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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  May 8, 2018 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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lester holt is on the road and joins us next for nightly news. >> we'll see you back at 6:00, tonight, shock waves around the world as president trump withdraws from the iran nuclear deal. major fallout, will iran restart it's nuclear program and what does it mean for a potential deal with north korea? growing dangers in hawaii. new cracks in the earth spewing lava, swallowing homes and toxic gas filling the air in the hot zone. driving whe high, as more places legalize pot. >> how much did you have to smoke? >> about half a joint? and how long ago was that? >> we're on the beat with cops who say there's an uptick in people smoking weed, then getting behind the wheel. outrage over a shocking incident of high school hazing caught on camera. a football player pummeled by his teammates, so badly he needed surgery. parents now suing and sounding the alarm.
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and the soldier salute, from his hospital bed. wait until you see the inspiring update we found. you didn't really know what recovery looked like, did you? >> i didn't know what the future was going to look like. >> on our across america tour here in denver. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening from the mile high city. we're just outside denver's historic union station, the second stop on our five day across america journey. our reporting from here shortly, but we begin with that big decision announced by president trump today, that the u.s. is essentially reneging on the nuclear deal with iran. the president's decision to walk away from the pact comes despite pressure from key european allies that were signatories to the deal, as well as repeated findings by his own administration, that iran was in compliance with the agreement. for donald trump, it's
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a campaign promise made, promise kept. albeit one with uncertain consequences. hallie jackson starts our coverage. >> reporter: one of the most significant but not surprising foreign policy moves from president trump. >> the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal. >> reporter: punishing new sanctions now back in place, as the president gives some companies up to six months to wind down involvement with iran. >> we cannot prevent an iranian nuclear bomb. under the decaying and rotten structure of the current agreement. >> reporter: the 2015 deal forced iran to get rid of 95% of its nuclear fuel and allow outside inspections. in exchange for relief from tough international sanctions. the president never liked that the deal let iran start up some activity again in 2025 and that it didn't address other bad behavior, like iran's ballistic missile program. >> it's a bad deal.
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>> it was a terrible deal. >> horrible, horrible, horrible iran deal. >> reporter: his administration is acknowledgi acknowledgi acknowledging iran is not violating their end of the agreement. now president obama says president trump's decision risks eroding america's credibility. john brennan was his cia director. >> he's sent a signal, do not count on the united states, you can't believe what we say. >> reporter: here at home, new sanctions may make it more difficult for iran to sell its oil. which could mean you will pay higher for gas. for the president a significant step into unchartered territory. hallie jackson, nbc news, the white house. >> reporter: this is richard engel, instant reaction to president trump's announcement in iran, where president rouhani says he will stick with the deal even without the
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u.s. but threatening what could happen if the now wounded agreement crumbles entirely. if iranian benefits in the deal aren't provided, he said, iran is ready to resume nuclear activity. across europe, there's a chill tonight that the u.s. under president trump may not be a reliable partner any more. an unusual joint statement read, it is with regret and concern that we, the leaders of france, germany and the united kingdom take note of president trump's decision. just last month, french president emmanuel macron made a personal plea to keep the deal at the white house. >> we should not abandon it, without having something substantial. >> reporter: but at least two countries loved president trump's move, saudi arabia and israel. where last week, benjamin netanyahu made a dramatic case to drop the deal, citing intelligence that iran made the deal in bad faith.
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tonight praising president trump. >> israel fully supports trump's bold decision today to reject the disastrous nuclear deal with a terrorist regime in tehran. >> richard, one of the obvious questions, what impact could this have on nuclear negotiations with north korea? >> so, of course, they're related. we know that secretary of state pompeo is heading to north korea, purportedly to try to secure the release of three american citizens. it would be a confidence building measure for any future summit. this move today by president trump will make north korea and especially its backer china very nervous. they'll want more guarantees for any agreement they've signed. so the press just went up. lester? >> richard engel in our london newsroom, thank you. turning to the stunning downfall of
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new york's attorney general eric schneiderman, swiftly resigned hours after he was publicly accused of abuse by four women. now, schneiderman who positioned himself as a champion of the me too era, is under investigation by the manhattan d.a. nbc's anne thompson reports. >> reporter: new york's tabloids blared the shocking accusations. the states top law enforcement officer attorney general eric schneiderman accused of spitting at, choking, hitting or demeaning four women he dated. claims that new york's governor promised would be investigated by an independent u.s. district attorney. >> no one is above the law. no one should be afraid to come forward. >> reporter: two women in relationships with him for more than a year, two unidentified, telling their stories to the new yorker. michelle manning bar-ish says one night schneiderman called her a whore, and then all of a sudden he just slapped me, open handed with great force, across the face.
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landing the blow directly on to my ear. tanya says we could rarely have sex without him beating me. she claims he started calling me his brown slave. three hours after their claims were published, schneiderman resigned, saying in a statement he strongly contests the allegations and they're unrelated to his professional conduct. stating earlier, i have not assaulted anyone. his downfall, all the more mind-boggling, because schneiderman a democrat, publicly was a champion of women, suing harvey weinstein for sexually harassing employees. >> we've never seen anything as despicable as what we've seen here. >> reporter: and investigating the manhattan district attorney's decision not to prosecute weinstein for allegedly groping a model. now, the same d.a. will investigate schneiderman. >> i want to say to anyone who was victimized by the attorney general and has not yet come forward, please do come forward to the nypd. >> reporter: a public advocate, accused of being a private abuser, alleged actions that are secret no more. anne thompson, nbc news, new york.
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in hawaii tonight, fears of more eruptions from that angry volcano on the big island. with the earthshaking more than 1,000 times in less than a week, lava has now destroyed more than 35 homes. forcing evacuations and now concerns about toxic gas in the air. nbc news national correspondent miguel almaguer is in the sky and on the ground with the national guard there. >> reporter: with new fissures splitting open, spewing lava and toxic gas, the leilani estates are in the hot zone. at least 35 structures here destroyed. >> you can see, it's still smoking and hot down here. >> reporter: today the national guard checking air quality where we found the tsunami of lava that smothered homes. >> we've lost everything. it doesn't seem real. we walk our dogs up and down this street every day. >> reporter: from above kilaueua, rivers of lava on the move. those fissures have been breaking out
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miles away from the volcano. they're spreading out like fingers. we can see where they're moving into residential neighborhoods. at 1500 feet, even along the ocean. you can clearly smell the sulfur in the air. that toxic gas creates volcanic pollution called vog, which can cause respiratory issues. if the winds are unfavorable, the pollution could reach honolulu, 200 miles away. >> it makes your eyes water, your throat hurts. everything hurts. >> tonight in the air and on the ground, an unfolding disaster, forever changing the landscape. with lava from new eruptions now covering more than 100 acres of land, the governor has declared a disaster, saying the damage is in the millions, when lava fields like this one harden, some will never be able to return home.
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lester? >> miguel almaguer, thank you. it is primary night in several states. that could determine control of the united states senate. primary races in ohio, indiana and north carolina today. it's the one in west virginia that's getting national attention, because of a controversial candidate. an ex-convict trying to pull off a primary win to take on democrat joe manchin this fall. nbc's morgan radford has the story from charleston. >> reporter: for bill farley, don blankenship is west virginia's best bet. >> the miners that work for blankenship were the best paid miners in the state. >> reporter: the ex-coal baron just got out of prison after his mine exploded in 2010, killing 29 people. it doesn't bother you that he went to prison? >> not at all. accidents happen. >> ditch cocaine mitch. >> reporter: with controversial attacks on senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and his family. >> mitch mcconnell has created millions of jobs for china people. >> do you feel badly for that?
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>> absolutely not. >> why not? >> because it's not anything that should make anyone feel bad. i don't know how else to describe the people who live in china. >> reporter: supporters love that brashness. >> don tells it like it is, just like trump did. >> reporter: even the president says, blankenship can't win the general election, because he's so controversial. especially for voters like stanley goose stewart. >> i saw one of his ads that made me cry. >> stewart was in blankenship's mine the day it exploded. >> he is the very reason that mine blew up. >> reporter: but that may not be enough to stop blankenship's momentum. >> do you think you have a real shot at winning this thing? >> i will win. >> especially if he's what virginians say they need. >> he knows the coal industry. this state is coal. >> reporter: morgan radford nbc news, charleston, west virginia. now back to our across america journey. from here in denver, a closer look at how legalized marijuana has added a new
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challenge for police on the lookout for drivers under the influence. more places take a look at making pot legal, police say increased instances of motorists driving while high here in colorado are raising red flags. every night as the sun sets in denver, a possible unintended consequence of legalized marijuana comes to light. denver police sergeant rich coisman, now part of an all out effort to stop impaired drivers. he's been with the department's dui unit since 2008. are you seeing more drivers driving high? driving impaired because of marijuana? >> absolutely. we're definitely seeing more people driving high on marijuana. we're definitely seeing the numbers increase. >> on a busy friday night, he stops this 23-year-old for speeding. >> how much did you have to smoke? >> about a half a joint. >> he like many drivers encounters mixed alcohol and marijuana. while the roadside test for marijuana
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impairment is the same as alcohol, it takes a blood test to be conclusive. in terms of getting eye court case, to say this person was definitely driving high, is it hard to get that proof? >> it may be difficult to prove if someone is driving high and impaired by marijuana. again, getting back to alcohol is scientific and validated by the courts. marijuana, we're not there yet. >> preliminary results of a new survey reveal nearly 70% of marijuana users here admit they've driven under the influence at least once in the past year. with more than a quarter admitting they drive high every day. colorado has been on the cutting edge of a national movement, one of nine states and d.c. to have legalized marijuana sales. 13 states have decriminalized marijuana use. it's now a billion dollar industry that has brought thousands of jobs. and in denver, nearly twice as many pot dispensaries as
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starbucks. >> 31.76 after tax. >> the largest native roots has grown from two stores to 20. >> once you consume, you cannot drive. >> right. >> as per law in colorado. >> they work with the state d.o.t. and madd to educate consumers about the dangers of driving while high. including this warning card with every purchase. >> it's extremely important for them to get that message every time. and for our staff to deliver it to them. so they can make smart transportation decisions. >> he always had a smile on his face. >> megan cruz's boyfriend was killed by a teenaged driver who admitted to smoking earlier in the day. she was just a few feet away. >> i walked around the front of the car. his shoes were in the middle of the street with not him in them. >> sergeant coisman with this warning to drivers who drive while high. >> you're going to be arrested and you could potentially lose your license. or you might cause a crash and that's a mistake that's going to haunt you for the rest of your life. >> experts also point out that alcohol can
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amplify the effects of marijuana. much more ahead, including a story of high school hazing outrage. the shocking locker room attack caught on camera. we'll be right back. he's been called a rockstar lawyer. he tops the charts on progressive causes...
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winning pro bono battles for immigrants and the homeless. defending gay rights and gun control. democrat jeff bleich. after columbine, bleich led president clinton's youth violence initiative. with joe biden, bleich took on domestic violence.
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served president obama as special counsel and ambassador. maybe bleich can't pull off the rockstar look... but his progressive record is solid gold. we're back now with a disturbing incident of high school hazing that was caught on camera, a football player pummeled by his teammates so badly he needed surgery. now, his parents are suing and issuing a call to action. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the story. >> the video recorded last month, shows multiple players beating up 14-year-old quarterback rodney kim jr., two players then jump on him. >> i can't comprehend it. this barbaric behavior has to stop. >> reporter: his parents are now suing the board of education for $12 million. >> it's not about the money. it's about my child, the fact that he could have lost his life. he could be paralyzed right now. >> reporter: their son had just been promoted
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to the varsity team at davidson high school in mobile, alabama. instead, he needed surgery to repair his broken arm. in a written statement, school administrators say this type of behavior is completely unacceptable and not tolerated in the school system. four students have been charged with third degree assault. >> at this point we are still trying to sort out exactly who was committing the assaults. >> an attorney for two of the accused juveniles denies the misdemeanor charge, calling it good natured jostling. hazing isn't just a problem on college campuses. one study found that 47% of all undergrads say they experienced it in high school. >> help these children. >> reporter: kim's parents think more players should be charged. >> i don't want anyone to have to go through what we're facing. >> most of all, they want to call attention to what they see is a national fight against hazing. gabe gutierrez, nbc news. coming up, do you suffer from
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spring allergies? this might be your worst nightmare.
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springtime allergy sufferers, brace yourselves for this moment caught on camera, when a new jersey man knocked a tree with a backhoe and unleashed a giant cloud of pollen into the air. his wife posted the so-called pollen bomb on social media, where it became a viral sensation. how would you like to get from here to there without all the traffic, by calling a uber in the air. that's uber's flying car concept, like something straight out of the jetsons. still years away from possible service. the drone like copters will be piloted at first and then fly autonomously. what could go wrong? a viral moment, touching hearts across the country. when a flight delay kept national guard soldier from making it home to mississippi in time for his wife to give birth. he did the next best thing, watching the delivery via face time. his reaction captured by fellow passengers. he eventually made it
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home to hold his new daughter in his arms. up next, the salute seen around the world. a wounded warrior's remarkable recovery. finally tonight, those who serve from denver.
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finally tonight, those who serve on our visit here to denver, i was able to catch up with a young soldier who five years ago was captured in a photograph that touched the hearts of so many americans. horribly wounded, the image of his salute spoke to his honor and strength. the very same qualities that have shaped his remarkable recovery. it's one soldier's own miracle on ice. >> being on the ice means being free for me.
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but josh was never sure he'd get this far. >> you didn't really know what recovery looked like, did you? >> i didn't know what future was going to look like. >> this is the image that struck so many of us. army corporal hargas in 2013. just awarded a purple heart in afghanistan after being injured by a suicide bomber, no one dreamed he was conscious, until that salute. >> i knew what to do, and presented my salute as best i could. >> we first met josh and his wife taylor shortly after that photo went viral. >> i'm fortunate that he's still alive. and we get to have our life together. >> josh taking on his daunting new challenge with the same force he had in four tours in afghanistan. josh proudly taking part in a 222 mile warrior walk four years ago.
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>> it's kind of mind blowing to look back and see everything we've been through in honestly a very short amount of time. >> the couple now blessed with two boys. >> how have the kids changed your life? >> they push me to stay active. i want to be a great father, i'm not going to let being an amputee prevent me from doing that. >> josh crediting charities like ranger lead the way and the semper fi fund which have helped him with his new passion, sled hockey. >> and you're back on a team again. >> there's no better feeling than working together as a team to achieve a common goal. >> what do you want people to think about when they see your story? >> there's a happy ending at the end of the road as long as you put in the work, both of you. >> what do you think of that picture of you saluting when you see it now?
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>> the end of one life and the beginning of another. that's nightly news for this tuesday night. a big thank you to the people in denver who came out to say hi tonight, and our news partners at kusa9 in denver. thanks for good evening. thank you for being with us. >> the anticipation is building for tonight. six candidates hoping to be the next governor of california will take the stage. >> they're going to tackle the issues important to our state in the historic california theater. you can see 30th in downtown san jose. the 700 people will watch in it person. they're taking their seats right now. ready to hear from the duties a variety of issues. we have team coverage on the debate that will be seen here exclusively following this newscast.
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terry mcsweeney is there. >> reporter: 700 people coming into the california theater near san jose, and six of them want to be the next governor of california. maybe you can hear the din behind me. looking up on stage you see the six podiums up there. it will be a very exciting time for people right in the political spectrum all the way from the left to see what the voters think. i want you to look at a variety of cameras we have set up for the debate to give you an idea what it looks like and the angles you'll be seeing. we'll have the lieutenant the governor of california. that will be gavin newsom will be here, as well as the former los angeles mayor,


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