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tv   Today  NBC  April 23, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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live local update and midday newscast at 11:00 to 12:00. >> more news and more weather all the time. we're going to have all of that and more. have a great day. ♪ good morning. breaking news it's a boy. william and kate celebrating this morning's arrival of their third child. we're live in london with everything you need to know about the royal bundle of joy. maz massive man hunt. a desperate search under way across multiple states for the gunman behind a deadly mass shooting at a waffle house in nashville. residents warned to be on alert. security heightened at local schools. just ahead we tuk the hero customer who wrestled the gun away from the shooter with his bare hands. >> i didn't see any other way of me living. that's all i wanted to do.
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i just wanted to live. flying frustrations. a wave of delayed and cancelled flights across the country with all airlines being asked to do the same, are the problems about to get much worse? all that, plus at the center of the fire storm. the man who harvested the data of millions of facebook users warning many other companies are doing the same thing. we'll talk with him. blown away. a powerful tornado sends cars flying as strong storms race across the south. and going too far? a former nfl star under fire after posing with a gun in his daughter's prom photo. the story behind the picture and what he's saying about it today, monday april 23rd, 2018. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody. welcome to "today."
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it's 7 am on the west coast. nice to have you with us on a monday morning. and it's a boy. not craig melvin. the royal baby was born this morning and now we await the arrival for the world to see. >> him and kate's third child, born almost exactly four hours ago at london st. mary's hospital. big weekend for queen elizabeth, celebrating her 92nd birthday and now she has her sixth great grandchild. >> cameras and reporters lined up where we've seen so many royals born before. >> we have to carry on with the job, right? look, this is as you mentioned this is one of the most famous hospital doors probably in the world. this is where prince george, princess charlotte were first introduced to the world. prince harry and prince william as well.
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and now this latest royal heir set to make his debut. [ bells ringing ] >> it's the moment so many royal watchers have been waiting for. royal mom kate giving birth to her third child hospital just a few hours ago. kensington palace announcing that the duchess is in labor. a baby boy. traveling by car from the palace to the hospital to deliver her third baby. these hospital steps at st. mary's grabbing international attention one more time. it's where future heirs to the british throne have been introduced to the world. william and kate's first child, prince george, arriving almost five years ago, carried by his proud mother. princess charlotte a few years later. their father prince william also emerged through these doors in the arms of princess diana in 1982. then taking his first born prince george to meet his little sister. history repeating. over 30 years ago that was
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william visiting newborn brother harry. and diana leaving with her second son. william and kate's newborn becomes fifth in line to the british throne, displacing harry again. following prince charles, prince william, big brother george and sister charlotte. and at 92, the queen is becoming a great grandmother for the sixth time, after celebrating her 92nd birthday over the weekend. william and kate already taking on more royal responsibilities, while also raising three future heads of state. >> the new scenario for the cambridges, is to work out the logistics of being one more in number. and looking ahead to the wedding, making sure they can keep three children under 5 under control. >> reporter: so news of the delivery was made via tweet, of course, but they still do some things old school. this paper proclamation was placed at the gates of buckingham palace just a little while ago. announcing the birth of a baby
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boy, 8 pounds, 7 ounces and healthy. both mom and baby said to be doing well. guys, we noticed an awful lot of activity in the past few minutes. so we may see the new arrival fairly soon. big favorites for names include arthur, albert and phillip after his great grandfather. >> of course. >> guys? >> kelly, that's fun. thank you so much. we'll have a little bit more later on. we'll keep our eye on that door. >> right now breaking news here at home this morning. a frantic search is intensifying for a gunmen who killed four people at a nashville area waffle house. rampage that police say could have been far worse if not for the brave actions of a customer who jumped in to help. he's going to join us here in a moment. gabe gutierrez has the very latest. gabe, good morning to you. >> reporter: craig, good morning. police say there were no credible sights of the gunmen who is arm and dangerous and
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clearly struggling with mental health issues. witnesses say he stopped shooting just long enough for a brave customer to step in and wrestle the gun away. this morning, an urgent search is under way for a man who pulled a gun. >> there is a female at a location that says there's shooting at the location. >> reporter: authorities say 29-year-old travis reinking drove to the restaurant just after 3:00 a.m., with an ar-15, wearing no clothes except a green jacket. in all, six people shot, four of them killed, including 20-year-old joe perez and 23-year-old akilah dasilva. his brother was with him in the restaurant. >> all i'm thinking is where is my brother? it was all like a blur. >> reporter: his cousin remembers the aspiring musician.
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>> he was a rock. not only to me, not only to his brother but he was an inspiration to us all. >> reporter: the rampage could have been even worse police say, if not for this man. >> nashville's newest hero, james shaw jr. >> reporter: customer james shaw jr. confronted the gunman and grabbed his rifle. >> if i didn't put my life at risk, i'm probably not here. >> no doubt, he saved many lives by wrestling the gun away. >> reporter: no word yet on a motive. but reinking is no stranger to law enforcement. in 2016 police in his illinois hometown were called to a parking lot where reinking was threatening to kill himself. reinking told investigators of delusions he had been having that pop star taylor swift was stalking him. and last year the secret service arrested reinking for trespassing near the white house. after that incident, authorities seized several weapons he owned
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that later gave him back to his father who told police he returned them to his son. >> the young man could be anywhere. alert your public that they should be on the lookout for him. he would be considered armed and dangerous. >> reporter: this morning, two victims are now both stable after being in critical condition. tennessee bureau of investigation is offering a reward for any information leading to an arrest. craig? >> gabe, thank you. >> james shaw jr., the customer now being hailed as a hero is with us now. james, good morning to you, sir. >> hey, how are you doing? good morning. >> james, take us back to that moment inside the waffle house when you first heard those gunshots. what went through your mind? what did you do next? >> when i first heard the gunshots, immediately, it was like, what's going on, type of feeling. and i looked back and i saw a gentleman near the entrance door
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of the waffle house. and i kind of jumped from the high countertop seats. and i jumped towards the bathroom. the bathroom just seemed like a bad idea. actually in that hallway seemed like a bad idea. it was kind of like shooting fish in a barrel. and i was just kind of, like, he's going to get us either way -- or he's going to get me either way it goes. so, i was just waiting for an opportunity. i was just waiting for a chance. so, in that, when i saw the barrel down, i just saw my opportunity and i attacked. and i took it. it worked out for myself. it worked out for myself and others that were actually in the waffle house at the same time. >> how did you manage to wrestle the gun away from him? >> so, when i ran through the swivel door, the swivel door acted like a -- i don't know. like another hit, another layer.
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and it pushed the gun down. the barrel of the gun actually bumped down. it was aimed towards the ground. once it was aimed towards the ground, i held the gun down with my left hand and i think i was punching or hitting or whatever i was doing with my right hand. and then, once he released it, he had -- at one point in time, he had it in one hand. when he had it in one hand, i just took it from him with both my hands. and i took it and i threw it over the countertop. and then, i was still trying to get out. so, i took him and myself out of the waffle house. i knew my best chance of surviving was outside. mind you, he was pretty -- he was nude and he just had a jacket on. i didn't know if he had another weapon on him, like a knife. or he might have had a handgun. i knew if i could get outside i
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would be all right. and luckily, he only might have had the assault rifle. and later on, i did learn that he was actually -- he did actually have other magazines in his gun and could have reloaded. >> james, how are you this morning? how do you feel? >> i still have bumps and bruises. i woke up this morning and found another scratch on my back. i'm all right, just a little sore. but i'd rather be sore than severely shot. i had a bullet graze my upper right elbow. this morning i actually got up thinking about the people that had passed, the four people that had passed. and i was thinking about the other victims that were in waffle house. and i'm hoping that they are just as, you know, people are just as concerned about them as they are about me. >> james shaw jr. i know you don't consider yourself a hero but a lot of
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folks there in that waffle house that night and a lot of folks watching this morning would probably disagree. thank you. thanks for what you did that night. >> no problem. you have a good one. >> so low key but i can't imagine -- >> yeah. >> what he did when the pressure was on was incredible. >> he said the reality didn't set in until he was sitting in the back of the ambulance being treated for his injuries and he thought about his 4-year-old daughter. >> he saved a lot of people. >> no question. lots more to get to. this morning new concerns being raised about the president's upcoming meeting with kim jong-un. nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell has that story this morning. hi, andrea, good morning. >> good morning to you, savannah. north korea's kim jong-un will meet with south korea's president coming ahead of kim's historic summit with president trump at the end of may or early june. there are concerns among some top u.s. officials that kim could already be winning the
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public relations war against president trump. they worry kim jong-un could be setting a trip for the upcoming summit, offering what appear to be concessions. he would stop missile tests and close a nuclear test site. earning instant praise from the president, tweeting this is very good news for north korea and the world. good progress. look forward to the summit. they have not conducted tests for months and the nuclear site is already at risk of collapse after the last nuclear test. after chuck todd pointed out those concerns on sunday "today" -- >> north koreans have gotten a lot out of it. what has the united states gotten yet? >> reporter: the president firing back on twitter, writing -- wow. we haven't given up anything and they have agreed to denuclearization, so great for world. but north korea has not agreed to denuclearize. the president later dialing back his praise in another tweet --
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we are a long way from conclusion on north korea. maybe things will work out and maybe they won't. only time will tell. a message emphasized by a top white house aide. >> we're going to keep up maximum pressure. we're not going stop that until they denuclearize. >> many doubt kim will ever give up his nuclear weapons which he sees as key to his survival. >> he views having deliverable nuclear weapons as his ticket to dying as an old man in his bed. >> cia director mike pompeo is leading the summit. today in a rare vote, the republican-led foreign relations committee will give him an unfavorable recommendation. the white house, though, is counting on his winning a narrow victory when the full senate vote is expected on thursday. savannah and craig? >> andrea mitchell in washington. thank you. meanwhile, president trump is starting a three-day visit today with french president emmanuel macron. it is the first official state
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visit of the trump presidency. tonight, president trump and first lady melania will host macron and his wife at george washington's mount vernon estate. then tomorrow night, it's back to the white house for the state dinner. and on wednesday, macron will deliver an address to a joint session of congress. during the visit, the two leaders are expected to tackle trade challenges and the iran nuclear deal. also on this busy monday morning, that mid-air explosion on a southwest plane is leading to new headaches for thousands of travelers. flights being cancelled or delayed as the airline conducts emergency engine inspections. nbc's tom costello covers aviation. tom, good morning. what can you tell us? >> good morning. about 124 flights cancelled so far with southwest. you know the faa ordered those immediate inspections on the engines with high cycle times, takeoffs and landings and those with less cycle times have a little more time to complete. however, we can tell you the most airlines are expediting this process across the board, looking for any signs of metal
7:16 am
fatigue. >> reporter: if you're flying southwest today, you may want to check your flight status. on sunday, the airline cancelled 40 of its nearly 4,000 flights as it stepped up emergency engine inspections. hundreds of flights also delayed causing frustrated passengers to vent on social media. the airline voluntarily announced the inspections last week after a southwest passenger died when she was partially sucked out of an aircraft window following a mid-flight engine explosion. on friday, the faa issued an emergency order, calling on all airlines to inspect every engine like the one involved. those inspections will specifically focus on fan blades like the one that snapped off flight 1380. some critics are questioning whether the faa dragged its feet ordering those inspections after a similar engine malfunction on another southwest plane nearly two years ago. >> we're asking them two questions -- why are their numbers on safety enforcement dropped so severely?
7:17 am
and why, if those actions dropped severely, are we sending a message to the airlines that you don't have to do as much safety? >> the government needs to step in and take more oversight and look at what is going on in the faa. flying airplanes around that could cause a catastrophic loss. >> reporter: overnight, more than 1,000 people attended a memorial service in albuquerque for jennifer riordan, the passenger who died last week on the southwest plane. the banking executive remembered as a devoted mother of two and community leader. >> physically she may not ever be here. avery and josh are going to grow up to be amazing adults because she's going to guide every decision that we make as a family for the rest of our lives. >> mrs. riordan's husband there. the faa ordered inspections and european ordered similar inspections southwest and ryan air in europe are two of the heaviest 737 users in the world. back to you. >> tom, thank you. time for our first check of the weather.
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for that we turn to mr. roker. hey, al. >> got to show you this amazing surveillance video. this louisiana, tornado coming through. look at the cars just literally getting tossed like toys. just unbelievable stuff to see. now, the good news for everybody out west, nothing quite that severe. we're looking at clear skies for the most part along the west coast. some snow back through the inner mountain regions. here is what your weather looks like for today. partly sunny, 81 in los angeles. phoenix 96. 70 and partly cloudy in denver. 70 and partly cloudy in denver. ( ♪ ) (sustained horn honk) advisor: (on phone) jane, this is jim from onstar, i've contacted help and they're on their way. woman: okay. advisor: don't worry i'm going to stay with you until help arrives. woman: thank you. that deer, it just... just came out of nowhere.
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good monday morning, i'm kari hall. we start with sunshine and beautiful view of san francisco this morning. temperatures mostly in the mid-50s as you get ready to head out the door and as we head to 72 degrees in san francisco, north bay up to 81 degree and 82 in san jose antioch 85. today in concord, 85 degrees and oakland today 74. >> and that's your latest weather. guys? >> tha ese fue el pronóstico del guys? >> thank you so much, al. straight ahead, a troubling new bomb shell in the usa gymnastics scandal. why mckayla maroney said a coach missed a chance to stop larry nassar a full five years before he was finally arrested. also the man at the center of facebook's data scandal firing back this morning saying
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he did not steal anything. what he says all users need to know. but first, this is "today"
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including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist. i )m - -... happening today in oakland: a very good morning to you, it is 7:26, i'm laura garcia. >> happen beiing in oakland, hog a ralrally, the alliance of california says they collected more than 500,000 signatures to take the issue straight to voters in november. they want to repeal a decades old law that stops putting rent caps on properties built after 1995. not efveryone is backing the plan. they say repealing the law could make things worse by halting construction of any new houses. let's check the forecast now. things are going to warm up today. >> and warm up fast too. we start out with 50s around the bay area and some sunshine as we take a live look outside at
7:27 am
fremont and looking at our highs today, still in the mid 60s ats half moon bay. san francisco 72 degrees and napa 79 but some of the inland areas back in the low to mid-80s today, one of the warmer spots in antioch, 86 degrees. san francisco, 72 today and 63 degrees by the end of the week. inland areas from 80 to 69 degrees on friday. a cool weekend ahead. let's get an update on the morning commute from mike. >> we're looking at pretty mild commute, a little more traffic in the south bay than last view. more traffic across the dumbarton and san mateo bridge holding steady. palo alto and menlo park. towards sunol, there is a crash reported around sunol boulevard. center divide, that's
7:28 am
distracting across the dublin san rafael bridge. i'll be back with another local news update in half an hour.
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7:30 am
morning. it's the 23rd back at 7:30 on a monday morning. it's the 23rd of april, 2018. that's a sure sign of spring here in manhattan. pretty morning. >> thank goodness. the rockefeller ice rink is gone. the crews are getting ready for the summer here at 30 rock. they're going to put in the outdoor bar. we're going to get al's forecast. first, a check of the headlines, starting with royal baby news. >> special delivery. prince william and kate middleton gave birth to a baby boy. the third child coming just weeks ahead of the royal wedding of prince harry and meghan markle. on the run. a desperate search for the
7:31 am
suspect accused of killing four people during a mass shooting at a nashville area waffle house. >> nashville's newest hero, james shaw jr. >> as the man being credited as a hero for wrestling away the rifle from the shooter speaks out this morning. how do you feel? >> i'm all right. just a little sore. but i'd rather be sore than severely shot. a new report reveals that fox news star sean hannity is linked to shell companies that spent $90 million to buy nearly 900 homes across the country, many of them purchased with the help of government-backed loans. the doctor's in. dr. oz stops along a busy new jersey highway to help students fleeing a bus engulfed in flames. the surgeon and tv star catching the entire incident on camera. and putting politics aside. four former presidents, their spouses and first lady melania trump come together to pay tribute to the late barbara bush. today, monday, april 23, 2018. >> it's such a fitting tribute. of the pictures that came out,
7:32 am
that was my favorite. >> it was a warm and loving tribute to the former first lady. i think everybody watching felt they like they knew her a little better. very special. also this morning, in the wake of our special "dateline" investigation, there's now fallout in the gymnastics abuse scandal. gold medal winner mckayla maroney outlined the abuse she suffered and spoke out about a particularly disturbing incident involving dr. larry nassar and did so in front of a coach years before larry nassar was arrested. >> that was the first day i was abused. >> in a special edition of "dateline" maroney opens up, giving the detail of the abuse she suffered at larry nassar. >> i didn't feel like it was him anymore. it was another thing that took over -- the dark part of him. >> reporter: at the 2011 world championships, maroney says nassar's abuse was worse than ever before, saying he assaulted her in a hotel room. >> i was bawling, naked on a
7:33 am
bed, him on top of me. and i thought i was going to die. >> reporter: after that night, maroney says she spoke out, a full five years before nassar was arrested. driving back after a training driving back after a training session with her coach, she revealed what nassar had done to her. the coach allegedly sat in silence. but three other people who were there, tell nbc news, they remember the conversation. >> she described in graphic detail what nassar had done to her the night before. >> reporter: the coach did not respond to nbc's request for comment. and usa gymnastics said it did not learn about nassar's so-called treatments until four years later. after speaking out, michaela ck maroney went deeper into despair. >> i can't believe i said that in a car like that. i must have been so desperate at the time. >> reporter: she describes the culture of competitive gymnas c
7:34 am
gymnastics of one of fear and isolation, one that nassar exploited by acting nicely,ing and brings her food. some of the gymnasts describe the karolyi ranch, the national team training center, in bleak terms. >> we used to call it torture camp. >> reporter: martha and bela karolyi says the training can be intense. a fair number of gymnasts have said that conditions here were emotionally abusive, verbally abusive. >> okay. verbally, not abusive. emotionally, it depends on the person. you have to be a strong person to be able to handle the pressure. >> reporter: the karolyis also deny any awareness of nassar's abuse. we will continue to follow that story. >> it's story that makes you so angry. like with every new revelation, you get angrier and angrier.
7:35 am
>> when you look at the olympic teams and you look at the young women doing and performing at their best and you know they also had to deal and contend with that, with abuse. i mean, it's just shocking. and the reason that gymnasts still talk about it is because they want to see accountability. they want to see change. let's switch gears and check on the weather with mr. roker. what are we looking at, buddy? >> the system that i was talking about earlier that will be coming up the coast, wednesday and thursday, it continues up the coast, bringing with it heavy rain, localized flooding. travel delays from boston all the way back to washington, d.c. further to the west, we have more winter to talk about. wet snow developing in the rockies. we're looking at slick travel, reduced visibility for today. that system will continue to push to the east. snowshowers continue for the mountains. scattered storms will develop for the plains. the rest of the country today, we are looking for heavy rain continuing in the southeast. we expect sunshine throughout the northeast into the plains. some mountain snows and then
7:36 am
warming trends back through the pacific northwest, all the way down to california. gorgeous weather in hawaii and partly-cloudy skies, temperatures in the 50s we'll have another beautiful day around the bay area with sunshine and it will be up to 64 degrees at half moon bay. 72 in san francisco and 81 today in santa rosa. the interior areas will be reaching back into the low to mid-80s for the afternoon. cooler air will be on the way for the end of the week. we'll see the high in san francisco go from 72 today to 63 on friday. and some lower 60s in time for the weekend. >> that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you. coming up on an exciting day for prince william and kate, how a new addition is going to change the royal family. and how celebrated filmmaker kevin smith is after a massive heart attack.
7:37 am
we're going to have his first interview since that fateful night. and an athlete doing more with one hand than most of us do with two. first, the man behind facebook's data scandal, warning that other companies could have that other companies could have your information and do what he so, you'll be here that other companies could have your information and do what he to help protect my car? state farm will be here. okay, what about here? yup. nice! my screen didn't crack. thank goodness.
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actually, the biggest dinos only ate plants! mu-um dinosaurs only eat meat! and country crock is made with plants. country crock has always been made with the goodness of plants. it has real, simple ingredients... and the same country fresh taste you love. welcome to crock country. millions impacted by facebook's massive data privacy scandal, you want to listen to this. this is the man who harvested this information. and he's now breaking his silence. we'll talk to alexander kothis morning. this morning, the man at the center of facebook's privacy
7:42 am
scandal is speaking out. the cambridge university academic and director of a market research firm is under fire for harvesting data from facebook accounts. including information from friends, in order to build personality profiles. the information collected in 2014 via a personality quiz app was sold without users' knowledge to cambridge analytica, the firm later hired by the trump campaign. as many as 80 million users may have been impacted, although cambridge analytica denies his data was used in connection with the presidential campaign. >> our belief was that the general public must be aware that their data is being sold and shared and used to advertise to them. and nobody cared. >> the scandal is raising privacy concerns. >> we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility. and that was a big mistake.
7:43 am
and it was my mistake. and i'm sorry. >> reporter: in a statement, facebook says cogan had a brief consulting contract with facebook in 2015. but the company says, at no point during these two years was facebook aware of kogan's activities with cambridge analytica. noting that in december 2015, they learned that kogan had violated facebook's terms of service. they shut down his app and demanded he delete all the information. sitting down with facebook's number two, sheryl sandberg, earlier this month, i was asked why users weren't alerted before the information broke. >> we thought the data was deleted. >> that doesn't mean you tell the users, though. it feels like facebook was trying to get away with it. >> i don't think that's true. but of course you're right. let's fast-forward to now. >> alexander kogan is with us
7:44 am
from london. good morning to you. good to see you. >> good morning, savannah. >> this story can get real technical real fast. let's try to make it as simple as possible. you, in many tellings of this story, are the original bad guy. you took the data and sold it to cambridge analytica, the political firm. was it wrong to do that? were you wrong? >> at the time, we didn't think we were doing anything wrong. that was the normal business as usual practice. right now, it's viewed as wrong, now that we know how people feel about it. >> when you say it was the normal practice, you're saying that's how things were really done. it was clear. facebook says you are not to sell this data and yet, you sold the data. >> the amazing thing about facebook's policy, it's presented to developers just like terms of service are presented to the users, hard to find, easy to miss. most companies, if you go and look at apps right now, they have language that is in direct contradiction to that exact clause.
7:45 am
so, arguing that's actually facebook's policies, fascinating. if you work in a building and everybody brings in your dog and you bring in your dog and it pees somewhere, and somebody says, how can you bring in a dog because we have a clear no-dog policy and you look around saying, what about all the other dogs? >> that's a colorful way to put it, but the fact is wasn't this for research purposes? wasn't it under the exception that if you're a researcher you can have access to this data. that seems like a no dogs allowed policy. >> that's all absolutely false. facebook has no special exceptions for researchers. when we did the project, it was a normal commercial app. there was no special permissions for me as an academic. it was anything any company could do. >> when facebook asked you to delete the data after it all came out in december of 2015, i guess they didn't reach out to
7:46 am
you until 2016. when they asked you to delete the data, did you do so immediately? >> absolutely. >> did you retain any copies? >> we were trying to be as cooperative as possible. >> this idea that cambridge analytica was selling to political campaigns, if we have all this data, we can develop personality profiles and that can help us microtarget voters and use their psychology to make a pitch that is directed right to those voters, is that -- is that a legit idea? you're a psychologist. could that work? >> no. psychology is, sadly, not that great at understanding people. we're where the greeks were with physics. we thought about the problems but we're really wrong. even the bicas thesis that personality can be used to mind control people is ridiculous. >> if that's the case, what were you selling to cambridge analytica? what was your pitch?
7:47 am
they paid 800,000 bucks. >> yeah. they weren't interested in the personality bit as far as me convincing them. i was helping them measure something they were already interested in. what we were trying to do is figure out how to measure this constru construct. they have their beliefs in what it is useful for and not useful for. they happened to be quite misguided. >> facebook has called you a fraud and a liar. they painted you as the cull brit he culprit here. what's your response? >> it's p.r. spin. they are trying to distract people that what we did was the normal practice back then. and that was the friendly face of facebook. i worked with them and they knew me well and i had a lot of things to lose by making them upset. if i knew the project would make them upset, i wouldn't do it. a lot more other developers collected more data and worried less about the relationship with facebook. >> do you think there's researchers that got a treasure trove of data that you did and
7:48 am
that's still out there? >> forget researchers. tens of thousands of companies have collected this data. we're hearing numbers like 50 million, 87 million. probably every user or nearly every user has been collected many, many times by many companies and facebook has no accounting for where that data is today. >> alexander kogan, i know you're testifying before u.k.'s parliament this week. thank you for your time. really appreciate it. >> thank you, savannah. still ahead here, a changed man. two months after suffering a near-fatal heart attack, kevin smith joins us for an
7:49 am
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good monday morning, right now it's 7:56. we head the door to temperatures in the 50s around the bay area. here's a live look outside in san francisco, our highs today up to 72 degrees in san francisco and 81 in santa rosa and mostly mid to upper 7 o's for the inner bay and while the inland areas in the low to mid 80s, san jose 82 and 85 in antioch. we will be cooling off gradually and we keep the sunshine. the winds will be more breezy towards the end of the week and 58 degrees on sunday. 82 degrees today and 80 for tomorrow and then by the end of the week upper 60s on friday. now let's head over to mike for an update on the commute. >> the south bay show more traffic than last week and 101 and 86 show traffic back for
7:57 am
full service this morning. southbound 680 towards sunol. and then maybe another close to the dublin interchange. northbound 680 a little slowing but great towards the maze. no major surprises around the bay bridge as well and here's the peninsula. southbound 101 going away from us towards university and embarcadero. you can see jamming up around the lane shift and back to you. >> thank you very much. happening now teachers in san jose's evergreen school district are picketing. teachers are protesting the latest contract offer. the teachers will end the demonstration in time to still teach today. double check your flight before you head to the airport. southwest is canceling flights to inspect planes after the deadly engine failure in pennsylvania. the airline already canceled
7:58 am
flights today. of one south bay the concern some neighbors have. and - we go inside an effort to keep kids off their phones - while driving. the personal loss that spurred the local program )s founder - into action. today in the bay. 4:30 to 7.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's it's 8:00 on today. coming up, armed and dangerous. >> looks like there's a female saying there's a mail white and he has no clothing on and is shooting at the location. >> inside the intent search for the gunman who opened fire in a tennessee waffle house and killed four people. this morning meet the heroic man who risked his thrive stop the rampage. plus, it's a boy. kate middleton gives birth this morning to a happy, healthy baby, now fife new jersey line for the thrown. we're live in london with the latest. and defying the odds, he's
8:01 am
about to be drafted into the nfl with just one hand. >> i know what i can do and i know my expectations and i know my expectations for myself are high. >> how this star football player is make history and proving the naysayers wrong. >> you got this video, that means you're limited to certain things. i ain't limited to nothing. >> today monday, april 23rd, 2018. ♪ >> 50 is the new 25. >> it's our mother/daughter trip from minnesota. >> hi, grandma barb. >> we graduate in 30 days. >> but first we had to come meet savannah guthrie. >> these mississippi mamas are here. >> i'm alicia zblnd i'm ashley. >> we're here from texas to celebrate our high school gradation on today. whew! >> and good morning, everybody. welcome back to today on this monday morning.
8:02 am
we've got craig in for hoda this morning. we'll check in with hoda a little bit later on. what a nice crowd. >> that's a lively bunch out there. you know why? it's nice. >> spring is actually here. it feels like it. busy morning, let's get right to your news at 8:00. the search is intensifying for the gunman who killed four people at a tennessee waffle house on sunday. gabe gutierrez is in nashville with new information now about the suspect. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. police here say there were no credible sightings overnight of the suspected gun bhoon they say is armed and dangerous and clearly struggling with mental health issues. now, police say that suspect, 29-year-old travis reinking stormed into the waffle house behind me just after 3:00 a.m. on sunday wearing nothing but a green jacket and opened fire with an ar-15. he was no stranger to law enforcement. back in 2016, police were called to his illinois hometown to a park lot where he was threatening to kill himself. his parents said that he suffered from delusions that pop
8:03 am
star taylor swift was stalking him. last year the secret service arrested him for trespassing near the white house. in all in this shooting six people were shot, four of them killed. but police say it could have been much worse if not for the heroic actions of customer james shaw jr. he spoke out just a short time ago on today. >> i'm still got bumps and bruises. i woke up this morning, i found another scratch on my back. i'm all right, just a little sore. but i'd rather be sore than severely shot up. >> reporter: an incredible story that he risked his life to stop the gunman. now two people remain in the hospital, one of them in critical condition the 'the tennessee bureau of investigation has placed gunman on his ten most wanted list and is now offering a reward for information leefding to an arrest. savannah. >> gabe, thank you very much. the british royal family and its i'd mirers are celebrating a blessed event this morning. duchess kate middleton has given
8:04 am
birth to baby number three, a baby boy. >> buckingham palace will announce the birth of a newly born prince on this day in 2018. god save the queen. >> 36-year-old kate was admitted to a london hospital overnight in the early stages of labor. a few hours later, she and prince william welcomed an 8 pound 7 ounce heir. he's fife new jersey line to the british thrown in the a statement, the palace said william was present for the birth. the statement went on to say her royal hine necessary and her child are both doing well. queen, prince charles, and other members of the royal family are said to be delighted with the news. we're told that the baby's name will be announced in due time. other news closer to hem,
8:05 am
southwest airlines canceling about 40 of its 4,000 scheduled flights on sunday because of stepped-up emergency engine inspections. hundred of other flights were delayed. southwest began the inspections voluntarily last week after a passenger was killed after a mid-air engine explosion. on friday, the faa then ordered all airlines to check every engine like the one involved in tuesday's incident. the inspections focused on the type of fan blade that got snapped off. southwest says its been able to minimize flight disruptions by doing a lot of those inspections overnight and using spare aircraft. police in miami used a taser to subdue an airline passenger during a confrontation aboard an american airlines flight. the plane was still at the gate for a flight to chicago. police say a man called them to complain that another passenger kept touching his girlfriend. when officers arrived, they say that the suspect was combative, refused to obey orders and at one point reached for one of their weapons. he was finally tased by police
8:06 am
and arrested. that plane took off an hour behind schedule. you're up to date on the news, let's do the beast. >> she had a bizarre health scare recently and left her paralyzed from the waist down. after not being able to walk for 11 days, bailey, she made a full recovery. she decided to surprise her favorite nurse who had not heard the good news. >> oh my goodness, look at you. >> yes, thank you, lord. thank you. >> oh, that does my heart good. >> that's a surprise the the nurse screamed after bailey got up out of that wheelchair and walked over to her. they cried tears of joy. miracles happen every day. >> i could watch that 15 more times. that's really cool. much more ahead return concludesing -- >> i can't believer that the boy was -- >> this is crazy. the voices in my ears. the royal baby is here, it's a little boy and how he's going to change the royal family now.
8:07 am
>> 8 pounds, 7 ounce, but first his story could save your life. director kevin smith is here. just two months after surviving that so-called widow maker heart attack. his story right after this. half of science is about convincing the world that what you're working on matters. i want to be making the discoveries that help people live better lives. only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief. tylenol® your cat can't face the misery of biting fleas alone.
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8:11 am
well, this is a very busy and exciting time for the royals. the duke and duchess of cambridge at the hospital, where we told a few moments ago, they announced the arrival of a baby boy. >> it's so exciting. the palace says we'll learn his name in due course. but we can tell you the size. 8 pounds, 7 ounces, a good sized baby. the family is delighted. kelly cobiella is just outside st. mary's hospital in london. hi, kelly. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. hello. what news, huh? a little baby prince, a second prince for the couple. and now, all eyes are locked on that front door because you know what happens next. kate and william will come out, at some point, with their newborn, introducing another royal heir to the world. first, the birthday, now, a birth, and then, oh, yeah. there's a little wedding to plan. these days, the royal family is a busy family. >> i think to have a royal baby and a royal wedding happening at the same time is exciting for royal watchers.
8:12 am
>> reporter: with baby three now arriving for william and kate, it means more than figuring out which hand-me-downs to wear or prepping a car seat in the third row. it's a matter of who could take the throne. >> the royal family modernized the monarchy to make sure that girls can't be overtaking by boys. >> the newborn will be fifth in line, following prince charles, prince william, big brother george and princess charlotte, who retains her position. as for the other royal couple, prince harry and meghan markle, they haven't slowed down at all, their wedding now 26 days away. in case you lost your save the date, that's may 19th in st. georges chapel. at windsor castle. the couple stepping out for the invictus games, the site of their first official appearance together. markel, in addition to preparing for her new role as a royal aunt, is also planning to take
8:13 am
on a bigger role in the royal family. the former actress, who just got married on the small screen, named one of "time" magazine's 100 most influential people in 2018. her fellow actress writing -- meghan, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with harry, will be a princess for the people. >> meghan is putting a stamp on her own future role. she's spoken out about feminism. she already said she wants to tackle gay rights across the commonwealth. she's going to be an individual and a free spirit in her approach, which is refreshing. >> reporter: today, the focus is on william and kate and the newborn baby prince. we understand, we're hearing from british media, that someone has spotted the hairdresser leaving out the back door of the hospital. guys, you know what that means. it means we may see kate and william on the front steps. but seriously, i don't know if
8:14 am
there's enough hairspray today. >> it either means that or the baby had a lot of hair and needs some styling. >> good point. >> kelly, thank you for sharing the happy news. that's so fun. >> you were just over the pond. you got back a few hours ago. >> hoda and i were in london. we were shooting some stuff. that's windsor castle. we're getting ready for the royal wedding and our coverage. i was willing to stay and spend the weekend in london. but then i would miss the monday morning with you. hoda is in italy with the fourth hour. and kathie lee and her will do the fourth hour from italy. let's check in with mr. roker. hey there, al. >> i was in hackensack, new jersey, yesterday. it was fantastic. let's take a look and show you spring has sprung across the northeast and into the west, especially today. albuquerque, about -- i knew i should have made a left turn there. 81 degrees today, 8 degrees above average. portland, 12 degrees warmer than it should be. as you look to tomorrow, look at the pacific northwest and into parts of the west. we're going to see temperatures
8:15 am
10 to 15 degrees above average. things stay nice and warm. new york city, charlotte, cincinnati, little rock, minneapolis even going to be in the low 60s this week. looking good. that's what's goin that's what's going on aaron the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> we've got a lot of sunshine and it will be another warm day. our summer-like weather from the weekend continues. and we will see those highs for the inland areas reaching into the low to mid-80s. palo alto, 78 degrees. and 72 degrees in san francisco. in santa rosa today, we're looking at a high of 81. it will gradually cool off as the week goes along. san francisco, low 70s today. but some low 60s by the end of the week. and 80s today for the inland areas. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you so much. when comedian and director kevin smith revealed he had suffered a massive heart attack earlier this year, there was an outpouring of concern and support from all across the country. >> two months later, kevin is
8:16 am
with us for his first live interview to talk about the health scare that really changed his life. but first, what happened to him on that terrifying night. life. fir first, what happened to him on that terrifying night. kevin smith is on the mend after a massive heart attack nearly took his life two months ago. the filmmaker who shot to fame with his 1994 comedy, "clerks," was in the middle of taping a showtime special, >> you wore a jay and silent bob shirt to your own wedding. >> reporter: backstage, smith knew something was really wrong. after finishing his first show. >> i started feeling pressure on my chest. not like, there's an elephant on my chest. i couldn't catch my breath. >> reporter: he was rushed to the hospital. >> i had a heart attack. a massive heart attack and nearly died. >> reporter: the 47-year-old had suffered what is known as a widowmaker. >> they found the l.a.d. was 100% blocked. put a stent in, bam, here i am. crazy. dude literally saved my life. >> reporter: posting hours
8:17 am
later from his hospital bed, he said if i had not cancelled the second show to go to the hospital, the doc said i would have died tonight. since the surgery, smith is making some changes, starting with his health and diet. >> i am down 20 pounds. >> reporter: he's also enjoying family time, taking vacation with his wife and daughter. >> alive. after my heart attack. >> reporter: grateful to be here, kevin smith is now getting back to doing what he truly loves. >> i'm alive to stand here and tell you that i didn't die. now, on with the show. >> we're very happy you didn't die. kevin smith, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> two months ago, you're nearly dead. this morning, you look fantastic. >> i feel great. honestly, the heart attack was the best thing that ever happened to me. and it makes sense because i had 100% blockage in the l.a.d., the big artery, the widowmaker, once the doctor opened it up, this amazing guy who i just met that day, right, saved my life. went up my body, which sounds
8:18 am
dirtier than i meant it. but he goes through your groin to get through your femoral artery to get to your heart. so the dude went in there. they keep you awake while it's going on. they don't knock you out. i was talking the whole operation. he told me later, you're very chatty. [ laughter ] you wanted to know everything. you were singing a song, degrassy. i was singing the theme song to "degrassy." because it's very hopeful. ♪ whatever it takes, i know i can make it through ♪ they keep you awake. i was terrified the whole time. the other thing i kept talking about, i was afraid of dying. that's my biggest fear ever. but it happened almost. but i was okay. i lived through it. my second-biggest fear was anyone seeing me naked. and in the hospital, your chances of dying and being seen naked go up huge. i was terrified of that in the operating room. they kept me awake. the doctor said, i'm going to open the stent and you tell me if you feel better. and the moment he did, i felt instantly better. and it made sense. none of the blood was going through.
8:19 am
who knows how long. years. 100% blockage for years. i wasn't getting 100% oxygen. now, i feel great, man. it was fantastic. >> did you have any idea that you might have heart problems? >> i didn't. but i'll tell you right now that's because i'm stupid. in the hospital, the doctor goes, i'm going to put a stent in you, when he told you. i didn't know until i was in the operating room that i had a heart attack. he said, you had a massive heart attack. i'm like, nobody told me. what's your pain threshold, on a scale of one to ten. i said negative three. he said, are you high? yeah, i got blazed before my show. maybe that's why i feel no pain. he said, you're on fentanyl, he told me while it was going on. i didn't feel like i was having a heart attack. i didn't recognize that it was happening. but as they went up and opened up that vein, suddenly, i breathed and felt a world better. did i answer your question? some weight. 50 pounds so far?
8:20 am
>> no, i wish. my g.p. afterwards, i saw her. she was like, it's been a long time. i saw you last year for the checkup. she said, that was three years ago. that's why i wound up on an operating table. i filled her in on what happened. she said, you have to lose 50 poun pounds. that will make all of this easier. going plant-based might be easier. i lost 15 pounds. i have 18 to go. i'm going to keep going. this is the weight i was when i met my wife. so, this is a good weight to be at and stuff. >> how are you doing it? >> i scored big-time. how am i doing it? >> what's working for you? >> what worked for me instantly after the heart attack was i read penn gillette's book, where he talked about losing 100 pounds. and he did this just sides. it was an all-potato diet. all you do is eat potatoes.
8:21 am
i have gone plant-based. but i've never been a vegetable person. what i did was, i joined weight watchers. and they made me an ambassador. so, it's me, oprah, and d.j. khaled. i'm in pretty good company. we're trying to lose weight and stuff. i don't know what they're up to. so, i got another 18 pounds to go for the doctor goal. i'm going to try to lose 25 more pounds on the program. and so far, it's good. >> you seem awesome. your spirit is like intact and then some. >> i'm a wake and baker. i'm feeling fantastic. >> i can see that you are. >> i've been up since 5:00 a.m. and i'm ready to embrace the day. >> oh, kevin smith. >> can i give a shoutout real quick. my kid has a movie at tribeca. >> your daughter. >> this is the first movie she's done without me. that's the most important thing. she was in a movie called "all
8:22 am
these small moments." and we get to see it tomorrow, at the tribeca film festival. >> that's got to be cool. >> what's her name? >> harley quinn smith. and this rocked my world. she co-stars with molly ringwald. as a big john hughes kid, i was like, how did you work with ringwald before me. >> congrats on everything. >> thank you. >> "silent but deadly" airs may 11th on showtime. we'll switch gears now. now, to a prom photo that has people debating was this a harmless joke or over the line? dylan is in the orange room. >> there's a controversial photo by former nfl kicker jay feely, that is making headlines after being shared over the weekend. wishing my beautiful daughter and her date a great time at prom. #badboys. you can see him holding a gun next to her prom date. some social media users felt the
8:23 am
photo was inappropriate. tracy tweeting, when did guns become a vehicle for twisted humor. lori says, this is how people get accidentally shot. i work in pediatric rehab. it's not a joke. others did see the mhumor in th joke. he's joking around and the kid is not scared. and mike says, this isn't anything to blow out of proportion. we asked you on twitter, what do you think of this photo? and the results are in. 56% say it's all in good fun. 44% say it's in poor taste. after the photo went viral, feely tweeted out, the prom picture i posted was obviously intended to be a joke. the gun was not loaded and had no clip in and it i did not intend to be incensensitive to t important issue. while feely does insist the photo was in jest, it comes during this time at heightened push for gun reform. people are all over for how they
8:24 am
feel about it. >> dylan, you're going to do "pop start" for carson next. that's what carson does. speaking of carson, "the voice." carson is in l.a., hosting tonight's top 12 live show. and while you think he gets a chauffeured limo ride to work, he car pools with blake shelton, kelly clarkson, alicia keys and adam levine. >> here we go. here's some people in line. hi. how are you, guys? thanks for coming to the show tonight. don't you love the live shows? >> i love the live shows. >> we're live. >> we're live? >> it's the live playoffs, the biggest in "voice" history. 24 songs in 2 hours. ♪ got it going on got it going on ♪ ♪ it feels so good to be us >> i feel like we might have punched america in the face with songs. >> with greatness. >> with great songs. it's hard to have a moment. you're so nasty. i don't know how adam ended up with a supermodel.
8:25 am
>> she must have cataracts. she's the most successful blind supermodel ever. >> kelly? >> yes. >> you're going to host the billboard music awards? >> i am. >> the billboard music awards, hosted by "the voice's" kelly clarkson. >> i'm really nervous. that's adam's way of saying he wants to co-host with me. that's what that meant, right? >> i don't do that, as long as i live. >> even if my team is incredible, they are so individual. i love watching them perform. ♪ she's some kind of wonderful >> you think he looks more like tom brady or matt damon? >> matt damon. he looks like a baby jason bourne. >> baby bourne. that's good. >> alecicia keys, kelly clarkso and blake shelton. >> that's the way to get to work. you can watch tonight's top 12 live show at 8:00 p.m., here on nbc. >> dylan, thank you. straight ahead, the inspiring story of the football star who won't let what he
8:26 am
doesn't have stop him from living out his dream. we'll get to that story in a moment. first, your local news. i )m - happening today in oakland: good morning. it's 8:26. i'm marcus washington. happening today in oakland, people calling for stricter rent control, holding a rally. that group, the alliance of californians, say they've collected more than 500,000 signatures. this is to take the issue straight to voters in november. they want to repeal a decades old state law known as costa hawkins. it stops cities from putting rent caps on properties built after 1955 or homes and condos. not everyone is backing the plan. the group california for responsible housing say repealing the law can make things worse by halting construction of new homes. right now, trafficwise for you in oakland. >> right, marcus, a look at 880 northbound slowing down past the coliseum, heading up into
8:27 am
downtown. there's a little haze in the air. visibility is not a problem. we can see the slowing as you head up for your commute. the east shore freeway shows relief. the backup at the bay bridge clearing from the left lanes. still slow, 880 down towards the dumbarton bridge. that's the commute heading over to the park, palo alto, west 84 is the slower of the drive compared to 92. the south bay, northbound routes continue their push through san jose. that's been a tougher drive than we've seen last couple of weeks. >> thanks, we'll have another local update in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ ♪ 8:30, now. and it is a monday morning. and it's a bright and sunny one out here on our plaza. we're so happy. it is a nice day, nice weather. and best of all, just an awesome crowd. >> man, this is nice weather. it's like spring is actually here. >> it finally happened. >> we'll get a forecast from mr. roker coming up. a star in the making. we can't wait to introduce you to shaq griffin. he's a remarkable young athlete.
8:31 am
he is defying the odds. i spent time with him recently. he is about to take the nfl by storm. plus, in this day and age, why are so many of us lonelier than ever. we're diving into what's become an epidemic and offering you simple solutions. but first, we want to take a moment to celebrate some future leaders. these young ladies right next to us are being awarded the new york women in communication scholarship at today's matrix awards. savannah was honored last year. and this year, you're going to be emceeing the event. >> that's right. this is one of my favorite events all year long. we're so excited. we have jackie kelly here. she is the head of the organization. and lexie white, who is a scholarship winner. good morning. how are you guys doing? snuggle up with us. we have all of these great scholarship winners. it's inspiring when we see women at the top of their game and these scholarship winners. what does the event mean to you? >> the event is important because we recognize this is the future of our industry. we want to support them through
8:32 am
scholarships in their education, which we've done to the tune of $1.6 million since 2000. we want to support them with mentorship and growth so they can thrive in the industry when they enter it. >> lexie, what does this scholarship mean to you. from what i've read, you're a mover and a shaker and you're only a junior in college. >> the scholarship means everything to me. being a scholarship recipient last year, i had an opportunity to raise voices in my community, be politically involved and really project my career forward. just having the support of so many women behind you, like means everything. it propels your career forward. >> it is an inspiring event. all of you guys inspire us. congratulations on your scholarships. we'll see you later today. jackie, thank you. lexie, thank you so much. and now, al, let's get a check of the weather. >> okay. >> "today's weather" is brought to you by dove. cleanse with dove beauty bar for to reveal beautiful, radiant
8:33 am
skin for your springtime glow. >> let's look at the week ahead and see what we have for you, starting off with today. soaking rains in the southeast, mountain snows out west. beautiful weather in the northeast. sunny to the southwest. along the west coast. get into the midsection of the country, rain returns to the east. more wet weather through the lower gulf. record highs out west, especially in the pacific northwest. and it cools down there with the coast, a few showers. the warmth continues in the rockies. and we look for wet weather hanging around the mid-atlantic and the northeast coast. that's what's going on around the country. he that i what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have beautiful weather around the bay area. a live look outside in san jose. shows all the sunshine that we're seeing now. we'll continue to see throughout the day. it will still feel like summer for the inland areas, into the 80s in san jose, 74 in concord and 70 in oakland. san francisco, 72. it will be cooling down as the week goes along with the stronger onshore flow bringing
8:34 am
in those cool ocean breezes by the end of this workweek. >> and that's your latest weather. back inside. >> all right, al. thank you so much. megyn's here with a look at a new frontier in fertility. ovarian tissue transplants. this sounds interesting. >> that's right. we haven't heard of these before. >> when you're fighting cancer, women know they need to preserve their futility for the future. for one woman, amy tucker, a new experimental treatment was worth a gamble. >> my mom inspired me to be a nurse. >> reporter: amy tucker began nursing school in 1997. just one year into her studies, in a devastating twist of fate, she became the patient. a biopsy revealed she had hodgkin's lymphoma, a potentially fatal disease. >> and i remember that weekend just crying, why me? why now? >> reporter: amy endured six months of chemotherapy, went into remission and resumed a full load of classes. >> i was like, life is good.
8:35 am
and then, two months later, when i went in for a checkup, there was a spot again. >> reporter: at just 20 years old, she was once more fighting for her life. doctors told her this new round of chemo would likely make her sterile. right before the treatments began, a nurse told her about a procedure that could preserve her ovarian tissue. >> she did say it was experimental. it's worked in sheep and rats. we don't know if it works in human. so i looked at my parents. that's what i should do if we want to have a family. we made a quick decision to have it removed. >> and amy is now the proud mother of not one but four children, all born thanks to this amazing ovarian tissue transplant. >> we heard you freeze your eggs or you freeze your embryos. but this is freezing the ovary? >> she got the cancer diagnosis. they left one ovary in. they took the other ovary out.
8:36 am
they slice it and freeze it. then when you want to get pregnant, picture a hard boiled egg sliced up, they take one slice of it, they put it back on the old o vary that was in your body while you were fighting the cancer, merge it, meld it and that overry that's trying to fire that back up so you can get pregnant naturally, if you will, without ivf. >> that's incredible. >> the guy that pioneered the procedure will be on the show today. along with amy. he's going to be telling us why this may be more safe than freezing your eggs. may be more safe. >> megyn kelly, 9:00. that's fascinating. >> he needs a nobel peace prize. that's incredible. >> he is amazing. he began as the first guy that reversed a vasectomy. i'm just saying, he's done a lot of good for the babies. now, he's helping the ladies. >> that sounds like a good story, too. if you have time. we'll see you at 9:00, megyn. thank you. >> see ya. just ahead, do you have a lot of friends but feel disconnected? over the next few days, we're going to tackle an epidemic, loneliness and tell you what you can do about it.
8:37 am
this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
♪ we are back with a new series we're calling "together today." we are excited about this. we wanted to take a hard look that something that some experts say is a public health epidemic, loneliness. >> so few people talk about it. but at some point in our lives everybody feels it. the latist research shows the health risk of loneliness may be greater than we realize. nbc national correspondent kate snow is looking into it. kate, i'm so glad you're doing this. >> i am, too. already on twitter, people are saying, good. let's talk about this. humans, by nature, we're social creatures. and with social media, sometimes it feels like we're more connected than ever. but are we really? more than ever, a lot of americans say they're socially isolated. that not only leads to emotional stress. loneliness can actually be life-threatening.
8:40 am
it's been said no man is an island. but we all felt like castaways from time-to-time. for jessica olean, it happened a few years ago. she moved from new york to portland, oregon, thinking it would improve her life and writing career. >> i had this image of myself with a bigger place, maybe seeming more successful. >> reporter: those things happened. but she didn't feel any better. >> i felt dead inside. i felt emotionally disconnected. and i think that's when i started realizing that i was feeling really lonely. >> reporter: she had acquaintances, went on dates and had plenty of friends on facebook. but she was waking up, worried that she had no deep connections to anyone around her. you're surrounded by people and you feel lonely. >> yeah. >> reporter: i think people don't expect. i think people think of loneliness as, you know, a hermit in a cave who never comes out. >> a lot of people probably are lonely and don't acknowledge it. >> reporter: jessica's
8:41 am
experience is not unique. and researchers are taking notice. some say america is in the grips of a loneliness epidemic. the effects go beyond emotional distress. they can lead to serious health problems. >> feeling lonely can heighten the sense of perception of our environment, as threatening. these physiological or biological responses that are preparing us for threat are much like a stress response. and this can put us at increased risk for a variety of physical illnesses. >> reporter: dr. julian holt lunnstat says social disconnection can be deadlier than smoking 15 cigarettes a day, after studying the effects of loneliness. >> loneliness carries a stronger risk than the risk associated with obesity, physical inactivity and air pollution. >> reporter: why the surge in solitude? researchers site a perfect storm of factors, fewer people getting married. more of us living alone, people
8:42 am
working from home and, yes, the internet and social media are definitely factors. dr. brian primack wanted to do a study about how social media was making us more connected. he was stunned by what he found. >> for every level of increase in social media use, there was an increase in loneliness. >> reporter: people who go to social media looking to feel better about themselves, dr. primack says, often see friends and acquaintances living highly edited lives. >> people that use more social media might start to get the impression that everybody else is close to each other. everybody else has more friends than i have, has a more successful life than i have. >> reporter: dr. primack says we feel any negative feedback we get online much more strongly than compliments. after eight months of feeling lost in portland, jessica wrote an article for slate, talking
8:43 am
openly about her loneliness. strangers still write to her for advice. she tells them, the best thing she did was to admit out loud what was wrong. >> being vulnerable to other people and telling them about your experiences is huge. >> reporter: you found opening up about yourself helped you make connections. >> oh, yes. it's the whole thing, isn't it? >> reporter: she moved back to new york. and five years later, she's a children's book author and illustrator. >> my creativity has been the biggest blessing. and that also allowed me to be more open to other people, which has helped me be less lonely. >> reporter: what's life like right now for you? >> i'm working on a new book. i have my book coming out right now. moving in with my partner. >> reporter: life is good. >> life is good. >> reporter: jessica is the perfect example of something else the experts say, is being creative. and sharing that creative work with others can form more
8:44 am
substantial connections, whether it's writing or art or music. guys, we're going to look at more solutions tomorrow in part two. >> it's so good to talk about it. she's a good example because you can be with people and still be lonely. >> be enormously lonely. exactly. and i think tomorrow is going to be interesting and tonight i know we're going to work on this ourselves, right? >> yes, we are. >> trying to come together and form some better connections. i'm guilty, i'm sure you are, too. i don't have time to get a glass of wine. i don't have time to go out for coffee. i don't have time to connect with my friends. >> just as you mentioned, we do want to be part of the solution. we're going to try this, too. we want everybody to join us at home, too. we're going to call this the "the together today" challenge. over the next 24 hours, we want you to really think about this. spend some time with a friend, a family member, go out to coffee, cook dinner. visit a museum. enjoy each other's company. that's the thing. be present to one another. >> yes. >> and send us your photos, okay? that means you can bring your phone and take a picture. but then, go back to talking to each other. >> put the phone away. #togethertoday.
8:45 am
we'll share some of them. we'll send some of ours, too. kate, thank you so much. >> "together today." we're inviting you to spend some quality time with us, as well. come down to the plaza tomorrow. bring a friend. the more the merrier. together we're going to have a fun morning. we got some surprises in store, as well. >> kate, thank you. coming up next, the one-handed football star. he is on the verge of making nfl history. why he says he's far more than a feel-good story. you want to watch this one. first, this is "today" on nbc. to move california forward,
8:46 am
we need to help more californians get ahead. that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools... and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa.
8:47 am
a governor for all of california. ♪ welcome back. this is a big week for fans of the nfl, with one of the most anticipated drafts and it starts thursday night. >> yeah, it does. one of the young athletes getting a lot of attention, >> shaq griffin has all of the tools to be a star. but it's what he doesn't have that is setting him apart.
8:48 am
to become a pro football player, you need a few things. size, strength, speed and until now, two hands. >> i know what i can do. and i know my expectations. i know my expectations for myself are high. >> reporter: when the nfl draft kicks off next week, shaquem griffin will make history. he is set to become the first player in league history with just one. >> i would never thought that when i was younger i'd be at this point now. i'm glad i made it here. >> reporter: why didn't you think you would be here? >> i mean, because i knew no matter how good i did, no matter everything that i pushed for, there's always going to be some type of doubt. some people want to put limitations on what i can do. and i knew that because it happened in little league, it happened in high school, it happened in college. and i knew every step of my life, every phase of my life there's going to be doubt on what this guy can do. i've done pretty well. >> reporter: as an infant, shaquem's left hand never properly developed.
8:49 am
>> it was sensitive to touch. obviously, we're aggressive kids. i always used to bump it or i would get a cut on it and it was extreme pain. >> reporter: at 4 years old, his parents had it amputated. that did not diminish his love for football. and his twin brother, shaquille, never let him use it as an excuse. his brother is already a nfl standout a cornerback for the seattle seahawks. did you treat him differently? when you were little. >> no. i had no reason to. i didn't see a brother with one hand. i saw shaquem griffin, my brother. >> didn't he have an advantage because he had two hands? >> he can think that, until the competition starts. >> reporter: how does one learn how to catch with one hand? >> you get hit in the face a few times before you actually learn. it was a long time coming, but i did figure out a way. >> reporter: the griffin brothers took their sibling rivalry to the university of central florida, where shaquem continued to defy the odds. becoming defensive player of the year for his conference.
8:50 am
>> how proud of your brother are you? >> extremely proud. it's hard to put it into words. no one really understands what he's been through. and i've been there every step of the way. so, to see what he's been through and how he overcomes everything, he is a huge inspiration to me. >> reporter: this performance inspired many. >> go to work. >> reporter: at the nfl combine, an audition for the pros, he ran the fastest sprint of any linebacker in history. your 40 time was the fastest of a linebacker since -- >> the combine being recorded. >> reporter: want to make sure you knew. >> pretty fast. >> reporter: did you know going in that you were capable of that? >> i knew it. he didn't believe it. but i knew it. i knew i would run a 4.3. i told him. yeah, he's bigger. you're going to run a 4.4. that's how he said it. you're a 4.4 guy. you're kind of big. >> reporter: do you think growing up without your left hand made you a better football player than you would have been? >> yeah, it's kind of funny.
8:51 am
my brother said that before, too. i don't know. if you had two hands, you would be lazy. >> reporter: do you consider it a disability? a handicap? >> no. i don't know words like that. if you a disability or a handicap, you're limited to certain things. i can do anything that anybody else can do. >> reporter: are you sick of people talking about the one-handed football player? >> it gets tiring. that's what i'm here for. but i'm going to put that to rest. i'm not going to stop until i do. one day i'm going to be called shaquem griffin, the football player, not the one-handed wonder. just shaquem griffin the football player. >> no doubt in my mind, it will happen. he'll be drafted on thursday. just one of the story lines to watch in the draft. our friends at the nfl network will have it covered all week long. when he was little, his father had this setup in the garage. he jerry rigged a weight bench and other stuff, that's really how he was able to learn how to lift weights and do a lot of the other stuff that made him so strong and so fast. >> such a great sense of confidence. >> i love how he says, don't
8:52 am
call me the one-handed wonder. and call me by my name and remember my name. >> and seeing him and his brother interact, it was like me and my brothers. >> i love it. >> good luck, shaquem. >> only, they can play football. >> wow. >> i mean, just saying. >> yeah. >> just saying. >> i could have three hands and not be able to do that. >> love you. coming up, we're not jealous or anything, but kathie lee and hoda are in florence. hi, ladies. but first this is "today" on nbc. sorry.
8:53 am
8:54 am
we could not leave you without checking in with hoda. she and kathie lee are in florence, italy. good morning. >> can you stand it? seriously. can you stand it? >> no. >> you guys look fantastic. >> this looks fake. this looks phony. this is, like, the real deal.
8:55 am
>> this is not a backdrop. this is not a tapestry. this is the real deal. we're just outside of florence. we're about to do our first show, today, live. and we're excited. people here have been amazing. >> you know what? the big difference we were noticing when we got here is everything is nice and slow. >> serenity. >> yes. the meals are slow. >> you get your table for the night. >> you start at 8:00 and you eat until midnight. >> and you drink a little, too. >> by the way, one of the best things we've learned, there's zero hangover with the wine here. it is awesome. >> it looks so clear. >> i thought were a second that was water in your glasses. no, e's kathie lee and hoda. >> that drone shot, too. that's fantastic. >> it's beautiful. florence suits you. >> in italy, they call it a
8:56 am
drone. >> we have one thing to say. you ready? >> how do we do it day after day? >> how do you? how do you? >> the cheers sounds better. >> the glass clinking sounds good. >> we'll see you in an hour. have ai )m - -... first - royal baby news: it )s a >> good morning, it's 8:56, i'm marcus washington. first, royal baby news. it is a boy. now, if you haven't heard already, duchess kate gave birth this morning. the palace did post the official announcement outside of buckingham palace as you see right there. the little guy weighs 8 pounds, 7 ounces. we don't have a name just yet. happening now, people in oakland
8:57 am
are getting ready to join demonstrations across the state. this is part of a push for stricter rent control statewide. demonstrators want to repeal a more than 20 year old control law that bans cities from putting a cap on rent prices for anything built after 1995. and douk double-check your flight before you head to the airport because southwest airline is canceling flights to inspect planes after last week's deadly engine failure in pennsylvania. the airline also already canceled 91 flights today. and at least one at oakland international. on right now, read why californian wine industry could be one of the biggest losers in president trump's trade war in china. more news at 11:00. you could generate your own energy,
8:58 am
at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. the concern some neighbors have. and - we go inside an effort to keep kids off their phones - while driving. the personal loss that spurred the local program )s founder - into action. today in the bay. 4:30 to 7.
8:59 am
9:00 am
[ applause ] good morning, everyone. welcome. welcome to the show. i'm megyn kelly. and we begin with breaking baby news. duchess kate has given birth to her third child, a baby boy. we want to get right to it with nbc's kelly cobiella, who is outside of st. mary's hospital in london. kelly, what do we know? >> reporter: well, we know that the baby was born about three hours ago now, at 11:01 london time on this very windy london day. a healthy baby boy, weighing 8 pounds, 7 ounces. he is fifth in line to the throne. so, uncle harry moves to the sixth place. and we fully expect that we will see him at some point today. what has become a


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