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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 14, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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college campus right now at 11:00, a murder investigation on a college campus. one man is dead and students are shocked as a deadly stabbing happened in a dorm room. good morning. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. this is the story we've been following all morning long. it is a crime that is taking place as students get ready to take final exams. pete suratos joins us live from sonoma state university where a press conference is wrapping up and still questions with this stabbing death. what were you able to find out? >> reporter: good morning to you. still a lot of questions that need to be answered but we know according to petaluma police handling this investigation that the victim and suspect are not
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students. we now know the suspect of from santa rosa but it is unclear what the connection is to the student living in the dorm room where this all took place. >> we're trying to figure that out. they are definitely acquaintances and knew each other but not how well they were friends. that is something we're going to have to try and determine. >> reporter: now what you're looking at right now is video from the scene yesterday afternoon after this deadly stabbing took place on campus here, sonoma state university just after 6:00 p.m. the 26-year-old male victim who police are not identifying was stabbed to death by bratton and in the second floor unit known as the sauvignon village. we saw campus police still on the scene inside of the housing unit where this took place. we had a chance to speak with a number of students who lived in that dorm about what took place yesterday.
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many of them getting prepared for finals this week, still shocked by yesterday's events. >> it was only like a hundred feet from it, but i didn't -- the only thing i heard was ambulances and then i walked outside and there was a bunch of police officers. >> my roommates just told me what was going on and we had to stay on the top story of the dorm and not to leave. >> everyone is in their dorm. me and my roommates were talking about it and we can't believe it happened on campus. >> reporter: petaluma police say this is not a random act of violence and they don't see any threats to students' safety but a sonoma state university spokesperson said grief counselors are on hand for students saying the primary concern is for the well being of the students. live in sonoma state, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much for that update. more delays in the murder case in santa cruz county. two and a half years ago her
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body was found in a dumpster and she was raped and murdered. you may recall the case that shocked the bay area. well today a public defender plans to appeal the ruling that the suspect be tried as an adult. damian trujillo was inside of the courtroom for this morning's hearing and live with the details. >> reporter: well, laura, the da was already charging adrian gonzalez as an adult but because of prop 57 there has to be a hearing to proceed with that and recently a judge agreed with the d.a. and now the defense is peeling that ruling here in superior court in san francisco. he turned 18 and sat in court with his public defender. in 2015 prosecutors say he kidnapped and raped and murdered his neighbor, 8-year-old maddy middleton. he went from juvenile court to adult court and a judge just
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ruled that adult court is where he belongs. the prop 37 took that authority away from the district attorney and gave it to the court and that is why they had the prolonged hearing of nine weeks, but the defense disagrees with the judge and plans to appeal the ruling this week. >> the grounds for the appeal are essentially that, that he misapplied the law and focused more on the crime and less so on the child or the kid and prop 57 wants to give more kids who commit serious crimes treatment and rehabilitation rather than pure punishment. >> he's charged with all sorts of things, sexual assault, kidnapping, premeditation and he lured her with the promise of ice cream, just as horrible as it gets. >> reporter: today gonzalez pled not guilty to the charges in adult court. the prosecutor said prop 57 delayed the entire process in this case. he'll be back in court on july 31st. i spoke briefly with mattie middleton's grandfather and said this is justice delayed and he's
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frustrated with the justice system. live in santa cruz, i'm daxen trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the history was made as the united states opened the embassy in jerusalem. >> jerusalem is the capital of israel but america has been reluctant to recognize that. scott. >> good morning. because the palestinians also want jerusalem as their capital, for a palestinian state. so for people in the middle east, this is beyond controversy, it is life and death. and violence on the gaza strip on the left, meanwhile the opening of the american embassy in jerusalem on the right. that embassy moving from tel aviv to jerusalem, president trump made the decision and kept his promise. we're turning a former american consulate into an embassy and will build a structure at a later date. the president was not at the ceremony but sent in a pre-taped message and we did hear from the number two man at the state
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department. >> jerusalem is indeu -- indeuc putablely the capital as the seat of the but moving the u.s. embassy on a broader scale is also a step toward advancing peace in this city, in the broader region, and throughout the world. >> reporter: steve mnuchin and ivanka revealed the seal placed a little bit higher than our cameras were expecting there. her husband jared kushner there as well. president trump put jared kushner in charge of bringing peace to the middle east. he briefly addressed the nearby violence. >> as we have seen from the protests of the last month and even today, those provoking violence are part of the problem and not part of the solution. [ applause ] >> reporter: now back to the violence in gaza, our reporter on the ground said 52 people with dead and six of them children and many of them shot by israeli defense forces.
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as they tried to cross the border between gaza and israel. 2410 people have been injured including 12 journalists. protests in bethlehem on the west bank, more peaceful, soldiers there largely using teargas. palestinians feel the decision to recognize juerusalem as the capital of israel is abanding the two-party state policy where you have a home for the jews and the palestinians and if you are choosing jerusalem as the one capital, how could it be the capital of the other. >> and to see the death toll rise throughout the morning -- >> and just the injuries. it's staggering. >> thank you. well new at 11:00, you may soon be able to bet on sports right here in california. today a landmark ruling from the supreme court could change gambling across the country. until now nevada has been the only state where legalized sports betting was allowed in a 7-2 vote the court struck down a
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federal law and the ruling could set the stage for states to expand legalized gambling as a source of revenue. and other states are considering allowing sports betting. >> to your microclimate forecast, a very mild start to the week. get used to it. it will be like this for the next several days. >> taking a live look, you could see the san mateo bridge and the bay bridge. people on the way -- with the sun peeking out. kari hall is tracking the cooler temperature that we're experiencing. >> right now the sun is just peeking out but getting a little bit more of that as we take a live look outside in downtown san jose as many people are getting ready to head out for lunch. also seeing the sun as we get a look in fremont. and our temperature trend for the rest of the afternoon will hold steady in the upper 60s with some breezy winds and then cool down nicely as we head closer to sunset. a look at all of the high temperatures reaching into the low 70s. which is about normal for this time of the year in some spots and cooler. we'll be up to 74 today in antioch.
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73 in concord. 70 in napa. and in san francisco, 62 degrees and 69 in palo alto. we will keep these temperatures even coming down just a few degrees for the middle of the week. i'll detail that and also some storms firing up over the sierra. more on that coming up in the mull fike row climate forecast. >> thank you. i wish i had better news to report. breaking news this morning, an arrest after ten children were rescued from what police call horrible conditions. let me walk you through what we know so far. back at the end of the march, fairfield police found a missing 12-year-old. when officers returned that child home, they found nine more children ranging in age from four months old to 11 years old. police say the children were living in squalor and unsafe conditions. the mother, 39-year-oldina rogers was arrested and all ten children were taken into custody and now we're learning on friday 19 29-year-old jonathan allen was arrested, the -- the father of the children and he's facing
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felony torture and child abuse charges. >> so sad. and more sad news. margot kidder has died. you remember her playing lois plain in superman. this is her in the 1978 version of superman and her publicist said she died in her moment holm in montana and had a very public battle with bipolar disorder and later advocated for mental health. her cause of death has not been released. kidder was 69 years old. other top local stories in sonoma, a deputy recovering from a shooting, one of three called to the joggy washer gas station because a worker was acting strange. deputies confronted him and he started shooting. he used pelts and not bullets but did hit an officer. he only stopped firing because his gun jammed. in stockton, a little girl is dead after a shooting. the five-year-old died overnight at a hospital. a man and woman died in the
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neighborhood where the shooting happened. two other men are hurt but all we know so far is police are not say anything about a suspect or motive. and in morgan hill, illegal trash dumbi -- dumping is a problem. they want to pay homeless to clean it up. people who live there can't stand the debris left behind overnight. let's go to our website and hear from them and details on something you could do right now to report any trash you see. and coming up, another frightening moment on southwest airlines. the reason for another emergency landing. plus the danger growing in hawaii. more eruptions and a frightening warning from geologists. and check out media pages that we posted what you need to know if -- before ordering something online on amazon. ever buy an item on amazon because it offers protection from scammers? be careful how you pay for that
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item. there were more than 2 million third-party sellers on the amazon site. if a seller asked to you pay with amazon gift cards and instead of amazon pay, don't do it. amazon's guarantee does not cover purchases made by giving gift cards or by giving card information directly to third party venters. never send money to an amazon seller outside of the website or app. the only safe way to buy something from an amazon seller is to pay through amazon. this way if you don't get the product you ordered, you can work with amazon to get a full refund. have a problem or tip, call us or submit online. we respond to every call and inquiry. take a look at this.
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an 18th fissure opened up on sunday sending gases and lava welcome back. take a look at this right here.
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this is the 18th fissure opened, on sunday sending gas and lava into the air. the newest outbreak follows two eruptions on saturday and geologists warn if the volcano blows the hop it could hurl ash and boulders miles into the sky. >> reporter: this morning new fiery eruptions, massive boulders and fountains of lava exploding hundreds of feet into the air with the thunderous roar. >> watch out -- >> reporter: over the weekend, a wave of molten rock washing down residential roads, the situation increasingly dire. >> it is scaring. scaring me to death. >> reporter: the air is filled with choking gases. >> that is strong. we're going to leave. >> reporter: the national guard on high alert with the ground shifting so quickly, lives are threatened. >> it is a dangerous situation and we're trying to plan for the worst. >> reporter: now residents on the big island are bracing for the big one. the very real possibility of
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kilauea blowing its top. officials say a powerful eruption unlike any seen in nearly a century could happen any time. geologists fear, as 2,000 degree lava inside of the crater drains, into cooler ground water below, there could be a catastrophic steam explosion. potentially launching boulders the size of cars into the air like flaming missiles. the blast zone potentially extending three miles, destroying everything below. more and more ground cracks or fissures are opening miles away from the crater. each capable of erupting. lava now covers land equal to the size of a hundred football fields. >> people are really freaking out. >> reporter: at this shelter, not far from the menacing mountain, sunday was a mother's day that won't soon be forgotten. >> it is kind of hard to put into words because it makes me
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emotional thinking about it. >> reporter: beauty and brutality in a tropical paradise that will never be the same. migel almaguer, nbc news, on the big island. >> amazing images. and in the sky, southwest passengers in southern california and a flight from san diego to las vegas had to land at l.a.x. after smoke filled the cockpit. about 70 people were on the plane. they had to wait about two hours for another flight. southwest said the original plane is out of service until crews can figure out what went wrong. it is southwest's third emergency in a month [ bell ringing ] well there you could see the opening bell of the new york stock exchange. the dow is up right now. and major market indexes jump as investors interpreted the news that the trade tensions between the largest economies were fine. well no big decisions this
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morning in the sacramento courtroom for the golden state killer case. cameras were not allowed in the courtroom today. now this is video from his first court appearance last month. reporters in the room say that jozef deangelo did not use a wheelchair and he walked in and -- on his own power and did not stay long. the judge set another hearing for may 29th. this is to decide on several motions for the defense. that includes a motion to close the hearing to the media. deangelo is charged with 12 murders and he's accused of raping nearly 50 women. and on our web page, our team is put together an entire page dedicated to this story. and you can read about how police finally caught deangelo and hear from the victims. stay up to date on each of the developments in this case. >> legalizing marijuana was supposed to help pot businesses go legit but weed is still illegal under federal law, so most banks won't touch the
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money. which makes the newest industry by enlarge cash only. as liz wagner found, all of the cash is causing problems. >> reporter: people in the industry carrying cash are vulnerable to violent attacks that could endanger the public. so many are turning to security companies to lock up their cash in cars like this one to keep it safe out there on the road. we hitched a ride with hard car, a company that hauls cash for cannabis clients in vans with bulletproof doors and a dispensary where they pick up the taxes and the state estimates a billion dollars in new tax revenue alone so there is a lot of cash floating around the state. pot growers say not having a bank is dangerous and bad for business. >> what does that do to? how does it burden you. >> raising money and going through institutional investors and saying, we don't have a bank account -- it is all operating in cash. it is hard without a
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relationship with an investor to build that trust. >> reporter: so what are the work-arounds? lying to banks about how they make the money. turning cash into cryptocurrency. coming up, we investigate the creative ways pop -- pot businesses are protecting and hiding their cash. that is tonight at 11:00. if you have a story idea for liz or anyone on the team, call them at 888-996-tips or log on to our website, switching to our weather. and looking outside you could see the sun is out. and looking nice outside. but kari, you've been telling us cooler temperatures. >> and we're going to start out with the clouds and then once that clears out it will be really nice. we're seeing that as we take a live look outside from palo alto right now. and then as we go through the rest of the day, it is going to be really pleasant. just partly cloudy through about 2:00. and then all clear as we make it
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up to about 68 degrees. which is a little bit cooler than where we should be for this time in may. but we are also going to feel some breezy winds that will make it feel lower. if you are getting ready to head out on your lunch break in oakland, expect a temperature at about 59 degrees so you may still need a jacket. but if you have a later lunch with that sunshine, it will start to feel a little bit more comfortable. and then a look at concord and our temperature trend for the rest of the day, reaching up to 70 degrees. we should hit the high at 3:00 and by 6:00 we're already at 65 degrees. so during the evening commute, it is going to start to cool off as the winds pick up and later on tonight in the low 60s. we're going to hit the high temperature in los gatos up 73. 71 in mill petia, san jose at 72 and 72 in walnut creek and hayward, a high there of 67 degrees for the peninsula it is breezy with those winds coming in from the west and we're only going to make it to 59 in half
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moon bay and palo alto up to 69 degrees and a gusty wecht -- westerly wind in season and 69 in ingleside at 58 and 70 the high in santa rosa. which will feel very comfortable with the sunshine. and then if you are going out to the giants game later this evening, make sure you wear layers. it will be breezy, first pitch at 7:15. and it will be 59 degrees. that is the sunset and dropping back into the mid-50s. if you have plans to head to the sierra, this area of low pressure that has been stationary and it is going to bring in more afternoon showers and thunderstorms. so that will be the thing to watch over the next few days. during the afternoon hours, scattered showers and possibly some thunderstorms. not only for today, but tomorrow as well. while the bay area stays dry, we'll be in the low 70s for the inland areas. only 69 on wednesday. with those cloudy skies. and even as we go into the weekend, the warm-up will be very slight. in fact, we won't notice much of
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a difference with some mid-70s by saturday. and san francisco reaching up to 64 degrees. we'll talk more about this forecast and another look coming up later. >> sounds good. we'll look forward to it. and coming up, california ready to roll through the south bay. what you need to know so you don't get stuck behind the cyclists. and happening now, the world health organization wants to eliminate industrial produced transfatty acids from the global food supply and the target date is 2023 and they say transfit kills 5,500,000 people each year due to cardiovascular disease. plus lyft drivers in florida could unionize. they pick up people from around the park. the labor relations said the drivers can be represented by teamsters. and new reports said that music streaming service title has faked hundreds of millions
11:24 am
of plays from kenye and beyonce. they did a investigation and said the site inflated play counts for both artists and beyonce's husband owns the service. we'll be right back. good luck -? our consumer investigator helps a couple whose venue burned down! if rain on your wedding day is good luck. what is fire. >> and a trip to the california
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capital. >> today in the bay, tomorrow morning 4:30 to 7:00. in la, mayor antonio villaraigosa put more police on the streets and cut violent crime in half. california's police chiefs trust antonio for governor.
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welcome back to you. don't forget to join our conversation every morning. all morning long, and my kids
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made me several cards. this is one of them. like my facebook page and read the cute message at the bottom. >> and then the joke about the day after mother's day. of course what is going on online, we stay on top of that as well and on >> mike inouye joins us with a very up front report. >> nothing up front about. it we're talking about our own programming. up front are when we sort of present what we have to the latest -- well people who will buy the advertising because you pay for it by watching our advertising. that is the way commercial television works. we're looking at programming and the biggest bits of news over the last couple of days, brooklyn nine-nine with our saturday night alum is coming back to nbc which produced with universal and that is a mid-season replacement but i want to talk about the patterns. nine-nine and b.b. is having a production and abby's is b.b. also. a lot of patterns because that
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is what i look for when i look at traffic patterns all day. now to the traffic. one of the new shows, new amsterdam will feature the bad guy from -- from blacklist and a good guy but on monday night. but monday is anchored by the "voice" and so it tuesday with "this is us." you watch that. >> i do. >> get more kleenex. >> and wednesday is called chicago night. marcus and laura, anything that has chicago in the name which is everything on wednesday night. >> chicago fire and med. >> chicago p.d. so we'll see if we have chicago deep dish. a cooking show. and over toward thursday, comedy night. back in the day we had the must-see tv on thursday, where all of the comedy -- and thursday has began the arsenal and very strong there. and ending with the always funny law and order svu. >> i thought you were going to say blind spot. >> that is on friday because folks -- they have a blind spot in their schedule and others don't want to you look at it because you don't have a date.
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>> great. >> now we know. >> and saturday is dateline and then "saturday night live" and sunday is football night in america as al likes to say. and we have a lineup. mid-season replacements. it is interesting watching the up front because the actors have to come out and present their shows. it is very interesting to see them when they are not acting in their shows. they have a very different -- >> exactly. actors. >> so check nbc dotcom for more information but for our very up front reporting we tell you like it is over the online and streaming the show as well. >> thank you very much, mike. always good to hear. well, coming up, the candidates say san francisco is above it. the dramatic video of a political event that turned tense. a forum with eight candid
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hoping to be san francisc welcome back. happening tonight, a forum with eight candidates hoping to be the san francisco next mayor.
11:32 am
after a controversial one over the weekend. >> candidate and supervisor jane kim left the event abruntly after some people shouted ethnic slurs at her. sergio quintana has the story. >> reporter: supervisor jane kim just finished talking about affordable housing in san francisco when several supporters of london breed crashed the event. >> we're london breed and we weren't invited to this -- >> we don't want to -- >> you need to go -- >> reporter: during the exchange someone made derogatory comments about jane kim's ethnicity. >> i'm in the world of politics and i was not personally offended by the comments made and i also won't stand for campaigns to be divided because of statements that were made in the heat of the moment. >> reporter: board of supervisors president london breed was not invited to the event but has seen the video. >> i've had attacks of this nature against me as well. and it doesn't feel good. and i do not support this
11:33 am
behavior in any way. >> reporter: this mayor race includes some of the most diverse front-runners ever. london breed is african-american and jane kim is asian-american and mark leno is openly gay. >> we have enough divisive homophobic, xenophobic and anti-black comments out of the white house, we here in san francisco are better than that. >> i think what is most important for us to do is not focus on what divides us, but focus on what brings us together. >> reporter: sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. and in the south bay, a violent weekend as san jose police investigate a shooting. a backyard party and around 2:00 on sunday morning on hound haven south of san jose. that is near monterey road and branham and when police arrived they found a man with a shotgun wound and he is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries and witnesses say it appears a house party was taking place at the time of the shooting. so far police don't have any suspects.
11:34 am
meantime, another shooting at a party in the east -- or in east palo alto. now this happened just after 8:00 saturday night in an apartment complex on east o'keefe near highway 101 and university. two men began -- to argue and one pulled out a gun and fired several times. the victim is recovering at the hospital in critical condition. but stable condition. police say the suspect is still on the loose. this might trouble you. it was unusually violent weekend at santa cruz beach boardwalk. a 17-year-old vaca ville boy was shot and killed while sitting in a car at a parking lot yesterday. three teenagers who were in the car at the time were r in custody. officers found a gun in the car. the shooting is believed to be gang-related. in the meantime, in an unrelated case, another 17-year-old was stabbed at the popular attraction. we might soon see more police patrols at one b.a.r.t. station. san francisco police may soon step in at the civic center
11:35 am
station. the chronicle reports the mayor sat down with b.a.r.t. and sfpd after reports and complaints of people injecting drugs around the station. b.a.r.t. said the police force is understaffed by 30 officers so they need help with patrols. you could see the problem here. krsti crist -- critics say it will take more than extra officers to solve it. and the upcoming meeting between trump and kim jong-un. north korea is vowing to take critical steps toward denuclearizing and even letting international journalists to hold them up to the word but there are still hurdles ahead of the critical summit. >> reporter: with less than a month until the historic face-to-face with kim jong-un, the white house setting the stakes. >> the president will be able to size kim jong-un up and see whether the commitment is real. >> reporter: as u.s. officials assess that commitment, north korea announcing over the weekend plans to dismantle a nuclear testing site later in month. the facility located less than a
11:36 am
hundred miles from china. explosives will be used to collapse the tunnels and journalists, you clg those from the u.s., will be allowed in to witness it. and while there is skepticism because it is believed that site is not fully functional, president trump tweeted, thank you, a very smart and gracious gesture. and meanwhile, it is another trump tweet causing controversy after the president seemed to support bringing back jobs to china, tweeting, president xi of china and i are working together to give massive chinese phone companies zte a way to get back into business fast. too many jobs in china lost. it comes after the u.s. government penalized the chinese telecommunications company last month for violating sanctions against north korea and iran. the move seen as an about-face from trump's america first mantra comes after the president threatened a trade war with china saying trade wars are good and easy to win. the president later feeling the heat from critics taking to twitter once again, china and the united states are working
11:37 am
well together on trade. but be cool. it will all work out. happening today -- that was kristen welker. and today contra costa holding an orientation for the june primary. 1600 poll workers are needed and you could still sign up. the recruiting tweet features will smith to get your attention. and it is serious work. they make $125 and inspectors make $230. if you are bilingual you make $10 extra. other bay area counties looking for poll workers as well. it is affordable housing week and experts from around the region will take on the housing issue. and you want to pay attention to these events throughout the week. today santa clara will hold a round table on ending homelessness. this is at 2:00 at the sharkot training center on north first and a discussion on housing for all. that is at walnut creek library tonight. that starts at 6:45.
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new and troubling allegations against st. paul school. the elite new hampshire institution known for educating some of the kennedy and vanderbilt children. the school is also known for the criminal case involving former student owen leb re convicted in 2015 of sexually assaulting a freshman girl and now federal title nine lawsuit is accusing school staff of not doing enough to protect young women. >> this morning disturbing new allegations against st. paul school. a new lawsuit from a former student said administrators failed to protect her from sexual assault. the girl identified as jane doe said a classmate she was dating forced her to perform oral sex multiple times back in 2012 when she came forward to report the abuse at that time, the suit claims school administrators retaliated. >> and instead of believing her, they did no investigation and made no report to authorities, and they instead turned her into a troublemaker and found a
11:39 am
pretext on which to kick her out of school. >> reporter: the lawsuit also described a hyper sexualized culture alleging the school was assaulted at school dances where boys grabbed and groped her, even placing their hands down her pants while administrators stood by and did nothing. her grades suffered according to the filing. the experience keeping her from attending college. >> she is destroyed. there is no other way of putting it other than this devastated and destroyed her. >> reporter: in a letter to the st. paul community, the president of the school board of trustees said they had not heard of the claims until the suit was filed. adding, we take these allegations very seriously. but we do not know whether they are accurate or not. the new lawsuit also highlights the alleged senior salute tradition, a competition where senior boys try to have sex with as many younger girls as possible. claiming the school's rector michael hershfeld was aware of the competition. in a statement to nbc news, hershfeld refused that he ever
11:40 am
failed in his responsibility to report an alleged sexual assault to concord police. the statement is false. adding, he looks forward to cooperating fully with any investigation into such claims. these new claims of sexual misconduct allegedly happened more than a year before owen leb re was accused of raining a 15-year-old freshman. he was acquitted of the felony but found guilty of lesser charges. and he is now asking the new hampshire supreme court to grande new trial. his accuser chessy prout settled a separate lawsuit in 2016 and came out in an interview with savannah here on "today." >> i feel ready to stand up and own what happened to me. >> reporter: this year prout, now 19, opened up about her goals to help sexual assault survivors. >> it is difficult for a survivor to come forward like this and i had a supportive family and a supportive community to return home to. which not a lot of survivors have. >> kate snow reporting.
11:41 am
in a statement to nbc news, tressy pout said i'm so proud of jane doe's courage and strength in coming forward with her story. a challenge many to raise their voice in support of jane doe and we believe her and her story and experience are valid and deserve to be heard. last year investigators hired by st. paul said more than a dozen faculty and staff engaged in sexual conduct with students over four decades and the school is being investigated by the attorney general. they said the safety and well being of all students is the highest priority. switching gears now as we have more for you here on nbc bay area at 11:00. meteorologist kari hall in for a look at the forecast. >> we could see that sunshine breaking out right now as we take a live look outside in san jose. let's go to santa teresa for the temperature trend for the afternoon. it is going to be really nice out there. make sure you get out and enjoy it. although we'll have more of this weather in the forecast the rest
11:42 am
of the week. we'll talk about it coming up next. a mom takes on nature to save her daughter. the site with the bear that could have turned dueadly. >> nbc bay area responds. if you want help, call us or visit d?
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11:44 am
probably not like this. a dramatic rescue for one bay area mom on mother )s day! how did you spend mother's
11:45 am
day? probably not like this. a rescue for one bay area mom. a woman was hiking with her family on mt. tam when she fell and hurt herself. the chp helicopter had to be called in to pluck her -- from the mountain. this is the video of the 53-year-old woman being rescued. she is expected to be a full recovery and a mother's day she'll never forget. >> absolutely. well you think of a mother, there is nothing a mother would not do for her child. and a mother barely -- bravely jumps into action to rescue her 5-year-old girl from a bear attack. >> it happened on sunday night and her family colorado backyard and now authorities are trying to track that animal down. >> reporter: in western colorado, a terrifying ordeal for a young girl. >> saying the daughter was just attacked -- >> reporter: five-year-old kimberly sear went to the family yard after she heard noises, thinking it was her dog. once outside, she came face-to-face with a black bear. the girl's mother heard the child screaming and rushed
11:46 am
outside to see the animal dragging her child away. thankfully, the bear released the grip on the girl when the child's mother started yelling. >> the bear has been chased away. the daughter will be going to the hospital. >> reporter: kimberly needed more than 70 stitches, but her father duane telling nbc news she's going to be fine. overnight her condition upgraded to fair. >> no injuries to her brain or chest or abdominal organs or fractures and these were injuries to the skin and tissue and muscle on her back side. >> reporter: colorado parks and wildlife say the black bear is still on the loose and being tracked. >> we've got traps out right now and our intention is that we trap this bear and put it down. >> reporter: according to a-- officials, black bears with grow up to 500 pounds and lash out when they fell threatened. >> one swipe from a paw or bite could lead to significant injuries. >> reporter: joe fryer, nbc
11:47 am
news. heads up, road closured in week in the sbai. because of the tour of california bike race coming through town. you may recall it from last year but this year in southern california, eventually ending in sacramento. it is that seven stage race covering 600 miles. stage one is already underway. started yesterday in long beach and on wednesday stage four will begin in morgan hill and will run through san jose. so take a look at map. the stage starts and ended in downtown morgan hill. the stage covers just under 22 miles. got to be ready for it. >> yeah. >> it is fascinating to watch. if you have never lined up to watch all of these bikes wiz by. >> it looks like last year they went through mt. hamilton. >> they change every year and done silver creek and san jose and it is interesting the course changes. >> and it is cool weather and they like when it is cool and it is not completely sunny the whole time. so that is going to be good to
11:48 am
get some clouds and a little bit of sunshine. we're seeing clouds outside at half moon bay and it is still fairly chilly there. and it is going to be a while before those clouds clear up and i think the coastal areas will see the clouds rolling by for a little while longer. by 3:00 we'll start to get some peeks of sunshine and then all clear skies right at about 4:00. but doesn't really help warm up the temperatures as much there. the seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen starting in the south bay and we'll have a nice cool start to the week and in fact the whole week doesn't look bad at all. we're still mostly cloudy, looking live in san francisco with a temperature of 59 degrees. it is 56 in oakland. and also 56 in napa. and in santa rosa, but warmer in palo alto with more sunshine. and in livermore, now at 60 degrees with our high temperatures today still heading for the low 70s. and it is going to warm up fast. once the skies clear, we'll be up to 74 in antioch. 72 in san jose.
11:49 am
and in san francisco 62 degrees. in santa rosa, a high of 70 degrees. and 73 in ukiah. as you go out for an afternoon drive in the south bay, we'll be up to 70 degrees. right at about 2:00, once again all clear skies and breezy wins and cooling off quickly. we've also had an area of low pressure just to the east of us. and it is firing up some showers and thunderstorms for part of the sierra. it doesn't look like this is going to be moving over the next few days. so the bay area does stay dry. but we'll see the storms starting to fire up again this evening for around south lake tahoe and toward grass valley, toward reno and then as we go floor tomorrow as well, we'll still have that risk of afternoon thunderstorms and it looks like this will continue as we go through the week. so once again, for your travel plans, maybe going too -- to yosemite, the clouds building up overhead as we have a clear start to the day and the chance of showers possibly some thunderstorms with highs in the
11:50 am
upper 40s there over the next few days. it will be very nice here. we're enjoying sunshine, up to 72 degrees will be our high for the inland areas today and as those winds kick up for tomorrow, we'll only see the high of 70 degrees and even a little bit cooler for wednesday with more clouds. still no rain, though, as we go into the next several days and the weekend is looking really nice. 74 degrees. and san francisco also, coastal area in the upper 50s to low 60s but once again the winds picking up each day as we go into the sfoon. so overall, a good forecast here this time in may. it is usually starting to get spikes in temperatures. and even some 90s. but we haven't had that yet so far. and it le nice to get rain but i don't see that coming soon. >> i was holding my breath this monday morning seeing how wonderful it will get. a nice, pleasant surprise. thank you. well, coming up, we are countsi -- counting down to the royal wedding and a scandal over
11:51 am
meghan markles father and what he's accused of doing days before they tie the knot. the col
11:52 am
11:53 am
wedding continues this morning... we )re just 5 days away. well the count down to the royal wedding continues. we are just five days away from the big day. and there is a bit of controversy. meghan markle's father is accused of -- papa -- paparazzi photos. >> he was photographed in public looking at pictures of his daughter and getting measured for a suit but this morning british papers report kensington palace is supporting him. the palace said the chicago bishop will preach and help conduct the ceremony. and if you want to have a good wedding, people got to eat. the windsor castle kitchen staff is hard at work on saturday's
11:54 am
royal wedding. right now the chefs are doing, quote, bulk preparations. then on to the wedding day, the kitchen staff will focus on how the food is presented. the chef said that harry and meghan picked out their own food. >> we purely made discussions and the couple were involved in -- tasted everything and they've been involved in every detail. >> about 30 staff including chefs and assistants will work in the castle kitchen on saturday. >> interesting to see the menu there. >> i would like to taste it as well. >> of course, you can follow the road to the royal wedding on the "today" show all this week. savannah and hoda will be there in english as well, across the pond. >> the big wedding is at 1:30 in the morning on saturday. >> we'll be here. or asleep. >> probably asleep. we'll be right back.
11:55 am
11:56 am
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kari joins us with a look at cooler forecast. >> very nice this week. clouds to start but then clearing out. we'll be up to 72 inland today and the winds will pick up tomorrow. we could have gusts up to 30 miles per hour and more clouds on wednesday. and look at the temperatures throughout the rest of the week into the weekend. looks really nice and comfortable. san francisco and also for the coast, upper 50s and low 60s for the rest of the week. >> not complaining. >> mother's day all over again. >> why not. >> we'll see you here tomorrow morning.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
we're live in five -- four -- three -- two -- one. get it started! >> oh, guys, welcome on this monday morning. a balmy 67 degrees. we made it to london. five days until the wedding, nato. >> you saw the royal standard. we believe the queen is in residence. here she is, in fact. she's there, waving the number five for us. this is going to be our home outside buckingham palace the next couple of days, until friday. then we move over to windsor where the wedding will happen on saturday. remember, kit, just seven years ago this -- this


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