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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 21, 2018 3:00am-3:30am PDT

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presidential tweet storm and new demands from the white house for the justice department to investigate whether the fbi infiltrated the trump campaign. >> a 17-year-old remembered in a prayer service. the first of the ten victims of friday's santa fe school shooting. texas governor greg abbott promises state leaders will take action. >> my goal is to ensure swift and meaningful action. and the people here -- >> the treasury secretary hits pause in america's looming trade war with china. >> it was a big night at the billboard music awards filled with memorable moments and plenty of emotion. >> and the second helping of "deadpool" hit pay dirt at the movies this weekend. "early today" starts right now. good to be with you on a monday
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morning. i'm frances rivera. >> and i'm phillip mena. we begin this morning with the president going to war now with his own justice department. after i spent the weekend blasting the doj following reports of an alleged fbi informant in contact with members of his 2016 presidential campaign. >> mr. trump is now demanding an investigation into the supposed infiltration of his campaign, one that he says was politically motivated. as he and his allies try to unveil just who that reported informant might be. we get more from nbc's kelly o'donnell in washington. >> reporter: after spending the whole weekend inside the white house, the president emerged on twitter with a major declaration. i here by demand that the department of justice look into whether or not the fbi, doj infiltrated or surveilled the trump campaign for political purposes. the president's demand follows reporting in "the new york times" and washington post that an fbi informant made contact with three members of the trump
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campaign in the summer of 2016, after the bureau began to examine possible russian election interference. reached by phone, president's lawyer rudy giuliani said mr. trump wants answers. >> all he's asking for is for them to investigate it. he's not telling them what to conclude. so it's perfectly appropriate. >> reporter: giuliani says the president has the authority to demand a new probe as head of the executive branch. though presidents typically avoid directing the justice department to take specific actions. the president's legal team wants to speak directly with the confidential informant. >> we'd like to interview, we can't compel that. >> reporter: this week fbi director chris wray said any informant's identity must be kept confidential. >> the day we can't protect human sources is the day the american people startecoming less safe. >> reporter: giuliani also said the special counsel notified the trump legal team a few weeks ago that its investigation related
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to the president could be concluded by september 1st. the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein responded. if anyone did infiltrate or surveil participants in a presidential campaign for inappropriate purposes, we need to know about it and take appropriate action. the department of justice said its inspector general will expand a current review it is doing of the surveillance warrant application process. that is also related to the trump campaign. and that would include this new issue raised by the president over the weekend. the i.g. will consult with the attorney general. nbc news has also learned the trump legal team is writing its own counter report that could be used to respond to the special counsel's final conclusions that would eventually be delivered to the department of justice. giuliani said if the mueller report is published, the president's team would then be ready to release theirs as well so the public can see both. frances? >> a lot to digest to come. kelly, thanks. >> u.s. stock futures jumped
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overnight after treasury secretary mnuchin said the u.s. and china would put their trade war on hold. citing meaningful progress in their talks over the last two days. while a deal washington wizardsant enirttirel -- wasn't worked out, he said the administration agreed to put on hold $150 billion worth of tariffs the president threatened last month. >> a montana woman said she is planning to take legal action after a border patrol agent detained her and a friend because she were speaking spanish at a grocery store. anna tells the washington post she began filming the incident because she was uncomfortable. the agent is heard saying, ma'am, the reason i asked you for your i.d. is because i came in here and i saw that you guys are speaking spanish, which is very unheard of up here. he later denies racially profiling the pair. a customs and border protection spokesperson told the washington post the incident is being reviewed, adding decision s to question individuals are based on a variety of factors for which border patrol agents are
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well trained. >> mourners in the community of santa fe, texas turned to their faith on sunday to remember the ten people gunned down at a local high school. at one church the pastor read the names of each victim as the congregation came together in a circle to pray. also yesterday the first funeral for 17-year-old sabika heikh. her mother in tears as they gathered at a mosque. >> i told her she had a warrior's heart. she wanted to be a business woman and impact 9 world. i think she has done that. >> governor greg abbott paying his respects. he and his wife laying flowers at the high school to honor the victims. he is calling for a statewide moment of silence this morning at 10:00. gabe gutierrez has more. >> reporter: frances, the survivor said the gunman taunted
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his victims singing another one bites the dust in between shots. they have not confirmed a motive but we are learning more about possible warning signs. january janna fischer was among the first to be killed. the 16-year-old for months had rejected the advances of alleged school shooter dimitrios pagourtzis. >> i think she knew beforehand because this guy kept harassing her about wanting to be with her, like in a relationship. >> reporter: according to eyewitnesses, he barged into an art classroom and yelled, surprise. investigators say he opened fire with a shotgun and a revolver that he took from his father. >> this killer was intent on trying to inflict horrific damage on these kids. >> reporter: the attorney said the suspect's father doesn't know how he got the weapons. >> i can't tell you why this happened. >> reporter: at church, the community mourning the loss of eight students and two teachers.
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17-year-old chris stone played football. his teammates are devastated. has it sunk in yet? >> part of it. it's sad. to see someone who has done something good or at least tried to go away like that. >> reporter: unlike parkland, the aftermath of this latest rampage is not spurring calls for more gun control. in deep red texas. instead lieutenant governor said teachers said teachers should be armed and schools should have fewer entrances. >> there should be one or two entrances at most and we should have law enforcement looking at those entrances. >> reporter: still, santa fe high did have armed guards and active shooter training. officer john barnes is in critical but stable condition after confronting the gunman. without him, authorities say, the death toll could have been much higher. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, santa fe, texas. >> let's take a turn now and take a look at our weather and
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see how we're shaping up for the week. here's nbc meteorologist bill karins. good morning, bill. >> good monday morning. rain on the mississippi river, down the tennessee, arkansas border. this air why will have showers, maybe an isolated severe storm. tornado risk is low. we could get wind damage in indianapolis and areas of ohio. 4 million people are at risk for these storms. it is beautiful and mild in areas of the northeast. d.c. at 80 degrees, new york city 79. we have storms in the gulf coast and florida. looks soggy and could stay that 80, hottest sports the desert southwest phoenix today at 97. we'll take a look at the week ahead forecast heading into the big holiday weekend.
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>> all right. forgot about that, bill. thank you. by the numbers, 1100 pound fivb was caught in a river outside northeast china. almost 12 feet long. look at this thing. that's the giant sturgeon. it's like a living fossil cruising the waters for nearly 100 years. the fish has been purchased and will be released after artificial breeding. >> an historic moment taking place on the mound in st. louis. 21-year-old jordan hicks. he hit the radar gun 105 miles an hour, he did it twice. the first pitcher to do it in the same games. >> a white sox fan devouring a sundae. >> call them out. kills! studies show at the end of the month, it kills more ticks in less time than frontline plus and nexgard. guess we should mosey on. see ya never, roxy! use simparica withau or neurogi the most common side effects are vomiting,
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with a clean feel. the best for your skin. ultra sheer®. neutrogena®. your hair is so soft! did you use head and shoulders two in one? i did mom. wanna try it? yes. it intensely moisturizes your hair and scalp and keeps you flake free. manolo? look at my soft hair. i should be in the shot now too. try head and shoulders two in one. leading the news this morning a north carolina man has been arrested in connection with a deadly crash. police say the man intentionally drove a car into a busy restaurant killing two people and injuring several others. they say one of the victims was the driver's own daughter and she worked as a sheriff's deputy. after taking the driver into
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custody, police identified him as a businessman from north carolina and said his motive remains unknown. >> a school resource officer was honored at dixon high school's class of 2018 graduation ceremony over the weekend. last wednesday officer mark dallas stopped a student gunman before he could harm classmates. officer dallas received a standing ovation from the graduates at the dixon illinois high school where he is being hailed a hero. dallas exchanged gunfire with 19-year-old matthew milby who allegedly entered the school armed and took shots at the officer. he ultimately injured the shooter and possibly saved countless student lives. >> spectacular eruption of the kilauea volcano has turned more hazardous with reports of a first serious injury. fire officials say a man was sitting on his third floor balcony when he got hit by lava. nbc's steve patterson has the latest. >> reporter: after weeks of fiery destruction, kilauea is claiming her first serious injury. after an airborne chunk of lava struck a man in pahoa, our
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cameras were there to chap tour what happened next. the neighbor rushed into the home, calling out to the victim. >> dale? >> reporter: debris still burning inside. >> molten chunks of rock, high in the air. it looked like fire works. >> reporter: the victim seriously injured but expected to recover. >> he's in the hospital now and we'll see if he loses a foot or not. >> reporter: lava now bubbling out of four active fissures pooling into bright red rivers and cutting across the earth. 4 structures ha 44 structures have been destroyed including homes, a new threat, streams of lava reaching the ocean. as the molten flows reach the water, a dramatic change in temperature can cause laze or plumes of hydro caloric acid spewing glass particles into the air. another serious hazard. warning, stay away.
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>> the biggest worry is people being trapped. >> reporter: the lava cutting off a major highway out of the evacuation zone as plumes of ash and smoke cover surrounding areas. >> we have two children herein side the hospital who have asthma. >> reporter: a darkening reality for residents as the situation here gets worse. >> meanwhile, it was an emotional night of music and tributes at the billboard music awards and we have all of your highlights straight ahead. you're watching "early today." .. helping millions of children here at home... and around the world... starts with one person... you. this red nose day... stop by walgreens and help end child poverty... one nose at a time. because every. one. counts. walgreens, trusted since 1901. (vo) more "dper rollres for mom"
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it's the 2018 billboard music awards. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> many of the biggest names in the music industry gathered in las vegas for the 2018 billboard music awards honoring the year's top performers. music legend janet jackson make history by becoming the first black woman ever to receive the billboard icon award. >> she looked amazing, by the way. couldn't stopwatching her. >> she always does. >> especially now. ahead of one of the biggest nights in music, fashion was front and center. celebrities rocked the red carpet outside the mgm grand garden arena. temperatures hit 90 degrees outside almost matching the sizzling performances inside. performers new and old were recognized. nbc's stephanie has the latest.
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>> reporter: good morning. what a performance at the billboard music awards. 16 in all, 11 awards handed out. the show was hosted by kelly clarkson and it began on a somber note. ♪ ♪ on a night honoring music at the billboard awards, music also honored those lost. ♪ the song youth alongside the choir from marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida. it followed a tearful opening from kelly clarkson in the wake of the school shooting in texas. >> i'm sick of silence. it isn't working. >> reporter: an array of stars and awards for some, including khalid top new artist. camila cabello. and south korea boy band topped social artist.
3:19 am
on tour in ireland, ed sheeran couldn't accept his top artist award in person. but taylor swift was on hand, winning top selling album and top female artist. >> and i want to thank all the artists, all the female artists who paved the way for us to do what we do the way we do it. >> reporter: a woman who helped chart that course made her first televised performance in nine years. janet jackson received billboard's icon award from bruno mars and used the moment to honor powerful women. >> for all our challenges, we live at a glorious moment in history. >> reporter: and an historic combo to end the night. female rapper salt and pep adjoined on stage by envogue, providing an electrifying finale. stephanie stanton, las vegas. >> lots this weekend. the billboard awards, preakness, royal wedding. just ahead, will harry and meg hanson out do will and kate?
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3:23 am
the help of a famous speedster during a prerace interview in charlotte. jimmie johnson ditches something to go to his card and pulls out a small bag. chris standing next to his girlfriend rachel. he pulls out a diamond ring. he's proposing to his girlfriend on live tv. the pressure is on. naturally, of course she said yes. >> she was bound to say yes the second she saw the color of that bag. >> i know what's happening here. >> i know what's in that. did you happen to wake up early to watch the royal wedding? well, if you did, you are by far not alone. total of 29.2 million americans tuned in. some in the wee hours to watch them tie the knot. u.s. viewership is actually on track to beat the u.k.'s, which reportedly was about 18 million. and that's solidly out does his big brother's wedding which drew 23 million american viewers in 2011. what do you make of ha? >> we have an american, you
3:24 am
know, princess right there so naturally going to get more. this is one of my favorite spots. favorite moments with the flower arch on there, too. >> the whole thing. it was very well done. i found myself watching as well. it's hard not to, right? it ended up looking like a soap opera, fairytale sort of the way it was shot. >> there were moments of stand by me with the choir, the preacher's sermon, so many outstanding parts. >> lots to look at. >> all right. toy maker hasbro has won its bid of trademark of favorite childhood set. the toy maker announced the u.s. trademark office recognized the distinctive smell. trademarks are rarely issued for scents. the play dough brand has been around since 1956. some scented products are already available online. >> a valuable life lesson that manages to touch generations. you're watching "early today."
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this morning in an age when sending a note often means blasting off a snap or tweet or text message, there is a group of kids learning how to appreciate the finer things in life, like the value of composing letters by hand. nbc's katie beck went down to texas to connect with these pen pals as they got back down to basics. >> reporter: mrs. gunter's third grade class at episcopal in dallas can't wait for the next envelope to arrive. >> they tell me check the mail, did you check the mail? >> reporter: they're waiting on old-fashioned written letters mailed to each of them. >> i get really excited because when she hands it out, i hope it's me. >> reporter: the letters come from pen pals who grew up in a
3:27 am
different time. senior citizens from a nearby senior living community. tell me about your pen pal. >> my pen pal is miss henson and she, she is a quilter. >> reporter: they share stories and learn about each other. but all the while, the younger correspondents are learning something else. >> i so enjoyed our conversation and getting to know more about you. >> reporter: to read and write in cursive. in fact, the whole purpose of the pen pal project was to spark interest in the writing style that so many kids don't know enough about. >> i think their cursive writing actually is better because they know that someone is going to read it other than just writing it in a work book. >> reporter: read and answered. >> he wants to know about my family and she wants to know what my favorite color is. >> reporter: the back and forth improving the class cursive. >> their penmanship is superb. it's very, very good and very accurate. >> reporter: and forming friendships.
3:28 am
>> and henry is very verbal. he is witty, he's smart, very polite. >> reporter: now the pals meet in person once in a while. another way to stay connected while the next envelope is on its way. katie beck, nbc news, dallas. >> the art of letter writing just like thank you notes, they're rare these days. >> good to know they're still teaching that in school. everybody, the past generations seem to be so much better at it. i know my grandma had the best handwriting out of anybody, all of us, you use it or lose it. >> also the relationships they're building, cool to see. let's get a check with bill karins our forecast, see how we're looking. good morning, bill. >> the temperatures are continuing to be warm. it looks warm in areas of the northeast today. that is enjoyable especially after the last weekend was rainy. we continue that trend today. an a-plus day from philadelphia to boston, mid to upper 70s is great. indianapolis is 82.
3:29 am
nashville 84. the warmth on tuesday omaha 92 degrees. the mueller investigation
3:30 am
would be concluded by september 2 21s. >> in santa fe, the first funeral for one ofims turn to l ones lost. >> an american in prison for two years is caught in the center of a prison uprising. >> they're trying to break in, they're saying they want to kill me. >>


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