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tv   Today  NBC  April 19, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> see you back here nbc bay area news at 11:00. have a great thursday. friday is going to be a beautiful day. good morning. fatal flaw? the faa orders emergency inspections of hundreds of engines in the wake of that tragic explosion on a southwest plane. investigators revealing it actually happened before. this morning, the desperate race to make sure it doesn't happen again, as we learn more about the ctim's final moments and the hero pilot's quick thinking that saved lives. ready to meet? president trump toning down the rhetoric and opening up about his plans for a sit down with north korea's kim jong-un. >> it would be a tremendous thing for north korea and a tremendous thing for the world. >> this morning, where those talks could happen, and why some are saying they should never take place. tribute in blue.
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the city of houston and the bush family honoring the life of former first lady barbara bush. >> i said, mom, i just want you to know you've been a fabulous mother, and i love you dearly. >> this morning, jenna joins us to share a very personal tribute to her beloved ganny. plus, no illusions. david copperfield takes the witness stand, forced to reveal the secret behind one of his most popular tricks. lucky to be alive. a police officer's narrow escape from a massive house explosion caught on camera. and too close for comfort. >> oh! >> the bear scare that had one grandmother scrambling to safety. today, thursday, april 19th, 2018. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza.
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welcome to "today." thank you for joining us on this, a thursday morning. we just saw in the open the beautiful city of houston. the city hall bathed in blue. >> yeah. the flag is there for barbara bush, who everybody is remembering so fondly. jenna bush hager who, of course, is our friend and colleague at the "today" show has written a special tribute to her ganny, as she'd say. she'll join us later and share that with us. >> we're looking forward to that. our top story, the emergency inspections ordered after the mid-air engine explosion an a southwest flight killed a mother of two. this morning, we are learning how she died. nbc's tom costello has the latest. hey, tom. >> reporter: hi. good morning. a lot of developments. ntsb investigators have questioned the captain and first officer about what happened on the skies on tuesday. meanwhile, the faa is set to order emergency inspections for airlines to check fan blades on 737s.
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this is a step they considered last year but never took, after another fan blade broke off another plane back in 2016. this morning, we're learning more about the absolute terror on board southwest flight 1380 after an engine exploded mid-flight, shattering a window and partially sucking a woman out of the plane before fellow passengers could pull her back inside. 43-year-old jennifer rio riordas wearing her seat belt. she died from blunt force trauma to the head, neck and torso. she leaves behind two kids and her husband, mike. the former mayor is a family friend. >> she gave every ounce of emergency that she had to lifting up her friends, her family, her place, the world she lived in. >> reporter: ntsb investigators said the explosion likely occurred when a fan blade broke from the hub or base, the second time it's happened in two years. southwest is urgently inspecting
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every 737 engine, looking for metal fatigue. other airlines are doing the same. the faa says it will issue an airworthiness directive within two weeks, ordering ultrasonic inspections of the same engines once they reach a certain number of take-offs and landings. ntsb chairman himself, a former 737 pilot. >> we've had an excellent safety record in our commercial aviation system for the last nine years. i don't think there's reason for alarm with the traveling public. >> reporter: you would fly on a 737? >> i do fly on 737s. >> reporter: the question this morning, could other planes and engines be at risk? >> how many planes are we talking? you posed the question right there, tom. people -- this is not going to make them feel too good as they head off to fly today. >> reporter: it's really hard to get a firm number here. there are 7,000 737s flying in the world. there are also many airbusses flying that use this engine.
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how many of the engines have the same number of take-offs and landings, known as cycles, is hard to understand. it's one of the reasons why the faa is going to wait a couple weeks before the firm order goes into place. >> in the middle of this, i was reading about another emergency landing. it was in atlanta. what happened there? >> reporter: yeah, we had a delta airlines airbus a-333 taking off from atlanta and going to london. they were in the air and had an engine fire on the right side engine, the number two engine. they returned to atlanta, emergency landing, and fire rescue was there right away. fire was put out. nobody injured. it was a different plane, different engine, but it underscores, as you'd expect, the concern right now that many passengers have. >> we know they're working hard. tom, thank you so much. by the way, coming up in our next half hour, we'll have more about this hero pilot. she safely landed that southwest flight. a friend who flew with her in the navy and was texting with her right after it happened is
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talking to us about her friend. president trump is revealing more about his upcoming and unprecedented meeting with north korea's kim jong-un. nbc national correspondent peter alexander is near the president's mar-a-lago estate with more on this. hey, peter. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this morning, president trump heads to key west to be briefed about drug smuggling. the focus here still on that possible meeting with north korea's reclusive leader. the president talking it up, saying it'll happen in the coming weeks. also conceding it is a gamble that could fail. after a day of golf and meetings with japanese prime minister shinzo abe, president trump raising expectations for a historic summit with north korea's deck taictator. >> i will be meeting with kim jong-un in the coming weeks to discuss the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. we will be doing everything possible to make it a worldwide success. >> reporter: the president
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recently dispatching his cia director, mike pompeo, to lay the foundation for the face-to-face. even touting pompeo's personal chemical with kim. >> he just left north korea. had a great meeting with kim jong-un. got along with him really well, really great. >> reporter: but is kim jong-un serious about making a deal? >> if i think that it is a meeting that is not going to be fruitful, we're not going to go. if the meeting, when i'm there, is not fruitful, i will respectfully leave the meeting. >> reporter: multiple u.s. officials tell nbc news, among the front runners to host the meeting, switzerland, sweden and singapore. on the russia investigation, the president again insisting, repeatedly, there's been no collusion. arguing his team is fully cooperating with the special counsel's investigatorinvestiga. and dismissing speculation he'd fire robert mueller or his boss, d
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deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. >> they've been saying i'm going to get rid of them for the last three months, four months, five months. they're still here. we want to get the investigation over with, done with, put it behind us. >> reporter: despite an inter maladministration battle over further russia sanctions for its support of syria's chemical weapons program, the president's defending his actions to hold off on additional sanctions for now. >> we'll do sanctions as soon as they very much deserve it. there's been nobody tougher on russia than president donald tru trump. >> reporter: about the site of the potential trump/kim summit, here's one more question to consider. can kim's plane actually get him there? the "new york times" reports it's not clear if kim jong-un's fleet of soviet-era planes can fly more than a few thousand miles. it is also not known if kim has flown outside north korea since taking power back in 2011. hoda and savannah? >> peter alexander, thank you. puerto rico is still in the
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dark this morning after it was hit with an island-wide blackout on wednesday. seven months after hurricane maria destroyed its electrical grid. officials say the blackout was caused by a contractor who got too close to a power line with an excavator and caused it to fail. the same company was responsible for an outage that affected 870,000 customers just last week. po puerto rico's governor suggested the contract should be cancelled. power should be restored by tomorrow. the baby ban has ended on capitol hill. on wednesday, the senate voted by unanimous consent to allow its members to bring their infant children onto the senate floor. previously, children had been banned from entering the floor. the historic rule changed, inspired by illinois senator tammy duckworth, who gave birth to her daughter earlier this month. she's the very first senator to give birth while in office. more of our exclusive interview with mckayla maroney, olympic gold medalist.
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she shared years of abuse at the hands of larry nassar. this morning, why she says despite what happened, she sometimes, quote, felt like she needed him. opening up in an exclusive interview airing sunday on "dateline," olympic star mckayla maroney tells how larry nassar groomed her, taking advantage of the demands placed on young women involved i >> i think i would have starved at the olympics if i didn't have him bring me food. >> why? i would think you'd have as much food as you needed. you're an athlete. >> your coaches are just always watching you and wanting to keep you skinny and there's just other things about the culture that will also messed up that he used against us. >> so there's this culture of not eating very much and limiting your calories, but he would what? >> buy me a loaf of bread. >> literally a loaf of bread?
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>> yeah. >> in washington they heard from jordan weeber saying athletes were motivated by a culture of fear. >> we couldn't smile or laugh during training. we were even afraid to eat too much in front of our coaches. >> ma rroney saying it's time t hold the u.s. olympic committee accountable. in a statement to nbc news, usa gymnastics says our athletes are the heart and soul of usa gymnastics and every ert effort has been made to support our athlete's development. the usoc has apologized to the victims and announced reforms to ensure athletes have a stronger voice within the organization. msu has prooef yeviously called
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culture change. >> the current and future athletes don't deserve to live in anxiety, fear and be unprotected. >> race man calls this a group of survivors and it's an incredible story. >> i'm so shocked about a couple of things. number one when she talked about the loaf of bread, like did not have food? that was insane. >> she talks about this culture that was shot through usa gymnastics where they felt so much pressure to be thin and when she said i would have starved, lie starved, i was like, what do you mean? she said sometimes he would give her literally a loaf of bread. >> and you traveled to the ranch and that's a place where she was too.
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>> throughout all this, and offense they're synonymous with gymnastics and until now they haven't said anything about this larry nasser scandal and their reputation has been tainted. they've never answered the questions until now. what did they know if anything, what did they think of larry nasser and we asked about the conditions of the ranch, about the culture of usa gymnastics. >> i'll be on watching that date line special. it's going to be great. we have a lot more to get to including named magician david copperfield. we're talking about the witness stand. he's the subject of a multimillion dollar lawsuit filed by a man who claims he was seriously injured during one of copperfield's illusions and craig is here with the latest on all of that. >> david copperfield, he testified on wednesday. he's scheduled to be back on the stand when the trial resumes next week. the judge in the civil suit breaking a cardinal rule of
7:14 am
magic, allowing the jury to see what goes on behind the curtain. they say a magician wagner reve -- never reveals his secret but that's what he's being forced to do in court. >> do you agree that certain things during the route could be dangerous? do you agree with that? >> i don't. >> copper fooel is being sued by a 58-year-old british tourist by gavin cox. he says he suffered a brain injury, injuries that have cost him $400,000 in medical bills. >> i don't think we're responsible. >> you don't think so? >> copperfield explaining to jurors how the illusionist gets audience members out of this and back to the back of the theater. >> that with this illusion,
7:15 am
someone can get hurt, someone can fall. >> the jury showed a video showing copperfield selecting members of the audience. 13 randomly selected men and women. >> the defense argues that copperfield isn't part of the fall and there has never been any safety issues before. cox's attorney says what you don't see are the the participants being rushed through corridors at the mgm grand. copperfield whose attorney did not respond to our request for comment is best known for high concept tricks like making the statue of liberty disappear, but to make this case disappear he's counting on jurors believing his tricks are simple and safe. >> spilling the secrets of this
7:16 am
particular trick is not going to hurt copperfield. he's worth an estimated $60 million, by the way. he's also no longer using that illusion to close that long running show. >> wait, so it's not magic? >> no, it's not. not this particular trick at least. >> thank you so much. nasa's mission to find now planets is now underway. a space x rocket launch carrying nasa's newest planting hunting telescope. it will appear at millions of neighboring stars and look for planets that could promote life. don't you think that hoda has a nice little scratch to her voice? we're so happy to have you back? >> well, between the two of us i think we're one healthy person. all right. al is on the road up in buffalo where he's got some big surprises in store, but first, mr. roker, you've got the
7:17 am
weather. >> yeah, and you know what? everybody is tired of this wasn'ter as are a lot of folks around the northeast and take a look at the live radar in buffalo. there's some snow. they've had out of the last 18 days they've had 13 with snow and the interesting thing is buffalo's all-time snow record 104. erie is just behind. if they get another irge they take the crown. we'll wait and see what happens. the good news is it looks like most of that snow is staying to the south. buffalo's record should be fairly safe. as we look at what else is going on, low pressure scooting to the south and then off the new england coast mine. it will produce rain along the coast. flurries will continue across new england and it's going to stay chilly but it will start to warm up as we get into the weekend. plenty of sunshine from the plains all the way down to the gulf but sharply cooler. we'll look at the fire danger coming up in the next half hour. your local forecast coming up in
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the next 30 seconds. hold up. hold up. we got a laggy video call here. you need verizon, the best network for streaming. here. trade ya. okay, people, that's a reset. you want us to surprise her again? yeah, but like in a fun way. like this. all my favorite friends are here. there's tony and diane. like something like that. (avo) get $300 off the samsung galaxy s9+ with no trade-in required. because unlimited is only as good as the network it's on. good thursday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have a clear view across the bay looking from san bruno mountain with sunshine heading out the door. temperatures are cool in the upper 30s in the north bay and for the tri-valley and livermore. mostly 40s and now 50 degrees in st. francis with5 a high5556 -- with a high of 60. san jose looking at a high of 66 degrees.
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>> that's your latest weather. in just a little bit more than an hour we'll show the neighbors helping neighbors we're going to be helping in just a little bit. and the ground breaking pilot who stayed calm during that tragedy on a southwest flight. one of her closest friends. >> and an emotional letter to her granny. we'll be joined live and we can't wait to talk to her. but first, this is "today" on nbc. of pure alchemy.
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rapid wrinkle repair®. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair. neutrogena®. see what's possible. a two-year project gets good morning. it's 7:25. i'm kris sanchez. a quo year project gets under way to improve the commute for you on interstate 680. a new lane added both directions between sunol grade between mission boulevard and the ramp to highway 84 in livermore. this is, as you likely know, one of the bay area's busiest traffic corridors. when the project wraps, it will give solo drivers the option to use toll lanes that doubles as hov lane. the total cost of the project is $200 million. most of that money is coming from voter approved funds. caltrans is supposed to finish that project in the fall of 2020. now, we say it gets worse before it gets better. that's not true of the weather forecast. >> not today. it's starting out cool but we all have such a beautiful
7:27 am
afternoon. we're heading into the upper 50s for the coast, 61 in san francisco. 64 in oakland today. 66 degrees in san jose and some low 70s in spots. we will see a lot of sunshine over the next few days and some warming temperatures. by saturday san francisco reaches 70 degrees and some 60s for the beginning of next week. for the inland area 69 today. then up to 80 degrees. 83 on sunday. looks pretty good in this forecast. how about the roads now, vianey? >> not so good in terms of traffic buildup. let's zoom into the east bay where we've been seeing it build north and southbound 880. traffic working to recover from earlier fender-bender. we're starting to see traffic build in the south bay along northbound 280. also highway 85. a live look at san jose. can you see, highway 101 not too bad out there.
7:28 am
send it back to you. >> thanks, vianey. more local news coming up for you in just a half hour. have a good morning.
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hi, everybody. good morning. there is a beautiful picture. that's west palm beach, florida. it is beautiful there. april 19th. soon, we'll have temperatures like that. >> we can dream, yeah. >> we can dream. it is coming. >> too bad al says snow is actually possible. >> again! >> for tart parts of the north >> spring will never come. we'll get to al's forecast in a moment. first, the morning's top stories. including new fallout tied to a passenger's death on a southwest flight. >> engine issues. the faa orders inspections of hundreds of 737 airplanes in the wake of the deadly mid-air explosion. >> smoke coming out of the right engine. >> this as another flight is forced to make an emergency landing after its engine burst
7:31 am
into flames. >> atlanta, delta 30-heavy, we have an engine fire on number two. nuclear negotiations. >> i will be meeting with kim jong- jong-un. >> president trump opens up about his planned historic meeting with north korea's kim jong-un, including his demand for the right to walk away. >> i think it is a meeting that is not going to be fruitful. we're not going to go. if the meeting is not fruitful while i am there, i will respectfully leave. a prosecutor set to announce today whether anyone will be charged in the death of prince. seconds from disaster. policeaptures the moment a texas police officer is nearly blown away when a house explodes after a car crashes into it. and unbearable. a california woman gets quite a
7:32 am
scare when she heads outside and encounters a bear in her yard, forcing her to grab her grandson and run for it. today, thursday, april 19th, 2018. we will turn back now to the terrifying incident on a southwest flight. everybody is still talking about that. >> this morning, we're learning more about the hero pilot who safely landed the plane, saving dozens of lives. nbc's stephanie gosk spoke exclusively with someone who knows her well. >> tammie jo shults flew decades without ever losing cabin pressure. she encountered a dangerous landing. she conquered it with years of experience and a heroically steady hand. >> by the time the survivors of southwest 1380 were on the ground, they felt lucky to be alive. luck had nothing to do with it. 56-year-old pilot tammy jo schultz and her co-pilot dodged what could have been a more
7:33 am
terrible tragedy. >> that lady has nerves of steel. >> a passenger partially sucked out the pin lwindow. a plane the ntsb said dramatically banked to the left after an engine exploded mid-flight. shults was unrattled. listen to her voice with air traffic control. >> could you have the medical meet us there on the runway as well? we've got injured passengers. >> injured passengers, okay, and are you -- is your airplane physically on fire? >> no, it's not on fire. but part of it's missing. they said there's a hole and someone went out. >> i'm sorry. you said there was a hole and somebody went out? >> yes. >> when i heard her voice on the radio, i listened to the audio. she was so calm and so collected. >> linda maloney flew with shults in the navy. both were among the first female fighter pilots in the 1980s. >> i immediately texted tamm tammie jo and said, hey, is this you? she responded back that, yes, it
7:34 am
was. classic tammie jo speak, she said, god is good. >> the navy said shults would rise to lieutenant commander and become an instructor, training the next generation of fighter pilots. >> the military really trains you well. you go through a lot of emergency procedures during the course of your training. you also go through that throughout your career. >> this morning, some are comparing shults to that other hero pilot, captain sully sullenberger. in a statement overnight, shults and her co-pilot said, we all feel they were simply doing our jobs. our hearts are heavy. on behalf of the entire crew, we appreciate the outpouring of support from the public and our co-workers, as we all reflect on one family's profound loss. >> i know tammie jo would not consider herself a hero. he she is a humble individual. i know people, especially people
7:35 am
on the airplane, consider her a hero. >> for some people, flying is just something they always wanted to do. shults' friend told us, she wanted to join the u.s. air force, but at that time, women pilots weren't allowed. she turned to the more welcoming navy. there are more than a few people this morning thankful she did that, guys. >> talk about nerves of steel. just to hear that voice on the -- with the air traffic controller. >> she was calmer than the guy receiving the info. >> there is a piece missing from the plane. >> the folks from the southwest flight got the perfect pilot. >> they really did. >> absolutely. >> steph, thank you. >> welcome. we'll get another check of the weather from mr. al roker, who is spending the morning out in buffalo. hey, al. >> that's right. we'll be doing our neighbors helping neighbors segment in a little while. let's turn to our friends out in the plains in oklahoma. they continue to have wildfires. it just doesn't stop. they've got another day of the conditions throughout the southwest and into the central plains. as we look at the maps, you can see, we are looking at a wide
7:36 am
area from colorado down into new mexico and arizona. 25 to 40-mile-per-hour winds with gusts of up to 70 miles per hour. relative humidity, bone dry. 5% to 15%. high fire danger ask extreme risk for 11 million people. rapid fire spread for extreme behavior of the fires. wet snow in the northeast and new england, as well. sunshine in florida. miami, 86 today. oh, mama. high fire danger, as we said, in the southwest. sunshine and 60s in the pacific good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we lookp still celebrating this morning. some great weather with highs up to 66 degrees. 71 in concord and also in napa. san francisco looking at 61 for the high. slightly warmer tomorrow and continue on with the warming
7:37 am
trend into the weekend and still have dry weather for the middle of next week. inland areas. the warmest day will be on sunday as we reach 83 degrees. >> that is your latest weather. guys? >> all right, al. thank you so much. coming up, are you easily conned? well, we're going to go inside the video that millions of people are talking about. it features president obama saying some very questionable things. what's the story behind that video? with one month to go, new details are slipping out this morning about the royal wedding. keir is standing by at windsor castle to fill us in. live from new york, it's tina fey. we'll explain that. first, jenna will join us to share a touching and personal tribute to her grandmother, tribute to her grandmother, barbara bu
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7:42 am
you want to know why george turned out the way he turned out? the doctor kind of looked, you know, somewhat perplexed and nodded her head. mother says, because i drank and smoked when i was pregnant with him. >> i mean, classic, right? former president bush recalling one of his last visits with his mom, first lady barbara bush, who we are remembering fondly this morning. and his daughter, jenna, is sharing a tribute. it is a letter to her beloved ganny. >> reporter: dearest ganny, when we lost you, we lost one of the greats. you are our family's rock, the glue that held us together. i hope you know in your final days how many people prayed for you. how many people told me they loved you. it was like that my whole life. people stopped me everywhere, in airports, on the street, and declared their love for you. it always felt good.
7:43 am
we didn't mind sharing you with the world. we called you the enforcer. it was because you were a force, and you wrote the rules. your rules were simple. treat everyone equally. don't look down on anyone. use your voices for good. read all the great books. oh, how i'll miss sharing books with you. i will never forget when barbara and i, 7 years old, snuck into the bowling alley of the white house and ordered presidential peanut butter sandwiches. we were sure it'd be the fanciest sandwich of our lives. you opened the door, scolding us, telling us under no circumstances could we order food in the white house again. this was not a hotel. you taught us humility and grace. you embodied unconditional love. at our wedding, henry and i asked you to read, because we
7:44 am
hoped to emulate your love story. your love letters will be passed down to my girls, so they know what true devotion looks like. you always said humor helps. our nights spent around the dinner table in maine, laughing at old family stories, were made all the better because of your laugh. and humor was necessary because of summers you spent surrounded by 17 ruckus grandkids. grandkids who filled the hot tub with soap, creating a giant bubble bath. rowdy kids who loved doing cannon balls over your head while you peacefully swam laps. from you, ganny, i've learned the gift of uniquely and authenticity. from wearing mix matched k eed o your signature white pearls and hair. you taught us whit is the best accessory. and worrying too much about your looks, in your own words, is boring. words matter. kindness matters. looks fade. one of your final e-mails to me was simple and true.
7:45 am
the subject line read, "you." in the body of the e-mail, you wrote, i am watching you. i love you. ganny. ganny, we have spent our lives watching you. your words inspired us. your actions, an example to follow. we watched as you held babies living with hiv to dispel the stigma. as you championed literacy across our country. as you held ganpy's hand. you said you were one of the luckiest woman to ever live. but i am filled with gratitude, because you were ours. we are the lucky ones. you did thank things on your ow terms, up till the very end. now, you're reunited with your little girl, robin. she died so young. you called her your sweet angel in heaven. thou i never m-- though i never met her, she'll always be a t z
7:46 am
treasutre treasured part of our family. i love you more than tongue can tell. love, jenna. >> jenna is on the phone. you have us in tears this morning. we love you. yes, your ganny is always watching you and must be so proud. how are you doing? >> we're doing well. i think it is a mixture of waves of great gratitude for a life well lived. she lived the best life. also, for the tributes that are pouring in, for the people that care, it's really remarkable. then, of course, paying the sadness because she will be so dearly missed. >> your grandfather, how is he? >> oh, he misses her, of course. he loved her. he loves fiercely. but because he loved so fiercely, i think, in his own way, in his old age, he's trying to be the one to make the jokes. he doesn't want us to worry about him. >> you know --
7:47 am
>> i think that shows his type of humility and his integrity. we love him so much. >> you know what, you talked about robin. your grandmother's daughter, who a lot of us just learned about recently. savannah tweeted -- re-tweeted a picture. it was a cartoon. >> well, jenna posted this cartoon. it took my breath away when i saw this on your feed, jenna. it's a cartoonist, ramsey, a pulitzer prize winner. it says so much about love, faith and motherhood. jenna, that must have really took your breath away when you saw it. >> oh, i mean, these types of tributes that we're getting every moment. particularly, that one. i think, you know, we can all have the connection, the thought of being reunited with somebody we love. it gives us such great comfort. i talked to my grandma.
7:48 am
people don't think of her as a modern woman. i was with my grandparents when i was offered the job oat the "today" show. she said, go do this. take the risk. it'll be awesome. i got to share their stories through my work. i feels like a wonderful gift. one of the things i did was talk to my ganny about robin, and learn all these things. now, when i hold my beautiful, blonde, precious 3-year-old, i think about her. i think about my ganny and the relief she must feel. >> jenna, beautiful words, beautiful tribute. your grandmother is missed by all of us. thanks for sharing this special part of her with us. >> i love you all and feel lucky to be part of your family, too. every single one of you. >> our gift is that we get to know you, jenna. honestly. sending all our loves, hugs and prayers. thank you. >> thanks, friend. >> love you. >> love you. >> back in a moment.
7:49 am
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7:53 am
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walk out the door. san jose. it will be a cool morning. warming up nicely for late morning into early afternoon. highs reaching mid-60s with breezy winds. all of our high temperatures will be 60s and 70s except for that immediate coastline where it will stay in the 50s at half moon day. concord, look at that. 71 this afternoon and warming trend continues for san francisco we'll be up to 70 on saturday with sunshine and more sun throughout the rest of the forecast. for the inland area 69 today but 83 by sunday. a big warm-up is on the way. it gradually cools down a few degrees as we go into the middle of next week. anything happening on the roads, vianey. >> a couple of fender-benders. can you see how much red and
7:57 am
green on the roads out there. that means some slowing. it's all due to early traffic buildup, minor fender-bender along northbound 280, delays past basko avenue. if that is your morning commute take surface streets before hopping back on after payne avenue. northbound 101 for the too bad out there. as always we are seeing delays on the bay bridge camera. back to you. >> all right. thank you, vianey. happening right now leaders get ready to break down on long awaited new lanes on both directions of sunol grade interstate 680. when they finish in 2020 solo drivers will be able to pay to use it. go to the home page for the full story. the two men arrested for simply sitting in philadelphia starbucks are now speaking out. they are giving their first interview since their controversial arrest last week. on the home page link to the full story including why they were caught completely off-guard even after police arrived.
7:58 am
more local news coming up in a half hour. thousands - going to t party in s-f. changes they )ll experience - nw that ed and- (another walkout over guns this time (off campus. we ask local schools - if they )ll stand in the students ) way. on )today in the bay ) - 4:30 o 7.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, plane scared. >> you would fly on a 737? >> i do fly on 737s. >> new concerns over safety as the faa investigates hundreds of planes after that southwest explosion. plus, the mistake passengers made on the flight that you need to know. we're live with the latest. ♪ it isn in my blood ♪ countdown to harry and he meghan's big day. >> george and charlotte will be a page boy and bridesmaid. gwen tells all. >> that's kind of weird, right? >> really weird. >> the singing superstar reveals a surprising fact about
8:01 am
boyfriend blake shelton that will, no doubt, shock you. today, thursday, april 19th, 2018. ♪ oh, baby ♪ why don't you meet me in the middle ♪ >> i came from connecticut, al roker's number one fan. >> all i want this morning is a hug from hoda. >> we love savannah guthrie! ♪ why don't you just meet me in the middle ♪ >> we're peggy and rick from south carolina. >> we're celebrating our 50th anniversary. >> from the academy of maine. >> we love "today." ♪ i'm losing my mind just a little ♪ >> we love you right back. welcome back. thank you for being with us on a thursday morning. wet and chilly. >> the gang is back together. happy to be with you guys. >> feeling good? >> feeling back in business. >> take a lemon. we have a lot to get to, starting with your news at 8:00. airlines are urgently checking aircraft engines for the type of loss expected in this deadly
8:02 am
explosion aboard a southwest airlines flight. tom costello covers aviation and joins us with the latest. hey, tom. >> reporter: hi. quite a few developments. ntsb investigators have called to the captain, tammie jo shults, and her officer, about what happened midair. the faa will order inspections of 737 engines, ordering the airlines to carry out inspections for the engines that are of a similar type and have the same number of cycles, or take-offs and landings on them. as you mentioned, southwest airlines isn't waiting for that. they're already conducting inspections. other airlines following suit. the faa considered taking this action last year but never did. it considered it because in 2016, another fan blade on another southwest plane broke off in mid-flight. then we had this incident on tuesday. now, the faa, expected to order the mandatory check as soon as the next couple of weeks. meantime, we're now learning
8:03 am
more about jennifer riordan, the mother of two from new mexico who died on board the flight. the coroner in philadelphia said she died from blunt force trauma to the head and upper torso. you'll recall she was partially sucked out of the plane. we now know she had her seat belt on. the seat belt may have presented her from being pulled completely out of the plane. other passengers pulled her back inside. it would appear that the injuries she suffered, the fatal injuries she suffered outside of the plane. the cpr efforts aboard the plane, unfortunately, were not successful. all of that happening, as you know, as other passengers on board were grabbing for their oxygen masks. back to you. >> you never think you'll need the oxygen masks on board. some people, i noticed, were having trouble figuring out how to get those on properly. >> reporter: well, look at the photographs and the video of the people on board the plane. many were wearing the masks completely incorrectly.
8:04 am
they had the masks not covering their nose. they were busy taking a selfie instead. what's critical is, number one, we need to listen to the flight attendants. number two, put down the phone and focus on getting that mask over your nose and your mouth. you breathe normally. if you have a child with you, you then care for the child. your mask first and then theirs. at 32,000 feet, if you lose pressurization and you lose oxygen, you can lose consciousness very, very quickly. that's why they tell us, put the mask on very fast. >> you have to listen to the flight attendants when they give that warning. thank you so much. the president is adding a note of caution to the rising expectations for a summit meeting with north korea's leader kim jong-un. after hosting japan's prime minister on wednesday, the president said he will be meeting kim in the next few weeks to discuss that nuclear program. the president warned that if he thinks the meeting will not be fru fruitful, he is not going to go. he added, if there is a meeting but no real progress is being made, he will, quote, respectfully leave.
8:05 am
officials tell nbc news that switzerland, sweden and singapore are among the leading choices for where a meeting might take place. this morning, two black men arrested in a philadelphia starbucks store are breaking their silence. business partners dante robinson and nelson say they feared for their lives as the incident last week escalated. a manager called police to complain the men asked to use the bathroom but didn't buy anything and refused to leave. police took them away in handcuffs but no charges were filed. nelson said once he was in jail, he wondered if he'd make it home alive. the pair said they wouldn't leave because they didn't do anything wrong and were waiting for a business associate. starbucks apologized and announced it'd be conducting racial bias training for all its employees. 8:05. we're caught up on the news, so we need a boost. >> the most famous team in baseball is going to bat for a girl bullied in school.
8:06 am
cassidy posted this video on facebook, describing how one group of kids, four kids, used to kick her, pull her hair. they won't let her sit at tables at lunch. the yankees answered back with a video of their own. they told cassidy they care about her, admire her courage and strength and wrote, we may be older, we may be taller, but we look up to you. they ended with an invitation, you can sit next to us at lunch any time. they have a seat for her at the clubhouse. since that video went viral, schools have been meeting with cassidy to discuss the situation. she felt lost. every time she sat down at a lunch table, all the kids would get up and leave. that happened to her. look at the yankees. >> yeah. >> i love that. i bet the kids at school want to sit with her now. >> good for them. >> way to go, cassidy. coming up, why seeing shouldn't always be believing. the lesson from this viral video that features president obama. a lot of people are talking about it. keir is live in windsor castle this morning with exactly one month to go until the royal
8:07 am
wedding. what is it, ladies? >> may 19th. >> what keir just ♪ hey grandpa. hey, kid. really good to see you. you too. you tell grandma you were going fishing again? maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. hey allergy muddlers: are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® zyrtec® starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec®. muddle no more®. starting sunday save up to $18 on zyrtec® products.
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8:11 am
we're back with today's talker. are you among the millions of folks who has seen the viral video. it features a former president saying unexpected things. >> it is introducing a lot of us to something known as deep fakes. gadi schwartz has it covered there. hey, gadi. >> reporter: good morning, guys. this post has one of the fli clickable headlines. you won't believe what obama says in the video. thanks to powerful tech and artificial intelligence, it starts off normal. watch closely. >> we're entering an era in which you can make it look like anyone is saying anything at any time. >> reporter: it is a familiar face with a public message. >> even if they wouldn't say those things. >> reporter: the video looks kind of legit. then it takes a turn. >> for instance, they could have me say things, like, i don't know, kill mongering was right.
8:12 am
or ben carson is in the sunken place. 36 seconds into the video, technology is revealed. >> i would never say these things, at least in a public address, but someone else would. someone like jordan peele. >> reporter: the voice and mouth of jordan peele, reminding people, you can't always trust what you see on the internet. this is an example of a deep fake, or video made with artificial intelligence that's difficult, if not impossible to spot. >> six minutes and 20 seconds with an ar-15. >> reporter: a step up from pictures like this one, of a fake photo of gonzalez, showing the parkland shooting survivor appearing to tear up the constitution when, in reality, she was tearing up a shooting target. these days, there are a whole host of apps dedicated to making fake pictures and even fake presidential tweets. >> real. that's real. >> reporter: real? >> no, no. >> reporter: it's tough, right? >> yeah, it is tough.
8:13 am
that's fake. >> reporter: now, experts say, more deep fake apps are in the works that'll give people the power to take someone's face and put it on someone else's body. there are telltale signs to look for. first, consider the source. do your research. look closely at the person's mouth. the technology still struggles to replicate exactly how we talk. with the tech getting better every day, experts warn this could be another major hurdle in separating fact from fiction online, even if most of the first deep fakes seem more like ominous jokes. >> we need to be more vigilant with what we trust from the internet. it's a time when we need to rely on trusted news sources. >> this definitely got our attention up here on the set. is there any government regulation that they're talking about, gadi, putting in place? >> reporter: right now, this really falls smack dap in tb in middle of a free speech argument. the videos are made to make people laugh.
8:14 am
the peele video was made using a powerful computer. there are some basic apps out there. i want to show you one i have downloaded last night. took me five minutes to make this. that right there is me starring as edward scissorhands, cutting people's hair. >> wow. >> reporter: took little time to make. obviously, that is ridiculous, if you send it to your friends, you're sharing it with people you know. but you can see how this type of technology might be used maliciously. guys, back to you. >> you know what, we have to be good consumers. everybody has to get smart about what's out there. >> yeah. >> gadi, thank you. >> this is where the technology is now. think about where the technology is a few years from now, how hard it'll be. >> no kidding. it is april 19th. you know what that means. >> my taxes are late? >> yeah. and we're officially one month away from prince harry and me n meghan markle's royal wedding. >> nbc's keir simmons is already at windsor castle. the last-minute preparations and
8:15 am
predictions are in high gear, huh? >> reporter: that's right, my friend. that is st. george'schapel behind me. some predictions of the wedding being unprecedented is coming true. they're going to official events, speaking out this week for women's rights and for lgbt rights. i'll say it. we haven't seen something like this since diana. they're not even married yet. britain is getting ready to welcome prince harry's american bride into the royal family. this week, meghan markle embarking on her new role, representing the queen with prince harry, as youth ambassadors. >> i am incredibly grateful that the woman i am about to marry, meghan, will be joining me in this work. >> reporter: in four weeks time, here at windsor castle's st. george's chapel, the couple will
8:16 am
exchange vows in front of 600 guests. the ceremony will be very different from kate and william's wedding seven years ago. smaller, more intimate and with no politicians. no barack obama. no donald trump. not even british prime minister theresa may has been invited. >> they say, we ought to have all the heads of state or none. they've opted for the latter. >> reporter: william is expected to return the favor and be harry's best man. kate, with baby three due any day now, will be there. >> we understand that george and charlotte will be a pageboy and bridesmaid. in that sense, we expect kate to be front and center of the ceremony, simply because she has to marshal her children in the event. >> reporter: after the service, the newlyweds, like william and kate, will greet crowds in style. harry and meghan will be in an open carriage right in the street here. >> everybody wants to see them together. >> reporter: former police chief knows just what it takes to make an event like this go smoothly.
8:17 am
>> you need to stay as far as you can in the background. you can't say, we prefer you got married in one room with two people. it's not going to happen. >> reporter: definitely not for this wedding. while windsor and the world prepares, what else do we know about this british/american royal wedding? the photographer is took the engagement photos in november. the florist will create bouquets from flowers picked in the gardens of windsor castle. and the wedding cake will be made by american-born baker. will meghan break tradition and go for something more radical? >> the designs tend to be youthful, lots of frothy tool.
8:18 am
>> it was a nod to royalty, for sure. >> you are the husband i've always wanted. >> reporter: from american actress to american peririncess >> i love you. i always will. >> reporter: this is the beginning of her royal life behind prinennd -- beside princ. meghan markle is praying she'll have a beautiful day like this on her wedding day. she has a month to learn the ways of the uk, including british english. prince harry was overheard talking in meghan markle's presence about a band-aid. you can tell me what the word for it is here in britain. >> sticker. >> plaster? >> reporter: plaster. >> boom! >> whoa! >> really? >> is that crazy? >> how did you know that? >> give us another one, keir. >> reporter: we have a month of that to go. >> i love that. >> i like british vocabulary.
8:19 am
>> if you want to see america's princess before the big day, the "suits" season finale, meghan markle there, on our sister network usa. >> we're excited for the royals' big day around here. we're throwing a royal party. we're doing it on the plaza. we're doing it on wednesday, may 16th. if you're in the area, or if you plan on it, come down and mark your calendars. dress up in your wedding best. >> yes. >> how about that? >> in fact, speaking of their wedding best, meghan and sheinelle are here. >> trying to figure out how to walk in royally. >> oh, it works. >> for you. >> makes you want to be a better person. it does. >> megyn is wearing hers around the office. >> hi, how you doing? >> it's you, too. >> am i supposed to wear it like this? >> look at you rocking that? >> we're talking about this party on the plaza. a royal wedding on may 16th. we just want to say, there could
8:20 am
be a very big surprise in store for anybody who came with the most creative costume. >> what could that be? >> we mean big. >> is it huge? >> go for it. >> get your top hats on. >> it's worth it. >> it'll be worth the surprise. >> yes, it is. >> all right. ladies -- >> i feel like a better person. >> you wear it well. we'll head to al in buffalo for a check of the weather. >> you know how you say it is snowing in britd iish? >> how? >> it's bloody snowing and freezing out here! i'm watching you all parade around in your british finery. i'm standing here freezing me keister off. thank you very much. winter is good as a nod. let's go to the maps, eh? let's do it. thank you. >> someone, give him a crumpet. >> please, go to the maps. i'm asking you, please. the cold expanse, buffalo, 15 degrees below average. pittsburgh, 23 degrees below
8:21 am
average. nashville, 54. look at this. there's more spring chill continuing. denver, colder than average. amarillo, albuquerque. into the weekend, temperatures start to get mild. in buffalo, 63. 66 on monday in indianapolis. wet weather today. fire danger connu that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the knickers. >> good morning. we've got some beautiful weather around the bay area today. and it's going to be a cool start, but look at where we're headed for our high this afternoon, up to 61 degrees in san francisco. and 66 degrees in livermore and san jose. low 70s for the north bay. and a breezy wind, too, but the winds will calm down. warming up to 70 degrees for san francisco. and along the coast, inland area, up to 83 this sunday. >> that's your latest weather.
8:22 am
back to you. >> thank you. every year, guys, as we know, "time kwl" magazine relea the "time" 100, most influential people in the world. >> celebrities, politicians, athletes, recognized for their roles in changing the world for better or worse. today, we are revealing the people who made the list. >> sometimes you get unlucky. sometimes the opponent is better. sometimes it's not your day. >> frontside. >> you can't win them all. at the same time, you can give all you have. >> i never let anybody kind of pigeon hole me or put me in a box, you can't do this or do that. people try to do that to you, especially when you're a women. >> the reason i'm funny is i've been trying to protect myself for so many years. i want to cry, and i have to crack a joke so i can laugh. it feels better to laugh than it does to cry. >> the stories that we're telling, the way in which we're doing it creates opportunities
8:23 am
for not only our generation but the generations to come. there is a group of women going, i want to support you, you, you and you, and all of us. >> enough is enough! >> when it comes to gun violence and gun laws, these politicians are going to have to understand that it is not about their personal views anymore. we voted you into office because you are going to keep our best interests at heart. you did not. so, this is the time to change that. >> the fact that the first african-american president has chosen me, an african-american man, to create that moment. how do you compare that to anything? this is extraordinary. >> extraordinary, yes. of course, that was not everybody on the list. some very familiar faces also made the cut. savannah guthrie. hoda kotb. >> big. >> another one of our friends, as well. maria shriver is on the list. she wrote a touching essay about her roles. savannah and hoda are newswomen
8:24 am
at their core. they can handle an interview, crisis, breaking news, pop culture. morning shows can be fun. you get the sense when news breaks, neither one of these women break. >> we have not seen that or heard that. >> we haven't. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> pinch me moment. >> it is. you know what's fun? we're, like, together. we're one whole person. we're like a half and half. together, we're whole. i think that's right. >> absolutely right. >> together, you're like four people. >> okay. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> happy birthday, sheinelle. saturday night live announced the lineup for the rest of the season. may 5th, donna glover is set to host. childish gambino will perform. he uses a different stage name when singing. may 12th, another "snl" favorite will step into the hosting role.
8:25 am
amy schumer. kacey musgraves will be the guest. on may 19th, the 43rd season will wrap up with the legendary tina may. musical guest will be nicki minaj. lots to look forward to. >> a good one. gwen stefani sat down with jiminy kimmmy kimmel, asking wh they shared similar tastes in music. >> she said they're different but found a commonality. >> he dated a girl for like three months that had my face plastered over her bedroom. >> really? >> yeah. >> wow. >> that's kind of weird, right? >> really weird. >> you know what you want to do? just an idea. i hope blake isn't watching so you can surprise him. find out what she looks like. plaster her face all over your bedroom. >> good response. maybe he has a type. that's your pop start. it's a good one. >> thank you. m ccoming up, the surprise cooked up for a remarkable 96-year-old woman. guys, you'll love this. speaking of cooking, we are
8:26 am
about to make your life seriously delicious. fried chicken feasti )m ... police in santa rosa today >> good morning. it's 8:26. police in santa rosa today reportedly plan to follow through on the threat to clear out a homeless encampment that's been active for at least two years. this is video of the encampment from just this morning. it sits on a location the city now wants to turn into housing. legal hearings have been tying things up for the last three weeks, but now the press democrat reports that the city has the all clear. it's believed more than 100 people live in that encampment. homeless advocates are organizing a rally at that site for later this morning. ynow, a look at delays that might slow you down in the east bay. >> this is the time we start to see traffic billion uilding up. look at those heavy delays from
8:27 am
oakland, down through san leandro. hop off, maybe take some surface streets to avoid the heavy delays. they're recovering from an earlier fender bender. delays in the south bay. it's gotten a lot better along 280. this also had an earlier fender bender reported along that area. bridge drive times right now, we're seeing some delays around westbound 580 towards the bridge, about 14 minutes. from westbound 82, about 20 minutes. san jose 101 right now slowing up to just a bit. >> we have more local news coming up for you in just a half hour, have a good morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." it's 8:30. thursday morning, 19th of april, 2018. it's beautiful right now on the plaza. we've got a couple little showers, but that has not kept an awesome crowd from coming out here. thanks to everybody here in the plaza. thanks to you watching at home. >> we have a great crowd. we have a great crowd moment. i see a savannah crush up top. i found your man.
8:31 am
hold on. hold on with me. are you lauren? i'm lauren. oh, my gosh. >> this is lauren. lauren says here, is there room for me? there is a picture of savannah. a picture of me. in the middle, a picture of -- >> me. >> lauren. >> let's recreate it. >> from oklahoma? >> yes. >> hi, sweetie. how are you? >> good. >> how many years have you been married? >> five this summer. >> can we take a picture? >> let's reenact it. >> we have our special photographer here. one, two, three. got it? >> yay! >> thank you. >> we'll get him to text it to you. >> thank you! >> i love it. >> love, y'all. >> thanks for coming. >> we have the best crowd. look at that cutie. ahead, al is on the road, perfecting his british accent. he'll introduce us to a special group of women ahead, helping new moms in their community. one of the volunteers, 96 years old. >> good for her. >> al tells us she has more
8:32 am
energy than all of us put together. can't wait. tonight's dinner serve this morning. we'll get a seriously delicious recipe from our friend, siri. the brand-new cookbook dropped. a daly family favorite this morning. this is siri's fried chicken. >> yummy. siri is going to swing by and teach us to make carson's bloody mary. >> those are awesome. >> jaclyn smith will be with us. number one beauty secret for her skin and hair, which is amazing. i don't know how she does it. you know in the nfl how the football players, they'll cross themselves or say a prayer? >> yeah. >> the cheerleaders, it is not okay. completely banned from any reference to faith or god or so on. one of them has filed a lawsuit against the dolphins. she's here to tell us about it. >> great stories. >> megyn, thank you so much. mr. roker, how you doing? check of the weather, please. >> let's take a look. first of all, starting off with our weekend outlook. we start with tomorrow, some flurries leftover in northern
8:33 am
new england. milder through the southeast. beneficial rain moving into the central plains and the southwest. sunny skies for the most part out west. severe storms developing in the lower central plains. sunshine along the eastern sea board, back into the great lakes. mountain snows through the rockies. sunday, sunday. we are looking for cool, dry weather around the great lakes. soaking rains through the gulf coast. ove that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. you walk out the door, you see all of this sunshine. it still does feel a little bit cool. we'll be warming up quite a bit today, reaching into the upper 60s for the inland areas. and tomorrow, even warmer, 75 degrees. that warming trend continues into the weekend. with the warmest day on sunday. so put that in the weekend plans to do something to help keep you nice and cool. as we go into next week, we still keep the dry weather but our temperatures come down just a few degrees and 76 by next wednesday. >> announcer: neighbors helping
8:34 am
neighbors is created with our sponsor, state farm. visit state farm's neighborhood of to find volunteer opportunities in your community. >> well, in honor of national volunteer appreciation week, we are marking the occasion with a special series we're calling "neighbors helping neighbors." >> it's shining a light on people making a difference in their community. let's head back up to al in buffalo. he's about to surprise a special woman and her fellow volunteers. hey, al. >> h >> reporter: hey, guys. we are outside the ladies of charity, which does so much good in this community of buffalo. they run soup kitchens, clothing drives and a special program to organize donations for new moms in need. one volunteer in particular caught our attention, proving you're never too young to start, and you're never too old to stop volunteering. >> this old lady plays bridge. >> reporter: spend a few minutes talking to 96-year-old daisy
8:35 am
esten anderson. >> i came here in 1943, before the war ended. i fell in love with buffalo. >> reporter: it's easy to get lost in the details of her extraordinary life. >> my father's father was a slave. >> reporter: a self-taught folk quitter, d quilter, daisy uses her work to share history. >> there was a secret message for the slaves getting ready to escape. >> reporter: her work is on permanent display at the art center. when the former elementary schoolteacher was ready to retire some 30 years ago. >> i don't have aches and pains because i'm busy. >> reporter: she had no plans to sit back and relax. >> if i have aches and pains, i'm too stupid to know it. >> reporter: she set her sights on voluvolunteering. >> i do feel good, coming out here. between this and bridge, and i'm
8:36 am
not a good bridge player. >> reporter: for over 30 years, daisy had worked with ladies of charity, creating gift bags for expecting mothers in need. >> they don't have anything to bring their baby home with. >> reporter: like sierra jones, a single working mother, expecting her second child. >> it's great to have a fresh start for me and my baby. >> reporter: volunteers pack bags with all the essentials. >> we start with diapers. most important thing. >> reporter: including blankets and sheets, handmade by daisy. >> it's been an exciting part of my life. >> reporter: all the years together has created bonds. >> we have friends here. it keeps you coming back because of all of the good. >> reporter: ilene is the program's director. >> they all have this energy that energizes me every day, just inspires me to say, do another day. do another year. we've got a lot of work to do yet. >> reporter: it's estimated daisy helped more than 10,000 families over the years. she says, it's never just about one person. >> i think that we should look out for each other.
8:37 am
>> reporter: what a special lady. what a special group. let's head inside. they don't know we're out here. we're going to surprise them. hi there. hello. >> hi! >> i'm looking for daisy. how are you? >> hi. >> nice to see you, ma'am. >> thank you. >> these are all your friends who help you do all this great work? >> yes, oh, yes. >> reporter: what keeps you going? >> these people. >> reporter: yeah? >> their energy gives me energy. >> reporter: you look fantastic. >> oh, thank you. >> reporter: you really do. in four years, you know, you'll be on a smucker's jar, which is fantast fantastic. >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: nice to see you. the work you do here is so special. we wanted to help you guys out. with the help of our sponsors, state farm, we've got some other folks and a van outside that is loaded with stuff. let's bring it on in, gang. come on, bring it. all these things to help you.
8:38 am
>> look at that. >> reporter: helping you to help the families. start unloading it. bring it on in. >> wow. >> reporter: we know you are a sewer, some of your friends, so we have sewing machines, thread. all these things to help. we're going to bring this in. >> so excited. >> reporter: by the way, once this runs out, you give this stuff out, we're going to fill it back up again. >> oh! >> reporter: we're going to double the donation, thanks to our sponsors at state farm. they're bringing this on in. you guys are so wonderful. ilene, you're the director here. >> i am. >> reporter: what does it mean, with all these volunteers? how does that help? >> i'll tell you, the people in buffalo would never get the service they would get if it wasn't for these lovely ladies and all the work they do. catholic charities, ladies of charity are thrilled with the benefits of this. it is outstanding. >> reporter: thank you so much. daisy, thank you for all your work. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: volunteers, thank
8:39 am
you, as well, too. back to you. >> way to go, al roker. that was awesome. >> superstar. >> just a few hours of your time can make all the difference in someone else's life. to learn more about how you can volunteer, go to coming up next, we'll help siri celebrate her very first cookbook. you go, girl. get her recipe for easy, mouthwatering fried chicken. >> yum. first, this is "today" on
8:40 am
curious is an unreachable destination. it has no comfort zone, it rests on no laurels. curious perpetually scratches at doors, picks at locks. curious never stops, because to curious, good enough never is. you know what we make. curious makes us who we are.
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this morning on "today food," it is a special one. we have one of our absolute favorites here, siri daly. her journey started with us five years ago. she captured our hearts first through our stomachs, dish through tasty dish. >> i'll let you keep doing that. >> juices. >> little oil. >> we first met siri pinter in 2013, dreaming up dishes on her food blog, seriously delicious,
8:42 am
chronicling her escapades in the kitchen. from burritos to banana bread, her team of tasters for her favorite fans. then fiance and then husband, carson daly, and now their three children. growing up in minnesota, some of her warmest memories were those made in the kitchen, where simple cooking brought friends and family together. >> it'll go quick. >> her love of food is infectious. if you're lucky enough to experience a meal she's effortlessly whipped together, with no formal training, by the way, it is clear to see how she is fit for the food word. when your sweet friend says she is compiling 100 of her best recipes for her first cookbook, you're nothing but inspired. >> thank you for letting us be your taste testers, me and the kids. proud of you. job well done. >> it's great. >> delicious. >> siri's new cookbook is called "seriously delicious." siri daly, this is your life. >> i'm crying.
8:43 am
>> we have to cook. >> okay. >> this recipe, i want to say -- well, this will bring more tears, but -- >> this is my mother-in-law's fried chicken. recipes tell family stories and are inspired by people i love. okay. let's cook. >> making fried chicken, up. >> buttermilk, eggs, flour and shortening, a must for patt patty daly. it is a simple recipe. we'll pour this in the buttermilk. soak it overnight if you can. if not, a couple hours is fine. here it is. we'll do our station here. >> i love this. >> flour and eggs. want to put some salt and pepper in the flour? >> a sprinkle? >> season as we go. i'll whisk these up. we'll salt and pepper those, too. >> do i mix it now? >> yeah. whisk it a little bit. >> okay. >> then we'll take some chicken. we're going to do two steps here. >> okay. >> making it extra crispy.
8:44 am
we'll put it in the flour first. >> look at you. >> dredge it. >> yeah. >> hanging around siri,ive learned a couple things. >> back in the flour. >> extra crispy. >> yum. >> we have some going in here. shortening has been heated up. it's 15 minutes until it is nice and crispy. turn it a couple times. there you have it. >> hot pan. how is it tasting, guys? >> oh, siri. >> good. >> that's for carson since he's not here. >> no daly dinner happens without a nice beer. >> of course. >> sweet potato rounds. cut them into half-inches. >> i thought those were carrots. nice to know. >> those are big carrots. >> i seriously thought that. >> you can do it with carrots. 1/2 inch rounds. make sure they're not overcrowded on the pan. o otherwise, they'll overcrowd and
8:45 am
not get crispy. >> give the carrots their space. >> seasons. chili pepper, paprika, garlic powder. we'll whisk it up. >> i'll whisk. >> switch place places. >> do we dredge? >> we're going to sprinkle. >> i see. >> olive oil. we'll season them with the seasonings. >> i love it. kind of splrinkle it over? >> yeah. >> 450 degree oven. >> how do you like the sweet potatoes? >> mine are gone. >> perfect. >> good. >> yummy, yummy. >> there we have them. >> beautiful. >> we love it. a meal that patty, your mother-in-law, lovere loved. your mother is here. >> so proud. >> i'm representing the family for you today. >> oh, mom. >> here's what this note says. >> okay. >> sorry we couldn't be there. dad is on a plane right now. shocker.
8:46 am
>> carson. >> we're in school. >> good. >> so proud of you, mama. we love you. ja >> congrats, again. >> little trivia, she's wearing the shirt from my cookbook cover. she raided my closet. >> oh, you both wear it well. >> you want to check out this cookbook. just like siri, it's fun and warm and delicious. go to then run. don't walk. run and get her cookbook. >> don't fall down. >> yes. we have a lot more at we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:47 am
to move california forward, we need to help more californians get ahead.
8:48 am
that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools... and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets - and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california. don't you love celebrating birthdays? >> yes. >> al roker does and does it no matter where he goes. >> he does. >> reporter: hey. in four years, we'll have daisy
8:49 am
on there. in the meantime, we have a whole crop of beautiful birthday celebrations from our friends at smucker's. let's spin the jars. first up, happy 100th birthday to jean marine. a tech-savvy lady from illinois. she stays active by walking two miles every day. at the end of the week, she's 14 miles from home. daniel green senior is 100. a fisherman from new york city. married to the love of his life for 75 years. happy 100th to rebecca of new mexico. she loves taking a trip to the casino and testing her luck on the slot machines. oh, yeah. then we have mr. charles downing, celebrating 100 years. a retired world war ii vet from maine. visited every state except for hawaii. charlie, let's take a trip, buddy. you and me. lorene from salt lake city, utah. the secret to longevity, finding
8:50 am
the positive in everything. last but not least, happy 100th birthday to alden of kansas. served as a u.s. army sergeant. thank you, sir. if you know somebody celebrating a special anniversary or birthday, please go to don't forget to add a picture. guys, back to you. >> al, thank you. >> you know what? al rarely misses. today, he missed a birthday. >> big one. >> i heard a rumor. >> sheinelle jones. >> happy birthday. >> yay. >> chocolate cake. oh, this is fantastic. >> happy 30th. >> wait a minute. >> to wake up -- i woke up this morning and thought, what does this feel like? 40, it's great. to work with you, i'm blessed. >> sheinelle, we love you. >> love you. >> happy birthday to you. >> champagne at 9:00 a.m. >> my second family. >> a glass to sheinelle.
8:51 am
the 40s are the best. you make them look so good. happy birthday. >> cheers. >> by the way, the 50s ain't bad either. you have a long runway. >> i'll take it. thank you, everybody. >> siri, congrats. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. this is "today" on nbc. >> oh,
8:52 am
this is "today" on nbc. >> oh, ♪ ♪ get high speed internet from at&t. $30 per month. no extra monthly fees. more for your thing. that's our thing. visit
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hey. official "today" show baby right there. >> in the onsie. >> may be the cutest shot you'll see a all day on the plaza. >> we've been talking about the neverending winter. guess what? the rock center is being covered up another season. warmer weather officially has to be here. >> sheinelle, you have a click related to? >> people all over the country are sick and tired of these spring snowstorms. no one is more tired than kayla cook from minnesota. when she went to shovel snow, she decided to air her
8:54 am
grievances on snapchat. >> my freckles should be coming. my hair should be getting lighter. i'm out here looking like the christmas story in april. >> she's, like, that was fun. maybe i'll do it again. she was wearing so many layers, felt like she was riding on a sled, in april. after posting the video, she got back up and kept shoving. her video has more than 9,000 views. >> how about her selfie arm didn't flinch? >> future in news photographer. >> she did not move a muscle. >> arm is like a tripod. so strong. >> some generation. we have a few fourth hour. amy schumer will talk about her new movie that everybody is buzzing about. paula tpatton will be here. talking about her new movie and new love. we also have ambush makeovers. all happening today. >> i love the ambush makeover. i have to say, it is my favorite part of the show. i stand out in the plaza every
8:55 am
thursday. please, i need a makeover. >> pick me! >> megyn kelly is up next. siri is going to make carson's bloody mary. >> he has a secret ingredient in the mix. you'll like it. >> it's vodka. we'll be back in a moment. >> double shot. >> have a great day. happy birthday, sheinelle. >> happy birthday,i )m - -...
8:56 am
a two-year project gets good morning, it's 8:56. a two-year project gets under way today to start to improve the commute for you on northbound interstate 680. they're adding a new lane between mission boulevard and the ramp to highway 84 in livermore. caltrans planned to upgrade the southbound express lane. when the project wraps up, it will give solo drivers the option to use that toll lane.
8:57 am
most of the money is coming from voter approved funds. caltrans is supposed to complete the project in the fall of 2020. happening now, bob riddell is speaking with caltrans and the ground break in our midday newscast that starts at 11:00. updates also in our twitter feed. also, the two black men who police arrested for simply sitting in a starbucks are speaking out. their first interviews since their controversial arrest last week. our homepage links to the full story, including why they say they were caught completely off guard even after police arrived. and shark fever just went up a notch after a playoff sweep against the ducks. >> stay connected to your world, wherever the world takes you, get the nbc bay area app. id. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing.
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with energy upgrade california. party in s-f. changes they )ll experience - nw that marijuana is legal. and- (another walkout over guns this time (off campus. we ask local schools - if they )ll stand in the students ) way. on )today in the bay ) - 4:30 o 7.
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♪ ♪ ♪ good morning, everyone. welcome to the program. i'm megyn kelly and we begin this thursday morning with the story that shook the nation to its core and is now back in the headlines. two families of sandy hook victims have just filed two separate defamation lawsuits taking a stand against controversial radio host alex jones. one was filed by the parents of noah posner and the other was filed by neil heslin whose son was just 6 years old when he was killed. the parents are fighting back against what they say have been years of mental anguish caused by jones' long history of harassing the sandy hook families. for years, jonesas


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