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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 25, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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girls, at the center of a months-long sex abuse scandal. the board president who has been under fire, just retired. our investigative unit has been digging into claims the school repeatedly failed to report incidents of sexual misconduct to police. marian stuckey , the president of the board of directors, announced today she )s "moving on" at the end of the month. stuckey herself was accused of covering up sexual abuse by a spanish teacher back in 1990. when she was presentation )s principal. in a statement released this afternoon, stuckey said: "i hope that the continuing improvements that the school is making on its own, and in response to criticism, to improve education and training will have a positive impact." critics of the school have been asking for stuckey )s
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resignation for months. they )re still pushing for the removal of current principal mary miller, who )s scheduled to be promoted to a new position of school president. turning now to our weather: a live look in san jose right now. not your typical memorial day weekend weather. take a look at this: rain drops in los gatos earlier today. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us now more. jeff? you can track the holiday weekend forecast from the palm of your hand.
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just download our free nbc bay area app to get your personalized forecast. a live look now at the holiday weekend commute in emeryville. and if you )re heading out of town - you )re not the only one. more than five million californians are also hitting the road. and 40-million people nationwide plan to take a road trip for memorial day weekend. those are the biggest travel numbers we )ve seen in nearly a decade. and people are taking-off, despite the higher gas prices. triple a says right now - a gallon of regular in san francisco will cost you 3-85.
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a bit less in oakland and san jose - 3-75. another win for embattled 49er reuben foster. prosecutors in alabama have now dropped misdemeanor marijuana charges against him. the d-a )s office in tuscaloosa dismissed the case after he completed a diversion course. but the linebacker must pay court costs and a 100 dollar bail bond fee. just days ago, a santa clara county judge dismissed two domestic-violence charges against foster... after his ex-girlfriend recanted her accusations. new at 6. ayesha curry is firing back at a video that )s gone viral. curry says a houston rockets fan bumped her pregnant belly...and taunted her after the warriors game five loss...last night. you )re looking at the video tht shows part of that taunting...and trash-talking. she appears to brush it off....but he keeps pressing her. this morning - curry responded to the fan who posted the video by tweeting... the fact that you have the audacity to post this after this man bumped my 8 month pregnant belly.
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this afternoon she posted a second tweet saying she )s done defending herself against "weird grown creeps." stop for a second... and listen to this... a south bay doctor is selling that sound as a cure for what ailes you. now, those sales could cost him, his medical license. nbc bay area )s robert handa joins us from los gatos with more on the so-called healing process... and why the doctor is sick of all the legal trouble it )s caused. robert. check your in-box. you )re likley getting more emails about new privacy and "data
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"everything" you say? amazon )s digital assistant is under fire tonight, after a woman says her device recorded her without her knowledge .. then sent out the recording! with an interview you )ll see only on nbc bay area, our business and tech reporter scott budman has her story .. and amazon )s response. a racist rant on bay area
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streets goes viral.
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the man behind the video wants police to press charges. while the woman on the other end says there )s more to the story. plus: a big step forward in the recovery process. the first, new home goes up in the neighborhood destroyed in the north bay wildfires.
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a viral video sparking
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outrage. and now a debate, over when someone has crossed a legal line into hate speech. that video shows a driver making racist gestures. the other driver says it )s a hate crime. but fremont police
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say it )s two drivers behaving badly.and no laws were broken. nbc bay area )s anoushah rasta joins us live from fremont with how a bay area congressman is wading into the controversy. anoushah. a shooting near a shopping center in the east bay today.
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you )re looking at video of the scene from our nbc bay area skyranger. it happened in pleasant hill on santa monica drive. that )s across from the sunvally shopping center. concord police say someone shot a man just after 11:30 this morning. witnesses saw a black sedan drive away right after. police say the people involved may have been buying marijuana. and tonight - the man is recovering in the hospital. a former "travis air force base" psychologist pleaded not guilty this morning. he )s accused of rape & sexual battery involving at least three of his patients. prosecutors say "heath sommer" preyed on some of the most vulnerable women. they were veterans suffering from ptsd & recovering from sexual assault. court documents say sommer used what he called "exposure therapy" on the women. and that he insisted they re-enact the sexual trauma. a former patient came to court to see the suspect for herself. she says she had a very uncomfortable appointment
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with sommer in 2015. sommer will be back in court sommer will be back in court next month to set a trial date. a powerful sign of recovery in santa rosa. seven months ago fire levelled much of the city )s coffey park neighborhood. this afternoon the first "rebuilt" home opened its doors. nbc bay area )s sam brock joins us live from santa rosa, and sam this drew quite a crowd. a lightning strike is being blamed for a fast moving fire near modesto today.
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a lightning strike is being blamed for a fast moving fire near modesto today. seven cypress trees caught fire in the town of oakdale. the fire spread to two homes, forcing residents to seek shelter with neighbors. this happened at 3 a-m ... during a thunder and lightning storm. firefighters managed to knock down the fire, before it could do more damage. toss to wx could san francisco spark
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a new tobacco trend across the state?
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the decision that lies ahead for voters and its impact. happening now:
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several streets are closed in southern california tongiht-- after a brush fire broke out a few hours ago. we )re updating our twitter with the latest. and we )ve learned the female whale carcass that washed ashore in bolinas this week was hit by a ship. this is the third whale in a week in the bay area that has died that way. the details are on our homepage. more news in a moment.
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speed chase coming to an abrupt end in santa clara. police say the suspect rammed a police car last week, during a traffic stop... and raced away. today...officers spotted the car in the garden city casino parking lot... as they approached...he rammed them again...and took off. they finally cornered him at steven )s creek and saratoga..after he hit a series of parked cars. we )re told no officers were injured. san francisco could become the first city in the nation to ban flavored tobacco products from all stores. and health adovates hope it will spark a statewide trend. proposition e will be on the ballot june 5th... the measure is supported by health advocates, doctors and parent groups. they hope it will convice state legislators to consider a similar ban. the tobacco industry has poured more than $13 million into a campaign to fight the measure... saying it takes away
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individual choice. with the primary election just over two-weeks away, a stunning 39-percent of voters are undecided. lieutenant governor "gavin newsom" is still sitting comfortably in first place, but political strategists say the real race is for second place, because it )s the top-two vote-getters who move on to the general election in november. republican "john cox" and democrat "antonio villaraigosa" are nearly tied for second place-- with their recent poll-numbers at 10 and 11-percent. the next step in the me too movement. harvey weinstein turns himself in to police. so what )s next fr the movie mogul accused of rape and other sex charges? plus: p-g-and-e files claims against the counties involved in last year )s north bay fires. we investigate a possible ulterior motive behind the legal action.
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in the face of senseless violence, we need hope. i'm jeff bleich. preventing violence has long been my cause. after columbine, i led president clinton's youth violence commission. i joined joe biden to reduce domestic violence, helping boys become men.
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i beat the nra in court, defending gun laws that save lives. today, a new generation is rising, and this is our moment. in the streets and in the capitol, i'll stand with them. jeff bleich. democrat for lieutenant governor.
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tonight he )s out on bail, but his every move is being monitored. he )s facing charges of rape and criminal sex acts. n-b-c )s sarah dallof has more n what )s next .. and how his accusers are reacting. a new tweet from president trump tonight hints that a north korea summit will
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happen after all. he references "very productive talks" about reinstating the summit as originally scheduled--in singapore on june 12th. just yesterday, president trump officially canceled the meeting. but overnight, he got a new comment from north korea. that statement called his decision to cancel - "a surprise" and "totally regrettable", adding that "chairman kim jong un" had focused every effort on his meeting with president trump. but the u-s military says it )s
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ready for any outcome -- a message president trump delivered to graduates today at the u-s naval academy. one person is dead after a fiery crash on an east bay freeway. it happened early this morning on eastbound 80 at the pomona street off-ramp. that )s in crockett - right near the carquinez bridge. the c-h-p says a big rig hit the center divide and caught on fire. a good samaritan pulled the driver out just as the flames began to spread. the c-h-p shut down several lanes to clean up debris. while traffic backed up - the c-h-p shut down several lanes to clean up debris. the c-h-p shut down several lanes to clean up debris. while traffic backed up - another driver slammed into the back of a different big rig. a life-flight helicopter rushed him to the hospital - but he died. all lanes re-opened just after 10 this morning. and another crash involving a big rig. this one.... in oakland.
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it happened just before 3:30 this morning on 8-80 at the hegengerger off-ramp in oakland. a truck carrying fruits and vegetables caught fire. the c-h-p shut down several lanes while firefighters worked to put out the flames. all lanes reopened just after 6 this morning. but the hegengerger off-ramp stayed closed for a few more hours, while crews cleaned up debris. nbc bay area )s investigative unit has learned pg&e is blaming north bay counties for a flawed response to the october wildfires that claimed 44 lives. cal-fire is expected to release initial findings next week, about what caused that firestorm. a lot of fingers have been pointing at p-g- and-e power lines that were blown down by high winds. nbc bay area )s kris sanchez partnered with our investigative unit for this report. a san jose church opened
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its doors today. you may remember, a fire ripped trhough the )holy cross church ) back in 2014. for the past four years, the 800 parishioners have worshiped in the bingo hall next door. so today was a happy day for them - seeing the century-old structure finally rebuilt. the church is a landmark in the south bay it was built back in 19-11. headed to the beach for the holiday? the high-profile traffic restriction (not ( coming backo the south bay.
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first cupertin now saratoga. o,their cars in safe parking lo
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at night will start next friday. volunteers from prince of peace lutheran church say they )ve ben working on it for months. it )s based on a similar program st. jude )s episcopal church launched last year. bart is reaching deeper into the east bay. for years - the last stop was the pittsburg bay point station. but today bart opened two new stations which extends service to antioch. the trains are different - they )re called " e-bart." and they run on renewable diesel fuel. passengers have to get out at bay point and transfer to the new trains. bart is offering free rides through 8 o )clock tonight. regular service starts tomorrow. if you head "over the hill" to santa cruz during the summer it can be miserable gridlock. not only on highway 17 but also on surface streets. now los gatos is (not ( going o shut down the highway 17 off and on ramps. because it didn )t
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work. it was a 300-thousand dollars experiment that didn )t keep beachgoers on highway 17 and off residential streets in town. it just shifted the spillover traffic to different neighborhoods. the town )s going to spend the town )s going to spend 50 thousand dollars on neighborhood traffic and working with mapping apps to make sure small steets don )t end up with big traffic. -they )re asking beachgoers and locals to avoid the peak hours of 11am-3pm -highway 17 is the best option, even
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when it )s slow. and a study of the highway 17 corridor is also in the works. los gatos also set up a beach traffic reporting email and phone number. they )re on your screen and on y twitter feed and facebook page. it )s gray and a little rainy... but the wine and music are still flowing in napa. the bottle-rock festival has kicked off in wine country. music fans are expecially excited about the line-up this year. headlining tonight is "muse" and "the chainsmokers", along with "earth, wind and fire." tomorrow - "the killers" will headline - but "snoop dogg" and "billy idol" will also take the stage. and the grand finale is... "bruno mars". he )ll will close out the festival sunday night.z if you )re not over that tough warriors loss last night... this might soften the blow. a student at pittsburg high school had his home broken into a few weeks ago. here he is-- his name is "fe-wah". the school says fewa is a huge warriors fan and always rocks the blue and yellow at school. well, those thieves stole all of his warriors gear. a teacher at the school reached out to the warriors and
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got fewa two jerseys, a klay thompson bobble head, and championship rings to replace the ones that were stolen. no doubt he )ll be rockin ) it t the game tomorrow. adlib toss to wx marshall tuck will change that. in california, 3 million kids can't read at grade level. tuck turned around struggling schools, raising graduation rates over 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck.
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i thought after sandy hook, where 20 six and seven year olds were slain, this would never happen again. it has happened more than 200 times in 5 years. dianne feinstein and a new generation are leading the fight to pass a new assault weapons ban. say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. california values senator dianne feinstein
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area first introduced our responds team. and since then we )ve helped hundreds of viewers get back thousands of dollars. here )s consumer investigator chris chumra with his first case that started it all. the symbolic glass ceiling may have finally cracked on wall
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street. today - stacey cunningham took over as president of the new york stock exchange. it )s the first time in the exchange )s 226-year history, a woman has been in charge. her appointment comes as wall street faces increasing pressure to include more women. cunningham is now tasked with keeping the exchange relevant in an era of electronic trading. cunningham began her career on wall street more than two decades ago. most recently - she served as the exchange )s chief operating officer. the holiday weekend started early for a couple of big names, who hit the links early this morning. the owner of the "sacramento kings", "vivek ranadive" posted this selfie on twitter today. a spokesman for the "kings" confirms they played at the san francisco golf club. it was the former president )s second day in "the
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city". yesterday, we showed you this photo of him leaving a meeting with the c-e-o of air b-and-b. toss to wx
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toss to wx the rockets won game 5. but did they lose a key player?
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the rockets won game 5. but did they lose a key player? that and other questions answered about the warriors ) playoff run -- next in sports. tonight at 11: a big backup on the bay bridge... for an unusual reason.
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a big backup on the bay bridge... for an unusual reason.
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people riding those motorized scooters. the trouble the scooter riders could face if they )re caught. the story... and the video... tonight at 11. thanks for watching nbc bay area news at six.
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we )ll see you back here we )ll see you back here we )ll see you back here tonight at 11.
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maybe you could save energy by weaving your own shoes... out of flax.
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or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. . now on "extra." >> larharvey weinstein. >> a smiling weinstein officially arrested for sexual assault. >> the drisgraced movie king leaves court in an ankle bracelet. >> today his accusers reaekt on a extra." >> relief. absolute relief. and joy. >> how much prison time he's facing. >> plus, why his estrangeded wife's chauffeur was just arrested hours earlier. the stars of solo on the global maenaa. >> i can pick my own -- >> amelia clark and chubaka himself. >> jennifer lopez in black and white. >>


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