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tv   Today  NBC  April 17, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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join us for our midday newscast. >> get out and enjoy this day. we'll have breaking news coming up as well good morning. firing back. fox news host sean hannity responds overnight to that courtroom surprise naming him as the president's lawyer's other mystery client. >> there's been all kinds of wild speculation. >> and it's a wild scene outside the federal courthouse in new york city, including the porn star who claims michael cohen intimidated her into silence about an affair with the president. >> he has never thought that women like me mattered. that ends now. >> so, what does it mean for sean hannity, the president and the investigation? too little too late. the ceo of starbucks meets with the mayor of philadelphia and the two black men arrested in one of his stores, as a
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third straight day of protests gets under way. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> when do we want it? >> now. shopping showdown. the battle over an internet sales tax heads to the supreme court today. at stake, billions of your dollars. and the decision could make a big difference every time you shop online. those stories plus, stranded. hundreds of american passengers irate after being left behind in mexico, when an airline cancels all flights home. pregnant and in power. an exclusive sitdown with the world's youngest leader, just weeks ahead of her due date. and what a run. after an unplanned pit stop, desiree linden is the first american woman to win the boston and the talk of beantown joins us, on tuesday, april 17th, 2018.
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>> from nbc news, this is "today," with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." so nice to have you with us on a tuesday morning. we've got craig here. i never thought i would say this. hoda lost her voice. she got a little laryngitis. >> it was stunning to all of us. >> perhaps she was screaming for the boston marathon winner. have you heard about desiree linden? the first woman in 33 years to win the boston marathon. >> she's cool and she's going to spend some time with us. >> the story of the race could be a book. we're going to start with our top story. sean hannity, a long-time defender and friend of the president, is firing back, after something else he is sharing with the president, his
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attorney. mr. cohen is under investigation by prosecutors in new york. and he was fighting to keep his files and his client list private in a courtroom yesterday. we will start with peter alexander traveling with the president. peter, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. for the last decade, michael cohen has been donald trump's fixer, making problems go away. but right now, cohen may be the president's biggest problem that can't immediately be fixed, tied up in an escalating legal drama with a new surprise twist, that cohen had a big-name client, one of the best-name faces on fox news. >> there's been all kinds of wild speculation from the mainstream media today about me and president trump's personal attorney, michael cohen. >> reporter: overnight, sean hannity trying to set the record straight, after a stunning revelation that the president's lawyer is also sean hannity's. a judge ordered cohen to reveal his mystery client. >> michael cohen never represented me in any legal matter. i never retained his services.
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i never paid michael cohen for legal fees. i had occasional, brief conversations with michael cohen. he's a great attorney, about legal questions i had. >> reporter: hannity facing criticism on his own show, by attorney and frequent fox guest, alan dershowitz. >> i think you should have disclosed your relationship with cohen when you talked about him on this show. you could have said you asked him for advice or whatever. i think it would have been much better had you disclosed that relationship. you were in a difficult situation. >> i'm going to deal with this later in the show. it was minimal. >> i understand that. you should have said that. >> reporter: the hannity news headlining a dramatic day in
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federal court, punctuating an appearance by stormy daniels, coming face-to-face with cohen. the hearing, a legal showdown with president trump and cohen's lawyers, looking to block the documents that were seized during the raid. the judge for now giving both sides the green light to see the materials. daniels and her lawyer, outside the courthouse, delivering a one-two punch. >> for years, mr. cohen has acted like he is above the law. he has never thought that the little man or especially women, even more, women like me mattered. that ends now. >> he is radioactive. anyone who had any contact with in man in the last 20 years, should be very concerned about what secrets of theirs are within these documents. >> reporter: president trump didn't say a word about the hannity news on monday. today, he welcomes japan's prime minister shinzo abe to mar-a-lago for a two-day summit.
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they expect to focus on north korea and trade. let's turn to ari melber, a legal analyst and host of "the beat" on msnbc. let's talk about the issue with sean hannity. according to michael cohen's lawyers, hannity did not want his identity revealed in the courtroom. but now, it's out. he says, on his show, that we just saw, that michael cohen didn't represent him. he didn't pay him and there's not a lawyer/client relationship. does that mean he can't keep communications confidential? >> that's one outcome if he's not in a client relationship with michael cohen. they tried to get it both ways yesterday and they ended up losing it in both ways. now we all know this, and it looks like sean hannity didn't disclose something relevant to his coverage about president trump. >> are you more concerned about cohen or bob mueller and the
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investigation? >> until a week ago, michael trump's lawyer defending him. when your lawyer needs a lawyer, it's like when your bodyguard needs a bodyguard, it's never a good sign for you and what's happening around you. bob mueller is looking at 2016. this case is going back even further. only donald trump knows what he did last summer and whether that has more criminal exposure than the years he worked with michael cohen in new york. >> that court hearing was all about yesterday was what was seized from michael cohen's office. the standard practice could be the prosecutors look at it, they have a special team that says whether or not the investigators can have access to it. what was decided? >> what is decided is it looks like donald trump is losing on his way to them getting the terms on michael cohen. the judge left some procedural questions on how to do it. it's not unusual if the feds get a judge to approve to go through secret stuff.
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the question again is, if michael cohen wasn't a lawyer for donald trump or sean hannity or these other people, then what was he? >> i guess that's one of the t questions they're having to be answered by this investigation. thank you so much. a program note for us. the former fbi director, james comey, will be here live to talk about his new back and took and reaction that it's getting tomorrow on "today." president trump is walking back plans to impose new economic sanctions against russia announced sunday by nikki haley. the sanctions were to punish russia for supporting bashar al assad and weapons attacks earlier this month. but the president trump was upset that the sanctions were
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ruled out before the decision was made. the administration called haley's announcement a, quote, misstatement. and then, told the embassy no sanctions were coming. now, to the ongoing controversial surrounding the arrest of two black men at a philadelphia starbucks. starbu starbucks' ceo apologized for calls for a nationwide boycott of starbucks are still growing. morgan radford has the story for us. morgan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this morning, starbucks ceo kevin johnson is promising that things will be different and they will change. this is after meeting with both local men arrested yesterday and meeting with city officials. some say this is all lip service, which is why protesters say they will keep coming back until things change. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> reporter: this morning, starbucks remains the subject of a bitter public roast.
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spilling into the streets of philadelphia and inside a starbucks store, where last week, police arrested two black men as they waited for a friend. demonstrators staging a sit-in, amid nationwide calls to boycott the coffee giant. ♪ we shall not be moved >> reporter: after police say the store manager denied men use of the restroom because they hadn't purchased anything. when they refused to leave, she called 911. a starbucks representative telling nbc news, the manager is no longer at that store. >> what happened and the way that incident escalated and the outcome was nothing but reprehensible. >> reporter: starbucks ceo, kevin johnson, posting this video online, apologizing to the two men saying there was no need to call police. >> these two gentlemen did not deserve what happened. and we are accountable. >> reporter: johnson promising
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unbias training for store managers. to ensure all 28,000 starbucks locations operate under the same guidelines. a quick move, perhaps, in an effort to preserve the company's carefully crafted image as a corpora corporati corporation. and while the officers followed protocol, the mayor says the outcome was unfortunate. >> people react differently based on the color of people's skin. it's wrong. >> reporter: both of those men have not filed a former -- formal complaint with the commission of the human relations here. but the city and the police department promise they will investigate. savannah? craig? >> morgan, thank you. we turn to first lady barbara bush, at home in houston this morning, after being hospitalized several times. the 92-year-old is refusing medical care. now, all eyes are on the matriarch of one of the most powerful political dynasties in history.
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andrea mitchell is here with more. andrea, good morning to you. >> reporter: barbara bush's failing health has opened up the floodgates of kind words and fond memories. her granddaughter, jenna, describing her as a fighter and in good spirits. and former california governor arnold schwarzenegger was tweeting on monday, that she was the wife of one president and the mother of another. but those of us who know her well, he tweeted, knows that she could have done the job herself. this morning barbara bush is at her home in texas, with her husband, george h.w. bush, by her side. the 92-year-old refusing medical treatment for a variety of ailments. and is in failing health. this as well wishes pour in from around the world, including from her successor, hillary clinton, who says she is thinking about barbara's legacy of service to our country and the extraordinary family she raised. and she is thanking her for kindness to me and my family.
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wishing her the comfort she deserves surrounded by loved ones. her son, neil bush telling houston station that she is frail and unable to walk. getting emotional when he is now reading her memoirs to her. >> to read the story of their amazing life together has been a remarkable blessing for me, personally, as a son. >> you have two choices in life. you can like what you do or you can dislike what you do. i have chosen to like what i do. >> reporter: part of mrs. bush's legacy is to create a foundation to promote family literacy. online, the foundation is allowing the public to send thoughts and prayers directly to the former first lady. and near her home, her endearing legacy is clear, an elementary school that bears her name. a statue of her husband. standing in a nearby park. and a mural that depicts the first lady as her son, george w. bush, takes office. without her, they say, the family fortunes may have been very different.
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>> barbara was essential to the rise of the family. barbara was an effective retail campaigner herself. >> reporter: for the better part of four decades she has campaigned hard for her family. for her husband and then for her son, george w. bush. >> i swore i would never campaign again. >> reporter: and most recently, for her other son's jeb's ill-fated white house run. >> i'm thrilled to be the mother of one of the greatest men i know, jeb bush. >> reporter: her family half-jokingly calls her the enforcer, strong, candid, resilient. now, the former first lady has decided to approach the end of life her way, just as she's always done. barbara bush's signature issue of promoting literacy, a passion that grew out of her son neil's difficulty as a child, is making him reading at her bedside even more touching. back to you, craig. >> thank you, andrea mitchell.
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important news for anybody who shops online. which means everybody. the cost of what you buy on the internet could be at the heart of the internet and the supreme court. would hinge on a case that's in front of the supreme court. gadi schwartz, good morning. >> reporter: these are huge numbers. americans spent a staggering $435 billion online last year alone. many of the purchases made without a sales tax, thanks to a decades-old court ruling, thanks to how states collect them. now, states are saying they're missing out on crucial revenue. and they're telling the high court, it's time for a change. to tax or not to tax? that is a question worth the billions of dollars. online, usually the answer is no. but in a store, customers are on the hook. why? that's because of a supreme court ruling that says states can only collect sales tax if a retailer has a physical from
7:16 am
-- physical presence in that state. that ruling was from 1992, when online usually meant where you stood at checkout. states argue it's obsolete in the days of ecommerce. not everyone agrees. >> these small businesses are just getting started. having to pay another tax will eat into their revenues and will be passed on to consumers. >> reporter: the windfall to states if the ruling is overturned. $14 billion, according to one government estimate. also onboard, the retail industry group. saying retailers have closed the legal loophole that's given online sellers an advantage over brick and mortar stores. amazon isn't involved in the case and does collect sales tax on its products. but third-party sellers can choose not to. would a sales tax send customers back to the stores? or does the convenience of online shopping come with a price?
7:17 am
among shoppers, opinions are mixed. >> if they raised the prices online, i would go in store first and look online afterwards. >> it wouldn't stop me from shopping online. it's too convenient. >> reporter: while online costs are set to hike up, there's more and more apps popping up where you can compare prices for the best deal. shop savvy. price pirates. just a few. >> should have written that down. gadi, thank you so much. let's turn and get a check of the weather. mr. roker. what's shaking? >> thanks for getting your weather from us. we have a big upper-level low through canada. and that's bringing lake-effect snowshowers in buffalo and light showers through new england. not a big problem. that's going to move through quickly. this low pressure is going to linger in maine and bring snowshowers and rain showers through this evening. we're watching a quick clipper coming out from the midwest. it's going to move through and bring more snow for a record-breaking month.
7:18 am
snow late tonight into chicago, into minneapolis, into cleveland, as we move into the day thursday, we're looking at wet weather. a quick shot moving through. and snowfall amounts, three to four inches in upstate new york and interior new england. the biggest swath from sioux falls to madison, wisconsin. we'll get to your forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. good morning, i'm mete
7:19 am
meteorologist kari hall. it will be slightly warmer and a lot of sunshine across the bay area. upper 50s for the coast and inland areas up to 67 degrees in concord and morgan hill. as we get sunshine today there will be another quick round of rain moving in by late tomorrow evening. it starts out in the north bay and will be in and out of here before you wake up early on thursday morning. guys? >> al, thank you. coming up, we're going to take you inside that nationwide hunt for the grandmother on the run. she's accused of killing her husband and a look-alike friend. also, she's a winner. we'll talk to the first american women to win the boston marathon in more than three decades. we will ask her, why she slowed down on purpose. first, this is "today" onbc.n
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♪ clean! ♪ i feel clean! hashtag come clean! our breaking news: good tuesday morning, 7:26, i'm laura garcia. we're following breaking news from san jose where a fire forced dozens to evacuate a large south bay apartment complex. kris sanchez is live at the scene. what's the latest? >> well, just talked to two folks who had to evacuate, awoken by firefighters knocking on their door who are now on the lawn out here. they say that -- they say they did not know it was on fire until they heard people running by and people screaming fire. this is a fire that happened right behind me. you can see via sky ranger where the ladder is per muched on the
7:27 am
building on the mclaughlin side. it appears to be under control but did go to five alarm and we have seen ambulances as well. we believe that people have been transported. we did see people on gournnys. this is definitely going to impact traffic through this part of town at a busy time of the morning. mike inouye is following that. >> 101 itself moves smoothly. 101 is not a problem but mclaughlin is. use center as an alternate. that's where the fire police are working on the area. the rest of the bay does show a smooth drive. we have slower drives but nothing dramatic. back to you. >> we have sunshine in the forecast today, mike. it's going to be a little warmer than yesterday, reaching upper 50s for san francisco, upper 60s for the inland avenue and 66 in san jose. heading into the next couple of days, rain and then a warm-up just in time for the weekend. laura? >> i'll be back with another
7:28 am
local news update in a half hour. hope to see you then. have a good tuesday morning. fearless is a wild animal.
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fearless makes us who we are. morning, everybody. we're back. it's tuesday morning, 7:30. there's a pretty shot in savannah, georgia. sun's coming up. good morning, savannah. >> the city that was named after you. >> that's right. maybe not. maybe the other way around. >> we are going to start this half hour with a check of the headlines including the latest on president trump's lawyer's mystery client. >> mystery solved. >> there's been all kinds of wild speculation from the mainstream media today. >> fox host sean hannity firing back against critics overnight after it's revealed he is the mystery third client of michael cohen. >> michael cohen never represented me in any legal matter. i did have occasional brief
7:31 am
conversations with michael cohen. he's a great attorney. about legal questions i had. recovering. senator john mccain still battling brain cancer successfully undergoes surgery for an intestinal infection. worldwide niet. the u.s. and britain warn that russian spies are targeting millions of laptops and desktops as part of an espionage co campaign. a plane crash landed in the middle of a busy colorado highway. luckily everyone survived. and oh, baby. a new star is born at the national zoo after a western lowland gorilla gives birth. mother and baby doing just fine as the video of their bonding burns up the internet today. tuesday, april 17th, 2018. >> baby gorilla's name is mokey. >> adorable. now to that disturbing story we
7:32 am
started following yesterday of an allegedly murderous grandmother on the run. the search is intensifying for lois reese believed to have killed her husband and then a look alike in south florida just so she could steal her identity to evade police. well, today new details about her past are coming to life. kerry sanders is live in ft. myers with the latest for pups good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the stolen car that grandmother lois reese was thought to be driving was spotted near corpus christi, texas. that's where the trail now goes cold. their fear is if she actually found somebody who looked like her, assumed her identity after killing her, that that is an m.o. she may now repeat again. this morning new information coming to light about lois reese, the 56-year-old grandmother accused double murderer and identity thief. apparently has quite a history of gambling.
7:33 am
according to authorities. >> suspect reese frequents casinos and loves to gamble. >> reporter: shortly after her husband's murder in minnesota, reese was spotted at the diamond jo ka see know just across the state line in iowa. by the time police arrived, she was gone. another strange twist. minnesota court documents from 2016 show reese who had been her sister's guardian was ordered to pay her back more than $100,000. but the sister's court-appointed lawyer says reese hasn't paid back a dime. on the run in ft. myers, florida, earlier this month, reese befriended pamela hutchinson. this surveillance video shows reese and hutchinson together at a restaurant. but the motive was not friendship, it's said. >> she smiles and looks like anyone's grandmother and yet she is calculated, she's targeted, and she's a cold-blooded killer.
7:34 am
>> reporter: officials say she targeted and killed hutchinson in order to steal her identity because the two women looked alike. >> she had no concern for my cousin. only concern was what do you have to offer. >> reporter: hutchinson's family says she was happy after closing on a new condo. >> she was nice to a fault. her kindness got her killed. >> reporter: riess stole her car, credit cards, and car according to officials. the car last spotted in texas where the trail has gone cold. but the u.s. martial leading the hunt says they will find her. >> she can run all she wants to. she'll go to jail tired. >> reporter: since she was last spotted in south texas, the authorities believe that she may now try to make a run for the border. the mexican authorities have, of course, been notified. guys? >> all right. kerry, strange story. thank you. another airline under fire after spring break came to a crashing halt for hundreds of travelers who were left stranded
7:35 am
in mexico. blake mccoy has that story for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is the stuff travel nightmares are made of. minnesota-based sun country airlines abruptly canceling the tickets leaving hundreds of passengers stranded in mexico trying to get home on their own. this morning several sun country airline passengers are waking up in mexico stranded. >> even when we went to the airport, no communication. >> reporter: their vacations getting an unplanned and unwanted extension after their return flights to minnesota were canceled because of a massive snowstorm. the bigger issue? they were the airline's last flights out of the area for the season. >> i'm sure some people are still stranded there. >> reporter: sun country sending an e-mail saying their tickets would be refunded and they'd need to book their own return trips at their own expense. because this cancellation is due to weather and our seasonal service has ended, you will need to make arrangements on another
7:36 am
airline for your return flight. >> they're like, well, you don't have seats on this flight. and we're like, what do you mean? we have a confirmed flight. this is our travel day. >> reporter: state lawmakers now calling on federal officials to review sun country's cancellations to help ensure other passengers are protected from similar incidents. senator tina smith sending a letter to the department of transportation saying in part, travelers are already financially squeezed by the airline industry. it is troublesome to see a domestic carrier abandoning passengers in a foreign country. why not just send another plane? well, sun country says as they were ending seasonal service to cabo, they were beginning it somewhere else. so they would have had to cancel even more tickets to make that happen. meantime, one family says they spent $2,000 to fly here to chicago and then they had to drive the rest of the way home to minneapolis. so this turned into a very expensive vacation. >> can you imagine? not only is your flight canceled, there's not another
7:37 am
one until next winter. blake, thank you. mr. roker's standing by with another check of the weather. >> sun country, you're on your own. anyway, take a look. fire danger. 16 million people at risk. dry and warm conditions. winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour. this includes phoenix. and look at the fire danger today. beyond extreme. we are talking about elevated critical and extreme risks stretching from tucson to albuquerque, dodge city, wichita falls, oklahoma city. and here's the ingredients we're looking at. we've got low pressure with a front -- a dry cold front moving across the southeast. this is going to generate wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. add to that the heat. we're talking temperatures anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees above average from abilene roswell to dodge city. and we're also looking at bone dry conditions. humidity values less than 10%. the vegetation already dry. that is
7:38 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have a break from the rain today and slightly warmer temperatures. it will be in the upper 60s from concord to morgan hill. san jose 66 degrees and 63 in palo alto and also in santa rosa and san francisco 59. then tomorrow there will be some rain moving in, mostly in the evening after that evening commute it will be moving in from north to south but clearing out on thursday and warming up in time for the weekend for the upper 60s for san francisco and 80s inland. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you. coming up here, she is 37 and pregnant and the prime minister of new zealand. we're going to sit down with an exclusive interview with the world leader that is shattering stereotypes. and "night court" actor harry anderson dies at 65. we're going to look at his life and career. and milo ventimiglia reveals
7:39 am
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♪ well, the boston marathon is one of the most famous races in the world. and even a tough, rainy day could not dampen the spirits of the athletes and fans who took part in the 122nd marathon on monday. it was historic. on the women's side, desiree linden was the first american woman to win in over three decades. >> for desiree linden, the boston marathon was the race where she first fell in love with the grueling distance, when she considered giving up the sport entirely. now, with a remarkable win, her career has come full-circle. >> it's been 33 long years.
7:44 am
>> reporter: desiree linden becoming the first american woman to win the boston marathon since 1985. the two-time olympian finishing four minutes ahead of her nearest competitor, despite brutal conditions and not feeling like herself. >> the conditions are so bad, you can hurt yourself. >> on this day, it was survival to be a champion. >> reporter: but she weathered the storm, crushing the competition after years of close finishes in the iconic race. including 2011, when she missed winning by just two seconds. >> that's tremendous sportsmanship on the part of des linden. >> reporter: but the win was about more than just determination, when shalane flanagan stopped for a bathroom break, and linden waited for her
7:45 am
rival. desiree linden joins us now. good morning. congratulations to you. >> good morning. thank you so much. >> how are you feeling the morning after? how are the legs? >> the legs are dead. the rest of me, on cloud nine. i can't complain too much. >> legs heavy, heart is light. this is amazing, des. you are the first american woman to win the boston marathon in 33 years. is that sinking in? >> every time i hear it, a little bit more. it sounds incredible. i think it's going to fully hit me in a couple days. >> on twitter, you posted this photo and you say sixth time is the charm. not to give up, not to quit. there was a point during this race when you thought about stopping. what happened and what convinced you to keep going? >> yeah. the weather is brutal. it didn't feel like it was going to be my day. my hands were freezing and my
7:46 am
body was tightening up. there was so much american pride on the line. and i tapped shalane flanagan, i said i think i'm going to drop out. if you want me to block the wind or something. and it gave me something to focus on besides myself. >> what a tale. then, shalane flanagan, your colleague, friend, or fellow runner, stops to use the bathroom. do i get this right, you waited for her during the race? >> i slowed down. i didn't stop and we didn't go to the bathroom together, in pairs. it wasn't a thing like that. >> it is a marathon. >> i did slow down and looked back and made sure we could work together to get back to the group, which hadn't really pulled away. we needed help to get each other back in the group and block the wind. i was happy to do it. >> as i understand it, you started running marathons because you wanted to run in boston. you named your dog after boston.
7:47 am
what was it like running in that city yesterday on the fifth anniversary of those bombings? >> it's a special city and there's so much history there. if you do it long enough, you go through the highs and the lows, just like life. we celebrate the good days and we remember the tough days. it's all part of the history. you know, i think together forward was the theme of the marathon this year. and that was it. it was take all of that and use it in the most positive way possible. just embrace the ups and downs and move together forward. >> just in case people don't know this part of your story, you came so close in 2011. you were at the boston marathon and got second place. and it was two seconds. that's two seconds right there. that's the difference between first and second place back then. so, this must feel so sweet. >> it's amazing.
7:48 am
it's storybook stuff. it feels full circle. i started here, i had a breakthrough here and i have won here. it's fantastic. >> desiree linden, thank you for spending time with us this morning. >> you got it. >> that's got to leave everybody with a smile, especially des. coming up, we have a "today" exclusive this morning. the billboard music nominations the billboard music nominations are going to be announced live caddy: you're a broker, right? better be careful. they call this hole the brokerbreaker. that's crazy. why would they call it the broker... ...breaker. pfft. schwab! $4.95 online equity trades and a satisfaction guarantee. i can read. that's a great offer. (sighs) (chuckle) it's hard to compete with that. (grunt) ball! ask your broker if they offer award-winning full service and low costs backed by a satisfaction guarantee. i'm guessing your firm doesn't offer that? if you don't like their answer, ask again at schwab. i feel like i get clean, but is beth's soap as clean rinsing as dove?
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good tuesday morning, 7:56. as you head out the door cool temperatures and sunshine. as we look outside in san jose, willow glen and what to expect, we'll reach the mid-60s, cooler than normal but very nice, especially compared to yesterday. we're going to get up to 59 degrees in san francisco and 64 in napa and 64 in livermore. heading into the next couple of days there will be another quick round of rain moving in late tomorrow night but clearing by thursday morning. san francisco will reach up to the mid-60s by the end of the week and upper 60s this weekend. inland areas will also see some rain by tomorrow night bringing us about a quarter inch of rain across much of the bay area and then by the end of the weekend we'll see highs reaching into the low 80s. let's get an update on how the commute is rolling with mike. >> it's slow rolling westbound across the san mateo bridge.
7:57 am
but it is moving, that's better over the last ten minutes. there's a crash that may be going on on the peninsula side but no details. the rest of the bay shows a smooth drive, south bay does build north 87 towards kirtener where there was a dog running around. west highway 84, an alert through concord. there's a motorcycle involved crash blocking a couple of lanes, slow out of pitts burg. firefighters still at the scene of a large apartment fire in san jose that forced dozens to evacuate. you can link to the very latest including video from the scene on our twitter feed. i just tweeted out more information on the city of san jose suing the white house over plans to add a citizenship question to census, saying federal funding is at stake. a big night for a's fans, all tickets to the coliseum are free but you need a voucher to get in. you can link to the complete
7:58 am
details from our home page. another update in half an hour. 9 south bay communities - to make the streets safer for you. and - tax day will have come and gone... the big changes to next year )s filing - that you should start thinking about (now. )today in the bay ) - 4:30 to . good morning, it )s 7:26... good morning, it )s 7:26... california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit
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8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, courtroom shocker. >> michael cohen never represented me in any legal matter. >> sean hannity is revealed to be the mystery client of president trump's attorney, michael cohen. the bombshell revelation, for forcing hannity to defend himself in primetime. >> i did have occasional, brief conversations with michael cohen. >> we're live with the latest. plus, she's young, she's running a country and she's pregnant. >> we multitask every, single day. can i be a prime minister and a mother? absolutely. >> meet the world's youngest female leader who is shattering stereotypes and inspiring a
8:01 am
nation. and good night, harry. >> next case. >> beloved "night court" actor, harry anderson, passes away at the age of 65. from here on today. >> it's called the shell game. >> to "the tonight show. ". >> it takes twice as long to finish the trick. >> we look back at his magical career, today, tuesday, april 17th, 2018. it's my 13th birthday celebration on the plaza. >> we came from west palm beach, florida, to see our man, al roker. ♪ >> we're here to check off our spring break goals at the "today" show. >> we made it on "today." >> yes, you did. so nice to have you with us. look at the great crowd that is. >> that's a big bunch. we'll get out there in just a
8:02 am
bit. >> nice to have you along with us. nice to have you along. hoda is not feeling great. a lot to get to. including a stunning surprise emerging monday from a courthouse in new york. it involved president trump's personal lawyer. nbc chief white house correspondent, hallie jackson, is traveling with the president. she's in florida this morning. hallie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is a new twist in the legal and political drama sur rouroun the president and michael cohen. cohen's most famous client may be president trump. but another of the people he says he represents is almost as high-profile. one of the most familiar faces on fox news. we're talking about sean hannity. after cohen revealed his so-called mystery client, hannity is pushing back on what he calls wild speculation. he says he never paid cohen legal fees but he had brief
8:03 am
conversations about questions he had. there were gasps in the courtroom when the hannity news was revealed, in what was a dramatic day there. a crush of cameras following every move outside the courthouse. that includes appearances by stormy daniels and her lawyer. they were all at the courthouse because trump's team were fighting something. they don't want all of the materials looked at from cohen's office last week, because of the attorney client privilegprivile. the judge gave both sides the green light to see the materials. >> hallie jackson, thank you. the head of starbucks has met privately to two black men whose arrests in a store has brought on calls for a nationwide boycott. the ceo had productive talks with the mayor and city commissioner. the dispute started thursday,
8:04 am
when two men asked to use the bathroom but did not buy anything and refused to leave. the men were waiting for a business associate, who arrived as they were being arrested. they were released without charges about eight hours later. starbucks says the manager involved is no longer at that location. we have bad news this morning. beloved actor harry anderson has died at his home in north carolina. he was best known for his role in the hit '80s sitcom, "night court." >> this was a sad one. harry anderson was a magician, a comic and a tv star, that had a charm and wit that fans fell in love with. >> you have to pick me up. >> reporter: from his early days in the comedy clubs, all the way to a starring role on the small screen, harry anderson always seemed to have a twinkle in his eye and a mischievous grin.
8:05 am
he was a fast-talking swindler, known as the hat. playing the role on iconic shows like "cheers." >> you owe me ten bucks. >> reporter: he is best known for his role as judge harry stone on "night court." >> we could still make it. >> reporter: his co-stars reacting to his death on twitter. john larroquette saying, heart tick. markey post tweeting, and i'm dumbfounded. he delivered magic and laughs to mainstream audiences for almost a decade in the 1980s. he reprised the role later on "30 rock." >> you made us jump the shark. >> reporter: anderson got a few early breaks in his career, on "the tonight show" with johnny carson. >> if you say everything i say,
8:06 am
it takes twice as long to finish the trick. >> reporter: on the "today" show and on "saturday night live," where he launched his career with a few tricks up his sleeve. >> actually, i am a free agent. >> reporter: anderson shared a first name with his character, but they were both magicians, they both wore colorful ties and they loved mel torme, who made several appearances on the show. i was telling these guys, i used to love watching it. he gave me a warm feeling. just easy to watch and smile. >> he seemed to exude a lot of warmth. >> that was a great show. "morning boost" time. you have big shoes to fill this morning. >> every bit of encouragement helps when your slogging through a race like the rainy, cold boston marathon. spencer did his part. he's a therapy dog. he made himself a fixture along the route. he was cheering on runners on
8:07 am
the sidelines. he is waving two boston strong flags in his mouth. that's what it takes to help a soaked and exhausted runner squeeze out another mile or two. >> you have to be strong just to stand on the sidelines in that weather. good for him. coming up next, a "today" exclusive. you're going to meet the mother-to-be who is getting a lot of attention because she is the youngest woman to lead a country. and rapper kendrick lamar adds pulitzer prize winner to his resume. that's right after this. behr presents: ordinary versus overachiever. a lot of paints say they can do the job, but just one can "behr" through it all. behr premium plus, a top rated interior paint at a great price. family friendly, disaster proof.
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8:11 am
we're back, now, 8:11 with today's talker. this morning, we're talking about an extra impressive world leader. she's the youngest woman running a country right now and she's about to become the second elected head of government in modern history to give birth while in office. >> in the era of serena williams winning a grand slam while pregnant, and tammy duckworth giving birth, a first, it's a pow powerhouse that's a cynthia mcf. >> reporter: we went to the remote and beautiful country at the bottom of the world, just north of the south pole, to meet new zealand's new 37-year-old pregnant prime minister. you are the youngest female world leader of any nation. >> for now. for now.
8:12 am
yes. it didn't strike me that people would find it as curious as they have. >> reporter: what has really raised eyebrows worldwide is she's pregnant. 37-year-old jacinda ardern will be only the second elected leader in history to give birth while head of state. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: the first was benazir bhutto in pakistan, 30 years ago. >> i'm looking forward to the day when we won't have news stories about that because it won't be as nearly as unusual. now, i accept that that's the way it is. >> reporter: they're taking it all in stride in new zealand. a 13-hour nonstop flight from los angeles. it's an island nation at the bottom of the world, it's at the forefront of change. women could vote here 20 years before they could in the u.s. and ardern is new zealand's third prime minister. but she's the first to take a six-week maternity leave.
8:13 am
a "daily mail" columnist, liz jones, wrote something that i want to get your reaction to. a pregnant prime minister isn't feminism, it's betraying your voters. surely, your country shouldn't have to compete for your attention with a colicy toddler. >> the sentiment in that piece suggests that women can only be mothers or other. can i be a prime minister and a mother? absolutely. absolutely. will i have help to do it? yes. >> reporter: first, from her deputy prime minister. he will be running the country while she's out. though, she says, she will be available. as for the baby -- >> we're really excited. >> reporter: -- help will come from the father, clark guyford, arde ardern's partner of four years. he will be a stay at home dad. >> he is a fisherman. >> reporter: he's some fisherman. >> he is a professional
8:14 am
fisherman broadcaster. >> reporter: and he just walked in the door with a fish pole. he proved it. >> he did walk in with a fishing rod looking like huckleberry finn. that's correct. i have no idea where he's been. clearly fishing has been involved. >> reporter: the couple is not married. i asked her why not? >> we never have made a deliberate decision not to get married. it's just something that we haven't -- it sounds terrible because we're very committed to each other. it's not something we've gotten around to. we haven't sequenced, perhaps. but no one's really taken particular issue with it. except probably my grandmother, probably. beyond the grave, probably would take issue with it. >> reporter: with a bit of coaxing, clark joins us. you're going to stay home. have you ever taken care of a baby before? >> of course i have. held my nieces and nephews
8:15 am
briefly. >> reporter: i was going to say, a little different. do you offer political advice? >> you offer political opinions. >> yes. >> reporter: would you tell her if you thought she was wrong about something? >> absolutely. yeah. >> it's good to have people like that in your life. i tell him when he's wrong about things, too. >> uh-huh. >> which is never, darling. >> i -- yeah. >> reporter: you seem so normal. >> how else should we be? what are we doing wrong? >> reporter: good question. don't let the laughs and good humor fool you. she has a serious side. >> i was a girlie swat and i still am. >> reporter: translate that. >> a girlie swat. very earnest. i joined a political party at 17. i stood out to my peers. that wasn't normal. >> reporter: neither was how she became prime minister. >> are you with me? >> reporter: ardern, former head of the young socialists, teamed up with a very conservative
8:16 am
new zealand first party. it would be like bernie sanders teaming up with ted cruz. >> reporter: you know "the wall street journal" tweeted you were the donald trump of new zealand when it came to immigration. >> that infuriated me. we are a part they that is trying to double our refugee quo toe. we're a nation built on immigrati immigration. i'm a thirdration new zealander. this suggestion that i was leading something that was counter to that value, made me angry. >> reporter: you're not building a wall? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: there are deep political divisions in new zealand. but all the people we talked to, even the ones who didn't vote for her, are rooting for her. some call it jacinda mania. are you told me there was no
8:17 am
such thing as jacinda mania. i see the little girls coming over. >> if they see a woman in a job like this, that's wonderful. >> reporter: after 24 hours of flying, she's in europe, where later this week, she will meet queen elizabeth, who is officially the head of state in new zealand, though headlines during ardern's campaign suggested, she wanted to ditch the queen. you may have explaining to do when you get there. >> no doubt. >> reporter: she says she won't push it, at least for now. leading the country, having a baby and taking on the queen, might be one thing too many, even for her. the baby is due in june. the couple told me they received dozens of books about child care. they joked, i this i they were joking, that he was reading for them. and ardern has asked for executive help. the family lives in auckland and
8:18 am
the country's capital is an hour's flight away. like living in new york city and going to washington. she's going to be there three days a week. and they're not planning to hire a full-time nanny. we'll see about that. >> a modern couple. what a cool story. surprised you came back. new zealand looked pretty awesome. >> it was pretty great. we should take a trip. "today" show from new zealand. >> what was the term she used? >> girlie swat. >> thank you. let's get a check of the weather. >> i think you should be her press secretary. pretty good. girlie swat. we've got cool weather here in the north and northern plains. we're looking at warm southern breezes looking to kick in. oklahoma city, 87, while pierre, south dakota, only 17 degrees below average. chicago, you're only going to be 43, philadelphia, 15 degrees below normal. buffalo, very chilly, 40
8:19 am
degrees. jacksonville, gorgeous. atlanta, 81. des moines, 38 degrees. that's 24 degrees below average. we struggled to get back in the near-50s. orlando in the 80s. houston in the 70s. chicago, you're that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> it's tuesday morning, and it looks really nice. much better than yesterday, as we take a live look outside of our view in san francisco. and our high today will reach up to 59 degrees. 63 in santa rosa. san jose, looking at 66 degrees, and that's a little cooler than normal. another front moving through tomorrow that will bring in a quick shot of rain mostly during the evening. on thursday, we'll be u.p to 60 degrees. >> if you're heading out to door, don't forget, check us out on our siriusxm channel.
8:20 am
carson is in l.a. for "the voice." sheinelle is in the orange room. >> look at this picture. app distributors like apple and google, are facing backlash at plastic surgery apps aimed at children. there's hundreds of plastic surgery games that lets players transfer bodiy features, like liposuction and more. there's cartoon characters and are listed in the game section, for children as young as 8. the global organization that endangered bodies call the apps to be regulated by distributors. social media users are weighing in, as well. cheryl writes, stop plastic surgery apps aimed at kids. another says, apps like these can harm children and give them unrealistic expectations about beauty. another post reads, a good side is it could encourage kids to study medicine.
8:21 am
let's not make a drama of everything. we asked on twitter, should plastic surgery apps be removed from app stores? 90% say yes. 10% say no. here's the deal, the petition does not ask for the apps to be removed. it asks for them to be regulated or made less appealing to children. we reached out to apple, google and amazon for comment. i would ask what you think but i heard all of your groans while i was reading. >> what would be the argument for a plastic surgery app for kids. >> someone would say what would be the argument for any of those things. >> aimed at children. >> it's really weird. >> it's so weird. >> i think that's why 90% of the people that we polled this morning said absolutely not. and they're free. it doesn't sound like it's a big deal, but it makes it easier for kids to click yes. >> maybe they will pull the apps on their own. this is one of the instances
8:22 am
when we should look at ourselves. >> i think they make money. to be continued. shall we "pop start"? we begin withhloe kardashian. they have named her baby true. our little boy, true thompson has stolen our hearts. such a blessing to welcome this angel in the family. mommy and daddy love you, true. chr kris jenner says the name true runs in the family. now, to kendrick lamar, becoming the first rapper to win a pulitzer prize. he won the award from his album. the committee says it captures modern african-american art. it's the first nonjazz work to win a pulitzer prize. and carol burnett, the
8:23 am
actress and comedienne is heading back to television. netflix just released a preview. take a look. >> look at your instagram, almost 25,000 followers. >> i know. since i joined the netflix family, i've been growing my social media presence to promote my new series. and it's apparently on flee k. >> you're trying to say it's lit. >> it's on lit. >> it's an unscripted show, in which burnett and guests will have candid conversations with kids. and the guest list was just revealed. it includes julie bowen, taraji henson. all episodes will be released on may 12th. and mile lo milo ventimigli releasing what will happen. the show will turned back the
8:24 am
clock and show fans the tv dad in his early years. milo told "people" magazine, we're going to see jack in the vietnam era. there was a trailer to show jack in a helicopter over vietnam. we're going to explore that side of jack's 20s and what brought him to the man that we all new. "this is us" returns in september. >> that's our favorite show. >> you love it? >> she krcries every time. >> she keeps the tissues nearby. a good "daly click." nearby. brett connolly saw a special fan in the stands and he went to please her. >> here's the problem with being the shortest kid around. that kid grabbed the puck away from her. look at the face. connolly comes back and that kid steals a puck from her. finally, he gets it to her. >> that father orchestrated that. only the cute little girl will
8:25 am
get it. he made sure all three kids get a puck. >> look at her. is that all worth it? >> when was the last time you were so happy that you jumped up up a down. that smile was worth it. >> she popped those boys right in the nose. >> a tough girl. >> thank you, sheinelle. coming up, the billboard music nominations live in our studio. we have khalid and b.b. rexa. and out on the plaza, three childhood favorites your whole family is going to love. first, your local news. firel
8:26 am
good morning. 8:26. i'm marcus washington. firefighters right now still at the scene of a fire at a large apartment complex in san jose. now, this has all been happening near tully west of highway 101. sky ranger was flying over that team at the end of today in the bay this morning. this all started a little before 6:00 this morning. and quickly grew to five alarms. dozens of people evacuated. right now, there are no reports of injury. firefighters so far have not said what caused the fire or how many units have been damaged. it was pretty obvious by those videos at least one of those units is destroyed. no word on that cause. all right, now for your morning commute. mike is tracking a clearout for some of those. >> yes, highway 4 still slow. but clearing out of pittsburgh
8:27 am
at bay point in towards concord and san marco boulevard. no major injuries reported there. and now clear from lanes. still slow for 580 and 880 through oakland. no surprises through the bay. south bay, slow traffic. that fire just off of tully and muck laughlin. use the center instead of mclaughlin if you want to. it doesn't have an impact on 1301 although we are seeing north at 680. back to you. >> i'll have another local news update for you coming up in half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
good morning, everybody. it's 8:30. it's tuesday morning, 17 th day of april, tuesday morning. this is a much nicer day. yesterday it was pouring. we had the plaza come in. and now, what a great crowd. good morning, everybody. >> good morning, guys. are you excited to be here? it would be great if you all came back tomorrow. our friend, jason aldean, is bringing his brand of country to the big city. he's going to perform some songs from his album "rear view town" for us live. >> you can throw that y'all in there.
8:31 am
>> i'm from south carolina. speaking of music, in a moment, we have two music stars, khalid and beebe rexha, have an exclusive announcement. they're going to reveal the nominee ps for this year's billboard music award. do you have a favorite food from childhood? there's three chefs here to reveal staples. and we're looking for our "crowd moment." looking for a girl scout troop from maine. you're all here. where are you from? and you brought cookies. my golly, you sold cookies for two years to get here? >> yes. >> what's your favorite girl scout cookie? >> thin mints. >> and you're drinking moxie soda. it's the breakfast of champions. these kids are going to be wired
8:32 am
up for about three days. thanks for coming, girls. we appreciate it. >> thanks, girls. >> awesome. >> it's nice if they have some cookies for us. we have a fun announcement from snapchat this morning. all of you who love controlling through the special lenses, adding fun filters to your faces, now, you can make your own snapchat and give us a first access look. we created a few "today" lenses. this is al giving the "today" show cap a try. fans are having fun with it on the plaza. show us yours. we have this one here on the plaza. he's been using the filter. nbc universal is an investor in snapchat. you can visit to unlock "today" lenses. >> i would just like one with the 35-year-old version of myself. >> exactly. >> i don't need anything fancy. >> let's go to 25. >> back to the teens. let's have a snappy chat
8:33 am
with you. >> kids have batman, spider-man and who do we have? >> wonder woman. >> she's here today. linynda carter leads off our sh today. we're going to atalk about all f it. the skimpy little outfit. she was 22 when she played the role. and she has a #metoo story that she's repaired to share. we'll get into all of that with the original wonder woman, with the spin. >> and the lasso of truth. >> that's why we became lawyers. >> we watched a lot of "wonder woman" in my house. now, a check of the forecast? >> also had supergirl. >> she was more junior. >> true. >> woman, girl. we all wanted to be linda cary carter. >> for today, strong winds and fire danger through the southwest. storm watches through the upper great lakes. we're looking at a little snowy action through the great lakes
8:34 am
on into western new york and pennsylvania. for tomorrow, the fire threat decreases a bit through the southwest. got another clip of a snowstorm across the plains into the great lakes. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we'll have a much nicer day around the bay area, with sunshine and a little bit warmer, especially for the inland areas. it will be up into the mid to upper 60s for the high. for today in san francisco, 59 degrees. there will be a quick round of rain moving through. mostly by tomorrow evening. it will be clearing by thursday morning. with some sunshine and warming temperatures for the weekend and into the upper 60s for san francisco with inland areas 82 on sunday. >> afc, of course, who could forget cat woman, eartha kitt.
8:35 am
let's go back inside. neighbors helping neighbors is brought to you by state farm. finding volunteer opportunities in your community. >> time for more of our special series, "neighbors helping neighbors." we're trying to shine a light on people who are making a big difference in their communities. >> sheinelle has the story of a celebrity chef, who is giving kids in need a five-star dining experience. >> this was a heartwarming experience. he's been feeding thousands of kids in southern california, every year for a decade. a devastating fire almost brought that to an end last year. but his community helped him to rebuild so he could keep on changing lives, one plate at a time. it's a restaurant to the stars. the anaheim white house has hosted some of the biggest names in hollywood and washington, d.c. >> president jimmy carter. president george w. bush. derek jeter, and i can go on and
8:36 am
on. >> reporter: but today, he prepares a meal for his most v.i.p. guests yet. >> how are you guys? give me five. >> reporter: kids from the anaheim boys and girls' club. dozens of them are joining the chef for a five-star meal. >> today's special, it will be one of the most special days in my entire life. >> reporter: his joy, a contrast to a year ago last february, when an electric fire destroyed everything. he watched helplessly as his beloved restaurant became engulfed in flames. >> i was devastated. i didn't know what was going to happen to my entire life. everything i worked for for 30 years was destroyed. >> reporter: he feared he lost something more important than his business. your restaurant burns to the ground. >> yes. >> reporter: one of the first things you're thinking about. >> the kids. >> reporter: the kids are the nearly 4,000 children in southern california chef bruno has fed every day for 13 years.
8:37 am
without a kitchen, bruno wasn't sure how he and his team could feed the area's hungriest. but the city of anaheim behind him. neighbors and businesses donated space and supplies to help him continue his megission. >> i come from a pour family. i used to eat spaghetti every day. >> reporter: he will never forget a visit to the local boys and girls club a decade ago. he was with his mother. and they saw a young boy eating his only dinner for the night, a bag of potato chips. the solution seemed simple. >> mom said, prbrew know, why don't we feed them pasta. i have not stopped since then. >> reporter: 2 million plates of pasta later, the club has continued to grow, with hopes of expanding outside california. first, there was the long and
8:38 am
difficult process of rebuilding. as he sifted through the ashes, chef bruno made one promise. >> i'm going to make the restaurant so much more beautiful before. and you'll be the first customer. >> reporter: today, the anaheim white house is standing again. its doors, ready to reopen. >> the one and only momma katarina. my heart and my soul. everything i do from the beginning of my life, until today, until tomorrow, is thanks to her. >> reporter: and that promise -- >> i'm happy to have you here. it's emotional it's emotional. today is emotional. i said to myself, bruno, you're a lucky man. look what you have. >> reporter: through tears of joy, a special moment with the same little boy who inspired chef bruno and his mother many
8:39 am
years ago. >> i'm happy to see you. >> reporter: and another surprise, bruno had no idea was in store. this right here, this, look at this food. this is about two days of food. can you imagine an entire month's worth of food. thanks to our sponsors at state farm, they're giving him one month of food. 75,000 meals just for you. give him a round of applause. >> yay. >> bruno is nice because he let us be v.i.p. >> he's giving us an experience. a great experience that's going to help us through life. >> reporter: a chef to the stars, feeding those most in need and fighting empty stomachs with a full heart. this guy is the real deal. he would go to motels and find kids who were staying there that didn't have homes. he was going all around the area, bringing them to his restaurant. and he was helping them find housing. he really does a lot. when his restaurant burned to the ground, the first thing he
8:40 am
thought about were the kids. if you want to learn more about how to make a difference, head to >> i love his personality. he's so full of love. >> you want to give him a hug. the kids do. >> thanks, sheinelle. coming up next, only here on "today," we have khalid and bebe rexha. they're going
8:41 am
8:42 am
it's a big morning in the music world. this year's billboard music awards are going to be announced right here, right now on the "today" show. we have an exclusive list of nominees and two a-listers here to help us with the announcement. beebe rexha is off of a big performance from florida georgia line. and a coachella performance with eminem. that was the last 72 hours. her debut album is going to be released in june. khalid is a five-time grammy
8:43 am
nomin nominee, whose album is five times fl s platinum. >> touring is one of my favorite things in the world. >> bebe, you posted this picture on twitter. you talked about sunday being the best night of your life. >> yeah. >> how so? >> well, first of all, we did the acms. and then, i wrote to eminem five years ago. and i never got to meet him. that was the first cut i had. it was cool for it to come around full-circle. 115th street here in new york city. i never thought it would come around full circle like that. it was amazing. my parents were there. >> you were in vegas and did some gambling. >> i won on the wheel of fortune machine. i was one of the old ladies with their cigarettes and stuff. i was putting my quarters in.
8:44 am
and i won 1,600 bucks. >> this guy isn't even old enough to gamble yet. >> one more year left. one more year. >> let's get to the nominations. are you ready? first category. how about you start us off. >> top artist, the nominees are. drake. kendrick lamar. bruno mars. ed sheeran, and taylor swift. >> that's quite the category there. let's move on to the next one. top female artists. >> more girls on that list. i'm joking. top female artist, let's go, girls. camilla cabello. ca cardi b. demi lovato and taylor swift. >> who takes it? >> i don't know. i love all of them. i don't know. i would not want to be voting on
8:45 am
that. >> give us top male. >> ooh. the no, ma'am nminees are drake. kendrick lamar, bruno mars, post malone and ed sheeran. >> top selling album. i'm sorry. >> the nominees are -- kendrick lamar. >> pink, "beautiful trauma." ed sheeran, "divide." and taylor swift, "reputation." >> are you ready for top 100? >> yeah. let's go. the nominees are, decemb despac. "humble." "that's what i like." "rockstar." and "shape of you," ed sheeran.
8:46 am
>> which one would you vote for? >> got to go kendrick on that one. shoutout. >> how about top new artist? >> okay. let's see. the nominees are -- 21 savage. camila cabello. cardi b. khalid. >> what? >> yes. and kodak black. >> how about that? congratulations. you had no idea, did you? >> no. that's exciting. >> i've got a favorite in that category. good luck to you. >> don't ask me who i think is going to win. >> top country. you have this one? >> the nominees are. "what ifs," "body like a back road," "small town boy," "meant to be" bebe rexha and florida
8:47 am
georgia line. and in case you didn't know, brett young. >> did you know that you're up? >> i'm a new york city girl. i didn't think i was going to be a nominee for a country award. but i will take it. >> congratulations. >> i will see you at the billboard awards. >> you can catch the billboard music awards sunday, may 20th. that's my birthday. 8:00, 7:00 stcentral here on nb. coming up on our fourth hour, neowill be here to announce more nominations. simple childhood favorites from three chefs. you can stay and eat. this is "today" on nbc.
8:48 am
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"today food" is created with our sporter in, citi. citi is partnering with no kid
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hungry to end child hunger in america. >> a sobering statistic. one in six kids in the u.s. will face hunger this year. in partnership with our sponsor, citi, taste the nation events are taking place throughout the year, bringing chefs together to raise funds to help end childhood hunger. all proceeds from ticket sales support the no kid hungry campaign. this morning, we've got three of the great chefs lending a hand to this campaign. they're going to whip up a full day of wheels that we think kids will love. we're going to start with breakfast. we have the chef and owner of volt in frederick, maryland. these are banana granola pancakes. we have bananas, brown sugar. we toast them into butter. mix the granola in the pan. we put that in the oven and let it dry out. i take the granola and put it into this really delicious pancake batter. i love pancakes.
8:51 am
it's a fun, easy way. in a good way -- >> makes it held ialthier, too. kids can get in the kitchen and cook pancakes. >> do you have techniques for the perfect pancake? >> just design whatever you want. have fun with it. there's no perfect pancake. just make them great. >> brian, thanks so much. >> we have amanda cohen. the chef and owner of dirk candy in the lower east side. you're making my favorite lunch when i was a kid, tomato soup and grilled cheese. you said don't buy tomato soup. >> you can make a great tomato soup. a can tomatoes, a little water. the only thing that i do is a little bit of lemon juice. and a little bit of parsley. >> brighten it up a little bit. for the grilled cheese croutons, what kind of bread are you using? >> this is a sour doug ah and
8:52 am
olive oil. >> instead of butter? >> you have all of the cheese already. >> what kind of cheese do you like? >> cheddar. >> everything is better with cheddar. >> we'll see how it's going. >> to make the croutons, which are sliced up sandwiches. >> absolutely. there we have it. >> thank you so mufch. >> here with grayson schmidt. she is the executive chef in brooklyn. and we're whipping up a childhood staple, meatballs. >> the first thing we're going to do is soak the bread. this is country bread cut into cubes. this is going to make our mix moist and delicious. >> and beef and pork. >> most important thing, make sure you squeeze out the bread before you put it in the mix. then -- >> is there a secret to making the perfect meatball? >> you make your balls.
8:53 am
you can roll that baby. >> all right. >> we will line these up on the tray. they get cooked at a 400-degree oven for about 16 minutes. you can turn it halfway through. >> that's it. what about the sauce? >> they come out like this, golden brown and beautiful. >> regular tomato sauce. >> this is thoomato sauce and chili flake to make it pop. >> thank you so much. >> i love this is kids meals. this is my dream menu. pancakes, grilled cheese, tomato soup. >> as always, you can find these recipes at for more information on taste of the nation, visit our facebook page. back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. dog: seresto, seresto, seresto.
8:54 am
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coming up, our fourth hour
8:56 am
is going to be great. more billboard music nominations. and guess what? you're filling in because you're hosting the fourth hour. >> drink up. >> exactly. >> wayne, pancakes, it all works together. the no kid hungry campaign isi we just got an update - on th good morning. it's 8:56. i'm marcus washington. we just got an update on the fire this morning at a large san jose apartment complex. nbc bay area sky ranger was flying over that scene at the end of "today in the bay." this started a little bit before 6:00 this morning near tully just west of 101. the firefighters now say four people were sent to the hospital. their conditions and injuries not known at this time. in all, rescue crews treated 15 people.
8:57 am
firefighters are still not saying how many units were damaged. though it's obvious from that video at least one of them was destroyed. also no word on how this fire started. happening now, our chris sanchez is there. she's talking to neighbors who were forced to evacuate. she'll have a live report in our midday newscast. if you go to our twitter feed, you can link to raw video from the scene. the city of san jose is suing the white house over plans to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. the city is demanding an injunction. our bob riddell is working on this story and he'll have more today at midday. all tickets for tonight's game are free, but you need a voucher to get in. on our homepage, you can link to those details. i'm marcus washington. more news in an hour.
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[ applause ] good morning, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. we begin today with wonder woman. yes. when i was a kid, back in the '70s, there was superman, there was batman, there wa spider-man and lots of male heroes and one woman. just one. and she was spectacular. wonder woman brought to life by the real-life wonder woman, lynda carter. she has always been the woman, who, for me, when you thought of a woman. we didn't have that many examples. there was the bionic w.


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