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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 8, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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lieutenant governor gavin newsom. what he could gain tonight and what he could lose tonight. we'll also be joined by nbc's political director, chuck todd. we'll send it back to you. first, we're going to follow developing news in the east bay. a student found at the bottom of an east bay pool. >> are you looking at the scene from skyranger at san ramon high school. the student was pulled from the water and rushed to the hospital. >> we are joined live from the school with the latest in danville. what can you tell us? >> reporter: janel and jess, this is where the possible drowning happened. minutes ago we saw police investigators focussing on that end of the pool. the deep end, where you clearly see it is 13 feet deep. now students tell me this happened around the end of a p.e. class, all afternoon long
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we have seen stumped students leaving the high school and reuniting with worried parents. school officials tell parents a student was rushed to the hospital after he was found unresponsive. students tell me the freshman student was found at the bottom of the pool. this happened shortly before 2:00 p.m. the student was pulled from the water. school staff realized that the boy was not breathing, and they began to administer cpr until paramedics arrived. we spoke to a classmate who said the boy was changing right next to him before their pe class. the boy was laughing and appeared happy. >> i've known the kid. it's just hard knowing that he's there one second and now he's not. i don't know if he's going to be here tomorrow. i hope to god he is, but i'm just praying that he's there tomorrow. >> reporter: the school was on lockdown for a little more it than an hour, even though there was no threat to the school. students were eventually allowed
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to leave their classrooms and meet up with parents waiting outside to pick them up. now we still do not know the condition of the student. it goes without saying that students and parents alike, they are wishing for a speedy recovery. their thoughts, their prayers are with that boy, that teenager, that freshman, and of course his parents. that's the latest here in danville. i'm melissa colorado. it has happened again. someone is threatening california schools. this time the threat came in an e-mail to oak grove school district in san jose. the e-mail talked about bombs on school buses. the district along with police checked out the buses but didn't find anything. school districts in southern california and east of stockton also reported receiving similar threats. he's telling his side of the story tonight. the judge at the center of the brock turn eaer sentencing tria decided to speak out today, weeks before a hearing that could cost him his job.
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we are joined live in san jose and the judge had a lot to say? >> reporter: he certainly did. he spoke for almost an entire hour. i'm here at the county registrar of voters. and this week they sent out ballots asking voters if they want to recall judge aaron persky. today he ended his silence and said if that recall is successful it could threaten the justice system. >> i stand by my decisions. >> reporter: including judge persky's decision to sentence brock turner to six months in jail for sexually assaulting a young woman. many considered the sentence far too lenient, prompting a campaign to recall persky. but today persky is speaking out. he says out of concern for what a potential recall vote could mean to other cases and other judges. >> we ask judges to follow the rule of law and not the rule of public opinion. >> reporter: but those fighting to oust him say keeping him on
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the bench would do more harm. >> it is judge persky's pattern of bias in favor of privileged perpetrators of crimes against women, particularly college athletes that have caused the public to lose faith in the judicial system. >> reporter: today persky also talked about the toll the recall efforts have had on his family. >> how many judges want to drive down the streets of their neighborhood with their two children in the car and see a lawn sign, their father's picture next to a mug shot. >> reporter: he says the california commission rejected claims of bias. just in to our newsroom. former governor george duke may jan has died. he served two terms and was
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elected in '82 and '86, became known as the iron duke and built his career on fighting crime. and harden beiing the state's se on justice. he died in long beach surrounded by his family. he was 89 years old. it is the last major debate before the primaries. the top six candidates for california governor are facing off in a live event. >> preparations have been happening all day, and that includes last-minute setup and rehearsals with the moderator, chuck todd. >> let's go back to raj mathai, live at the theater where he's also a panelist. are we ready? >> reporter: i think we are. you talk about last-minute preparations. it's still happening, last, last, last minute preparations. you see production assistants and producers at the podium standing in as candidates as we get ready. the door's open, those who have
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tickets will be let in about 30 mi minutes from now. i'm going to step behind the scenes here, behind the podiums, and this is the setup. it's predetermined. john cox will be right here, the leading pollster in terms of leading the polls for republican candidates. as we go down the line, excuse me, colleen, john chung is here. gavin newsom, the current active lieutenant governor. and villaraigosa. the headliners in terms of notoriety. but anything can happen in these debates as we've seen. and it is a pivotal debate. before we go to the podiums also where i'll be among the panelists, i'll be asking questions. we've been formulating questions for several weeks, working with analysts and taking viewer paid back as well as what you would want to hear from these candidates. arriving outside is john chung. excuse me, we saw him earlier.
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this is delaine easton. heavily kwekt heavily connected in education circles. she would be considered an outside candidate, but you neff know. let's talk about gavin newsom. we know so much about hem in the b bay area. he is the front runner in terms of the pollsters and most money raised. but the question is, will these other candidates, the other five tonight go at him and make an offensive charge at the lieutenant governor. >> on paper you would say everyone's going to go after the front runner. but if the game is for second, it's possible gavin newsom may escape attacks for now because there's so much gaming for second place. >> yeah, and keep in mind, chuck todd will be with us in just a few minutes, joining us live here in san jose. he'll be our moderator tonight and also the top two candidates, up until june 5th will then
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advance to the general election in november. now it's motnot just the people statewide watching this event, it's the people in the theater. more than 700 people are expected to rife in t expected to arrive in the next 45 minutes. let's bring in sam brock. >> reporter: you can hear some of the campaign affiliated folks behind me screaming just in front of that, you see the crowd building. the security sweep has finished at 4:30 this afternoon. what is so interesting about the this particular event, it was a lottery. this is voters waiting to come inside. what do they want to hear about? that is the question. a lot of folks talking about promoting california, values in the age of trump. education came up, economic stability. here's a look at some of the responses we got.
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>> i would hilike to see who is best going to protect california's values given an era that the federal government doesn't represent what california represents. >> these candidates need to speak to education and the importance and specifically what they're going to do to get california students back up in the top rather than the bottom. >> i'm more concerned about how we can have california sustain and grow for the business in the future, for the next four years, eight years to come. >> reporter: you know, speaking of the economy, right now, we are in the 107th month of the recovery. so it is actually the second longest economic recovery in u.s. history. but we know all good things must come to an end, and one of the topics we'll be keenly interested in hearing about is how these potential gubernatorial candidates would advocate precious state dollars. we'll be out here for the rest of the evening.
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for now, let me send it back to raj. >> we'll check back with you later tonight and through the night. this is really a new era in california politics. for so many years and decades you can say we've been dealing with governor jerry brown. but he is now on his way out and we will elect our new leadership here in california. coming up in a few minutes, we'll get a national perspective on what's happening here and also a more strategic perspective from villaraigosa's camp and newsom's camp. we'll be joined by chuck todd. >> if you want more behind the scenes pictures and videos from the debate we are tweeting them. that includes a picture of our control room and photos of a rehearsal with chuck todd. you can visit us on twitter @nbc bay area. candidate golden state killer have an accomplice? why one of the lead investigators says there's a strong the evidence he had help.
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i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. beautiful day today. beautiful day today. but we tracking gusty and w because antonio villaraigosa millions got it he defended women's healthcare,
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banned military-style assault weapons, banned workplace discrimination, and more. antonio for governor. we can now simulate the exact anatomyh care, of a patient's brain before surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for seizures. and if we can fix damaged heart valves without open heart surgery, imagine what we can do for an irregular heartbeat, even high blood pressure. if we can use analyze each patient's breast cancer to personalize their treatment, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you. and you're looking live at the california theater. it is the site of tonight's debate for california governor. that debate airs receipt height
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nbc bay area. >> we are joined by raj mathai. we have a look at why this is so significant. raj? >> welcome back to the historic california theater. a big crowd, more than 700 people are filing their way inside this theater. we are here on the stage now, awaiting candidates to arrive. we will be introducing them, and they will take their positions at the podium in just a few minutes. with me now is nbc's political director chuck todd. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> we bring in the heavy muscle from washington, d.c. what are you looking for not only on a national level but being here on site the last 24 hours. >> i've never moderated a multi-party debate. so we were used to the multi-candidate presidential debates but having it with two
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different parties, especially in polarized times. i'm going to be fascinated. one good thing, you'll see a perspective on every issue all over the map. you take immigration, you're going to elaine easton and everybody in between. it puts everybody in the same pool, the idea was to open it up so everybody feels like they can have a say. >> that's what the debate's about. let's get right to it. what would kbgavin newsom have do to lose this debate? >> i think the person that scares them the most the antonio villaraigosa. he would be the person most likely to take his base democratic support. it will be interesting to see how all the candidates handle gavin newsom. he hasn't been attending all the debates. so there's probably pent-up
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shots they want to take. >> if you believe the polls. >> you follow the money, all of that, obviously, anything can happen. he can stumble. so how much do they hit gavin? but or at the same time how much do they try to find a place for themselves? i mean will villaraigosa and john cox start going after each other because they're fighting for second place or does allen go after cox? it's all sorts of interesting sub-dynamics. >> we will see you at 6:30 before we let you go here. politics or president trump. this is a quick answer. we're on live tv. >> the weather is much better out west. i will take covering california politics. >> thank you. we'll see you shortly. we will be back here. the debate starts at 6:30 live, statewide. and you can see it here on nbc bay area. we want your opinion on the debate. watch it with us right here on nbc bay area online at
5:16 pm we'll be tweeting updates as well. and afterward, we'll be asking your opinion. what did you think about the candidates? and what did you think about the debate? exactly seven months ago, the north bay under siege by monster wildfires. the fires leveling communities. seven months later, pg and e is moving forward with plans to keep us safe. the room in san francisco will be the center for responding to all fires in the service area. >> as we monitor fire risks throughout our service territory, this is where key decisions are going to be made. >> one of those key decisions will be when to preemptively turn off power to a community in order to prevent wind-blown wires from sparking. an investigation is under way to determine whether pg and e wires sparked some of the most destructive fires in california history. we're going to talk about the warmup. it's going to change just a
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little bit again. >> cooler weather coming our way as we head through tomorrow. then we are also watching dangerous wind coming back into the forecast over the next seven days. we're going to detail that for you as well. as we get a look at the micro climate forecast, here in san jose where we're having the live debate starting at 6:30, you want to head over to where we have live links if you want to see it. temperatures are dropping down to the 60s as we head throughout 7:00 and 8:00 tonight. i am tracking more changes for tomorrow. we're closely following a cold front just offshore. i don't see any rainfall for us from this, but it is going to help to drop temperatures a few pour dedwegrees de -- more degr. 55 in the tri valley, and we are looking at the thickest clouds to start for tomorrow, right here across san francisco and 54
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degrees. we'll have plenty of sunshine, despite the fact that we start off with the fog for tomorrow. the biggest change, temperatures again dropping down from three to seven degrees. still a nice day across the south bay. 72 in san jose. and a mild 75 there in gilroy. we're out of the 80s across the east bay. and we're now dropping down to 75 here in concord. 76 in danville and chilly 64 in oakland and 67 in hayward. sunshine for the peninsula, but a huge contrast in temperatures. 72 in palo alto, then up to daley city, 59. watch out if you're heading to san francisco. upper 50s and low 60s. and look at this wind, gusting up to 22 miles per hour, another day where you will need the jacket. 74 in napa, and down to a cool 67 in mill valley. changes, more of them coming as we head throughout the next seven days.
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let's get a look at that extended forecast. mild friday and saturday in san francisco. but what i want you to focus in on is the wind. gusts friday night into saturday morning, 20-40 miles per hour. and we'll see a cool down and dry weather continuing into mother's day on sunday with a lot less in the way of wind and dry over the next seven days. for cities away from the coast line, notice other temperatuur changes. 85 on saturday, then 80 on sunday and more 70s to start next week. i want to focus on the wind coming our way. we could see downed trees and power lines. the best bet of that gusty wind would be from san francisco to santa rosa and napa. could you use this? a virtual assistant
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happening now, three bay area restaurants are getting high marks. they've been included on open table's best restaurants in america list. if are you going to the warriors or as game, there's a water break.
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another live look at the historic california theater in downtown san jose. the top six candidates are all here and ready to debate. you can watch it live starting at 6:30. if you can't watch it live on our air, we're streaming it live at there is speculation tonight that the golden state killer may have had an accomplice. joseph deangelo is charged with the serial murders and rapes which terrorized the state in the '70s and '80s. one of the investigators says four early rape victims described hearing their attacker speak to a second person. but others say he worked alone. rubin foster let his
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attorney do the talking in court today, al howilowing him to plet guilty in his behalf. he is charged of abusing his girlfriend. he remains a member of the 49ers but is not participating in any team events while the criminal case moves forward. the future is artificial and intelligent, that's what google has planned. they hosted their io development conference today. among the new developments for your home, a google assistant with artificial intelligence that can make appointments and reservations for you without you ever having to pick up the phone. the assistant can call, wait and hold and make those plans. >> the restaurant example was so real. i've been there so many times where you try to book a table for four, and it's not six and it's a group, and you go back and forth, and it's ten minutes
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of my life i'm never going to get back. >> the assistant does not listen until you activate it. it also introduced a new feature to help your children learn to be polite. when they ask what they want the assistant to do they have to say "please" first. "please" first. >> let's say pase order somlee
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because antonio villaraigosa millions got it he defended women's healthcare, banned military-style assault weapons, banned workplace discrimination, and more. antonio for governor.
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okay. let's take you to the theater. are the candidates in the house? >> they are in the house, they are in their dressing rooms. we'll take the camera high above, you can see the sweeping shot. they're expecting more than 700 people here tonight. a lot of people are friends and family of the candidates. a lot went into the ticket lottery, because they want to see how will these candidates differentiate themselves. the top two, this june, will then move on to the general election in november. the question tonight and for these next several days, next couple weeks, which two candidates will advance, as we talked about, will gavin newsom
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hurt or help his chances and will villaraigosa get into the top two. we will find out, 6:30, the live debate starts. it is 90 minutes, and we are ready for anything. guys, we'll send it back to you. we'll see you throughout the night. >> we'll see you back at 6:00. >> you can watch it live on your computer. you can also get your forecast. >> changes coming, a little cooler. sun for the afternoon. biggest changes coming our way for friday and saturday, low to mid-80s. wind gusting up from 15 to 40 miles per hour that could take down trees and power lines. we'll monitor that forecast extremely closely. by mother's day, down to 80, still a nice, warm day, and then back down to the 70s as we head to next tuesday. no rain for the next 14 days, so we're kind of settling into this nice pattern.
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>> thanks for joining us. lester holt is on the road and joins us next for nightly news. >> we'll see you back at 6:00, tonight, shock waves around the world as president trump withdraws from the iran nuclear deal. major fallout, will iran restart it's nuclear program and what does it mean for a potential deal with north korea? growing dangers in hawaii. new cracks in the earth spewing lava, swallowing homes and toxic gas filling the air in the hot zone. driving whe high, as more places legalize pot. >> how much did you have to smoke? >> about half a joint? and how long ago was that? >> we're on the beat with cops who say there's an uptick in people smoking weed, then getting behind the wheel. outrage over a shocking incident of high school hazing caught on camera. a football player pummeled by his teammates, so badly he needed surgery. parents now suing and soundinghe


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