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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 23, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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welcome to monday morning, taking a live look outside at san rafael on this monday morning. hoping for a great day and start of a great week. thanks for starting your morning with us. good morning. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. >> it looks great for today. it's going to be another warm one and we're going to see those temperatures again for the inland areas reaching in the low 80s with much more comfortable weather near the coast. a live look outside in san jose, we start out with 50s and we're going to make it up to 75 by lunch, above our normal high temperatures, we're heading up to 82 degrees in san jose, 85 in
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antioch and 72 degrees in san francisco. it's going to be really nice. we'll talk about the rest of the week coming up, mike, you passed by a crash on the way in. >> i did not cause it, passed by it. there was a crash that was blocking all lanes just before you get to 237 that clear in time for me to get done past there. it happened after 3:00. and that traffic flow past the scene has two tou trucks and a lot of flashing lights but only one lane blocked. y silicon valley moves nicely. a little slowing out of the attal atat al tamont pass and concord, wal nut creek. breaking baby news this morning. taking a live look outside of the hospital in london, kensington palace is saying the dutchess of cambridge is in the
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early stages of labor. this is saint mary's live in central london where prince william's wife could give birth at any moment. we don't know too much about the baby so far, the gender or name. you'll recall the couple married in 2011 and have two other darling children, prince george and 2-year-old princess charlotte. the newest royal baby will be the fifth in line to the throne. going to keep monitoring this and bring you any updates as soon as we get them. 4:32. continuing coverage on a tragic story, this is in the area of san francisco. we're learning more about the victim of saturday night's destructive apartment fire. this morning witnesses are painting a picture of what happened as they were faced with those flames. >> here's the unusual encounter neighbors had with the victim as they tried to save her. >> the whole rear of the fire building from the bottom up to the third floor is all engulfed. >> as firefighters responded
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they found a home in flames, 65-year-old jessica ruiz did not survive. her family turned out at the burned out shell of the build g building. >> lived through a lot. lived full of life. we're going to miss her driving us nuts. >> be there for anything for me. and she would love me. >> her grandson in tears says ruiz loved everyone. just before the building was fully consumed sam meyer tried to get his friend out. >> she was a little out of her mind and saying, i don't even -- she was babbling. >> he says he wasn't able to convince her to leave. >> she could have followed me up the stairs and we were all yelling her to come up and she just wouldn't. >> sergio quinn tan that, "today in the bay." >> if you're booked on a southwest airlines flight you may want to check the status before you head to the airport. the airline already canceled 91
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flights, including three at sfo, and one at oakland international this morning. the airline has been canceling flights to conduct accelerated fan blade inspections. you'll recall mid-air engine failure killed a passenger last week. a wet night for drivers in oakland and it's not because of that rain. you can see from this picture, a fire hydrant spraying water well high into the air there. this is off of ban krost near 82nd, a car crash started the problem and someone did get hurt but overnight they told us the person will be fine. we'll be checking for updates on the story and impact this is having on roads for you this morning aft morning. a man accused of robbing a store and pointing a gun at a worker didn't get far this weekend. san pablo posted this photo of
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the arrest. they recognized the suspect on surveillance video and officers caught him close by wearing the same outfit. police aren't giving specifics on exactly where it all happened. if your kids go to school in san jose's evergreen district, the teachers may not be in class today. union leaders say the teachers will protest the latest contract offer. teachers will pass out leaflets and they will picket at several of those schools. are you and your family prepared. now to an alarming report, the bay area is falling behind when it comes to earthquake readiness according to the l.a. times. the three concrete buildings in san francisco at risk of collapsing during a major earthquake. this is the loma prieta quake. 2,000 wood frame apartment buildings are in danger and cities don't have a published list of where the buildings are and there's no laws requiring any retrofitting for these
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buildings. happening today, the san francisco public works department will host the first of two open houses this week. engineers are going to build model cities and test them for earthquake resiliency on specially crafted shake tables to see how the buildings hold up, you can head to the meeting at 9:00 at the avenue offices. >> no sleep for our dubs, the spurs win over the golden state warriors. >> but that means more basketball. game five tomorrow in oracle. warriors fans hoping to be the last game of the series. this one playing out all over the bay area yesterday. watching game four on the edge of their seats, dub nation still confident the warriors will win. >> san antonio won one for pop today and we go back to oakland and best of luck to san antonio. i don't think they got a chance when we come back to oakland. >> >> game five tomorrow at the
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oracle arena. >> dub nation stand up. more for you at 4:36, with many of our lives reinvolving around tech companies like facebook and amazon, which feel impact their lives more. we have the answer reveal the in a new survey. we have some suggestions plr places you may not consider but could save you a lot of money. top friendly budget locations coming up next. you could save energy
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by living off the grid. completely. you could generate your own energy, at home. maybe you could save energy by weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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biggest losers in president
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california's famous wine industry could be one of biggest losers in president trump's trade war with china, that includes bay area wineries and hundreds who work there. >> it's a story you'll only see on nbc bay area. livermore's wintry estate put a cork on all exports to china, 5,000 cases of wine. china slapped a 15% tariff on wine. the vice president of sales says chinese importers don't want to pay the tariff. says the winery is not going out of business but is worried about what happens a few months from now. >> a bigger concern is the fact that if we're not shipping our porters will be running out of stocks and shelf space will be open and there are wine producing countries that are clammering for shelf space. >> they estimate china will run out of wine in next 30 to 60 days. 4:40, feels like spring
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break was just yesterday now who's planning summer vacations? money is tight for a lot of families u.s. news and world report have done a little work for you. here are the best vacations for your budget, grand canyon topping the list, breath taking nature there. williams burg, virginia number two, a lot of colonial history. fort myers florida came in third with its great beaches followed by albuquerque and national parks and wildlife refuge. >> i don't think you can go wrong with any of those places. >> exactly. >> 4:41, coming up here on "today in the bay," kari hall is tracking another beautiful day. >> it will be a nice day, we've got to get to work to make the money for that vacation. here's a live look outside in palo alto as we get ready to hit the road this morning. here's a look at our temperatures later on today by 11:00, 64 degrees, mid-70s again today, it's going to feel like summer. we'll let you know when that
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ends. it's coming up next. >> our live look at the dublin camera shows a smooth drive here, here's the dublin interchange and we're looking at traffic smooth off of 680 and we'll give you the rest of the commute coming up.
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good morning, i'm bertha coombs live at c dbs global headquarters. wall street could start the trading day in the red but
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markets are coming off a negative session on friday but the dow nasdaq and s&p 500 still saw the third positive week in the past four. it's going to be a busy week for economic data with reports on home sale and consumer confidence and durable goods and first order gdp, the measure of economic growth. heaviest week of earnings season which is like march madness here at cnbc, one third of the s&p 500 set to report this week. today we'll hear from alphabet. on friday the dow fell 201 points to 24,462 and the nasdaq dropping 91 to 7146. prices at the pump continue to climb. the latest survey shows average prices rose about a dime over the last couple of weeks nationally to 2.83 a gallon, primarily by higher oil prices, gas is 37 cents higher than this time last year. in the bay area gas is averaging about 3.70 a gallon while it's
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at 3.60 in san jose. americans are taking in more critical view of tech companies in wake of the data scandal. one still stands out above the rest. a new poll by survey monkey and recode shows 20% of people who believe amazon is having the most positive impact on society out of any other major tech giant. amazon was followed by google, apple and facebook came in fourth. amazon ceo jeff bezos is believed to have the greatest impact on people's daily lives and judging from packages that arrive at my house every other day, certainly impacting a lot of folks. >> no kidding. >> you are not alone. >> thanks, bertha. >> 4:46 right now, it is opening day on the bay in san francisco, people gathered for the blessing of the fleet and parade of the boats. a lot of color and pizzazz.
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more than 100 historic boats on water. thousands enjoyed the sights and beautiful sounds. relaxing sounds. >> and that's what's a sign of spring when you start to see the boats coming out to the bay. and we've had some very warm weather. here's a live look outside in san francisco, it is 53 degrees. cool start again this morning. we're mostly feeling 50s as you head out the door, mid-50s for the south bay. a milder start, we know it's going to be a warm afternoon. 7-day forecast in the bottom of the screen, we'll have some 70s and 80s all around the bay area but as i head out for the morning commute around the east bay. it's going to be at 54 for the next few hours. by 8:00, we're at 57 and then a quick warm-up by noon. it's already 70 degrees and it will be a day you want to take a lunch outside. our highs today reaching into
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the low 70s in san francisco, and 74 in oakland and in antioch, 85 degrees, one of our warmer spots around the bay area, morgan hill up to 82. 82 in san jose. as you're getting dressed this morning, you do need layers and definitely need a jacket but later on it will be all about the t-shirt and shorts as we're feeling some summer-like weather and it will see a change in the pattern as we end the week. an area of low pressure moving in will change our wind and give us an onshore flow and that will increase the cloud cover. as of now watching a slight chance of showers for part of the weekend but really just keeping it out because we will mostly see dry weather around the bay area. slight chance for the north bay. look at how temperatures come down. we go from 72 to 62 on saturday. and for the inland areas, also a big drop in temperatures as we get some stronger onshore winds that will bring in the cool ocean breezes around the bay
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area. now, mike, you're still tracking that crash on the road. >> i am, we still have it in the roadway, this is an hour and a half later, south 880 one lane blocked as you approach the 237 interchange. traffic still light. over here off 87 and 85 a disabled vehicle. and clear from gilroy through morgan hill, no slowing for 101. highway 17 smooth both directions over the summit to and from the coast. over here we have a little slowing at the altamont pass and disabled vehicle on the shoulder. and up there highway 4, coming through bay point, you may find that crash over closer to bay leaf and folks towards the walnut creek interchange, show the view before the bridge. looking live at the san mateo bridge, no problems with the westbound flow and tail lights towards foster city. peninsula itself moves nicely.
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there's that dublin interchange we talked about. dublin grade moving as well. >> 4:49. we've been hearing a lot from former head of fbi james comey and it's not over. he's bringing his book tour to san francisco tonight. comey will be speaking in front of a sold out crowd. his book "higher loyalty truth lies and leadership" covers his since from 2013 to 2017 including actions with president trump. president trump called him an untruthful slime ball. >> you might get in trouble if you don't pay for your muny ride. some try to take their luck and no one will check. the person who's supposed to check whether you paid can get in big trouble as one. in february agency suspended one for failing to write enough
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tickets to those who didn't pay fares, only gave two cry indicati citations during a two-hour shift. one san jose leader is honoring chavez who died 35 years ago today. >> plus "bay area responds". >> a day of fun and saving money with online coupons goes completely wrong. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, "nbc bay area responds" next. first happening now, a developing story out of north korea, chinese officials say 36 people have died in a bus crash. experts say chinese tourists make up of 80% of foreign tourists to north korea. toys "r" us stores going up for auction today. you'll recall they filed for bankruptcy in september and announced in march closing all of its u.s. stores. several other places are taking gift cards. more news after the break. group
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a san jose woman says she had issues with not one - but nbc bay area responds to a groupon deal gone wrong. a san jose woman had issues with not one but two of the deals. >> here's chris chmura. >> good morning, cynthia pilgrim bought two show tickets on groupon, advertised a 7:00 p.m. start time and even printed on cynthia's receipt. but when she arrived before 7:00, the event was over. it actually had started at 3:00 in the afternoon. unfortunately cynthia's luck did not improve. she had also bought a restaurant deal on groupon.
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when she arrived, she found the restaurant was closed for good. cynthia says she asked groupon to refund both items but didn't get anywhere. so she turned to us for help. we contacted groupon and refunded cynthia $116 exactly what she paid for the two deals. groupon also gave her a $100 credit. in a statement groupon said we want our customers to have an amazing experience every time they use a groupon or we'll work with them to make it right. these pre-paid deals via third party can save you money but adding that middle man can also create problems. just ask cynthia. so before you buy in, make one call to the actual provider, just to be sure everything is in order. if you have a consumer complaint, call us 888-996-tips or visit
4:56 am thanks, chris. >> 4:55 right now. cesar chavez died 25 years ago today but the legacy of the central valley union leader lives on. >> today county supervisor is leading a pilgrimage to the town south of bakersfield where chavez is buried. spent much of his life fighting for the rights for farm workers. he was 66 years old. 4:56 this morning, a berkeley election is driving the internet nuts. i want you to meet right here, look at that, that squirrel is the new senator, senator furry boy, now a member of the student senate and people voted for a squirrel who campaigned on hot tom topics like improved access to a corns. the guy who ran the joke dressed up in the squirrel costume but will take this job very
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seriously. stephen boyle said he'll end food waste and support students with disabilities. >> got elected. coming up next on "today in the bay," start of the week and another beautiful day in the bay area. >> we've got beautiful weather starting out, a little bit mild. here's a look outside in fremont as you get ready to head out the door, upper 50s later this morning and then low 80s again today. we'll talk about what else is ahead in this workweek coming up next. looking over here, san jose moves nicely, highway 101 right here. we are following an update though for an incident over in highway 4. we'll give you that update coming up. plus, reports today to keep rent prices under control. but will the uproar make a difference? we'll soon find out. pete suratos is live coming up. .
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good morning and thank you for joining us. guilty plood monday morning. a live look at dublin. a lot of people getting started. can't see them through the trees. >> so good morning to you and we thank you so much for starting your monday with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia, woer hoping for a nice day, it was a gorgeous weekend. >> it was so nice, i was sharing a few snap shots from my weekend on my facebook page.
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check that out. it's going to be beautiful again today. if you were working over the weekend today, maybe your day off and you'll be able to take in some sunshine and warm weather, here's a live look outside in san jose now as we get started, willow blen and 82 degrees by 2:00 today. it's going to be another one with well above normal temperatures and we'll cool off as the week goes on, mike you're updating the issue for cocoa county. >> we'll zoom to this portion of the map, slowing out of the altamont and disabled vehicle. doesn't look like a major problem. highway 4 around bailey. let's get to the waze system and the update from chp and also came in from an unnamed wazer but we do know the wazer is a member of the nbc bay area team. nbc bay area a car fire on the shoulder and that's why there's


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