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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 14, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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francisco it is monday morning, taking a live look outside in the city by the bay. live look at san francisco, nice shot this morning. monday, got to get things going now and pay for the weekend i suppose. good morning, thanks for joining us. >> i'm marcus washington. let's look at our weekday forecast. >> it's going to be great. today we had a beautiful weekend and that weather just continues today. it will be slightly cooler in some spots. let's get a look at our live view of san jose this morning as you get ready to head out. we have a few clouds rolling by in campbell we'll start to see the clouds clearing out later this morning. a cool start but another very pleasant afternoon. we're going to reach into the low 70s today for much of the inland area.
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i'll talk about that and what's ahead for week. now mike, you're following a crash reported in palo alto. >> i am, we're looking at university northbound 101. that's exactly where the crash was reported. i scanned up and down the freeway and zoomed in on the approach we see, i don't see any lanes blocked. don't even see flashing lights. chp still has an incident northbound 101. be careful as you're approaching university there. may be activity in the lanes. we don't see slowing. this is something i'm following on reports but doesn't appear to be a major problem. no problems right now. maybe some debris over there for 84 near is issis a bell. be careful. >> we start with breaking news in the middle east. today's opening of the u.s. embassy in jerusalem is today. >> that move is already sparring thousands of palestinians to protest. live look at the gaza, we've seen people carried away in
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stretchers. in the last hour we've learned at least 12 people are dead. this is all being sparked by president trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital. the new embassy opens at 6:00 a.m. our time after moving out of tel aviv. the president first put the plan in motion about six months ago. "today in the bay" tracie potts will have a live report at the top of the hour. >> sonoma state students will have a hard time focusing on the final exam, dealing with the first homicide ever. a man stabbed another man to death at the freshman dorm around 6:00 last night. some students talked to us and they say the victim is a student but police won't wconfirm that just yet sf. >> we're taking care of them. we have found hotels in the area where we this go and stay for those that need it as i was saying, they have -- some have friends they can stay with and some have family nearby and
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chosen to pursue that. more importantly, we have counseling services available for our students and we understand this is going to be a traumatic event for some of them. >> we can tell you police have the suspect in custody. happening tonight, a forum with eight candidates hoping to be san francisco's next mayor after a controversial one over the weekend. >> and the candidate and supervisor jan kim left abruptly after some people started shooting out ethnic slurs at her. sergio has the story. >> reporter: supervisor jane kim started talking about affordable housing when several spost supporters of london breed crashed the event. >> wasn't invited to the invite. >> we think you need to go home. you need to go home. >> during the exchange someone made derogatory comments about supervisor jane kim's ethnicity.
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>> i was not personally offended by comments made and won't stand for campaigns to be divided because of statements that were made in the heat of the moment. >> board of supervisors president london breed was not invited to the event but has seen the video. >> i've had attacks of this nature against me as well and it doesn't feel good. and i do not support this behavior in any way. >> this mayor's race includes some of the most diverse front-runners ever. london breed is san francisco and jane kim is asian american and mark leno is opening gay. >> we have enough dif advivisiv comments made out of the white house. we here in san francisco are better than that. >> what's most important to do, not focus on what divides but what brings us together. >> sergio quinn tan na. "today in the bay." it is nearly three years since 18-year-old maddy middleton was raped and murdered
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in santa cruz. the person accused of the brutal killing has yet to enter a plea in the case but that could change today. adrian gonzalez is expected back in court for another arraignment hearings. lawyers are planning to appeal the decision to try gonzalez as an adult. he's now 18 but he was 15 at the time of maddy's murder. a violent weekend as san jose police investigate a shooting at a backyard party. this happened about 2:00 sunday morning on hound haven way in south san jose. that's near monterey road. police say when they arrived they found a man with a gunshot wound. he is in the hospital and witnesses say it appears a house party was taking place at the time of the shooting. so far police don't have suspects. meantime, another shooting at a party in east palo alto. this happened jucst after 8:00 s an apartment complex on east
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o'keefe street. this is near high withway 101 a university avenue. one of them pulled out a gun and fired several times. that victim is recovering at the hospital and is in stable condition right now. police say that suspect is still on the loose. >> 4:36. how did you spend mother's day? probably not like this, a dramatic rescue for one bay area mom. a woman was hiking with her family on mt. tam when she fell and hurt herself. chp helicopter had to be called to pluck her from that mountain. this is video of the 53-year-old woman being rescued. she is expected to make a full recove recovery. what an exciting mother's day that was. >> absolutely. >> we're going to have excitement tonight if the warriors are going to make it two championships in a row, they have to go through the houston rockets. >> tonight they have first chance to get the upper hand. game one tips off in houston. both teams made it look easy getting here. they won both of the conference
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semis, four games to one, game one of this round is first two games in houston then back to dub nation for games three and four starting next sunday. >> here we go. coming up next on quts today in the bay, you have your memorial day plans yet? if you're expecting to do traveling, you will not be alone. a number of americans who are heading out. >> stick around, we have very important things to ask you, one of those questions about your credit card, it's a question that nearly 40% of americans know the answer to. let's hope you fare better than that.
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good monday morning to you, i'm bertha coombs live at cnbc headquarters. wall street looking like it's going to open higher again this morning. markets are coming off a positive week thanks in part to strong rally in energy stocks and oil prices. the dow posting its best week since march, up seven sessions in a row looking to make it eight today. we're going to watch for economic reports this week on retail sales and housing. on friday the dow rose 91 points to 21,831 and nasdaq slipped two to 7402. if you had baby back ribs at chilies, b es may want to check
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bank account. customers credit and debit card information was compromised. no social security numbers were exposed because it doesn't collect that data. brinker believes the breach happened between march and april. at least 15 separate breaches have occurred to retailers since january of last year. that works out to one a month. the roads will be crowded this memorial day according to aa. more than 41 million americans expected to travel, up 5% from a year ago and the most in a dozen years. prediction comes as gas prices are at their highest level since 2014. aaa says a strong economy and growing consumer confidence are spurring people to get out and what's expected to be a busy summer travel season. guys? >> ready to go this summer. >> thanks so much. >> here's a question for you this morning. do you know the interest rates of your credit cards? it turns out most of americans don't.
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credit says only 39% of card holders know their interest rates. the average credit card interest rate is around 17%. here's a useful tip for you, it really doesn't hurt to call the credit card company and ask them to lower your rate. it doesn't hurt and doesn't affect anything. they say often times this works. >> there you go. >> it is 4:42. we're going to check in with kari hall with a look at our forecast for the week. >> looks pretty good. in fact today starts out cooler than the weather we had over the weekend. taking a live look outside in fremont and temperature trend, mid-50s through 8:00, a lot of sunshine and comfortable highs in the upper 60s there. we'll talk about the rest of the week coming up next. a live look at dublin, 580 moves very smoothly towards the interchange. sti till tracking an incident to 84. more coming up. live pictures of,
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tonight is giants rugby welcome back. you're watching "today in the bay" on this monday morning. four days from friday. live pictures now as we look at at&t park. giants rugby demonstrations and water rugby in mccovey cove for rugby cup held in july. teams around the world will be here, including fiji, one of the best in the league right now.
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>> very cool. rugby world. >> water rugby that sounds rough. >> i guess it's a lot cleaner. if you've ever seen rugby. you had a good mother's day? >> a beautiful mother's day and went to a vineyard and church and it was a really -- >> i did a lot of laundry. good for you. >> that's what mothers day. we're going to have a beautiful day and as we take a live look outside, san francisco starting out with clouds right now at about 2,000 feet. of course it's above the city and we will at times see the clouds rolling by, especially for the coast. 7-day forecast is already at the bottom of the screen. as we go to martinez for a temperature trend for today, we'll be at 56 degrees at 8:00, already clear and sunny and then seeing highs making it in the upper 60s for later today. it's going to feel really nice and that morning commute for the south bay starts out with clouds. we'll still see a mix of sun and
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clouds through about 9:00 then skies will clear out by late morning, early afternoon, lunch outside today as highs head up to the low 70s for south bay. 74 in gilroy and 72 in san jose. low 70s for much of the east bay, anty of course, 74 degrees and oakland expect a high of 65. upper 50s for half moon bay and upper 60s for palo alto. san francisco low 60s for this afternoon and it's still going to be windy, those winds rushing in from the west at 16 miles per hour. more of the same from the north bay. highs in the upper 60s to lower 70s, you start out with a jacket then you may need a light long sleeve and pants today to keep comfortable as we get a lot of sunshine. if you're heading to the sierra over the next couple of days, head's up we've seen these storms firing up over the past 12 hours and there will be the chance that we could still see this disturbance spinning just to the east of us and that will
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bring in some elevated areas of some thunderstorms for parts of the sierra. while we will continue on with dry weather, only seeing an increase in cloud cover on wednesday. maybe a couple of spotty showers for some of our higher elevations and then warming up as we go through the week inland. san francisco keeps the upper 50s to low 60s through the week. mike, now you're checking out two reports from chp? >> two reports and no major issues from the initial report but the one in oakland may be an issue. i'll get out of your way. you see the sensors around the bay, almost all of them showing green. we were hearing about this report of highway 84 and there's a little slowing that develops right there and that's early for this slowdown to occur. i'm going to say it's at least a distraction, sounds like a fendsfends fender bender. dublin interchange is okay. a bigger concern, we see slowing southbound 880 approaching 16th where i just heard about a crash there in the area as well.
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chp should arrive zoon and give me detail. it did sound there may be one vehicle that may have trouble getting removed there. we'll track that. over here at contra costa county, marin county, all moving smoothly aside from the one crash in oakland. a live look shows san rafael, southbound 101 light flow of traffic down to the golden gate bridge. and across the san mateo bridge west 92 shows an easy dry towards foster city and the peninsula. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> legalizing marijuana in california was supposed to help the black market pot business go legit but weed is still -- and most banks won't touch the money. >> which makes it by and large cash only. as liz wagner found, all of that cash is causing problems. >> reporter: people in the industry carrying cash are vulnerable to violent attacks that can also endanger the public. many are turning to security companies to lockup their cash in cars like this one to keep it
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safe on the roads. we hitched a ride with hard car. we drove to a dispensary when armed agents picked up the taxes, $1 billion in tax revenue alone. there's a lot of cash floating around the stay. pot growers say not having a bank is dangerous and bad for business. >> what does that do to you and burden you? >> raising money and going to institutional investors and stuff like that and saying we don't have a bank account or it is all operating cash, it's hard without a relationship with an investor to build that trust. >> what are the work arounds? lying to banks about how they make their money? turning cash into cryptocurrency. >> reporter: coming up we investigate the creative way pot businesses are protecting and even hiding their cash. that's tonight at 11:00. see you then. >> if you want to get a hold of
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liz the team, you can logon to our website, nbcbayarea.c now to another story our investigative unit has brought to life. we're talking about radiation cleanup at hunter's point naval ship yard in san francisco. supervisors are holding a special hear today to get to the bottom of what's happening. tetra tech, the company hired to clean up the site is accused of lying about the cleanup data. they deny those allegations. >> 4:51. it is affordable housing week and experts and city leaders around the region will take on the housing issue. we want to pay attention to the events throughout the week, santa clara county will hold a round table on ending homelessness at 2:00 at the training center on north 1st. there's a discussion on housing for all at the walnut creek library at 6:45. coming up here, beefing up patrols the reason san francisco police may step in at one popular b.a.r.t. station.
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>> first nbc bay area responds to travel insurance disputes regularly. >> consumer investigator chris chmura has says you have to do work before you buy the policy. >> european airlines are held to far stricter standards, in the event of a delay, you could be due reaccommodation or cash compensation that u.s. airlines aren't required to offer. happening now, more than a dozen google employees are no longer at the company. the website reporting because of a controversial military program. the program uses artificial intelligence to automatically classify people and objects in drone footage. danny glover will be speaking in sacramento, kicking off a national campaign aimed at
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reamping voter laws. it is sponsor by the california poor people's campaign. stick around, it's 4:52. jose do
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good monday morning, back here on "today in the bay," looking at downtown san jose, getting our workweek started. >> i might soon see police patrols at one san francisco b.a.r.t. station. police may step in at the civic center station. the mayor sat down with b.a.r.t. and leaders after reports and complaints of people injecting drugs around the station. b.a.r.t. says the police staff
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is under forced and they need help. it will take more than extra officers to solve that problem say critics. >> affecting your vote, contra costa county is holding an orientation for poll workers for the june primary. 1600 poll workers are needed and there's still time to sign up. the county sent out those recruiting tweets featuring will smith right there. take a look. but this is a serious matter and serious work here. poll makers make $125 and inspectors make $230 and if you're by lingual you'll make $10 extra. they are looking for poll workers as well. now to a prom controversy in south florida. check this out, jungle themed prom over the weekend. there's a tiger in a cage and people are not happy about that on social media. the backlash from animals rights activists and others is swift. some are calling animal abuse and peta says the wild animals
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aren't prom decorations. >> who has fire dancers at the prom? let alone tigers -- >> ours was in the cafeteria. >> coming up next, we're keeping track of that forecast or kari is for us. >> it will be a beautiful day if you're heading out to the giants game, happy to have them back in town after a big win on the road. we'll have cool weather and breezy winds out there and at t and t park. we'll talk about the rest of the bay area and the week coming up next. >> we're looking here, this is nimitz in fremont and everything is fine here but farther up in oakland, the crash reported, we have much more detail. you are not going to like what we have to report. we're following breaking news from overnight. deadly violence in the middle east, the dramatic change in israel that's sparking protest.
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good monday morning, we see people already on the go getting this workweek started. monday morning for you, this before 5:00. good morning and thanks for starting your morning with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. hope you had a great weekend. now off to monday. our beautiful weather continues
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and that's the good thing. >> it's going to be nice and sunny, starting out with cool weather and then through the day very comfortable with some sunshine. let's get a live look outside in palo alto. you see the clouds overhead, that will help cool our temperatures for much of the morning, even into the afternoon with breezy winds starting out in the mid-50s but only ending up in the mid-60s, we'll talk about what's ahead for the week as it will be another beautiful day and nice week coming up in a few minutes. mike, now you have a traffic alert for oakland. >> i told folks about the crash i just heard about southbound 880 at 16th, that's far north. right here we're looking over towards the coliseum. i'll show you the slowdown we see from 7th all the way down to 16th. we have what sounds like only one lane open right now, a crash involving a rig carrying lumber on the back. tens of thousands of pounds of lumber there as well as another vehicle blocking everything but the middle lane and just very careful, look how slow it is th.


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