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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 17, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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he picked up three sandwiches and crossing the street when he was clipped by the suv that police say was mercedes benz. there are cameras on top of that hotel across the street. that's the htl hotel, at eddy and larkin and detectives are inside getting the surveillance video from that hotel. we've got pictures from the scene just shortly after the accident happened. let me show you those and then we'll hear from the sandwich shop owner and from lieutenant bill william escobar who will tell us about the condition of the officer. >> somebody hit him. >> you think it might be the same guy? >> and i said, who, my friend? your friend the police just come buy your sandwich. i said oh, my god, and that's it. >> he was crossing on a green light and he got hit by a vehicle, and the vehicle then sped off. all we know right now is the vehicle is a possible mercedes
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suv. >> reporter: and the police officer, lieutenant escobar telling me that the officer who was hit is in stable condition, i should say with a hurt arm. he did not say it was serious and certainly not life-threatening. we do know that over at 22nd and california there is a suspect that has been pulled over in a mercedes, in an suv. we believe it's a black mercedes suv. my colleague jeanelie told us it is confirmed that they now have the woman who hit the officer here at larkin and eddy. reporting live, mark matthew, nbc bay area news. we did send out a breaking news alert about this story. you can get updated breaking news throughout the day by signing up for breaking news through the nbc bay area app. our other top story. terror at 30,000 feet. a southwest airlines plane lost its engine and partially sucking out a passenger. she later died.
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nbc bay area's scott budman joins us live from san jose with how this unfolded and that does really sund terrifying, scott. >> that does, jessica. 144 people were onboard that plane when it started to shake violently and hard to imagine a situation as passengers tried to rescue one of their own. a harrowing flight shook passengers after a southwest passenger jet lost an engine. this video shows the inside of flight 1380 after pressure was lost because one of the windows was smashed in flight. >> the left engine blew and apparently threw shrapnel into one of the windows and depressurized the plane immediately. >> during the chaos, passengers jumped to the rescue of a woman who because of the broken window was partially sucked out of the plane.
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>> there was panic when the window broke and she was out of the window. everyone kind of rushed to pull her back into the plane. >> reporter: ntsb agents say that passenger eventually died from her injuries. the plane heading from new york to dallas was forced to make an emergency landing in philadelphia after the engine blew. >> this is rare. >> nbt bay area's aviation analyst mike mccarron pointed to the quick work of the flight crew who brought the plane to an eventual, safe landing. >> there are a lot of things that could have gone wrong. it is certainly tragic news and it is awful a life was lost and others were injured, but it could have been a lot worse. >> as for future flight, southwest tell us they will examine the planes before they take off, but this zannex treatmently rare occurrence. scott budman, nbt bay area news. >> so tragic. the last commercial air fatality
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happened in the bay area at sfo. you may remember it was july 6, 2013 when flight 214 clipped the sea wall when it approached the airport. that sent the plane cart wheeling down the runway. three passengers died and 49 people were seriously hurt in the crash and the fire that broke out in the cabin. the ntsb ruled the plane came in too slow and too low. in 1989 san francisco was the initial departure point for united airlines flight 811 and bound for new zealand and minutes after stopping in honolulu, a cargo door tore into the fuselage. nine passengers were sucked out of the gaping hole and killed. two engines were disabled and that injured 38 passengers. we continue to follow the story online and we have more pictures from passengers inside the plane during today's emergency and you can see it with in-depth coverage of the deadly incident at nbc bay a man is on the run after a violent act involving a woman and her dog inside a san
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francisco convenience store. we do have to warn you, the video may be hard to watch. it happened at a store on turks street. the man you see in the black hoodie were in an argument when suddenly the man grabbed the 4-month-old puppy from her arms. we are going to freeze the video because of its violent nature, but what we know is that the man threw the dog to the floor and the puppy died from its injuries. this is a picture of the man they're looking for. his name is deloss gallon and he's wanted on suspicion of domestic violence and now animal cruelty. police say he's been arrested before for firearms violations and that that man you see there should be considered dangerous. fire ripped through an apartment in san jose. the complex is near 101. skyranger was over and it happened just before 6:00 in the morning. firefighters arrived and about 20 people were trapped on the second and third-floor balconies. many of them told us they actually considered jumping before those firefighters were able to rescue them.
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a neighbor described she helped get some people out safely. >> i said okay, get a ladder and help them out so they're not jumping and they got help over there pretty quickly. they put the fire out really fast and they got to the people, and everyone, i think, as far as i know is okay. >> she's referring to the firefighters and the work they did. four people were taken to the nearby hospital and 11 others treated right there mostly for smoke inhalation. what started the fire is still under investigation. san jose is butting heads with the trump administration yet again. the city filed the federal lawsuit challenging the addition of the question on the 2020 census that asks if you're a u.s. citizen. that question will discourage undocumented immigrants from taking the census. as a result, many won't be counted. mayor sam ricardo says the city stands to lose millions of dollars in federal funding if san jose is not given credit for its true population. >> we have estimates of
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undocumented immigrants in our cities that range from 80,000 to as many as 170,000 depending on the source. >> the trump administration defends the citizenship questions saying it will help enforce the voting rights act by giving a more accurate estimate of how many people are eligible to vote. >> one week after praising california's governor president trump tweeted insults at jerry brown. the issue now is how to make the best issue of the national guard at the mexico border. it looks like jerry brown and california are not looking for safety and security along their very porous border. he cannot come to terms for the national gaurt to patrol and protect the border. the high crime rate will only get higher. >> wait a minute, he's trying to stop drug smuggling, human trafficking and guns going to mexico to the cartels. that sounds to me like fighting crime. >> brown is in washington speaking to the national press
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club for deploying the guard and that bureaucracy is the only obstacle at this point. >> the city of san francisco took action once again to tackle the scooter problem. the board of supervisors approved an ordinance in the last two hours to regulate these scooters. those scooters suddenly started appearing on city streets and sidewalks a few weeks ago. riders used apps to find a scooter right into the destination and leave the scooters wherever they want, but they were sidewalk hazards and the company that put them on the streets didn't have permits. the vote today means companies will need a permit to operate the scooters on san francisco streets. okay. it is a crowd day at the ballpark. you are seeing at skyranger above the oakland coliseum because it's invited 200,000 fans to the ballpark to help the team celebrate the anniversary. problem? there's only space for 65,000.
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rob slater joins us live in the packed parking lot and fans have been at the ballpark since noon. >> there have been, indeed, and i promise you, there were very long lines here and they have started moving people through very quickly. as you said, there are 200,000 invitations or tickets and 65,000 or so responded and rsvped and back-to-back capacity and this should be a full house. no sooner than the gates opened at noon, fans began pouring into the coliseum parking lot, pitching their tents, firing up their grills and the excitement was palpable. >> it was actually the first game this year that we've made so we're excited. >> after all, the price is just right. free parking, free tickets as the a's celebrate 50 years. >> the fact that they've been here 50 years and the fact that they want to celebrate that with the entire city and the entire bay area. i appreciate that. >> decked out in their best green and gold. these are die hard loyal fans
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who have been coming here for years. >> i think 4 years old is the first game i remember 1975. yeah. i remember my mom took me. >> reporter: the parking lot is full. probably some people coming by bart and they're moving along very quickly and they expect it will be an hour and 45 minutes until game time so they're hoping a lot more fans show up and fill the stadium. for now life in oakland, roz plater, nbc bay area news. those fans, there is parking space there if you want to show up. you can see people pulling into the coliseum parking lot in that line and that traffic there sure to get heavier over the next hour and 45 minutes as roz mentioned, but already lots of folks in that parking lot. >> still to come, starbucks closing all its doors for one afternoon. it's in response to the viral video of two african-american
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men being kicked out of a coffee shop. what all employees will be doing during that shutdown. an amazing fossil discovery in the bay area and what the recent find reveals about prehistoric animals that once roamed northern california. lots of sun and cloud cover today. 65 in san jose, but a big change tomorrow. we're tracking more rain and we'll have an update in about seven minutes. starbucks is tryi
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sure its employees are "all" on the same page. the company announced all its locatio starbucks is trying to make sure its employees are all on the same page. the company announced all its locations will close down for an afternoon for racial bias training. this comes after this video surfaced of two police taking two african-american men into custody in a philadelphia starbucks. the men didn't order anything and the store manager called police. now starbucks says it will close with more than 8,000 stores in the u.s. on the afternoon of may 29th. that's when it will conduct racial bias education geared toward preventing discrimination. nearly 175,000 employees will be part of the process. we're also getting a better sense of what led up to this starbucks. philadelphia police released the 911 call that an employee made to officers which they say led to the action the police officers took when they arrived. >> hi. i have two gentlemen at my cafe that are refusing to make a purchase or leave. i'm at the starbucks of 18th and
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spruce. >> the employee who made that call has left. a story we first brought you two weeks ago. a homeless man under arrest for a violent attack at uc berkeley. 62-year-old william kerny. investigators believe he threw a chemical at a woman who works on the campus. it happened in wheeler fall april 4th. she found kerny in the bathroom and asked him to leave and kearney followed her out and attacked her. she was burned, but has been released. police have not revealed what that chemical was, exactly. >> a possible breakthrough in a rare form of childhood cancer. we'd like to share the story behind that news, particularly how one gilroy family played a crucial role in the research and it is a story that garvin thomas has been following for four years now in his bay area proud series, he joins us now with an update. i remember when you first did
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this story, garvin. >> you know, like a lot of people when i think medical research in the lab i think of the specimens they work on like names or codes. that is not the case. those are people and important one, too, like a little 6-year-old girl. >> we first met jennifer lynn kranz in 2014 in what would be the final days of her life. dipg, an untreatable and incurable brain tumor was about to take her from her mother and father libby and tony. but thanks to difficult decisions they made in those days and since, we can now report that while jennifer lost her battle with dipg, she is still not done fighting. >> so proud because i know this is what she would want. i know she would want to help other kids.
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that first decision was to arrange donation of jennifer's tumor to dr. michelle monje, a pediatric neurooncologist and researcher at stanford university school of medicine. >> but like this. >> it is why just hours after jennifer's death we were in dr. manje's lab witnessing the first steps in an ultimately successful attempt to create stem cell lines from jennifer's tumor, adding a glimmer of hope in the treatment of a disease that hadn't seen a meaningful advance in the past 50 years. >> jennifer's donation gave us a tool that we didn't have. >> but to use that tool takes money and this is where libby and tony come back into the picture. >> after jennifer's death, they started a foundation, unravel, funding pediatric cancer research, but not in the traditional way, and so when
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christopher mount, a graduate student in dr. manje's lab devised an experiment using targeted immunotherapy against dipg implanted in mice, an experiment using cells derived from jennifer's very own tumor, her mom and dad were once again involved. >> we this this great idea for an expensive set of experiments to test this and libby showed up and said here is a check. why don't you do something good with it. >> so they did, and the results were striking. looking for a signal that cancer cells remained after treatment, chris couldn't find one. >> no signal. that was the moment, and it was a moment when you don't believe it, really. >> the tumor was largely eradicated and i haven't seen anything work that well for this tumor. >> for libby, the news is understandably bittersweet. it comes four years too late for her jennifer, but one day soon
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might come just in time for someone else's child. >> we must say this tumor was largely eradicated. there are still a few cancer cells left over, but they believe with more traditional treatment they could get rid of those as well and also they have to monitor how well the patient does because we are dealing with the brain here and very sensitive stuff and we are talking about a human trial in 2019. >> wow. >> incredible of one family to save another. how muoving that you were a par of that, too. >> it was a year of construction condensed into 20 seconds and check out this video of the salesforce tower in san francisco. a person snapped a picture, he pieced it together to create that time lapse. >> beautiful. >> standing tall now. >> let's get a check of the forecast switching around now from yesterday. >> hopefully you were able to enjoy and soak up that sunshine today because we do have some changes coming up as soon as
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tomorrow with more rainfall and let's take you into the microclimate forecast and what you will be able to see is the storm system we're tracking. it's just offshore right now and once the cold front gets here we will see a possibility of rainfall pick up. i am not seeing a large storm system, but it will be enough to get the roadways wet across the bay area and it will take you right into your wednesday morning forecast and we'll start off cool and the biggest change will be the widespread cloud cover to the south bay at 49 and also 40s from the north bay right on back to the east bay. again, for wednesday morning, there is the cloud cover and you can see it and we'll likely undergo a break in the clouds with some sunshine, and don't let that fool you and the storm system will hit you at 7:30 tonight and you will see yellow and orange in north bay at 7:30. it will be fast moving and that should keep the totals from being too high, and it will
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stick around through 11:30 on wednesday and we're looking at trace aims to about a quarter of an inch and once we hit 3:00 in the morning on thursday. through the day on wednesday, we're calling for dry weather and temperatures a little bit cooler and we have a beautiful day for mid-april, and 64 in downtown san jose and alameda county from 63 in concord to a cooler 68 in oakland and 63 in palo alto and our forecast in daly city and going down to 56. san francisco, 58 in the mission, and breezy and winds out of the west at 15 and right throughout the north bay and 60s through napa down to mill valley. in my extended forecast there is a lot going on over the next seven days and we'll take a nice, long look at this and break it down and the chance of rain starts to develop tomorrow night between 5:00 and 8:00 and it will linger around 3:00 a.m. on thursday and most of thursday will be dry with the increased
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sunshine and we're looking at sunny skies, nice weekend and upper 60s for saturday and sunday and continued dry weather next monday and tuesday. you like this forecast and i think you will love what we have coming for the interior valleys. 63 for tomorrow and 74 on friday and saturday and sunday we'll go into the low 80s and this will be near record-setting highs as we push through this upcoming weekend and not dangerous heat and it certainly is a little bit of out of whack weather for us. i haven't heard anybody complaining about the weekend forecast so far. i just want to go on the record about that. >> thanks, jeff. still to come, one more day to do your taxes. the glitch in the system that's pushing the filing deadline back one day.
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happening now, barbara bush's husband of 73 years, george h.w. bush just released a statement saying she was an amazing first lady. on the home page we posted that statement as well as more on the matriarch of a political dynasty. a vending machine is in the works it sell pot. green spot has designed the first kiosk designed as a marijuana dispensary. the i-r-s
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one more day to file their returns.
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the extension is okay. procrastinators rejoice. the irs is giving you one more day to file your return. the extension is because of a glitch on the irs website. if you can't make a payment directly to the bank account, the website was hit by the glitch before midnight and the irs hasn't elaborated on what the glitch is or what caused it, but they're allowing an extension. whales in berkeley, sharks in oakland, yeah, 15 million years ago the evidence was found in alameda county as rocks and soil removed into rebuilding the qallah vera sands. the central valley was an ocean back then, and a lab at uc berkeley studied the ancient treasure. students with tiny drills worked hard to separate the bones and shells from the stubborn layers of stone. the species of whales previously unknown is among the most exciting discoveries. more rain in the forecast starting tomorrow, unfortunately.
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we will check back in with jeff in a moment. barbara bush.
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coming up tonight at 6:00, condolences are coming in from across the country for barbara bush. as we told you in the beginning of the newscast, the former
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first lady passed away at the age of 82. we'll have more on her role in american politics at 8:00 as well as lester holt which will be up in a few minutes. we want a check of the forecast because we have more rain coming in briefly tomorrow. >> a quick blast of wet weather and you can see on wednesday it will develop from 5:00 to 8:00 at night and it will linger until early thursday morning around 3:00 a.m. and a quarter of an inch. saturday, 80. sunday, 82 and you might be thinking of something to do this weekend or headed to san francisco and it will be cooler for them and mild for them and the cherry blossom festival that happened saturday and sunday with a parade and you'll have an nbc bay area boost and robert will be out there and it will be a great time and lots of fun, for sure. >> a popular festival. thank you very much, jeff. we'll see you back at 6:00 and in the meantime we will join lester holt and "nightly news."
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good night. breaking news tonight. former first lady barbara bush has died. and the latest on the southwest airlines mid-air explosion. "nightly news" begins now. this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening, everyone. as we come on the air in the west, there is late word that former first lady barbara bush has died at the age of 92. her death coming just days after her family announced she would not seek further hospital treatment for heart and pulmonary disease, and instead would live out her final days with family at home in texas. mrs. bush was the wife of 73 years to president george h.w. bush, and the mother of president george w. bush and is remembered tonight as a fierce and loyal


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