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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 15, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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to 12 years. in unimaginable ways. >> i want the police to know that i'm not a sick animal. i'm not an animal. >> reporter: now prosecutors have filed new charges against allen's wife, ina rogers, the children's mother now faces nine counts of felony child abuse. new court documents say the children were punched, bitten, strangled and shot with weapons like cross bows and bb guns and subjected to water boarding. investigators say rogers knew about it and didn't do anything to stop it. >> because we she was a mother and was well aware of what was going on in that house she allowed this to take place. >> every day they lived in torture, every day, all day long. >> reporter: six of the children are now in their grandmother's care. she described abuse that's hard
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to stomach. >> they were duct taped and tied. he used chinese torture on the kids and held them upside down. when my daughter went to work, believing that her kids, leaving them in the hands of that monster. >> jodi did break the news of the new charges against the mother a few minutes ago on twitter, you can follow us for all the the breaking news. two hours ago, a southern california judge ruled that the assisted suicide law was unconstitutionally approved by the state legislature. it allows people diagnosed with a terminal illness to end their life with the help of a doctor. the family of the late brittany maynor helped get this law passed. they had to move to oregon where it was legal.
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the attorney general has five days to file an appeal. we have new information about the psychiatrist at the air force base. keith summer worked at the base for lthree years. he worked with veterans who were sexually assaulted during deployment. a foe mail patient says dr. summer convinced her to have sexual relations with hem to help deal with her sexual trauma. some well became more trau traumatized after therapy. a break down began last night. sutter facilities were affected. so far, no word on what caused computer problems. some of the systems were back up and running by mid afternoon. emergency rooms remained operational the entire time. the backlash has been swift.
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dominick caserta has resigned following multiple allegations of sexual harassment. as we've been reporting throughout the week, caserta was running for county supervisor but suspended his campaign. as for his job as a teacher, he's still employed at the high school. >> reporter: that's right. both sides are still taking parting shots at each other. dominick caserta did quit and withdraw from the county supervisor race, but he did not go quietly, and the city is not about to let him off the hook just yet. some victims were ready to roast dominick caserta prior to the hearing concerning sexual harassment allegations. instead, the embattled councilman resign. marileesa gilmore expressed relief. >> i commend him for making the
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right decision to resign from office today. his actions have had a terrible stain on our city of santa clara. and now we as a city can begin the process to move forward. >> reporter: but a former campaign worker who filed a sexual harassment complaint had mixed feelings. >> it's a big relief, actually, but then i read his press statement, and my relief quickly turned into shock and anger. >> reporter: in fact, caserta, after thanking supporters did resign and withdraw, but made his reluctance clear, saying allegations against me are false in every as soon as sense of th that i have been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion. >> i was surprised by the fact that he's still denying everything and that he portrays himself as the victim of a witch hunt. >> reporter: again, the resignation did not cancel tonight's public hearing. lydia and other possible victims
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are still expected to speak and the unions have made it clear they have another political target in mind. robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> we did issue an alert right after he resigned at his post. north korea cancels at the last minute. its talks with south korea are now off. it says it's dropping out of the meeting pause of joint military exercises between the south and the u.s. the pentagon says it's an annual event. so far, no impact on the planned meeting between kim jong un and president trump set in singapore on june 12th but north korea is threatening to pull out. it's what wasn't said at a gop meeting.
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at president trump's meeting, the discussions concerned tax cuts. what didn't come up was the mocki mocking by an aide of senator mccain's brain cancer. >> if i had said that, i would apologize. >> and in the face of israel's deadliest protests in four years shall the administration is defending its decision to move the oust embassy to jerusalem. u.n. ambassador nikki haley voiced further support today. political observers say it links the u.s. so closely it limits peace talks. the registrar's office is calling it a vendor air. jason baker went to santa clara school of law and was a firefighter for the u.s. forest
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service. all at that was missi all that was missing from his statement. corrected guides are available online. you want to call the police on them for having a barbecue on a sunday at the lake. >> yes. >> you might have seen this video trending on social media. that woman there confronted for calling 911 to report a black family barbecuing at oakland's lake merit. the backlash is being felt across the country and the bay area. melissa colorado joins us from city hall in oakland with the details. >> reporter: well, raj, organizers of this city hall barbecue say they are here to grill oakland city council members on what they're going to do to react to that respond to that incident that was seen over a million teams and shared multiple times. you can see we have dozens of people out here. they have speakers. they have food.
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and they want a response to what they say is the overpolicing of african-americans here in the east bay. >> no, no charcoal grills are allowed. >> reporter: it's the viral video showing a barbecue standoff at lake merritt that happened two weeks ago. at issue, race and park rules. >> why are you so bent out of shape of them being here. >> because they enacted rules for a reason and they should be followed. >> the woman who called police who is unidentified was trying to report an african-american man who was using a charcoal grill. >> it has nothing to do with your race. >> according to the city's website, there are three areas along the lake where people can use charcoal grills. ultimately, police arrived, and the woman tells the officer she's being harassed. council member tweeted this response to the video. think before you call police. remember, we are all neighbors in oakland.
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>> we can't say what was in the woman's heart, but we do know that when the police are used, often teams when african-american people are involved it leads to an escalation of police force. >> reporter: carol fife says today's barbecue holds a message. >> we've seen it in starbucks. we've seen it in the waffle house and places all across the country. and so in oakland, i'm proud of our city standing up and saying not here. >> reporter: and in less than half an hour, at about 5:30, all these folks you see right here are going to march inside city hall and ask the city council members react to that incident that happened two weeks ago. they say that people who use 911 as a tool to discriminate against other people need to be held accountable. that's the latest here in oakland. i'm melissa colorado, nbc bay
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ar area news. a ban on plastic straws. that's what the city is trying to do to reach the goal of zero waste by 2020. it call force a limited use -- calls for a limited use of plastic utensils. >> straws suck. >> simple truth is, when you grab a cup, nine times out of ten, you don't need a straw. >> the city's environment department reports 60% of the litter in san francisco comes from food-related items. if passed, the ban will go into effect in july of next year. still to come at 5:00, a close call with an asteroid this afternoon. sort of. just how far away it was from hitting earth plus, a laser pointed at a pilot as he tried to land at sfo. a look at how common this problem is becoming.
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plenty of unusual weather lately. i'll have an update on la nina and el nino in about nine minutes. to california schoolsd, need big change. marshall tuck is the only candidate for state superintendent who's done it before. less bureaucracy, more classroom funding.
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marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck. i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein the bay area... this time, at one landing at s-f-o. a new case of someone pointing a laser at a plane in the bay area. this team ime at one landing at. someone pointed a laser at it. pilots were able to land safely.
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unfortunately, the faa says laser pointing at planes have become common. last year there were 200 incidents at the three major bay area airports. >> both the faa and the fbi take this problem very seriously, because it can bring down an airplane if the laser blinds the pilots at the wrong time during landing or even takeoff. but people aiming these lasers don't seem to be taking it as seriously as perhaps they should be. across the u.s. we have numbers. the last five year, the trend of lasers has steadily gone up, although it did drop off from last year from a high of 7442 in 2016. you can see it right there. and at bay area airports, the trend is more or less the same. at san jose there has been no dropoff, however, in the last year. in fact, last year, they had 114 strikes alone here in san jose.
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at san francisco, they saw a rise in laser strikes with a dropoff last year, same, too, for oakland. in total, 252 laser strikes at all three bay area airports last year. now we've been covering these issues for more than six years. to see more about aviation safety go to our website, investigate. >> steven thank you. as more teachers are walking out of classrooms demanding a pay raise, a new stud oy shows they're dipping into their own pocket for school supplies. the average amount spent by each teacher was $480. teachers are allowed a federal250 tax deduction on supplies many a triumphant return home for a bay area athlete who exceeded
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expectations at this year's olympic games. >> before he took the ice, he sat down with us. not us, but garvin thomas has literally been following him around the world. >> we spent a lot of time together recently. in fact, moments after he got off the ice in pyeongchang, vincent says you haven't seen anything yet. he has his sitghts firmly on returning to the olympics. vincent joe's post-olympics has been many things. relaxing is not within one of t. >> af got hoafter i got home, i one day off the ice. >> no one forced vincent into training so soon, other than vincent. he has goals he has set for himself that he has yet to meet.
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>> how i did at the olympics was great and all, but i still have my priorities. >> indeed, his sixth place finish exceeded most people's expectations of the 17 year old at his first games, but vincent, known primarily for his skill at jumping knows he needs more in his repertoire to achieve greater success. >> it's just hard when of focus that much on the quad. so i'm trying to make a huge change artistically. >> quadruple, wow, that's a lot. >> it was those quads that provided vincent with one of his most surprising post-olympic issues. president trump singled him out for being the first ever to land a quadruple. >> and he pronounced my last name right, he said "joe", which
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is rare. >> vincent says it is all a whirlwind for him, which is why the stars on ice show presented a pleasant diverse, a chance to perform not in front of judges but a supportive hometown crowd. >> you can hear the crowd goes wild for vincent. >> how many days off? >> one. more than zero, less than two. one thing vincent talks about, obviously any interaction with the president these days adds some attention and criticism. he did get criticism for meeting with the president, but vincent said nothing about politics in his visit. he was all about representing the country, being proud to be an olympian and he was impressed that the president pronounced his name right. >> thanks, garvin. it's nice to get an update on vincent. let's turn our attention
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outside. it is chilly, kind of sunny. >> not too hot, not too cold. >> a refreshing day in may when normally, we can have temperatures in the 90s. let's take to you our micro climate forecast on this tuesday afternoon. and the thing that's been throwing us a bit of a wildcard, we have a brand-new system moving in. it's relatively weak. but it will continue this trend of cool weather coming our way and the possibility, just a slight chance of maybe some sprinkles. let's bring you into tomorrow morning's forecast and the best possibility of getting a hit and miss shower would be right here' cross the peninsula and 55 and also a spotty chance of a shower. we'll bring you to the hour by hour forecast and show you how hit and miss it will be for tomorrow morning, 7:00. there you go, there's the setup. once we hit the afternoon, sunshine returns, maybe an
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isolated shower for the north bay, also for santa cruz mountains and with the system moving over, temperatures are not going to warm up a whole lot. in the south bay we are in the 60s. about at aten degrees below ave. 67 in concord, 68 in danville and 64 in the peninsula. we will continue receipt ight u daley city with 50s. no big shift in the weather here. right up to marin, napa and sonoma counties, mid-60s. and we'll come in at 62 in mill valley. on my extended forecast, it looks hi looks like we will stay with the cooler trend, with spotty showers hanging on close to the bay area into thursday. dry this weekend and maybe a few
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more showers could make it in. for cities away from the bay, eventually we will start to warm up once we hit friday, saturday, and sunday with 70s returning and the chance of a spotty shower. with all of this up and down weather, i wanted to take a look at the long-range forecast with la nina and el nino. once we hit fall and winter, a 50% chance a weak el nino could develop. so what might that mean if a weak el nino develops? we could see about 86% of average of our normal rainfall. best possibility of above-average rainfall right now could be likely southern california. we'll keep close tabs on though. this is the first indication we are seeing right now. >> i like these long-range plans. still to come, an asteroid
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flew by earth this afternoon, and it was pretty close. we'll tell you next. he's been called a rockstar lawyer. he tops the charts on progressive causes... winning pro bono battles for immigrants and the homeless. defending gay rights and gun control. democrat jeff bleich. after columbine, bleich led president clinton's youth violence initiative. with joe biden, bleich took on domestic violence. served president obama as special counsel and ambassador. maybe bleich can't pull off the rockstar look... but his progressive record is solid gold.
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cars and equipment. happening now, on our website, sfpd will add 250 new officers over the next four years. the $30 million plan will include new cars and equipment for the city of san francisco. and get ready for traffic during memorial day weekend. despite high gas prices, aaa predicts record-level travel this year. ♪ for many kids,
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in.canada? investigative reporter bigad shaban traveled to vancouver to find out. could one solution to cleaning up san francisco rest in canada? our investigative reporter traveled to vancouver to find out. he has a preview right now. >> it would create a place for drugs where addicts could bring their own drugs and shoot up under supervision. it isn't stopping san francisco from wanting to become the first city in the nation to open these centers. >> even just adding one new site to san francisco would save the city $3.5 million a year because of the savings in reduced hiv,
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viral hepatitis, overdoses. they've already been doing this 30 years in up to 100 countries in 11 cities. it's involven it's proven to work in those cities. >> we'll take you inside rarely-seen drug centers. addicts have a place to use and throw out their syringes. critics say the plan is dangerous and encourages illegal drug use. how could it change life in san francisco in we investigate at 11:00. an asteroid the size of the statue of liberty was near us this afternoon, kind of here. the asteroid called the 2010 wc-9 came within 122,000 miles of the earth. astronomers say it did come close but it gave a chance to learn more about those that come
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close to our planet. it was discovered in 2010 but disappeared for eight years until resurfacing last month. the size of the stat u of liberty. a giant question mark ahead of the royal wedding. using tech
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automatically reduce marijuana convictions. we )ll show you how the pilot program in san francis tonight at 6:00, using technology to automatically reduce marijuana convections. we'll show you how this pilot program in san francisco is going to work. coming up at our 6:00 newscast. the excitement continues to build. five days until the royal wedding in england. tens of thousands are expected to travel to windsor just to be near the wedding. one who may not be going is meghan's dad. he is having heart surgery tomorrow but still wants to walk his daughter down the aisle if he's well enough to fly. meghan's mother may step in and walk her down the aisle if her dad cannot make it. >> everybody's looking forward to this, waking up at 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning to watch it live. >> i'll record to. >> are you going to be getting up? >> no, but we will be having it here for the shameless plug. >> a chance of a spotty shower
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tomorrow, we'll warm back up once we hit this weekend. >> look at that saturday. >> thanks for joining us at 5:00. as a reminder, nightly news is next. >> we'll be back at 6:00, bye. developing news as we come on the air. breaking news out of north korea. why they are suddenly threatening to cancel the high stakes summit with president trump. violent storms and major threats of tornadoes. 45 million people in its path. a travel nightmare. new questions in what police call one of the worst cases of child abuse they have ever seen. ten children rescued from their home. tonight their father is fighting back. >> i am not an animal. i'm not a torturer and i'm not a monster. >> reporter: his new interview from behind bars. chaos in the cockpit. the copilot nearly sucked out of a shattered windshield. late word from london. after twists and turns all day the father of the american princes


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