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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 16, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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disturbance higher up in the atmosphere and will have the potential to bring us scattered lightning as well and small hail. so far it's looking good. only rain moving through and we've seen it much in the north bay, much of that rain in the north bay and also in san francisco and crossing the bay over over towards oakland. i'm tracking the rain as it moves towards walnut creek within the next five minutes and concord, you've got about 14 minutes before the rain reaches you. i'll be tracking this and what's ahead for the week coming up. mike looking at two crashes for highway 101. >> one you know about getting into san francisco. if not, let me show it to you. the rest of the bay shows an easy drive with the rain having dammened the roadways for 580 and around the maze, be careful around there. northbound 101 at 280, that connector and approach affected by a crash still in lanes. crews cannot clear the two trucks until the right size tow trucks get there. 101 and 292 on the peninsula, there's a crash reported near
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the ker the connector. san mateo may be affected again, connector north 101 at 92 and they have a crash working there. oakland, a smooth drive starting to pick up a volume north, tail lights past the coliseum and very busy day over in oakland as well. we'll talk about that coming up. back to you. >> busy day in san francisco as well. one person hurt after a car crashed that damaged two homes. this brand-new video shows the damage there. it happened after 2:00 a.m. at 37th avenue in san francisco. police say one person in the car needed treatment. we don't know what led up to that crash. >> a live look to washington, d.c. this morning where the big focus is the battle between president trump and former fbi director james comey. >> the fired fbi director is speaking out answering questions about the clinton e-mail investigation and his one on one meetings with president trump. tracie potts joins us live in
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washington and how the president is reacting, good morning, tracie. >> reporter: good morning, laura and marcus, disgruntled is what the president calls comby in a tweet and comey saying president trump is morally unfit for the job. >> president trump is a liar? >> yes. >> former fbi director james comey on abc last night about his firing. >> i thought it's crazy to fire me. >> reporter: comey says he publicly closed the clinton e-mail investigation because he thought his boss, attorney general loretta lynch was not credible. >> i have to step away from her and show the american people the fbi work operately. >> give me a break, he knew exactly what he was doing and thought hillary clinton would win and thought this would give him some cover. >> reporter: comey expressed concern about connecting the weiner sexting scandal to clinton e-mails just days before the election. >> a whole lot of me was thinking, oh, my god, did we have some role in this? did we have some impact on the
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election? >> behind closed doors, comey insists president trump demanded loyalty. >> and i just stared at him and had this little narrative with myself inside saying don't you move, don't you dare move. don't even blink. >> and pressured him to stop investigating former national security adviser michael flynn. >> if he didn't know he was doing something improper, why did he kick out the attorney general and vice president of the united states and leaders of the intelligence community? >> president trump calls comey a quote, slimeball quor making decisions based on a likely clinton win and slippery comey will go down as the worst fbi director in the history. comey has no credibility and should have been fired. >> reporter: in that interview, comey also says it's unlikely but it is possible that russia could have something on president trump that could be used for blackmail. marcus and laura?
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>> people will continue to watch and find out what will happen next. thank you so much, tracie. >> we posted a link to the full interview, our handle at nbc bay area and scott mcgrew will bring analysis coming up at 6:45. continuing coverage for you today, the u.s. is set to announce a new economic sanctions against russia. nikki haley says that that move is punishment for enabling the syrian government. and just this morning we've learned that russia is blocking a tempts by the security council to investigate recent actions. the white house says that syria will and still has chemical weapons. over the weekend the u.s. struck syrian targets with missiles. two men facing charges this morning accused of trying to kidnap a woman in the popular downtown area in mountain view. "today in the bay" anser hassan is live with what the woman says happened. it's frightening, i've walked in that area alone before.
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>> reporter: good morning, it's quiet right now but downtown mountain view is very busy with all of the shops and restaurants, very popular with families and packed on the weekend. so this attempted kidnapping and shooting really has a lot of people shaken up. here's what we know now. mountain view were able to arrest these two, 29-year-old guillermo perez and walter ramirez, the woman said she was walking behind one of the restaurants just after 2:00 a.m. on sunday when the men approached her. police say the men tried to grab her and push her into their car. she fought back. she screamed out for help and two of her friends rushed over and that's when one of the men pulled out a gun. police say at that point the two suspects decided to back down but fired off shots as they drove away. we still don't know if the women knew the men or it was random. both were booked in santa clara jail for attempted kidnapping. >> it's very populated and a lot
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of people. it's happening. i mean, just a good place to be on a saturday night but that's a little scary. >> but then you go in the back and there is -- you know, anybody can hide there anywhere. so i would definitely no walk around there 2:00. >> reporter: i checked mountain view crime reports, there have been 14 incidents just in the downtown over the past two weeks. most of those were car break-ins so this attempted kidnapping and shooting really has a lot of people shaken up. mountain view police will continue their investigation. reporting live in mountain view, anser hassan, "today in the bay bay.". >> developing story this morning. students at snow elementary school in napa will return to class today. this is after a woman's body was discovered there on campus. the police department posted these pictures on facebook. the napa valley unified school district says there were no school events when the body was found. police are working to identify
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the woman. officers say there's no threat to students or the public. >> developing now, we're watching the health of barbara bush this morning. after her family released a statement this weekend saying she's not doing well and will not seek further treatment. the wife of former president george h.w. bush and the mother of former president george w. bush dealt with a series of recent hospitalizations. she's 92 years old and said to be suffering from respiratory and heart problems. her granddaughter "today" show contributor jenna bush hager became emotional talking about her grandparents today on the "today" show. >> but i think the fact that they are together in this and he still says i love you barbie every night, it's pretty remarkable. >> the family says mrs. bush will spend her time focusing on comfort care after she and her loved ones consulted with doctors. 6:07, starting today, anyone with a bike will board first at three of caltrains busiest station, mountain view, palo
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alto and redwood city stations. this is part of a pilot program to eliminate boarding delays. it's 6:08. everything is wet, even though rain is not falling all around the bay area. a lot of the rain has been in the north bay from marin to sonoma counties and getting ready to reach into napa county within the next few minutes. i'd give it another 20 minutes before it is moving into napa. we have this little shower just north of oakland, that has fallen apart. we still have rain in san francisco that will be moving off towards the east and off and on rain today and even a few rumbles of thunder and lightning and we may also have some small hail as we go into the afternoon. some low elevation snow for the bay area hills above 3,000 feet but all of this tapers off tonight. i'll break it down a look at today's temperature trend and rain chances for san jose at about four minutes. mike is tracking what's happening in the roads and a slick commute. >> getting crowded out there and slick roadway, do be careful
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folks, there's still schools that do have spring break this week as well. i know about the kids in the south bay. over here towards the approach towards san francisco, that's where we see the unusual traffic pattern, and a lot of slowing approaching the 280 interchange where the crash blocks a couple of lanes. 280 moves very slowly. do consider that if you can choose either route as you come up the peninsula. in the tri valley, look at the west 580 towards the dublin interchange and continuing across the dublin grade with the windy shot here at the top of the screen. as we look at travel times, we talked about a little build but nothing dramatic for north 101 about 680, you see a little slowing, traditional. >> 6:09, wintry conditions this morning in the sierra. we'll take you there live to show the fresh snow still falling this morning. >> it's hot? silicon valley, lots more millionaires as well. >> and we all know him as uncle
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jesse, but new bundle of joy will call him dad. we'll have an update on john st stamos's news baby. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good monday morning, it is 6:12, before you step out the door, grab the umbrella, we have rain coming down in gilroy while san jose now not seeing rain but we have some earlier this
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morning. skies are clearing as the sun rises and it's going to be a cool day, only staying in the mids to upper 50s and off and on showers through late morning into early afternoon. we'll track all of this also what's ahead for the rest of the week with big changes on the way. you don't want to miss the forecast coming up in less than five minutes. >> we're looking at good travel times ut throughout the east bay but starting to build. the east shore freeway at the top of the screen, slowing through oakland. no surprises, same thing for highway 37 at the bottom. here through the north bay. slowing around the island. >> stocks get back to work today. now, all of these numbers were before the strike on syria. we'll see if any effect it has today, starbucks in the news, thom jenson has been covering the controversy. stick around for that. zuora continues to climb after
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the successful ipo. there's a new appetite for companies to go public after a dry spell last year. uber will hit the markets at some point probably next year. lyft has been talking to bankers as well. the biggest ipo of this year so far, a company sout out of san jose zscaler, the guy who created that company created six silicon valley startups the first at the kitchen table alongside his wife. 17 employees at the first start upbecame manage m upbecame million mazairemillion amazon has started collecting sale s tax regardles of whether or not it's located in a particular state. that supreme court case starts tomorrow. netflix reports profits after the closing bell today. comcast will start bundling netflix with its cable offerings and now, you'll still have to pay for netflix but it will be
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included on your cable bill the way that hbo is or a sports package is. we should point out this tv station is owned by comcast. netflix hasn't been specific how much they'll charge, it's possible there will be a discount. another way of netflix gaining subscribers and people who don't understand how to get netflix -- you need an apple tv or roku or something. comcast delivers it through the cable service and it's a way of expanding subscribers. >> can't wait. >> 6:5 right now, the voice goes into live mode starting tonight. this is after weeks of blind awe dids, and battle rounds in the knockouts and 24 contestants will be singing over the next three nights, you want to be in the top 12. all of those singers will perform tonight with america's vote saving one person from each team by the end of the show. contestants say this has been an amazing experience so far. >> never in my wildest dreams
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did i think i would be sitting here saying that i'm top 24 -- >> coming from -- it sounded like 40,000 people initially tried out and now down to 24. it's crazy. >> crazy indeed. congratulations to all of them. tomorrow and wednesday, new performances will be decided. the final two spots for each of those teams. you can watch "the voice" here on nbc bay area tonight at 8:00. you don't want to miss that. after that you can catch an episode of good girls which i'm told is very funny and 10:00 followed by nbc bay area news at 11:00. it is 6:16, a lot of people coming back from a great weekend in tahoe. taking a live look outside. this is the i-80 at castle peak. make out the roadway there. more snow falling in the sierra. all of these storms that we're get being here in the bay area making for a lot of nice white powder. >> yeah. and "today in the bay" is live
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in blue canyon to show us wintry conditions out there. looking nice and warm bundled up. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. yesterday i was out here, classic spring skiing here in a t shirt in the slushy moguls and thrust back into winter here. only at 5,000 feet where chain controls are set up this morning up the road from here, over to truckee at the 5,000 foot elevation, we picked up a couple of inches those that ski or snowboard can take a lot from that. this is litd and fluffy snow at 5,000 feet. a lot of resorts shut down over the weekend but a few were still open. if you have the day off, you might find yourself riding around in powder. otherwise bring the camera because it sure is a beautiful scene. be ready for winter travel. no major problems along interstate 80 but we have chain controls we're expecting those chain controls to stick around for a better part of the day. >> how long have you had that blue canyon newsroom?
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like 20 years i think. always give us that spot. good to see the snow keeps coming down. >> yes, if you're headed that way, a lot of kids are on spring break and we'll have snow throughout the morning. as brian told you, make sure you have the tire chains. let's look at the radar. where we see that sierra snow coming down, also a few thunderstorms and rain moving through the bay area. as we get a live look at squaw creek, such a beautiful sunrise, only 24 degrees. that's why that snow was so light and fluffy and we're looking at some spots above 6,000 feet, about a foot of snow throughout today. that's the really good news. if you're not on spring break, let's get out the door this morning. we're going to see that rain off and on in livermore with a school day forecast. very chilly too, only 45 degrees and reaching into the low 50s today. all of our high temperatures will stay in the 50s for the afternoon. seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, those show warmer
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temperatures on the way. we'll still have to work throughout the showers throughout the day with showers through late morning. we see a pretty good coverage here and if you have the nbc bay area app, you'll be able to track the rain as it moves in. it's going to be off and on and then starting to taper off later on tonight. and in between we may hear rumbles of thunder and small hail and some of these cells that will be moving through. we got this weather picture on facebook from richard gold man of a rainbow yesterday evening. if you see rainbows today and i suspect a lot of people will, make sure you send it to me @ karihall weather and get updates on the forecast. you can see what celebrity i took a picture with over the weekend. as we look at the rest of the forecast, upper 50s and a quick moving shower through wednesday night. the rest of the forecast is all dry after we make it through today and late wednesday. mike, you'll get some -- around some of the slowing you have on the roads. >> thank you for stalling,
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having a little trouble holding my ipad with my busted finger but i got it. no need to cover for the traffic problems in the south bay. this is an easy drive right now, damp roadways in the tlri-valle. 880, here's where the radar activity still kicks in for the north bay. v vallejo and san francisco, seeing slowing. they have cleared the crash and slow getting from 380 towards san francisco and financial district. the green line shows a half hour past the scene of the earlier crash at the 280 connector. the purple line, waze will guide you up saving you ten minutes, very important. join nbc bay area wazers, the team, very important as well. i do want to show you live looks the of berkeley curve and rain droplets are drying off on the camera lens, but keep in mind the damp roadways there. here's san jose the south bay
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shows the easy drive and that's why we have green sensors. back to you. 6:20. coming up next, mid-air skiers startling investigation that found more than 100 serious mechanical incidents during flights on a popular budget airline. >> his $2500 appliance is still under warranty. but the technician and he have to guess around how to fix it. what happens next? i'm consumer investigator chris kmoura, nbc bay area responds next. you may have noticed that mike inouye is not wearing his wedding ring this morning. don't worry, mike actually showed us, take a look at that finger. yeah, got that playing basketball, that injury there. posted on facebook to see it. join in on the conversation, do that with us each and every morning the time is 6:21, you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back, good morning to you. nbc bay area responds to a man who fixed a problem with an appliance on his own and thought the manufacture should extend the warranty in return. >> he returned to our response time team for her. chris is here with the story. >> good morning, winston dye spent $2500 on a ge refrigerator that features a built-in keurig brewing system. the day after delivery he noticed it was leaking and not dispensing hot water as
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advertised. ge sent a technician and that repair man concluded the fridge was missing this tube of some sort. he ordered one. when that technician came back to install the tube he realized there wasn't a tube missing after all. at that point winston said he and the repairman teamed up to guess their way around fixing the problem, working together they shortened the tube and repositioned it and that seemed to correct the problem. now hot water dispenses properly and the leaking stopped. winston was worried that problem might resurface after his warranty expired. he says he tried to raise that issue with ge but got nowhere. he reached out to us for help. we called ge and it extended winston's parts and labor warranty for an additional year. winston said he would not have been able to get that response on his own. ge said it makes quality innovative appliances but if an owner does have an issue, it strives to remedy it to their
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satisfaction. if you have a consumer complaint, call us 888-996-tips on log on to nbcbay area.c it's 6:26, startling allegations against aleej ant air. in a new 60 minutes report, they found 100 incidents of serious mechanical incidents with the budget airline between january of 2016 and october of 2017. this included mid engine failures, smoke and fumes in the cabin and aborted take-offs. nearly 30 prsz of the 99 planes are antiqueated. allegiant said it's proud of its strong safety record and it complies with all mandatory safety regulations. all new this morning, not just an uncle anymore, that's the hash tag john stamos is
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using, his wife gave birth to a baby boy named billy after his father. he rose to fame as uncle jesse on "full house" which took place in san francisco. congratulations to them. it's 6:27, coming up on "today in the bay." the road to the stanley cup final. the sharks return home for game three of the playoffs against anaheim ducks and showing support for the team across the south bay. starbucks under fire after a viral video showing two black men being arrested after refusing to leave a philadelphia location. the new response from the starbucks ceo this morning as people protest against the coffee chain you're watching "today in the bay." we )re tracks
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for the morning right now, 6:30 on your monday morning. we're tracking scattered showers for the morning commute. taking a live look outside from san mateo on this monday morning. >> good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington, let's head over to kari hall, the rain coming in and out of the area throughout the day. >> we had such a beautiful weekend until yesterday afternoon when the cold front started to move in and skies got dark and temperatures dropped fast. today we have another disturbance moving in behind that cold front. this is kind of interacting with some of that cold air, it's a little bit higher in the atmosphere, that disturbance producing scattered showers popping up this morning especially for the north bay. so far haven't seen any lightning strikes for the inland
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areas but we have pockets of heavy rain especially for valle vallejo, moving east. rain for petaluma and moving closer to napa. as we go through the day, high in san francisco, 54 degrees, clear out tomorrow and another quick wave of rain on wednesday. i'm focus on another view of the radar in seven minutes. the big delay is still in san francisco. >> getting into san francisco, north 101. the west of the days in the south bay starting to form as far as any slowing. that's great news for the northbound commute and peninsula looks great until you get up towards 101 approaching third, system slow recovering from an earlier crash and kept the radar on leveraging the fact we have kari's weather system in our traffic tied together and that's where you see more slowing around the approach or approach to the bay bridge. here in the richmond/san rafael bridge, the traffic is just
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starting to build here, we see the damp and wet roadways and that will be a condition as well you have to deal with. slicker roads around the bay. fremont not a real problem right now, there's 880 by the truck scales, back to you. breaking news overnight, seven inmates are dead and 17 others hurt in south carolina. this is a live look at the lee correctional institution which is a maximum security prison. right now officials are only calling this quote inmate altercations. these are photos posted to twitter by lee county fire. no word on exactly what happened. >> 6:32. developing this morning, growing controversy after a viral video surfaced showing two black men being arrested at the starbucks after police say they refused to leave. this morning a lot of people say the employees racially profiled the two men and now the starbucks ceo is responding. thom jenson is live with reaction from the video and this is something we've seen reaction from philadelphia all the way to
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the bay area. >> reporter: people have been reacting all over the place, especially in philadelphia where this happened though. and we do have new video coming in morning from philadelphia, an fbs reporter there inside that starbucks shop where an impromptu protest broke out a short time ago. >> whole lot of racism and whole lot of c -- >> the video got a lot of attention on social media and cable news. two black men speaking calmly with with officers were handcuff and taken away after a manager said they refused to leave. the company's ceo issued an apology overnight stating that starbucks quote, stands firmly against discrimination or racial profiling. two customers we spoke with this morning outside of this starbucks told "today in the bay" it's not a starbucks problem. this is just another sad example of a societali isis issue of ra
6:34 am
and racial profiling. >> we certainly have a long history of racism, but i think for me at least, the overall picture is much bigger. it's a lot more systemic but yeah, there's definitely is i think a fear. >> it's everywhere. every company, every person, it's just stupidity. that's all. >> how do we get past it? >> education, we're all now bad people. >> both of those customers told us starbucks and other companies should do a better job of educating employees and starbucks ceo kevin johnson says the company will do a better job training workers on issues of respect and dignity and about when it's appropriate to call police. back live now, people said that they also hope this the ceo is able to follow up on another part of its apology, to meet both of those men personally and apologize to them face to face and just a short time ago we heard that both of those men
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have accepted that request and will meet with the ceo to receive that apology. we're live in walnut creek, thom jensen, today in the bay. new this morning in eastern contra costa county, witnesses tell us there was an early morning shooting. take a look at this video into our newsroom this mohrm'g, deputies are on the scene scouring the neighborhood. thsz at mare pose sa avenue, we know at least one person was air lifted to the hospital in walnut creek. we asked the contra costa sheriff's office for more details but so far they are not revealing any additional information. 49er offseason work outprogram begins today but one of the rising stars is being told to deep his distance at least for now. linebacker roouben foster will not be allowed to participate. he was officially charged in a domestic violence case. prosecutors say he beat up his
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girlfriend and the team released a statement saying that foster won't participate in team activities while he's dealing with this case. 6:35, it's a busy sports day in the bay area taking a live look from oracle arena and coliseum on your right there -- on your left. on your right is a live look at the sap center in san jose. the warriors and a's and sharks have games ton. in oakland the warriors host the spurs in game two of the playoff run and a's take on the chicago white sox. after a rougheneding to the regular season, the warriors looked like champions we've gotten used to seeing and dominated san antonio saturday playing without steph curry, the warriors cruise to a 21-point win and looking to build on that victory tonight. >> obviously respects our opponent and who we play but we can dictate a lot of game by how we approach it. it should be about how we come in every single day as individuals. >> are you lucky enough to go to
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the games? you're urged to take mass transit if you're planning on going to any of the games tonight. >> as we mentioned, the sharks are playing tonight as well. the team hosts the anaheim ducks in game three of the stanley cup playoffs, right now the sharks are leading series two games to zero. >> got the team teal going this morning. pete suratos had a tough assignment and leave inside the sap center to show us how people across the south bay are showing their sharks spirit. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you laura and marcus, a lot of sharks spirit as we head into the first game, anaheim ducks, one more win -- two more wins after this and they advance to the second round. the city is really getting in on this one. i want to show you what they are doing here at the sap center for the game. look at that, my old school nintendo fans will recognize that, the #duckhunt towels for the fans when show they show up. also a light show at 7:20 p.m.
6:38 am
game time is 7:30. there will be a cool show right before the beginning of the game. we'll show you some of the pictures of the city getting in on the fun. you've got downtown city hall and rotunda lit up in teal as well as the garden theater marquis. that also has teal lighting as well. another cool picture they sent us, you've got the sharks jersey banners hanging over san ped dro street and playoff signs, playoff mode. you see those being placed around 1,000 businesses around the city. now, not too long ago i spoke to john tortora about the excitement around the city as the sharks have their 13th plaf run in 14 years. >> san ped dro market lit up with sharks banners and city gets behind it. we're san jose, our fans and the city connect with the team because we use san jose in our name. and the city gets behind us and
6:39 am
supports the team and this generates excitement. our fans are excited and city is excited and we're ready to go. >> now before tonight's game as well as the game on wednesday before games three and four, you're going to have street rallies for the san jose sharks right in front of sap center between 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., should be a lot of fun. you're going to have a dj, inflatable shark head for photo ops and face painters and plenty more. that should be fun for fans outside of the sap center. also going to be a playoff mode march, fans are going to be marching from san pedro square to the sap center. it's the first time that the sharks have -- very excited about that. game time, there will be a lot of excitement from the fans will take place at 7:30 p.m. we're live in the shark tank, pete suratos, nbc today in the bay. >> sharks are ready. >> not just sharks heading to the playoffs the minor league
6:40 am
teaming the san jose barracuda are going to the playoffs, the team was dead last in the pacific division just a few weeks ago but they won six straight games to qualify for a playoff spot. what a comeback. the team's host the tucson road runners for game one on thursday night at the sap center. the puck drops there at 7:00 p.m. >> a lot of great sports in the bay area. >> that's right. road runners, that was my elementary school -- fierce. looking in the south bay, no fierce traffic, easy drive but because sharks are playing a. lot of folks walking around next to where you buy the tickets at sap center. there will be lots of crowds there, be careful. moving towards the south county, 101, the only slow being we see, maybe damp roadways towards gilroy. no major concern. a live look shows 101 through palo alto. there's an interesting lighter approach on the left and not as light as we approach the weekend
6:41 am
which is monday remember, folks are still easing off. i'm still thinking about the weekend. >> why would you? beautiful weather. looking ahead. >> look forward -- it's going to be nice. it will be nice. warmer temperatures too, it's a cool start this morning and we've had waves of rain moving through. we're still looking at that rain especially for the north bay and some thunderstorms offshore. i'll have to keep an eye on that, also keeping an eye on weekend forecast. come over and take a look, the inland areas will be up to 80 degrees, 74 for the bay and saturday's high for the coast will be 70 degrees. more of the same on sunday at sunshine continues with highs up to 80 degrees for the valleys, if you're thinking of making it a beach weekend, it's going to be nice, upper 60s for santa cruz and mostly sunny skies and for the sierra, this is a live look. that snow is coming down. kirkwood for the weekend will be all clear and starting to warm up. we'll take a look at today's temperature trend and talk more
6:42 am
about that rain in three minutes. >> we'll check in with you. 6:41. coming up next, remembering a legend, the changes coming to sfo to honor the late harvey milk. plus -- >> had to get out of this cage for a while on vacation. be back in a couple weeks. i'll send pictures. >> a flamingo lawn ornment goes on a trip of lifetime after someone stole it from a front yard. a mysterious kidnapping that has people talking. the things you need to know if the missed comey interview. >> the dow opens up -- up about 135. it was up 150 earlier at opening, much higher after a strong bank of america earnings. the time now is 6:42. you're watching "today in the bay." (time check (
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happening today. good monday morning, it is 6:45. the south bay no rain as the radar showing clearing conditions but still wet roads as the sun rises this morning. we'll have another hour and a half of dry weather in campbell before the rain returns at 9:00 this morning and some scattered showers even possibly thunderstorms by 2:00 today. i'm watching out about that and watching out for that and also the cool temperatures that will warm up this week come being up in less than five minutes. >> we're showing you the travel times getting over across the bridges, slower but still smooth across the bay bridge.
6:46 am
dumbarton looks great and tri-valley mild as far as the commute goes. i'll show you something that's counter to the commute coming up. 6:46 right now. happening today an sfo terminal will be renamed after the late city supervisor harvey milk. mark ferrell will sign the bill afs unanimously approved by supervisors two weeks ago. milk was first openly gay ee leked official in california history. he and the mayor george mus koehne were assassinated by former supervisor dan white in 1978. former fbi director james comey broke his silence last night. >> scott mcgrew joins us with more on that interview. >> let's be really straight up front, laura about comey's motive in all of this. he's got a book coming out. he's on book tour and sat down with abc's george stephanopoul s
6:47 am
stephanopoulos. does the former fbi director think the president is competent? >> i don't buy the stuff about him being mentally incompetent or early stages of dementia. he strikes me as a person of above average intelligence tracking conversations and knows what's going on. i don't think he's medically unfit to be president. i think he's morally unfit to be president. >> comey also spoke about his concern that the trump administration is doing very little to stop russian interference. remember it was only very recently that president trump even acknowledged the russians interfered with our elections. >> no one to my recollection asked so what's coming next from the russians, how might we stop it? what's the future look like? there was none of that, it was all we can we say about what they did and how it affects the election we just had. >> comey may have an axe to grind but what he just said is backed up by dozens of current and former intelligence leaders. we are doing very little to nothing to stop future attacks on our elections.
6:48 am
brand-new this morning, a new poll from the wall street journal shows a slight pralty of americans would prefer a congress led by democrats over republicans. 13% not sure. this in the mid-term elections, donald trump has asked a judge to force the fbi to allow him personal lawyer, michael cohen, to look through evidence seized from cohen's office so he can decide what's protected by attorney-client privilege. the problem is the reason cohen's papers were seized in the first place is because cohen himself is under investigation. the justice department says it has a special team that will sort through those papers. he'll be in court today. we understand the adult film actress stephanie cliffords, stormy daniels will be there as well in the audience. we'll tell you all about it in the midday news. we examine the president's tweets and executive orders and speeches every day. i'd like you to follow me on twitter to take the time, @sc t @scottmcgrew. >> 6:48, a stolen lawn ornment
6:49 am
went on an adventure across the country and all kron keled online when someone stole a flamingo orn amount, jokingly in a cage, they left a note, had to get out of this cage for a while. on vacation, be back in a couple of weeks. i'll send pictures. the family was about to replates the flamingo when the old one showed up again. >> he just appeared in his pen again with some seeds and nice that -- >> turns out he visited bryce canyon, and even vegas. the family still has no idea who took him. >> maybe he's just -- >> the flamingos -- >> just flew away. >> very interesting. >> yeah. >> standing on one leg. >> i thought what happens in vegas -- >> only if you post it.
6:50 am
>> got it. >> we're posting the rain and tracking that for you this morning on facebook and also looking at what's going on around the bay area with big changes, only not only this morning but as we go through the week. we're seeing this upper level disturbance moving through. it's back behind the cold front that moved through yesterday. this is interacting with the cold air forcing it to rise into the atmosphere and it's firing off some showers and storms for you this morning that we've seen moving through, kind of off and on as we get a closer look and been watching this cell across the bay and moving into oakland and it's been producing some small hail, hail size of about a quarter inch, a little larger. that will be of concern as it continues to move through with very heavy rain. as it moves off to the east, it will be moving into oakland within the next five minutes, and danville at about 7:24. so a lot to track here as we've
6:51 am
seen, also some lightning just offshore, approaching the coast but it's still about 30 to 40 miles away. off and on rain as we go into this afternoon, with low elevation snow possible for our hills above 3,000 feet and we will have a chance of storms as we go into late morning into afternoon with the sierra snow still coming down. as we get a look at our high temperatures, staying in the 50s and it's a day that we do need the umbrella and also a coat. your what to wear forecast gets you prepared for the day. you're focused on what's happening in the east bay. >> one of those reasons is what you showed weatherwise. we have the radar popped up here, the one kari and i share in the system, showing you the roadway index is not a problem. damp roadways but we're okay. a south bay shows a tiny build, same thing for the san mateo bridge. we're watching for the effects if any on traffic but right now the biggest effect is this crash counter commute eastbound 880 at
6:52 am
carlson, center divide distracting the westbound commute as well. no problems as far as 101 through this area. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up next here on "today in the bay," a look at the top stories, new this morning a car crashed into two homes in san francisco overnight and damage left behind this morning. >> first happening now at 6:52, oakland substitute teacher is going back to school where he almost lost his life. back in january, mike metz was about to start first day of teaching but suffered a heart attack. he'll return to skyline high thanks to the staff for saving his life. plus, wrestler and "today" show contributor john cena called off his engagement and six year relationship with nikki bell bella, he can often be seen on the "today" show. more news after this break. befo
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
here are the top stories on today in welcome back, before you head out, the time is 6:55. here are the top stories. >> we begin with new video this morning, showing the damage left behind after a car crashed into two homes. happened about 2:00 this morning at slope boulevard and 37th avenue in san francisco, just north of lake merced. one person in the car needed treatment. no word on what led up to the
6:56 am
crash. >> and looking live now in mountain view, an attempted kidnapping has people in the downtown area rattled. the suspects have been arrested. police say those two men tried to push a woman in the car, those two men right there and at one point threatened her with a gun. she fought back and friends rushed to help. the suspects ran away but fired gunshots as they left. police searched the suspect's home and found ammunition and a taser. students are heading to class at snow elementary school after a woman's body was found on campus over the weekend. police say that they posted these photos on facebook. the school district says that there were no school events happening when that body was found. police are trying to identify the woman and figure out what led to her death. officers say there's no threat to the public. >> a live look outside a starbucks in walnut creek this morning. the company is in damage control after video showing the arrest of two black men at the starbucks in philadelphia. someone shot the video last
6:57 am
thursday. it's gone viral. the two men were waiting for a friend when workers called 911 saying the pair had not purchased anything. the ceo this morning post a video apology saying the company strongly discourages racial provide fi profiling. former first lady barbara bush is in declining health and will not seek further treatment. the wife of former president george h.w. bush and mother of former president george w. bush has dealt with a series of recent hospitalizations. a family spokesperson says she'll spend her time focusing on comfort care. this is after she and her loved ones consulted with doctors. she is 92 years old. and some boarding changes begin today at certain caltrains stations, people with a bike will board first at three of the busiest stations starting today. mountain view, palo alto and redwood city stations. this is all part of af pilot program aimed at eliminating boarding delays. a man proposing to split
6:58 am
california into three states will submit signatures, he says he has enough to put the proposal on the november ballot. if it does make the ballot and voerts approve, state lawmakers still have to give the okay and fg also has to agree. demanding action on illegal dumping. hundreds are expected to protest the issue in oakland. residents say garbage is regulardy dumped in their neighborhoods and they will gather tonight at 6:00 at the saint anthony school gym over on east 15th street. coming up for you on the "today" show, the latest fallout from james comey's explosive interview including president trump's reaction in a series of fiery tweets. here we go now looking live at the shark tank. tonight the stanley cup playoffs come to the south bay. the san jose sharks play on the home ice for the first time in the team certificaseries agains anaheim ducks. the rally is set for this afternoon and if the sap center you can head out there. the game starts at 7:30.
6:59 am
>> taking a live look from san mateo this morning, we're tracking those scattered showers for you so many of you will see the wet roads as you head out this morning and wet is what we'll get used to today. >> off and on and we'll get sunshine in between. as we get a look at the radar this morning, we're seeing the showers moving through the north bay especially, also tracking the cell that may be producing small hail in oakland and moving off towards the east towards danville and look city. a lot to watch here. we'll have updates throughout the morning. >> sounds good. mike is telling us about an alert clearing from richmond. >> i told folks about the crash, it's counter commute eastbound 80 around carl ton, that was a big distraction for folks. it's just clearing from the roadway, should be just cleared now. we should see recovery. then there's that hail may be coming through oakland, kari talked about that, the rest of the bay very mild. >> we're back the 7:25 with a live look news update for you.
7:00 am
>> don't forget join us at 11:00, we'll have kari tracking the rainfall we'll expect throughout the bay area. don't want to miss that. enjoy your monday morning. ♪ good morning. it's on. the fired fbi director james comey goes primetime against the president. >> i think he's morally unfit to be president. >> and takes on the biggest question. do the russians have something on president trump? >> these are more words than i'd thought i'd utter about the president of the united states, but it's possible. >> president trump spending the weekend slamming comey calling him a liar and a slimeball. how will he react now that the fbi director has finally had his say? warmest wishes. tributes pour in around the world this morning for former first lady barbara bush, in failing health, now surrounded by loved ones at home. we'll have the latest on her condition.


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