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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 17, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the free baseball game for a's fans and what you need to know before you head out to the ballpark "today in the bay" continues right now. very good tuesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we start off nice and cool but we don't have to worry about the rain we saw yesterday, the hail in some places. >> not today. everybody was talking about the thunderstorm thunderstorms today you can just relax and take in the nice sunshine we'll have today. it starts out school. live look outside in san jose, we are now in the 40s and we will see some 40s in the forecast through about 10:00 then reaching in the mid-60s, normally we're up to 70 degrees but we won't quite make it there today. also, talk about rain in the forecast and seven minutes mike has plenty of company on the roads. >> we had plenty of alert -- over at my daughter's school with hail coming down.
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we had to close the door, the hail was coming in. nothing like that today. plenty of company despite the green sensors. there's the east shore freeway mostly at speed. look at the shot from emeryville -- i'm sorry, that's the san mateo bridge. i'll show you the shot from emeryville coming up. dublin area moves nicely as well. that shot from emeryville has a lot of headlights. >> thank you, mike. happening right now at 6:01. live pictures from moraga road closed this morning between saint mary's road and sky high drive. the downed power lines and tree are blocking that road, one of the main connectors. power has been restored to more than 6,000 customers. that roadway -- 600 customers and the roadway first closed around 10:00 last night. 6:01. new this morning, it turns out
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pushing back school start times really does help students get more sleep. kris sanchez is live to break down the brand-new study highlights that benefit starting school later in the morning. good morning, kris. >> reporter: hi, there, laura. when the kids say how about five more minutes? maybe give it to them. the morning bell here at hoover middle school rings at 7:24 in the morning and this new research out this morning shows that pushing that start time to 8:00 not only gives them more sleep but gives the teenagerers better sleep sleep as well. 8:00 start time yields 17 more minutes of sleep per day which researchers found correlates with better attentiveness at school and better sleep at night. based on surveys of 1,000 seventh and ateth graders.
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they presented a pro and con discussion for parents and other educators. they have science on their side. according to the centers for disease control and prevention, sleep deprivation doesn't just make your teen cranky and wrestless at school, it correlates with risk y behavior and also lead to symptoms of depression and overeating and inactivi inactivity. the new research sout is going to be published in the journal for school health and as soon as i get a link to the full study, i will put it on my twitter page and on my facebook page as well. kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> maybe we should start the show later, for our own health. >> i'm with you. let's do it. >> thanks, guys. >> 6:03. happening today, congress will get a briefing on the syria missile strike. the defense secretary and joint chiefs of staff will give lawmakers an update but this is behind closed doors.
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the president ordered the strikes on three syrian chemical weapons facilities. >> at 6:03. president trump will meet with japan's prime minister at mar-a-lago in florida, mr. trump has an op-ed rufrni running tody touting tax reform. but distracting from official business, the big -- the president and his attorney michael cohen want to look at evidence seized in a raid on cohen's office. the former u.s. attorney now works as an expert for nbc. >> the privilege review team will set stuff aside that the investigative team cannot have. >> also monday, a wild new development out of that court hearing, michael cohen only had three clients in the past year, president trump is one of them. and the republican fundraiser is another and fox news host shawn hannity who tried to stay anonymous is the third.
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he says his interactions with cohen were minimal. all four bodies of missing southern california family have now been found in the medocino county river. the thottapilly family was traveling from fortland portlan their vehicle plunged into the eel river. the family was reported missing when they never arrived to a relative's home in san jose. this morning, the search is on for two men accused of sexually assaulting a san francisco woman. she thought she was getting into her ride share. and it happened early saturday morning. the woman got into the car outside bruno's on mission street. she says the men inside attacked her, leaving her with no shoes or phone or i.d. they took her 45 miles away in sonoma. we talked to a different woman who says she had a similar experience last year in l.a. >> i literally woke up to him with the back seat banging my head against the seat.
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>> investigators are still trying to figure out if the suspect worked for a ride share company or just pretending to. >> happening today, walnut creek city leerds will discuss the parking crunch. thy launched a pilot program offering valet parking in the busiest lots and look at dynamic pricing models. a vote to extend the closure at twin peaks, half of the figure eight road at the top of the landmark has been closed to vehicles since 2016. the pilot program expires this year. examiner reports the transportation board could extend the closure to 2020. the road is to make the road safer for walkers and bicyclists. 6:06, a live look at the oakland coliseum where thousands of a's fans are expected to flock tonight. happening today, team is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a free game for the fans. bob redell is outside with information you need to know before you head out to the game tonight.
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good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, marcus, this would be the most attended game ever for the a's here at the oakland coliseum which means traffic around this area could be horrendous come mid afternoon. we're talking about roughly 70,000 fans trying to get into the coliseum parking lot when the lot opens at mid afternoon. the reason being, the tickets in tonight's game are free for all of the fans who rscp in advance. the organization handed out more vouchers for those free tickets than there are seats. 70,000 fans have reportedly rsvp for the 65,000 seats. this is a first come, first serve situation. those who don't get a seat tonight will receive tickets to another game. the a's ar doing this giveaway to commemorate the 50th anniversary when the team started playing at the coliseum on april 17th of 1968. the team will also hand out 50th anniversary tote bags to the first 35,000 fans. the a's have some of the lowest attendance in all of major
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league baseball averaging around 15,000 fans a game this season so far. incidentally today is also the 39th anniversary of the a's worst attended game. only about 250 fans showed up april 17th 1979 and to see the a's play the mariners on what was an unusually cold night. tonight's game, a's taking on the chicago white sox. reporting live here, bob re-dell, "today in the bay." >> bob with a's history there. thanks, bob. >> tonight doesn't look like it's going to be that cold. there should be no excuse to put on the coat if you get a little cold outside. go to the game tonight. >> kari hall joins us now with a look at the baseball forecast. >> weather really plays a role in whether or not we have high attendance but with it being free, i think you'll tough it out when it's going to be nice and clear. a live look out there at the coliseum, i wanted to show you that forecast for tonight at
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7:05. first pitch is only going to be 58 degrees or 56 degrees and few clouds moving in. it's going to be chilly out there with breezy winds. yes, think the fans will enjoy it but you need something nice and warm to wear. here's a look at the highs for today, upper 50s for the coast and low to mid-60s inland. we'll talk about today's temperature trend for palo alto coming up in four minutes, but mike, you're starting with fulfilling an earlier promise. >> at the very least a commitment i made. i said we'll show you east shore freeway. there it is. i have the cameras lined up and labeled properly. westbound 8 0e, there's golden gate field lit up nicely as well. you see the cars are spaced nicely. we have mostly at the speed limit rate here past university and golden gate field down towards about powell where our camera shows you but we have slowing over here in rich monday. that's typical pattern. nice easy drive across the san rafael to richmond, depending which direction you're driving.
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bay bridge toll plaza backup towards san francisco at the poll plaza. slowing on the san mateo through hayward and approach to south bay peninsula. speed sensors are great. a live look at the peninsula, here's palo alto northbound with the head lights past the shopping center at university and towards san francisco without delay. we also have -- no more delay for ace train. there was earlier delay about a freight train and slowing and train number three is on time. >> looking good. >> 6:10 right now, coming up here on "today in the bay," staying safe on the way to school, adding more crossing guards in one of the bay area's busiest cities. and you had two extra days but today really is tax day. so 1040, good luck. coming up, the ticket scam you need to know about if you're heading to week two of coachella in southern california. you're watching "today in the bay."
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a beautiful sunrise at 6:13. we have 20 minutes until sunrise, looking better as we get a live look outside in palo alto and highway 101. we're going to be in the low 50s. you may have to turn on the heater for a little bit in the car as you drive to work but later today it's going to be much more comfortable and i'll have another cold front moving
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in with rain details on that coming up in less than five minutes. >> kari, looking at the travel time, mild slow being for 680 through the tri valley, 880 as you travel down to the east bay and hayward. south bay 101 doesn't show a problem. but there's a crash i'm tracking that may present more slowing. i'll show that to you coming up. >> happy tuesday morning. 6:14. stocks ready to trade higher on the open after a really good run on monday. netflix reported profits and said it had record growth, tesla will stop the assembly line as it deals with bottlenecks in tesla 3 productions. but an important note, the chinese will let car companies like tesla build factories in china without partnering up with chinese companies. president trump really gets a win on that. it is tax day, a couple of extra
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days because april 15th was a sunday and monday was a holiday in several states and washington. president trump held a round table on monday. he said this is the last year you'll have to fill out a complicated form. you remember back during the fight for tax cuts, republicans would hold up a postcard saying that's how you're going to report your taxes. the president wrote an op-ed for usa today say gs this is the last year americans will fill out outdated complicated tax forms. now, the truth is, many americans will be able to switch to that 1040 ez because of bigger standardized deductions but the new tax law passed in december does not have any language about a new tax form and certainly not a tax postcard. read my lips, no new tax forms. now, a brand-new nbc/wall street journal poll shows that few americans like the new tax plan, even if they are getting a tax cut. and as time goes by, this gets let popular.
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27% of adults polled say they think the tax cuts are a good idea. 36% said it was a bad idea and 34% have no idea, no opinion whatsoever. but 20 about one quarter of americans think getting tax cut is a good idea. you're giving people money and they still don't want it. that's a bad sign on the midterms when you're running on tax cuts. >> here we go. exactly. thank you, scott. at 6:16, happening today, oakland city council members will vote on a measure to add more school crossing guards. a council committee last week approved that plan. it would add two crossing guards in each city council district. council members will decide where the new guards should go. >> 6:16 right now. how bad is the housing crisis in the bay area? someone paid more than a million dollars for this condemned home in fremont's mission neighborhood. take a look at this home, in sad shape but the real estate agent says you put this on the market in january and it sold for
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$230,000 over that asking price. the real estate market in fremont is hot because of location and good schools. >> we're getting people coming from across the bay saying we can buy this house for 1,100,000 and that's still a good deal for us. >> thes a burned home in san jose -- >> fixer upper. >> big fixer upper. >> look at this. on the market for $800,000 and the realtor has six offers in hanged. hand. zillow reports the average home there is valued $1,051,000 and maybe you're looking for something less permanent, the medium rent price $3200 a month. >> that's one city in the bay area. it's amazing to watch. i love going to open houses, one
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of my favorite things to do. >> go to those two open houses they just showed. >> yeah. >> hard hat on. >> they have character, right? >> that's how you sell it. >> charming. >> for someone. >> it is amazing to see some of the prices here, 6:18, the weather is free -- >> yes, it is and the a's game this evening free too. >> that's right. already gotten your thing online. we've gotten our weather has been pretty crazy to start out this week but let's take a live look outside this morning with this gorgeous sunrise. and you can see just a little patch of fog there in the distance against the hills and as we get a look at our temperature trend for campbell, at 10:00, it's still going to be in the 40s and then it quickly warms up today heading into the mid-60s, now normally for april 17th, it should be 70 degrees. we won't quite make it there today but we'll be close. and the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen shows we will have rain moving in tomorrow and i'll detail that. let's look at our highs today in
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gilroy, 66 degrees and in los gatos, a high of 64 degrees, east bay looking at upper 60s in a few spots like concord and danville, oakland, high of 62 degrees and 62 also in san mateo. stay in the 50s in daly city and san francisco, upper 50s north bay in the low 60s for today with breezy plans. as we get the school day forecast for students in san francisco, it's going to be in the mid-40s walking to school. parents make sure they've got something nice and warm to wear and it will be cool throughout the afternoon heading out of school with mid-50s. it will be all clear today but clouds will be move income tomorrow as this storm system moves in. look at the timing, we'll see some sunshine today once again, clouds moving in for tomorrow morning and it does look mostly cloudy throughout the day with a little bit of clearing but then by the evening commute, for tomorrow and north bay we'll start to see rain moving in and rest of the bay area sees the
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rain quickly gets in and out of here in time for that late night hour with most of the bay area only getting a tenth to quarter inch of rain. and the seven-day forecast will be in the mid-50s in san francisco and some showers by wednesday evening. it's out of here by the time you wake up on thursday and we have a lot more sunshine in the forecast over the next several days. inland areas go from 64 degrees today to 82 by sunday. and mike, now you have a new crash. it's in san jose. >> i do, kari, one new crash and another one pops up on the board. let me show you, we're showing overall a great drive. speed sensors just starting to show slowing and then your typical supporpots. not bad for a tuesday. my concern is right here, 101 at 87, north 87 before you get to 101 and you see the slowdown in the last few minutes as this crash is reported. i'll get more detail and let you know if i think it's going to be a big problem. mild slowing building for 87
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near the airport. 101, another krark at mckee and that one has been there for a while on the shoulder, not a major issue but distraction as we see a little build here. we will show you the volume despite the slower sensors looks really good, just north of here as you approach aalam rock, things get slower for 101. but really for the south bay at this time in the morning on a tuesday, looking good. a lot of qualifiers there. richmond/san rafael bridge shows more traffic flowing right now. hitting the fast track lanes, there's one cue for you. bring your cash, the lanes are getting by better as well. end of the week they reopen the third lane in the evenings and afternoon. keep that in mind as well. i think we're doing okay for this report as we look at fremont, 880 past the truck scales looks good. southbound just south of this shot at tesla towards milpitas, no other issues. that's a good drive just a little biltd for the northbound
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commute. >> we are getting breaking news into our newsroom right now at 6:21. look at these live pictures from san jose, our first look there's a fire burning in the area ever highway 101 and you can see the smoke there in the air. the address i'm told comes back to an apartment complex. it is said to be a three alarm fire. we've got a ground crew headed right now to that scene and we're going to bring you a live report as soon as they arrive. and of course, better pictures but it gives an overview of the smoke billowing over the sky from east san jose this morning. >> 6:22, we'll have more for you right here on "today in the bay." the extent of damage left behind after a record flooding in hawaii. >> it's a dispute over $12 but it's his $12 and a local search engine is holding onto it. i'm consumer investigator chris kmura, nbc bay area responds next.
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welcome back to "today in the bay" on this tuesday morning. 6:25. nbc bay area responds to a del monte man searching the web and found a popular search engine owed him sbh money. >> but he was having trouble getting paid so he reached oud to our response team for help. >> gary was digging through the state's unclaimed money website when he found a surprise, a small one. google owed him a whole 12.06
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tsds for unredeemed gift certificates. so he contacted google to collect his $12.06. google agreed to pay him, but he had too set up a google wallet first. he created that wallet never got his money. he asked us for help. we contacted google and straightened out the situation right away. it sent him a check for $12.06. gary was smart to search unclaimed property database and you should do it too. run a search from time to time for yourself and maybe even your business. we just searched the database for nbc bay area by the way and found we actually have several hundred unclaimed dollars in there, including coincidentally $1.12 from google. if you have a consumer complaint, we'll nail down every penny. 888-996-tips or logon to thank you, chris. it's 6:26.
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new video into our newsroom this morning showing extensive damage left behind from flooding. this was in hawaii. it's area yell footage. washed out roads and damaged homes and triggered at least eight mud slides. more than 150 people had to be air lifted in fact out of their neighborhoods, part of the island saw more than 2 feet of rain shaeterring previous records. a warning for anyone still looking to buy coachella tickets, 50 people in southern california have been scammed. they paid thousands from an online company and one woman says when she went to pick up the tickets she found several other buyers but the seller didn't show up. they shopped in a site called ticket the spokesperson said it is a nationwide exchange that allows trustded companies to resell tickets on the site. but the better business bureau said the site is not acredited.
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a different website has gone offline after everyone paid. >> 6:27, a bay area teenager dies from an overdose. we investigate the growing opioid crisis across the nation and right here in the golden state. >> plus, playoff power, the strong performances from the san jose sharks and the warriors as they chase a championship. you're watching "today in the bay." back to breaking news out n
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jose รก fire burning in the area of highway 101 and tully road. right now, back to breaking
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news out of san jose this morning, there's a fire burning near the area of highway 1 and you can make out the smoke from this wide angle that we have over the east bay hills this morning. we're told there's a department fire and now a four alarm fire. kris sanchez is headed to the scene as well. we've launched nbc bay area sky ranger. we'll give you the very latest nfrgs as soon as we get it. a busy morning here on tuesday, thanks for joining us. >> i'm marcus washington. let's head to kari hall with a look what's going on with the weather outside. >> as you wake up this morning at 6:31, we have much more quiet and calm weather and a beautiful sunrise as that sun starts to make its appearance over the hills and looking at our school day forecast, we walk the kids to school with temperatures in the 40s, make sure you're bundled up but we'll see sunshine and walking home from school will be much more comfortable with 60s and also tracking some rain although it will be clear today.
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clouds start to move in tomorrow morning and tomorrow morning sunrise won't look like this one. i'll detail the rain and how much we may get out of the next system coming up. mike, you're talking about a fire also reported in san jose. >> it's the same one laura was talking about. we have a number of cameras throughout san jose and this one shows 101 just south of here, there's the exit and right in this area as seen in the background, i saw smoke dissipated and blends in with the lower clouds around the area. but as laura said, it's an upgraded to a four alarm fire somewhere south of tully. we'll continue that as kris sanchez arrives on scene. the live look 101 itself, there may be a little distraction, maybe smoke seen, it isn't presenting a major problem through the area. the bigger issue is just the commute around capitol expressway what we see the crashes at mckee and over at 87, looks like they cleared up. a smoother drive around the bay. a little slowing from pleasanton
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and hayward, no big surprises southbound is the commute direction off 580 for each of those. through dublin, 580 itself, a good steady volume towards the dublin interchange. back to you. >> thank you very much. at 6:33. new this morning, a north bay teenager is dead after overdosing and two people are in custody in connection with that death. pete suratos is live to explain what happened and how this is tieing in to the opioid epidemic that everyone is talking about happening across the country. pete? >> reporter: good morning, to you, laura, according to petaluma police, two people were arrested in connection to this incident as you mentioned and one is a 15-year-old's mother. we're getting the mug shot, go ahead and show that to our viewers, 34-year-old daniel for fornzleer in custody and another man facing several charges enr
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including child endangerment and possession of narcotics. it has been a problem in the past six months. petaluma police telling us in the past time period, 19 narcotic related overdose calls and three deaths all together and majority of those incidents are heroin overdose related but seeing an increase in fentanyl related emergencies. now i did get a chance look into the overall numbers when it comes to opioid deaths and how it breaks down per county. i was able to find courtesy of the california health care foundation which provides a number of statistics in this area. the latest numbers are from 2016 and we're learning this morning that there are -- there were 2,03 opioid deaths in the year as well as 237 fentanyl deaths and when it comes to the major bay area counties, san francisco having the highest number at 94 deaths in that county and you have santa clara with 68 in 2016
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and the county with the lowest was marin with 14. this latest petaluma incident the two adults are in custody at the marin county jail. live in petaluma, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> sad problem happening across the country. >> 6:35, anti-gun protest is expected at the cow palace today because the venue's board of drerkts is holding a meeting. the activists are calling on the board of directors to stop hosting gun shows, this as the protest was held over the weekend as well. there are two gun shows plan at cow palace this june. >> dozens of new video clips tied to the shooting of stephon clark. one month ago officers shot and killed clark in his grandmother's yard. officers say they thought clark was carrying a gun. some of the new footage shows him dead with what turned out to be a cell phone.
6:36 am
it also shows officers giving clark cpr. a relative of clark's appeared at the sack mramento rally, did make a new plea for justice. >> the family along with all of you request to help us fight for justice for our son stephon clark, as long as it takes. >> the event last night in sacramento was part of the nationwide people's campaign. >> people living in san mateo can get advice on how to deal with a violent intruder. wants to make sure people are prepared and it starts at 6:00 tonight at the adult community center. this is in san carlos. overnight we looked through the crime reports and there are no specific categories for violent intruder but in the last year about 200 burglaries were reported and more than 500 assault reports. now to the playoff fever
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gripping bay area sports fans. warriors and sharks playing key games last night. live look at oracle this morning. the warriors enter halftime trailing san antonio but they kicked up a notch. >> clay thompson scored 24 half points and 116-101. livingston talked about the big spark they found in the second half. >> for the second half it was up to us to change the tempo of the game and get stops and be more physical. >> and game three is on thursday in san antonio. >> in the mean time, at the shark tank, the anaheim ducks now in a huge hole after getting blown out by the sharks. four goals second period helped propel san jose to an 8-1 victory. they lead three games to none. game four is tomorrow also at the shark tank. all tired in the morning, mike. >> also that clicker has to go
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back and forth. folks just going forward towards work and in a nice orderly fashion. the south bay shows mild slowing now kicking in for 101 and 85 and 87, all in the traditional commute direction. we continue to follow that fire to the west of 101 around the tully and mclaughlin area. you just saw right there live update from green to yellow. southbound 680 slows a bit off 242. concord and pleasanthill and smoother slower drive down the east shore freeway, bogging down a bit past golden gate field and berkeley curve moves nicely as far as westbound 880. but still despite that it's a smooth drive for this time on a tuesday. we'll give you another live look out here. past the coliseum traffic flows nicely and we've been talking about the baseball game this evening that's a nice break in
6:39 am
the middle of the week i guess but then still nice on the weekend. >> we are in baseball season. >> we'll have great weather this weekend warming up and i'm talking about 80s in parts of the bay area and for the inland area, where we'll be on saturday. the bay at 74, it will be very nice and comfortable along the coast at 70 degrees and then on sunday, really no big changes here. we keep that sunshine all weekend long so what are you going to do if you're going to hit the road, head to santa barbara? highs to 74 degrees on sunday with some sunshine and then in muir woods this weekend, great weekend for hiking celebrating john muir's birthday and earth day. it will be free to get in and 69 degrees on saturday. and on sunday, also another butdful day to take a walk under the redwoods, let me know what you're doing this weekend. may get a personalized forecast or see the event you'll be
6:40 am
checking out right here on nbc bay area tomorrow morning at 6:38. @ka @karihall weather on twitter. we're continuing to follow breaking news this morning, a fire that we just had a crew arrive to. at 6:40, the immigration debate is heating up between jerry brown and president trump. >> president trump's lawyer has a new surprise client. we'll tell you all about it. >> and the dow surged above 200 points this morning but right now sitting as you see still above 200 points at 218 right now. it opens as goldman and netflix jumped on earnings. the time now is 6:40. you're watching "today in the bay."
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6:43, beautiful sunrise with chilly temperatures, taking a live look outside in san jose, let's go to los gatos, it's only going to be 44 degrees at 8:00. your noontime temperature at 55 and continuing to go up from there to the mid-6 0e's today. it's going to be much better than yesterday. but then we'll have rain returning tomorrow. details on that and how much rain we measure for the month of april coming up in less than five minutes. >> look at these travel times, 680 south from the dub ling interchange, less than 20 minutes. 22 minutes. down to the dumbarton bridge. the peninsula, you're at speed
6:44 am
limit. >> thanks kari and mike. a warning for one sunnyvale neighborhood, don't panic fg you hear explosions, it's part of a training exercise around maude and north sunnyvale avenue. from 10:00 to 4:00. looking live in washington, d.c. right now, california governor jerry brown is in the capitol and in fact brown is speaking to the national press club right now. you'll hear from him in just a moment. in an early morning war of words with president trump, the president tweeting less than an hour ago, looks like jerry brown and california are not looking for safety and security along their very porous border. he cannot come to terms for the national guard to patrol and protect the border. the high crime rate will only get higher. scott mcgrew immediately fact checked that claim to show data that shows while the crime rate has increased it's still at
6:45 am
historic lows. brown and trum are at odds of bringing the national guard to the border. the new comments just a minute ago, brown says the guard is already protecting the border and working throughout the state to keep guns and drugs off the streets and talked about the impact i.c.e. raids are having on the economy, saying immigrants are -- >> many have been here five, ten, 20 years or more and they've become integrated into hour economy and doing important work, working at restaurants and construction and not to mention other industries where these millions of people work. so to scare the hell out of them, put them on the run as it were, is very disruptive. >> now later this morning, governor brown is set to address a union group at the national conference also in d.c. >> the president is in florida and will stay there for a while. >> scott mcgrew joins us now, president talking taxes. >> taxes are due today, it's tax
6:46 am
day. the president spoke at the tax round table just outside of miami on monday. he also took time to take on his favorite foe. >> i would say what the hell do you have to lose, right? and get criticized by those people, the fake media back there. fake media. >> he will stay in florida until we hear otherwise. he'll be meeting with japanese prime minister abe at his florida golf resort as he did before in february. a judge has told the president and his personal lawyer they are not going to be the first to see documents seized by the fbi during a raid of michael cohen's office but she did open up the possibility of appointing what's called a sbeshl master to sort what documents are protected by attorney-client privilege and what are not. in that same court hearing, we learned that lawyer michael cohen represents not just the
6:47 am
president he also has fox's sean hannity as a client as well. who cares? two reasons, cohen has a reputation of representing men dealing with women. in their past. hannity immediately put that one to rest in a tweet. to be absolutely clear, my conversations with cohen never involved any matter between me and a third party. the other reason you may care is nobody has been more supportive of donald trump and michael cohen than sean hannity and he's the most watched talking head on cable of the for him to weigh in on cohen without mentioning, by the way, he's my lawyer, it simply unethical. for the record, hannity says cohen isn't his lawyer but cohen says he is and said so in court. >> we examined the president's tweets and executive orders in speeches every day on "today in the bay" and love hearing from you. contact me on twitter,
6:48 am
@scottmcgrew. we want to tell you about something real special happening today in honor of national volunteer week. laura and i are emceeing a special event, great people who do volunteer work, volunteering their time and energy to make the world a better place. >> remarkable stories ult hear if you join us at the 49th annual volunteer recognition luncheon. it's at in campbell. it's a really great event put on by the junior league of san jose every single year and last we checked you can join us for lunch. tickets are still available, starts at 11:30 this morning. marcus and i will not be here for the midday newscast, scott mcgrew and kris sanchez volunteering their time there. people doing great work here in the bay area, honestly it makes you want to go out and what can i do to help. >> you are getting out there and helping now. >> yeah, yeah. we'll be helping out this weekend come cares did -- >> that's right. >> and nationwide. >> exactly. we're kind of redoing a san jose
6:49 am
school -- >> we have the best looking green shirts to wear. >> we've got a lot going on in the bay area. we started out with cool temperatures yesterday, some rain storms and hail, all of that stuff you'll probably still be talking about at work today and this added to our above average april rain. i wanted to show you the numbers this morning. check this out, come over and look at the screen. because in san francisco and oakland, we had four times the normal amount of rain. it really came down and this is coming after a really dry january. but looking at some of these numbers, i mean it's pretty good see being livermore had an inch and almost an inch and a half and three quarters inch in mountain view and san jose. that was 146% of normal and getting an inch of rain normally this time of year is starting to dry out. we know we head into a very dry spring in the spring into
6:50 am
summer. and it's going to be dry today, sunny and upper 50s for san francisco, upper 60s for concord, down to morgan hill and san jose we're looking at the high of 66 degrees. as you start out getting dressed, it's going to be chilly heading out the door with 40s and make sure you've got a jacket and of course if you're supporting the a's it's going to be green. we have sunshine in the forecast. sunglasses needed but we will see the changing very quickly by tomorrow morning as that storm moves in. it will give us dry weather today as it makes its way closer by tomorrow the sunrise won't look like this one. we'll see clouds and rain in time for the evening commute for the north bay and rain moves from north to south and most of it will fall after sunset and clear by the time we wake up on thur thursday, bringing us another tenth to quarter inch across the bay area. we add even more on to those extraordinary april rainfall totals. mike says it's a pretty quiet commute right now.
6:51 am
>> partly because the weather is so great and partly because there are still schools on spring break. as they continue to rotate over the last few weeks, we continue to see that lighter morning commute and we're looking at san jose just showing that build northbound and holding steady for the last ten minutes. coming into the south bay, silicon valley shows towards morgan hill. by the time you get towards silicon valley proper, everything fine, no delays over the 17 summit, santa cruz towards los gatos or vice-versa. walnut street interchange and lafayette, slow a tad bit. little build for richmond. under 25 minutes to the backup at the bay bridge and berkeley curve. built up 20 minutes ago and holding steady there. westbound across the san mateo bridge, you see it slows a bit. no crashes and more activity on the dumbarton bridge but that's the pattern we know. >> thanks.
6:52 am
a quick look at the top stories including breaking news we're following right now in the south bay. a four alarm fire ee rumt rupts at the san jose apartment complex. we're live at the scene. plus, possible surge pricing for pricing. the east bay city considering major changes in the downtown area. >> but first, happening now at 6:52, the future of scooters in san francisco will be decided today. we've been telling you about what's been going on there and a few hours the san francisco board of supervisors will vote to possibly ban this station blocking some sidewalks. and plus arizona teachers will vote to decide on a walkout for higher pay. a specific date has not been set for that walkout. this after teachers went on strike in west virginia wf and as well as kentucky and oklahoma. more news after the break. stick around. before you head ou
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
here are the top stories on today in the bay-- welcome back, before you head out the door, here are the top stories we're covering. >> we're following breaking news in san jose, a four alarm fire is burning in an area of highway 101 and tully road. kris sanchez is live at the scene where the fight continues to get the flames out. you're just arriving to the scene. what can you tell us you found out? >> reporter: okay, so you see that group of firefighters there behind that fire truck. they just came out and they are
6:56 am
hydrating but we just saw about 12 firefighters or so geared up and heading towards the back of this building. you see where the ladder truck is. it appears the fire is actually in the building behind this one. we don't see a lot of active smoke in the area but a lot of folks on the sidewalk standing around. they look like they had to leave their homes in a hurry, some still in pajamas, we have sky ranger overhead. this is a very large presence. this is a four alarm fire. we see a lot of firefighters out here, san jose fire department, para medics out here as well and we saw at least one gournny that was out and perhaps even transporting somebody to the hospital or preparing and just being ready in case this fire is more difficult. again from here we don't see the flames but it does appear this is on the other side of the building where the ladder truck is. we have seen firefighters going up and over and you see the firefighters there, they have those -- i don't know what they
6:57 am
are called, pokers or axes to vent the rooftop when trying to let fires out. now, you see the firefighters here, they are up and down the street. san jose pd is helping with traffic control. mike will have to watch this one because mclaughlin road is closed from phalen to sechbt r center or so. pg&e is here. power usually has had to be shut off tore firefighters to do their work. it is a four alarm fire, a lot of folks out of their homes in pajamas holding babies and dogs, hopefully everyone did make it out safely. we'll stay on the scene here in san jose and bring you the latest as soon as we can. >> she mentioned it there, mclaughlin near tully road in san jose. 6:57, petaluma police have gotten three overdose calls since friday. the latest victim is a teenager who died from xanax laced with
6:58 am
fentanyl. his mother and another adult are in jail facing child endangerment charges, petaluma police say overdoses have been a big problem particularly in the last six months. in lafayette, moraga road is back open. the power lines and tree were blocking that road. pg&e says that at one point 600 customers were without power but power has been restored to everyone this morning. that road first closed last night at 10:00. walnut creek city leaders will meet to examine the downtown parking crunch the the city launched a pilot program offering valley paet parking in busiest lots. they'll look at possible dynamic pricing models often referred to as surge pricing. at the coliseum, nothing in life in free. whoever said it didn't have the oakland a's in night. they are celebrating 50 years since first game in oakland with free tickets for everyone.
6:59 am
but the catch is you need to have already signed up for a voucher. the team did issue a few thousand additional vouchers for available seats, this will likely give the highest attendance ever at the a's game. >> it's free and weather should be not too bad out there. >> it's going to be kind of chilly with 50s but people will tough that out for a free a's game. >> bring a jacket. >> upper 50s in san francisco, rain moving back in tomorrow and then it will warm up in time for the weekend. >> thank you very much. >> you guys, we have a traffic camera not far from the fire chris was reporting, i wanted to show folks the area. thts 101 at 680. at one point i was able to see smoke but not enough to be a distraction and cleared out as well. a little tree fear reported as well. near tully, mclaughlin -- >> exactly, we're keeping an eye on that. we'll be back with a breaking
7:00 am
news update at 7:25. join us for our midday newscast. >> get out and enjoy this day. we'll have breaking news coming up as well good morning. firing back. fox news host sean hannity responds overnight to that courtroom surprise naming him as the president's lawyer's other mystery client. >> there's been all kinds of wild speculation. >> and it's a wild scene outside the federal courthouse in new york city, including the porn star who claims michael cohen intimidated her into silence about an affair with the president. >> he has never thought that women like me mattered. that ends now. >> so, what does it mean for sean hannity, the president and the investigation? too little too late. the ceo of starbucks meets with the mayor of philadelphia and the two black men arrested in one of his stores, as a


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