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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 3, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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tonight, we begin with new safety concerns involving southwest airlines. concerns that you have not heard before. >> our exclusive investigation follows two major incidents, that engine blowing apart killing a female passenger a few weeks ago, and then just yesterday, a window cracking in midair, forcing an emergency landing. our investigative partners at nbc la, dallas, and new york have been looking through reports that suggest mechanics are discouraged from speaking up about issues with planes. one case involved a southwest
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mechanic at l.a.x. as you might know, there are direct flights on southwest to l.a.x. from all three of our major bay area airports. nbc's sergio quintana joins us now. >> reporter: the investigative teams reviewed two whistle-blower investigations by the faa. one followed four southwest mechanics who continued to work at l.a.x. according to their attorney. they say they were pressured to avoid documenting maintenance issues in planes because that could cause delays. the faa noting in their report at the southwest airline l.a.x. line station, there is the absence of a just safety culture. a lack of an environment of trust and effective communication that ultimately leads to a degraded level of safety. that is what the faa concluded in this investigation involving southwest maintenance employees at l.a.x. obtained by the nbc investigative unit. it is one of two reports detailing whistle-blower
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complaints since last year. attorney lee seham represents the whistle-blowers. >> we're pleased that the faa corroborated that the atmosphere has been degraded. >> reporter: in both the investigations, the faa did not find southwest planes were unsafe to fly. most of the complaints were not substantiated, but he says what the faa did say is telling. the faa, writing in this investigation out of dallas, that the questioning of mechanics appeared to be a tool used to influence a relaxing of standards to look the other way. >> these mechanics are now afraid to report damage to the aircraft. >> reporter: investigators found one employee in dallas was questioned by a supervisor after he came forward about corrosion on a weight that balances the airplane's rudder. instead of praising him and saying thanks for finding the corrosion, he was subject to a disciplinary interrogation, and that problem led to the discovery of a systemic issue with the fleet. southwest airlines, which runs
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4,000 flights a day, would not speak on camera, but did tell us we are confident that our maintenance policies, procedures, and programs ensure the safety and airworthiness of our aircraft. the perspective of southwest employees is the most important contribution toward operating safely. >> now, we should say that southwest airlines and the union at l.a.x. did come to a tentative agreement. the faa says it has assigned additional inspectors to southwest maintenance stations last year, which is common when there are concerns about potential safety. and we want to emphasize the faa believes these planes are safe to fly. there were no fines or other enforcement action taken against the airline. back to you. >> sergio, thank you. to learn more about this investigation and others, log on to and click on our investigative unit tab. we posted tonight's story there for you. breaking news out of hawaii. the kilauea volcano erupted.
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you're looking at drone video. lava is flowing through a subdivision on the big island and the national guard is being brought in to help were those evacuations. as you can imagine, it is a frightening situation unfolding in paradise. we bring in nbc bay area's ian cull with the very latest. what's the situation with those homes? >> reporter: jessica, authorities are ordering the puna community of about 1,700 people to get out now. this is on the east side of the big island close to the hawaii volcanos national park. we have video from the ground. you can see fountains of lava seeping up from the earth. there are several homes on either side of the fissure here. we also have this drone video from above. all along that crack you can see magma spewing out of the ground and then inching down the road, burning everything in its path. evacuations for the leilani estate subdivisions are under way. this follows hundreds of small
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tremors over the weekend and a 5.0 earthquake today that hit the big island. shortly after that earthquake, this plume of ash billowed out of the side of the mountain thousands of feet into the air. as of right now, no reports of injuries or any deaths. evacuations from the eruption are under way right now. ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, ian. the moment that news broke we sent out a breaking news alert. if you want to get them, download our app or visit to keep you on top of what's going on. a deadly confrontation in the quiet community of mill valley. you can see it. this unfolded on live tv during our 5:00 p.m. newscast. dozens of people fleeing from a gunman at an apartment complex. tonight two people are dead and a family is heartbroken. this appears to be a disgruntled tenant shooting his landlord. nbc bay area's jean elle joins us in mill valley with this rare violent crime there. jean?
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>> reporter: raj, investigators are still here at this hour trying to piece together exactly what happened. the shooting happened at the end of this street where you can see those headlights. that's where investigators are working right now. gunshots in this neighborhood had people in a panic. s.w.a.t. teams swarm a mill valley neighborhood looking forg an 80-year-old man with a gun after he shoots two people in an apartment complex on tower drive. >> shots and some screaming. >> reporter: sarah butler says she lives above the shooter. >> the guy shot our landlord and killed his daughter. >> reporter: the marin county sheriff's department says the suspect killed a woman and shot a man who is in critical condition. a witness says an officer ran with one victim over his shoulder to get her to medics. >> i see a chp officer running down the street with an unconscious woman like draped over his shoulder, and she's kind of like flopping over his shoulder as he's running with her, and he puts her in an ambulance. >> reporter: with guns drawn,
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deputies evacuated neighbors. they ran for safety. others in mill valley got an active shooter alert around 3:30, telling them to stay inside while heavily armed officers searched for the shooter. >> i'm shaking. >> reporter: parents were terrified, desperate to hug her 12-year-old daughter. >> she called me and said, mommy, there's a shooting. we don't know where. she locked us inside of the starbucks. please come and get me. i'm shaking. >> reporter: the sheriff lifted the lockdown when officers found the gunman dead inside an apartment. deputies slowly allowed stunned neighbors to return home. people who live in the building where the man started shooting are hoping their landlord survived. >> prayers for mr. lu, okay? >> reporter: lots of people here are hoping that landlord pulls through tonight. residents are returning home and right now it looks like sheriff's investigators are clearing the scene. they have not released the name
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of the woman who was killed or the shooter, who is also dead. people who live in that apartment complex say that shooter is a longtime resident who kept to himself. one woman told me he was rarely seen outside. reporting live in mill valley, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> it is tragic. thank you, jean. new at 11:00 tonight, residents are spreading the word about that guy. a potential prowler in the neighborhood. you can see in the video there captured on someone's security camera he's wearing a hoodie, and he's trying to look through window shades. homeowners say he was looking through his daughter's room. this video was shot just after 4:00 a.m. on tuesday. san jose police have been notified but they're hoping if you recognize him, you will call him. some real life drama at a milpitas dance studio. police have arrested raymond chen for sexual assault. while he was working the at the fantasia performance art center as a teach every, he assaulted several young girls.
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the first victim came forward and said it happened while she attended the after care program and that she was just 10 at the time. detectives also discovered that chen sexually assaulted four other children, but few details in those cases have been revealed so far. a new push by pg&e in the wake of the north bay wildfires. the company is reportedly trying to overturn rules regarding liability. according to the mercury news, pg&e is trying to lobby the state legislature to pass on wildfire liabilities to the customer in the form of raising energy rates. pg&e executives saying today that due to climate change, wildfires are more likely, and there needs to be a better policy. state senator jerry hill is criticizing the move, saying pg&e is using climate change as a scapegoat. a bold new push for gun control at a local congressman is behind it. east bay representative eric swalwell says military style
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semiconduct semiautomatic assault style weapons should be outlawed. swalwell is basing his proposal on laws in australia, and he says since that country started mandatory gun buy back laws, australia has not seen a mass shooting in over 20 years. we have new details about that bus crash in gilroy. an suv slammed into the school bus head-on going about 90 miles per hour. the driver of the suv has been arrested for dui and had a warrant out for a prior dui. this happened on monterey road at rucker, again in gilroy. there were nearly 50 kids on that bus. two of them were taken to local hospitals with minor injuries. get ready for a mid night traffic jam. just minutes ago, highway 101 closed in palo alto. caltrans began shutting down all northbound lanes of 101 between embarcadero and university avenue. traffic is being diverted to east bay shore road. the closure is due to construction of a new pedestrian
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overcrossing. again, northbound 101 through palo alto is closed right now through 4:00 a.m. do you think companies are really paying their fair share? >> i'm not sure what the definition of fair share is. >> tech buses are getting a free ride in san francisco. we investigate next. the important message twitter wants its users to here tonight. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. fog right now, but we're tracking weekend changes with a lot more in the way of cloud cover. i'll have details on that in about seven minutes.
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only one candidate for governor when students were stuck in failing schools, led the fight to turn them around. as mayor of l.a., antonio villaraigosa invested in classrooms and security. graduation rates soared. antonio for governor.
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a bombshell in the hunters point cleanup scandal. two employees of tetra tech have been sentenced to eight months in prison. tetra tech is the company that may be hired to clean up
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radiation at the san francisco site. the workers admitted to switching soil samples in an effort to fake the cleanup. our investigative unit first exposed back in 2014 that the navy caught tetra tech falsifying that data. that shipyard is slated for parks, shops and even homes. here's the upside. those tech buses from san francisco to the silicon valley help get a lot of cars off the road. thousands of tech workers commute to apple, google, facebook and other companies. nearly 400 of these tech buses are in use each weekday, but are they paying their fair share for using public bus stops and damaging city streets? >> our investigative reporter has been looking into this story. what did you find? >> reporter: raj and jess, anyone who's paid a parking ticket or been towed in san francisco knows the city doesn't shy away from pricey fees and fines. but some argue the city's tech buses have pretty much been getting a free ride.
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>> how long have you been driving? >> i've been driving since 1983. >> reporter: mark grewberg owns green cab and on the board of the city's taxi union. while he knows his way around san francisco, it's bureaucracy he has trouble navigating. >> there's an awful lot in government that doesn't make sense. >> reporter: including, he says, the high priced taxicab drivers have to pay to operate in san francisco. the city charges taxis $250,000 for permits. those medallions allow cabbies to use public streets for private gain. he wonders why some of the world's richest tech companies aren't having to shell out similar fees since the private bus companies they hire make more than 3,000 stops a day in san francisco. shuttling employees to and from work. do you see this as fair? >> i see it as terribly inconsistent and extremely unfair. >> reporter: stopping in a bus
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zone will get you a $288 ticket, but the city's commuter shuttle program allows tech buses to pay just $7.31 each time they use any of roughly 100 stops across san francisco. most are public bus stops, so the city allows those private buses to share the space. >> they're coddling them in a way because they're not applying the same standards as they do to taxis. >> reporter: in late march, members of the public urged the city to charge tech buses more. >> consider raising fees to fair market value. >> reporter: san francisco's transit agency has yet to take any action. >> we're collecting of million dollars every year from these operators. >> reporter: tom mcwire oversees the city's shutt shuttle progra. he says unlike taxis, tech buses are capped by la you law. so the city can only charge what it costs to run the program. critics das agree and argue state law does allow san francisco to charge more. >> i don't want to get into a
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legal argument about this. >> reporter: mcguire says even if the city raised fees, tech companies could just drop out of the voluntary program and stop paying altogether. >> is this an example of the city bending over backwards for these large tech companies? >> i would actually argue that the fact that we are generating $6 million of permit fee revenue for a mode of transportation that carries about 10,000 people a day shows that we've actually taken a very strong approach to regulation. >> but the argument is it could be millions more? >> there's nothing i can do if the shuttle operators decided tomorrow they were going to drop out of the program, stop sending us check and start opening on narrow streets. nothing we can do. >> or if they were stopping, you could issue violates. >> we could give them parking tickets but we could never issue parking tickets to get anywhere close to what they're paying in permit fees. >> reporter: our previous reporting exposed how the city
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tech buses might be putting drivers, pedestrians and bikers at risk. we obtained two years of city records that showed tech buses received more than 800 citations for violations like obstructing traffics and blocking bus zones and bike lanes. those shuttles have ties to make tech companies including google, facebook, yahoo, and genentech. just last year, the city issued more than $900,000 worth of citations to commuter shuttles. can you understand why some feel like these tech companies are taking advantage of san francisco? >> well, i certainly understand the concerns that people have about the shuttles and their size and perhaps even what they symbolize. i also am aware that they're taking 10,000 cars off the street every day. >> reporter: san francisco's supervisor jane kim. >> i've been asking for the last three years for them to justify how they come up with cost recovery. i've asked and asked why a shuttle bus can use one of our public bus stops and pay $7 a stop, and why a mother dropping
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off their kid to school gets a $100 plus ticket when using the same bus stop. >> i think that there needs to be fairness across the board. >> reporter: mark grewberg meanwhile is still paying for those taxi permits. each month, his cab company spends $800 per driver to lease them. it's a burden he says that continues to drive up costs. >> it seems a little like cab drivers are the cash cow, and tech industry is the sacred cow. >> reporter: as part of next year's budget, the sfmta plans to increase the per stop fee for commuter shuttles by 34 cents beginning this july in part to hire for enforcement officers to keep watch over the buses. the san francisco board of supervisors has until june 30th to approve the plan. >> thank you. an advocacy group that represents companies in the commuter shuttle program told us those buses reduce congestion
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and emissions. if you have a story for 9 investigative unit, call or visit the website. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is here. we are 40 minute as way from friday. what do we have in store? >> a beautiful day coming our way as we head into friday's forecast. then we are detailing some changes for the weekend. let's get a look at your microclimate forecast. i want to bring you right into friday morning. we will have more low clouds and patchy fog. it's just not going to be super extensive, so that's why we are calling for some sunshine to start in the south bay 52. few clouds in the tri-valley at 49. best bet would be in san francisco and 50. upper 40s, low 50s to start. by the afternoon i'm continuing to see a pretty good warming trend moving our way which would bump temperatures up some 5 to 10 degrees. that means some 80s are
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possible. best bet of that happening in the south bay would be from east san jose right on down through gilroy. across the east bay, coming in with some warmer weather with antioch in the low 80s. walnut creek at 80. danville, 81. oakland, 70 under that sunshine. huge contrast in temperatures for the peninsula. a cold 59 in half moon bay. over to redwood city, 77. no 70s. no chance of that happening in san francisco tomorrow. it will be the mildest in the mission at 66. right through marin, napa, and sonoma counties, just an amazing day once we get over those low clouds. we're up to 77 in sonoma and 80 in napa. if you like tomorrow's weather, enjoy it. get outside because this weekend there's just no way we can give you a sunny saturday the way i'm seeing it right now. there's a cooler system that's going to be moving closer to the coastline. no rainfall with it, but it will bring the clouds and again drop our temperatures. so let's take a look at the results of that in san francisco. it's going to be a minimal drop.
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we're down to 60 on saturday with the clouds. by sunday, some sunshine and 59. dry over the next seven days. it's for city as way from the coast you're going to start to feel these differences. we'll go from that average of 80 on friday, 76 and the clouds on saturday, down to 71 on sunday. then we're back up to a warmer 80 on monday's forecast. just know saturday's not going to be sunny, sunny, sunny. and you'll be good to go. still going to be a nice weekend. >> we can handle. it thanks, jeff. up next, who would actually do something like that? the disappointing discovery some local preschoolers made when they went to check on their garden. and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys. steve martin and martin short are my guests tonight. we have poppy delevingne. do not change the channel. it's good. happening now, we continue to follow that volcano that erupted in hawaii. lava is flowing through a neighborhood on the big island
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as we speak. as many as 10,000 people could be evacuated. kilauea is one of the world's most active volcanos. we'll be tweeting updates throughout the night. we're back in a moment. used to only on today in the bay: the act of kindness for a father and daughter. tomorrow - 4:30 to 7. there's only one word for the all new
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together forever-a pixar night time spectacular. ooohhhh. ahhhhhh. okay, maybe two. celebrate friendship and beyond at pixar fest. staring april 13th at disneyland resort.
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new at 11:00, a disappointing discovery in concord. every vegetable in the garden at saint michael's christian preschool was stolen. the kids had just planted those vegetables last month. concord police officers came out to the campus to tell the students that they are searching for the bad guys. if you haven't done it already, you better change your twitter password. the san francisco-based company says a bug saved users' passwords on an internal
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computer system. at this time there's no indication that anyone hacked and stole those passwords but they are telling you you should change your password anyway. the june primary election is right around the corner. among the biggest decisions, who's going to be our next governor. the top two vote getters this june will advance to the general election in november. who are you going to vote for? next tuesday we are partnering with the silicon valley community foundation to host the crucial gubernatorial debate. the top six candidates will all be there with us, including gavin newsom, antonio villaraigosa, and john cox. nbc political director chuck todd will moderate the debate. you can watch it live right here on nbc bay area and telemundo 48 at 6:30 next tuesday evening. before then, though, tweet us the questions that you would like to ask the candidates with the #tag #cagov debate. up next, we're going to check in with the a's and the warriors heading to new orleans. stay with us.
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the giants had the day off. they'll open the series tomorrow in tlnt. the a's were working tonight in seattle. the legend of the a's. dave stewart part of the broadcast tonight. we'll pick it up in the fifth
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inning. stephen piscotty from amador high school with the solo home run. the mariners are going to win this game 4-1. the warriors are in the big easy. the warriors lead the series against the pelicans two games to none. last night steph scored 28 points off the bench in his first action in five weeks. and the sharks are in sin city. it's a best of three series against the golden nuggets. >> game five tomorrow. sin city is las vegas? we're back in a moment.
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take a look. a happy reunion this evening in richmond. >> oh. >> a stolen dog reunited with his owners. that's a million dollar hug right there. >> she can barely pick him up. >> back in march, mac, the french bulldog, was taken out of a backyard near 25th and murdoch. the dog ended up in the hands of a local breeder who recognized him and then called police. this surveillance video shows a man breaking into the kennel and taking off with mac the dog. police have identified this man as joseph bagshaw and are still looking for him.
11:34 pm
but the positive side of this story is that mac is back in a big way. >> mac is back. >> he's like, i know who you are. >> so cute. congratulations for the happy reunion. >> that is your cue, jeff. >> good weather for some dog walking tomorrow. 80 degrees. sunshine by the afternoon. clouds on saturday and sunday looking good. 71. >> thanks for joining us here on this thursday night. have a great friday. >> bye-bye. we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ]


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