conditions still really over in the tri-valley where even the radar activity will show you there's some going on over there, moving in the altamont as kari talked about. we're looking at the rain having traveled through highway 17. highway 1 was an issue for the past few minutes and moving over through highway 101. no major problems where the radar shows the activity and typically see that. here's san jose 101, a nice drive here. sheen on the roadway. this is the first burst of traffic we typically see then it clears up over the next 20. over here at oakland, nice drive as well past the coliseum, high street into downtown without major delays. in fact 885 and getting nicely towards the bay bridge and off in the east shore, the richmond to san rafael bridge from the
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richmond side, you see an easy traffic flow. back to you. >> thanks so much. it's 5:21, demanding action on a legal dumping. the move city leaders could take that could make east bay streets cleaner. >> and you may have noticed that mike inouye is not wearing his wedding ring. don't worry, mike tells us about it, basketball injury there. look at that finger, can't put a ring on that. join our conversation. demanding
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dumping. 5:25, happening today, demanding action on illegal dumping. hundreds of people are expected to protest the issue in oakland. the residents say garbage is regularly dumped in the neighborhoods and they want the city to do more to clean up the trash. the community and city leaders will gather for a meeting tonight at 6:00 at the saint anthony school gym on east 15th street. >> it is 5:25. all new this morning, electric buses hit the streets of marin county this summer and that's the word from the marin -- this morning. the county transit agency said it will buy two battery powered bases and the fleet has hybrid buses frm t. it is a push to use only emission free vehicles by the year 2040. a popular internet browser has a new privacy feature. firefox is making tracking
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protection the default for ipad and iphone users, that means websites can't track your activity or capture your personal data unless you specifically opt in. one southern california hospital adding a new member to its staff, a burn survivor on the path to healing. >> a golden retriever doctors hope can help make the connection with survivors of the usd medical burn unit. this is actually his first visit to with a patient. the doctors and nurses call him a perfect prescription by the way, he made an immediate connection there. and he was found as a stray. severely burned three years ago and there were actually thousands of requests to adopt him. the lucky couple that got him decided to train him to become a therapy dog. >> 5:26, coming up next on "today in the bay," first the protest, now the explanation over police encounter that's gone viral.
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>> the fallout continues for starbucks this morning. the brand-new apology from the coup company's ceo. warriors playoff run continues as the a's take on the white sox. traffic nightmare you need to look out for coming up. a soggy .
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a live look in san mateo and at our radar this morning. good morning as we start out this workweek on a stogy start. live look in san mateo at the
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radar this morning. you can see right there that ir rain coming in. that will make your commute a wet one for you. get ready. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. let's check the forecast with kari. >> if you were out yesterday afternoon, you were enjoying the sunshine and then suddenly the sky got dark and it looks like it was going to storm. that was a cold front moving through and now we have a disturbance a little bit higher in the atmosphere and mixing in the cold air and it's giving us spotty showers along with a chance of thunderstorms. seeing a lot of lightning offshore hasn't quite made it into the bay area but we'll have that chance today and also picking up on heavier rain about to move into santa rosa within the next ten minutes. roads are going to get wet on the stretch of 101 and tracking the rain moving across san francisco over towards walnut creek within the next 12 minutes and over towards antioch.
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you've got a little team before the rain moves in across the delta but i'm going to be tracking this rain throughout the day and taking a look towards the weekend, mike, you have a couple of issues getting into san francisco. >> i was going to tell you two and now we have three. i'm going to take weather into account as we always do. look we have the weather data, damp roadways and even wet over here for 580 out of the altamont and towards livermore. a new crash getting into san francisco, north 101, you see the slowing as you approach 280. the radar showing another issue and rain traveling across the bay bridge and we've seen it hovering around the area for a few minutes and live look shows you both the rain falling down on the shot as well as the backup because the metering lights are turned on. both things happening at the same time. farther out we're looking towards the altamont, dublin area where the watt still kicks up off the roadway. back to you, marcus. >> thanks, mike. 5:31, breaking news to tell you
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about, seven inmates dead and 17 more hurt in south carolina. you're looking live at the lead correctional institute, a maximum security prison. officials are only calling this inmate altercations. these are photos posted to twitter by lead county fire. no word on exactly what happened. >> breaking news in even contra costa county where witnesses tell us there was an early morning shooting. this video just in the newsroom. deputies still scouring the neighborhood. this is at mir ra poes is a and california street, just two blocks from south san pablo avenue. we do know at least one person was air lifted to a hospital in walnut creek. we asked for more details but so far not revealing any information. >> it is 5:31. starbucks in hot water this morning. overnight the ceo of the company issued a video apology. this as people are pushing for
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answers after a controversial video surfaced showing two african-american men being taken out of the philadelphia starbucks in handcuffs. today in the bay live at the local starbucks in walnut creek with reaction from customers i understand you talked to there and words from the ceo. >> reporter: and the people i've spoke with out here this morning said they are relieved to hear there is an apology from the ceo of starbucks this morning. it came late last night. the company's ceo issued that apology stating among other things that quote, starbucks stands firmly against discrimination or racial profiling. that video though had a lot of people talking as it made the social media and cable news rounds saturday and sunday. the two men talking with officers in what looked like a calm discussion, some of the other customers spoke up and demanded to know why the two were being arrested for doing what lots of people do at starbucks every day, hang out
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and wait for friends or work away at their laptops sometimes for hours. that's what seemed to spark most of the outrage over the weekend. again, with people i talked to this morning, they are worried about racial profiling. >> we can't hang out nowhere. if we hang out it looks like we're doing something. >> it's hard to say because i wasn't there but i do think people are definitely profiled all the time in ways we probably don't even know. >> reporter: now the two men were released because the philadelphia police department determined there was no crime committed. starbucks ceo kevin johnson said the video was hard for him to watch. the company will train employees on issues of respect and dignity about when it's appropriate to call police. that's something that the people we talk to out here again this morning said they would like to see more training. it sounds like starbucks is doing that and said it would also be interested if the ceo follows up on another part of that apology and that is to meet those two men in person and
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apologize to them face to face. we're live in walnut creek, thom jenson, "today in the bay." 49ers offseason work outprogram begins today but one of the team's rising stars is being told to keep his distance, at least for now. ruben foster will not be allowed to participate. last week foster was officially charged in a domestic violence case. prosecutors say he beat his girlfriend. the team released a statement saying foster will not participate in team activities while he deals with this case. a search for a shooting on a freeway this worth. on saturday night someone open fire on 580 in richmond, forcing police to close all eastbound lanes near central avenue. chp officer who was conducting a traffic stop at the time actually witnessed the shooting. officers say the suspect fired more than 20 shots. a ford sedan was hit but no one was injured.
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5:35, happening today. san francisco leaders will take a closer look at new regulations for minmy motorized rental scooters. three companies operate the app. they leave the bikes wherever they end their ride but critics say they are often being left in the way. >> one of the scooters or anything else is blocking the lane of traffic. if it's lying on the sidewalk and presents a potential tripping hazard, public safety hazard -- >> city leaders also say helmet regulations needs to be tightened. and happening tonight, it will be a busy sports day in the bay area. taking a live look from oracle arena and coliseum on the left and your right. this is a live look. a lot going on. warriors and a's and sharks all have games tonight. and in oakland the warriors will host the spurs in game two of the playoff run while the a's take on the chicago white sox. and after a run ending to the regular season, warriors look
5:37 am
like the champions that we have are all used to seeing. they dominated san antonio on saturday despite playing without steph curry, they cruise to a 21-point win. and they are actually looking to build on that victory tonight. >> obviously respect our opponent and who we play, but we can -- we can dictate a lot of the game by the way -- how we approach it. it should be about how we come in every single day as individuals. >> and you are urged to take mass transit if you're planning to go to either of those games tonight. >> tonight in the south bay, it's all about team teal, the sharks are back on home ice in the playoff series against anaheim. pete suratos is live inside the shark tank with what to expect during tonight's game. hopefully we can expect a win. excitement building this morning, pete. >> reporter: yes, good morning to you, laura and marcus, plenty of excitement. i was just asking my photographer if this was teal, close enough, before tonight's
5:38 am
home playoff game against the anaheim ducks up 2-0 in the playoff series. i want to show you when fans come here tonight into the shark tank they are going to get this cool duck hunt #duckhunt towel, for my old school nintendo fans and light show taking place at 7:20. they'll put this on your wrist and pull down on the arrow and there's going to be a cool light show happening around this area. so it will be fun times here at the shark tank for the game. i want to show you what's happening around the city. a lot of excitement, we have pictures of the city getting in on the action for the sharks playoff run. you have downtown city hall at the rotunda, lit up in teal. also teal lighting on the garden theater marquis. you see there in that picture and sharkses jersey banners. a lot of excitement for the latest playoff run. i had a chance to speak to the team president not too long ago
5:39 am
about the excitement around the city for the sharks 13th playoff run in 14 years. >> san pedro market is let's it with sharks banners and the city gets behind it. they are more than a hockey team, we're san jose. our fans in the city connect with the team because we use san jose in our name. and the city gets behind us and sports the team. this generates excitement and fans are excited and city is excited and we're ready to go. >> reporter: as far as what's happening today and wednesday, there's going to be shark street rallies right outside sap center on autumn street between sane at a clara and st. john. happening between 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. you'll have a dj out there and inflatable shark head for photo ops and face painters and slapshot booth and plenty more. that's 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. game time is at 7:30 p.m. another cool thing they'll be doing is a playoff mode on march. it's going to happen at 5:00 p.m.
5:40 am
you'll have fans marching from the square all the way to sap center. similar to soccer games, marching to this area. that's happening about 5:00 p.m. if you're a fan coming to the game, get here early for the light show at 7:20 p.m. we're live at the sap center, peelt suratos for "today in the bay." >> showing the teal pride. it doesn't matter the color you're wearing pete, it's what's in your heart. >> exactly, thank you marcus. >> thanks a lot, pete. >> i'm sure a big parade of enthusiastic fans are walking alongside the traffic won't con jest thin con jest things at all. was that congestion in me? i'm getting choked up thinking about the sharks. right now the south bay not a problem. just that little slowing northbound 101 which we typically see this time of day. thts unusual slowing for north 101 approaching the 280 connector. we do have the lanes of that connector affected at least a lane maybe two blocked right now
5:41 am
by the crash as crews try to clear that towards the interchange with 280 and san francisco and that rain, radar registering across the bay bridge. so be careful. very ceasy drive for 101 by university. >> which is nice, a little break in the rain. at least for the moment. the weekend will be nice again. >> the weekend looks really good. >> yes, we're excited about the weekend. and we start out with rain this morning and before you head out, i want to show the radar showing that rain and heavy downpours approaching santa rosa now, parts of marin and sonoma and raining in san francisco as we head towards the weekend. here's a look at the forecast, something to look forward to, we're going to be up to 70 degrees by the coast and bay at 74 degrees and 80 for the inland areas with sunshine, also very nice on sunday. temperatures just this warm, slightly cooler along the coastline. if you're planning to head to the beach, santa cruz will be in
5:42 am
the upper 60s and mostly sunny skies throughout the weekend. we'll take a look at today's temperature trend and when you might see the rain also the potential of some storms coming up in about three minutes. >> sounds good, thank you very much, qu much. combatting traffic in the east bay but at a coast. the controversy surrounding a major transportation project now in limbo. >> former fbi director james comey speaking out for first time. we'll bring you highlights when "today in the bay" continues.
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it's 5:45 on this monday morning before you head out from san jose, we're seeing some dry weather now but the roads are still wet. and as of sun rises we're about 45 minutes from sunrise now. you can see the clouds and some clearing as well. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds and at time rain dropping through and temperatures only reaching the upper 50s today. we'll talk about the potential of some storms and some low elevation snow for our bay area hills in less than five minutes. i showed you that little slowing through 101 through 680. not a major concern for the travel times, you see more traffic and slowing down the east shore freeway. i'll show you one factor that may be causing an additional slowdown over the next few. thanks, kari and mike. controversy over funding in the east bay. mercury news reports union city may spend $75 million earmarked for a new transit station on a
5:46 am
three-mile road. the price tag for the road is $320 million. there's a vote tomorrow. it comes as the city considers declaring a fiscal emergency and may raise taxes to cover basic city services. new this morning, palo alto voters are luke warm about possible tax measures to boost city revenues. the weekly reports a new survey commissioned by the city finds two-thirds of voters would support a hotel tax hike but support for -- lower for the new parcel tax or sales tax. 5:46, former fbi director james comey broke his silence last night. scott mcgrew joins us now. highlights of the interview. >> let's be up front about comey's motive, he has a book coming out, he's promoting it. he sat down with george stephanopoulos. one of the first questions for mr. comey, does the former fbi director think the president is competent?
5:47 am
>> i don't buy the stuff about him being mentally incompetent or early stages of nkmen that, he's above average intelligence tracking what's going on. i don't think he's mentally unfit to be president, i think he's morally unfit to be president. >> his concern that the trump administration is doing little to stop russian interference. it was only recently president trump acknowledged the russians interfered with our elections. >> no one to my recollection asked what's coming next from the russians, how might we stop it? what's the future look like. it was none of that. it was all what can we say about what they did and how it affect the election we just had. >> comey may have -- what he says is backed up by dozens of current and former intelligence leaders, we're doing little to nothing to stop future attacks on our elections. brand-new this morning, a poll from the wall street journal shows a slight pralty of
5:48 am
americans would prefer led by democrats following the mid-term elections, 13% unsure. donald trump asked a judge to force the fbi to allow his personal loi, michael cohen, to look through evidence seized through cohen's office so he can determine what's protected by attorney-client privilege. the reason they were seized because cohen himself is under investigation. the justice department has a special team that will do that instead. c cohen will be in court today and we understand stormy daniels will be there as well in the audience. we look what the president is tweeting and saying. i'm fascinated by your responses. i read every one. you can find me on twitter, @scottmcgrew. >> at 5:458 right now. happening today, classic car lovers get started on a one of a kind northern california race. those drivers take off this morning from san francisco's knob hill for the annual
5:49 am
california mille. this is a 1,000 mile long four-day rally from the bay area to points north. all cars vintage as you see right there, and pre-date 1960 he is's. drivers head out at 8:30 and kari for any of those drivers with convertibles, they may want to put those up this morning because that rain is not going to be -- >> put the top down. yes, it's going to be raining off and on -- >> that's what i meant, put the top up -- close it. >> put it over. >> because the rain will be off and on. that's the type of weather we'll see, one minute it's sunny and then it rains and you'll see a rainbow come out. we don't even have a chance of storms today and i'm tracking all of this as we get those changes minute by minute. here's a look at what's happening now with rain mostly across the north bay and even seen some snow and some thunderstorms across parts of the central valley, but not yet here in the bay area. ukia seeing rain, some of the
5:50 am
hills as you go above 3,000 feet, seeing some snow this morning. and that will be the potential we'll see even as we go throughout the day, looking at the rain moving through northern marin county and into petaluma and santa rosa with wet roads on 101. also rain returning to san francisco within the next few minutes. we just had this shower crossing the bay and moving towards lafayette within the next seven minutes. walnut creek at 6:05. the rain will come in waves today off and on and then as we go into late morning, early afternoon, some of these cells may produce small hail along with lightning as we're getting colder air mixing in with this disturbance that's a little higher in the atmosphere. with cold air and also a very unstable air mass, i'll be watching out pore the fonl of lightning through the day. i know it's been a while since we had that but all skies will clear out tonight as temperatures reach in the upper 50s for the day.
5:51 am
as you're getting dregsed this morning, you see mostly clear skies in san jose but you make sure that you have that jacket and also the umbrella for today and then we'll clear things out tomorrow. still cool, only 60 degrees in san francisco and another quick round of rain will move in late on wednesday as a cold front sweeps through but then it warms up fairly quickly as we head into the weekend, saturday sunny and 80 degrees. you're still tracking that crash. >> looking next weekend looks great. now the traffic flow looks pretty good. a little rain and wet roadways altamont brushing the south bay a bit. san francisco, that's right, kari, into san francisco, 101 bogs down towards the 280 interchange which is specifically the roadway affected by the crash. tow truck not on the scene and that's the problem. 280 into san francisco is just fine. it's 101 that is the problem getting there. another complication is there's rain pushing over in towards the bay bridge and toll plaza area, complicating things for east shore freeway, the emeryville
5:52 am
camera shows you water hitting the lens and little slowing towards the berkeley curve. i want to show you our friend brian 95123 reported slow traffic in fremont. i for now, thank you brian for let us now, join nbc bay area wazers and we'll share that information as well. >> might get a shout-out on the air from mike. emergency in the air, brand-new video of a hot air balloon full of people coming down quickly. first happening now at 5:52 and oakland, substitute teacher going back to school where he almost lost his life. back in january, mike mets was just about to start his first day of teaching then then suffered a massive heart attack. today he'll return to skyline high thanks to the staff for saving his life. wrestler and "today" show contributor john cena called off his engagement and six-year relationship with a fellow wrestler. cena and nikki bella gotten
5:53 am
gauged a year ago on live television during a wrestling match. he can often be seen on the "today" show as a contributor. more news after this break.
5:54 am
you could save energy by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california.
5:55 am
welcome back on this monday morning. new video to show you just into our newsroom, a hot air balloon
5:56 am
made an emergency landing in southern california. it happened last night in san diego. luckily no one was hurt. police say there was plenty of fuel left and they don't know why the balloon went down. 14 passengers and the operator were on board at the time. the same balloon also made an emergency landing in that area last year. >> six flags discovery kingdom staffers and park goers mourning the death of a beloved sea lion. its 22-year-old male sea lion ky has died. he got sick last week and weren't able to save him. ky was brought to the theme park through the moss landing marine laboratories program. he had a serious shoulder surgery so he couldn't be released back in the wild. new this morning, transgender teens and kids might face an increased risk of mental health problems. that's according to a new study from emeryville. transgender youth have a higher
5:57 am
prefl lance of anxiety and adhd compared to peers. even more worry some was the high frequency of suicidal thoughts and self-harm among transgender teens. happening today, a push to revive the northern california branch of the poor people's campaign. that campaign started 50 years ago with the late civil rights leader dr. martin luther king jr. kevin carter explains how the issues aren't much different than they were 50 years ago. >> back then it was three pillars, which was jobs, justice, jobs and equality. now we have four pillars, we're talking about now poverty, we're talking about systemic racism and we're talking about the economy and ecological devastation. >> the sacramento group has been around for several years but this is the first time it's connected with other civil rights groups on a national
5:58 am
level. >> new video showing blizzard conditions in april. this is the scene in duluth, minnesota, a blizzard warning only expired this morning after snow blanketed the region over the weekend. highs yesterday in the mid-20s and chance of more snow this morning. take a look at this, more wild weather in greensboro, north carolina, a woman captured this video of a tornado yesterday. she and her family were driving along the highway when they learned of a tornado warning in that area and watched one form right in front of them. eventually took an exit off the highway and drove away smartly from the tornado. >> starting today, your credit score could go up, the big three credit agencies will start to exclude certain tax data from credit reports due to the new public record standards. that means credit scores could rise by as much as 30 points for some people. experts say a good credit score is above 700, scores over 760 are considered excellent.
5:59 am
right now at 6:00, former fbi director james comey speaks out. >> he's morally unfit to be president. >> the fallout from the explosive interview and how president trump is responding. plus, breaking overnight, a car slams into two homes in san francisco. the damage left behind this morning. >> and terrifying crime in the south bay. the men behind bars this morning accused of trying to kidnap a woman in a popular downtown area. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> very good monday morning to you, hope you're coming off a great weekend. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. right now we want to go to kari hall, a wet start certainly. >> we've seen the rain off and on this morning and seen some waves of rain through the bay area. all of us are stepping out the door to wet roads and also some rain coming down in spots. as we get a look at it disturbance moving through the cold front, this is a colder
6:00 am
disturbance higher up in the atmosphere and will have the potential to bring us scattered lightning as well and small hail. so far it's looking good. only rain moving through and we've seen it much in the north bay, much of that rain in the north bay and also in san francisco and crossing the bay over over towards oakland. i'm tracking the rain as it moves towards walnut creek within the next five minutes and concord, you've got about 14 minutes before the rain reaches you. i'll be tracking this and what's ahead for the week coming up. mike looking at two crashes for highway 101. >> one you know about getting into san francisco. if not, let me show it to you. the rest of the bay shows an easy drive with the rain having dammened the roadways for 580 and around the maze, be careful around there. northbound 101 at 280, that connector and approach affected by a crash still in lanes. crews cannot clear the two trucks until the right size tow trucks get there. 101 and 292 on the peninsula, there's a crash


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