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tv   Today  NBC  May 23, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> it's the time. that's what's happening "today in the bay," we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. thanks for making us part of your morning. good morning. good morning, the heat is on -- michael cohen's business partner pleads guilty and he's talking. what will he tell prosecutors about his dealings with the president's lawyer? can cohen withstand the pressure to cut a deal? and what does that mean for the president? we'll have the latest. torn apart. a private jet from texas skids off a runway in honduras, nearly breaking in half. this morning, dramatic images as people race in to pull out survivors. under fire -- growing calls for the president of the university of southern california to step down. more women coming forward, claiming they were abused by a campus doctor. >> he made me feel extremely
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uncomfortable and violated. those stories plus molten volcanic eruptions threatening a major power plant and we hear from the injured. >> and i mean it could have hit anywhere else and it would have been all over. the pregnancy penalty? outrage after serena williams loses her top ranking at the french open, her first grand slam since giving birth. and dazzling debut, inside mag han markle's first official event as a royal today, today, may 23rd, 2018. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with, savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody, welcome to "today," thank you for joining us on a wednesday morning, not just any wednesday, but the day that our dreams come true, because j. lo is trying to teach us to dance. >> we're going to show you this a little later. it's a little lame, but it was a dream come true that happened in
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that room. >> we're not fly girls, let's get to the top story. the surprise plea deal that could be cause for concern for the president. a long-time associate of trump's personal attorney, michael cohen, has now agreed to cooperate with government investigators. we've got two reports. we'll start with nbc's white house correspondent kristen welker. kristen, good morning. >> savannah, good morning to you. the person at the center of this latest development is known as the taxi king, aka, evgeni friedman. he managed taxis owned by the president's attorney. but this morning, michael cohen is denying that he's ever been partners with co-en in the taxi business or any other. >> this morning, the heat is intensifying on president trump and his personal lawyer, michael cohen. after one of cohen's major business partners, evgeni friedman, known as the taxi king, cut a deal with prosecutors. a source with direct knowledge of the negotiations tells nbc news, friedman has agreed to cooperate with state and federal
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investigators, after pleading guilty to tax fraud, for stealing nearly $5 million. a lawyer for friedman not commenting on the deal. it's not clear if those investigations are related to cohen. still, the question looming large -- could the deal give prosecutors more leverage to get cohen to flip on president trump? last month, federal agents raided cohen's residences and office. it was cohen who paid $130,000 in hush money last year to porn star stormy daniels to keep quiet about an alleged affair with mr. trump. an affair which he vehemently denies. daniels' lawyer, michael avenatti, calling tuesday's plea deal a significant development. >> michael cohen is going to be in a world of hurt in a very short period of time. he's going to have very few options and that's why i've said repeatedly that i think ultimately he's going to flip on the president of the united states. >> it all comes as president trump stepped up his attacks against the justice department,
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amid reports an fbi informant had contact with his campaign during the 2016 election. >> if they had spies in my campaign that would be a disgrace to this country. that would be one of the biggest insults that anyone has ever seen. it would be very illegal. >> trump deman attorney general rod rosenstein, find out whether that informant was used for political purposes. while refusing to say whether he has confidence in rosenstein. >> do you have confidence in rod rosenstein? >> what's your next question, please? >> and kristen, let's go back to this plea deal. because people might be thinking the taxi king of new york, what is his plea deal have to do with president trump? >> well great question. you could look at this as a case of connecting the dots. the fact that michael cohen's business partner has pleaded guilty, suggests he may be able to provide valuable information about cohen. and savannah, as you know from your legal background, prosecutors like to work up the chain. and they could target cohen,
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pressuring him to flip on president trump. now just last month president trump said he doesn't believe cohen will flip. well this moment could be a real test of that theory. we reached out to cohen. his attorney and attorneys for president trump. so far, no response. >> kristen, thank you very much. the clock is ticking down to what would be an historic summit between president trump and noik noig's kim jong un. but conflicting messages are emergi emerging about whether it's on or off. >> north korea this morning trying to lay down another marker, allowing foreign journalists, including south koreans to enter the north to witness the dismantling of a nuclear test site. it comes as president trump appears to be backing off his demand for immediate denuclearization, in an effort to keep the summit alive. this morning, with u.s./north korea tensions heating up, president trump may be putting the face-to-face with kim jong un on ice. >> there's a chance that it will work out.
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there's a chance, a very substantial chance that it won't work out. >> that planned singapore sit-down now less than three weeks away. south korea's president side by side with president trump trying to keep it on track just days after north korea threatened to scuttle the summit. >> frankly it has a chance to be a great, great meeting for north korea. and a great meeting for the world. if it doesn't happen, maybe it will happen later. >> a top south korean official earlier insisting there's a 99.9% chance the meeting takes place, as planned. the secretary of state not taking those odds. >> i'm not a betting man. i wouldn't care to predict whether it's going to happen. only to predict that we'll be ready in the event that it does. >> mike pompeo still focused on a potential summit. speaking out for the first time about his own meetings with kim. >> i do have a real sense that he would, he would find american
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investment, american technology, american know-how of real value to his people. >> the president now offering this comfort to kim. >> i will guarantee his safety. he will be safe. he will be happy. his country will be rich. >> and appearing to blame china for the north korean kidictator renewed tough tone. >> i think there was a little change in attitude from kim jong un. i don't like that. >> facing criticism president expectations, even indulging e peace prize. >> everyone thinks so, but i would never say. >> it could prove hard for the white house to walk those expectations back. already mint reasonable doubt these commemorative coins, the tradition for overseas trips that dates back a decade. this one with president trump and north korea's supreme leader face to face. "peace talks" it reads, but no specific date. in spite of the president leaving wiggle room, there are reports this morning, that u.s. and north korean officials are scheduled to meet this weekend
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in singapore to continue planning. the "washington post" is reporting that the north korean delegation stood up the u.s. for a similar meeting just a couple of weeks ago. hoda? >> all right. peter alexander at the white house, thank you. want to tell you about some election results getting national attention in georgia, stacy abrams defeated her opponent in the democratic gubernatorial primary. she becomes the state's first female nominee for governor and if she were to win in november, she would be country's first black female governor. in the meantime, the republican governor's race in georgia is heading for a run-off. in july lieutenant governor casey kagle faces secretary of state brian kemp. to a frightening plane crash in honduras, a private jet carrying a group of americans tearing apart after running off the end of a runway. craig is here with details. hey, craig, good morning. >> this plane was carrying six people, including five americans, they were on a business trip and the plane actually broke in half. but despite those scary
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pictures, miraculously everyone survived. a private jet traveling from austin, texas, crashed while trying to land in an airport in the capital of honduras. the gulfstream 200 sliding off the runway and into a ditch close to a busy road. the impact of the landing snapping the plane in half. residents in the area rushing to help. you can see them pulling passengers and crew members from the smoky wreckage. they managed to pull almost everyone off the mangled aircraft before first responders even arrived. the chartered gulfstream jet was carrying six people, four passengers, employ i-s of a texas-based company were on a business trip. the company's president among the survivors. his son, describing the moment he first learned of the crash. >> when i saw the picture of the was floored, i was absolutely floored. my heart sunk and i lost my breath. >> incredibly, all of the
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survivors sustained just minor injuries. the faa and honduran authorities are working with investigators to figure out what caused the accident. the honduran capital airport is considered one of the world's most dangerous runway because of the short runway and mountainous terrain. in 2011, a small commercial airliner crashed there, killing all 14 people on board. thankfully, a very different outcome this time. >> when you have a tragedy, you don't know if you're going to get worse news or at least some positive news and we went down the path of positive news. we're very relieved. >> the airport was closed for about four hours. the surrounding neighborhood lost power because the plane took down power lines. but again you look at those pictures, it's amazing that everyone survived that. >> i can't believe it and i was so touched, all the people in the area rushing in, strangers to help. new concerns over the erupting volcano in hawaii. lava creeping closer to a power plant on the big island.
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and the air there is becoming increasingly harder to breathe. and we're hearing for the first time from the man who was injured by a flaming lava bomb. nbc's miguel almaguer following this disaster for us. miguel, good morning to you. >> savannah, good morning, more than 20 fissures like the one behind me have split the ground open this one pumping hot lava, about 100 feet into the air. geologists say there's no clear sign when any of this will stop and that's an ominous sign for those who live in this neighborhood. the devastating lava flow pouring unbridled from the earth. inching ever closer to a sprawling power plant on the big island. most of the explosive material has been removed from the plant. but one underground well still remains vulnerable. >> lava hits the geothermal plant, it means we lose 20% of our power for the island. >> residents here facing danger on multiple fronts. this home nearly swallowed by a
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10-foot crack. >> there's the massive crack. >> among the largest seen on the island. >> this goes all the way to the road where it swallowed the van? >> after another explosion at kilauea's crater, sending dangerous ash and volcanic smog into the air. >> i saw two levels, super high and there's still eruptions that is happening. >> and the chemical reaction that happens when magma pours into the ocean, known as lays. creating toxic clouds that can drift 15 miles. the volcano has destroyed more than 40 structures so far. this home still standing after being hit by a lava bomb that struck darrell clinton while he was standing on the balcony. >> it was a direct line drive as if it came out of a rifle barrel. >> clinton says his friend and neighbor may have saved his life. >> i thought i was going to bleed to death. she grabbed me by the other leg
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and drug me down five flights of stairs to the ground level. >> this close-knit community sticking together. in the face of unrelenting fire and fury. >> miguel you've seen a lot of fissures, how does that compare in size and scope to some of the others? >> well hoda, they're all incredibly powerful. this one isn't as violent as many of the others, as you can see here, it's been pumping lava into the air for several days. some of the other fissures nearby including one much further down the road are more explosive, sending the mass blasts into the air. those ones are certainly scary to be around. they can hurl rocks through the air. this one, though, is more of a steady flow like a water fountain. >> all right. miguel, incredible those images, thank you very much. on a busy wednesday morning, amazon coming under fire, privacy advocates want the online giant to stop selling powerful new facial recognition
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tools that can scan a large crowd and figure out who is in it. nbc's kerry sanders is in orlando where police are testing out the system. >> if the camera that is shooting me were a police surveillance camera, this image could be instantly uploaded to a database, and compared against the database that the police have. they could determine whether i'm wanted for a crime. they could determine who i am. it's facial recognition coupled with artificial intelligence. and as you noted, it's all brought to you by a very familiar company -- amazon. this morning it's getting harder to be just a face in the crowd. amazon now marketing an advanced facial recognition technology to law enforcement agencies across the country. saying it can identify faces, gender, even emotion with remarkable accuracy. up to 100 in a crowd like in this scene from "mission: impossible" just this weekend, sky news used it to spot and
7:15 am
identify famous guests at the royal wedding. privacy advocates are concerned. but police say this is a powerful tool known as recognition that can be used to promote safety. >> when technology presents itself that is obviously a great way to enhance the safety of our community, we're going to use it. >> near portland, oregon, the software is being used by the washington county sheriffs office to track down criminals in real-time. investigators use this facebook video to help nab a woman wanted for failing to appear in court. the amazon software found this mug shout schott from an earlier arrest. compared the two and determined with an 86% accuracy, it was the same woman. deputies took her into custody. with so many people posting pictures on social media and so many surveillance cameras already looking over everyone's shoulders, privacy advocates fear big brother is watching. and shouldn't be. >> what we're talking about here is really super-charged surveillance.
7:16 am
to track protesters, to target immigrants and to really spy on entire communities. >> in a statement to nbc news, ak zon writes in part, various agencies have used recognition to find abducted people, amusement parks use rekognition to find lost children. our quality of life would be much worse today if we outlawed new technology because some people could choose to abuse the technology. the washington county sheriffs office has built a database of 300,000 mug shots. they say that's just a start. >> we want to get more agencies on board. so that we can share information with them. that's still pretty far off. but that's where we want to go. >> amazon is not the only company pushing this technology. they're hoping by pushing it, though, that people will not only accept it they will also understand it there's a pretty good bet, guys, that residents here in orlando have no idea that this system is soon to be deployed in their community. >> kerry sanders, thank you.
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let's get a first check of a man we recognize well. al roker, what's up? >> thank you for getting your first weather from us, we're looking at wet weather down through the southeast and it could get a heck of a lot wetter. we're watching this low pressure off the yucatan peninsula. the next two days new york city development. in the next five days we could see the invest area where you investigated, they keep an eye on it by the national hurricane center. the five-day development zone we could look at our first tropical system, would be alberto. even if it doesn't become a tropical system, today and tomorrow, heavy rain starts to develop, increasing risk of flooding. friday into saturday. the southeast is going to be a mess. right on into the memorial day weekend. you look at the rainfall amount it doesn't look bad now through thursday, maybe two to three inches in central and southern georgia. as we put it in motion and look ahead towards sunday, increasing flood risk because you're looking at areas down in miami, naples, up into central georgia panhandle of florida, on into new orleans could see three to
7:18 am
five inches of rain or more, leading to flooding. we'll get to your forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. good wednesday morning, i'm kari hall. drizzle coming down pretty hard right new in san francisco. we'll see the low clouds and fog linger all throughout the day. inland areas will get clearing, it's going to be a cool day, only reaching in the upper 60s and low 70s all across the bay area. for tomorrow, we'll see some more clouds moving in and also a slight chance of rain for north bay between late thursday night
7:19 am
and early friday morning. still cool on friday but a big warm-up in time for the holiday weekend. >> that's your latest weather. guys? >> al, thank you. coming up, new demands for usc's president to step down, as an alleged victim of a former campus doctor is sharing her story. and why the french open is being accused of punishing serena williams for having a baby. first, this is "today" on nbc. it's the story of our nation. john chiang's father came here with little money, but big dreams for a better future. now john has a chance to make history. a champion of the underdog, john took on wells fargo when it ripped off working families. and against the odds, he helped saved california from financial disaster
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during the great recession. ...leaving more to invest in progressive priorities like education, healthcare and affordable housing. john chiang. the proven, progressive leader we need for california's future.
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coming up, prince harry and meghan markle's first outing as duke and duchess, as the photographer of the wedding portraits tell us what they said to him on their wedding day. and jennifer lopez tries to teach hoda and me how to dance. >> that's amazing. >> al november 17th is national take a hike day. not like, "get outta here" take a hike. but like a real hike. with deer and stuff. at a-a-r-p, we're all about hikes,
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carefully made to be broken. new, from magnum. we want to update you on that breaking news we good morning, it is 7:26, i'm marcus washington. we want to update you on breaking news near the end of "today in the bay," police outside of a home in east san jose now hearing officers shot two dogs. kris sanchez is live there. what have you been able to find out. >> reporter: marcus, there were two of three dogs who allegedly charged at officers as they were responding to a disturbance. you can see here from the live picture that san jose animal control services are now here. we've seen two animal control officers walking in with those long dog catcher type leashes and walked back out with those which leads us to believe the animals are more than injuries. they were responding to a disturbance with three large dogs charged at them and one of
7:27 am
the officers perhaps more than one of the officers shot at those dogs at least two of them were hit. we don't know their condition this morning but we do know animal control officer just walked in with gloves and blanket but not a leash. we'll keep you upto date. >> thank you, kris. right now we want to go to meteor olgs kari hall with a look what to expect weatherwise. >> a live look outside in san francisco right now. this will linger throughout much of the day. the inland areas will get clearing, we're seeing low clouds now and sunshine by late afternoon with highs in the upper 60s and low every 70s. let's get an update on the commute with mike. >> a relatively light commute but it is building, the problem south 101 approaching spencer avenue, a bus crash is still affecting traffic flow but looking much better. we may have clearing over the next few. there's also fog and drizzle in the area. be careful if you're heading out
7:28 am
approaching the golden gate and bay bridge. back to you. >> i'll have another local news update in 30 minutes. i had a spanish teacher in high school who knew i could do more, and so she pushed me and pushed me and pushed me, and she was right. they don't only teach me about what we learn inside the classroom. they teach me about life.
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and he tells me how his day was. my own teachers inspired me to become a teacher. they always pushed me to do better. they never give up on me. they're extraordinary! narrator: exactly why the california teachers association believes strong public schools make a better california for all of us.
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welcome back, everybody. 7:30 on this wednesday morning, may 23rd, 2018. don't you wish you were still there? that is a beautiful shot from the grounds of kensington palace, where that happy couple is now. >> don't you wish you were them? sometimes, right? >> maybe, sometimes. >> coming up, we're going to take you inside prince harry and meghan markle's first event as duke and duchess. let's start with the other top stories and the big controversy about the summit with the north korean leader. >> there's a chance it won't work out. >> president trump casting doubt on that meeting with kim
7:31 am
jong-un, three weeks before it's supposed to take place. >> it has a chance to be a great, great meeting for north korea and a great meeting for the world. caught. >> we have a solid theory to proceed on murder charges against all four of them. >> four suspects, including a 16-year-old in custody, after a harrowing manhunt over the killing of a baltimore police officer. the first female officer killed in the line of duty in that county's 150-year history. >> we're seeing a level of violence especially against the institution of law enforcement we've never seen before. rolling the dice. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> tens of thousands of las vegas casino and hotel workers, going on strike. the group wanting higher wages and protecting against layoffs. >> we have grandkids, job security. we want to make sure we're guaranteed our jobs. drain the swamp? a sinkhole opens up on the white
7:32 am
house north lawn. the cause, the actual swamp that d.c. was built on. and wide right. brandi chastain inducted into the sports hall of fame, but the plaque to honor her, looking nothing like her. >> that was pretty herbterrible. >> hart is art. but that's not brandi chastain. >> that is not at all. >> the hall of fame president said it's not a good job on the part of the artist and they're going to do a better job this time. >> they called it gary busey. >> congrats, you're in the hall of fame. but here's your plaque. meantime, we move on. and the calls growing louder for the president of the university of southern california to step down. this, as more women are coming forward and accusing a long-time campus doctor of sexual misconduct. kate snow has the story for us this morning. more developments. >> reporter: 200 professors at usc sent a letter demanding the
7:33 am
president resign. but the board of trustees there is stand that, as we'reri from the first time from young women on camera, who say they were sexually harassed and battered by dr. george tyndall, and authorities did nothing to stop it. a warning, some of the accusations they describe now are graphic. >> he made sexual comments about me and said that i was pretty. >> reporter: danielle says when she was a 19-year-old student at usc, dr. george tyndall told her to undress for an exam, with no one else present. >> he moved his fingers around inside for a few minutes. he said that this was part of an std test. >> reporter: she says she felt violated but was new to usc and thought she could trust the doctor. she is one of seven women that are now suing the university and the doctor in four separate lawsuits, alleging think the ii
7:34 am
sexually abused by tyndall. now, more than 2,500 students have signed a petition, calling for the remoouval of the university president. >> we felt we couldn't keep silent anymore. >> reporter: and 200 professors signed a letter saying the president has lost the moral authority to lead the university. >> he has claimed, yes, we made a mistake. it's no longer just a mistake. it's a pattern. >> reporter: the lawsuits say usc was aware of complaints about tyndall for decades. usc acknowledged in 2016 he had violated the university's policy on harassment. according to "the l.a. times" tyndall was paid off to leave the school last year. the president says he understands the faculty's anger and frustration, but the university's board of trustees says it has full confidence in his leadership. on tuesday, the university
7:35 am
published an action plan saying, unacceptable behavior by anyone in our community is a profound breach of trust and we must change the culture of the university and instill a higher level of professionalism and ethics. the school is in summer session right now. on the usc campus tuesday, disbelief. >> i feel safe going to the health center and trusting everyone. but a part of me kind of has almost a dismay knowing that they've allowed all of these atrocities to go on for years and years. >> we did request an interview with the president but he designed our request. usc says about 300 former patients have now filed complaints through the hot line. that's more than we said yesterday. nbc news has been unable to reach dr. tyndall or an attorney for him. he's previously denied wrongdoing in an interview with "the l.a. time." >> you talk about the faculty letter. this is not the first scandal to hit the university.
7:36 am
>> there's wider context here. the former dean of the medical school resigned a couple years ago. then, it came out there were allegations he used drugs, including meth, while treating patients. it was a huge scandal. then, they replaced him with another person and it came out that person had a history of having a sexual harassment allegation against him and had settled that claim and been reprimanded by the university. he's no longer the dean. a couple of different things have happened that are leading to these calls for the president to step down. again, the world of trustees standing by him. >> for now. >> kate, thank you. let's switch gears and get a check of the weather from al. hey, al. >> looking for your memorial day weekend weather? let's show you. we have the big board up here. we're going to bring it all to you. starting off with friday, that's a big travel day, of course. we'll be watching the tropics in the gulf. sunny and warm in the northeast. where are the trouble spots? we're looking at the southeast. airport delays, atlanta,
7:37 am
new orleans, miami, orlando and along the roads, heavy rain and ponding will be big problems along i-20, 75. problems on i-10, as well. on saturday, humidity in the east. tropical downpours and sunday, looking for plains heat all the way down to texas. heavy rain continues in the southeast. and rain risk continues as we make our way into the northeast. memorial day weekend, the eastern half of the country not looking that great. staying hot from the great lakes, all the way down to texas. the big problems, travel-wise, in the southeast. we're going to look for problems from nashville, atlanta, charleston, raleigh-durham. and on the roads, big problems, as well. i-95, i-40, good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall, mist and drizzle for san francisco it's going to be slow to clear, only 59 degrees. oakland 64 and 69 in napa. and for the interior valley,
7:38 am
expected to reach in the upper 60s and low 70s in the 7-day forecast and high for holiday weekend, it will be warming up, look at saturday, 85 degrees. and low 90s for mem oriole day into tuesday. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thanks, al. we have a lot more ahead, including what prince harry and meghan markle said at their first post-wedding event. and jennifer lopez has her biggest challenge yet. can she teach us to dance? plus, from intern to president. we're going to meet the first woman to lead the new york stock exchange in the 226-year history. and up next, return retaliation. why some custome our ge appliances come with a "you can't choose your family, but you can choose your premium finish." you were right, the black slate matte finish really goes with everything. i pulled some stuff for the dining room. jimmy, uh-uh that's not yours. that will really make the paint pop. ooooh i love it...
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i started smoking when (beci was sixteen.cky. i thought it would make me look so cool and feel so free. now i have end-stage copd. and i've had lung surgery. and i'm chained to an oxygen tank. my tip is: if you keep smoking, your freedom may only go as far as your oxygen tube. (announcer) you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. this probably sounds familiar to a lot of us. you buy something on amazon, you change your mind and send it back, no harm, no foul. >> apparently amazon disagrees. kristen dahlgren is here with this story. >> reporter: the ecommerce giant is keeping tabs on customers, monitoring what and how often you are making returns and they could be use thag information against you.
7:43 am
this morning, amazon banning customers from its site. accounts terminated without warning. some due to too many returns. amazon not confirming numbers, but a wall street journal report highlights dozens of unhappy customers taking to social media. can you tell me why you randomly shut down my account with no explanation and no warnings. i've been a loyal customer for years. i'm so disappointed in your service. this is ridiculous. no explanation. called and said i violated policies, but couldn't tell me why. >> amazon has cultivated an image of being a customer-friendly company. customers know they can easily make a return, often times for free. >> reporter: according to "the wall street journal," here is what they are looking at. the amount of items returned. what kind of items. tvs and computers are a red flag. and not giving a typical reason for a return. in a statement to nbc news, an amazon spokesperson said, in
7:44 am
part, there are rare occasions where someone abuses our service over an extended period oof time. we never take these decisions lightly. but with 300 million customers around the world, we take action when appropriate. this isn't new. there's plenty of retailers tracking your returns, as well. more than 34,000 stores like best buy and victoria's secret are reportedly using a third party service called the retail equation to monitor shoppers' behavior and limit their returns. it's an attempt to combat return fraud, that costs retailers nearly $23 billion last year alone. but some asking should shopping and returning online be different? >> when shoppers by online, they obviously can't try the items. if it's clothing, they can't touch the fabric. online retailers expect a higher rate of returns than brick and mortar retailers. >> reporter: leaving many to rethink how they shop online. what can you do? retail experts say don't be afraid to shop online but shop smarter.
7:45 am
you minimize a chance you have to make a return. read product descriptions, read reviews and take negative reviews into account. look at customer photos and price compare. that might help you not have to return. >> sometimes i buy two sizes because i don't know which one is going to fit. >> you're on the list. >> she is now. >> thank you, kristen. coming up, outrage after tennis super star and new mom, serena williams is facing a pregnancy penalty. we'll explain after this. the laughing cow cheese is
7:46 am
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but they see you like it's the first time, every time. they see a tough day a mile away. and things they can't unsee. they see life. and they see love. every time they see you. maybe dogs can't see color. but what they see is so much more. dogs are more. let's treat them that way. milk-bone. doing more for dogs since 1908. we're back with a headlinemaking twist tied to serena williams' return to competitive tennis. >> sheinelle jones is here with that story. >> good morning. this is a story a lot of people are talking about today. she's one of the best tennis stars in the world. but when she competes at the french open, you won't see her name among the favorites. that's because some say she's being punished for taking time off to have a baby. off the court, she couldn't ask for more. in the past year, the tennis
7:50 am
superstar has become a new mom and a wife. >> i've always wanted to be a mom and always wanted to be married. it all happened at once. >> reporter: just last weekend, she attended the royal wedding. she has a new five-part docuseries called "being serena. it's a thriving personal life that she must balance with her career. but, the 36-year-old is facing an up hill climb as she prepares to compete, unseeded in next week's french open, her first major tournament since giving birth to her daughter, alex sis olympia. without a seeding, williams could face her biggest rivals at the start of the competition, which would mean an early exit from a major tournament she's won three times. the french tennis federation saying in a statement, this year, again, tournament officials will establish the list and ranking of the women's seeds, based on the women's tennis association ranking. in january of 2017, while two months pregnant, williams earned a number one ranking after
7:51 am
winning her 23rd grand slam title at the australian open. but after life-threatening complications following childbirth forced her to take 14 months away from the game, williams' ranking dropped to number 453. williams can play in paris because the wta has a special ranking rule. it allows players to use a previous ranking to enter up to eight tournaments within 12 months of their return from childbirth or serious injury. but that rule doesn't apply to tournament seedings. this morning, some players including williams' toughest opponents, thinks she deserves a seeding and they're calling on the wta to change the rule. maria sharapova saying, it's an incredible effort for a woman to come back from. physically, emotionally. simona halep, says it's normal to give birth. it's normal to have protected ranking. it's more than tennis. women showing support, as one of their own shows no signs of slowing down, as she told our
7:52 am
dylan dreyer. >> is 25 titles the goal? you're at 23 right now. is that still your focus? do you want to hit that? >> why should i limit myself? >> we're rooting for her. the wta is considering a change to the rule, that would add protected seeding for high-ranking players returning from maternity leave. but, the earlest that could take effect is next year. >> it would be a sweeter victory. >> yes. coming up, just a little dance lesson from the one and only jennifer lopez and the sneak peek of her brand-new video. from the orange room, everyone is talking about this shot of savannah on the show yesterday. first, these messages. with miracle-gro potting mix and plant food. together, they produce three times the harvest to enjoy... and of course, to share. this soil is fresh from the forest and patiently aged
7:53 am
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good morning, still drizzly in san francisco, we're goinowg throughout much of the day. inland areas will get clearing and some clouds later this morning and early afternoon. expect a high for san jose to reach up to 71 degrees. also 71 in antioch, 69 in napa today, 59 degrees? san francisco. breezy and more weather like this tomorrow. let's get an update on the commute from mike. >> we're looking at a pretty light commute overall. we still have the build. south bay and silicon valley, typical patterns there, slow westbound as a motorcycle crash still activity in the hov lanes. the upper east shore freeway slows down for 580 and 880. once you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you have mist and drizzle kari has been talking about and slick roadways in parking lot. be careful in the on and off
7:57 am
ramp, slick at times as well. back to you. >> happening now, police are gathered outside in east san jose home where we've now learned that officers shot one dog when they arrived on a call this morning. that dog survived. details on our home page. san francisco 49ers ruben foster will be in court later today and learn if he'll go to trial. this in connection with felony domestic violence charges. check the twitter feed for the updatsz. >> details into the proposed billion dollar push into livermore. i'm marcus washington, more news in an hour.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ ♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up from intern to boss. stacy cunningham is the first woman to become president of the new york stock exange. >> what does this mean f male-dominated industry? we'll hear from her. plus, royal debut. prince harry and meghan markle step out for the first time as husband and wife, as the photographer behind those breathtaking wedding photos tell us what went on behind the scene. >> they were loving each other and laughing. it was a beautiful moment. and moves like j. lo. hoda and i put our dancing skills to the test, with a little help from superstar jennifer lopez.
8:01 am
>> what's that? what is that? what that is. >> did we have what it takes? you're about to find out, today, wednesday, may 23rd, 2018. ♪ >> all the way from texas. >> happy birthday, christine. >> on a once-in-a-lifetime mother/son trip from washington state. go, cougs. >> we're from nashville, tennessee. it's our first anniversary. >> hey, mom and dad. ♪ >> we're from north carolina. >> we're the graduation squad. >> 13 years of perfect attendance and i'm celebrating on "today." >> hi, everybody. welcome back. it's wednesday morning. great crowd outside. nice, happy smiles. good morning. we're so glad to have you along with us. >> we love when we get to show our crowd on tv. even here at home, we want you to join in on the fun, even if you can't make it to new york.
8:02 am
>> we have some fun ones right off the bat. all you need to do is record a short video of yourself, a shoutout from where you watch today and what you're celebrating as if you're right here on the plaza. >> you should be clothed when you send that video based on the submissions that came in yesterday. use #mytodayplaza. or you can upload it on our facebook page. and you may see yourself in the next few weeks on "today." >> a lot of people wish they could make it and can't. they get a little tv shoutout. we're going to get right to the news at 8:00. prosecutors could gain powerful new leverage to get president trump's personal attorney michael cohen to turn against the president. one of cohen's business partners cut a surprise deal on tuesday, sources say, with direct knowledge, say taxi tycoon, evgeny freidman agreed to cooperate with the government to avoid prison time for tax fraud. it's clear if the investigation
8:03 am
is directly to cohen. the fbi raided cohen's office and apartment last month. now, to a woman making history on wall street and all of its 226 years the new york stock exchange never had a female president, until now. consider wall street's glass ceiling shattered. >> thank you. >> reporter: this week, 43-year-old stacey cunningham will take the helm as the big board's 67th president. >> i think it's important to me that we continue to maintain the same goal and mission that we've had for the past 226 years. >> reporter: times have changed. back then, the lady's room was a converted phone booth. cunningham is the current chief operating officer. cunningham started as an intern nearly 25 years ago. but her career hasn't been all-business. in 2005 she left wall street to become a chef. >> it never would have occurred to me that i would leave to take a break to go to culinary school. >> reporter: still, nothing in the kitchen could satisfy her appetite quite like finance. >> congratulations.
8:04 am
her rise comes at society tackles issues like #metoo and women equality, especially in the male-dominated industries like finance. >> to have a woman at the top of the biggest exchange of the re7 yet, cunningham knows there's work to be dated environment. that hasn't changed quite as rapidly as other industries have changed. >> reporter: the latest fortune 500 rankings show a drop in women's ceos at the nation's largest corporations, something that cunningham hopes the new york stock exchange can help change. >> there's plenty of women throughout our organization. you know, i think that's an example we can set for others. >> i think she starts this week. >> wow. >> pretty remarkable thing. you know, she left, became a chef, and came back to run the show. >> yeah. federal transportation officials are now recommending that seat belts be required for all new school busses. the move came after the ntsb
8:05 am
reviewed final reports on deadly 2016 crashes in tennessee and maryland. only eight states currently require some kind of seat belts on full-size school busses. in addition to lap and shoulder belts, the federal panel recommended that buses have electronic stability control, as well. that's a story that "today" national investigative correspondent, jeff rossen, has been followingor back in 2015, a live crash test on "today" revealed the dangers that children face when riding in school busses with no seat belts. >> you're up to date, everybody. this is "morning boost" which would normally be your job. but not when you're the subject of the "morning boost." i want to do it because we want to give a hearty congratulations to you. hoda was recognized with the gracie award for outstanding host of "the hoda show" on sirius/xm. >> what? >> the awards were handed out last night in beverly hills.
8:06 am
the gracie awards are for gracie allen. we should also recognize the producers of "the hoda show," who are two wonderful women. hoda, of all the things you do, i don't know if people -- she hosts this show. she has kathie lee and you do radio and everything so well. >> and congrats to mana and holly. and a guy name brian. and cathy ryan. and a shoutout to robin sindelar who won a gracie last night. >> we should tell people when they can listen, by the way. >> on mondays at 1:00. >> tune in.1:00. >> tune in. >> sirius/xm 108. if you want a dance lesson, you can't get better than this. the moves that savannah and i learned from jennifer lopez. plus, we're going to have a look at her new music video. congratulations. from the orange room, the shot from the orange room, the shot of savannah that launched a so, you'll be here to help if i need you? from the orange room, the shot of savannah that launched a kyle, i got you. okay... what about here?
8:07 am
yup. here? yup. is that for us? it sure is. gimme, gimme. what about here? here too, kyle. and here sir robert from state farm? if you invite me. he said yes! hazzza! let's battle. ahh! go with the one that's here to help life go right. state farm. ♪ ♪
8:08 am
♪ a trip back to the dthe doctor's office, mean just for a shot. but why go back there, when you can stay home, with neulasta onpro? strong chemo can put you at risk of serious infection, which could lead to hospitalizations. in a key study, neulasta reduced the risk of infection from 17% to 1%, a 94% decrease. applied the day of chemo, neulasta onpro is designed to deliver neulasta the next day,
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8:10 am
because every. one. counts. walgreens, trusted since 1901. look at that. prince harry and meghan markle get married and the weather is spectacular in england. look at that day. a beautiful one at kensington palace, the new home of the duke and duchess of sussex. our royal guy is here, keir simmons. >> the royal guy. >> first of all, there is a rumor that meghan might try to get to mexico to see her dad. we don't know whether that is true or not. there's talk of a tour to australia. i know, right? right now, meghan is getting used to being an american princess. as you look at the pictures we're about to show you, just keep this in mind. during her engagement interview, she said that just a few years ago, she hardly knew who the
8:11 am
royal family were. it was meghan's first engagemenl family. a party for charity supported by prince charles, while marking his 70th birthday, still six months away. the offial event comingt days after her fairy tale windsor wedding. prince harry, crediting his dad for firing up his own passion for good causes. >> i was again struck by the range and diversity of the work that you're involved with. it's certainly inspired william and i to get involved in issues we care passionately about. >> reporter: at one point his speech was rudely interrupted by an uninvited guest. >> that bee really got me. >> reporter: meghan, holding on to harry initially. then, getting tips from her mum-in-law, camilla. she was soon in her element. given the first of many presents to come. >> very kind. >> very personable.
8:12 am
very warm and nice. >> very friendly as a couple. it's lovely. >> reporter: the last time the royal family with its new member was pictured together, was in the official wedding photographs. back in new york, photographeei wanted his pictures to be different from the stiff royal portraits of the past. >> we want some sitting, some standing, some kids on parents' laps. that was a huge thing for me to get the realness out of it. >> reporter: to get what he wanted from the kids, he bribed them with british candy called smartties. >> i said, who likes smartties? and everybody put their hands up. >> reporter: what about the intimate black and white photograph of the royal couple on their own? >> they were joking about how they were exhausted and it's all over. they looked at each other and were just laughing. >> reporter: for the duke and duchess of sussex, the garden party is just the beginning.
8:13 am
there will be more of the duties to come. the photographer using the smartties to bribe the children to sit properly, has set off a topic of british chocolate. i want them to come to america. when is the american tour? we need al to have another opportunity to try to get their attention. >> absolutely. i'm on it. >> round two. >> you and i will tag-team it. >> i like it. let's get a check of the weather. >> "today's weather" is brought to you by walgreens. buy your red nose today, only at walgreens because everyone counts. >> let's take a look and see what we have for today. we're looking at a break through florida. however, that could be changing quickly. we're now looking at -- this is just in from the national hurricane center, this area of low pressure over the next five days, this investigative area 90-l. in the next five days, up to a
8:14 am
60% chance that we will look at this developing in the five-day development zone in the coast, so that everybody from new orleans to key west has to keep an eye out. whether it develops or not, it will bring a lot of rain through the gulf over the next several days. there's a flood threat through the western plains. plenty of sunshine through the sout . good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're seeing low clouds and fog for the coast. it will be very slow to clear, if the a all today in san francisco and half moon bay. the inland areas should see some sun by late morning into early afternoon. overall, a fairly cool day for this time of year, reaching the upper 60s and low 70s. over the next few days, our temperatures hold steady in the upper 60s inland with a slight chance of rain and then a major warmup in time for the weekend heading into memorial day. >> all right. al. thank you so much. much. now, to a morning tv exclusive, i might call it a
8:15 am
world exclusive. >> it is. >> jennifer lopez does not debut the video for her song "dinero" until tomorrow. but she is going to do that. >> first, we asked her for a tiny favor. >> what are you going after our interview? we always wanted to learn to dance from you. >> okay. >> you think you can teach two dorks how to cut a rug? >> we can do it. yes. why not? >> we can try. ♪ >> you heard right, jennifer lopez agreed to teach us. that's right. us. the moves to her new single "dinero." ♪ >> i can't believe it. it's happening. >> you know who is about to walk through that door? >> jennifer lopez. >> this is one of those dreams, when jennifer lopez teaches you a dance move, what have you got? >> i don't want to give it away. the side clap is a signature move. >> i only have one move.
8:16 am
>> i know what it is. >> uh-huh. yeah. >> she has a lot of work to do. >> there is j. lo's mom. >> we're so ready. we were practicing. >> oh. >> somebody brought her a-game. >> you have a new song? >> i do. >> what's it called? >> "dinero." >> we like it "denair rinero." >> j. lo makes it look so easy. luckily her creative director was there to help. >> breathe. >> look at that. >> it looks better when she does it. ♪ i want the green want the money ♪ ♪ want the cash flow money, cash flow ♪ >> ooh. ooh.
8:17 am
>> what is that? >> it's about getting the feeling of the step. going to get the money. we are women and we deserve equal pay. >> yes, yes. >> now, you're talking. >> and then, we climb the rope to the top to break the glass ceiling. >> what are we doing? >> we kick through the door. >> yes. now, i like it. now, i got the dance moves. >> when i think of the song by itself, i just think of, like, me getting what i deserve. you know? what you work hard for and women getting what they deserve. >> i like that. >> i want the money. i want the money. i want the ring. i want whatever i want. ♪ >> drop the bag.
8:18 am
>> drop my money bag. ♪ want the green want the money, want the cash flow ♪ >> just do a little freestyle. just a teeny bit. and we showed off some of our signature moves. sort of. ♪ >> you teach me steps. >> what would you do? >> you know what we do? we go back to the side clap. you want the side clap? >> i really am good at the side clap. >> the side clap was not cutting it. it was time to bring our a-game. >> five, six. ♪ want the green, want the money want the cash flow ♪ >> yes. >> yes. >> i think that's as close as we're going to get today. >> did you feel us? >> i felt it working. i felt you sticking with us
8:19 am
through the whole thing. felt good to me. >> for the video. you need anybody, be there like, one, two, three, four. ♪ we want the money o want the green want the cash flow ♪ >> look at them. ♪ >> dreams come true. >> i'm buying it. >> what would you give us on a scale of one to ten? >> i would give about a -- >> sweet fancy moses. >> about an eight. >> we did our best. >> you did. >> it was really fun. >> the side clap looks sexy, though. >> she makes the side clap look good, obviously. >> she did. >> okay. speaking of "deneinero." the complete music video is out tomorrow. we saw the clips. she knows how to do the dance,
8:20 am
which is awesome. >> she couldn't have been more gracious with her time. she went to equinox. they took care of us. if you want to see more of the outtakes, go to >> that wasn't the outtakes? dylan in the orange room. what are you working on over there? >> we're talking about you, savannah. and you looked beautiful yesterday, like you do every day. but when you scrolled through twitter, you hear people asking the question no woman wants to hear. are you pregnant? you had some fun with it and tweeted, it is just the dress. excuse me while i go burn it. you kept the humor coming by sharing this meme on instagram. when is it okay to ask a woman when she's pregnant? never. that caught the attention of christ ti turl ty turlington bu. how road. and elisha want writes everyone
8:21 am
wants you to have more cute kids. we asked on twitter, is it okay to ask a woman if she is expecting? 80% say no. 20% said yes. i got a tweet the other day asking if i was going to bring out the fish bowl soon, indicating that i should be making an announcement. i am not making an announcement. i think people mean well. >> they mean well. we have the best viewers. they're so nice. they were so cute like, congratulations. congratulations on my second gym membership that i obviously need to go to. yes. it's one of those things. it did touch a nerve. i responded and said, i'm not pregnant. i never received so many comments on a post. people were like, one time someone asked me when i was due. i was like, three years ago. >> ouch. >> everyone has a story. >> savannah texted our executive producer, and said, i have to go to bed, i'm sleeping for two. you had fun with it. >> everybody's always just not
8:22 am
even looking at your eyes. everyone looks at this area. >> jenna and i did our weekly aerobics class together. we're doing the side clap and the grapevine. and she said, people think you're young enough to have a baby, sweetie. good. take us to "pop start." >> first up, last night, the season 14 winner of nbc's "the voice" was announced. and brin cartelli won the competition. she is the youngest contestant to win on "the voice." kelly clarkson who joined "the voice" for the first time this season, now has a win under her belt, as well. this season of "the voice" has wrapped up, carson will be back. >> you love doing "pop start." >> i do enjoy doing it. and the weather, too. watch out. up next, michelle obama, the
8:23 am
former first lady -- today's "pop start." okay. >> i don't think you know what you're doing at this point. >> he's like, i'm out. >> roker out. >> uh-oh. >> don't insult al roker. michelle obama, the former first lady is sharing never-before-seen photos from her upcoming become. the first photos she posted to instagram shows her as a little girl with her parents at their apartment in chicago. she shares this picture of herself from the early 1980s on campus. and this morning, she released a third image from her wedding reception. michelle captured the picture saying, you can't tell this photo but barack woke up with a nasty head cold. somehow, by the time i met him at the altar, it had disappeared and we danced almost all night.
8:24 am
michelle plans to post more photos over the next few days. "becoming" is set to be released this november. and sarah paulson sat down with jimmy fallon and did some of her best impressions of other celebrities. one being drew barrymore. she had done the impression on tv before and drew barrymore confronted her about it. >> i ran into drew barrymore on ellen degeneres' 60th birthday party. and drew barrymore was there. and i had this whiteout in terror thinking, i did an impression of her on national television. she may hate my guts. but she didn't. she thought i was okay. she was like, sarah, that was such a good impression. i thought it was so, so accurate. >> so, so accurate. >> she's so good at it. and that's your "pop start." >> good one. straight ahead, big discounts on thoughtful father's day gifts. father's day is almost upon us.
8:25 am
jilli )m ...
8:26 am
it could be a critical day for one of the 49ers top players-- . well, good morning, everyone. i'm 8:26. 'mcgrew. could be a critical day for one of the 49ers top players. today a judge will decide if reuben foster's domestic violence case should go to driley. authorities arrested foster back back in february. his girlfriend at the time claimed foster dragged her and punched her in the head several times, but last week on the witness stand she claimed instead she made the whole thing up. she also admitted to stealing several items from foster before the two broke up. foster so far not taking part in the team's off-season practice sessions. let's get a check of your wednesday morning commute with mike. >> scott. well, overall, we've seen a lighter involve traffic today. a smooth flow. we do have traffic, though, so you see slowing north through
8:27 am
silicon valley and across from 880 where you slow down the san mateo and dunbar bridges. getting to the bay bridge, that's where the slow drive s.880 and 5880. highway 13 and 24 coming out of contra costa county and very slow headed towards the tunnel. the arrow shows you the slowdown thseum. there was an earlier disabled vehicle which did clear but there's been mist and drizzle in the area, and i see folks tapping wisely on their brakes as they head up through the mist and drizzle and slicker roadways towards the bay bridge plaza. >> mike, thanks. another news update for you coming in half an hour. we'll see you then. you could save energy
8:28 am
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it is 8:30 on a wednesday morning, the 23rd day of may. we're just two days away from the second great show on our summer concert lineup. it is awesome. you know who it is? >> who? >> it is -- >> darius rucker. >> that's right. >> we love him so much. if you want to sign up for fan passes, go to >> that's going to be a heck of a show. >> can you imagine? >> i've loved him since -- >> hootie? >> he was hootie. coming up, jill martin is here with a special "steals & deals" to get you ready for father's day. we are catching up with a living legend. i got to sit down with carol burnett. 85 years young, she still has
8:31 am
the funny. she has a new series out. told us why all she ever wanted to do was make people laugh. al is doing triple duty today. you have the weather, too? >> i do. let's show you what's happening. starting off the weekend, sunny and warm in the northeast. watching the topics as a lot of rain comes in. triple-digit heat threats in the southeast. saturday, wet weather continues along the eastern seaboard. hot and dry, central plains. on sunday, sunday, we're expecting a rain risk for the northeast. heavy rain in the southeast. heat continues in the plains. on memorial day, we're looking for sunshine in the plains and a heavy rain along the coast. and look for wet weather -- i should say sunny skies along the west coast. by the way, we want to say a big congratulations to our friends at "sunday night." we're going to look at that -- "sunday night football" on nbc. with the fall/spring season
8:32 am
wrapping up tonight. "sunday night football" ranked number one again, becoming the first-ever primetime program to ank the number one show for unprecedented win. next season can't get her good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it's still drizzling in san francisco, and don't expect a lot of clearing today. it's going to stay mostly cloudy there while the inland areas away from the coast will get some sunshine later on today, and highs reaching into the upper 60s and low 70s. still fairly cool tomorrow as well as friday, but then we are in for a warmup on saturday. even warmer on sunday with sunshine and low 90s in the forecast for early next week. >> that's the latest weather. we have auction winners. what's your name? >> jason and brent. >> who is this?
8:33 am
>> this is cocoa. >> let's go to hoko. megyn has stopped by to tell us about something special you have in the next hour. >> an unbelievable union story. roseanne fuller was given up for adoption at birth 40 years ago. she found her birth mother through the website, 23andme. she didn't know her birth mom at all. the birth mom lives 20 minutes away from her and always has and has been looking for her daughter, roseanne, for years. watch. >> i was 18 when i had her. i loved her from the very start. and i would always have loved her. but i wouldn't have been able to give her anything else but love. and you can't do that to a baby. a baby needs more than love. >> i've always known that i was adopted. the only information that i had was that my mom is a twin. >> i thought about her a lot. her birthday, christmas, mother's day. wondering where she was and how she was doing and if she looked
8:34 am
like me. >> so, it turns out that kathy had a shocking piece of information to share with roseanne. and the two have not yet met in person. they've spoken on the phone. they've not yet met in person. but they will this morning. >> on your show? >> on our show. >> wow. that's going to be great. >> we'll share with you the information. and also, a medical revelation that turned out to be important for roseanne. it's going to happen this morning at 9:00. >> looking forward to that, megyn. >> a tissue box. >> i love the reunions. straight ahead, what really happened. we have new details on the killing of cecil the lion at the hands of an american dentist. this story sparked worldwideout rage. what people involved in that hunt are now saying. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:35 am
8:36 am
well, we all remember cecil the lion, the famed cat, one of
8:37 am
zimbabwe's most famous and studied lions and killed by a trophy hunter in 2015. >> his death sparked global outrage. now, we're learning more about what happened on that fateful day. and keir is back with that story. >> reporter: this is a difficult story to tell, guys. everyone remembers cecil. but maybe you don't know about the details. this author is now describing cecil's death. he was in pain for hours and hours and hours. >> i first saw cecil about 2007 in the national park in zimbabwe. i tranquilized him and put a radio clor ollar on him in 2008. >> reporter: he is a zooologist who studied cecil the lion for eight years. he has devoted himself to conservation and wildlife since his father, also a zooologist, stored baby dock dials, in the family bathtub in zimbabwe. >> there's outrage directed at
8:38 am
an american hunter who killed a beloved and well-known hunter in africa. >> reporter: that hunter was walter palmer. palmer allegedly paid $50,000 for a chance to kill the massive 12-year-old lion on a hunting expedition to zimbabwe in 2015. he was spurred to investigate the death and to write his book, "lion hearted." describe that day what happened when cecil was kill.ed >> we know these guys wanted to hunt a lion, even though there was no, what you call, a hunting quo quota. they weren't supposed to be there hunting lions. >> reporter: based on interviews with people in the hunt itself, he contends that his hunting guide used the carcass of an elephant as bait, just outside the protected hwange national park where cecil roamed. they constructed a hunting blind overlooking the elephant
8:39 am
carcass. cecil didn't know to be scared. >> he lived in a safari area. he was used to people. used to vehicles. >> reporter: would you say in a sense, he liked people? >> well, he was a completely wild lion. i don't think he liked people. he was just used to people. he knew there was no threat from these people with their cameras, flashing at him. >> reporter: there was a threat from these people, armed not with cameras but with a powerful compound bow and arrow. >> the shot wasn't good enough to kill him straight away. he lived for the next 10 to 12 hours with a terrible, mortal wound. before the hunters actually went and killed him. >> reporter: i can see when you talk about it, how you feel about it. >> yeah. i find it upsettliing. i think a lot of people find, the thought that people can mistreat an animal that way, just incomprehensible. >> reporter: palmer was never charge ed for a crime. and the charges against his
8:40 am
guide were dropped for being vaguely worded. palmer said in a statement, he is a hunter. he did not do anything illegal under the laws of zimbabwe or the united states. the guide declined to comment for this report. there's now a threat to all lions, not just cecil. >> reporte >> yeah. so, lions are declining across africa. about 43% of the lion population in africa in the last 20 years. >> reporter: a cause he reminds me, we cannot let die. >> he really looked into it. and that revelation that the lion appears to have suffered for a great period of time. >> it's hard to watch, isn't it? you almost want to apologize to folks to have to put them through hearing about that. but we have to hear about it. everybody around the table was just watching just kind of, with your jaw on the floor, about, you know, a good question you
8:41 am
asked. i don't know why he had to suffer that long. >> right. >> i don't know why someone didn't intervene. >> and the author doesn't have insight into that? >> we don't have an answer to that question. >> and the lion population is declining. >> that's the important part. let's get beyond cecil and think about saving, you know, his brothers and sisters, if you like, other lions. >> the dentist's lawyer says they didn't break any laws. >> exactly. >> all right, >> sometimes it d necessarily have to be against the law to be wrong. >> yeah. right. just ahead, we're going to take a turn. jill is here with a special "steals & deals." it's all about father's day. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:42 am
8:43 am
we're back with a special edition of "steals & deals." this morning, we're going to help you get a jump-start on your father's day shopping. >> i love "steals & deals." >> of course, you do. "today" contributor, jill martin is here, with exclusive
8:44 am
discounts on gifts to make every dad happy. >> this is all about you, craig. this is your segment. >> you'll especially love today. we're celebrating all dads out there and the special men in your life. i know it's a little early. but these are all personalized. make sure you order them and get them home in time. starting with comfy and cozy, the monogram robes, $149 to $189. you can see the checkered one here. you can say number one dad or the name. this is more of a plush one. >> i'm going to call lindsay and tell her we have all of the father's day gifts for her right here. that's first up. >> retail $149 to $189. that's 74% off. >> that's a deal. guys love a golf shirt. >> joel would love this. >> yes. perfect for golf, all different comers and patterns. the retail, $42 to $61.
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everything is on the deal is $17. >> 17? >> up to 72% off. >> the material does feel good. that feels good. >> be careful, jill. >> this is great for the family. not only -- >> these are nice. >> beautiful. look how beautifully it's packaged. you get the 16-piece knife set. three colors you get to choose. you get this set, plus this. so, a seven-piece knife block set and the stainless steel knife set. the retail, $265, $89. >> it's cheap enough for me to buy it for al roker. yes. >> i'll even wrap it for you. >> i love it. >> anthony skin care, retail $109. this for guys, do you have a skin care routine? >> i do. >> what do you do? >> you do lotions and potions? >> scrub?
8:46 am
>> scrubs, every other day. >> i love it, lindsay, how he admits it. a lot of guys don't. the retail $109. it's back to the basics. a facial cleanser, a scrub and a moistu moisturizer. you think joel could do this? >> i don't think so. >> what are you trying to say? >> he doesn't. he plays rugby. >> he's a man's man. that's what you're saying. >> i'm not. >> the retail $109. the deal, $38, 65% off. this, you're going to love. hoda, this is right up your alley. personalized photo collages. $60 to $98. three choices. we have our "today" show dads here. we did different pictures from over the years. you go on they link you to the site. up to 20 photos you can put together. really, you upload them from your instagram. >> simple, right? >> so simple to do. what a beautiful gift. my dad's up here. we have savannah. we have mike.
8:47 am
and look at all these photos of you. >> craig, that one is going to go up in your house in the middle. little haley. i can't handle it. >> the deal, up to 30% off. >> do that now to get your pictures in time. we have robes from luxor linens. shirts from cutter and buck. the a.j. henkels. you go to the promo code todaydad on jill, thank you. awesome. >> i hope people were watching. up next, american icon, al roker is an american icon. but sitting down with another, sharing a few laughs with the remarkable carol burnett. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ all right. i think we're all ready for a laugh and for our latest "today
8:50 am
living legends." al caught up with the one, the only, carol burnett. >> i adore her. i got to spend time with the 85-year-old at her old stomping grounds, the ed sullivan theater, currently home to "the late show with stephen colbert." and with a new project, ms. burnett is busier than ever. >> this is a great theater. i did a few specials from this theater. i used to do quick changes in the elevator. >> reporter: really? >> yeah. >> reporter: simply put, carol burnett defines funny. i'm going to go on the assumpti assumption, you were innately funny. can somebody learn to be funny? >> timing. i don't think that can be taught. it's hard to analyze comedy. >> reporter: you're on "the gary moore show" doing terrifically. and cbs wants to lock you up. they sign you for ten years. and there's a clause in your contract. >> it says in the first five years, i wanted to do an hour-long musical comedy review
8:51 am
a week, cbs would have to put it on, whether they wanted to or not, for 30 shows. >> reporter: "the carol burnett show" would go on to make history in the 1960s and '70s, winning 24 emmys, over 300 episodes, burning burnett into one of the most celebrated names in comedy. do you miss the show? >> we were in the right place at the right time. 28-piece orchestra. 12 dancers. 62 costumes a week. >> that gown is gorgeous. >> thank you. i saw it in the window and i just couldn't resist it. >> reporter: as you look back over your career, at what point did you say, you know what? i've made it. i'm here. >> i don't know that you ever say that to yourself. i knew i would continue to get work. >> reporter: work that would include roles on broadway and roles in "annie." >> i love you miss hannigan. >> reporter: and guest appearances on a variety of tv
8:52 am
shows. >> you know what it is? i think it was because my grandmother and i would save our pennies and i would see the movies in the '40s and '50s. and there was no cynicism. so, i was so naive that i felt that would be fine. >> reporter: in fact, you got to new york city, due to the kindness of a stranger. >> i was at ucla in a musical comedy class. and our professor was going to grade us on screenes for our fil at a very posh black tie party. it went over well. and i went to the hors d'oeuvre table. i'm stealing hors d'oeuvres. and there's a tap on my shoulder. i thought, i'm busted. and it was this gentleman. he said, what do you want to do with your life? i said, someday, i hope to have enough where i can go to new york because i would love to be in musical comedy on broadway. he said, well, i'll lend you the money to go to new york. and he said, there's
8:53 am
stipulations. never reveal my name and if you are successful, you must promise to help others out that you believe in. so, that was my start. why should people get married? >> to make sure the human population doesn't go to zero. >> reporter: you've got this new series. tell me about that. >> it's called "a little help with carol burnett." and it features a panel of five children. and we have adults who present the children with a grown-up dilemma. >> reporter: a case of "out of the mouths of babes"? >> you nailed it. >> get a woman that wants you for you. >> that's great advied advice. >> reporter: what are you most proud of when you look back? >> i'm most proud of our show. i'm proud of my daughters. i lost one. she had cancer. she said, every day i wake up and decide. today, i'm going to love my life. it's the only day i will have.
8:54 am
>> so there. >> reporter: what would you like your legacy to be? >> oh, she made us laugh. >> reporter: that simple? >> yeah. ♪ just to have a laugh or sing a song ♪ >> amen. >> good night, everybody. >> al, that was awesome. >> and i've never heard that story before about paying it forward. and she has. she has done a lot of great charity work. and she just keeps moving. >> did you ask what her favorite skit is? >> she couldn't tell. but the civil war. "gone with the wind" is really -- >> i loved when they used to crack each other up? >> i know. >> they can barely get through the sketch. >> it was a murderer's row of comedy geniuses, with tim conway, vicki lawrence, kyle wagoner. >> remember mrs. swiggens. used to laugh. >> a "a little help with carol
8:55 am
burnett" is streaming on netflix. >> what is coming up? >> "megyn kelly today" is coming up next. >> is the show over? i can stop sucking in my stomach. >> stop it. >> and breathe. >> a check of your local news and weather and these messages.
8:56 am
it could be a critical day for one of the 49ers top players-- it's 8:56 on your wednesday morning. good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. could be a critical day for one of the 49ers top players. today a judge will decide in reuben foster's domestic violence case should go to trial. his girlfriend initially claimed foster dragged her and punched her in the head several times, but last week on the witness stand she claimed instead she made the whole thing up. happening now. our bob riddell is at the courthouse and will have a live
8:57 am
report in the midday newscast. san jose police say a dog that officers had to shoot earlier today outside an east san jose home will be okay. it happened when police responded to a call at that home. details on plus, the latest on b.a.r.t. and a vote that's coming up. that's on as well. tuck turned around failing schools, raising graduation rates 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck.
8:58 am
bart )s final options to ease te rush hour congestion. plus á the warriors critical game 5 in houston. how you can cheer them on from right here in the bay with thousands of other fans! join us: tomorrow from 4:30 to 7.
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[ applause ] good morning, everybody. welcome to the show. i'm megyn kelly. did you all see serena williams at the royal wedding? she looked stunning. just eight months after giving birth to her daughter, alexis olympia. and now, she's ready to get back on the court, which is amazing. she's crushed the competition for much of her career, number one in the world. now, post maternity leave, she's going to go to grand slam tennis. next week's french open, ranked 453. that's right. she's going to return at a far lower rank because she committed the sin of having a baby. tennis still ts


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