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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 26, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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the new cholula buttery jack. part of the buttery jack family. only at jack in the box. so hang on, friday is nearly here. welcome to thursday morning. almost to the weekend. we're all just hanging on. at least we get a beautiful vista as we look outside by the bay san francisco. good morning to you and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we'll get to traffic in a moment. right now we turn to meteorologist kari hall with the weather. >> it will be a little cooler today but we begin with the clouds again this morning. a nice start. not as cool as temperatures in the 50s as we take a live look outside in san jose. mostly cloudy as we go to santa teresa, cloud mixture. nothing but bright sunshine in the afternoon. it will reach into the mid-60s.
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day planner in oakland, 50s with clouds to start. at 4:00, 61 degrees. maybe a light jacket. mike, you're starting out with a look in sunnyvale. >> that's right. we do have an issue couple of lanes southbound 101, fair oaks. an earlier crash looks like it might have caused a little debris in the area. in oakland 580e westbound a crash there maybe blocking or slowing. a crew is there. no major injuries at the scene but watch for flashing light. some debris cleared off the split with highway 13. a look at the tri-valley dublin moves slowly, slowing out of altamont and construction crews should be clearing. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:31. a break in a decades old cold case. this morning our coverage continues on capture of golden state killer. joseph deangelo accused of
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dozens of murders right here in the bay area. they date back to 1970 and 1980. there's a lot of questions about what led investigators to 72-year-old police officer. >> shows how dna evidence connected the dots. >> sources telling nbc bay area joseph deangelo was working for big rig mechanic in roseville for decades before retiring recently. >> he's a monster. >> linking jennifer carol's mom and stepmom's murder to deangelo. her reaction complicated. >> i've been all over. i was taking a shower and burst out crying. i wasn't sure where it came from but it hit me hard. >> more than 40 years and law enforcement agencies across the state believe they have caught the so-called golden state killer who was accused of raping 45 women and killing 12 people.
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he was arrested tuesday afternoon at his citrus heights home. >> he would wake them up and he had a ski mask on. he would talk through clemplged teeth. he would tell them don't move or i will kill you. >> agents working for years say deangelo would threaten to kill rape victims husbands. they say dna evidence is linking the 72-year-old to the crime. >> it's exciting. it's why we do the work we do. >> a dna criminalist in alameda county, she didn't work on the deangelo case but explains to us how far this technology has come. >> back in the 70s, dna testing hadn't even been used in the forensic field. the evidence has been stored properly, we can get dna from evidence that has been stored many, many years, 50 years, 100 years. >> that's important, according to alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley.
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>> if the identification is made through dna that we could file charges within one year of that identification, which essentially meant we had unlimited st unlimited statute of limitations. coming up "today in the bay," more about the man who police say is that golden state killer. >> 4:34 and happening today. heavy equipment will roll into concord. it will bring down whatever is left of that building dputed gu the fire. the apartment building under construction nearly burned to the ground. see the pictures there. as you see right now on "today in the bay," we did this as breaking news as pit happened on tuesday morning and late last night. it was still smoldering. firefighters were still putting out the hot spots. people living in a construction site waiting to go back home. this after evacuating during the fire. >> to a lawsuit we've been telling you about. closing arguments in the case
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challenging santa clara city's voting system. asian americans who filed the lawsuit say the citywide system discriminates against their community. they claim voting by districts at large would result in more diversity council. we did some digging overpass. the 2010 census shows 45% of santa clara's population is white, the largest group. asian americans are second with 38%. currently all city councilmembers are white. since 1951 when santa clara officially became a city, not a single asian-american has been elected to the council. in june voters will consider whether to break up the city into two districts. several bay area cities including san jose are already doing that. happening today at town hall four candidates hoping to be the next mayor of san francisco. jane kim, mark leno, angela al iot o and london brees will be there hosted by fund for seniors
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and disabilities. happening at the theater on vanes. one month away from trains rolling into antioch. this could have a major effect on your commute and change your routine. the ten-mile extension at two new stations, this is the pittsburg station on railroad avenue right above highway 4. now i want to show you the antioch station. this new b.a.r.t. station has more than 1,000 parking spaces. b.a.r.t. will use different type of train on the extensions. those will run on diesel. you can see here on the animation. the extension may 26th. the sharks right now are in vegas, baby, but not for fun and games. >> more like game one. second round playoff against vegas golden nights. sharks in vegas with the opening series. they have been pretty red hot all year long.
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game one at 7:00 tonight, game two saturday at 5:00 right here on nbc pay arbay area. taking a look outside where game three and four will happen. it will take place next monday and wednesday. so we've got to get your teal tie ready. >> mine is ready. so coming up here on "today in the bay," a change coming to snapchat. when and where users can expect to see new ads. plus get ready to pay. how much more? find out after the break.
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good morning, live at cnbc global headquarters. herer today's top business headlines. wall street said to start higher. dow ending slightly higher as boeing's positive earnings helped to offset worries about bond yields and interest rates. the nasdaq extended its losing streak to five days. look for data this morning on unemployment and durable goods. today is also the busiest day of earning season with names like gm, pepsico, microsoft, starbucks all set to report. dow rising to 2403, nasdaq slipping three points to 003. watch shares of facebook today. they are surging in premarket trading as the company's quarterly earnings blue past wall street's estimates despite facing the biggest crisis in its history. the data privacy scandal in mid march and prompted people to delete the app. they added 0 million users in
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the first quarter and has 1.5 billion active users each day. snapchat wants to test your patience. reports say the messaging app will start running six second ads that can't be skipped. it will appear on some shows but not stories or news section. commercials expected to be high-quality ads from commercial brands. the move is recordedly an attempt to again rate revenue and see how much ads it will tolerate. >> keep pushing it. >> thanks, meg. starting next year, you're going to need to pack more cash along with snacks when heading to muir woods. north bay national monument hiking fees. january 1st the entrance fee going up $15. annual parking pass $45. coming up on "today in the bay," complete forecast. kari tracking changes.
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people in the studio have been sneezing. >> that's me. absolutely. i sound all congested. whatever i'm allergic to has ploomd. -- bloomed. upper 60s today, not bad, we'll be getting outside and still sneezing. we'll take a look at our weekend forecast coming up next. >> fewer cars than pollen right now over in palo alto, kari. my goodness, keep that kleenex close and we'll show you the commute. we have a back-up to show you. we'll show you bridges coming up. live pictures of highway 101
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palo alto -- -- welcome back. the time 4:45. you're watching "today in the bay" thursday or friday eve. live pictures of 101 and palo alto. not too many clouds on the road. hey, people on the go. a few miles north of highway 101, san carlos airport. there today something really special going on. free flights for senior veterans. pretty cool. aviation dream foundation. those vets will fly in a 1940s boeing stearman biplane, the same plane used to train military pilots in that era. the planes were also used in world war ii. >> that's cool. >> kind of going back in time and celebrating. >> i don't know if that's great. >> no, no, no. >> looks like a private jet. >> that was just the airport where it happened.
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>> they have some great flying weather, too, even though we have clouds to start during the morning, we will be clearing out today. here is a live look outside this morning. as you get ready to head out, it is all nice and dry. it's 55 degrees. so not too cool. we're heading up to 70 degrees today. for the afternoon it will be sunny and also very comfortable. as we head spot weekend, more clouds move in with some spotty rain mostly in the north bay. let's get through that morning commute if you're driving in or around concord. we will have temperatures at 51 degrees through 6:00. low 50s through about 8:00. also some clouds. then we will get some all clear skies. you'll need sunglasses the rest of the day. it will be low 60s by noon. temperatures in south bay. 71 san jose, 60 in oak, so you'll notice it will be cooler today, 72 in pleasanton and some low 50s for half moon bay. 63 degrees in san mateo, 59 in
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the mission district today and 68 in sonoma and novato. getting dressed this morning you do need a jacket. good day for nice, warm jacket and pants. you'll probably keep that on all day long. it's not a day where you have to shed some of the layers. as we look at the satellite radar, we have this area of low pressure spinning out in the pacific. this will give us quite unsettled weather as we go into the weekend. especially for the north bay we will have a chance of showers. we're looking at all clear skies today. more clouds moving in tomorrow. we see a little bit of green around ukiah, north of sonoma county. there will be still on saturday a few of those spotty showers moving through especially through the morning but clearing out during the afternoon. as we look at our inland seven-day forecast, today 73 for tomorrow. that slight chance of rain in the north bay as well as saturday. then on sunday mostly clear, 66
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and gradual warm-up for next week. san francisco stays in the 50s over the next several days and low 60s through next wednesday. mike, you're closely tracking bridges. >> bay bridge, earlier fender-bender before we started with the newscast. everything cleared off. lanes on the right. we have cash lanes on either side of cash lanes still slow as they have yet to open. over the next 10, 15. should track quickly. we'll track that see if anything unusual there. i have the wrong feed, this is where i'm celebrating warriors. san mateo bridge, trust me i had live camera over there, speed sensors without any problems. i'm tracking that, disabled vehicle reported and one lane blocked over high-rise with construction work as well. no slowing there. coming out of the south county, we don't have a problem out of morganville, great for highway
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101, speeds to and from. back to you. >> thank you, mike. even though marijuana is now legal here in california, we found many growers are still selling it on the black market. >> investigative reporter liz wagner went to the epicenter of cannabis country to find out why so many risking fines or jail time rather than going legit. >> here in humboldt county there are about 15,000 pot farms but so far only a fraction of growers have applied permits to grow legally. some don't want to. others say they just can't. this longtime grower says its too expensive. it can cost half a million dollars in some cases to bring a pot farm up to code. he's still growing, but he's doing it on the black market without permits or permission of any government. >> 90% of the people that voted for this bill as growers are 90% shut out of the market. all of them are still growing in humboldt county.
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so they are all illicit. >> coming up tonight at 11:00, we break down how many pot growers across california are legit. we investigate why california's pot market continues to thrive in this era of legalization. >> if you have a tip for the investigative unit give them take call. the number is on the screen,. today ground breaking on new affordable housing in the north bay, something we haven't seen there since the devastating last year. 50 new homes built in south napa right next to the home depot. a look at what the complex will look like. see the renderings here. construction should be finished in 2019. you know beyonce mass at saint cathedral church drew hundreds last night. if you couldn't go, we have you covered. >> i bet they enjoyed singing
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her music, too. beyonce music with prayer and preaching. yolanda norton developed the service to shine a light on the achievements of black women. >> to put in front of as many people as possible the issue black women's face and the gifts we bring to society. >> for black women, an incredible, powerful message. >> many fans told us it was a wonderful opportunity for them to celebrate beyonce and each other in a beautiful space. >> the church and the word. >> 4:51 right nows come back because we've got more for you, nbc bay area responds. a special delivery for mom that isn't at all what a loving daughter expected and paid for. i'm consumer investigator chris chmu chmura. nbc bay area responds. first happening now. good news for president george
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h.w. bush and his family. there are reports he'll be released from the hospital friday. the 41st president was not taken to the hospital sunday. he contracted an infection that spread to his blood. russian officials say u.s.-led airstrike on syria missed most of their targets. only about 20% of the missiles hit their designated targets. they claim most were destroyed by anti-missile systems. a lot more news after this break. stick around. you could generate your own energy,
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at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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a very good thursday morning to you as we take a live look outside, san mateo bridge, people up and at 'em this
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morning. mike inouye keeping track of our morning drive. >> nbc bay area responds, a san jose woman whose valentine's day was off the mark. >> we helped remedy what was called a dud delivery. >> good morning. jennifer wanted to do something nice for her mom on valentine's day, so she ordered an arrangement from teleflora for delivery. the one you see right there. this is the one her mom actually received. remember, this is what she ordered, and this is what she received. jennifer, said, yeah, those are not the right bouquets. you can see blooms were drooping. she complained to teleflora and they offered a partial refund. she called us and we called teleflora. the company refunded her entire $70 purchase and even threw in a free replacement bouquet.
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they told us, "we are committed to exceptional service. we greatly apologize that we fell short and we hope mrs. nisich will give us another chance to make things right. you can avoid floral flops by ordering early to begin with, especially for big events like valentine's day and mother's day. arrange for delivery as early as possible. look for flowers in a vase instead of a basket. they might last longer. call us any time with your consumer complaints 888-996-tips or visit >> thanks a lot, chris. >> it's always hard to say good-bye, especially in a place where everyone knows your name. it was last call at a well-known bar in the south pay last night. >> that's right. boulevard tavern in los gatos shutting down after 80 years. it's really close to good samaritan hospital. you can't miss it. it's on the right as you dprif by.
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developers plan to build hundreds of homes and commercial space in that spot. told you about the growth in that area. the final night was emotional for the owner. >> i never imagined that it could be what it has become, to have -- i'm not the owner, i'm the care taker of the people. i open my doors and welcome everybody. >> he also says he understands change happens. >> they don't have the bar they do have -- >> there you go. >> coming up here on "today in the bay," a look at a cooler forecast. >> it is cool as you head out this morning. a live look outside in san jose. let's go down the road to sunnyvale, rather, where it will be cloudy through 8:00, and then we'll get sunshine. a nice day. cooler than it has been. we'll take a look at our cooler weekend forecast coming up next. >> i did commit to showing you san mateo bridge, westbound over
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the high-rise the construction crew looks like it's cleared. we'll show you what's going on as far as mass transit. hard to serve and protect, a former police officer in jail this morning after being i'dified as golden state killer. more into the decades long investigation and what was behind the man with the brutal rapes and murders. here to get y
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a live look outside at san francisco
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tuesday morning, we're here to get you started and ready for the weekend. it is seconds before 5:00. a live look at san francisco. it's cloudy out there, at least the monitor i'm looking at. meteorologist kari hall will look at that and explain what's going on. thanks for joining us, i'm marcus washington. >> a cooling trend coming? >> cooler over the next several days. we start out with a blanket of clouds as you get ready to head out. temperatures now in the mid-50s but some upper 40s in north bay and santa rosa 49 degrees. then as you head to hiking trails in the east bay, i like to call the clouds natural shade. we will get sunshine today and low 60s for the afternoon with breezy winds. look at all of our high temperatures. still some low 70s for inland area, livermore 71, san jose 70, san francisco 57 degrees. i'll have


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