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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 23, 2018 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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i managed to get him with one hand on the gun and then i grabbed it from him and i threw it over-the-counter top. >> a water with house customer being called a hero for stopping a gunman who killed four people. now, the manhunt for the suspect ntinues. a state dinner is in the works for french president emmanuel macron. we have a preview of what he and president trump will discuss. >> president trump's first wife, ivana, on what with she thinks her ex should do for the 2020 election. new information on the passing of named dj avicci. "early today" starts right
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now. good morning. i'm phillip menna. a manhunt is under way following a shooting at a tennessee waffle house that left four people dead and several others wounded. police are looking for 29-year-old travis reinking who they believe opened fire at a waffle house near nashville. jose pedes was one of the four victims who were under the age of 30 and included two college students as well as a waffle house employee. police say the shooting would have continued had it not been for an act of bravery had it not been for 29d-year-old james shaw jr. but shaw says he was only reacting to the situation. >> i'm not a hero. i'm just a regular person. you have to either react or you have to -- or you're going to, you know, fold. and i chose to react because i didn't see any on hther way of living. that's all i wanted to do. i just wanted to live.
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>> police warn that the gunman is still at large and possibly armed and dangerous. nbc's my a-rod reeg eaa rodrigu details. >> he clearly came armed with a lot of firepower, with intend to go deaf state the south nashville area. >> police say 29-year-old travis reinking went on the run after a mass shooting at a waffle house. me details emerging about what happened. >> there is a female at the location saying there is a male white who has no clothing on, that's shooting at the location. >> in all, six people shot, four killed. several others injured in the chaos. >> i was very scared. i thought he was going to come around my car after me. >> the suspected gunman is no stranger to law enforcement. the secret service arrested travis reinking last year after trespassing a security barrier at the white house. but investigators say this
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morning's shooting could have been much worse. >> nashville's newest hero, james shaw jr. >> if not for 29-year-old james shaw. he confronted the shooter and grabbed his rifle. >> we were scuffling and i managed to get him with one hand on the gun and then i grabbed it from him and i threw it over the countertop. >> a bullet grazed him in the arm. >> mr. shaw saving, obviously, many lives in his rowic action. >> but james said it just came naturally. >> i really wanted to live. i have a 4-year-old daughter. that came to mind. >> two of the shooting victims are still in the hospital. one of them in critical condition. and the suspect is still on the run. phillip. >> our thanks to mya for that report. nearly 2,000 people gathered in albuquerque to remember jennifer riordan, the woman killed on a southwest with flight last weekend when an
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engine exploded midair. her husband spoke out for the first time since the accident. he thanked the community for their support. he also said riordan's legacy would live on through their two children. >> while physically she may not be here, avery and josh are going to grow up to be amazing adults because she's going to guide every decision that we make as a family for the rest of our lives. she's still going to be here forever. >> in the wake of the accident, southwest is voluntarily inspecting its fleet of 737s and that is having an impact on passengers with about 40 flights canceled yesterday. this morning, president trump's choice to leave the state department will get one step closer to confirmation. cia chief mike pompeo is expected to move to the full senate, but not before historic rebuke from the senate foreign relations committee. with members on the panel likely to reject him, that is something
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that's never been done before. the top democrat on the committee defended his historic no vote. >> he wouldn't answer me about what bob mueller talked to him about, and it was about russia related, so this is something important to the committee. didn't tell us about his visit to north korea. and he has a history of comments about regime change, against the lgbtq community, on muslims, that just didn't make it for me possible to envision him as the secretary of state of the united states. >> but that's not the only battle the trump administration is waging. as the white house looks to clean up the president's own words on north korea ahead of a make or break summit. kelly o'donnell has the latest from the white house. >> good morning, phillip. president trump is back in washington after a week in florida and he's been talking about the high stakes for any potential agreement or meeting or summit with north korea. he's also expressed on twitter frustration with people he refers to as pundits giving him
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advice he doesn't seem to want about how to make a deal. and the president is also trying to send some positive signals. >> leaving palm beach, president trump posed with officers from the sheriff's department. and over the din of air force one's engines responded to shouted questions about north korea. this week, north korea's kim jong un and president moon jae-in of south korea are scheduled to meet after kim, seen here inside his private train, announced friday the north's nuclear program is complete and, therefore, would stop its missile testing. a move seen with both caution and optimism for potential negotiations. >> there's every reason to think that he will not agree to give up all his nuclear weapons pt so the question for the united states becomes are we willing to live with some compromised solution. >> president trump oversold on twitter, declaring incurrently
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they have agreed to denuclearzation. but north korea has not gone that far. senator corker said for kim, the arsenal secures his grip on power. >> he views having deliverable nuclear weapons as his ticket to dieing as an old man in his bed. >> later, the president dialed back expectations. we are a long way from conclusion on north korea. maybe things will work out and maybe they won't. while the white house repeated its goal for trump/kim negotiations. >> but i think from our perspective, it means full denuclearzation, no longer having nuclear weapons that can be used in warfare against any of our allies. later today, one of europe's most powerful leaders, french president macron, will touch down in washington for the first official state visit for the trump presidency with all the trappings of the white house including another state dinner while angela merkel is expected to pay trump a visit this week.
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so just what can we expect when both leaders head to the white house? let's go to the tracie potts who is live for us in washington this morning. >> hi, phillip. good morning, everyone. expect some policy and some pomp and circumstance, but maybe not as much as we're wrood to seeing from the white house. tonight, they'll head to mt. vernon for a tour and for dinner. the focus, the highlight will be the official state dinner. tomorrow evening which the white house is saying is going to be a lot smaller than we're used to. the first lady taking the lead on this, about 150 people. some republicans, but no democrats from capitol hill invited to the state dinner. there will be some democratic governors and others there. of course this is all to focus on the french leader coming here to the united states. he says that he and president trump have a pretty good relationship. >> look, i think we have a very special relationship because both of us are probably the
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match rick of the systems. i think president trump's election was unexpected in your country. and probably my election was unexpected in my country. >> now, a big part of this is going to be macron and angela merkel, who you mentioned, trying to keep president trump in this iran nuclear deal saying it would be a signal to north korea that the u.s. would stick to a nuclear deal with that country, as well. >> those are two leaders who are not afraid to tell president trump what they think. thank you. there are traditional proposals and then there are ones that are prehistoric, like this one. during the london marathon, a man proposed to his had long time girlfriend in a tyrannosaurus rex costume and she said yes. despite the costume, she said yes. they have been together for 8 1/2 years. so congratulations on to them and congratulations to her, too. >> i need to know, did he run
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the whole marathon in that t-rex costume? >> that's a good question. >> that's dedication if you can pull that off. >> it is, but he might smell a little bit, right? that's a moment where you're going to want to embrace her. >> whatever works. >> good luck to them. so we're watching a heavy rain event that started over the weekend in areas of texas, moved through the deep south this weekend. now it's pushing through georgia. atlanta is getting soaked this had morning. we're getting wet up into areas of tennessee and kentucky and southern portions of illinois and indiana. for today, 7:00 a.m., the rain shifting to heavier stuff in south carolina. this afternoon, it shifts into north carolina. raleigh, i think you stay mostly dry today, late tonight the rain will be over you and tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m., rain from richmond to raleigh. so your tuesday evening, plan on that wet weather being over the top of the washing tot. walton beach,
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florida. today, a minor chance of severe weather today town in areas of georgia. we have some good stuff out there today, phillip, some beautiful weather, too. >> sounds good. jeff just came on. inbound to j.r. smith. his shot is good. >> if anyone was going to hit that, it would be j.r. smith, right? he has a knack for doing that. that was a 70-foot buzzer beater in the fourth game of the cavs playoff series against the pacers. the shot sucked the life out of the home crowd as cleveland went on to win tieing the series at 2-2. >> j.r. smith probably would have taken that shot even if there was 20 seconds left. >> he would shoot it in the next possession. just ahead, breaking news to tell you about about the royal baby. plus, michael bloomberg is putting his money where his mouth is.
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breaking news. we are learning kate middleton has just been admitted to st. mary's hospital in london in the early stages of labor. here are some live pictures from outside of the hospital. this will be the third child for prince william and the duchess of cambridge. we will bring you the latest details as they develop. leading the news, billionaire former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is pledging to write a $4.5 million check for the environment. bloomberg said he will cover the u.s.'s financial commitment to the paris climate accord which president trump backed out of last year and he will do it out of his own pocket. the u.s. became the only country to reject the accord after president trump argued its placed an unfair burden on washington. and president trump should, quote, go play golf instead of running for re-election. that's according to his ex-wife, ivana, opened up to the new york post saying i don't think it's
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necessary. he has a good life and he has everything. donald is going to be 74, 73 for the next election, and maybe he should go and play golf and enjoy his fortune adding, i don't think he probably knew how much is involved of being the president, she said. just ahead, the government debate over jamming cell phones at prisons. you're watching "early today." hey scout, what's with the itchys and scratchys? it's these fleas and ticks. ow! i'm getting bit like crazy. got any ideas for me? well, not all products work the same. that's why my owner gives me k9 advantix ii. it kills fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. mosquitoes too? yep. kills all three through contact - no biting required. wish my owner knew about k9 advantix ii. ow! well...could be worse. -ooh. glorious. protect against the bites that can spread disease. k9 advantix ii. wise choice. mother...nature! nothing smells greater than the great outdoors... especially when you're in accounts receivable.
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a quiet place, the thriller
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starring john krezinski is back on top, climbing to the number one spot earning $22 million in its third weekend in theaters. dwayne johnson's "rampage" took in $21 million. and amy schumer's "i feel pretty" took in $16 million in sales despite critical reviews. there is new controversy to cut down on use by inmates in this country's prisons. it's gaining traction after a deadly prison riot one week ago. as morgan radford reports, the federal government is resisting. >> the right in a south carolina maximum security prison lasted seven hours and left as many inmates dead. state prison officials say the violence spread throughout the correction facility thanks to unauthorized cell phones.
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>> cell phones are enabling inmates to continue to run their criminal enterprises from behind bars. >> more than 5,000 cell phones were confiscated by federal prison guards in 2016 and in 2018, officers confiscated one cell phone for every three inmates. >> these folks are fighting in real money and real territory while incarcerated. >> despite tough rules to keep them out, the phones keep coming in and the federal communications commission won't allow prisons to jam the signals the phones need to communicate. captain robert johnson nearly died in 2010 when he was shot outside of his home. >> a cell phone has given the inmate a weapon of mass destruction. >> the hit was organized from behind bars by a south carolina inmate with a cell phone. at the same prison as last week's riot. >> he could call up his buddy, transfer the $6,000 that they paid to shoot me using a cell
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phone. >> captain johnson testified to the fcc last year. while the fcc acknowledged that contraband cell phones are a major public safety threat, the agency writes on its website that cell phone jamming causes more problems than it solves. but south carolina officials warn that until the fcc helps them stop the problem -- >> the folks that are incarcerated are going to continue their criminal ways from behind bars. >> our thanks to morgan for that report. ahead, how you can get to travel the country on a harley for free. plus, japan's answer for letting single women feel more secure at home. you're watching "early today." (vo) more "doing chores for mom" per roll more "doing chores for dad" per roll more "earning something you love" per roll bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than
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so, next time don't half-wash it. downy and it's done. listen up, college students. this is not your typical internship. harley davidson is looking for eight social media savvy college students to hop on their motorcycles and document their experiences. it's a 12-week internship. it's open to junior and senior college students as well as recent graduates looking to enter the social media field and another perk you can get here is entrants will be able to keep one of the iconic motorcycles as long as -- >> now we're upping the ante. >> right. i got your attention as soon as i said you can keep it. >> i can only think of the shenanigans that college kids would get into. >> it is one of the coolest internships that i've ever heard of. this is a little strange.
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a japanese company hopes it's found a solution for women who live alone. a shadow boyfriend. sounds creepy, doesn't it? the company released a product called can man on the accurate cannan designed to give women added security at home. it works by projecting the shadow of a man behind curtains doing some heavyweight boxing, maybe some karate, that should make any intruder think twice. >> they got that from "home alone," right? an adorable little girl wanted to teach an officer a thing or two in ballet. so she showed up at a wisconsin police department with a sign that read will you passe with me? it was for a challenge put on by her dance studio. an officer took her up on him. the young girl showed him how to rest his fought. but the challenge remains the same.
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welcome back. obviously tracking our big rain storm from the southeast up the east coast as we go throughout the first couple of days. watching a system coming out of montana and colorado, enough cold air. unfortunately for them, snow at the high elevations. the big story is soaking rains today. wednesday, we have that rain in areas of the northeast. not going to be flooding, but it's going to be the first rainy day we've had in about five or six days in the northeast. a couple of storms on wednesday in texas and arkansas and oklahoma. friday, some cooler weather and some showers moving in through the great lakes. in today's top stories, might tell romney learned this weekend that a return to politics might not be as easy as he thought. the former republican candidate for president and governor of massachusetts is running for the
4:27 am
u.s. senate in utah. and he was hoping to avoid running in a primary, but at this weekend's utah republican convention, romney failed to beat a challenger by enough votes. so he'll have to run against that state representative in the primary in june. despite the setback, romney is favored to win the seat. sweden's fun broadcaster says foul play has been ruled out in the death of super start dj avicii. his given name was tim bergling was found dead in oman on friday. police say they are completely devastated. the official family statement gave no cause of death, but the dj had been battling health issues and retired from performing two years ago. and an update this morning on chicago white sox pitcher danny farquar. after a frightening moment, he had just finished pitching in
4:28 am
the sixth inning when he suffered a brain hemorrhage and collapsed in the dugout. he regained consciousness and was brought to the hospital where tests reveal the hemorrhage was caused bay ruptured brain aneurism. he is receiving treatment and has been listed in stable but critical condition. in northern colorado, an area known as the state's moose viewing capital does not disappoint this weekend. this is downtown waldon. there's about 600 people that live there. the motorists had to wait for those two moose right there to cross the road. this town is in jackson county. it's in the northern rocky mountains. it's an area that describes itself as raw, rough and real. so just when you live in a place like that and you think -- >> i'm trying to think of a good why did the moose cross the road joke. >> people complain about traffic all the time, right? >> moose are nasty. you don't go near moose. they'll charge you. >> that is much worse than waiting for a chicken, right? >> even if they were crossing
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the road to get to the chocolate. >> if you have a better one -- we can pbably get a better onero
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welcome to monday morning, taking a live look outside at san rafael on this monday morning. hoping for a great day and start of a great week. thanks for starting your morning with us. good morning. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. >> it looks great for today. it's going to be another warm one and we're going to see those temperatures again for the inland areas reaching in the low 80s with much more comfortable weather near the coast. a live look outside in san jose, we start out with 50s and we're going to make it up to 75 by lunch, above our normal high temperatures, we're heading up to 82 degrees in san jose, 85 in


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