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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 24, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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kris sanchez is out there. i wantolks if you're heading to the airport sjc off highway 87. approaching memorial day weekend, some will be making that getaway this morning. traveling south 280, take 880 to get to that same area to avoid this interchange. again, this is closed right now. for more detail, she just arrived on scene i'm going to hand it off to kris sanchez. kris. >> a lot of commuters are going to say, are you serious? this is happening again. 280 leading to 87 connector, slow lane is closed right now because of this flooding. we're told by chp this appears to be the same problem as last week. last week there was a pump that appeared to have failed, intended to use groundwater off the highway. turns out it was a breaker and caltso resolve the problem pretty quickly. so chp has caltrans en route. they are hoping again it is a circuit breaker problem and they
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will be able to flip a switch in the pump house and resolve the problem before the whole commute is just kind of in the toilet, so to speak. so this morning you're going to need to find another route if you're headed 280 southbound. if you're headed to the airport, you're going to need to reroute. you won't need to get onto 87 at all in this direction. we'll stay out here and see when caltrans gets here and make sure we understand what the problem is and how long the delays might be. in san jose kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> busy area there. >> thank you, kris. if it's just a circuit breaker maybe we should give kris a key to the pump house. she's first on the scene. >> a hard worker out there. at least it's a pleasant morning. let's check in kari hall. >> looks pretty good as we start out this morning. mostly cloudy skies. we will see clouds we're seeing this morning kind of lower as the morning goes alock, especially for the coastline. looking now at san francisco, you can see the top of the buildings there. as we go into the rest of the
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morning, mist and drizzle, temperatures reaching 59 degrees. inland areas with clearing this afternoon, we'll also be tracking rain for later tonight. i'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes and more also on the heat up and very warm temperatures in the seven-day forecast. >> coming our way. thanks so much, kari. >> 5:02. new this morning president trump comments for the first time on the new national anthem policy. >> the response came during an interview that aired the first time 90 minutes ago. nfl owners yesterday announced that new policy. anyone kneeling during the anthem will be fined. players who don't want to stand have to remain in the locker room. in a "fox & friends" interview the president called the new rule long overdue. >> do you feel like you pushed this story forward and pushed it to a conclusion. >> i think the people pushed it forward. this was not me. i brought it out. i think the people pushed it forward. this country is very smart. we have very smart people. you know, that's something
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ideally could have been taken care of when it first started. it would have been a lot easier. >> each team will individually handle punishments handed out to violators. some are angry the league never consulted players before reaching that decision. it is 5:03 right now. today two fairfield parents will head back to court facing heinous child abuse crimes. we told you about this horrific story last week. police say their kids were forced to live in squall or and endured torture at the hands of mother and father. rogers says her husband was the one abusing the children, but prosecutors say rogers also helped and told the children not to tell anyone. >> 5:03, one of the two men charged in the deadly oakland ghost ship warehouse fire will ask to be freed on bail today. max harris and darrick almena face 36 counts of manslaughter, one for every person who died in the fire. harris argues the changes in the law should allow his client to
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go free. a criminal trial on track for this summer. a 49ers linebacker expected on the field for practice. a judge tossed out domestic violence charges against reuben foster. foster gave a thumbs-up as he left yesterday. the judge said not enough evidence against foster. last week foster's ex-girlfriend testified she made up accusations against him, but that's not what prosecutors believe. here is a statement from the santa clara county district attorney's office. quote, we are disappointed because the evidence demonstrated that mr. foster seriously hurt his girl friend. foster still faces misdemeanor charge of possessing an illegal firearm. 5:04, to news out of washington this morning. president trump has a new name for his unproven claim that the fbi infiltrated his campaign. he's calling it spygate. day in the bay tracie potts joins us live in washington where there's confusion over whether democrats will be shut out of a meeting today.
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tracie, they are expected to review top secret information. >> reporter: exactly. the white house has said the democrats are in, they can see those documents. they just want to show them to a couple of key republicans first. >> we now call it spygate. >> president trump claims, without proof, that the fbi planted a spy inside his campaign. >> what we're seeing here, i think, is a broadly political move to undercut preemptively what appears to be the findings of the mueller investigation. >> fbi informants did talk to three trump campaign aides to find out if russia was influencing the election. today intelligence officials will share classified documents about that. >> when they look at the documents, i think people are going to see a lot of bad things happen. >> reporter: but only two republicans were invited to see the information. >> no one should trust anything they say coming out of that meeting. it will be a sham. >> should democrats be in this
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meeting? >> yeah, i think so. >> reporter: unpressure the white house agreed to include democrats in a second briefing. >> i expect them to honor their word, but we are hearing conflicting things from the white house. >> this sounds to me like a judge meeting with one party, the defendant, ahead of time. >> if you're going to show up, show up with an open mind and closed lips. >> reporter: today's top secret briefings expected to prove whether the fbi was legitimately investigating russia or playing politics. now, we're also hearing from the justice department that white house chief of staff and the deputy attorney general who oversees the russia investigation will also be in on those briefings today, which is interesting, laura, becaus originally they were not planning to. they were not expected to be part of that. they weren't on the list. >> very interesting. tracie potts. thank you very much. live from washington. >> 5:06, let's take you to those developments in hawaii. a look at the big island. you can see an incredible new
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sight this morning, weeks into the eruption. new video showing blue flames burning from the cracks in the ground. can you see them here. these flames are a result of methane gas that burned below earth's surface. this is dangerous because gas can cause underground explosions sending hot lava several feet into the air. only on nbc the disaster hits close to home for santa cruz family. they sold everything to buy their hawaiian dream home but lava wiped it out. >> we put a lot of our hearts into it. a lot of our heart still there. >> spent two weeks working on that house and had just plant add grove of fruit trees. >> 5:07 right now. happening today the world's largest oil companies will ban together trying to throw out a couple of bay area lawsuits. san francisco and oakland sued
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claiming oil companies created a public nuisance producing massive quantities of oil while knowing it would lead to rising sea levels. the suit seeks billions of dollars. the doj has come out in favor of oil companies. the judge in san francisco will hear arguments for dismissal. folks in the north bay, don't be alarmed if you see smoke in the area today. firefighters preparing for fire season with controlled training burn. it's happening today and tomorrow. marin county sheriff tweeted smoke and flames may be visible near highway 101 and saint vincent exit. >> let's get a check of our weather. >> it's 5:08, start out with cloudy skies, watching weather system very close to the bay area with scattered light showers just offshore. our rain chances will go up as we go into this evening as we start to see rain mostly moving into the north bay. but right now we're all clear and dry as we start out this thursday morning. as we go throughout the day, partly and mostly cloudy skies, a couple of sprinkles for the
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coastline and very cool temperatures. where we see the green, that's where we could have some rain developing overnight and into early tomorrow morning. some of the higher rain chances will be for the north bay and also as you head over towards sacramento throughout friday and saturday. keep that in mind if you will be traveling all around the region. we are going to see some very light rain totals, a couple of sprinkles, a few hundredths of an inch across the bay area. i'll have more on that. mike, you're tracking two important issues. >> right, kari. we have a lighter volume of traffic but tough problem where the volume is heaviest. another issue as folks are heading to the airport, another destination for folks. we talked about the closure south 280, one lane is closed, your right lane, slow lane. also connector to 87. folks might be wanting to take 87 to sjc. if that's your route 280 to 880, for the airport, past the closure. that flooding, kris sanchez reports from the scene. like last week we had that pump
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that had an issue, can't do the drains it's supposed to. westbound 580 north flynn a crash blocking fast lane as you're getting through the area jammed up out of the altamont corridor. that's a problem until you pass flynn road. farther on at the dublin interchange camera pointed over there. you see the traffic smoothly. no slowing at the scene. dublin smooth bound westbound but eastbound through the construction in the valley. >> coming up next on "today in the bay," another close call. >> frightening moments at sfo new safety concerns after a plane snagged a concrete wall. and -- >> get your hands out of your pockets now. >> i've got stuff in my hands. >> a popular nba player tased. controversial body footage just
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being released. and new questions about police brutality in america. plus -- >> i was not going to let him get away. >> saving the day coming up later at 5:25, an exclusive interview with a resource officer who saved countless lives after a gunman ambushed his school. kari weather tease
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mike traffic tease as we take a live look outside in palo alto, mostly
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cloudy skies to start. still breezy, in the mid-50s at 7:00. then in the mid-50s later today. it's going to be another nice and cool day. warmer air and some rain in the forecast. details on that in about five minutes. >> over at the san mateo bridge traffic moving smoothly. some brake lights tapping upon the flat section. i'll show you where there's more than tapping going on in the morning commute. >> new reaction to traveler in the scare aboard a plane that landed yesterday at sfo from ireland. apparently it banged into concrete wall while being towed to the airport terminal. the sky ranger, that damage hard to see until you zoom right in there on the tip of the right wing. one passenger said everyone on board was nervous. >> everybody was frightened.
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can we get off? can we get off? >> passengers ended up stuck on that plane for another hour. the airport says the person towing the plane misjudged the clearance. >> at quarter after 5:00 developing, anger in milwaukee after body cameras showed officers using a taser on pro basketball player. >> take your hands out of your pockets now. >> i've got stuff in my hand. >> taser, taser, taser. >> this incident even milwaukee police admit got out of hand. it happened four months ago. it started when bucks basketball player sterling brown walked out of a convenience store. he had parked across disabled parking spaces. the chief yesterday issued an
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apology. >> members acted inappropriately and those members were recently disciplined. i'm sorry this discipline escalated to this level. >> brown is now planning to file a lawsuit. bucks leader say the team fully supports him. they are calling for more police accountability. where should criminal reports draw the line when it comes to evidence from social media. that may get an answer today because the supreme court is expected to rule on a case tied to a deadly shooting in san francisco five years ago. public defenders want to use facebook and twitter as a part of their evidence but the companies involved don't want to turn that over to the courts. the defendants argue it's violating their right it a fair trial. meanwhile more business and tech news, changes for apple's self-driving car program. >> for the rest of our news before the bell let's check inic headquarters this morning.
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good morning, leslie. >> good morning, laura and scott. wall street could be set for a mixed day of trading. markets reversed earlier losses yesterday to finish higher after the feds said it would be comfortable letting inflation rise temporarily. that's reassuring investors the fed won't be too aggressive hiking interest rates which affect consumers borrowing cost. look for economic data on unemployment and home sales. dow rising 52 to 24886, nasdaq closing up 47 to 7425. apple is narrowing the scope of its self-driving car program. "the new york times" reports after being spurned by mercedes and bmw, apple is teaming up with volkswagen to change vw advance into self-driving shuttles for apple workers. last year the times reported apple scaled back plans to build its own self-driving plans to focus instead on developing the software and technology. ups will start charging an extra $150 next month to deliver oversized packages.
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the new fees come as ups is investing billions of dollars to expand and automate its sorting facilities. the charges are aimed at discouraging retailers from shipping heavier products that could slow down operations. ups may partner with trucking firm to handle home delivery of heavy and bulky items. guys. >> thanks a lot, leslie. >> goodness me. haley. >> wow. >> goodness me is right. take a look at that. a british television reporter covering a horse race jumped into action. she jumped in front of a runaway horse that lost its rider. she got in front of the horse, grabbed the reins, knocked off her feet. she held on to keep that horse from getting away. moore apparently knew what she was doing. she's the daughter of a trainer and jockey. >> that's amazing.
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>> she immediately gets up and checks out the horse. getting off her knees. reporting action there. >> let's check memorial day weekend weather. >> heating up over the weekend but still cool meantime and rain in between in parts of the bay area. we get started with a live look outside in dublin. clear, visibility looking all good right here with this camera view. the seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen with some cool weather for today and tomorrow and then a warm up. as we get a look at walnut creek and temperature trend for today, partly cloudy skies through much of the morning. but like we normally see, we'll get a lot of sunshine by this afternoon. still kind of cool with mid-60s today for high temperatures. concord heading up to 68 degrees, 66 in livermore. 69 in san jose. palo alto will reach up to 67 degrees and some upper 50s from half moon bay to san francisco. later tonight in san francisco,
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the graduates will be partaking in the ceremony out there at at&t park. fireworks afterwards. you're probably wondering if you'll actually be able to see the fireworks. the clouds will be higher tonight. so you should have a pretty good view of the fireworks and temperatures in the upper 50s. so wear something nice and warm. as we get a look at what's happening here, the clouds are higher because we do have a weather system approaching that could bring in some spotty light showers, especially for the north bay. and throughout tonight, rain chances will be a little bit higher for the coastal areas and north bay. spotty showers to start out friday but there will be the chance as we go into the afternoon as well that there could be a little bit of isoled. we'll continue to monitor that as we make plans for the weekend, let me know what you're doing. i'm @karihall on facebook and twitter and we'll track a warmer forecast. look at that. mid-80s by sunday. inland areas up to 90 on
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memorial day and slightly cooler as we head toward the middle of next week. san francisco heading into the low 70s. heading over to mike, you've been tracking that closure. look at that, the flooded roads. >> exactly, kari. this looks like it's a lot brighter. footage from last week, over a week ago last wednesday when all of this flooding happened because of the pump that was out of commission over on the shoulder there. look at that, at one point traffic down to one lane and that flooding started to slowly recede as they fixed that pump. get you out to the live maps now. we had the same issue today. it's eight days after that first one. kris sanchez out on scene along with our photographer allen who just phoned in and said not one lane but two lanes. we see more slowing, more closures there. half the freeway closed, so is the connected 87. 280 to 87 to get to sjc for hollywood weekend travel. you should have exited earlier on 880.
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you still have the option to turn around and get over there past that scene. that will take you past the closure. kris is on the scene and following that the rest of the south bay shows a nice drive because northbound is what push we have before memorial day. over here better news for altamont westbound 580 that cleared at north flynn. starting to recover, just report add couple minutes ago. we should have a better flow. more traffic toward livermore and dublin interchange. slowing both directions castro valley p crews holding things up a tad bit. allow another 10 minutes if you're traveling either direction. getting to the bay bridge a smooth drive. cash lanes beginning the back-up. show you that coming up, guys. back to you. >> sounds good. thanks, mike. coming up on "today in the bay." tonight is the night. a sneak preview of the latest "star wars" movie before it hits the screens tonight.
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>> the emmys coming up and i was looking for a little help. boy, did i get some responses. go to my facebook page. help me pick a dress. school res
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many call a hero welcome back, everyone. 5:25 right now. new this morning a school resource officer who many call a hero is talking about how he stopped the school shooting. >> this happened wednesday in dixon, illinois.
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police say mark dallas saved countless lives when a gunman ambushed dixon high school. here is what was going through his head when he stopped that shooter. >> my thought is, oh, my god, he's going to get somebody over there. i need to continue, continue. that's all -- i was not going to let him get away. >> the person with the gun is the only one who got hurt. can you hear the full interview on the "today" show. >> happening tonight, do you have your tickets yet or lightsaber. >> if you don't, grab them both. the new "star wars" movie opens everywhere tonight. "a star wars story" here part of the force awakens trilogy. former years. donald glover and young chewbacca, who isn't showing his age. the film is getting pretty
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decent reviews on rotten tomatoes. >> can't tell how old chewbacca is, the fur. maybe that's the key, a lot of fur. 5:26, coming up on "today in the bay," breaking news overnight, north korea did he memolishes o its nuclear testing sites. what this means for relations with the u.s. >> the horrific purse snatching attack in concord that left a 90-year-old woman hospitalized. >> let the traffic nightmare again. closer to the holiday weekend. the worst times to hit the road or head to the airport. for join
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i )m scott mcgrew in for marcus washington. and i )m laura garcia. toss to mike with breaking news on flooding on 280. thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew in for marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. breaking news, more flooding on 280 near 87. i say more because there's a problem last week. >> exactly. just one day over a week ago. i promised we would look at the bay bridge. back-up with metering lights, that is standard. the big issue, laura, as you said down in the south bay. either side are okay but 280 slowdown showing on our speed sensors because of the flooding and closure, south 280. there have been changes there. i want to note folks coming down 280 and expected to take 87, you can't do that. get off 880. you probably do that anyway and make your way sjc. this may affect folks who
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normally don't take this route in sjc. because of the flooding, kris sanchez out there. one lane is closed? >> now we know two lanes are closed. we saw chp officers taking the flares out one more lane. they tell us the water is starting to creep farther on 280. like you said 87 is not accessible, not in the northbound or southbound direction. folks might be familiar with reroutes they are talking about. they are saying seriously again this happened twice last week. what we know about the reason for this is this is a spot where there is naturally accumulating groundwater. in order to make sure that's not a problem caltrans built in a pump to take groundwater off the roadway to make sure it doesn't land on the roadway. last week the pump failed. turns out it wasn't broken, bad circuit breaker and crews able
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to flip the switch in the pump house down the way where they are doing work. chp tells me the work is still continuing and chp or caltrans crews might be able to get out here and do the same thing, reset the switch and get that pump going once again. we don't know for sure if that's the problem but that is the speculation at this point. caltrans isn't here yet. we have been in communication. this could be a very difficult commute. on the upside silver lining, you might be familiar with detours, like we said, this is our time in two weeks. we'll stay out here and update you here on twitter and on facebook as well and on n nbcbayarea.c nbcbayaro "today in the bay." nice morning but things will change over the weekend. let's check in with kari. >> cool around the bay area. mostly cloudy skies, a live look outside in san francisco with showers close to the coast. but so far we're starting out
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with some dry weather. once again that could change as we will have a chance of rain between tonight and early tomorrow morning. inland areas will stay in the 60s. but a big warm-up is on the way as we head toward memorial day. 90 degrees inland. a big shift in our temperatures as we will get a lot more sunshine. we'll talk just about the weekend forecast coming up in five minutes. >> breaking news out of north korea this morning. the country says it's demolished a nuclear test site. only a few foreign journalists on hand to see it. nuclear experts were not there. demolition was announced by north korean leader, head of the summit with president trump next month. that meeting is still in doubt. president trump has demanded that north korea denuclearize before any negotiations. obviously we'll continue to follow this breaking story, bring you more as it comes in. >> 5:33, continuing coverage on gut wrenching story we've been telling you about all week.
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concord police say they have the man who reportedly attacked a 93-year-old woman and stole her purse. now we're learning the suspect may be behind similar attacks in the south bay. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live from concord with a big break in the case. bob. >> governing, laura. that break came from the suspect himself when last night around 9:00 he turned himself into officers here at the concord police department. this picture shows officers handcuffing otto halafihi just after his surrender. he stands accused of robbing two women of their purses one 4 years old, the other 93 years old. investigators released surveillance pictures of the suspect at the mall minutes before the robbery last friday afternoon. they also released the suspect's description and a picture of the getaway call. as a result they received 16 tips from the public. this is video of ann pederson in
5:35 am
the hospital. she's the 93-year-old woman who broke her hip when she was knocked down during the purse snatching. last report she's still in the hospital and halafihi remains in police custody. according to police might be responsible for similar robberies in the south bay. reporting live outside obconco the bay." >> thanks for the latest there, bob. >> it is 5:35, happening today legal trial continues for south bay theater worker accused of touching two girls who were performing in the nutcracker. police say in december they arrested a light technician kevin cole at the high school in morgan hill. investigators say he made his way back stage and inappropriately touched dancer while they change costumes. he worked as a contractor for the south valley dance theater. safe or violating privacy, probably a question leaders will ask after a special santa clara supervisors meeting. they will talk about surveillance about the sheriff's
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department. things like license plate readers and voice recorders. they will update policies on using the technology. also happening today, live look at san mateo bridge this morning. the traffic. now is the chance to get your say. town is the town hall meeting in san mateo. it's called get moving campaign. basically the county wants to get public input on new strategies to cut down on congestion. also want to know what kind of transportation needs you're looking for. if you're interested half moon bay at the community center. >> speaking of traffic if you're hitting the roads, beware, holiday traffic already under way. more people are expected to go out of town. today in the pay pete suratos with the worst time to head out. good morning, pete. >> good morning, back again at memorial day weekend travel. the good news is the worst day, good or bad news, as far as
5:37 am
worst day to travel in san francisco is to it's going to be the busiest day across the nation comes to weekend travel. not too busy. let's jump into numbers from aaa. as far as how many people traveling memorial day weekend. looking at more than 41 million americans traveling this weekend. that's up around 5% from last year. a majority of the folks are going to do so by road with around 36 million people traveling by car. now 3.1 million people will travel by air. that's a 7% increase from last year. as i mentioned, busiest days for travel are today and tomorrow. right here in san francisco the busiest time will be tomorrow, roughly between 3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. those travel times nearly doubling during that time period. that's important to know if you're traveling here in san francisco. not too long ago we got a chance to speak to some of those early bird travelers here at sfo about getting a head start on their
5:38 am
travel for this memorial day weekend. >> we wanted to get to chicago sort of midday before the traffic kicked up. getting out early is good. >> fly early, man. get out of the house early, get up, and rest on vacation. >> reporter: the key here is avoid traveling during those times. avoid potential issues and go ahead and enjoy your memorial day weekend. live at sfo pete suratos "today in the bay." >> pete, thank you. >> right around the corner now. now talk traffic this morning. take it step by step. >> also noting if historically friday 3:00 to 5:00 is one of the worst times to make your getaway. try to get away earlier. i think a lot of folks have done that. can't get away over here. connector 287 is not one of your routes. that is closed. flooding there again as kris sanchez live on the scene. she told us, reminded us, third
5:39 am
time in two weeks they had this closure. southbound 280 to 87 is a problem. you'll use 880 to get to the airport area if that's your route off 880. keep that in mind southbound. a little bit to the area. that is a typical build as far as this time in that place even for vacation week approach. looking over here for the rest of the bay. a smooth drive on either side of the peninsula, crash in the altamont corridor cleared from 580. palo alto, easy drive heading past sfo. if that's your airport of choice, you've got it just fine. >> there we go. >> meantime check your weekend weather. it's a very special week. >> yes. memorial day weekend. a lot of people going to graduations. we've got a lot of festivals going on, too. it officially kicks off summer as we look at what's happening in san jose. we go from 65 degree high temperature for tomorrow to 86 degrees on memorial day. big warm-up with taco festival
5:40 am
happening saturday in san jose. if you're going to concord for bay area kidfest, 67 for tomorrow. then on saturday very nice out there in concord, 75, 83 on sunday. as it starts to warm up, looking for water activities on memorial day. it will be 90 degrees. going to bottle rock in napa valley a chance of rain early tomorrow and mostly cloudy skies throughout the day with highs in the mid-60s. it will be 0 on saturday and warming up on sunday with all of that sunshine we'll be up to 80 degrees. 85 on memorial day. then if you're going to the beach, a lot of people making beach plans. sunday into monday, those will be your best beach days. where it starts to warm up, up to 72 degrees on monday. we've also got bay area classic yo-yo test in jack london square on saturday. it does start out cloudy, those highs reaching into the low 60s with breezy winds. we will get sunshine.
5:41 am
also the family funfest happening in berkeley and farmers market starting at 10:00 in the morning. we'll be at 0 degrees. a cool start breezy and turning mostly sunny as the day goes along. also saturday will be your day to enjoy the mushroom mardi gras ll o saturday.le weather in it will be starting out with a few clouds. temperatures in the low 60s reaching into the mid-70s with some sunshine. if you're heading down to l.a., of course, beautiful weather throughout the weekend. highs in the upper 60s to lower 70s. i'll have a look at today. >> the temperature trend. >> coming up next on "today in the bay" with kari's warm weather coming in, we'll tell you about eye-opening new study on hot car deaths you really need to know about. >> moving east. the pivotable position that could bring b.a.r.t. to more people but at what cost. the impact this could have on your commute. i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message.
5:42 am
i thought after sandy hook, where 20 six and seven year olds were slain, this would never happen again. it has happened more than 200 times in 5 years. dianne feinstein and a new generation are leading the fight to pass a new assault weapons ban. say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. california values senator dianne feinstein
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mike traffic tease as we head into summer ... an los gatos and let's go to los gatos. 61 at 10:00, 67 at 1:00 as we get some more sunshine. we will have partly cloudy skies today and a slight chance of rain tonight. more on that and a hot weekend ahead coming up in about five minutes. cool off, take a dip in the
5:45 am
pool but not this one. crews are on scene, folks are walking around and two lanes of southbound 880 and connector to 87 completely closed. beal talk about how you're going to get to sjc this morning. >> thank you very much, kari and mike. as we head into summer, an important reminder to tell you about, the danger of hot cars. we talk about it all the time. a new study shows a dashboard parked in the sun can hit 160 degrees in just one hour on a really hot day. this is info graphic from arizona state university. that one hour mark is detrimental there. it really shows you also how long it takes for a child trapped in the car to get really sick or even die. researchers say even if you park in the shade the heat can be lethal. sadly it happened again yesterday. a one-year-old girl in tennessee died. her father had left her in the car for hours. he says he forgot after dropping her sibling off at daycare.
5:46 am
no criminal charges yet. she's the seventh child to die after being left in a hot car this year of the "today" show doing a story on this. kerry sanders says you should take off your shoe, toss it in the back seat on hot days. keep in mind there are great apps. your phone can work as your friend as well to remind you if you have a child in the car. tired parents it's tough but you've got to check. new details now on what google is planning to do in downtown san jose. we confirmed the company outlined plans to local leaders last night. details of that meeting delayed initially by a protest. described the social and cultural mark farmers market in front of diridon in addition to homes and restaurants. summer worried .village will add to homeless problem. development director last night
5:47 am
said, affordability and gentrification are very much on our radar screen. we know it's going to be addressed. good news if you ride b.a.r.t. in the east bay to livermore they will vote on extending from currently dublin pleasanton station. they are considering isabel avenue and airway boulevard. the project would cost a billion dollars. they are looking at other options including e-b.a.r.t. line similar to the one opening saturday in antioch. morgan hill growing. ground breaking on this new project that will expand the city downtown. the project is expected to bring more than 8080 new apartments. there's spaces for retail and commercial use as well. commercial will take a year. >> eddie garcia holding town
5:48 am
hall to discuss safety issues with district 9, willow glen. recently there's an a spike in property crimes. tom hall at the camden community center at 6:00. trying to reach nba finals for fourth season. >> they left oakland heading to houston. best of seven series tied at 2-2. now we're hearing klay thompson and andre iguodala listed at questionable. if you want to cheer on the boys tonight an official watch party at oracle arena. doors open at 5:00. >> also happening it's red nose day on nbc. >> entire night of programming to raise funds to help lift children out of poverty in america and around the world. red nose day started three years ago. $100 million since impacting 8 million children. a lot of celebrities and kids will raise that money tonight. >> we need one of those. >> no kidding. jane lynch host of hollywood
5:49 am
game night. >> really care about getting children out of poverty. >> here is the lineup. red nose day gets under way with celebrity edition of "american ninja warrior" hollywood game night, followed by big red nose day special and that is at 10:00. can you get your red noses as well at walgreen's throughout the area. >> looking ahead to a long weekend and a warm one. >> it's going to start to warm up. we've had cool weather and some people hoping for a warm-up especially at the coast. look at what you're feeling out-the-door weather in livermore, oakland, 53, 56 in san jose, 55 right now in san francisco. let's go to martinez. we'll start out with clouds and cool temperatures in the mid-50s. as the day goes along, a lot of sunshine. it's going to be a beautiful day and still cool and breezy with those highs in the upper 60s and
5:50 am
lower 70s. we'll see mostly 60s for interior valleys while the coast will stay at about 59 in san francisco. the seven-day forecast you can check that out right now looking at a warm-up over the next few days. as you're getting dressed this morning, you do need layers. a jacket and tibeen misting and. if you're going to be out there at san jose state university graduation at avaya stadium 9:00, partly cloudy skies and cool. as you go out to lunch, start to feel nicer. also tracking our rain chances with storm ranger, mobile doppler radar, red scan you see there from san jose. all looking good as of now. as we go into tonight, start to see spotty showers developing especially for the coast and parts of the north bay. here we are at 4:00 tomorrow morning. we see spotty light showers all around the bay area. and then a slight chance of rain even into the afternoon. our rain totals are going to be very light. looking a a trace to a few
5:51 am
hundredths of an inch of rain across the bay tomorrow then drying out on saturday. we start to warm up sunday 84, 90 on memorial day. upper 80s through the middle of next week. mike, you've been tracking that flooding and the closure for san jose. >> and there it is, kari. look at this, folks, chp facing the wrong way but those lanes are closed, it doesn't matter. backed up to the water. this may look like a familiar scene. we did. we saw it last weekend. we've seen it before kris sanchez reports this is the third time in two weeks we've had flooding. groundwater seeping up, not currently draining water. connectors, 280 to 87 that's closed. get to your map. this is a problem taking this route over to 87 to sjc farther back 880 up there. that was probably the route you take anyway, affect some folks unfamiliar with the area. 101 san jose for the morning build, light drive toward
5:52 am
livermore, dublin. new crash north, 880 may slow you down. bay bridge metering lights on, no major issues coming down east shore freeway. berkeley curve, slowing for suv. >> thanks so much, mike. coming up next on "today in the bay." open cases unsolved crimes. we investigate why game changing crime solving tool is often being overlooked by law enforcement. first happening now after an amazing 2017, housing stocks are on their pace for worst year since financial crisis. experts say there's more problems ahead as the recent rise in interest rates pushes mortgage rates to seven-year high. a report says security troops on u.s. nuclear missile base took lsd. none of the airmen accused of using the drugs while on duty but disciplinary action taken against 14 airmen. more news after the break. you could save energy
5:53 am
by living off the grid. completely. you could generate your own energy, at home. maybe you could save energy by weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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5:55 am
thursday. ) if you follow bob redell you know he always posts good ones. here )s today ) today is throw-back thursday. if you follow bob redell and you know you should because he's always got good posts online. this is one of his posts, bowling while glowing. remember this one from early 2000. >> bob has been working here for a long time. >> have you been -- who was here first. >> i think i started before him. >> i started a few months before
5:56 am
you. did i win? >> 5:55 right now. according to fbi, about two every five murders, certainly switching gears here, in america goes unsolved. there's technology to fix ought that and solve crimes. >> senior investigative reporter stephen stock discovered it's not used by many agencies. >> cost money, manpower and new approach to collecting evidence. many police departments can't or are unwilling to do it. the technology is nibin. atfs integrated information network, essentially dna for guns. >> the shearing is here. >> reporter: we got an inside look at exactly how it works. >> you can see those individual marks are lining up. >> we got a behind the scenes tour at atf's national lab in beltsville, maryland, outside washington, d.c. gun cartridges tested here can link and solve crimes that have gone unsolved for years. >> it is revolutionary.
5:57 am
>> michael ebberhardt serves as chief of operations at washington headquarters. >> we're now able to bring everything together in a single location and try to and sometimes successfully get in front of violent crime and trafficking and stop it much, much earlier than we were able to in the past. >> right now only about 25%, one in every four shell casings and bullets fired in a crime, is ever tested and entered into nibin. to see how california participates, watch our full story. go to our website, >> if you've got a tip for our investigative unit, they would absolutely love to hear from you. so many turn into stores. call them 888-996-tips or you can watch them on our website, investigate. have you heard about this. this could be the last straw at mcdonald's. people who run the biggest fast-food chain in the world will decide whether to remove
5:58 am
straws from 37,000 stores. thousands signed a petition to get rid of them. americans use more than 46,000 school buses full of plastic straws every single day. several bay area cities have bans or limits on plastic straws alameda, oakland and berkeley. san francisco and new york are considering a ban. what do you think? i'm going to tweet about it right now and put a little poll out there for you. follow me @lauragarcia. get ready to pay more for shipping. ups will charge an extra $150 to deliver oversized packages. ups investing billions to expand automated sorting facility. those charges are aimed at discouraging retailers that ship heavier products that can slow down operations. gas prices going up to slow down weekend travel. we checked with aaa to see how gags prices are in the bay area. average for a gallon of gas $3.84 in san francisco, oakland $3.75, san jose $3.74.
5:59 am
coming up on the "today" show, jeff rossen breaks down three simple steps you can take right now to save a lot of money at the pump this summer. that starts at 7:00 right after "today in the bay." 6:00, breaking traffic news, flooding with problems on two major south bay freeways. we've got team coverage in case you're ready to head out the door. plus -- >> you have to stand proudly for the national anthem. you shouldn't be playing, shouldn't be there, maybe you shouldn't be in the country. >> if you don't stand for the national anthem, you should leave the country. we are hearing from president trump this morning after nfl owners voted to fine people if players kneel during national anthem. his take on the controversial issue. >> warming up, looking live at san francisco camera this morning, the shift in the forecast as we head into memorial day weekend. "today in the bay" continues right now. you made it to thursday morning. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us.
6:00 am
i'm laura garcia. straight to mike inouye following traffic mess and familiar one in the south bay. >> a repeat report we could put on replay. we're not going to. traffic flows a little different. photographic flows and back-up i'm traffic, big issue in the south bay. this is our traffic alert. this is a repeat from last week. southbound 280 to 87, that connector closed by flooding. i want to quickly mention folks would take that 87 to san jose airport. this being before memorial day weekend. that's a concern. it would be for this stretch of folks. everybody else would take 880. that is the avenue you would go. in this area 880, 280 north to 880 north to get to san jose airport. consider that. meanwhile for what's actually going on, the reason why half of 28 is closed, send it to kris sanchez. kris, still following this


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