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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 16, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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it's hail. >> i didn't think i would ever do that, especially over here in oakland because it's not common for us to get that much to even sled down. >> reporter: but for drivers the downpour made for a dangerous commute. many simply didn't know how to navigate through the icy conditions. it meant spinouts, crashes, and butcher to bumper traffic. >> believe it or not, this is california, april 16, 2018. >> this driver documents in his ride to work. he's never seen anything like it. >> people around us is crazy. they're driving crazy. people are going all over skidding and sliding. >> i was born in '64. oakland hills. it's the largest hail i've ever seen here. >> reporter: all of the hail is melted. i managed to find a little bit left in a bush just up the street. as quickly as it all came, it's all melted away.
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reporting live in oakland, nbc bay area news. not just in the east bay, we saw hail falling in our own back yard. this is before noon today. i know for a fact it came down in my back yard. same thing in fairfield this afternoon. jody hernandez tweeted this out about two hours ago. you can see the weather stretched all across the bay area. after a soggy start to the day, we're starting to see change in the skies. we're looking at live camera of san francisco and san jose. little sunnier in the city, but you can see the dark clouds still over the south bay. meteorologist here to breakdown what we'll see this evening into tomorrow. >> it has moved out and the reason why we had this hail in parts of the bay area was there was so much air close to the surface you get a little bit of uplift to the atmosphere. it freezes and then falls to the
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ground as hail. it was pea size or smaller. it certainly has everybody still talking. the worst was about 6:00 to 9:30 this morning. we were able to pick it up on our computer. i wanted to show you this area in purple from alalthouomeda to oakland. really the worst of it from about 7:30 to 8:00. we are see something scattered areas of rainfall right now with some of the heaviest coming down on the 101 corridor here in morgan hill. we'll likely see some heavier pockets, maybe some small hail at least into 5:20 tonight. we're tracking brand new rainfall and i'll have more details about details in about 20 minutes. >> take a look at the ice on the
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lens. extending the ski season to next sunday. many other resorts are closed. take a look at the road conditions. this is a view at i-80 and d donner lake. things warping ming up. the road conditions continue to improve. >> back here in the bay area, you're looking at mt. hamilton. alicia joins us live from mt. hamilton. you saw a little bit of everything there today. >> that's right. within the past ten minutes we've been pelted by hail. we're seen sun. we've seen clouds. very dramatic change in the weather. the hail by the way replacing a lot of the snow that melted on mt. hamilton today. it was an unusual sight a top mt. hamilton on monday. spring flowers surrounded by snow. the fresh powder also coating cars, signs warning drivers of
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icy roads. elements of winter in mid april. >> so you're checking the turns and wondering if people may be pulled off to the side just because of the occasion. you definitely want to be cautious for the bicyclists and for people just wanting to see. >> reporter: the snow came with strong winds and cold temperatures. >> i dropped some people off in town and headed up to the pass to come back to california and it started snowing. it started snowing very heavily. and then there was a place where you have to put chains. >> reporter: on mt. hamilton just when the snow begins to melt, the mountain pelted with hail. another fitting testament to the bay area's unique weather. >> to say the weather is getting weird is kind of like saying sometimes the sky looks blue. it's -- it is weird. the weather is usually weird in the bay area.
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>> reporter: speaking of that blue sky, that's what we saw here about 45 minutes ago before the dark clouds moved in and we saw hail and rain. reporting live from mt. hamilton, nbc bay area news. >> we really did get to see a lot of different things. viewers sent us amazing pictures of the unusual spring storm. this is a video of hail. you can see it pelting her home. michael lee took this photo in the oakland hills. there was so much hail, he sent us a picture of someone trying to make a snow angel or in this case it would be a hail angel. another picture of the oakland hills neighborhood covered in white. hail. if you have pictures or videos you'd like to share with us, send them to us. a ride home gone terribly wrong for a san francisco woman. investigators are trying to track down the two men responsible. the 24-year-old woman told police she left this bar before closing time early in the
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saturday morning. this is in the mission district. she ordered a car from a ride sharing. investigators believe she got in a different car. they drove her to sonoma where they choked her, beat her and sexually assaulted her. they were speaking a language she did not understand. an employee found her walking around without shoes and injuries to her face and neck. the woman was also left without her cell phone and i.d. a new development in the search for a southern california woman. searchers have found the bodies of a father and daughter in the river. the father and his 9-year-old daughter was skofrdiscovered in family suv. the body of the wife and the mother was also found in the river. the 12-year-old boy is the only person still missing. the family was traveling from portland to their home in santa clarita. the vehicle plunged into a river
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during a rainstorm. they were reported missing after showing up at a resident's home. cease and desist is the message from the san francisco board of supervisors from the company that put motorcycleiziz scooters on the street. they launched the scooter program about three weeks ago. they ride to the destination and then leave it there. they leave it anywhere. but the public is complaining that riders are driving the scooters on the sidewalks and then just dropping them create be tripping hazards. senate leaders say the companies remain on cease and desist until they address these issues. a 3.9 magnitude quake delivered a jolt to the bay area today. it was five miles north of the neighborhood of san jose. that's where we join mary anne live with reaction from chose closest to the epicenter. >> reporter: we didn't find any damage here in the neighborhood but we certainly talked to a lot
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of people who were very frightened by the earthquake including the clerk at this liquor store who was so scared he ran outside into this parking lot the second it hit. the bottles lining the shelves of this shop and go liquor store in san jose are still intact after a quake hit this morning. >> i'm really very scared. >> reporter: it lasted just a few seconds, but harry says it felt much stronger prompting him to race outside. at this english language school, teachers did their best to calm students. >> we just told the students to get under tables. >> reporter: a seismologist said the epicenter was in the foot hills. the activity was 6 feet down on the fault. >> this part of the fault produces this size or even bigger earthquakes pretty
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regularly. this happened to be right where we had a much bigger earthquake back in 2007. >> herman experienced that one and two other major quakes but says he never gets used to feeling the ground below him move like it did today. >> i was waking up getting ready to go to work. i just was shaken up. >> reporter: usgs size meismolo that 5% of quakes like this today are followed by bigger quakes. reporting live, mary anne, nbc bay areas news. >> thanks very much. this earthquake happ, we wa give you a closer look at that. the location of the fault running that distance. the earthquake today right here just east of san jose. gasps in a federal courtroom
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as the president's personal attorney is forced to reveal that sean hannity of fox news is also one of the three clients he was trying to protect in disclosu disclosure. president trump asked immediately to review the materials seized. the judge said no to the president but allowed cohen's attorneys to review the items as well. also in the courtroom adult film star stormy daniels and her personal attorney. >> my attorney and i are committed to making sure that everyone finds out the truth and the facts of what happened. >> our number one concern was that the documents, the integrity of the documents be maintained during the process. >> sean hannity immediately went on his radio show and said he'd only had informal conversations with cohen seeking his legal opinion more as a friend than anything and that cohen never represented him and that no money or fees were exchanged between them. coming up, a crack down on
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opioids and the key is unused prescription drugs. but the state attorney general now wants everyone to do where theirs. playoff day for the warriors and sharks. we'll take you live to the celebrations happening ahead of both of tonight's games. a pocket of heavier rainfall moving over the peninsula could produce some small hail through 6:00. we're tracking how much is left tonight and when the next chance of rain moves in. that's in eight minutes. crisis
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state attorney general javier becerra and city leaders unvieled the plan to safely get rid of prescription drugs that are a new plan to fight the opioid crisis. city leaders unveiled the plan to get rid of prescription drugs that are no longer needed. outside city hall in san jose with why they believe that could happen cut down on opioid abuse. scott. >> reporter: well, terry, the idea is that if you have fewer drugs around, there's less chance for people to get addicted and for it to get into the wrong hands. they want to give more places to drop off drugs in the future and the meeting kicked off here inside san jose city hall led by state attorney general who brought along other city leaders, the idea is that fewer prescription drugs in the home would mean less addiction and fewer pills getting into the hands of children. they also said it could happen the environment because fewer pills would be flushed down into our water system.
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>> the epidemic that we face with prescription drugs overdose and abuse is not just a major challenge. it's one that has to be tackled not just by law enforcement, but by our local partners in public health. our sister agencies like our mayors and county executives and most importantly by our communities, our families, our siblings, our children. >> reporter: they will have a drug dropoff day on april the 28 th. the goal is to get 100 drop off spots in the city by the end of the year. the attorney general has been fighting with the white house and the trump administration over many issues like sanks warwar -- sanctuary cities, but when it comes to drug dibz, they are on the same page. a gruesome scene in china town. a homeless man was found dead on the sidewalk yesterday morning.
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less than a block away from an elementary school and playground. the man's body was in a large cardboard box with a severe head wound. police are searching for a motive and a suspect. 49ers were back to work today minus one of their best players. ruben foster is not taking part in the team's off-season program after the team told him to focus on his legal issues. those changed today. the district attorney's office decided to drop one of the charges. last week foster appeared in court in san jose where he was accused of beating up his girlfriend and not allowing her to call for help while having an assault weapon. it is time for sfo to remind visitors about the corrections of guy rights leader. this year marks the 40th anniversary of the death of the san francisco supervisor. his name will go up outside terminal one at sfo, just not right away. it's in the middle of a $2
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billion overhaul. today the mayor signed the legislation honoring california's first openly elected guy official. >> the lgbt community, the homeless workers. the bay area is the center of the sports universe tonight. both the warriors and the sharks hosting a playoff game. you look outside right now, yeah, they're beginning to turn in. fans are getting ready for game three of the first round series against the ducks. taking part in a street rally. watch out for those teeth on that shark. they won both games in anaheim and looking to take a commanding series tonight. puck drops at 7:30. oakland heading that way. big game at oracle as well. getting ready for game two of
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their first round series. they won in dominating fashion on saturday. tip-off tonight is at 7:30. that's indoors so we don't have to worry about the rain. >> that's good. still a little bit of rainfall out there after our wild morning with those areas of hail across oakla oakland. we've seen the worst move out, but we're still holding on to a slight chance of activity. a look at our april rainfall so far and it is off the charts. in fact we're tracking similar to what we should see in january. take santa rosa. 3.87 inches so far this month. the average 2.70. that brings us to 330% of average average. we're over 400% of average near the month of april. san jose tracking close to 150%. we've got more chances of rainfall coming our way as we head throughout the week. let's bring you to the current doppler radar and satellite view. we'll take you around to the two
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spots we're tracking that could still produce some hail. this is moving off towards the south. we could see some small hail in wall nut creek. over to the pe nins larninsula, looking at some heavy rainfall near 280. right near the airport, this could produce some small hail into san matteo by 5:48. redwood city may holdup into 6:11 this evening. i think we see all of this move out definitely by 10:30 tonight setting us up with some clearing skies. by tomorrow morning mostly clear skies, but we are going to be watching for fog in the central valley. if you live near liver more, we'll keep a close eye on that for you for tomorrow. overall the bigger picture for the morning forecast is the chilly temp ueratures to start. south bay at 45.
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also coming in with 40s for the east bay and san francisco and a cold 39. through tuesday temperatures go a little bit warmer. we see sunshine. it will be a beautiful day in south bay. for the east bay, getting close to 70 in a few spots. con skpo concord and danville and right over to oakland. 66 in half moon bay and right here for redwood city, 64. heading to san francisco, take your jacket. winds out of the west at 16 miles per hour will make this 58 feel like the low 50s. right to the north bay you have 54 in napa. dry tomorrow, but more chances of rain coming our way. let's get a look and here's what i'm seeing right now in the forecast, 5:00 to 8:00 on wednesday. we dry out friday through monday. warmer weather this weekend.
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hold on if you live away from the coast. check out this temperature jump from 64 on tuesday to 75 on friday. look at that. by saturday we're going up to 82 degrees and 82 on sunday. >> looking so good. that's what i'm talking about. >> i knew you'd like that. >> the lows are still cold. 80 and 46. >> but that's perfect. warm during the day and chilly at night. that's the way i like it. well, coming up, an encouraging breakthrough in the fight against a rare and always deadly form of cancer. a local family who helped make that new discovery possible. we'll share that with you when we come back.
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at stanford health care, we can now simulate the exact anatomy of a patient's brain before surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for seizures. and if we can fix damaged heart valves without open heart surgery, imagine what we can do for an irregular heartbeat, even high blood pressure. if we can use analyze each patient's breast cancer to personalize their treatment, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you. cybersecurity incident and it
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shut down its app. the company is a handyman-for- hire service. it )s asked people happening now, investigating a cyber security incident. the company is a handyman and have asked people to change their passwords. tesla will be shutting down the production of its model 3 sedan. the stoppage will last several days. we're back in a minute. app.
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oakland mayor libby schaaf unveiled "oak 311" today. it )s designed to make it easier
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for people to report eyesores cleaning up the east bay with an app, they unveiled oak 311 today to make it easier to report eye sores throughout the city. everything from hpotholes, illegal dumping, you name it. it's easy to use. you can download the oak 311 app or call 311 from your phone in oakland. workers on the bridge may have a smoother drive as well. the new eastbound lane is now ready to go which is really good news because evening traffic on that bridge is so bad that it then backs up on to 101 and 580 in morin. a breakthrough in treating a rare and almost always fatal form of child hhood cancer. 300 children a year are diagnosed with dipg. they live on average just nine
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months. there are no developments of the cancer's treatment over the past 50 years. researchers are reporting today they're seeing impressive results after using targeted immuno therapy on mice carrying the cancer cells. >> the result was striking. i have to admit i made the students do this particular experiment multiple times just so they believed it. i haven't seen anything look that well for this tumor. >> the discovery was made possible in large part by a family in gilroy who lost their daughter. garv garvin thomas has been following their story beginning with the last days of the 6-year-old's life. tomorrow he's going to share the story of how the family's fight helped lead to today's announcement. >> such a brave family. it turns out that some of the best tipers pers are right in the bay area, at least if they're taking lyft.
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we'll explain when we come back. you could save energy
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by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california.
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in just minutes, fans will start piling into oracle arena for the warriors gearing up for game two. in just a few minutes fans will start piling in for the warriors playoff game. we'll take you courtside for all the pregame action.
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that story and more tonight in the 6:00 news cast. san jose is home to some of the most generous tippers in the country. san jose comes in fifth place out of hns of citi-- h -- hundr cities. the highest tip by the way ever given to a driver in san jose, $275. >> oh my gosh. >> those are the ones they're reporting. >> yeah. >> maybe some of them are a little bit more. >> that's impressive. >> maybe i deserve a little bit of a tip with this seven day. what do you think? >> yes. >> the heavy rain and hail this morning, we'll clear out tomorrow. look at that 64. mostly sunny skies. chance of rain wednesday night into thursday morning. there we go, friday 75. 80 on saturday. 82 on sunday.
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>> fantastic. >> thank you very much. thanks for watch zb. we'll be back at 6:00. lester holt is next. tonight, a dramatic courtroom surprise as president trump and his lawyer fight to keep their secrets from the fbi. michael cohen forced to reveal sean hannity is his mystery third client. a wild scene as stormy daniels shows up taking aim at cohen. >> he's playing by a different set of rules or shall we say no rules at all. thatnds now. a growing outcry and calls for a boycott, starbucks doing major damage control tonight over a video showing black men arrested for trying to use the bathroom. an outbreak of tornadoes, torrential rain and floods and historic snowfall from the same monster system. a game-changing breakthrough to fight the number one cancer killer in america. >> immunotherapy has


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