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tv   Today  NBC  May 18, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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7:25 with a live local news update. >> a live look as we say good-bye to an area that's beautiful to weak up to. this is in concord. of course enjoy your friday and your weekend. good morning. breaking overnight, the stage is finally set for the royal wedding. the palace answering the key questions just this morning, including who will walk meghan markle down the aisle. and with less than 24 hours to go, the excitement and crowds are building here at windsor. the new details we've just learned about the ceremony and the guests. plus an exclusive conversation with meghan's co-stars who will be attending the wedding, and a special behind-the-scenes look at the spectacle on royal wedding eve. today, friday, may 18th, 2018. >> announcer: from nbc news,
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this is a special edition of "today," road to the royal wedding, with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from windsor, england. >> and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." it is 7:00 a.m. on the west coast. it is 3:00 here in windsor, england, and it is the eve of the royal wedding. we'll have the latest on the preparations and hoda will be with us in just a moment. first we do have breaking news back home. we want to get right to it. an active shooter situation at a school in texas. craig melvin is in new york. he's watching it for us. craig, good morning to you. what can you tell us? >> savannah, good morning to you. this is all happening at santa fe high school. this is santa fe, texas. it's about 40 miles southeast of houston. police were called to the scene we're told shortly before 8:00 local time. at this point it is not immediately clear if anyone has been injured.
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this is a live look at the scene outside that school. a student did tell a houston television station that a gunman walked into her first period art class and simply started shooting. the student says that she saw one girl with blood on her leg as students ran out of that classroom. again, this is the scene there at santa fe high school in santa fe, texas. you can see officials gathered outside the high school there. this is a message that was posted on the school district's website. this morning an incident occurred at the high school involving an active shooter. the district has initiated a lockdown. we will send out additional information as soon as it is available. we're keeping a very close eye on the scene here and we'll of course be keeping you updated as more information becomes available, savannah. >> all right, craig, stand by there. we'll check back in with you as needed. now to why we're here in windsor. our royal wedding coverage. it's a big morning here, and we
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now have an answer to one of the big questions surrounding this wedding. just this morning the palace revealed the father of the groom, prince charles, is who will walk meghan markle down the aisle. the palace also announced that harry's grandfather, prince philip, will be there. he's 96 years old. he recently had hip surgery, but he is feeling well enough to attend. we've got complete coverage of course this morning across windsor, but let's start with nbc's keir simmons. keir, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning to you. that tough news from back home overshadowing the day a little bit but still plenty of exciting developments. we now know who will walk meghan down the aisle. prince charles, a conventional choice in a somewhat unconventional situation. if i step aside, you can see above windsor castle there, the royal standard is flying. that is because the queen is here, getting ready to meet with meghan's mom. oh, to be a fly on the wall. the prince of wales, meghan's
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future father-in-law and future king stepping in this morning. charles will walk his son's bride down the aisle. the palace making the announcement with just 24 hours to go. wedding guests from around the world, from royals to mek ghan markle's american friends all starting to arrive in windsor, ahead of harry and meghan's big day. a truly memorable meeting, the woman harry calls meghan's amazing mom, introduced for the first time to the woman he calls granny, known to most of us as the queen. already this week doria ragland, who meghan describes as a free spirit, had tea with william, kate and their children and met separately with charles and camilla. mom, apparently the only member of meghan's family to attend saturday's nuptials. meghan's childhood drama teacher and a friend of her dad -- >> i think he's going to be sad, and i'm going to cry now. i know that meghan would love to
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have her dad there and i know he would love to be there. >> reporter: in so many ways this, a royal wedding unlike any other. >> it's like a shift from tradition. it will be an installation. >> reporter: harry and meghan's california cake baker hinting at tense days before the big day. >> no one has tasted the finished product yet. they have tasted a sample. i think they were happy. i think that they, yeah, signed off. >> reporter: the newlyweds will leave windsor castle to the cheers of tens of thousands of spectators. they will get the best view in town. the last big rehearsal appeared to go smoothly, despite the occasional misstep. the best part of the day is going to be the carriage ride. >> well, we think it's going to be the carriage ride. although, have they got a little secret up their sleeve, like the aston martin moment william and kate had in 2011? >> reporter: the big reveal in just 24 hours, the wedding dress. meghan and her mom will spend
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tonight at an historic five-star hotel away from prince harry. he and millions watching saturday will see the bride for the first time as she walks down the aisle. some traditions worth keeping. and i think the royals will have decided to have charles lead her down the aisle because you know he will carry out that role flawlessly. savannah and hoda, back to you. >> well, it's obviously a role of honor for prince charles and for meghan, so it's a good solution. keir, thank you. more than 100,000 people are expected to flock here for the royal wedding.that's more than e normal population. many of them are already lining the streets. natalie is getting up close and personal with them. hey, natalie. >> reporter: hey, hoda, i've got my tiara on. i am royal wedding ready, as you can see. this town is absolutely buzzing. it's a small town of 32,000 here in windsor. but now 100,000 people, as you said, have descending edescende
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small town. there is so much excitement in the air. here's what's going to happen tomorrow during the royal procession, right after meghan and harry say their vows. they will descend in their ascot landeau here along high street where people are hoping to take a quick snap of the newlyweds and give their greetings. this tour is expected to last all of about 25 minutes. it moves all through the town of windsor. as you see people already camping out here. we've been here a couple of days already. kids are expected to come tonight to camp out as well. it will descend -- the royal carriage will descend here into the long walk, which is another vantage point for 2.6 miles where they'll have an opportunity to greet the public as well, to give their congratulations to meghan and harry. back to you, hoda. >> all right, natalie. we can feel the excitement. i love natalie's tiara. >> it really suits her. >> it's so her.
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>> never take it off, natalie. a highlight for spectators will be harry and meghan's carriage procession through the ancient streets of windsor. we showed you the rehearsal yesterday. kelly cobiella is down on the long walk. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. yes, this is the famous long walk. it's essentially a driveway and front lawn on an epic royal scale. 2.6 miles of road leading straight up to that gorgeous castle. it's lined with barricades, of course, as you can see, but it's also lined with something else. take a look just across the way here. local school kids have decorated the barricades with pictures drawn by them. some of meghan markle and prince harry, the wedding cake, a castle, just one of the lovely little things that prince harry and meghan markle will see as their carriage ride travels up here after their wedding. they'll also see the big screens, there are several of them out here on the lawn, for the 75,000 people expected out here to watch all of the day's
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events. those people will also get a very special treat. they will be among the first to see meghan markle in her wedding gown. now, she'll be in the car with her mom, doria ragland, but they'll be traveling on part of this road on their way to the chapel. guys. >> all right, kelly, thank you so much. >> we are going to bring in nbc royal editor, camilla, and cnbc anchor, wilfred frost. can we start with you about this big news about prince charles walking her down the aisle. put it in context. how big of a deal is this? >> i think it's a massive deal because this is a future king basically saying to meghan, welcome to the royal family. apparently there was a discussion between meghan, harry and his father yesterday. meghan was the one who led in with would you mind. he was honored. i understand his spokesman talked to me this morning and said he's absolutely delighted. he wanted to make sure it was their decision, he doesn't want to take over the day.
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and equally doria under so much pressure here on unfamiliar surroundings. i think meghan is delighted. he's going to be a father figure. he likes meghan, he has met her several times. they get along well and have common interests. so i think it's just prince charles saying welcome to the family. >> what do you think the royal family would have made of all this drama? not that they don't know about drama, they do. >> of course they do. i totally agree. i think this is a fantastic very positive choice. whoever the choice was, i think it's fantastic it's been put behind them. the decision has been made. it has been quite a nightmare final week of preparation for meghan clearly. this gets them back to focusing on all the overwhelming positives of tomorrow that hundreds of millions want to celebrate with them on tv, hundreds of thousands here and 600 of their friends inside the castle want to celebrate the love they have for each other and that outweighs all of the controversy the last week. >> wilfred, you went to school with both of these young men. >> i did indeed. >> william and harry. does the choice of meghan
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surprise you knowing harry the way you know him? >> i think the choice is celebrated across all of the uk. i would say so myself and i'm sure all of their school friends would as well. they are princes, these two boys, but they're also millenials. i think this is very much a true love story. it doesn't surprise us because i think he is a very open and fundamentally down-to-earth guy. >> camilla, what do you think is the big suspense left now? we had the unanticipated suspense of who's walking who down the aisle. >> so the order of service, which i've seen, but it's embargoed until later. >> you know? >> yes. >> where's you are truth serum? >> i'll give you a flavor of it. the service has soul, ladies, it has soul. >> it has soul? >> we know there's a gospel choir. >> i know, but there's something else you're not telling us. >> we'll finding out more tomorrow. >> is aretha franklin singing? >> if only! >> there's a couple of classic british hymns too. >> it's traditional and it's modern. it's perfect.
7:12 am
>> what the title might be. >> that's to come. >> we'll wait for that. >> all right, guys, thank you for joining us. >> we'll check in with you lots. we'll have a lot more on the wedding all morning long, but right now we want to get to the other top stories of the morning. let's start with that massive volcanic eruption in hawaii. it sent smoke and ash shooting five miles into the air. now a new crack has opened up. let's get right to nbc's miguel almaguer who has the latest. miguel, good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. that eruption at the crater happened in the early morning hours sending ash and toxic gases into the air tens of thousands of feet high. meantime, fissures like the one behind me continue to blast open, sending lava sky high. at the crater this morning, it's relatively quiet. while in residential neighborhoods like this one, a much different story. after rumbling back to life this week, kilauea finally blew. the eruption at its crater
7:13 am
launching rocks, smoke and ash nearly six miles high. >> it's a real dynamic situation up there. we could have additional, you know, events like this morning that punch up and then die back down really quickly. >> hey, you guys okay? >> kilauea's blast coming exactly two weeks after earthquakes started. an explosion of fiery fissures. >> i can't see. >> reporter: and toxic gases venting from the ground. now officials are worried about the new blanket of ash choking local communities. >> oh, god, it's putrid. it's disgusting. it's so thick, it's not even air. >> reporter: 5,000 free masks handed out in less than three hours. >> if you went to the hardware store or wherever you'd buy a mask, they're all out. everywhere is out of masks. >> reporter: perhaps triggered by the crater's lava lake sinking, hitting cooler groundwater, kilauea's eruption
7:14 am
may have been the first or last. at this point geologists simply don't know. but for now, nothing has stopped the lava bombs and geysers of fire destroying dozens of homes. 2,000 people have been forced to evacuate. with roads cracked and crumbled, it's unclear when anyone will be allowed to return home. >> it's terrifying what we're all going through. >> reporter: this morning kilauea delivering a blast in the air, and an inferno on the ground. for some, turning this tropical paradise into hell on earth. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: while geologists don't know if that massive crater will blow again, it's also unclear when these fissures behind me will stop spouting gas and lava. it is still a very volatile situation here on the ground. savannah and hoda, back to you guys.
7:15 am
>> my goodness, miguel, i cannot believe that shot behind you. i am assuming that you're being very, very careful, but please do. keep us posted. thank you. also this morning, we are learning more about a deadly tragedy in new jersey. a school bus colliding with a dump truck and tipping over, killing a student and a teacher and injuring dozens more. here's nbc's kristen dahlgren. >> reporter: this morning, new details from investigators about that deadly crash in new jersey. multiple sources telling our new york station wnbc that video from a department of transportation camera shows the school bus missed the exit and tried to make an illegal u-turn, leading to mohorror on the highway. >> i'm gonna need about 20 ambulances. i have a full school bus and victims on the ground. >> reporter: the school bus packed with middle schoolers on their way to a field trip ripped apart after colliding with a dump truck. 11-year-old theo was on the bus. >> i heard a scraping sound and
7:16 am
we toppled over the highway. >> reporter: recounting the terrifying moments. >> a lot of people were screaming. they were like hanging from their seat belts. >> reporter: one student and a teacher were killed. 43 others were injured, some critically. >> it's very sad. obviously my heart goes out for the community, for the parents. >> reporter: students and chaperones rushed to nearby hospitals as families were notified of the devastating crash. >> we had every injury type that you could imagine for a scenario like this. you know, it's tragic. >> there are reports now that the school bus is on its side. >> i heard two boys were severely injured. and i was so scared. >> reporter: two other buses on the field trip returning to eastbrook middle school. >> it was scary because i know many of my friends are on that bus. >> reporter: as parents with heavy hearts held their children close.
7:17 am
>> just hug your kids tight and pray for everyone else. pray for the parents of the other children. i mean just hug them, because you never know. >> reporter: for "today," kristen dahlgren, nbc news, new jersey. also on a busy friday morning, the trump administration will propose new rules that ban federally funded clinics from discussing abortion with women. that ban would also prevent those clinics from sharing office space with abortion providers. that policy takes aim at organizations such as planned parenthood. the proposal is based on reagan-era regulations. it's likely to galvanize activists on both sides of the abortion debate. the senate confirmed gina haspel on thursday as the next cia director despite concerns about her role in the spy agency's harsh interrogation program after 9/11. haspel becomes the first female director of the cia. six democrats joins republicans in voting in favor of haspel. she spent nearly all of her career in undercover positions
7:18 am
until she was tapped to become the agency's deputy director last year. >> all right. let us check the weather. we can report the weather is perfect here. >> al, you rocked it. >> this is spectacular. as nice as it is here, unfortunately back home, especially along the east coast and the mid-atlantic states, it's a mess. take a look. we've got flash flood watches, flash flood warnings stretching from alabama all the way into new jersey and pennsylvania. we've even got warnings going up. you can see heavy rain will just continue. here's what we're looking at during the day today on into tomorrow and on into sunday. we're just going to have streams of moisture coming along this stationary front. heaviest rain will be centered in the mid-atlantic states, continues through saturday. heavy rain will make its way into the northeast on sunday. it just continues really right into the beginning of next week. rainfall amounts from miami all the way into the northeast, we're talking 3 to 5 inches of rain for some folks. we'll get to your local forecast
7:19 am
coming up in the next 30 seconds. good morning, as you head outside in san francisco, you're going to notice it's cloudy and foggy and we're even seeing drizzle on the live cams out there. we can expect to keep a lot of cloud cover and drizzle through the early morning hours then we'll start to see clouds burning off quite nicely making way for a warmer afternoon and especially towards inland areas. right now temperatures remain in the 50s, 56 degrees for san francisco and 56 degrees for san
7:20 am
jose with warmer temps in the afternoon. >> and that is your latest weather. guys. >> hey, al, thank you. just ahead with less than a day to go, we are diving into the royal wedding's unanswered questions, including this one, what will meghan wear? and after helping her character get married on "suits" meghan's castmates are here in windsor for her real-life fairy tale wedding and we're going to talk to them. world exclusive right here from windsor. first, this is "today" on nbc. do the royal wave.
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the lincoln spring sales event is here. for a limited time get 0% apr on the lincoln mkx. plus get $1000 bonus cash. we want to update you on breaking news out of texas. very good morning to you, we continue to following breaking news out of houston, texas, where we're following reports of a gunman at a high school there. we're now understanding that that gunman at least has been arrested. we've got some comments from the assistant principal. she told our houston affiliate the gunman is under arrest. the school is also -- injury on the facebook page but we don't know the extent of the injuries if they were students or administrator who perhaps were injured. it still remains very active situation. at santa fe high school located between high school and galveston. the "today" show will provide another update at the bottom of
7:27 am
the hour as we continue this breaking news from our newsroom as well. let's look at our forecast now. vianey is in for kari mall this morning. >> we have the clouds there in the san francisco area. and in the south bay we're seeing some low clouds out there, 56 degrees, peninsula also in the 50s and san francisco because of some of that cloud cover and the fog we're catching the drizzle on the live cam. east bay at 54 degrees into the afternoon. we'll see a nice burn off of this fog and our temperatures will be running slightly warmer into the afternoon. mike? >> we're looking at the friday lighter volume of traffic all around the bay. the biggest slowdown in the last half hour, north 101 heading through san mateo and approaching the boulevard, the crash there in lanes for quite some time. may have one lane affected. meanwhile approaching the bay bridge, both directions look smoothly to the backup at the toll plaza and slowing through
7:28 am
pittsburg and bay point for highway 4. >> another local news update in half an hour. see you then.
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welcome back to windsor on the eve of the royal wedding. welcome back to windsor on the eve of the royal wedding, it's 12:30 here in london, it's 7:30 in new york. that's the long walk ready for tomorrow's big event. >> can you imagine how many more people will be crammed in there tomorrow because everybody wants to get a look at the bride and groom moments after they say their vows. >> yes, indeed. >> this is how the day's events unfollow. first things first, we are on at 4:00 a.m., st. george's chapel opens to guests at 10:00 a.m. local time which is 5:00 a.m. eastern. members of the royal family arrive in the next hour or so. >> at 6:30 eastern, the prince
7:31 am
goes to the front steps of the chapel, and then, you guys, it's show time. the wedding ceremony begins at noon, that's 7:00 a.m. on the west coast. set your alarms to be with us. >> yes, absolutely. get up early. you don't want to miss anything. about 50 minutes after that, prince harry will kiss the bride, and they pose for photos on the same west steps. after that, there's a carriage procession that begins, the cell cinderella moment, and then a lunchtime reception at st. george's hall, and then an evening reception for the lucky few invited. >> when the palace does something, it's to precision. when we say those times, that's exactly when it happens. no one shows up late. >> that's right. we'll be there. >> first, a check of the day's other headlines starting with the situation in hawaii. massive eruption. that hawaii volcano finally
7:32 am
erupts sending smoke and ash more than five miles high. >> you can feel the ground shake, hear what sounds like a jet engine overhead. new fears over the toxic gases and more explosions on the way. >> we may have additional larger events, more powerful events. stern warning -- >> best thing he could do is make a deal. >> president trump responding to kim jong un's threatening pulling from the summit, make a deal or be forcibly remove. >> that model would take place if we don't make a deal, most likely, but if we make a deal, i think kim jong un is going to be very, very happy. language lessons, new york lawmakers filed a former complaint against that manhattan lawyer. who was caught on camera threatening a restaurant worker and customer for speaking spanish. romaine calm. it's safe to eat again, this after a contaminated version
7:33 am
made more than 150 people sick. golden opportunity. u.s. olympic curler matt hamilton uses the gold medal to mark the spot of his ball at a golf tournament. >> could be the greatest ball marker in the history of golf. >> today, friday, may 18th, 2018. >> the unique dress to boot. >> i know, exactly. in golf, you fit in wearing something like that. >> he sure did. turning back to the royal wedding, last minute preparations underway. chane h ch ch chanel has the scoop. >> a little scoop. it's a beautiful day, isn't it? it's a royal wedding a little different combining rituals with a modern twist, and personal touches that reflect the couple's personalities. like all couples, they have a wedding checklist, only this
7:34 am
one's a little more elaborate than most. it needed the queen's seal of approval for starters, so here's what we know. venue, check. the couple is tieing the knot just down the road in the royal family chapel of st. george's over 500 years old surrounded by the tombing of some of england's greatest kings and queens. the ceremony? check. mom will share the car with meghan on the way to the chapel, and her father-in-law, prince charles, walks her down the aisle. the archbishop receives the vows. guard of honor, check. okay. you have to call the queen grandma to get this. 250 uniformed soldiers from the military pool that harry has served with. cake? check. the cake bucks royal tradition made by a californian, a light
7:35 am
cream and elderflower creation with real flowers that's already setting a trend. flowers? check. white peonies, roses, and the white garden, kensington palace that princess diana love. this is a summer garden. invitations? check. some 600 guests have received these, among those attending, diana's siblings, meand friends from the cast of "suits," her best friends expected to be there. 2,640 community activists invited into the castle grounds. best man? check. prince william returning the
7:36 am
favor for his younger brother. bridal party? check. no maid of honor this time, but ten little page boys and flower girls including prince george and sister charlotte. transportation? check. an open carriage takes the couple through windsor after the ceremony like what harry shared after william and kate's wedding. photographer? check. new york based photographer who took the engagement photos is their man. gi gifts? check. charity donations only, but the queen reportedly gifting them this humble home and the title. reception? check. that's happening here at windsor castle at the even older st. george's hall. the windsor kitchen's prepping already. there's an evening event hosted by prince charles for 200 close friends and family. wedding night?
7:37 am
check. it's not far to go, harry and meghan will spend the night at the castle. among the questions that remain? who is making the dress? raffle who designed her engagement gown, or burbery? >> i think she's going to wear a very fitted dress. i think she will definitely have a long sleeve. i think she'll have shoulder coverage and look fantastic. >> reporter: that leaves the bill, that could be a whopping $40 million, putting this in the ten most expensive weddings of all time. >> one other detail we've learned this morning as you guyed mentioned. s queen's husband, prince phillip, will attend a few weeks after the 96-year-old had a hip operation. 96 years old, and he'll be there. >> good. the dress, the dress, the dress. >> stunning, elegant, simple, chic. >> that's what you think? >> will he shave? >> i think he leaves it. >> grandma thinks she should
7:38 am
shave. >> grandma over here. >> we'll see. >> i know. she's so beautiful, she could wear anything, but i think it's going to be fabulous. i can't wait. al has the check of the weather, how is it going down there, al? >> gorgeous, we have all our american friends here hanging out, and it's just a real party, and this is -- you know what i love about this? lo look, it's like harry potter, look at this place, this home here, this business, it's crooked, it's like it's literally leaning over. i love that. only in windsor, ladies and gentlemen, only in windsor. let's show you what's happening as far as your weather is concerned. severe weather in the mid plains as well. look at all that storm system activity working its way through the dakotas and nebraska. it's going to be pushing to the east slow cold front developing storms in the afternoon, wind and hail
7:39 am
we look for enhanced storms making their way into minnesota and iowa. looking anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain in that region. that's what's going on around the country. here's wha here in the bay area, south bay 56 degrees and peninsula in the 50s and we have the cloud cover along with fog in the north bay. 48 degrees our temperature trend into the afternoon. we're going to keep a lot of that cloud cover through the first half of the day then we'll start to get more peeks of sunshine, upper 70s for inland areas and we're expecting to see some sunshine as we head towards the weekend. >> and that is your latest weather. guys? >> all right, al. thank you so much. coming up next castmates to wedding guests, meghan's friends from "suits" will join us live in windsor, right after this. meghan's friends from "suits" will join us live in windsor,
7:40 am
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♪ ♪ well, before meghan markel was a blushing bride to be, she was a star on "suits," a popular show on our sister network, usa. >> markel played rachel zane, a paralegal. she landed a job at the same firm where she met her on again-off again lover, mike. fans got a glimpse of her in a wedding gown as they tied the knot before moving to seattle. >> that makes us wonder what's going to happen with "suits." we have three members of the "suits" cast. guys, good morning. welcome to windsor. we want to talk about the show, of course. but first of all, you're all wedding guests tomorrow.
7:45 am
in a word, how did you feel and react when you realized you get to come to the wedding? >> thrilled. >> i'm still reacting. >> are you shocked? >> i was. you hope, as we all do, the best for her. this is an incredible step in her life. to bear witness to that is extraordinary. >> did you get them in the mail? what happened? you got the invite in the mail? what happened? you opened it and -- >> doves flew out. >> you got doves? >> i guess everybody got something different. >> does this surprise you guys? often when someone is dating and you're working on the set together, you hear rumblings. my boyfriend. was this something you knew about before the rest of us did? >> yeah. >> you did? how much did you know? what did you know? >> very little. we knew she was excited. and there was reason to keep it, you know, close to the vest.
7:46 am
>> you knew it was harry? you knew she was dating him? >> yes, you did. >> you did. what did she say about him? >> that he's lovely. you know, they're a great match. >> i had gotten the news quite early. >> tell us the truth, rick. >> let me break it down. >> come on, rick. >> i had gotten the news early. and i was like, you got to be kidding me. and it was like, both of us in the trailer like, oh, my. you're going -- you're dating a prince? and then, you know. i was just like, well, take it slow. be careful. don't let him hurt you. >> they didn't do that. >> yeah, like a good pal. >> when i got the invitation, they're like, rick hoffman, get out of your shower. >> they said you were sisters. how would you categorize your friendship?
7:47 am
>> we worked so many years together on a show. we were with each other for longer than we went to college or high school. we became family in a way. we're still family. this is a wonderful family affair. >> what would you have people to know about meghan? in some way, she's a mystery. >> rick, this is for you, my friend. >> i'm talking? >> it's you. >> basically, i'll give you an idea. i was in a relationship that didn't work out. i had to go to a wedding in paris five years ago to this weekend. >> yeah. >> five years ago. it was in paris. i didn't have -- i was dateless. and meghan was like, do you want me to come with you? i was like, yeah. that would be awesome. we had the producer schedule our schedules off. we had the most fun. i didn't know anything about the 18 or 17. we're going to all 18 today.
7:48 am
>> by the way, your show now is meghan markle-less. you're starting up again. we hear you have a spin-off, gina. >> thank you. jessica pearson lives. she has a life. we're following my character to chicago to her new life in chicago. she's going to go into the world of politics. dirty, dirty chicago politics. >> i saw the trailer. i'm scared of you. >> you look so fierce. and "suits" continues, right, guys? >> yes. and mike and rachel are still there. >> they were the major artery of the show. now, we have to sort of, you know, regenerate another artery. we're working on it. >> thank you for coming to see us. >> rick, do you have your fascinator for tomorrow? >> how did you know? >> i just connect with you. if you need a date for a wedding -- >> really? >> yes. >> thank you so much. season eight of "suits" returns this july. gina's spin-off will premiere next year on usa network.
7:49 am
still ahead, meghan markle's style and what is she going to wear on her big day. it will be a wedding dress. on friday, from windsor, a check of these messages. dress. on friday, from windsor, a check of these messages.
7:50 am
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7:56 am
good morning, right now in san jose, 57 degrees, the wind speeds very calm right now. not really a factor. in san francisco still keeping the cloud cover out there and even starting to drizzle. you can see that on the camera right here. 56 freedegrees and it will get breezier in the afternoon hours and daytime highs in the mid to upper 70s for inland areas. 60s along the peninsula. mike? >> slower drive into palo alto southbound 101 to the bottom of the screen. right near university. you see the cranes continuing to work on that willow overcrossing there. the rest of the peninsula moves well. a new crash and now vehicle stalled over there in millbrae and that will cause you a little more slowing towards sfo. the east shore freeway still slow. a stall at wall nut creek not a
7:57 am
problem for interchange. we want to update you on breaking news out of texas where a gunman om open fire at the high school in the town of santa fe between houston and galveston. right now the school is confirming injuries. but we have no further detail from the school itself. it remains a very active scene. the mother of a student did tell our houston affiliate at least five people were shot. not confirmed, we're trying to get their conditions as well. assistant principal says the suspect has been arrested.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, charles in charge. the future king of england as the palace announces that prince charles will walk meghan markle down the aisle. new detail of the ceremony emerges. from the dress. >> there will be billions of eye balls watching this moment across the globe. >> to diana. >> there's going to be, i think, a strong feeling of that missing guest. the mother who isn't there. >> to our walk around windsor. >> does elton john have a place here in windsor? >> yes. >> let's go there. >> we're live just feet from where the royal wedding will
8:01 am
take place, with everything you need to know, today, friday, may 18th, 2018. ♪ >> i found the ambassador. >> i'm very excited for the wedding. i'm here with my outfit, the suit. >> you know who is represented? jersey and pennsylvania. >> hi, darla. >> hi, mom. hi, family. >> people here from all over. >> chicago, just for the royal wedding. ♪ >> i am here for the wedding. >> hi, hoda. hi, savannah. >> we came all the way for the royal wedding. and we love the "today" show. >> welcome to the "today" show, live averacoverage of the royal wedding from windsor. >> that's our bestie.
8:02 am
i've run into him five times and i've been here three hours. welcome back to "today." our home away from home. >> that's windsor castle. we are perched atop our hotel. we have a beautiful view of windsor castle. you cannot believe we found this spot. down below, the wonderful crowd downstairs. and it's getting thicker and thicker as the day goes on. and tomorrow, can you imagine? >> i don't think you can move. we have an interesting location. we're on a perch. we're about three stories up. we have a beautiful shot of windsor. it's a gorgeous day. good weekend for a wedding. >> if you're walking down the streets of windsor, that's the sight you see of us. we have a busy hour ahead, starting with your news at 8:00. the excitement is building. about this time tomorrow, prince harry and meghan markle will walk up the aisle as a married couple. kelly cobiella joins us with a
8:03 am
closer look. good morning. >> reporter: there's been a constant stream of people strolling up and down the long walk today, before it's closed off for the big wedding day. the procession will be along here. and at this time tomorrow, the place will be buzzing. harry and meghan will be husband and wife. they will be waiting for the carriage. first, a few more things on the royal wedding to-do list. it's the final 24 hours before prince harry and meghan markle say their i dos. now, the final push is on here in windsor, to put the finishing touches on their fairy tale wedding. the town, in union jacks, fans in their own royal regalia. security is high, with police doing last-minute chex. at the castle, a very important meeting. meghan's mom, doria ragland, sitting down with harry's
8:04 am
grandparents, the queen and prince philp. harry's dad will be walking meghan down the aisle. and she met william and kate and george and charlotte at the castle. london guests like misha nonoo and "suits" guest stars who are reporting on social media. reports are that elton john is not only on the guest list but will sing on saturday. inside the castle walls, the cake, actually, three cakes, will arrive. baked and frosted in royal kitchens in london. the palace tweeting the ingredients. 200 lemons and 500 eggs. >> we have a lemon sponge, a lemon curt fid filling and a bu cream that's light and fluffy.
8:05 am
>> reporter: the dress is reportedly safe and sound here at windsor castle. one of the few to get a sneak peek, queen elizabeth herself. it's tradition to give the monarch a secret look before the big revoeal to the groom and th world. and of course, the other big unknowns, the veil, no veil. will something borrowed be a tiara from the queen's collection, which i understand is quite large. or possibly princess diana's tiara, the one she wore for her wedding. they're the wedding cliff-hangers. you have to tune in to find out. >> i saw you earlier in the newsroom, kelly, wringing your hands over the details. we're going to get back to you later. thanks. and now, we move to news back home. a police officer was injured during a shoot-out in the lobby of the trump international doral golf club near miami. this happened at 1:30 this morning. police confronted a man who was
8:06 am
shooting a handgun and shouting anti-trump statements. officers exchanged fire with the man, wounded him and took him into custody. he was taken into the hospital. his condition unknown. a police officer suffered a broken wrist during that altercation. also breaking overnight, the former russian spy poisoned by a nerve agent in britain has been discharged from the hospital. he was found with his daughter, discharged from the hospital last month. britain accused russia of being behind that attack. but russia has denied involvement in the poisoning. authorities have handed out thousands of protective masks to people living on hawaii's big island, as the kilauea volcano erupted thursday, shooting a massive plume of smoke and ash, almost six miles into the sky. thursday's eruption comes after two weeks of activity.
8:07 am
toxic gas levels rose. with roads cracked and crumbled, it is unknown when any will be allowed to return home. we have a lot more ahead from right here in windsor, including the poignant ways that harry and meghan are paying tribute to diana at their wedding. and jimmy f mmy fallon witha as a control enthusiast, i'm all-business when i travel... even when i travel... for leisure. so i go national, where i can choose any available upgrade in the aisle - without starting any conversations- -or paying any upcharges. what can i say? control suits me. go national. go like a pro. living healthy is a balancing act. that's why i love light & fit greek non-fat yogurt. each delicious cup contains 12 grams
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8:12 am
the road to the royal wedding is sponsored by real is a diamond, real is rare. >> welcome back to beautiful windsor. tomorrow's guest list is small, by royal standards. >> only 600 people were invited to the public portion of the day. and one-third of them will attend the private reception hosted by prince charles. >> one person will be missed, prince harry's mom, princess diana. and natalie is here with that.
8:13 am
>> i think princess diana, everybody will be thinking about her tomorrow. of course, diana's presence has been felt on this royal romance from the very beginning. harry and meghan announced their engagement in her memorial garden. and throughout tomorrow's events, we'll see signs of the people's princess. meghan markle was born a week after diana married prince charles. one person will be missing and deeply mourned, princess diana. >> there's going to be a very strong feeling of that missing guest, the mother who isn't there. >> reporter: the couple announced their engagement in the kensington palace garden, diana's favorite place. the wedding flowers to include the white roses diana loved. the engagement ring, designed by prince harry with his mother's diamonds. >> not being able to meet his
8:14 am
mom, it's important to me to know that she's a part of this with us. >> reporter: there are many similarities between the two women. both children of divorce, passionate about charities and perceived as being warm and approachable. >> i think she would be over the moon, jumping up and down. i really miss having her around and being able to share the happy news. with the ring and everything else going on, i'm sure -- >> she's with us. >> i'm sure she's with us, yeah. >> reporter: there's differences, too. meghan comes from a humble background, has been married and had a successful acting career. diana's appeal was in her shyness and vulnerability. meghan's appeal is in her poise and confidence. >> he knows he has a capable bride-to-be, who is going to step up to the plate and impress all of us. i think that would make diana so very, very happy. >> reporter: princess diana's love for her sons was unmistakable. >> my first priority will continue to be our children,
8:15 am
william and harry, who deserve as much love and care and attention as i am able to give. >> reporter: how would she have felt about the three grandchildren and soon two daughters-in-law she will never meet? >> now, all i want to do is try >> announcer: this is an nbc news special report. here's lester holt. >> good morning, everyone. we're coming on the air with breaking news. a school shooting with reports of multiple fatalities. this time in santa fe, texas. outside galveston. in custody after opening hire at the high school. a dropping story. we're getting details coming in. we want to turn to pete
8:16 am
williams. he's in our washington newsroom and has the latest. pete? >> reporter: well, lester, according to kprc, the number of fatalities from the shooting is at this point said to be eight. we don't know whether that's students, faculty, what the breakdown is. we know others were injured, including one law enforcement officer who was taken by life flight helicopter to a nearby hospital. according to students, and the initial reports from law enforcement, this began at about 8:10 local time at this high school, which has about 1400 students. some students said they heard the fire alarm go off first before 8:00. as they were leaving their classrooms, that's when the shots began to ring out. whether that's the exact sequence that will turn out to be what happened, that's at least what we're starting to hear from sfutudents. federal officials are on the way now.
8:17 am
both the atf and fbi. they'll be assisting in the investigation. law enforcement authorities say they have arrested the gunman. one person. we have seen varied reports on whether this was a student. the sheriff said a second person is in custody. law enforcement people now are doing the pain staking process of going through every classroom, every room at the gymnasium, the cafeteria, everything in the building to make sure that there are no other injured people and that nobody else was involved in the shooting. so, it's going to take many hours for them to develop that investigative picture. in the meantime, the injured have been taken to nearby hospitals. the law enforcement officer taken by life flight. it's very early to know exactly how serious this is. but we do know that the initial reports are that at least eight people were killed, lester. >> all right. pete williams. the justice correspondent with the latest. there was a news conference. an impromptu news conference a
8:18 am
shot while ago with what we believe is a physician at one of the hospitals where the injured were taken. >> so far, we have received three patients, two adults, one person under 18. physicians and nurses are working with them now. >> you tell us the ek tent of their injuries? >> they have gunshot wounds. that is the extent of the knowledge i have at this point. >> what is their condition? are they critical? serious? >> i know that one is in the operating room. that's pretty much all the informing i have thasht conditions. >> the one in the operating room, student, staff member, do we know? >> i don't know. it's an adult p. i do know that. >> he's male, right? >> i don't have gnat information. >> do you have any students here? >> we have one person under 18, i assume a student. >> a shooting at a school in santa fe, texas.
8:19 am
outside of galveston. according to affiliate kprc in houston, eight people have been killed. undetermined number of injured. it would appear the situation right now is contained. there is a suspect in custody, as pete williams reported. we all know far too much about how these things go. we'll be back on as more updates become available. we get a cout west, we have sev. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. [ weather ]
8:20 am
>> and that is your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thank you so much. one of the things we're most looking forward to seeing is meghan's wedding dress. >> indeed we are. sheinelle jones is here with more on that. >> here's the deal. she's been dubbed by the british press as the most powerful woman in fashion. and as you will see, meghan's always had an eye for the unique and chic. ♪ meghan markel was a fashion it girl even before she hit the royal stage. >> yes. all over that. >> as an actress, activist, and even as a style contributor on occasion for us here at "today." >> looks beautiful. >> whether talking about the latest trends or wearing them herself, this california native always made a statement. >> meghan does polished and perfection so well. she has a simple elegance to her style. she never looks like she's try too hard.
8:21 am
>> since becoming prince harry's lady, her fashion choices make news around the world. from the ripped skinny jeans she wore, to the coat she wore when she said yes. her every outfit and accessories have become must-haves, selling out the minute she steps out. >> meghan is possibly the biggest style influencer on the planet. whatever she wears can sell out in seconds. one bag sold out in 11 seconds. it's the megameghan effect. can i coin that? >> reporter: gone are her shoulder-bearing dresses and short ziskirtds s short ziskirtdskirts, replaced lady-like frocks. getting ready for her new role as duchess-to-be. and her wedding on saturday will mark her biggest fashion statement yet. >> there will be billions, billions trillions of eyeballs watching this moment across the globe. there's not going to be one
8:22 am
element that is not scrutinized the world over. it's going to be fabulous. >> we could actually see two dresses tomorrow. back in april, a source told "vanity fair" meghan would wear a traditional elegant gown to the ceremony and a more glamorous one to the evening reception. >> she's got to dance. >> a girl's got to dance. pick up that dress. >> our "today" contributor with us. you usually have the details for us. let's talk wedding dress and tiara first. >> she has quite the selection to choose from. the queen has opened the vault and said, take your pick. >> really? >> with the tiara that diana wore for her wedding. also, the queen's. >> we have a model that's wearing a dtiara. >> we didn't put on the veil because we want to draw attention to the $100,000 tiara.
8:23 am
thumb to the middle of your forehead here. put your them and where the finger lands is where the tiara sits. >> let's talk fascinators and hats. let's make fascinators happen in the states. >> i think this is a good one for savannah. >> this is just a hat. the hat, fascinators and a hatinator. >> i like that on you. >> this is a hatinator. >> tas fascinator and a hat had baby. >> smaller than a hat, bigger than a fascinator. >> that's pretty. >> look at this for sheinelle. >> that should be yours. >> take tips from the queen and wear head-to-toe the same color. >> how do you match? should you go mono chromatic? >> that's the easiest way and something that's trending. i reckon we will see a lot of
8:24 am
that tomorrow. look how beautiful this looks. >> it looks cute. >> i think put the bun behind. >> i like how she's done it here. why are these a british tradition? how long is this going on? >> it started with the pill box hat. and people started to decorate them with feathers. and the base got smaller and smaller. zero functionality. >> all decorative. >> wow. >> on the invitation, if you are a woman, you have to wear a hat. >> day dress and hats. i have friends going, and they're freaking out saying, where am i going to find a hat. >> the fact she has friends going, totally normal. >> we don't know a soul going. >> thanks. >> thank you. you know my neck hurts. now, to "pop start." since we're here in windsor, sheinelle. >> yes. first up, our friend, jimmy
8:25 am
fallon wrote up a special surprise just for us. take a look. >> hi, hoda. hi, savannah. i'm very, very excited for the royal wedding. i would like to take a moment and write some thank you notes to everyone enjoying the coverage. thank you, burger king and dairy queen, to being the closest thing americans will have to a royal family. thank you, spice girls, for attending the royal wedding this weekend and giving the royal family what they want, what they really, really want. [ applause ] thank you, harry and meghan, for being this week's hottest couple, besides yanny and laurel. those are my thank you notes. >> that was good. very funny. >> it's going to be good. >> we love jimmy fallon.
8:26 am
>> airs weeknights at 11:35. >> i'm bringing this back with me. >> our own willie geist is going to be on the showi )m ... we want to update you on breaking news out of texas. that )s where a gunman opened fire at a high school. we want to update you on the breaking news out of texas. that's where a gunman opened fire, at a high school there. we're just now learning from our houston affiliate there are eight confirmed deaths. this happened in the town of santa fe. this started to unfold during the last hour of "today in the bay" around 6:00 a.m. the sheriff's office just moments ago tweeting out that one person is in custody and a second person is detained. jeff also indicated that this is also no longer an active shooter situation. nbc news just reporting that one officer was shot and airlifted to a nearby hospital. back here at home, we want to check in what you can expect as you head outside with the
8:27 am
traffic. mike. >> low clouds there. really the problem is the stalled vehicle and actually a tractor parked north 880, just north of high street. we'll show you where things are jammed just north of the coliseum. that's the slowest drive getting over the bay bridge. the bay bridge itself shows a light build. meanwhile, the peninsula looks great. the south bay never saw a problem for san jose. we just say a little more slowing for 101 and 87 coming up to 280. back to you. >> thanks, another local update coming up in 30 minutes. i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message.
8:28 am
8:29 am
i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs.
8:30 am
california values senator dianne feinstein it's 1:30 in the afternoon here on the streets of windsor. what a party. this is awesome. >> hi, ladies. where are you from? >> california. >> you came all the way for the wedding? >> we did.
8:31 am
flew in from los angeles yesterday. >> how long have you been here? >> just overnight. >> it's her birthday today. >> happy birthday. hi, you two. >> from boston. >> everybody looks so good. >> look at you two. meghan's over here. >> you want to see something look good. ho look at these guys over here. >> our crew. >> i love it. i love it. all right. we're going to have more coming up. first, we want to get a check of the weather, right? >> all right. let's show you what's happening right now. in fact, we got a lot going on back here. we're looking at picture-perfect weather tomorrow, here at windsor castle. it will be spectacular. look at that. by 4:00 p.m., picture-perfect, 49 degrees and sun nny skies. another event. pimlico, you're going to spend
8:32 am
all day in front of the tv. coverage at 5:00 p.m. morning rain and static showers and thunderstorms. 72. hopefully not as bad as it was for the kentucky derby. of course, it's the sport of kings or princes and queens. let's show you. that's what's going on around th that's what's going on around the country. >> 57 degrees right now in san jose. there goes those clouds. calm right now, not really expecting much of a change in terms of the temperature over the next couple of hours. we're going to stay in the 50s but we'll warm up nicely into the afternoon. san francisco, 56 degrees. we have some drizzle. we have a nice deepening marine layer. that's what's going to keep the temperatures in the 50s. as far as san jose goes, your temperature trend into the afternoon will climb into the 70s. >> and that's your latest weather. guys? >> al, thanks. it is so exciting to be here
8:33 am
in windsor. it is a charming town, 20 miles outside of london. it's really steeped in royal history. >> as soon as savannah arrived just this morning, we hit the town. check it out. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> here we are in windsor. everything looks old and actually is old. >> it's 11th century. the lovely thing is that the whole rest of the town is really old, too. 39 of our kings and queens have lived in windsor. >> 39, wow. >> because they were here, it built up an industry around them. >> it's teeny. like 32,000 people live here? >> a tiny number. they're all royalist. they love occasions like this. it's said that the business this wedding is creating is going to be worth 1 billion pounds for the british economy. >> that's just in the bubble heads that hoda has purchased to bring back home.
8:34 am
>> windsor is very famous. not only is it very old, it was originally built in the 14th century. but it is created by our greatest architect, christopher wren. >> there's a couple of big marriages. >> the place that april 2005, where prince charles married camilla bowles, the duchess of cornwall. and we had our first same-sex marriage in britain, which was elton john's marriage to david furnace. >> right behind those doors? >> does elton john has a place in windsor? >> about two miles away from here. >> let's go there. ♪ >> so, daniel, this is yours, huh? >> this is the family department store that we've had in windsor for 100 years. >> oh, really. >> we have a bakery inside. that's the one you're going the
8:35 am
see. >> have you baked something for us? >> we have. we baked quite a lot for you. hope you're hungry. here's where we have created minireplicas of harry and meghan's wedding cakes. >> this has elderflower in it. >> this is a tiered sponge with a butter cream that's flavored with elderflower. >> this is beautiful. >> i hope you try them. >> how many do you think i can fit in my suitcase? they're so lovely. >> decorated with the union jack. >> too pretty to eat. we'll eat it anyway. >> i think you'll manage it, right? >> one, two, three. >> we're still eating. cannot stop eating this cake. i don't have to fit in a wedding dress tomorrow. why not? >> exactly. coming up next, what made prince harry fall in love with windsor?
8:36 am
we're going to get inside his special connection to this town. will you eat that? we'll talk to one of his former schoolmates. this is "today." i love it. elderflower right in there, too. nbc, nbc. nbc, nbc. where else?
8:37 am
marshall tuck will change that. in california, 3 million kids can't read at grade level. tuck turned around struggling schools, raising graduation rates over 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck. marshall tuck. john chiang's father came it'here with little money,on. but big dreams for a better future. now john has a chance to make history. a champion of the underdog, john took on wells fargo when it ripped off working families. and against the odds,
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he helped saved california from financial disaster during the great recession. ...leaving more to invest in progressive priorities like education, healthcare and affordable housing. john chiang. the proven, progressive leader we need for california's future. we have made our way back up here to our spot in windsor. why did harry and meghan choose this place for their engagement announcement and tomorrow's ceremony? >> our colleague, wilfred frost, our anchor of "closing bell" went to school with william and harry. and his father were good friends with harry's parents. >> wilfred, this beautiful place means a lot to the groom. >> it does, indeed. i'm sure they picked windsor for lots of reasons. but a lot of it has to do with where harry went to school.
8:39 am
windsor castle and the surrounding great park has become a special place for harry and meghan. but it has always been a special place for harry. he often came to the castle as a child. but in fact, he spent even more time here, just a two-minute walk away in the picturesque town of eton. it's a quieter place than windsor, a few shops, a post office and the most famous school in england. eton college. ♪ founded in 1440 by king henry vi, eton has had 19 prime ministers, ian fleming, hugh laurie and eddie redmayne it's where the princes spent their high school years. september 1998, harry's first day at eton. and dressed like all boys here in a tail coat, waistcoat and school tie.
8:40 am
a tradition that goes back to the 1800s when it was introduced out of respect for king george iii after his death. it has stuck ever since. there's 25 houses at eton, like this one, manor house. it's not only where you sleep and eat but also where you make your closest friends. this secluded and unique place meant that harry was able to lead a pretty normal life for his five years at eton. >> there was a series of wonderful pictures where you could see prince harry sitting at his desk. on the desk you can see the picture of his mother, princess diana. but you can see his high fi. it painted a portrait of the schoolboy prince. and what jumped out to everybody is how normal harry looked. >> reporter: during his time at eton, harry demonstrated talent as an artist. but it was in sport where he
8:41 am
excelled, in rugby, soccer, on eton's vast lake rowing. and harry was particularly good at this. >> shoving, pushing and pressure are allowed, but stabbing, beheading and strangulation are out. >> reporter: another tradition, the war game, which is played here. the students scramble up here to the top of the wall to watch. that's despite that the most important game of the the president is appearing in the east room, he's going to make some comments, let's listen. >> by expressing our heart break over the deadly shooting at santa fe high school in texas,
8:42 am
just took place, moments ago. we're closely monitoring the situation. and federal authorities are coordinating with local officials. this has been going on too long in our country. too many years, too many decades now. we grieve for the terrible loss of life and send our support and love to everyone affected by this absolutely horrific attack. to the students, families, teachers and personnel at santa fe high. we're with you in this tragic hour and we will be with you forever. my administration is determined to do everything in our power to protect our students, secure our schools and to keep weapons out of the hands of those who pose a threat to themselves and to others.
8:43 am
everyone must work together. at every level of government to keep our children safe. may god heal the injured and may god comfort the wounded and may god be with the victims and with the victims' families. very sad day. very, very sad. on another note, very positive note, i'm honored to be here today with so many leaders from across the nation. >> president trump, president trump making those remarks about the shooting in santa fe, texas, outside of galveston today, that has left at least eight people dead, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the situation there, at least three people have been transported to hospitals. we should note, the president appearing there at a previously scheduled gathering regarding prison reform. now moving into that topic. i want to go to our pete
8:44 am
williams right now, our justice correspondent, he's in our washington newsroom. what more have you learned about the suspect and the situation at the school there, pete? >> on the suspect, the initial reports were that it was a student, but, frankly, the reports have gone back and forth from what we're hearing from the scene on whether this was a current student or someone older than the 1,400 or so students that attend this high school west of galveston. according to law enforcement officials, the shooting began about 8:10 local time, lester, and now we've heard several students say it was proceeded by the pulling of a fire a halarm. so one thing that is going to be investigated here is whether this gunman who authorities say is in custody, pulled the fire alarm to get people out of their classrooms, outside the building where they could be more easily targeted. this, this gambit has been used in at least one previous school shooting that we know of.
8:45 am
one in 1998 at a middle school in arkansas. so whether this is a copycat of that or whether this is the presipr precise sequence is one thing investigators are looking into. the second thing is the number of people killed in this shooting. we continue to hear two numbers, 8 or possibly 9. we've been told by one law enforcement agency that officials on the ground say they have counted eight victims who were dead at the scene. so whether that number changes, we don't know. the third thing they're looking into is whether there were bombs involved in this incident, improvised explosive devices. we've heard from several law enforcement agencies that they've been told that there were ieds there. that they're working to try to clear that now, lift ester. >> we understand a law enforcement official is addressing reporters. we want to dip into that here.
8:46 am
we want to dip into that here. [ speaking foreign language ] [ speaking foreign language ] >> that police official obviously -- actually, stand by. >> i'm not sure about the fire alarm. i didn't hear any fire alarms. maybe in the chaos that ensued, but i haven't heard anything about a fire alarm. >> inside or outside? >> we don't know yet. we're doing a systematic search. at one point students were coming out from different hiding places and so our search was continuing to make sure there weren't other students who were still afraid and maybe hiding or staff. we don't know if anybody else is there, we don't know if there
8:47 am
are additional fatalities. it is secure now. we have a multi-agency response out there now. there's no type of active situation at this point. >> you said there was a person of interest. is it a student or can you elaborate on that? >> i'm told they were both students. one is in custody and there were multiple suspects but a second individual was detained and questioned. for what reason i'm not sure. [ speaking foreign language ] >> skir, can you tell us about additional injuries? >> we're not sure. we're still searching. there could be additional that are injured. the fatalities, those deceased and we have approximately 10. that's still not fully confirmed.
8:48 am
i know that it could be in that rang range. >> bombs, is that something you're hearing, sheriff? >> i'm not sure. >> hearing anything about explosives? >> we always consider that a possibility with these types of situations. we know we're searching with that. >> listening to ed gonzalez, harris county sheriff. neighboring county there near santa fe where this has occurred. a little bit of news there. he is suggesting that the death count may go as high as 10 but, as we've been cautioning, we're hearing various numbers and, obviously, things are very fluid there. we're hearing it could be as many as 10. a second person of interest was detained and questioned but one shooting suspect in custody. let's go back now to pete williams. pete, i assume that the feds
8:49 am
will join in on this. >> yes. fbi and atf are on the way. i believe fbi is already on the scene. atf was very close by the last time i checked. now on this question of a second suspect, frankly, lester, the people we've been talking to only know of one. so we believe that only one person was involved in the shooting. we have not heard from our sources any indication that a second person was involved. we know that the harris county sheriff has said that a second person, as you just heard him say, was detained and questioned, but the sources we're talking to said they only know of one person. and i think we just have to use such caution on the number of fatalities here, because it's still not confirmed whether it's eight or nine or, as the sheriff here just raised the possibility of approximately 10. we just don't know. i think we're still safe in saying as many as eight. >> and something else to note that the sheriff mentioned there.
8:50 am
there's still a search going on. understandably. kids will obviously want to hide wherever they can, take shelter and may not know it's safe to come out. they're still trying to unpack the potential of more students may be inside. i want to go to the telephone right now. angelica martinez is on the phone, a mother of a child that attends that school. ms. martinez, do you hear me okay? >> yes, sir. this is angie martinez, the mother of angelica martinez. >> oh, the mother of angelica. thank you. can you tell us what you heard from your daughter and what you learned about what happened? >> well this morning she called me frantic -- she was frantic about what was going on. she said there was a normal fire drill procedure so they got out of class and walked outside because they were close to the exit. when they were outside, she said students were running everywhere, saying that there was an active shooter in the building. and so she -- i immediately told
8:51 am
her can you find anywhere to hide or run? and she said yeah, mom. i said run to the nearest gas station at the corner and i'll pick you up there. so she said that she heard four gunshots and she's right here next to me. she can tell you the rest. >> hi. angelica? >> yes, sir? >> can you tell us -- i understand there was a fire alarm. you went outside. can you tell us what happened from that point? >> so we were just standing out there for like less than five minutes and, um, they had sectioned us off into groups, like people were on the other side of the building and people over here. a lot of people from the other side came running to our side, saying there was a shooter and he was shooting people and they were like -- there's an active shooter. and nobody like believed them until they -- like the gunshots, they were like really close. there were four gunshots.
8:52 am
it was like a gunshot, space and a gunshot. and they started -- we all started running. >> and angelica, is this something that your school has practiced before? have they done shooting drills before? >> not this year. >> have you heard -- i don't want you to use any names here necessarily, but do you have any idea who the shooter is? >> yeah. i believe it is a football player, linebacker. >> so you're hearing it's a student at the school? >> yes. >> we just got -- sir, i'm sorry. we just got an alert that there's a bomb threat at the corner by my house on highway 6. so we have to evacuate our property. >> okay. you do that. and be safe. thank you for taking time. we'll check into that report. we appreciate that.
8:53 am
so, mother of a child and the child herself to attends that school and who, again, telling more about this fire alarm that apparently did, as it was meant to do, get people out of the classrooms and then followed by shots. so that is where we stand right now. as pete noted, one suspect in custody. we're told there was no active threat. we're going to check into that report that ms. martinez said about some kind of an explosive threat. we don't have any confirmation on that and whether that may or may not be related. the sheriff noted he hadn't heard anything about explosives, but they are in the -- the secondary and tertiary searches right now trying to, a, secure the area but, more important, first to make sure there are no students, no other people who are hurt, wounded or hiding. that, obviously, the first priority as they begin to set up a crime scene and try to understand what happened. and even, in fact, the number of casualties. as pete noted, as the sheriff noted, as we've been talking
8:54 am
about, those numbers have been fluctuating by one or two. we've heard at least eight, potentially as high as ten. again those numbers very fluid right now. we're in the early hours of this. as i noted earlier, we have all walk this had journey before far too many times and we know the way these things play out. it takes a while. we'll be right here. as we get more information, we'll come back on the air. for now i'm lester holt, nbc news, new york. good day. i )m - -...
8:55 am
8:56 am
an update to that breaking good morning. it's 8:56. i'm marcus washington. an update to that breaking news in texas where a gunman opened fire at a high school. the law enforcement sources say at least eight people are dead. this has happened in the town of santa fe. this is between houston and galveston. the harris county sheriff says this is no longer an active shooter situation. he says one of the suspects is in custody. another has been questioned. so far, there are conflicting reports about whether that shooter is a student.
8:57 am
happening now, we're posting details as they come in to our twitter feed. we'll bring you the very latest in our midday newscast. authorities in santa cruz are investigating an early morning shooting involving a deputy. the sheriff's office says that deputy had a confrontation with two people and a woman was shot multiple times. we'll have more updates for you at more news in an hour. the work w.
8:58 am
the change in the forecast you need to know about. monday, we get you ready for the workweek ahead and the change in the forecast you need to know about. >> plus, helping you see better. our consumer unit tells you ways to save money if you need contact lenses.
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live windsor, england, this is a special edition of "megyn kelly today" "road to the royal wedding." >> good morning, everyone. welcome. i'm megyn kelly. would you take a look at this backdrop, literally across the street from windsor castle. >> only a model. >> the spectacular windsor model. >> it's green screen. >> there's some guests with me today. >> and they're laughing. >> annoying you. >> sorry. >> surprise, we're here. >> you think it's exciting down there. you should try being on the set. they are abuzz down below, preparing for the big day, less than 24 hours from this


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