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tv   Today  NBC  May 26, 2018 5:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. memorial day mess. the first named storm of the hurricane season taking aim at florida and the gulf coast this morning with millions preparing for a washout. up to foot of rain could fall on the south. just as people get sent to begin the unofficial start to summer. dylan is tracking it all. breaking overnight. stepping down after thousands called for his reremoval. the university of southern california president says he will leave the post amid the school hailing disturbing allegations against the university's gastroenterologist. the reckoning. reaction pouring in this morning after former hollywood heavy weight harvey weinstein led out of court in handcuffs.
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charged with rape and sexual assault. >> he should go to jail forever. he stole so many lives. >> what his lawyer is saying about the allegations and what happens next. all that, plus, hero teacher. horrific scene at i understood middle school stopped from getting much worse. thanks to the man who flew himself between the shooter and students. peaceful protest pays off. activist david hogg leads a series of die ins. the grocery store chain said it will stop making donations. long-lived the king. faced with elimination. james comes up big against the boston celtics. forcing a decisive game seven and leaving the cleveland faithful and a whole lot of other folks in awe. today, saturday, may 26, 2018. >> from nbc news, in is today
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with channel jones, craig melvin, and dylan drier. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. look at that. >> yes. good saturday to you. thanks for joining us. saturday edition of today. >> thank you so much to our veterans who are out on the plaza this morning. a lot of folks outside this morning. at least for now the weather is beautiful. >> get out there in just a few minutes. fleet week in new york city. had the opportunity to visit with a lot of them. that's how you support that. first, our top story, the wet weather putting quite the damper on memorial day weekend plans for millions. alberto is the first named storm of 2018 season. bringing heavy rain to southeast. standing by with a little more. what can we expect. >> expect this to deteriorate as we go through the weekend. right now a subtropical storm which basically means it's just below tropical storm status. just an instructor.
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it will most likely strengthen into a tropical storm in the next 36 hours. move into the eastern and central gulf of mexico. gulf of mexico. looking like it will make land fall monday and tuesday morning. rains itself out of tennessee and kentucky. that being said, whether it becomes or whenever it becomes an trawl tropical storm. it looks like we are going to continue with a lot and a lot of rain. we have heavy rain moving up into florida going through the day today. tropical downpours that just produce torrential rain. we will see that continue over the handle of florida. over into alabama. also across mississippi and parts of southeastern louisiana as well. here we go into monday. memorial day itself. still dealing with heavy downpours across southern florida and we're going to continue with that heavier rain along the gulf coast. this is the setup for the weekend. either way we're going to see rounds and rounds of very heavy rain and we're looking at as
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much as 12 inches of rain across parts of southern florida. that will lead to flooding. also back through mobile alabama and panama city. we could see 20 inches of rain as this storm lays out. also very dangerous in the water this weekend. with an increasing risk of very dangerous rip currents. issue of the gulf coast along florida on both sides and southeastern coast of florida. see dangerous rip currents. a lot to keep on eye on. >> bad whether might not be enough to stop the tens of millions of people. >> more than 41 million people expected to get out of town making this the busiest in 12 years. >> most will drive with triple a forecasting 36.6 million people hit the roads. another 3 million are expected to flee and nearly 2 million will travel by train, buses or boats. >> if you are driving, be prepared to pay more at the pump. gas prices are the highest they've been in four years. nationwide average right now of
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$2.97. now to that breaking news overnight. coming out of southern california where the president of a renowned university there has agreed to step down. many called for new leadership in response to the way a sexual misconduct scandal was handled. right good morning: this isn't about the face from university board of trustees earlier this week as calls for usc president's started to step down started mounting. the board shds a statement strongly defending his handling of the scandal. now it appears there's a change of heart. breaking overnight. a bombshell announcement at the university of southern california. president cl agreed to step down in the wake of a scandal after hundreds of former patients accused doctor george tyndall the university's health center full-time gynecologist for 30 years of sexual misconduct. >>oomng for justice.
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not just for me, but for all victims. >> this week, accuser daniela detailed her account. >> he put two fingers in me and felt around. he said, i think we better use some lube. he felt around by moving his fingers around inside for a few minutes. he said that this was part of an std test. >> at least ten lawsuits have been filed against tyndall as the accusations piled up. sort of the cause for the president to step down. thousands signed an online petition calling for the removal. >> we felt we couldn't keep silent anymore. >> while 200 usc faculty members included ten year professors signed a letter saying he lost moral authority to lead the university. >> ultimately, more leadership at the university comes from the preside president. >> also failed to respond to repeated complaints about tyndall for decades. la times investigation found the
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university quietly paid off to leave in 2017. >> nothing was handled period. they swept it under the rug. >> board of trustees released a statement saying in part the thoughts are with the families that are affected by the situation and pledge to the community is that we will rebuild the culture to reflect an environment where safety and transparency are of paramount importance. >> doctor tyndall defended medical exams. nbc news has made several attempts to reach out. the board says it will now begin an orderly transition to commence the process of selecting a new president. >> steve patterson for us this morning in los angeles, thank you. also this morning, harvey weinstein is out on bail this morning, $1 million after being charged with rape and sexual assault. charges mark a milestone for many of his accusers. nbc blake mccoy is here with more. blake, goorpg. >> good morning.
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good morning to you. reaction pouring in from hollywood. ruled with an iron first now charged with rape. moment of vindication for all of these women who came forward to say, me too. >> this morning, disgraced media mogul harvey weinstein is out on bail. after turning himself in friday. actress rose mcgowan thought she would never see. >> one of weinstein's first awe accusers. she says he raped her. >> the nights that i've been on the floor crying while he gets oscars. you know, and other -- these women, we're humans. we were taken. our lives were stolen. >> other accusers took to social media bringing and so it begins. tick tok. never stop fighting for what is right. weinstein posting own bail during first court appearance.
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handing over $1 million cashier's check and surrendering passport. fitted with an ankle bracelet. must remain in new york and connecticut pending trial. charged with rape and criminal sexual acts involving two women. his lawyer says he'll plead not guilty maintaining any sex was consensual. >> mr. weinstein did not event the casting couch in hollywood. to the extent there's bad behavior in that industry, that is not what this is about. the defense's strategy appears to be this bad behavior was part of a cultural norm in hollywood. probably not a cultural norm that's familiar to regular folks who will be on the jury. >> "new york times" reporter megan first report last october. >> in one interview he was swinging widely between flattery
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and threats. said i'm a man of many resources. >> nearly 100 more women have come forward. >> so today to see this he sort of looked like a shell of a man. >> weinstein ignored shouted questions yesterday. in eight months, lost his company, his wife and now his freedom as he awaits trial. some accusers say they plan to be will in court to see justice served. turning to politics now. turning to quite the ping-pong match of tremendous proportions as trump takes to twitter to handle affairs with north korea. the big question this morning, will the summit between president trump and north korea's kim jong-un, will it actually happen next month? nbc's kelly o'donnell at the white house for us. good morning to you. good morning craig. progress report from the president's twitter feed about the fate of a summit with north korea. the president is siting very productive talks and he even
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says it is possible that if this summit goes forward, it would take place likely on the original date of june 12, but is this actually something happening or just another negotiating move? >> will they or won't that. >> we're talking to them now. they very much want to do it. we would like to do it. >> disregard the whiplash. >> after the president's bankrupt move thursday to cancel the summit with kim jong-un. followed by north korea's conciliatory response. and the president suggesting chest moving on both sides. >> everybody playing games, you know that. warm and productive. separately trying to democrats accusing them of obviously rooting against us in our negotiations with north korea. in a fighting mood while celebrating 2018 class at the u.s. naval academy.
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>> we are not going to apologize. >> america is back. >> turning to a new development in russia investigation. "new york times" first reported that russian billionaire ties to the kremlin visited trump tower and met with trump lawyer, michael cohen, less than two weeks before the inauguration. the times reports that seen on media takeout footage during the transition discussed improved relations with russia, according to american bids associates of the russian oligarch. time reports that businessman's firm forwarded cohen a $1 million consulting contract shortly after president trump took office. a spokesman said he had not ever had any contractual relationship
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with mr. cohen. >> the president's lawyer says he wants the same access to classify fbi information that was part of a briefing this week on capitol hill with leaders there. it was controversial as they got a look at what the fbi had on an informant that made contact with the trump campaign associates back in 2016. rudy giuliani tells nbc news that in order to prepare the president for a possible int interview with the special counsel, they need to know what's in the fbi files and what they got. >> there at the white house. thanks. for more we're joined by white house bureau chief for "the washington post" and nbc news political analyst, phil, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> let me follow up on what kelly was just talking about. all week long, this dynamic here. president trump and lawyer rudy giuliani talking about spy gate now. ses essentially a spy in the trump campaign. now kelly mentioned he's demanding a briefing on the
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classified information. is this an attempt to almost recast the narrative and change public perception 6789 like president trump is a victim. is that, working? i talked to giuliani and he said he thinks it working. >> the very partisan lens so people who support the president will be against the investigation and view the president as a victim. >> from russia to north korea, president trump there shouting from the lawn, quote, everyone please. revealing a possible strategy when it comes to summit in singapore. first of all, do we think the summit is actually going to happen? and, secondly, can you speak to what appears to be quite the tug of war between president trump and national security adviser and new secretary of state, mike
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pompeo. >> the white house is preparing for the summit to happen. if they can -- if both sides can get together. a lot of logistic jlogistical p that needs to be involved. they're going to reach a decision in the next couple of days for it to be pulled off. for bolton and pompeo, two new people in the position. bolton is described as the enforcer when it comes to north korea. pompeo is very much the good cop. traveled to north korea twice now to lay the foundation for the summit. >> if we take a step forward, simply agreeing to meet, what should we expect from an actual face-to-face interaction. what's the likelihood the two leaders will come to agreement on nuclear weapons. >> i think if they're going to come together and meet face-to-fa
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face-to-face, there's going to be some good will that has a deliverable result coming out of it. pompeo has already been speaking with kim and north korean government about denuclearization, which is the goal that president trump has going into the summit. as the president likes to say, stay tuned. we'll have to see what happens. you never really know what this leads to. >> good information. phillip, thank you. other headlines this morning. intense manhunt still underway for two suspects, bombing suspects in canada. police were looking for the men in those surveillance video. seen entering a crowded ontario restaurant thursday. 15 people hurt in that explosion. all out of the hospital this morning. as for motive, police are still baffled. they say no evidence of terrorism and no evidence of hate crime. >> a major turn around for public supermarkets after protesters staged so-called die ins. david hogg. leader of parkland shooting survivors staged an event in coral springs florida friday while others were held at other
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super markets. opposed distributions to putman and his support for the nra. now publix says they are halting all political contributions. >> there will be a game seven in the nba eastern conference finals and it's all because of lebron james. super star put the team on his back last night. he put up 46 points to help the cavs tie the eastern conference final series against the boston celtics. critics have been saying lebron looked tired in previous games. last night he was not. the dominant performance by cleveland to 109-99 win: cavs fans were hoping he was not playing in last home game in cleveland. contract allows him to opt out at the end of this season. my younger brother and i have this constant back and forth. who is the greatest player. jordan or lebron. still jordan. he's got six rings, but lebron
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is making it hard and harder to win the argument. let's talk about the forecast. let's take a look at the rest of the country today. across the northeast. scattered showers and storms. not a total washout. middle of the country is hot. highs well into the 90s well it's a little breezy in san francisco right now, temperatures at about 56 degrees. we can expect to see 50s across the board. san jose 56, mountain view 54 and as we head toward the afternoon we should see clearing skies. into the afternoon our temperatures will be climbing into the upper 50s to low 70s. and that's your latest
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forecast. >> still ahead here this morning, the latest on >> and that's your latest forecast. >> still ahead. the latest school shooting. one teacher is a hero. saved lives of countless middle school student sgls plus, this monkey. had airport workers afraid. one of the stories we're highlighting in our weekly. first, this
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i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message. i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein
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we are back on saturday morning with "the weekly download." >> the headlines dominated by all things royal wedding as our favorite newlyweds stepped into the royal duties as a married couple. and the mueller investigation. and there were lots of other stories. starting with the nfl. >> the nfl taking a stand on taking a knee.
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>> to stand or not to stand is no longer a question in the nfl. under the amended policy, a player on the field must stand and show respect during the national anthem or his team will be fined. a player can stay off the field without penalty. >> i don't think it is the nfl's place to regulate what the players do during the anthem. this week, the mueller investigation got a new ally. >> the heat is intensifying on president trump and his personal lawyer michael cohen after one of cohen's business partners known as the taxi king, cut a deal with prosecutors. a source tells nbc news he has agreed to cooperate with state and federal investigators. >> the investigation into russian interference, under attack, as the president and his allies question the ruole of th fbi informant in the campaign in 2016. >> president trump is claiming that the government source was not an informant, but
5:23 am
politically motivated spy. >> the justice department briefed members of congress on the use of the informant. >> there is no evidence to support any allegation that the fbi or any intelligence agency placed a spy in the trump campaign. the kilauea volcano continues to be destructive and dangerous. >> this home still standing after being hit by a lava bomb that struck darryl clinton while he was standing on the balcony. >> it was a direct line drive as if it came out of a rifle barrel. picture of a new duke and duchess. >> like a picture from the pages of "vogue." behind the lens is the photographer and meghan looking away from the camera. >> the couple barely out shining reverend michael curry. >> i have learned to hear amen
5:24 am
by looking in their eyes. i was looking in the eyes of people who were there and they were doing quiet british amen. no monkeying around here. the san antonio international airport put on alert when a monkey got loose. >> there was just one monkey wandering around the cargo hold. >> he is over by the tsa office now. >> but it took dozens of animal workers about an hour to capture the elusive guy. and it's fleet week in new york city. a great time to reunite a navy family on the plaza. >> people came from all over to honor the military. including one family from san diego to surprise their husband and father. >> we love you! >> we got you. how about that? >> my goodness. >> his little girl could not stop crying. >> no crying on a saturday. still ahead on saturday, how
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the hockey team skated all the way to the stanley cup finals and stole hearts along the way. and he is back. james bond coming back to the big screen. we have the buzz who is playing the lead role. and if you are going through withdraw after the wedding. we have a meghan markle update from the palace right here to the orange room. take a live look outside -- san
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francisco good morning, thanks for joining us. i )m kira klapper with vianey arana with a look at your good morning from beautiful san francisco. i saw a few sprinkles on my drive in this morning. thanks so much for joining us. we have a look at our microclimate forecast for the holiday weekend. >> we might see residual drizzle, bringing light rain into the afternoon for san jose as well and into the evening. san francisco 56 degrees, winds about 18 miles an hour. gusts of up to 26 miles an hour right now being reported in san francisco. it's also still very cloudy in san jose.
5:27 am
wind speed much less of a factor there at 56 degrees, the wind about 6 miles per hour. we can expect to see the milder temperatures through the early morning hours. but as we head toward the afternoon, we are expected to climate least into the upper 60s, low 70s and we'll be in the upper 50s, low 60s to the coast and as far as that sunshine goes, i'll let you know if it's going to evee making its appearance. i'm going to break down the weekend. it's memorial day weekend and a lot of people are planning on grilling. >> we begin right now with a story that was breaking during our 11:00 newscast last night, a fire that broke out knorr the o -- near the oakland coliseum at a roofing material yard. there was a fireworks show after their game at the coliseum. it's not sure if that contributed to the fire.
5:28 am
paul simon was performing at the oracle. many fans were delayed from leaving the parking lot. >> today bart is finally extended in the east bay. service is extended to antioch. the new line is called ebart. there are two new stations. the trails run on a separate rail line and are power bid renewable diesel fuel. bart offered free rides yesterday after a ribbon cutting ceremony. regular service starts today. >> a 15-year-old girl on her way to school was kidnapped and hasn't been seen in two years. her family held a vigil where she was last seen being dragged away. >> him being so young, i feel like he couldn't have done this on his own. if he did do it on his own, he
5:29 am
told somebody. >> castro was killed in a shoot-out with police in santa barbara. off and on for two years now, deputies have been searching for her with nowhereabo whereabouts up, what about scooters on the bay bridge? the alarming video that has caught the attention of police. i can't even believe they survived that. we have that and your all-important memorial day forecast coming up at 7. right now back to the "today" show.
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we are back on saturday morning, may 26th, 2018. a beautiful shot of the american flags at 30 rock as we thank the men and women who served our country on this memorial day weekend. >> let's start with a check of the headlines. starting with sub tropical storm alberto. memorial day washout? millions could get hit with massive rain this holiday weekend. sub tropical storm alberto churning in the gulf of mexico. expected to churn this weekend bringing a foot of rain to south florida. meanwhile, near record heat is expected in texas with
5:31 am
temperatures over 100 degrees. stepping down. >> i'm looking for justice. not just for me but for all victims. >> breaking overnight. embattled university of southern california president c.l. max nikias agrees to step down after several women came forward accusing the school's gynecologist of sexual misconduct. the school's president coming under fire for ignoring the complaints over dr. george tyndall. out on bail. >> harvey. >> disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein is out on $1 million bail after turning himself in to new york authorities on friday. weinstein charged with rape and criminal sex acts with two women. rose mcgowan, not named in the suit, but one of the first accusers spoke out on "megyn kelly today." >> we got you. >> weinstein's lawyers says he disputes any claims of non
5:32 am
consensual sex. he will wear an ankle bracelet as he awaits trial. and justin timberlake giving back after making a surprise trip to see students in the hospital. ten people were killed and 13 others injured in the school shooting earlier this month. and arrival at gate f-81. service dog gives birth to eight puppies in the tampa bay airport friday. mom and dad are celebrating their furry family. today, saturday, may 26th, 2018. >> wow. pick me up for those folks. another small town rocked after two people injured when a gunman opened fire inside a school. a 13-year-old girl is in critical condition after a classmate started shooting in the classroom. it would be worse if the teacher
5:33 am
did not spring into action. nbc's ron mott has the story. >> reporter: jason seaman was giving a science test when one student asked to be excused and came back to class and opened fire. this student did not want his face shown. >> we saw a girl fall to the ground and mr. seaman, immediately ran at him and swatted the gun out of his hand and tackled him to the ground. if it weren't for him, more of us would have been injured. >> reporter: during the shooting, students in another classroom huddled in fear. >> we started throwing chairs at the door and it was like we hid and we were all scared. a lot of them were crying. >> reporter: the suspect taken into custody. c.j. calls him a friend. >> we never knew it would be him. he is a perfectly normal guy. >> reporter: it was a brief, but panic filled start at noblesville middle school 35 miles northeast of indianapolis.
5:34 am
parents skram cramblinscramblin. >> she was with her class and in their safe spot. >> reporter: seaman is a popular teacher here. former college football player. his brother says he was shot three times. seaman issued a statement thanking first responders writing i was injured, but doing great. to all of the students, are yyo all wonderful. you are the reason i teach. a teacher's sacrifice embraced by the community. for "today," ron mott, nbc news, noblesville, indiana. teacher of the year. let's get a check of the weather fr from dylan dreyer. >> we have the flooding threat along the gulf coast. we have scattered showers and storms from the mid-atlantic. it will be scattered. in the middle of the country, sunny and hot in the upper 90s. ago we go through sunday, stormy
5:35 am
in virginia and west virginia. i would say sunday is the worst day for the northeast. still hot and sunny in the middle of the country. alberto will get closer and closer as we get to sunday along the panhandle of florida and southern florida where we could have torrential rain and flooding. on monday, unsettled into the southeast. looks better in the northeast and strong right now in san jose 56 degrees. we've still got plenty of cloud cover out there and the gray sky. we're seeing the last of the system that brought some rain yesterday trying to track its way out. it was temperatures remain mild, in the 50s. oakland 55. we haven't seen a huge change in terms of our morning high temperatures but into the afternoon our temperatures will be topping out into those upper 60s and into the low 70s.
5:36 am
>> this morning an inspiring story about the little hockey team that could. am that could. have you heard about the vegas golden knights? a professional hockey team that did not exist a year ago. come monday, they will be playing for hockey's biggest prize. lord stanley's cup. in the process, lifting up a city that is still reeling from tragedy. here is nbc's kevin tibbles. >> we want the cup. >> reporter: total fandamodium. as vegas doubles down on the hockey team that skated all the way to the stanley cup finals. >> welcome to impossible. the knights are in the stanley cup final. >> reporter: in its first year of existence. >> i was literally crying. >> reporter: the golden knights, the first major sports team in vegas, is a hodgepodge of players. and captured the city's heart in the greatest hour of need.
5:37 am
last october, days before the newborn knights played the first home game -- >> get in the truck. >> reporter: a man with a gun killed 58 people at the outdoor music festival. the new kids in town did not hesitate visiting blood done or clinics and visiting patients. >> we are vegas strong. >> a special time t hockey player and help a city get back to its feet and be part of a healing process. >> reporter: in a pre-game ceremony, all 58 victims were remembered. the number 58 retired. never to be worn by a player. >> these individuals will never been forgotten. >> we needed something positive to rally around in the city and unite our people. the vegas golden knights have done it. >> reporter: at the start of the season, the team was 500 to 1
5:38 am
odds to win the lord stanley cup. >> who would have thought that? >> reporter: whatever the joust co --out cocome in the tragic yea the latest news. >> you can see the golden knights face-off monday night at 8:00. they face-off against the capitals from washington. led by alex ovechkin. he never won a ring. >> it makes it fun to watch. still to come, a major auto safety recall for nearly 5 million vehicles. what you need to know before hitting the roads this up next, thousahow to stay n the sun and surf. the sun and surf. dr. john behr presents: 2 stains, 4 seasons. the sun and surf. dr. john ordinary stains say they can do the job, but behr premium stain can weather any weather.
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5:42 am
these do not protect you from the sun. they are making these companies stop marketing. they are saying don't use them for that. you still need sunscreen. >> what do we need to know when we apply spf? >> you want an spf of 30 or higher. that is the biggest thing. get that type of sunscreen. wait 30 minutes after you apply. it takes time to react with the skin. reapply every two hours if you are sweating or swimming. check expiration dates. the other thing is the amount you apply. people put on half the amount they need. two tablespoons or shot glass is what you need. caution with the sprays, especially for children, they don't apply evenly. with children, be careful. >> once you have sunscreen on and hit the beach or pool, research grabbed my attention this week of the risk of
5:43 am
drowning. especially for boys? >> it is for boys. in 2016, 1,000 children drowned in the country. mostly in open waters. ponds, lakes, oceans. think of the currents and dropoffs and seaweed can catch you under water. a lot of times they get too far from land and they cannot judge well. of the 1,000 children, 80% boys. and 50% of the boys were 15 to 19 years old. that means they are getting in trouble and people are not watching closely. again, the big caution here is number one, make sure somebody is always watching what they are doing and keep a close eye on them. realize the open water will cause more issues. keep a closer eye there. swim in designated areas. they have an area cordoned off. they looked at it closely and made sure it is safe. and life jackets. >> the centers for disease control and prevention came out with guidance on ticks. a lot of folks concerned of
5:44 am
particula ticks this time of year. how can we avoid get bitten? >> having clothes treated with a bug repellent on the clothes. what it does is it kills the ticks or makes it so they don't function. especially if you do it to your shoes. ticks get on the shoes and crawl up your legs. wear light clothes. repellent clothing. shower within two hours of getting home so you can do a tick check. put clothes in the dryer. for ten minutes on the hottest setting. it is not the actual drying or heat that kills it, it is the dryness. they die quickly. >> i didn't know that. dr. torres, thank you. still to come, a bakery helping veterans with the tough transition from the battle field to the business world.
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are on dialysis, or have bladder cancer. tell your doctor right away if you have blood or red color in your urine or pain while you urinate. farxiga can cause serious side effects including dehydration, genital yeast infections in women and men, serious urinary tract infections, low blood sugar, and kidney problems. stop taking farxiga and call your doctor right away if you have signs of ketoacidosis... ...which is serious and may lead to death. fighting type 2 diabetes? ask your doctor about the pill that starts with "f"... ...and visit if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. welcome back on saturday morning. on this memorial day weekend, we honor the men and women who have given their lives for this country. >> this morning, we are shining a spotlight on the business helping veterans transition out of the military to the workplace back at home. >> nbc's jeff bennett has the story. >> reporter: from the outside, dogtag looks like a ordinary
5:48 am
bakery. step inside and you will discover it has more to offer than tempting treats and coffee. >> from the barista to the head chef. >> reporter: dogtag is not just a business, but business school. helping veterans transition into the civilian force. >> those who serve our country on the battle field or at home, they had a lifestyle dictated for them. they get out and they are away from the uniform. >> reporter: you have to build a new life? >> a new life. >> reporter: nika is a development program professional designed with georgetown university. these veterans gain business experience downstairs in the bakery before heading upstairs to the classroom where business leaders and professors teach courses in management and
5:49 am
marketing and finance. >> it is dipping your toes back into education and back to the work force. >> reporter: lauren completed the program last year. she is a military veteran and full-time care giver for her veteran husband who retired from the army. >> i had my hands full. i was overwhelmed. i had no idea what i was doing. >> reporter: thanks to dogtag, she runs a social media marketing company with another fellow. he could not land a job before he entered the program a few years ago. he and his family got evicted and were homeless. >> it drove me to say never again. this will never happen to me again or any other veteran on my watch. >> reporter: sherod watches in the d.c. office of veterans affairs. and now has his cleaning company. nika is launching a business aimed at helping women in uniform. they all say dogtag made a huge
5:50 am
difference in their lives. >> it is a support group i will never lose. >> reporter: a bakery helping veterans discover new missions. geoff bennett, nbc news, washington. >> life changing program. still ahead here, sunny anderson, helping us cook up a storm from pork chops to a summer drink. these recipes sure to be a hit at your cookout. don't go anywhere. this is "today" on nbc. it's time for the semi-annual sale with savings on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. me and automatically adjusts
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5:52 am
still ahead here on "today." more on the first named storm of 2018 as alberto is heading to the florida and the gulf coast which is making a mess of the memorial day weekend. i'll introduce you to a fearless young woman who changes tires during nascar races. don't think it is cool? wait until you see her in
5:53 am
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good saturday morning. it is 5:56. here is a live look outside in dublin for you. you can see some traffic moving and clouds and fog there on a kind of dreary morning. thanks so much for joining us. >> we're still seeing a couple of lingering showers, very light across the bay area, certain parts more than others. we're also definitely noticing the wind speeds in the city right now. wind gusts of upwards 26 miles per hour and the temperatures are overall very similar in the 50s, san jose 56 degrees. we've noticed a bit of a schihi
5:57 am
in wind in san jose. though we are seeing a lot of cloud cover, we could be seeing spots of sunshine and breaks in the clouds into the afternoon. the 50s will eventually start climbing into the 60s. i know a lot of people barbecue during memorial weekend and have a lot of events to go to. so i will break down exactly what we're expecting, whether you're going to an event, you're definitely going to watch the forecast because a will tlot ofe wondering whether we're getting rain. >> we begin right now with a story that was breaking during our 11:00 newscast last night. a fire that broke out near the oakland coliseum on a very busy night. the oakland a's had a fireworks show after the game but it's not clear if that contributed to the
5:58 am
fire. paul simon was performing next door at oracle arena. many fans at both events were delayed from leaving. >> today bart service will begin in the east bay. regular service begins today. >> a 15-year-old bay area girl on her way to school was kidnapped and hasn't been seen in two years. pearl's family held a vigil last night at the same overpass where she was last seen being dragged away. authorities say 19-year-old fernando castro kidnapped her. there's no evidence that t knew one another.
5:59 am
>> him being so young, i feel like he couldn't have done this on his own. if he did do it on his own, he would have told somebody. >> pinson blood was found in the car. there is a reward for information on he is whereabouts. >> coming up, what about scooters on the bay bridge? we'll have more of this alarming video that has caught the attention of police. we'll have that plus all your top stories and holiday forecast coming up at 7 clac:00. right now back to the "today" show.
6:00 am
good morning. holiday headache. memorial day weekend set to be a mess with millions of americans in the path of sub tropical storm alberto. flood watches in effect across florida facing up to 12 inches of rain and rip tides to threaten the east coast. the start of summer is anything but sunshine and blue skies. stepping down. >> we felt we could not keep silent any more. university of southern california president announcing he is leaving his post among the school's handling of the disturbing allegations of the school's gynecologist. we are live with reaction. and pit stop star. >> i feel like a hero. i really am paving the way.
6:01 am
>> i'll introduce you to an amazing woman shattering stereotypes on the sideline of the nascar speedway. today, saturday, may 26th, 2018. ♪ hands up playing my song ♪ >> we are on the "today" show. >> hey, boston, first time in new york city. ♪ >> all the way from alabama. taking a bite out of the big apple. >> hey, julio. >> hi, mom. >> celebrating fleet week in new york city. >> they're having a good time out there, sheinelle jones. >> thank you for waking up with us. welcome back to "today." you see those folks and it is impossible to be cranky. we have a lot to get to in the next hour. let's begin with the top story. alberto. the first named storm of the
6:02 am
2018 hurricane season. it will bring heavy rain and dangerous rip tides to the south and gulf coast this memorial day weekend. dylan. >> we are keeping a close eye on the storm. it is moving to the north ever so slightly. it is a slow-moving system. it will take a while to move through the gulf of mexico. it is a sub tropical storm. it will increase in untenintenin sunday and monday when it is forecast to make landfall near alabama and the panhandle of florida. then it will rain out over kentucky and tennessee. let's go through what we will see this weekend. where the storm moves determines who gets the heavy rain. it is a good chance most of florida will see a washout. heavy downpours and tropical downpours that could result in flooding. it makes its way to the gulf coast and alabama and panhandle washout for the gulf e day on
6:03 am
coast. continuing down through florida, too. the winds start to pick up as well. rip currents will be dangerous. the flooding potential is a major concern as we could see as much as 12 inches of rain across florida. mobile, alabama, there is a possibility of 12 to 20 inches of rain which will lead to flooding. we have the dangerous rip currents. it is not just the gulf side of florida, but the southeast side with the current threat. palm beach down to miami. guys. thank you. >> to breaking news this morning. we learned that north korea's kim jong-un has met with the south korean president moon jae-in for the second time in a month. an important development as president trump says the summit between the united states and north korea could still in fact happen in june. we have kelly o'donnell with more from the white house. >> reporter: craig, this
6:04 am
happened within the last few hours and gives an indication of the dynamic situation. south korea's president moon held the two-hour meeting inside north korea with kim jong-un. this was about discussing how to get a u.s. and north korea summit back on track. we are told president moon will announce what he thinks are the deliverables from the meeting later today. president trump who jolted allies and the diplomatic process by calling off the singapore summit two days ago is tweeting about progress that could mean he will meet with kim jong-un. the president certainly sounds encouraged tweeting with productive talk was north korea about reinstating the summit. if it does happen, likely remain in singapore on the same date june 12th. if necessary, be extended beyond that date. that is significant. this comes after north korea had gone radio silent last week. officials refused to respond and
6:05 am
threatened a nuclear showdown. now to a separate investigation. the russia investigation. the president's lawyer is ren renewing his request to the access to the classified files on the informant who contacted donald trump associates in 2016. rudy giuliani wants the same briefing that happened on capitol hill this week despite controversial over sharing the information is proper. craig. >> kelly at the white house with more on the breaking news. thank you. we are following other overnight news where the president of the university has agreed to step down in the wake of the sexual misconduct scandal plaguing the university of southern california. nbc's steve patterson is in california. good morning. >> reporter: sheinelle, this is an about face from the university of southern california's board of trustees. earlier this week as calls for the president to step down started mounting, t issued a statement defending the handling of the scandal.
6:06 am
now appears to be a change of heart. breaking overnight. a bombshell announcement at the university of southern california. president c.l. max nikias agreeing to step down in the wake of the scandal after hundreds of former patients accuse dr. george tyndall, the only full-time gynecologist for 30 years, has been accused of sexual misconduct. >> i am looking for justice. >> reporter: the accuser danielle detail her account. >> he put two fingers in me and felt around. he said i think we better use some lube. he felt around by moving his fingers around inside for few minutes. he said that this was part of the std test. >> reporter: at least ten lawsuits filed against tyndall. as the accusations piled up, calls for the university president to step down. thousands signed the online petition calling for his
6:07 am
removal. while 200 faculty members, including professors who were tenured said nikias lost the moral authority to lead the university. >> the leadership of the university comes from the president. >> reporter: the lawsuits allege usc failed to respond to complaints about tyndall for deca decades. the investigation found the university quietly paid off tyndall to leave in 2017. >> nothing was handled. period. they swept it under the rug. >> reporter: the board released a statement, our thoughts with the families affected by the situation and pledged to the community is we will rebuild the culture to reflect an environment which safety and transparency is of paramount importance. george tyndall defended his exams as keeping with medical standa
6:08 am
standards. the board will have a transition to begin the process of selecting a new president. >> thank you, steve. disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein is out on $1 million bail this morning. he appeared in the courtroom on friday to face charges of rape and sexual assault. dozens of women have come forward to accuse the hollywood broker of assault or rape. the accusations are seen as the birth of the me too movement. and morgan freeman is answering his accusers of inappropriate behavior. as many as eight women have come forward with allegations of unwanted touching or comments. he released a statement saying in part. all victims should be heard, but he fears his life long reputation will be destroyed in a blink of an eye. now to a story in ireland. overwhelming majority of voters there appear to have struck down ireland's highlyortion law. the 35-year-old law gave equal
6:09 am
rights to the unborn and the mother. votes are still being counted, but the new law of the land will allow irish women to terminate pregnancies within the first 12 weeks or up to 24 weeks if the mother's health is at risk. new video from hawaii showing the increasing toll of burning lava and volcanic eruptions and toxic air. pictures of lava spew from the latest fissures. the mass has destroyed 82 structures. officials are urging residents to get out of harm's way. that chance is getting slimmer as lava is taking over the escape route. dylan is out on the plaza with another check of the memorial day weather. >> guys, chatting. the plaza is packed with people. it is fleet week incial request. you want to eat some of the fun? >> absolutely. it will be delicious. i heard all about it.
6:10 am
>> once you see it, you want it more. >> i have to get over there. >> we will see what we can do. we will work on that. let's look at the beach forecast for the holiday weekend. up and down the east coast, a decent day overall today. hot and humid. we will see scattered showers and storms. keep that in mind this afternoon. down along the coast of the carolinas, it gets cloudy and they will experience showers. not a total washout. keep an eye to the sky and along the gulf coast and florida, it is not a great weekend we still see some drizzle the past hour or so as we begin to see the last of that moisture moving out of the bay area. what's going to be left behind are overcast skies. san francisco 56 degrees. wind speeds up over 20 miles an
6:11 am
hour. san jose 56, wind speeds 10 miles per hour. a lot of the moisture starting to move through. that's your latest forecast. craig. >> we have a safety recall to tell you about from fiat chrysler. the defect in the cruise control affects nearly 5 million vehicles. >> with 36 million drivers on the roads this weekend, the company is urging drivers not to use the popular models involved until it is fixed. here is nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: the recall comes just as the country hits the road for the long memorial day weekend. fiat chrysler says it involves 15 models. the national highway traffic safety administration says it can get stuck in the on position and drivers may not be able to stop the vehicle by braking or turning the system off. on the jersey turnpike, we found
6:12 am
the elliott family in the suv now under recall. >> i will take the jeep in after recall for the cruise control. i want to bring the car back to the original state it was when i purchased it. >> reporter: the vehicles date from 2014 to 2019. it includes models of the dodge journey, challenger, charger, ram pickup trucks, wranglers, chaeroke cherokee. fiat chrysler says the vehicles have traveled more than 200 billion miles and it is unaware of any accidents or related injuries. the advice if the cruise control gets stuck? shift in neutral and forcefully apply the brakes. >> don't play with it. don't take any chances. don't use cruise control. the danger is you can't brake. >> reporter: chrysler says it will notify owners next week to schedule an appointment for a
6:13 am
software upgrade. for "today," tom costello, nbc news, washington. >> important information. still ahead, the duchess of sussex getting her very own coat of arms and like the newlywed herself, it breaks all the rules. and actor hugh grant ties the knight. november 17th is national take a hike day. not like, "get outta here" take a hike. but like a real hike. with deer and stuff. at a-a-r-p, we're all about hikes, bikes... swims... and... whatever this is... because we're here to help you become your healthiest self. it's why we offer health tips for your body... ...and your brain. yeah, your brain! today is your day to make fitness happen... and a-a-r-p is here to help take on today and every day with a-a-r-p. hey, i just want wbyceiydbo car. wbyceiydbo? we'll buy your car even if you don't buy ours
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6:16 am
to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you back now on saturday morning. it is hard to believe it is only been a week > wedding. >> i'm glad you stopped walking around in a fascinator. if you are going through royal withdraw, we have more news from the palace. dylan is in the orange room. >> any reason to talk about duke harry and duchess meghan. the coat of arms has been reveal revealed. they posted this image to twitter along with the breakdown of the elements represent her. first, in case you are sitting at home and wondering what is a coat of arms. it is traditionally used to distinguish families in battle. over time, it evolved to show
6:17 am
family dissent. we got that out of the way. the blue background of the shield is meant to stand for the pacific ocean. the body of water off the coast of her home state of california. speaking of california, check out the flowers. poppy below the shield is the golden state flower. the winter sweet grows at windsor. it symbolizes her old life and new life coming together. the lion representing duke harry. it all comes together and by the way, meghan helped design her coat of arms and the queen approved it. that works out well. >> you remember doing that in school? >> i do. >> i don't remember what mine looked like. >> we probably have the sun, moon, clouds. >> something like math numbers and stuff. >> it works.
6:18 am
>> would not be traditional. >> how about "popstart?" >> let's start with hugh grant. the perennial bachelor is off the market. he reportedly married his long-time girlfriend friday in london. the pair has three young children together. congratulations to them. up next, bond. james bond. daniel craig will return to play 007. this will be the fifth and perhaps the last outing for craig as the special agent. he teams up with danny boyle for the film. it is known as "bond 25." propduction beginning later thi year. he is my favorite bond. >> daniel craig is still up there. >> it is tough. moving on to the fab five.
6:19 am
"queer eye." warm up your flat irons. mark your calendars for june 15th. you can binge watch it on netflix. second season kicks off with the first female subject. if you have not caught up with the fab five this time around, it can get emotional. be warned, keep tissues nearby. >> and sean connery for the record. >> oh? >> my husband is obsessed with it. i like the original. thank you, dylan. still to come, not just the unofficial start to summer, but unofficial to summer blockbuster season. from "star wars" and more. we will tell you what to look out for, but first thiis "todays "
6:20 am
i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message. i thought after sandy hook, where 20 six and seven year olds were slain, this would never happen again. it has happened more than 200 times in 5 years. dianne feinstein and a new generation are leading the fight to pass a new assault weapons ban. say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. california values senator dianne feinstein
6:21 am
still ahead here on "today," what's memorial day weekend without a little barbecue?
6:22 am
sunny anderson is here grilling pork chops and apple slaw. she has a refreshing cocktail. plus, this a good one. shining a light on the ceiling one woman shattered in the racing world. you will love her. we will haveafter these mes. ♪yeah ♪and i just wanna tell you right now that i♪ ♪i believe, i really do believe that♪ ♪something's got a hold on me, yeah♪ ♪oh, it must be love ♪oh, something's got a hold on me right now, child♪ ♪oh, it must be love ♪let me tell you now, oh it must be love♪
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good saturday morning. it is 6:26. here's a live look outside in palo alto. doesn't look too bad right there. was driving through there and saw some sprinkles on my windshield a few hours ago but it's looking better. >> some spots are already starting to see some of that clearing, but other spots will still see some of the cloud cover and overcast skies. you can see the rain moved off from the north bay down to the south bay and now it's kind of just moving on out.
6:27 am
we should see the final moisture make it's exit by i would say late morning. san francisco right now is still cloudy and breezy as well as we head in towards the inland areas. temperatures climbing into the 70s. we will be very seasonal today but we do have a warming trend on the way just in time for memorial day weekend. i will break down just how warm or hot, maybe not too hot. >> doesn't give it -- doesnn't e it away! >> last night a fire ignited just before 10:45 at a roofing materials yard. the oakland as had a fireworks show after their game. it's not sure if that somehow contributed to the fire. paul simon was performing at the
6:28 am
oracle next door and fans were delayed leaving. >> bart will now, tend service to antioch. the new line is called ebart. there are two new stations. the trains run on a separate rail line, are powered by renewable diesel fuel. bart offered free rides yesterday. regular service begins today. >> a 15-year-old bay area girl on her way to school was kidnapped and hasn't been seen in two years. pearl pinson held a vigil where she was last seen being dragged away screaming for help. 19-year-old fernando castro is believed to have kidnapped her. >> him being so young, i can't
6:29 am
believe he did it on his own. if he did do it on his own, he told somebody. >> there's a $10,000 reward for information leading to pinson's whereabouts. >> coming up this morning on "today in the bay," you've seen scooters everywhere but what about on the bay bridge? we have more of this alarming video that's caught the attention of police. you won't believe what happened after this. we will have that plus all your top stories and weather coming up at 7:00. we hope you join us. right now back to the "today" show.
6:30 am
♪ we are back on the memorial day weekend. saturday, may 26th, 2018. we have quite the crowd. >> a lot of folks out. >> celebrating on the plaza. still ahead in this half hour of "today." hollywood putting the sizzle in summer. we have a full preview coming up. i'll introduce you to one of the most driven people i have met. amazing woman who is breaking barriers in the racing world. we start the memorial day weekend off right. we have sunny anderson here with the summer meal you will not want to miss. >> the renaissance man. what can't nothing.
6:31 am
>> nothing. >> first, how about a final check of the forecast? it is muggy here in the northeast. it feels like summer as we unofficially kick it off. we see the chance of scattered thunderstorms popping up across the northeast later on today. it is all about the heat in the middle of the country. we have temperatures most likely breaking records. kansas city forecasted 97. old record is 92. san angelo, texas, 104. the old record is 102. temperatures staying up in the 90s. sioux city on sunday, 976. as we go into next week, it stays hot. dallas gets up to 101 by wednesday. nashville in the 80s. new orleans will be in the mid-80s to low 90s. that comes with a lot of rain with that overcast skies still
6:32 am
adorning the bay area skies. in san francisco we're seeing breezy conditions. we've got a lot of that overcast because of that system that brought some light rain to parts of the bay area just yesterday. now, the current temperatures right now will be on the milder side, 54 for oakland. we are expecting to climb up into the 60s and into the 70s further inland. that's your latest forecast. >> you have other news? >> we do. >> what is the big news? >> sheinelle, al and i are heading to sirius radio. >> we don't know what we will do. >> that's me on the left. dylan i have matching dresses. >> thanks for clarifying. tuesday at 1:00 p.m. what will we talk about? >> i don't know. it will go off the rails. do you remember in school, you may remember you are excited for
6:33 am
the first day of school. you set out your clothes. that is how i feel about the sirius radio show. >> tuesday at 1:00. they will replay? >> they replay at 5:00. if it is really good, maybe they will replay again. >> be careful on the radio. >> i know. the tale as old as dinosaurs in search of box office gold come summer. >> after a bad box office in over a decade, the question is how will this summer stack up? >> for a summer movie sneak peek, here is nbc's joelle gargullo. >> reporter: the force is with the box office and coming from the galaxy far, far away. >> i have a good feeling about this. >> reporter: "solo: a star wars story" blasting in theaters. >> how did han meet chewbacca? how did he win the card game?
6:34 am
it will kickoff the summer movie season in a big way. >> you might want to buckle up, baby. >> reporter: just the first of the packed summer full of s sequels and with the abysmal 2017 haunting hollywood. >> a mistake, but it happened. >> reporter: the pressure is on the movie biz to put the sizzle back be in the movie business. can the summer box office reverse the curse? >> i think this summer is bigger than last summer. you have too many franchises too successful returning with new installments. >> reporter: soon after the millennium falcon takes flight, then "incredibles 2" lands in theaters. >> i'm okay. >> reporter: and the lineup keeps coming with universal pictures releasing "jur"jurassi
6:35 am
world" and then "ant-man" as well as "mission impossible." >> $16.5 million. in each of your accounts. >> reporter: and step aside, boys. a new tide of girl power. ask the cast of "oceans 8." they are taking over the heist series from clooney and company. >> do we have to steal stuff? >> yes. >> do you think female movie goers are the swing factor? >> yes. you know what is great about the summer is we have more female-driven comedies than we have seen before with "oceans 8" and "mama mia." >> reporter: and hitting theaters is toni collette.
6:36 am
and look out for the book-to-screen which arrives in sugge august. grab your calendars. the script for this summer is looking spectacular. for "today," joelle gargullo, nbc news, new york. >> we have good movies. coming up, shattering stereotypes on the speedway. how one woman is making record time on the sidelines of the nascar track. nascar track. today, historical sites are disappearing, but ai can help us bring history back to life. to recreate historical sites, we had to stitch hundreds of pictures one by one. with microsoft ai, we are able to stitch hundreds of thousands of pictures in one night. i need to make it possible, because it's so important to do it.
6:37 am
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6:39 am
she is the first female pit crew member. it is a big feat for someone who never changed a tire until two years ago. race car drivers are known for the speed, focus and fearlessness. ops, it is the pit crew that takes on the danger. brianna daniels knows how risky the job can be. >> five lug nuts. five off. five on. >> she has 15 seconds to change two tires under intense pressure. >> patient and calm and focused. >> the first african-american female pit crew members, she is changing tires and changing the face of the sport. >> i feel like a hero. like i really aim paving the way for others. you know, just them seeing me do it makes them want to be part of something too.
6:40 am
>> brehanna's race started two years ago when the athlete was finishing her senior year at norfolk state university. before graduation, she was approached by the drive for diversity program in the attempt to attract females and minorities to the sport. >> i thought nascar pit crew. what is it? >> despite never seeing a nascar race or changing a tire, she decided to tryout. she was the only girl on who showed up which worried coach phil horton. >> i'm looking for athletes to come in and be stronger and faster. when she came in, i said no way. not going to happen. >> you walk into the room. you see a group of guys. they probably think they're about to make this happen. >> right. >> what happened? >> i crushed them. i just had that dog in me that day. i saw these guys. i have something to prove. >> she made the team and began the two-a-day practices.
6:41 am
she heard tlearned the intense scary process of changing a race car tire. >> you want to try it? >> sure. >> all right. you start hitting when the jackman moves. >> wait. what? >> i have no idea. i feel like something's going to blow. >> hold up. >> good job. you got one. >> you see that? everybody see that? >> and with her coaching, i got better. >> all right. there's the time. 51 seconds. >> oh. >> that ain't bad. it ain't good. >> after months of hard work, she was invited to pit her first race inspiring fans before she got on the track. >> i went over to the bathroom and start changing. there was a lady in the mirror doing her makeup. she sees me putting on the fire suit. she looks at me. she said are you a driver. i'm like, no, a tire changer. she said oh, my god.
6:42 am
she comes over to me and hugs me so tight. she said thank you. i knew from that day i would make a huge impact. >> since then, she has pitted in 16 nascar national series races with each race shattering stereotypes and cheering on ger girls like her. >> don't think about the in naysayers. if you want to do something, you go ahead and do it. i don't care if you are blue, red, orange, just do the thing. >> isn't she great? she received messages of support from women across the country. one girl wrote about her for the black history project for school. you see her track side at the nascar xfinity series race. you can watch it here on nbc when dale jr. joins the broadcast.
6:43 am
i have never touched a tire let alone changed a tire. 51 seconds is not bad. >> it's not good. all right. coming up from cars to clothes and museums and mattresses, we have the list of what to buy now or what to wait for later. and we celebrate the holiday with a few delicious dishes with ai force veteran and food networ chefk
6:44 am
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6:45 am
and we are back on this memorial day weekend with the favorite edition of buy now or wait for later. you can find big sales this time of year, but are they the best or should you wait? we have jeannette here with us. good to have you here. >> great to be here. let's see what you do this time, craig. >> let's start with ma drettrem.
6:46 am
furniture and mattresses. spring, probably a great time to buy a mattress? buy now? >> buy now. presidents' day and labor day and memorial day is the best. you will find great deals. june has the new designs. look for sale prices, but look for coupon codes at sites like that will save you more. always make sure you get a good exchange policy. super important with the mattress. >> buy now on the mattress. let's move on to the car. i always heard it is best to buy a new car in the fall when the new models come out. wait for later. >> correct. all right. you are batting 1.000. you will find good deals. september is a better time. labor day will have great dealindeals. use the next couple months to find auto insurance policies. look for what options you want
6:47 am
and financing. >> all right. 2 for 2. you taught me well. clothes. that's a hard one. i would say buy now. >> okay. so you are right. buy now for spring clothing. you find up to 90% off. for summer wardrobe, you will get better deals closer to fourth of july. the selection is not as great. there is a thing called price adjustments. hold on to the receipts when you buy clothes. most stores give you if it goes on sale within 14 days, the difference back in cash between what you paid and sale price. >> did not know that. this is the one you are most excited about. >> i love this one. >> museum memberships. i assume with kids gets out of school, museums would not want to discount prices now. this is probably something where you wait for later. >> so for this one it is actually buy now. here's why. it is not about the sale price. it is about the beginning of
6:48 am
summer is when all of the museums will have great exhibits and things for kids. this is what i love. reciprical programs. museums are part of the programs where you buy one annual membership and get into hunofs . zoos and science centers. >> buy now on the museum membership. lastly, bicycles. what's the word? >> i'm asking you. >> i'm going to say wait for later. >> that's right. bicycles models come out same as cars. best deals on bikes in the fall. >> jeannette, thank you. >> thank you. >> we are back in just a moment. any object. any surface.
6:49 am
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6:51 am
♪ born in the usa ♪ i was born in the usa this morning on "today food." no time like the present to start memorial day weekend off with the grill. what better way to do is cooking on the plaza with sunny anderson. food network host and air force veteran. >> i'm an air force veteran. it is my duty to let you know memorial day is not the same as veterans day. memorial day is good giving thanks to the people that gave the ultimate sacrifice for us to be free and happy and among our family. a lot of people are dealing with that today. they are dealing with family members they are missing. that is what this holiday is about. getting together and cherishing the ones we have with us and thanking the ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice. >> thank you. >> you ready to eat? >> i am always ready to eat. >> this is simple to do, craig, that's what i like to do.
6:52 am
my easy one, two, three grilled pork chops. >> three. >> three in the glaze. it is a one, two, three glaze. we have apricot preserves. chicken stock. apple cider vinegar. salt and pepper on the chops. that's it. simple. very simple. flavorful. in this pot here i already have the apricot preserves. i add one cup. that's is the one. two cups of chicken stock. that's the two. following me? one, two, three. three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar. i add salt and pepper. that cooks down to a glaze. fourth ingredient, which i call the extra fire, a little red chili flakes. >> you put a big handful. >> i did. let's make it hot. it takes about ten minutes to
6:53 am
reduce. this is the texture you look for here. it will move around for you. it is not really thick. not really loose. in between. >> my fingers are clean. can i stick them? >> sure. we have the pork chops which are nice and thin. we salt and pepper on both sides. pork is sweet. a barbecue flavor. if you like a side of sam -- salomon, thsa sal -- salman. these cook fast. >> how long you talking in. >> three minutes on one side. two minutes on the next. once you are done with the first flip, you come with the glaze and hit these chops. hit them up. hit them up. i get the thin ones. i find them on sale in the family pack. >> you plate them around the sweet potatoes? >> simple.
6:54 am
put toe tahem on a tray and bli them in a food processor and it's done with salt and pepper. >> sheinelle and dylan? >> our plates are almost empty. >> thank you for leaving it on the bone. it is my favorite part. >> tell us about the spritzer. >> i just came back from africa on vacation. i love vodka. the bartender thought my choice was fancy. he wanted to give us a vodka tasting and show this is just as good. this is just strawberries in the bottom. i like to add syrup and let it hang. muddle it and move it around. add in vodka. >> that's a lot. >> this is not the vodka i thought i liked. >> this is a great way to toast one of our favorite people. celebrating a birthday tomorrow.
6:55 am
her name is deb webber. that's a celebration for deb. deb, come in here. >> come on over. >> you come here and take a toast. deb keeps everyone on the show -- >> happy birthday. >> there was a problem. >> thank you. >> we keep making excuses. >> you make us look good. >> like everybody sending texts about the royal wedding is because of this woman. >> recipes and more by the way by going to that will do it for us on saturday morning. tomorrow on "sunday today." willie sits down with jason bateman. happy birthday. >> have a great weekend. coming
6:56 am
bay .... a late night fire causes problems for sports and music fans good morning. coming up next on "today in the bay," a light-night fire causes problems for sports and music fans leaving the coliseum in oakland. >> and an investigation into a sex scandal at a local school. and lingering showers are moving out of the bay area. the sun is coming for our memorial day weekend. i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message.
6:57 am
6:58 am
i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein
6:59 am
good saturday morning to you. here is a live look outside at the bay bridge from emeryville. looks beautiful but a little ominous out there, cloudy skies, dark. but there is light at the end of the tunnel because we are beginning a holiday weekend. happy memorial day weekend to you. and that's so much for joining us. vianey arana has a look at our microclimate here. >> we are seeing overcast skies.
7:00 am
it is going to be a little slower to clear. right now in san jose, looks at that cloud cover out there. it's definitely overcast. wind speeds at about 6 miles per hour. it's a lot windier in the city. i want to show you the doppler radar. you can see the system off to the east. that's what brought showers yesterday to the area. within the past hour or so it has cleared out quite nicely. all those lingering showers are making their exit and that's going to pave the way for a very beautiful weekend. today's temperatures are expected to be seasonable. if you're heading out on an early morning jog, that's fantastic, nice way to stop your weekend. if you notice by about 10 a.m., we start to notice sunshine peeking through and i'll break down your sunday warmup. >> good for that jogger there. thanks. >> we begin with a story right now that was


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