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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 15, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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a sales associate told her something that convinced her she'd been profiled. she says on may 8th while shopping at this macy's store, a sales associate accused her of stealing this bottle of cologne. moore, who teaches autistic children says the associate searched her purse and took off her jacket without permission. when the salesperson didn't find any cologne, she made a comment. >> she said people like you have been stealing, they've been coming in and stealing stuff. >> reporter: we reached out to customers which says its customer bill of rights prohibits profiling. and they say they apologize. the situation is under investigation and is being reviewed. macy's is a company that values acceptance, respect and integrity and does not tolerate discrimination of any type. moore says she was loudly
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accused in front of dozens of customers. >> i feel so humiliated and up to now. >> reporter: she says she waited nearly two hours to talk to a manager who finally arrived and took these notes about the incident. tonight moore has a message of her own for macy's. >> don't judge people by the color of your skin. >> reporter: we spoke to legal analyst steven clark, who is also an attorney, and he told us that stores are allowed to search your purse if there is probable cause that something has been stolen, but they cannot search your clothing. moore tells me that she now plans to pursue legal action against macy's. reporting live in san jose, marianne pa marianne favro. >> i love you. speaking from his jail cell, the bay area father accused of abusing his ten children pleads
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his case behind bars. he regents claims thjects claim boarded hess childr boarded his children and abused hem. >> reporter: he says he is not a monster and not a torturer. as he speaks out for the first time, his wife, the children's mother, is facing new felony charges. >> i want the police to know that i am not an animal. i'm not an animal. >> reporter: an emotional jonathan allen says he loves his ten children and would never harm them. allen talked from jail this morning, reacting to charges he tortured his kids, ages 6 moments to 12 years old in unimaginable ways. >> i would tell them at that i love them and that this will pass. >> reporter: now prosecutors have filed new charges against
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allen's wife, ina rogers, the children's mother, now faces nine counts of felony child abuse. new court documents say the children were punched, strangled, bitten, and shot with weapons like cross bows and bb guns and subjected to water boarding. they say she knew about it and didn't do anything to stop it. >> every day they lived in torture. all day long. >> reporter: the dprapd mother, wanda rogers showed photos of the injuries. she says one of the kids was made to live in the bathroom. >> my 9 year old granddaughter had to live in the bathroom. they never let her come out and be around any of the other kids. >> words cannot express the pain that they have suffered, and i am outraged as prosecutor and heartbroken, just as, you know, a fellow human being. >> reporter: ina rogers will be in court tomorrow morning to answer to these charges.
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the prosecutor is also asking for mothher bail to be increase nearly half a million dollars. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi, now jodi broke the news of the new charges against the mom a few hours ago on twitter. you can follow us for content just like this. our handle is @nbc bay area. rubin foster is expected back in court friday and this team his girlfriend will tell the revised version of her testimony. she plans to say foster did not hit her back in february and that she originally lied to police officers when he was arrested at his home in los gatos. according to her attorney, she suffered a ruptured lip and eardrum after fighting with another woman not foster.
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anyone who has been bust fobusted for misdemeanor pot possession is about to have their record wiped clean. the process has been happening very slowly. today they unveiled a formula to fast track it. our sam brock joins us from to with the latest. >> justice officials in san francisco are basically taking advantage of resources right in their back yard. in this case, code for america, these folks have been working on this for two year, but now it has a new application, cannabis cases. before cannabis was transactional in california, it was taboo, at least in a legal sense. but times have clearly turned, and post prop 64, those in the
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pot industry think criminal records should reflect that. >> clearly the voters have spoken. they want cannabis to be legal. no one should have a record for something that used to not be legal and is now legal. >> it is a step in the right direction and will probably help people get jobs. >> reporter: he is talking about a new formula unveiled today. >> the war on drugs has destroyed entire communities, families. >> reporter: gascon believes it will clangs hange in a digital . prosecutors are told if they qualify for a reduced or dismissed position.
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>> i don't have the resources. and i think what we're doing is basically draw a line between those who can't and those that won't. >> reporter: ga. an abrupt turn around. a judge overturned the state's right to die law. the judge ruled that the law was unconstitutionally approved by the legislature. it allows people with a terminal illness to end their life with the help of a doctor. the family of a bay area woman helped get that law passed. she had terminal cancer and chose to end her life in 2014 but had to move to oregon where it was legal at that time. if the california attorney general does not appeal this case within five days, the ruling will take effect in overturning that law.
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it is over. the ban against shipping coal through the port of oakland. environmentalists at the time called it a win. the judge struck down the ban, citing lack of evidence and faulty analysis. the reversal is a win for the developme developers. bolstering the police force, sfpd is bulking up. today mark farrell announcing his budget proposal. the $34 million plan would allow the police department to hire hundreds more officers, purchase new equipment and fund ongoing police reform efforts. >> we want to be a modern and inclusive police department that provides safety with respect. >> the mayor will present the proposal to the board of supervisors next month. some of the biggest non-profits in the country tout their donations to causes that
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help the environment and fight global warming, but a nbc news investigation has found that many of those groups have invested millions in companies that support the oil and gas industry. >> a review of secret financial documents reveal ha some are based right here in the bay yare. senior investigative reporter vickie ma w vickie nguyen joins us. >> last year more than 13 million documents were leaked shining the light on the secretive world of private investments. they have deals even though they pledge to save the planet. they include the packard foundation which has investments in gas and oil. some groups say they have already divested some of their holdings, but a professor says that can be complicated. >> those funds are set up to last say ten years, and those
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are going to be extremely difficult to divest from and maybe even costly. >> one group that does not land to divest is the packard foundation, the non-profit has given dozens of grants to environmental groups, but it also has $50 million in oil and gas holdings. the foundation, which is worth po more than $7 billion says we give these funds to invest in ways to maximize the growth of our endowment. we'll have more in the coming weeks. >> vickie, thank you. if you have a story for vickie nguyen or anyone else, give us a call, 888-996-tips or visit our website, investigate. stepping down amid sexual harassment allegations, the move
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by a south bay politician hours before he was set to come face-to-face with some of heis accusers. >> it flew by and you probably didn't notice. the asteroid the size of the statue of liberty. 67 and sunny in san jose right now. but i'll let you know when a few showers will be moving close to the bay yaarea in about eight minutes. in less than an hour a
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hearing begins on the sexual misconduct allegations against
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santa cla time to air their grievances. in less than an hour, a public hearing begins on the sexual misconduct allegations against dominick caserta. one person who will not be weighing in? caserta himself. he dropped out of the supervisor's race and resigned. robert handa joins us from city hall. >> reporter: dominick caserta may have quit, but he did not go quietly, and his critics didn't like it. >> mr. caserta seems to have a god-like complex. >> reporter: the chamber will soon be filled with possible victims and community groups to criticize caserta, though he likely won't be there to hear it. he resigned his seat and withdrew from the race. >> i commend council member caserta for resigning. his actions have had a terrible
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stain on the city of santa clara. and now we as a city can begin the process to move forward. >> reporter: but a former campaign worker who filed a sexual harassment complaint had mixed feelings. >> i was surprised by the fact that he's still denying everything and that he portrays himself as the victim of a witch hunt. >> reporter: he did resign and withdraw but made his reluctance clear, saying allegations against me are false in every since of the wo sense of the word and that i have been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion. he said the allegations would be put to the test and my faname wl be cleared. they want another supervisor candidate tainted with allegations in his past to follow caserta's lead. >> mr. caserta made the right choice today, row signing from office. now we call on mr. oliverio to end his campaign. >> reporter: oliverio has said
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his situation is much different, but critics say they can expect the spotlight to turn on oliverio now that caserta is out of the spotlight. robert handa. a 11-year-old shot in a drive-by shooting has three words for the people who shot her, turn yourself in. she and her mother were on their way to visit family on mom's day. the sixth grader was in it the back seat with her brother when two cars pursued them and sprayed their car with bullets. one struck the little girl if her backside. mom said she heard someone say "that's not them." >> i really felt pain, and then i said i got shot. >> hover did this, just come forward. you hit a child. >> now doctors say they haven't removed the bullet. she's expected to make a full recovery. investigators are working to find the shooter and are asking anyone who knows anything to please contact police. did you feel it last night?
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that 3.5 quake, not major by any means, but there are lessons to be learned. it struck after 7:15 p.m. last night. this is along the hayward fault. it was felt across the bay area. >> be prepared. a large earthquake or earthquakes, it's not a matter of if, but when. in the bay area. so it's always a good idea to have a plan. >> especially on that hayward fault line. the usga received about 18,000 reports that the ground moved. sfo officials say someone pointed a laser at a plane landing this morning. it was coming to san francisco from tel aviv. the pilots were able to land safely and met with san francisco pd to tell them what they saw. laser pointing at planes have become really common. more than 200 incidents were reported last year at the three
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major bay area airports. an asteroid the size of the statue of liberty came unusually close to earth it ththis aftern. tonight astronomers are still buzzing. we are joined from the observatory, you are our resident space dpeegeek. what did we see today? >> reporter: it's catnip to tsuna astronomers. it was not close to make anyone afraid. here at foothill college it was an excuse to talk about our planet's history. >> asteroid like this passing so close by the earth gives a good excuse to sort of discuss the p ongoing effect asteroids have
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had upon us. we are here today because a rock like this dropped and took out the dinosaurs about 63 million years ago. >> reporter: now this was a very rare event. and astronomers say each near-earth asteroid prepares them more. today's was very hard to see, partially because here in north america it was sunny, partially because it went by at 28,000 miles per hour. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> gets me thinking about all how we came to be here on planet earth. >> i was okay. i knew bruce willis would save us. >> just a small part of something so much bigger. we do have changes coming our way for tomorrow. event possibility of even the possibility of a little shower activity. a live look at the golden gate bridge. there's something more than fog rolling in right now. it's mid-level cloud cover
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associated with a system offshore. and it that could eventually help out your allergies. check this off. it is off the charts right now. oak, walnut, olive, grasses all in the high category. what we usually need to help with allergies this time of year is a hot event. we have a chance of hit and miss activity tomorrow. we could get a little relief for your allergies the at 7:00 in the morning, spotty showers near the coast. san francisco peninsula, maybe a little drizzle making it back to the east bay. that's at 7:00. in the afternoon, sun, clouds and maybe a spotty shower for the santa cruz mountains. as you can see across the bay, just about everyone tomorrow in the 60s. 68 at antioch. 66 in livermore. 65 here in napa and a cold 57 in
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half moon bay. if you are down mother -- here across the south bay, the amgen tour is taking place. it's going to be good weather for bike riders. we'll have a look at the long-range outlook and a look at el nino and la nina. millions of pieces of spam and more than 500 fake accounts have facebook saying it's keeping an eye out for objectionable content. on our we
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computer-outages with the sutter-health network today. facilities in berkeley, oakland, antioch, and happening now at our website. computer outages. so far, no word on a cause. that story is on our website. and high-level talks between north and south korea tomorrow are off, the north says it is dropping out of the meeting because of joint military exercises.
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marshall tuck will change that. in california, 3 million kids can't read at grade level. tuck turned around struggling schools, raising graduation rates over 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck. keeping the website free of fake news and so called "bad actors" in your personal feeds. facebook says it's cleaning house, keeping the website free of fake news and so-called bad actors in your personal feeds. we want to show you some of the numbers how, the key thumbs fnu from october of last year to march. they took down more than 837 million pieces of spam and disabled 600 million fake
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accounts. also 2.5 million instances of hate speech were flagged. facebook says it's using more artificial intelligence nowadays, but there are still thousands of humans doing host of t -- most of the scanning. uber is shifting on its policies. it will no longer require passengers and drivers to agree to private arbitration. that means anyone believes he or she has been sexually harassed can sue in court. all across the country, teachers are making their voices heard by walking out of classrooms in an effort to get a pay raise. this as a new study emerges that they are dipping into their own paychecks for supplies. 90% spend their own money in classrooms in 2014 and 2015. the average amount spent, about $480 per teacher.
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teachers are allowed a federal $250 tax deduction on supplies. a candidate running for santa clara supervisors is counting on his credentials to win, but the credentials were omitted from voter guides. he served as the mayor of campbell, went to the santa clara school of law and was a firefighter for the u.s. forest service. all is missing from his statement. all of the voters in the district will receive a notice in the mail and directed guides are available onrhine. up next at 6:00, first it was plastic bags, then styrofoam containers. the next commodity san francisco is looking to ban. we're in an armored van with thousands of dollars of cash in the back. but it's not a heist, a fact of business, the cannabis business. we investigate why cars like this one are hitting the roads every single day in california.
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to ban straws and even right now at 6:30, it is the last straw. san francisco city leaders want to ban straws and even utensils made of plastic. they say it's a step toward the city's goal of zero waste by 2020. >> mark matthews is at city hall for us with the proposal and some of the reaction. >> reporter: you got to ask yourself who isn't against litter?
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who wouldn't want to see less plastic in our oceans, and yet there is pushback tonight about this proposal. first let's start with the introduction. at a drink shop in the fillmore district, three supervisors gathered to introduce the plastic straw ban. >> there are over 5 trillion pieces of plastic in our ocean. >> reporter: video of plastic trash in our oceans and beaches is stunning. the measure authored by katie tang would ban plastic straws starting in july of last year and limit the use of other plastic utensils by requiring customers to request them. >> how are we going to get better as a city unless we start implementing the types of policies that change behavior. >> reporter: at a coffee shop, the assistant manager likes the proposed ban. but you use plastic views. >> we currently do, but we are constantly sourcing alternatives for it. >> reporter: but when i tweeted
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out a headline on the proposal, ken dotson replied about the housing crisis and homelessness and adding sarcastically, yeah, let's talk about straws. the head of the city's environmental department says it's not an either/or proposition. >> we have got to do both. tackle the problems we are facing every day in san francisco, whether it's housing and affordability and litter on our streets. >> reporter: well, the ban was met with snarky comments. you can read them on my twitter feed, but san francisco's reputation as a liberal bastion, but it has gone into effect in conservative ft. myers florida, and the wacky britains? they have a nationwide ban on plastic straws already in effect. mark matthews, nbc bay area news. cancel surgeries, rescheduled appointments and a lot of frustration for one of
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the biggest companies in the bay area, computer outages. facilities in santa rosa and los altos were affected. no word on what caused these computer problems. some of the systems were back up and running by mid afternoon. emergency rooms remained operational the entire time. dozens of people held a protest barbecue outside city hall in oakland today. they wanted to grill city council members over an alleged racial confrontation that went viral. more than a million people have watched this youtube video that we're about to show you. happened two weeks ago at lake merritt. a woman dialed 911 to report that a black man was using a charcoal grill. the woman says he was breaking rules because charcoal is not permitted at this particular site. the police arrived, didn't cite anyone. >> how many of you care how many
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grills are at lake merritt? we need more grills not less, we need more music, not less, and more color not lescs color aroud the lake. so what to do with all that cash. pot businesses are facing a dilemma. marn marijuana is still illegal f federally and most banks will not open accounts for pot businesses. >> as long as the banks say no, the industry will run on cash and lots of it. the state estimates $1 billion in new tax revenue alone. from growers to the government, everyone says it's dangerous and bad for business. and we discovered there's no solution in sight. you're looking at photos of a pot farmer after he was pistol whipped and mugged leaving a
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dispensary in san francisco. he's always on alert because the bad guys know growers often carry weed and cash, a lot of it. >> puts me in a sticky spot. >> reporter: he doesn't want us to use his name, but he invited us to his farm in the heart of cannabis country, humboldt county, where he says most banks will not touch his cash. >> within two months, the account was closed. they said it was a high-risk account. >> reporter: so growers have had to come up with other ways to stash their cash, like turning it into cryptocurrency. they go to special atms to buy bitcoin and wire it to an account. >> the banks don't care where it comes from. >> reporter: it sounds like a lot of steps to go through. now he drives his cash 600 miles to a bank in l.a. where he can
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disguise where it came from. >> it's very obvious i'm in the cannabis industry. >> reporter: he's getting up and running, so he doesn't have a ton of cash on hand, but others do, and they though they're even bigger targets. >> this reek vehicle is an armo vehicle. >> reporter: they haul cash for cannabis clients in bulletproof vans. >> we carry millions on any given day. >> reporter: it's especially dangerous during tax time. we're driving to a dispensary in san francisco where the agents pick up the owner's taxes. any other business would just write the government a check, his clients have to pay cash. >> they didn't have a banking solution, but they had a lot of cash. so those were chunks of, you know, half million each, approximately. >> reporter: and the government has to take all that cash, which can be a burden for small offices, like monterey county.
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treasurer mary zee says they phased out cash. they have to have a whole new room. >> this is our secure counting facility. we established this after we knew we would have to take a lot of cannabis cash. >> reporter: she said local governments wouldn't be drowning in cash if the feds would take marijuana off their list of controlled drugs. >> it would make life a lot easy for us, because then we can facilitate the payments electronically like everybody else. >> reporter: but there's no federal resolution in sight and some say california failed to come up with solutions before weed became legal here in january. >> legitimate individuals -- >> reporter: we asked statrurs
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about it. he formed a panel of experts to study work arounds, now he's looking into a state-run bank. he says the problems can impact everyone, not just pot businesses. >> when you eliminate credit, a lot of the economy goes. >> reporter: so the stakes are really high for a lot of people. >> it is part of our daily operations. >> reporter: do you think the state as a whole is treating this issue with those same high stakes? >> i know we're working very hard. i know they're working very hard upstairs. >> reporter: in the meantime, our pot farmer in hum bolt county is still waiting for a safe place to put his money e. >> there must be $1 billion buried in the hills up here, at least. >> reporter: legislation would allow special banks. while some dispensaries can now
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process debit or credit card payments if you want to buy weed, you should still bring cash just in case. >> if you have a tip for liz wagner or anyone else in our investigative unit, give us a call, 888-996-tips or visit our website, investigate. taking their concerns to the state capital. a message a group of south bay students wants to deliver to raw makers. i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message. i thought after sandy hook,
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where 20 six and seven year olds were slain, this would never happen again. it has happened more than 200 times in 5 years. dianne feinstein and a new generation are leading the fight to pass a new assault weapons ban. say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. california values senator dianne feinstein
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say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. he's been called a rockstar lwinning pro bono battles for immigrants and the homeless. defending gay rights and gun control. democrat jeff bleich. after columbine, bleich led president clinton's youth violence initiative. with joe biden, bleich took on domestic violence. served president obama as special counsel and ambassador. maybe bleich can't pull off the rockstar look... but his progressive record is solid gold. a fight near the powell street bart station. police say it happened yesterday afternoon. a man is recovering tonight after trying to break up a fight. two men in their 20s fighting in the plaza right outside the station. a 57-year-old man intervened and was hit with a handlebar. that man now has life-threatening injuries. one of the two men fighting faces assault charges now. a deadly double shooting near san jose school.
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bullets flew across the street from the school. police found men suffering from gunshot wounds. one man died while the other is expected to recover. officers are still looking for a suspect and motive. a close call for a family in san jose. this house fire near japan town. this was in the 5:00 a.m. hour. a family of three was able to get out thankfully without any injuries. no word yet on the cause. trading the classroom for the capital, community members, high school, middle school students taking part in the trip. they met with legislators, spoke to them about issues important to them. >> i think this is a good chance to rejeproject our voice and te them and let it them understand how things are going in america and what we should do to change it to make it a better society. >> this is the 16th year they've gone on this trip.
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and that's the highlight, going to the sacramento trip, seeing lawmakers and seeing how everything is done there. >> jeff ranieri is here. it's a few more weeks and a lot of kids are out pofor summer vacation. >> it doesn't look too hot. normally, summer break, 90-100. not right now. look how cool it is in san jose. 67 degrees, felt like a fall day for a lot of the bay area. we're tracking a few showers that could move in tomorrow. a wedding venue destroyed, just days before a couple is set to exchange vows. but when one vendor didn't return their deposit, we stepped in to help. i'm consumer investigator chris camora. nbc bay yare responds next. mean.
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nbc bay area responds to okay. love is in the air. >> yes. >> it is wedding season. >> yes. >> that means wedding scams. we have to be careful. we respond to a couple whose plans went up in smoke. >> a vendor didn't want to return their deposit even after the venue burned down. >> henry and lauren planned their dream wedding for the last weekend in object at the hilton in santa rosa. then ten days before the ceremony the north bay fires destroyed the hotel, and that is video of the hotel burning. the couple got full refunds from hilton and other vendors, but their limo provider provided less than half of their $1300 deposit. lauren and henry contacted us for help. the limo company said his business, too, was a fire victim, losing nearly all its business for months. he said he offered lauren and
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henry limo services wherever else. companies can insure themselves. it's called business interruption insurance. the limo owner says he's looking into that now. did you also know there's wedding insurance that couples can boy in case something goes te terribly wrong. we'll delve into that tomorrow at 11:00. please calls if you run into problems, or visit if you plan to go somewhere this memorial day, you may want to consider leaving early. according to aaa nearly 5.2 million californians are expected to hit the road or skies. that's about 5% more than last year, making it the highest on
6:47 pm
record. experts say late afternoon next thursday and friday will be the worst times to drive. your travel time might double because of all that traffic. >> we'll be asking for the memorial day forecast very soon. >> right now 14 days, no major heat. we could be in this sweet spot when it comes to the weather forecast, which i know has been pleasing a lot of you. tomorrow may feel a little bit too cool, though, we'll explain why as we get a rieclive look outside. we have a few cumulus clouds moving on in, a seen -- sign of changes. let's bring you to what is producing the cool weather and could, yes, bring us a little bit of sprinkles as we head into tomorrow. it's an upper level area of low pressure. looks like it's going to hang
6:48 pm
out across california the next two days and that's what's sparking off changes. the best chance of isolated drizzle would be across the peninsula and 55 degrees, also a decent chance here for san francisco and the north bay as temperatures start in the low 50s. anyone in the east bay commuting near the bay may get a drop or two. we'll give you a look at the future cast and can you see how widely scattered it is. coastline and peninsula best possibility. as we head through the day, sun, clouds, maybe an isolated spotty shower at 1:00 p.m. also for the santa cruz mountains. nothing big at this point, but it is unusual for may. also the temperatures way off the mark, at least 10 degrees below a across san jose due to the system we showed you. that will put us at 66 in cupertino, right through the east bay, only 67 in concord, just a few weeks ago we had
6:49 pm
temperatures in the 80s. nothing close to that at all throughout the east bay. similar temperatures through the peninsula. 68 in palo alto. san francisco will be cooler with the ocean breeze being the strongest. we're to 58. napa at 65 degrees and over to santa rosa, 63. on my extended forecast, we'll keep the possibility of showers close to the bay area into thursday of this week. and then we're looking dry this weekend, cool in san francisco. low 60s and maybe, just maybe, another spotty shower chance by next tuesday. for cities away from the coastline and those interior valleys, we are back in the 70s by friday, saturday and sunday. saturday looks like the warmest, up to 76 and maybe a few spotty showers by next friday. i did want to take a look at the
6:50 pm
long-range forecast. la nina and el nino tend to send us weather extremes. la nina is ending. summer temperatures could be coming back eventually, and by fall we have a 50% chance that a weak el nino develops into winter. what could that mean for us if el nino did develop again? an 86% chance for most of the bay area of near normal rainfall. but you can see southern california would have the better bet of possibly above-average rain. this will be the first indication of this. we will be tracking it. >> how did we get to may already this year? it's going so fast. >> got to put it on pause for a little here. things so good for the warriors, how do they take control of the series against the rockets? we'll hear from the players, next.
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a 2-hour rain dely.. when the skies cleared -- the a )s bats were r the a's in boston tonight, take a look. soggy to say the least. a two-hour rain delay. but when the skies cleared, the
6:54 pm
a's bats were ready. a heart-warming story of the night. steven piscotty from pleasanton returning to the team after his mom's funeral, he crushes the ball over the green monster. gretchen piscotty died last week from als. >> he is making his mama proud. certainly a good start for the warriors, winning game one in houston. >> game two is tomorrow night in houston. here's colin resch. >> oh, i love it. it's the western finals. some guys don't get to experience this. i was enjoying myself last night. i will tomorrow night. >> reporter: if the rockets have one lasting impression from game one, it may have been klay thompson's kiss to the crowd.
6:55 pm
thompson 28 points, durant, 37. but the key number was 13, the victory margin as the warriors able to reclaim home-court advantage and they do it in the series opener. >> we set a great tone for ourselves. now we've got an opportunity to real really take advantage and get a big lead. that's the plan. >> we're not satisfied. >> reporter: golden state now in prime position to put real doubt in the minds of the rockets with a game two win wednesday night. it's times like these when greed is good. >> getting greedy means playing another great 48 minutes and having the expectation that we can come back out here with two wins. >> reporter: as for the rockets, their backs aren't against the wall, but the swagger s jam-- i. >> i got to keep our guys' swag
6:56 pm
up and the same energy that we've been having all season long. tomorrow's going to be even tougher. this is what we're here for. >> only two games away from having home court again. it's not like they're far from out of it. we believe the pressure's still on. >> colin resch, nbc bay area. coming up at 11:00, dealing with san francisco's diseased streets. our investigative reporter travels to vancouver to investigate a controversial program to clean streets up and save lives. the city is ready to take the plunge, but it's illegal in the u.s. a quick wednesday night forecast. >> we have clouds rolling in now, a slight chance of a spotty shower near the coast, the bay tomorrow morning. 69, cool for the afternoon and back up to 76 on saturday. >> it's yummy outside. >> what day is today? >> tuesday. >> did i just say wednesday? >> tomorrow is wednesday.
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>> thanks for joining us.
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♪"extra" "extra" ♪ now on "extra." pauley perrette's mysterious exit from "ncis." suddenly quitting after 15 seasons. her shocking claims about multiple physical assaults. we have the latest new details. bill o'reilly's return to tv. >> one year after getting fired from fox, breaking news on the secret plans to revive "the factor." new royal wedding drama. with meghan's dad out, who will walk her down the aisle. >> could he still make it, or will meghan's mom do the honors. >> our british dream team, mark and teri, on countdown in london. the one-woman fashion show that is j. lo, killing it again. revealing why she ignored people


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