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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 25, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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/s breaking overnight, police are searching for these two suspects they believe detonated an improvised explosive device inside a restaurant. multiple injuries. we have new details ahead. >> in just a few hours, one-time hollywood mogul and power broker harvey weinstein will surrender to authorities in a sexual misconduct case. >> to ireland where residents across the nation are voting in a once in a generation referendum on abortion. >> we'll take you to the korean peninsula to get reaction to the president's abrupt spiking of his nuclear meeting with north korea. >> and heading into a long weekend, the newest list of where to find america's best beaches. >> and honoring those americans who gave their all as we approach memorial day. "early today" starts right now. good morning, i'm phillip mena. >> i'm frances rivera.
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disgraced movie producer harvey weinstein is expected to turn himself over to new york authorities today and face criminal charges according to a source familiar with the case. weinstein's alleged sexual behavior made him ground zero for the me too movement with dozens of women making allegations against him. according to the new yorker, lucia evans, a former aspiring actress said she is one of the women pressing charges against weinstein for allegedly sexually assaulting her in his manhattan office in 2004. >> actors rose mcgowan one of the first to accuse weinstein of sexual assault said she was shocked that he plans to surrender. in a statement to teen vogue, mcgowan says, quote, this time the handcuffs will be on the right person. harvey weinstein continues to deny all claims of nonconsensual sex. innocence's rehema ellis tells us more. >> reporter: fallen hollywood mogul harvey weinstein expected to face charges stemming from multiple allegations of sexual abuse according to a source familiar with the case. this after authorities wouldn't reveal how many cases are
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involved. >> it's more than one, we have several complaints, and it's actively being investigated. >> reporter: reports say the charge s are in connection with at least one accuser, actress lucia evans, who told the new yorker weinstein sexually assaulted her in 2004. weinstein, who is expected to turn himself in to authorities, denies all claims of nonconsensual sex. >> there are a number of potential crimes that harvey weinstein may be investigated for. one of these is criminal sexual conduct in the first degree. that's oral sex by forcible compulsion without consent. >> reporter: oscar winner gwyneth paltrow is one of many women weinstein helped catapult into stardom. >> the river divides us. and i must marry wessex a week from saturday. >> reporter: now in a radio interview paltrow explains the stunning accusation she made last year in a "the new york times" article alleging weinstein sexually harassed her. >> and you were alone in a room? >> i was alone in a room with
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him. >> did you have any vibe leading up to that that he might be dangerous? >> definitely not. >> he came out of the blue with it? >> it was out of the blue. >> reporter: paltrow claims it was one instance in a hotel room when weinstein made a pass at her. >> make a massage? that's the move? >> that's the move. >> reporter: she rejected weinstein's advances and later then boyfriend brad pitt had words with weinstein. >> he said, if you ever make her feel uncomfortable again, i'll kill you. or something like that. >> that's awesome. >> yeah, it was great. >> our thanks to rehema for that report. >> and breaking news out of cann did where we are getting our first look at suspects in a restaurant bombing. these two men were captured by surveillance cameras entering an indian restaurant in missasauga. they detonated an improvised explosive device and fled the scene. 15 people were transported to the hospital, three with critical injure us. authorities are investigating the blast as a suspicious incident. an update is expected this
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morning. >> the historic meeting between president trump and north korea's kim jong-un is off. president trump making the surprise announcement in a letter to kim setting recent hostile statements after a north korean official warned of a nuclear showdown if those talks failed. trump writing in his letter, you talk about your nuclear capabilities, but ours are so massive and powerful that i pray to god they will never have to be used. both sides signalling they are still willing to come to the table. nbc's kristen welker has the latest. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: phillip, good morning. president trump made the announcement directly in a letter to kim jong-un. aides say one reason he was worried north korea would pull the plug first, but late last night north korea's state media saying the world wants this summit and they're willing to resolve any issues. the historic summit with kim jong-un had been on shaky ground. that ground gave way. >> i believe that this is a tremendous setback for north
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korea, and indeed for the world. >> reporter: a senior administration official said the president made the decision to cancel the summit after north korean statements threatening the u.s. with a nuclear to nuclear showdown and referring to vice-president pence as a political dummy. the president dictating a three-paragraph response to the north korean dictator, blasting kim's tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement. >> hopefully positive things will be taking place with respect to the future of north korea. but if they don't, we are more ready than we have ever been before. >> reporter: a senior administration official calling north korea's actions a trail of broken promises, including last week standing up u.s. diplomats who were prepping for the summit. >> we had received no response to our inquiries from them. >> reporter: and kim backtracking on vows to discuss denuclearization made during historic meetings with secretary of state mike pompeo and with
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south korea's president at the dmz. and blaming it destroyed a nuclear test site, but refusing to let inspectors verify that. in recent days mr. trump signalling the summit was in jeopardy. >> there is a very substantial chance it won't workout and that's okay. >> reporter: the cancellation comes after three american detainees had been released, even discussion of a nobel prize. >> nobel. i just want to get the job done. >> reporter: but the president still leaving the door open, writing to kim, if you change your mind, please do not hesitate to call me or write. a diplomatic drama waiting for its next act. kristen welker, nbc news, the white house. >> and president trump said in an announcement catching many u.s. allies off guard, some are already expressing regret and wondering what lies ahead for the korean peninsula. nbc's janice mackie frayer is in seoul with more reaction. janice, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frances.
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south korean president moon jae-in in particular was blind sided. he was just in washington meeting with president trump on tuesday. he has been a proponent of engaging the north and yet it seems that there was no communication with seoul before this letter dropped. so, moon called an emergency meeting at close to midnight seoul time where he convened his top officials and then released a statement saying that he deeply regretted the cancellation of the summit, but hoped that direct talks could continue. he urged that and hoped also that the process of denuclearization could continue. the reaction that we've had from north korea today has actually been quite measured. as kristen mentioned in her story, north korea saying that they're open to talk any time. they did seem to follow through on the promise made to dismantle the nuclear testing site. journalists were taken to the site yesterday. there were a series of explosions. north korea says that the tunnels have been destroyed where they have carried out five
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of their past six nuclear tests, but again there were no experts or inspectors there to verify it. however, it was seen as a significant diplomatic step ahead of the summit. >> janice, thank you very much. >> in oklahoma city an armed civilian is being credited with stopping a shooter who opened fire in a busy restaurant. according to police, the gunman entered the business thursday evening and just started shooting. at least two people were hit and two others suffered minor injuries as they tried to escape the scene. witnesses a a bystander with a pistol confronted the shooter outside the restaurant and the two exchanged gunfire. police confirmed the suspect was killed, but have yet to identify him. >> in a few hours the driver involved in the deadly new jersey school bus crash will appear in court. a student and a teacher were killed and more than 40 others hurt when the bus collided with a dump truck last week. a criminal affidavit said the driver who has a lengthy history of suspensions and speeding tickets missed a turn and then tried to make a u-turn ultimately crashing and creating that horrible scene.
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he will be charged with auto by death. today's court appearance comes just one day after the funeral was held for jennifer williamson, the teacher who died in that horrific crash. she was 51 years old. >> actor morgan freeman is responding to claims of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior by eight women. in a statement to the washington post, free plan wrote, in part, quote, i am not someone who would intentionally offend or knowingly make anyone feel uneasy. i apologize to anyone who felt uncomfortable or disrespected. that was never my intent. in a cnn report, several women accused the actor of unwanted touching and public comments about their clothing and bodies on movie sets and in front of witnesses. three women came forward who came forward are entertainment reporters including one of the coauthors of that cnn piece. two women are named, the other six are anonymous. nbc news has not verified the allegations against freeman. >> a surprise appearance in the oval office for a rare ceremony, president trump himself says rights a wrong for an american
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champion. sylvester stallone standing alongside the president for the culmination of a cause near and dear to his heart. nbc's ron mott explains. >> reporter: he was a man who struck fear in other powerful men. big and strong, flamboyant and cocky. but his affection for white women was a fight jack johnson, the nation's first heavy weight could not win not in 20th century america. >> jack johnson was a source of great pride 230for the afternoo ca -- african-american community for standing up against systemic racism. >> reporter: he was arrested for a man act aimed at criminalizing any woman or girl for the purpose of prostitution or debauchery. he was convicted a year later still reigning champion, fleeing the country before returning to serve his time. >> he was pretty much unbeatable. >> reporter: president trump flanked by former champ lennox lewis and boxing super fan actor
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sylvester stallone issued a pardon. the president hinted at this potential forgiveness weeks ago tweeting sylvester stallone called me with the story of jack johnson. his trials and tribulations were great. >> he was a great inspiration to me spraeshl through my career. >> reporter: johnson died in the 1940s. his reputation sullied by inter racial romances, his prison stint and criminal record to get up off the canvas at long last. ron mott, nbc news. >> all right. it is a big weekend ahead. a lot of people millions of people traveling over the weekend. let's bring in bill karins to get a look at what we're looking at. >> we're going tracking a syem. we could have a tropical storm subtropical storm alberto to track over the weekend. 90% it becomes a depression the next five days and could go to straight to tropical storm or subtropical storm. it is still in cancun. into florida, the west coast of florida by the time we go
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through saturday, notice no direct impacts. new orleans to panama city until we get to saturday night and towards sunday, sunday into sunday night looks like the best chance of getting that closer to land fall. it's not a huge hurricane. temperatures are going he to be very warm right over the holiday weekend. that complete beach forecast coming up. >> all right. >> lot of people hitting that up. >> we are. >> all right. if you are looking for some fun in the sun on a beach somewhere, you might want to give these top choices a try. according to dr. beach's annual list, the best beaches in the u.s. are beach walker park, that is in south carolina. that ranked number 10 followed by beaches in california, north carolina, florida, new york, and massachusetts. number one on the list was hawaii's kapalua bay beach.
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for robes. they're both cushiony, comforting, and add elegance to your home. but quilted northern is not a robe. it's just really nice toilet paper. leading the news this morning new york city mayor bill de blasio is in hot water and is being compared to donald trump. his hometown papers took issue after a trove of city hall e-mails, over 4,000, were forced into the public eye under court order. they paint a portrait of a mayor sensitive to news media criticism and also quick to lash out at aides. the mayor at one point e-mails aides, quote, the news media is pitiful and it's sad for our city and nation. in another instance, he refers to "the new york times" as disappointing blasting the paper's reporting as idiotic and bemoaning the quote, sad state of media. >> after a 7 year legal battle between two of the world's
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largest companies we now have a verdict. a jury has decided samsung must pay apple $539 million in damages for illegally copying features to lure people to buy its product. they wouldn't have emerged had it not ripped off their technology. samsung, however, says it will consider all its options. >> an abortion debate that has divided ireland has come to a single question, yes or no. a nationwide referendum is happening whether to repeal the strict abortion law. let's go straight to lucy cavanagh keeping track of it many go. >> reporter: fran, good morning. this is a significant monumental vote that kicked off just about under two hours ago. 7:00 a.m. local time, ireland's 3.2 million voters are casting their ballots in this referendum that basically asks voters to decide whether or not to repeal the 8th amendment to ireland's constitution which was passed back in 1983, it enshrines of life of the child as being equal to that of the mother and it
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effectively turned ireland into having the strictest abortion ban in all of europe. what women that we have spoken to who had to, for example, get abortions in the case of a fetal abnormality, one woman i spoke to, there was no chance that her child was going to survive in her womb. she was not able to get an abortion. she had to travel to the u.k., thousands of women have to do that in ireland every year. and so that is something that they will be voting on if this does pass, then parliament will change the laws, they say, possibly by this year, guys. >> lucy cavanagh for us. thank you. >> just ahead, a reason to wind down today. plus pet owners by the numbers. who spends the most when it comes to our furry friends? you're watching "early today." any object. any surface.
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in today's news by the numbers, netflix briefly surpassed disney with a value of $152.6 billion after shares rose nearly 2%. >> boeing's latest 777 airliner will be able to contract its wing span from 235 feet to 212 feet. though common on military aircraft, this marks the first use on a commercial plane. >> t.d. ameritrade surveyed 15 million millennial pet owners and found dog owners spend $13 million on their pets every year and cat owners spend $915. they get spoiled. >> where do you think america's favorite burger comes from?
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according to harris poll, five guys was picked as the country's burger brand of the year the second year in a row, two. the study surveyed over 70,000 people to pick between 16 chains including mcdonald's, shake shack and in-n-out. let us know if you agree. >> where is wanna burger? >> i'm wanna burger ride or die. >> today is your day this busy day celebrates blogs, all of that and several businesses are offering specials. whole foods is offering 20% off of its roses. and air b. and. hosts across north america will sell wine experiences a experiences for just a buck. cheers to them. >> every friday, though, really is wine day. look at your holiday weekend forecast after the break. we'll do more than hollywood. child: bye, grandpa! and if you have heart failure,
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this is an nbc news special report. >> good morning. we have breaking news, just moments ago, a few seconds ago, harvey weinstein surrendered to police in new york city. that's the shot, just moments ago, downtown manhattan. he's turning himself in on some type of felony charge, we believe related to accusations of sexual misconduct against him. >> the disgraced hollywood titan in the wake of allegations by nearly 100 women. this is the first time we've seen him in public since the stories and the allegations became public in october. >> that's him check into the police department, turning himself in. and he'll have a brief court appearance later this morning. let's get to our correspondent, craig melvin, outside of the police precinct. bring us up to date.
4:27 am
one of the things we haven't found out is what is the nature of the accusation and who is making the accusation? >> reporter: savannah, as you saw, weinstein walking in slowly. he took no questions. he will go inside and be processed here. that won't take very long. he will be fingerprinted and given an arrest number. his picture will be taken and he will be transported a half-mile away to court. that's where the district attorney's office will take his mug shot. we're told by sources he is going to be putting up $1 million in cash, as bail. his passport will be taken and he'll be wearing one of the ankle bracelets. as for the charges, as for the specific charges, we don't know precisely what he is going to be charged with just yet. we know there are two women specifically, lucia evans, a marketing consultant and aspiring actress. just days ago, she said she
4:28 am
planned to file formal charges against weinstein. evans came forward and said, when she was a rising college senior, she took a meeting with harvey weinstein. in that meeting, he forced her to perform a sex act. there's another woman who came forward, as well, who said that harvey weinstein raped her twice back in 2010. those are at least two of the women that we believe, according to our sources, at least one of those women will be facing charges. there's another woman, according to "the new york times," that we do not know about. there's another woman who has come forward whose accused weinstein of sexual misconduct. as you indicated here, 95 women have come forward publicly and accused the 66-year-old with everything from sexual misconduct to harassment to groping to rape. some of the names, among the most famous in hollywood, gwyneth paltrow, angelina jolie,
4:29 am
salma hayek, uma thurman. many of the famous names that we know. but many of the women are not well known. a lot of the women accusing harvey weinstein were aspiring actresses, women who were trying to break into the business. but harvey weinstein, long thought to be untouchable, so wealthy, walking into the police precinct just a few moments ago, facing charges of sexual misconduct. savannah, willie, back to you. >> craig, thank you. >> savannah, let's talk about what we're seeing right here. there's harvey weinstein, as you look at the pictures of him leaving his vehicle, entering the first precinct of the new york police department. he will be fingerprinted and have his photo taken and he will be transferred for a court appearance in lower manhattan. that's where you may get a mug shot that could become public some time today. there's investigations in london and los angeles. this could be the tip of the iceberg. >> a stunning fall from grace.
4:30 am
he was the king of tribeca. this morning, a criminalwe star. i )m laura garcia. a very good morning to. you we begin here in the bay area with break, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. let's check in with mike. a big rig fire near the bridge. >> this is not the only thing. i overturned pineapple truck caught fire and major injuries to the driver and back-up. and that was a back-up from a few minutes ago and there is the overturned truck that was -- caught fire and that is what is causing eastbound 80 to be closed toward the cartineas bridge away from richmond and the bay we're talking about folks trying to get out of the east bay and up into the north bay. you're cut off before the back-up and


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