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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  May 13, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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how does it feel to be home? withdraw from the iran nuclear deal. >> people lie. documents don't. this doesn't seem real. the biggest night in fashion. good morning, welcome to "sunday today" on this mother's day, may 13th, i'm willie geist. welcome to all you moms, but especially to mine. it's another busy sunday morning with news on the president's decision this week to pull out of the iran deal. his upcoming meeting with the leader of north korea and the white house circling the wagons after an ugly leaked comment from a staffer about ailing senator john mccain. we'll also have the latest
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on that stabbing rampage in the heart of paris and tell you who is claiming responsibility this morning. we'll take you there live in a moment. plus, a new volcanic fissure has opened on hawaii's big island close to a geothermal energy plant. is the volcano ready to blow? more just ahead. and later, a sunday sit down with melissa mccarthy. she is one of the funniest people on the planet and one of the biggest stars in hollywood. she couldn't possibly have imagined that success when she arrived in new york at 20 years old, fresh off the family farm in illinois. >> i've never been here. just showing up just shy of being like, you know, overalls with a weed -- i'm from a soybean farm. >> a sunday sit down with melissa mccarthy. plus, dylan has a special mother's day story later in the show. let's begin with what appears to be another terrorist incident in paris. a city besieged the last few years.
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we have the latest. lucy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. french judicial sources say the man suspected of carrying out this deadly attack was a french ci nbc nbc. nbc. mourning his 29-year-old victim, and the city once again finds itself on edge. terror in the heart of paris again. a body lying in the street moments after a man lashed out with a knife in this popular neighborhood. he shouted "god is great" in arabic as he went on the rampage, trying to enter several bars but blocked by people inside. "i was working in the restaurant and suddenly heard a woman screaming," this witness says. "she tried to seek shelter in a restaurant, but she couldn't. he came and attacked her. that's when the panic started." four people were wounded, and a 29-year-old man lost his life.
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police arrived, first driving to stop the attacker with a taser before shooting him dead. a judicial source tells nbc news the attacker had been identified as a french national born in 1997. originally from chechnya who was on a watch list for signs of radicalization. his parents have been taken into custody for questioning. isis claimed responsibility for the bloodshed, but it's not yet known if the attacker had any connection to the group. in a tweet, french president aa said his thoughts are the victims and their hovde one. praising the courage of plofrz who neutralized the terrorist. this kind of violence now all too familiar to friends. a string of jihadist attacks in the last three years killed more than 245 people. . the massacre at the newspaper carnage at theater. and the bastille day truck attack in nice. in the words of the french
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president, france once again paid the price with her blood. we understand the suspect had no police record. he was on the nagtwide db of people suspected of terrorism. but this is a list can 26,000 people on it. and the french interior minister says it's impossible to keep tabs on everyone. >> another difficult day in paris. thank you very much. it's been deadly in indonesia as well with three bomb attacks on three separate churches attacked in the second largest city. 13 people killed and dozens pg injured. the attacks went off almost simultaneously during sunday morning mass. officials say the suicide bombers were members of the same family including teenagers and children. with just weeks to go before the historic summit between president trump and kim jong un there may be another sign of progress. kelly o'donnell at the white
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house with more for us. good morning. >> good morning, from the korean peninsula to the middle east president trump is setting changes in motion that could have long-lasting consequences. his meeting set for june 12th and north korea is providing another sign that summit is on track. . another dramatic step from kim jong un. saturday north korean state media reported that within two weeks one nuclear test site will be dismanteled by explosives. president trump reacted with an ee fusive thank you. . a smart and gracious gesture. coming after the release of three marens as kim prepares for the singapore summit with president trump. >> i really think he wants to do something. and bring the country into the real world. >> eager to shone foreign policy metal, the president is celebrating a controversial move in the middle east over the holy
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city claimed by jews and palestines. >> we will final open the american embassy in jerusalem. daughter ivanka trump posted with great joy she will be part of the delegation por the monday ribbon cutting. tensions are already high as palestinian protests are expected to coincide with the embassy oh opening. back home the president's lawyer tells nbc news that he will request robert mueller agree to wait for a possible investigation interview with the president until after the trump kim summit june 12th. i couldn't take his situation away from that said giuliani. we can't prepare in the way he deserves to be prepared before the summit. giuliani also clarified comments he made about trump loyalist michael cohen's 6-figure
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consulting contract with at&t at it sought perms to merge with time warner. the merge he were denied by the justice department. giuliani told me. i just want to be clear, the president did not intervene. >> and there is more fallout over the white house staff member crass remark about john mccain saying his opinion didn't matter because he is dying anyway. utah senate candidate mitt romney wheated those who don't comment about this are silent accomplices. also lindsey graham who is a friend both to john mccain and on good terms with president trump called the remark disgusting and says the white house should apologize. >> kelly o'donnell thank you as always. chuck todd is enjoying a well deserved morning off. happy to be joined by nbc news political analyst and state department adviser elise jordan. thanks. picking one the mccain story ppt white house has not formally apologized kelly saddler on the
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communications staff says they've acknowledged she said it john mccain is dying so we wouldn't worry that he will railroad for gina haspel. sarah sanders said the skment unacceptable but seemed more concerned by the fact it was leaked. why can't they bring themselves to say it happens, wrong and we're sorry for it. >> let's put it in the overall context of what the comment was even about. this horrible compensate. it's about confirming the first woman to the cia who had a history of running the black sites and the torture program during the war on terror. this is ultimately a debate about torture and trying to get -- push a nominee through who john mccain disagrees with and discussing his death as he suffers from ar a very terrible terminal form of brain cancer. it is par for the course for this white house to dispense with casual kult cruelty it's
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the defining characteristic of president trump. they're fudge to double done and i would be shocked if they step it back and apologize. >> remember, in the first month of his presidential campaign in july of 2015 one of his first acts was to say that john mccain is not a war hero. perhaps miss saddler thought she had cover. >> exactly. and it didn't hurt donald trump. >> right. >> the base kind of liked it. it didn't hurt him in the polls. he kept going up. they think they can survive anything. >> let's talk about north korea we have more news this morning that north korea "the guardian"ed to dismantel nuclear test sites. the president thanked north korea for the gesture. the three americans released by north korea. to mike pompeo, the secretary of state, ahead of this june 12th meeting between kim jong un and president trump in singapore, where are you on the spectrum of skepticism about north korea. >> it's a positive step to dismantle a test site but it
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shows north korea it is pretty confident to put it together again. it's a positive step to release three hostages. but north korea shouldn't have taken them in the first place and put them in forced labor. i do have a dreg of skepticism about what the summit are accomplish since donald trump says that says that denuclearization is the only acceptable outcome for him. and north korea hasn't been speaking in the same way and has been more vague about promises. so at the end of the day it's coming down to what can be achieved at this summit. and donald trump needs a win after just this week he decided to withdraw from the iran nuclear zbleel and north korea is wonder whag that means for any deal they make. i want to ask you back at home about this essential consultants, the lobbying firm set up by the personal attorney for my knowledge cohen to make the payment to stormy daniels. and now we learn there was a ton of money flowing in from a ton of places including major
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american corporations like at&t to get the ear of donald trump through michael cohen to get access to the white house. but also a company who is stake holder is a russian oligarch. trump supporters say this is the which business is done. always lobbying going on. which is this different. >> trump support he is can say this is business as usual. and yes it's a form of legalized corruption in my opinion. but the fact of the matter is it's exactly what donald trump campaigned on. and what propel him to office that he said he was going to drain the swamp. what's unique about this is who while michael cohen was taken money from americans it's a bit odd to half half a million dollars from a company linked to a russian oligarch who is sanctioned for interference during the election for interference. it's a tricky web that michael cohen has a lot to as answer for. >> not much draining of the swamp. great to have you with us this morning. >> thank you. a new physician yur opened
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on the hawaii island shooting out lava as high a four-story building close to geothermal energy plan. workers have removed 50,000 deballas of chemicals there. it could shoot out large boulders from the summit in the the coming days and weeks. scarey moments at six flag over georgia on saturday when a train ride caught fire. the aftermath was caught on camera. no passengers were on the train when the fire breck out. but two employees had to go to the hospital president for evaluation an investigation is underway. and we have seen sporting events interrupted which drunk fans or random squirrels on the field. but this is a new one. a snake came into centerfield a at a minor league baseball game in san antonio. crew members tried to grab it. finally with the help of a couple of buckets the job got done. i've seen a lot of grounds crew
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work but never a snake. >> i love seeing grown men act like little girls. >> i would too if i saw that. dylan here is with a check of the mothers' days happy mother's day to you. >> i wish i had better weather in the forecast. it's unsettled and chilly, especially in the northeast and back to the great lakes. we have a stalled front stalled. so as rung as it sits there wave after wave of low pressure rides along. we have heavy rain threw cleveland. moving eastward through the day today. so it's going to be very cloudy. remain unsettled with off and on showers producing heavier downpours. this is through monday sliding to the south. more rain through maryland and delaware. and it's also the dividing line between very much below average temperatures and above average highs. in fact cincinnati, charlotte, birmingham, blam bram in the above average temperature
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we're running a few degrees cooler at this hour. this morning across the bay area, we're seeing low clouds. we've got this nice building onshore flow. we've got a couple of temperature changes heading towards the afternoon. current temperatures right now remain in the 50s, san jose at 55 degrees. san francisco 56. oakland also in the mid-50s, we can expect to see slightly below seasonal average temperatures in the afternoon. and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you dylan. >> strait ahead the highs and lows of the week at moving college graduation ceremony where a grieving mother walked across the state your name to accept a diploma for her late daughter. and we will tell you why this man drove home in a work in a truck full of bees. plus policing in america a rare inside look how the norkds
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police department is learning from high-profile incidents changing tactics and achieving record low crime in the country's biggest city. >> if we're not working together with the people who live in the neighborhoods we're not accomplishing anything. >> it's all coming up on sunday today. as wehead to break our photo of the week. katy perry sprouting wings at the met gala in new york city. ♪ surprised? it's called always discreet boutique. it looks and fits like my underwear. i know what you're thinking. how can something this pretty protect? hidden inside is a super absorbent core that quickly turns liquid to gel... ...for incredible protection. so i feel protected... ...and pretty. always discreet boutique.
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all with a clean light feel. for unbeatable protection. it's the one. the best for your skin. ultra sheer®. neutrogena®. see what's possible. dylan and i are ready to whip through the highs and lows of the week. we begin with our first high on this mother's day going to a powerful and heartbreaking moment for one mother in nashville. shirl baker walked across the stage at belmont university to accept a diploma on behalf of her daughter, deebony groves, weeks after she was killed by a gunman while eating at a waffle house in a shooting that made national news. baker received a standing
6:20 am
ovation as she took her late daughter's place at graduation. she was just a couple of weeks from earning her degree in social work when she and three others were killed at random in the restaurant. her brother, deangelo, also received his diploma from belmont at the ceremony and wiped away tears when the school announced a social work scholarship in his sister's name. meanwhile, james shaw, the hero who stopped the shooter that night, started a gofundme page the next day for the families of the victims in the shooting. his goal was $15,000. this morning, it's up to about $240,000. >> incredible. >> disarms the shooter, goes to the hospital, goes to church the next morning. and immediate starts thinking about the victims and not himself. >> exactly. let's turn now to our first low. it goes to some of the hazards inherent in the life of a professional beekeeper. this week, a north carolina beekeeper named wally leatherwood picked up 18,000 bees from a local farm. when he made a pit stop on the
6:21 am
way home, he put the bees in the c cab of his truck to keep them cool with his a.c. when he came back, they had escaped while he made a delivery to make, so he slipped back behind the wheel. >> this fool has got bees in his truck turned loose. >> oh, hell no. >> a lot of stars in this video aside from wally. >> wally, you're a fool. >> old wally said he paid good money for the bees and wasn't going to just turn them loose, so he drove home with a smile on his face in a truck full of bees. and dylan, somehow did not get stung. >> aren't you supposed to just act natural and cool around the bees, and they'll leave you alone. >> i think if you don't irritate them, they won't come at you. 18,000, isn't one going to sting you? he just got a big smile on his face driving home. i feel like wally's done this before. >> i think see has. >> the next low goes to one
6:22 am
hiding skills of an internet-famous dog. tasha is being called inside the house from the back yards, except tasha doesn't want to go inside the house and knows just the flower pot to help her foil her owners. >> tasha? tasha, where are you? tasha? tasha? tasha? where are you, tasha? tasha? >> the door opens, tasha disappears. the door closes, she pops back up. they'll never find tasha with those hiding skills. >> is that a really big pot or a small dog? >> i think a small dog. >> okay. >> yeah. how smart is she? >> adorable. >> never came inside. our final low is just a straight-up "america's funniest home videos" moment with a golf cameraman standing in the wrong spot. >> going through the tree.
6:23 am
>> oh -- >> damn. >> guy trying to thread an iron shot through the trees and instead turns it into pinball off one tree and into his buddy's grill, knocking the camera down. check it out again. got to take an angle getting that shot. >> it never doesn't hit the tree. all that space and hits the tree. >> just like my golf game. coming up, a sunday sit down with the hysterical melissa mccarthy from her upbringing in a soybean field in illinois to the scene in "bridesmaids," expect why she's finally let -- and why she's finally letting her daughter see her latest movie. and dylan has a tribute to moms before they were moms. and you can chat on facebook with me in a few minutes. every tv doctor knows nothing's more important than a good bedside manner. i don't know how to say this. it's ok doc. give it to me straight.
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bay bridge - from emeryville whethgood sunday morning an happy mother's day. that is the bay bridge in the camera in emeryville and it's a little foggy this morning. vianey has a look at the mike crow climate forecast for mother's day and beyond. >> happy mother's day. we have low clouds so you see that we're definitely seeing those low clouds and hazy skies but have no fear, we're not expecting any rain from this. we're going to see a nice cooldown. right now the temperatures running anywhere between 5 to even more degrees cooler at this hour than yesterday. yesterday we already had 60s on the map. right now in san francisco, 56 degrees. san jose 55. a quick look at your 24-hour
6:27 am
temperature trend, you can see that fog rolling in. look at sunnyvale, ten degrees cooler at this hour. our seasonably daytime highs will run a couple of degrees cooler but i'll break it all down coming up during the 7:00 a.m. hour. let's turn to local news, a dramatic scene in the east bay, a five alarm fire in vallejo destroyed one home and damaged three others. it was so intense vallejo fire called for support from five other departments. cell phone video shows smoke from that intense fire. the backyard where the fire started was destroyed. the home on the property really nothing left of it there. three other residences also damaged and several trees in the backyard posed a danger for fire crews. >> the amount of oils and embers tlerp they were throwing caught one home and severe damage to a primary structure and fire damage to three adjacent homes as well. >> shattered my window here and
6:28 am
melted my blinds. this is my living room. >> a lot of radiant heat from the fear. the fire got so intense she and her family had to leave. no one was injured in the fire though. at least one pet was killed and another may be missing. uc berkeley's commencement saturday did not come without controversy. thousands of students who had been looking forward to a key note address by kamala harris, were disappointed. she canceled her speech in support of uc workers on strike. some students turned their backs in solidarity with the striking worker and in support of harris' decision. >> little disappointed because she's not able to give her speech but understanding of the cause she's supporting and this is berkeley, very political place. >> standing up for the cause. still disappointing. >> the staff -- the union represents are essential and she
6:29 am
hopes negotiations can be fruitful. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," it is a sweet summertime treat but they will be hard to find. shortage affecting local farms and what's behind it. plus all of your top news stories and vianey will be back with a rest of the forecast coming up at 7:00. for now, we'll send you back to the sunday "today" show with willy geist.
6:30 am
mom, did you ever think that i'd be on "snl" someday? >> no. >> awesome. remember i was in that production of "the crucible" in high school. >> oh, right. yeah. you know, "the crucible" is a lot like a witch hunts against president trump. >> don't love that. let's go. >> "saturday night live," the cast members giving a tribute to their moms last night just ahead of mother's day. amy schumer hosted with musical guest kacey musgraves. melissa mccarthy is in the exclusive club of people who have hosted "snl" at least five times, and she's traveled the long road to the highest reaches of show business beginning with her childhood on a soybean farm in plainfield, illinois. mccarthy left home for new york
6:31 am
as a thoroughly broke 20-year-old. today with blockbusters like "bridesmai "bridesmaids" and "ghost busters" on her rescissiume, "f" says she is one of four of the highest paid actresses in hollywood. "life of the party" is out this weekend, directed by her husband, ben falcone. we sat down in the famed rainbow room at rockefeller center. ♪ melissa mccarthy is always the life of the party. >> somebody's mom just enrolled in college. beep, beep, beep -- it's me. >> in her latest movie, the 47-year-old actress plays a mom going back to school alongside her embarrassed daughter. >> oh, my god, mom! >> don't just to conclusions. you don't know what's happening here. >> it looks like my mother is doing the walk of shame out of a frat house. >> technically that's what's happening. let's just go. >> feels to me like a melissa sort of classic -- big
6:32 am
character, self-confident, more than maybe she should be. >> that's just me being me. i wanted to show like a mom and daughter relationship where the daughter wasn't always rolling her eyes and the mom wasn't a nightmare. >> "life of the party" is mccarthy's third collaboration with directory ben falcone, who also happens to be her real-life husband of 12 years. together the pair runs on the day productions and a family with two daughters, viv and georgie. >> my favorite is when they pitch jokes. >> do they really? >> yeah. sometimes like they're really funny ideas but -- it will take like eight days to shoot. >> right. >> i was like -- i like how elaborate that is, but maybe the elephants aren't necessary. >> have any of their bits made it into any of the movies? >> no. i can't -- not on camera. no, none of their ideas. they've all been mine. >> the roots of mccarthy's comedy are 2,000 miles from hollywood back on the plainfield, illinois, farm where she grew up.
6:33 am
in school, mccarthy was a cheerleader. she played tennis, and she was known affectionately as a bit of a chatterbox. when college didn't work out, a friend suggested melissa meet him in new york. at the age of 20, she arrived in the big apple with no plan and only $35 in her pocket. >> i'd never been here. just showing up -- i mean, just shy of being like, you know, overalls with a weed, i'm from a soybean farm. i've showed up at this address that he'd given me. he was staying on someone's couch. it was like only a 20-year-old, did not know that. and i showed one all my bags, and this girl was like, what are you doing here? i was like, i'm moving in. she looked at my friend brian, it was like a weird triangle of looks. and i could tell she had no idea. i was like, hey. can i get a square of carpet? >> on her very first night in new york, that same friend encouraged mccarthy to try
6:34 am
standup comedy. on stage she went by miss y, a play on missy as she's known back home. you just walked up there cold, told stories, and how did it go? >> told stories. it went okay. i didn't know when they flashed the light from the back that that means get off. as you walk on, they're flashing the light. we already dislike you. right when the light happened the first time was at the exact same time that people laughed. and then i saw this flashing light in back, and i was like -- they're encouraging me. i literally thought it was their idea of like -- silent applause. and then the light kept flashing, and i was like -- i just kept talking. >> mccarthy's standup career got better from there. and she helped to make ends meet by acting in dramatic plays, as she says, way off broadway. >> i think doing so many plays where you're like, i hope we break even. >> right. >> i have to return the chairs. i remember trying to get folding chairs into a tax cab, and i was
6:35 am
worried i can't pay for the taxi, but i can't carry the chairs back to the rental place. and just being like, this is probably -- i'm probably doing -- not doing something correctly. >> after several years of that struggle, mccarthy headed west and joined the groundlings, l.a.'s famed improv comedy troupe where she performed alongside kristin wiig, mayary difficult t -- maya rudolph, and her now-husband ben. >> that was my university. the first time i went to see it, i thought this can't be off the top of people's heads. it's all making sense. the rhythm's good. it just seemed kind of lierveof magic act, and then i was hooked. >> three years into her groundlings run and with a self-imposed deadline of 30 years old to get her break or get out of the business, mccarthy landed the role of sookie st. james on "gilmore girls." seven seasons on "gilmore girls" led to "mike and molly," the sit
6:36 am
cbs sitcom that earned month carthy her first emmy award in 2014. her second came last year for her turn as guest host on "saturday night live." >> i'm here to swallow gum, and i'm here to take names. >> it's the 2011 move "bridesmaids" where she star the with her old friends wiig and rudolph that made mccarthy a household name. she was so good, in fact, that she earned a surprise oscar nomination. >> uh-oh. somebody found a souvenir. >> as you're talking about the movie, i apologize -- scene flashed through my mind at the bridal shop in the bathroom. >> yeah. >> that's a career maker right there. >> that's a doozy. when they're pouring oatmeal and like cranberry juice and -- then there was always somebody like, the secret is the ground ham. i'm like, thank you. oh, god. i don't need to know there's ham in it. >> since then, mccarthy has
6:37 am
starred in one hit comedy after another and become one of hollywood's most bankable stars. >> not so bad. >> "life of the party" is something new, and just in time for mother's day. >> i love it. >> you've said "life of the party" is the first movie that your girls will be able to see. that you've been in. it's pg-13. yes, i'm thrilled to have my mom see it. and i'm thrilled to have my girls see it. i do love that i can finally prove that i have a job. >> you know they're going to be looking for their jokes from the kitchen table in the movie, though. >> i know. i know. literally going to be like -- pay up. pay up. >> "life of the party" is in theaters now. melissa has two more movies coming out including october's "can you ever forgive me," a drama that already has peek speculate being awards season. to hear melissa explain why she was mildly insulted that lorne michaels thought she'd make a good sean spicer on "snl," check out our wed extras at
6:38 am don't forget to subscribe to the sunday sit down podcast to hear the unedited interview with melissa. you can find it along with all of our full-length interviews on tune in or wherever you get your podcasts. next week, a sit down with laura dern, emmy and golden globe winning star of "big little lies," talking about growing up in hollywood and how she's fighting to change the industry today. laura dern next week on "sunday today." dylan's back with a check of mother's day's weather. >> hello, and good morning, everyone on this mother's day. it is unsettled, and that's going to start next week, as well, as we go into the workweek monday. we'll see scattered showers and storms from the midwest to the great lakes. heavy rain down through florida. through the week, still unsettled, downpours, storms. hot and dry in the southwest. by the end of the week, remaining unsettled in the east coast and nor
6:39 am
we're waking up to cloudy conditions in san francisco. we've got in low clouds out there. the temperatures are running a couple of degrees cooler waking up to 50s now, 57 degrees in hayward, 56 for oakland. 54 in napa. 54 degrees also in palo alto. it is still a little breezy along the coast line. we can expect to see cooler temperatures into the afternoon. you can see we've got fog building along the coast and half moon bay and san francisco. that's your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan. thank you very much. coming up next on "sunday today," america's biggest city has reached record lows in violent crime. so what is new york's secret, and what can other police departments learn from the nypd? we'll have a rare inside look at the operation.
6:40 am
napoleon is duping us! all around louisiana... you're a nincompoop! (phone ping) gentlemen, i have just received word! the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one. so you won't miss a purchase large, small, or very large. technology this helpful... could make history. what's in your wallet? if you watch local news or listen to the president
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sometimes you might get the impression that you live in a city and a country ravaged by crime. with some exceptions, you don't. fbi statistics show violent crime is down in the united states by more than half over the last 25 years. and another surveys show that number higher. here in new york, a city of 8.5 million people, crime has fallen for 27 consecutive years. in 2017 new york saw the fewest murders in its recorded history. so what has changed? and what can cities like chicago and baltimore suffering from terrible gun violence learn from new york? our sunday spotlight nbc stephanie gosk gets a rare inside look at the evolution of the new york city police department. >> reporter: 4:00 a.m. in new york city a police raid gears up. >> we are putting you in a dangerous position. >> it's a taketown a year in the maki. four warnts four locations.
6:42 am
a year in the making. 6:00 a.m. the teams bust in. arresting 12 alleged gang members suspected of running drugs. >> food is a good day. >> they find heroin, crack and lots of cash. the nypd calls this precision policing. targeting the city's top criminals and helping to prevent violent crime. >> good evening, everybody. >> what happened here is one small example of what's happening all over the city. >> new york is an increasingly violent city. >> a far cry from the new york city of decades ago. in 1990 more than 2,200 people were murdered citywide. for 2017 the number much homicides limited to rest than 300. but with that drop in crime the city has its police force now face another problem. >> still tough? >> yeah. >> just talk to teenagers lichaj in a tough part of time. >> a lot of kids not that type of kid are still harassed. >> when you say harassed what do
6:43 am
you mean. >> pulled over, stop and frisk, patdown, anything the cops will do to stop you and see a group of black kids, pull them over. >> it's the cop in the community. >> now a top nypd official is trying to change that. terrence month hand is the chief of the department overseaing 36,000 uniformed officers. >> i've asked my cops reach out to the people who don't like. >> you the chief says the crisis of trust between the police and people they serve began with the controversial stop and frisk policy. >> stop, stop and frisk. >> but it hit the worst in 2014 following months much demonstrations in ferguson. baltimore and here. after police killed eric garner. an unarmed man who died in a choke hold, all of it caught on camera. >> crime had been going down. but cop more alwas low. >> he says it was time to reinvent neighborhood policing. the philosophy on display in
6:44 am
washington hiekts, a once crime ridden neighborhood now almost unrecognizable from decade ago. >> want to try it on. the interactions here i hope helps. >> the little girl you speak to and she is 15 or 16 will remember this moment. >> yeah, that's what we hope. >> they are called neighborhood coordination officers. ncos. assigned to small specific zones. by year's end in every precinct. >> if we're not working together with the people live, work and worship in the neighborhoods we're not accomplishing anything. >> community support is essential in fighting crime. like the time ncos natalie and amber were chasing down a robbery. a personal connection with the local bar made the difference. >> we needed the video footage and got them. >> you see the change now. there is more work has to be done. >> city councilmember was born
6:45 am
and raised in new york. he says the nco program is a start but reflects on the time he was stopped by police at 13 years old. >> freeze. at that moment i had no idea that you shouldn't go in your pockets because weapons were drawn on us. that is an experience i will never forget. >> but is throwing a few cops in a community on a daily basis really going to change the minds of a generation that grau up during that really difficult period? >> no, you can never undo the damage but you can try. >> the chief says the police department is committed to making it work. >> it's been said many times it's hard to hate up close. you may hate the blue uniform. but when you know the person and as a human it's different. >> for sunday today, stephanie gosk, new york. >> steph, thank you very much. next on sunday today, dill within a tribute to moms before they were moms. >> i think as kids we often forget that our parents are
6:46 am
human. this project requires us to see these women and remember, hey, you are not the only thing on this time line. >> and later, a life well lived, the hollywood trail blazer whose oscar winning work was not on the screen but in the darkness of the edit room. can help us bring history back to life. to recreate historical sites, we had to stitch hundreds of pictures one by one. with microsoft ai, we are able to stitch hundreds of thousands of pictures in one night. i need to make it possible, because it's so important to do it. with artificial intelligence you can go in, you can experience it. give mom the perfect gift and get kohl's cash! give her a designer fragrance or nike sneakers and get kohl's cash! help mom clean up with a roomba and you'll get $70 kohl's cash! plus shop other great gifts storewide the more you spend
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as you celebrate mom on this mother's day sunday, you most post a throwback photo of her to social media. that's my mom, jody, just killing those pants with me back in the 1970s. >> and this is my mom, linda, painting the stairs that would become the center point of our lives. as kids, it's so easy to forget that our mothers' lives started before we were ever in them. to help us remember, one woman is using instagram to collect old photos like these and the stories behind them all year long. in our "sunday closer," a new way to pay honorable ang-- pay homage to your mom by remembering who she was before she became mom. they're the every day heroes whose stories retirely get told. >> -- rarely get told. >> before my mom was a mom, she was an artist. she was super carefree. >> ambitious, young career woman. >> they're our mothers. what's going on with the
6:50 am
glasses, mom? >> watching -- >> reporter: >> over the past years, novelist eden la pucky has received hundreds of photos like these showing moms before they were moms, sent in by daughters across the country. >> every daughter i know is interested in old photos of their parents. it's almost like a time capsule. >> as the founder of the instagram project, "mothers before," she collects and shares these women's stories with her more than 18,000 followers. >> i think as kids we often kind of forget that our parents are human. this project requires us to see these women and remember, hey, you're not the only thing on this timeline. like before you came along, i was riding in airplanes and going horseback riding. i was like posing like pat benetar on the stairwell, and you were not even in the picture. >> think of it as a history project with each submission adding to an online gallery of mothers as their children never saw them. >> this is my mom, kay hair
6:51 am
tang. this is a photo of her chilling on a boat. >> that's anna who wrote this about her mom and business partner, kay -- >> this woman is my hero. she moved from south korea to the states at age 13, joined the army right out of high school, traveled all around europe, learned new languages. this is photo evidence of why she was and is so loved by everyone who meets her. >> you know, as a mother, that's the highest compliment you could ever receive, right. yeah. i was very touched. >> my own mom, linda -- well, before she had my oldest brother, she was a bathing beauty with a flair for adventure. this is my mom on her honeymoon about to go parasailing. and man, i saw this picture, and i'm just like, my mom's hot. and there's so much life behind this picture even in black and white. >> i just was too skinny, too tall. i hated being tall at the time. >> too tall, too skinny, uh. >> in hindsight, i should have played it up more. >> and then there's paria, whose
6:52 am
mother fariba is seen here blissful on her wedding day, years before the iranian revolution tore through her homeland. >> i look at them and think, oh, you have your whole lives planned. and i had no idea what was going to happen. >> for daughters like emma whose mother betsy passed away when she was just 8 years old -- >> this is a photo of my mom for her college graduation. >> photos like these are more like answers to the questions she never got to ask. >> because i don't know so much about her life from her own words, the photos are really great windows into the past. give it you a lot of clues if you look close enough. >> moments captured sometime before me became mom now brought to life on social media by the children they raised. >> that is such a cool idea. it's called "mothers before" on instagram. by the way, calvin said some -- sent something over for you. >> calvin. thank you. these are beautiful. >> he called it in this morning.
6:53 am
calvin thought so. >> i love it. thanks, cal. >> should be home in a minute. this week we highlight another life well lived. movie stars and directors get the glory in hollywood, of course, but they'd all tell you they are nothing without a good film editor. and there have been few better than anne coates. coates started out in her native great britain as a surgical nurse at a hospital for men wounded in world war ii. what she really wanted was to work on the kind of movies she had fallen in love with at the theater in her hometown. coates ran a projector at first, then learned to edit as an assistant in the cutting room at her uncle's pinewood studios outside london. she proved herself at a time when there were precious few opportunities for women in film beyond hairdressing which didn't interest her a bit. coates won an oscar in 1963 for her editing of "lawrence of arabia," which included a famous single cut from a match to a sunrise that steven spielberg
6:54 am
says helped to inspire him to get into filmmaking. over a six-decade career, coates was nominated for an oscar four more times. her movies include "beckett," murder on the orient express," "the elephant man," "erin brockovich," and even "50 shades of gray." anne coates, a trailblazing talents in hollywood, died this week in woodland hills, california. she was 92 years old. ♪ hey allergy muddlers: are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® zyrtec® starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec®. muddle no more®. and try children's zyrtec® for consistently powerful relief of your kid's allergies. >> vo: they want more out of life in every way.
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markle tie the knot next week.
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