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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 31, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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you're going to the a's game first pitch at 5:35. we'll see low 60s in the afternoon with a high in oakland up to 63 degrees. san jose 67, also 67 for the high in palo alto. a comfortable 70 in antioch today and much hotter weather for the weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. mike is tracking traffic in the east bay. >> that's where we have the biggest slowdowns. bay bridge toll plaza, obviously a slowdown. what i did want to show you fasttrack lanes are moving moving well for 6:00 in the morning. we do have a back-up off the berkeley curve, a smooth drive through the maze. highway 4 is really jammed up as under the circumstances over toward antioch, a crash in summersville, slowing through pittsburg and antioch as well. the commute shows nice, smooth flow, hayward 880 right around san mateo bridge, we're tracking winds right there, highlighting
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on the altamont pass. we also have that area where the fires are tracking. send it over to you. >> breaking news. >> just in the last 15 minutes or so we learned one home damaged, a series of fires all burning in the east bay. a major hurdle continues to be gusty winds. let me show you the area we're talking about. it's actually in byron and contra costa counties. bob redell is there. i understand you've been talking to cal fire, were you able to get information? >> absolutely. in the last hour i did speak with cal fire. they tell us the grant fires, these fires out here, are now going to be 75 to 80% contained. official update expected at 8:00 this morning. cal fire still has four engines out here in byron and surrounding areas. you can see firefighters
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monitoring pile of grass and wood debris burning off byron highw highway. the huge concern is the winds. national weather expecting gusts to hit 40 miles an hour. east contra costa fire protection district according to cal fire going to be sending out two water tenders to keep them contained. first started north of altamont pass, a few miles south of where we're at. it then spread to six other locations for a total of seven fires that burned down one home in byron and scorched around 500 acres. cal fire trying to figure out the cause of that initial fire. they will be looking into whether or not wind carried embers that ignited the other location. >> this is really bad. for the farmers out here, this
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is really dangerous. >> cal fire expects to be out here throughout the day barring any surprises. they hope to have these fires contained stand fully out by dinnertime. reporting live here in byron, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> long day ahead for them. thanks, bob. it is 6:03 right now. today we're hoping to learn more about a grim discovery at san francisco general hospital. >> a woman's body found in a stairwell on the hospital campus yesterday. it is not the first time this has happened. that was a story we broke for you on "today in the bay" pete suratos live at the hospital right now. pete, what's next in all of this? >> good morning to you, marcus. there's still a lot of unanswered questions here. excuse me. we do know 75-year-old ruby lee anderson was found in a stairwell right behind me at the power plant building. the big question is how she
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ended up there. we know the sheriff's department issued a missing persons saying she walked away from behavioral health center, sf general. it's unclear how she got there. the department of public health said she was not a patient at the hospital but did receive services on the campus. they notified san francisco police about this but didn't file a missing persons report. as of this morning still a lot of unanswered questions as far as how this happened. >> we're very concerned that this happened. we don't know how the woman gained access to the area she was found, and we're looking into that. san francisco general is no stranger to this. of course, five years ago, there was a patient found dead in a building. procedures were changed after the deadly incident but
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those changes likely don't apply to the power plant building. this incident under investigation. we're going to get an update in a few hours with a press briefing at 10:00 a.m. we're live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> surprising when people know of the other case that happened like this. thanks, pete. 6:05, a mysterious sighting. debris from a boat found in pacifica prompted a search by coast guard. someone found pieces of the boat along with clothes and a lifejacket on the beach. the coast guard launched a chopper and ship to try to search for anyone, signs of life. pictures show identifying marks from the vessel with is the words barka and rio. after a tip they believe the boat's full name is barka del rio. >> we continue to run an investigation through multiple databases. >> authorities don't have any reports of vessels accidents or mayday calls.
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the search ended overnight but could be relaunched in the coast guard gets any new information. president trump is still talking about roseanne this morning. again, demanding an apology for himself from abc. roseanne did tweet a string of apologies after comparing a former obama adviser to an ape, even incurring wrath from ambien maker sanofi after she blamed the sleeping pill for her tweet. since then she started defending some co-stars and fighting with others. here is one of her blasting her television son, quote, so you threw me under the bus. nice. here is another quote. i just wish abc had not thrown two of the greatest actors in the world out with me, laurie metcalf and john goodman. another one writing in part, i'm not a racist. i never was, i never will be. of course the damage is done. her show is canceled. reruns pulled. she's scheduled to talk to a podcast tomorrow. many may be listening. many may not want to hear anymore. continuing coverage now, danville police need your help
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in a bizarre investigation. officers want to talk to the man you see right here in this photo. they think he might know something about a pipe bomb that exploded in east bay city over the weekend. investigators say that he was driving this car you see right here. it is a white sedan, possibly a jaguar x. you may recall on sunday night a small pipe bomb exploded in the parking lot. that palace damaged two cars. luckily no one was hurt. and a suspected drug dealer is in police custody. police say he was trying to run from a crash that injured two people. officers gave us these photos. one shows the crash scene as you see right here. wow. police say that that car was parked near 580 when they approached because it had expired stickers. during the stock he gunned it crashing into a car with a mother and young child inside. both are injured but now out of
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the hospital. officers say the driver had a pound of meth and a loaded gun in his backpack. president trump today meeting with survivors of last week's school shooting in texas. this is white house and the possible summit with kim jong-un. mike pompeo scheduled to meet today with a trusted adviser to the north korean leader. the two had dinner last night in new york. according to the state department president trump would still hold the summit or even extend it to provide north korea commits to giving up nuclear weapons. but right now that's a big if. >> we are preparing and expect that to take place on june 12th. >> there's also a chance the summit gets rescheduled. if that happens, the white house team is meeting today in singapore where the summit is supposed to take place. >> right now a live look inside oracle arena where it's all quiet right now. it will be rocking tonight because dubs nation will stand
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up and get ready. it's on. >> look at all those shirts ready to go. dubs versus king james part four tips off tonight at 6:00. i doubt we have to refresh you on the history in the bay area. warriors won last year the finals matchup. that's after the team split their first two finals. tonight it looks like andre iguodala won't be playing, still recovering from the bruised knee. warriors still like their chabz starting at home. >> starting first two games at home is huge. we're lucky to have it every nba finals we've been in. we've got to take advantage. you can't give away games at this stage of the year. it's too important. you can't give away tickets, have you to buy them, but you have to have a few hundred dollars to spare, tickets on stub hub starting at $350. court side we're talking four figures. what a game to watch. what a team. it's been so fun to have them part of bay area history. >> it is a lot of fun. also as cavaliers head spoke
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town for the beatdown we're going to have the weather. let's go to campbell for temperature trend. partly cloudy skies, temperatures in the upper 50s as you head out the door. normally we're up to 77. we won't quite be there today. if you have no plans for the evening, if you can -- can't afford temperatures, head to concord. mike, you're taking drivers through concord now. >> it is a tough drive heading into concord. cop cord itself moves well. overall the bay's commutes, a very light volume as you can imagine the week after memorial day, ease into summer flow. highway 4 a tough drive out. locked at summersville road from an earlier crash. that's been going on over half an hour. that's the back-up. things a little better towards baypoint and concord, the crash at the chicago port highway that cleared. no slowing for the walnut interchange.
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a good drive from contra costa county. peninsula a great drive. cars coming toward us from university all the way towards san francisco. other side of the bay fremont moves nicely as well. there's a breeze. 880 itself moving nicely. silicon valley a little slower in san jose. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:11, coming up next on "today in the bay," good news for anyone who dreads having their picture taken at the dpv. the bill moving forward allowing you to take more than one photo for your driver's license. here is a weird problem for the american economy. we're just running out of people. we'll take a look at business and tech. >> later, a showdown in "sin city" as casino workers strike could start tonight. the looming deadline and massive amount of money casinos could lose if that strike happens. that's coming up for you at 6:25. it is 6:11 right now. you're watching "today in the bay."
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it's 6:14 now. we are enjoying nice, cool weather. as we take a live look outside in fremont, it's also quite breezy. we can see the flag flapping in the winds. it's going to stay breezy and cool today with highs reaching into the upper 60s, and it's going to be really hot this weekend. i'll show you those numbers and we'll talk about what else is going on coming up in less than five minutes. >> right now we're looking at a
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great drive through berkeley curve. no slowing on any of these avenues getting toward the bay bridge, which, of course, was westbound 80. we'll show you a bigger look because we have slower drives. we'll time it out for contra costa county. >> and a very happy thursday to you. you know what, you could call this a rally but keep in mind markets were keeping up for a drubbing on tuesday. so we're going to call this breaking even. interesting companies in the news. shares in dick's sporting goods jumped after the store said they were strong and making lots of money. keep in mind dick's is a store that said they would boycott after it said they would stop selling assault-style rifles after the parkland shooting. sanofi, maker of ambien, that stock got hurt by roseanne barr's name. it's a french company, buy it on the paris exchange.
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if i explained the whole thing to you, i'm sure my producer would tell me to knock it off. president trump banning import of german made cars to america, specifically mercedes, but presumably bmw, audi, porsche. business week in german says american diplomats aware of the plan to pan german cars. it's not clear from the sales of bmw suvs are band because they are built in south carolina. hats off to tesla, able to fix it's model 3 braking problem with over the air software update. consumer reports now says they can recommend the car. we get the big jobs report tomorrow. you may have come to expect really good news every month but we're kind of running out of people. that can hurt the numbers. there are lots of job openings. at some point everybody has a job. that point is right now.
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we call that full employment. so if tomorrow's job numbers are a bit lean, that's because the economy is so good. marcus and laura, you remember simone, the woman who invents silly robots who frankly never do what they are supposed to do. we're talking about it a couple weeks ago because she announced she had a brain tumor. she went into surgery yesterday. >> hi. so i'm at the hospital and i'm about to go into surgery. yeah. the surgeon offered to take photos of my brain. i've always been convinced i have a really beautiful brain, so i'm pretty excited about finally getting some pictures. >> the family has been updating everybody. >> so many followers. >> the tumor is benign but it is involved with her eye and some of the speech areas, et cetera. they say she's awake. you saw her before the surgery and she was talking. that's all we know at this
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point. >> very frightening to have brain surgery. >> oh, my goodness, yes. >> speedy recovery. 6:17 right now. tracking your vote in decision 8 2018. the same poll shows gavin newsome expanding his league. antonio villaraigosa in second place now has 13% support you see there. 12% for republican assemblyman. another candidates john chiang, 7%, undecided voters dropped to 7%. the top finishers compete head-to-head in november. are you still undecided? set your dvr and tune into bay
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area noon on monday. we're grog to rebroadcast gubernatorial debate we put on earlier this month. it's really a great debate. take time to watch it. you'll see them take on issues that matter to all californians. okay. so if you thinktaking a live loe
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oracle arena this morning. the dubs host the cleveland cavaliers tonight-- it )s the (fourth year in a row the two teams are facing off in the finals. good morning and thanks for joining us. i )m laura garcia. and i )m marcus washington. . a new crash on the peninsula
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breaking news -- within the last hour we learned- one home is damaged as a series of wind-driven fires burn in the east bay. gusty winds are still a major
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problem this morning too. this is the area we )re talking about-- it )s in byron-- between contra costa and alameda counties. today in the bay )s bob redell is live in the fire zone. bob, you )ve been talking to calfire - and you were just able to get a lot of new information... i just spoke with calfire: they believe
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also new this morning-- firefighters are still trying to figure out how a fire broke out at the california teachers association building in san jose overnight. today in the bay )s kris sanchez is live at the scene with a closer look at the damage. kris, it )s not the first time this building has had problems? sanchez live at the scene with a closer look at the damage. kris, it's not the first time this building has had problems. is it? >> reporter: new york city it's not. there have been incidents of vandalism and a fire here at this office. i did talk with the president of the evergreen teachers association. he said the bad news is there's a lot of water damage. this is a pile of debris firefighters pulled out of this fire as they came to battle it right around 2:00 this morning. that's when the flames were at their peak.
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it took firefighters a half hour to get it under control. san jose fire department confirms there were flames inside the building at the time but they cannot confirm at this point that the fire started there. four teachers associations are headquartered here. one of them has an end of year retirement celebration plan for next tuesday. the president tells me they are already planning on moving that as you mentioned, this is not the first time for a fire here. we were here in this location back in march and that incident, that fire was deliberately set. it seemed like there was a molotov cocktail thrown at the building. we don't have any reports of any explosive being thrown today but we do know this fire is now under investigation.and wo in san jose,rd kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >>y all faciright, kris. thank you. new details this morning at 6:36.aldy" word of new allegations againstn a high school con music teacher already facing sex assault
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charge. he turned himselfyear. in two t ago in connection to allegations he inappropriately touched a he milpitas staff member last year. now a student at the school claims she was assaulted last year as well. police rearrested him this week. he's now in custody on that charge. 6:37 and happening today. -o the teenager accused of a deadla stabbing at sonoma state university is expected to appear in court. two weeks ago police arrested the 19-year-old. investigators say he stabbed a 26-year-old acquaintance. this was in a dorm. has witnesses told police it followed a loud altercation and brattin told them he was defending himself. so far he's not entered a plea.s happeningau today two bay an football playerscu work to keepe studentst athletes safe. dennis brown and calhoun will ea join the congressmany to talk n about concussions. taking questions at ignacio bai
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valley high school. trying to offer suggestion and best practices for prevention. anyone can go. the congressman will talk about a bill establishing nationwide standards for school on concussion safety. >> here around the bay a smoother drive for most avenues. a look at south bay, kicks in for summer months. that's what we're seeing now. recovery for highway 4, the earlier crash cleared baypoint, contra costa county, walnut creek a nice drive. over toward peninsula north 280, still three right lanes blocked by a crash involving prius and bus. no injuries but major slowing northbound towards edgewood. live look shows 101 through the similar area. that moves nicely. congestion top of the screen. right under palo alto that's
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congestion. they continue with that work on the over crossing and interchange. >> there you go. you've heard calm before the storm. cool before the heat. >> whatever weather you like, we've got it all in the forecast over the next few days. some wild temperature swings. if you drive a little bit, you'll be able to get the kind of weather you like. make your way inland, 93, the coast 69. more of that same weather sunday. wide range in temperatures, coast to inland areas. the bay will be up to 82 degrees on sunday and inland up to 90 degrees. we have quite a few festivals and events going on. the filoli flower show in woodside. 62 in the morning, highs reaching into the 70s. beautiful weather on the grounds there strolling and taking pictures. if you want to take some more pictures in front of airplanes head to san carlos. we'll have the biggest little
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air show happening. that's going to be at about 64 during the morning and low 70s throughout the day with sunshine. if you're hitting the road, maybe taking the kids to yosemite this weekend, here is a live look as sunrises this morning. we'll have great hiking weather all weekend long. highs in the upper 60s to low 70s and sunshine hitting the road to santa barbara. it is going to be perfect with highs in the low 70s tomorrow as well as saturday. upper 70s on sunday. and in the tri-valley, best day to get there to the vineyards will be tomorrow. 82 the high. much hotter on saturday. 93 degrees and still pretty hotu on sunday butp coming down justa few degrees. we're enjoying the cooldown today. i'll have a look at that temperature trend coming up in about three minutes. ti >> thanks,ons sa kari. i comings co up next on "toda the bay," figuring out the future of high-speed rail. >> a different option san francisco is considering to make it work in the city. some not so childish questions from a very young
6:41 am
reporter at the white house. taking you live to the big board in new york city, dow industrials losing 106 points as president trump talks about new tariffs on the eu, mexico and canada. the children of california. tony is a leader , slips through the cracks. sure california's schools are the best in the country. every child in california has a fair shot. i'm tony thurmond, and i'll lead california's fight against donald trump and betsy devos's anti-education agenda. please vote for tony thurmond for state superintendent.
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good thursday morning. right now it's 6:43 a mostly clear start. clouds rolling in in evergreen. it's going to be 56 degrees,
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kind of cool to start the day. brds wi breezy with highs in the low 60s. well below normal. it heats up really fast this weekend. i'll have more on that and update on wind speeds coming up in less than five minutes. >> san jose, steady but lighter volume. this is great but you do have a build slowing from capital expressway to the earlier camera shot, a little slowing from the speed sensor, 280 as well. we'll show thank you overall commute coming up. thanks, mike. we hope to get answers from sf general today. a woman found dead in the stairwell at the power plant. you're looking live at the building. we do know who she is, 75-year-old ruby lee anderson. the sheriff's department put out a missing persons bulletin for her but did not file an official report. they say she walked away in the
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behavioral health center. they changed procedures, this after a patient found dead if the stairwell five years ago. those changes did not apply to the power plant building a press conference scheduled for this morning. we could find more about the golden state killer today. the judge to decide with some information could be made public. some wants the arrest warrant of joseph deangelo unsealed. the judge says he's inclined to reveal some of the information. this is video of the suspect in court. he was in a cage. today attorneys will debate whether what needs to be redacted. information could be released as early as tomorrow. high-speed rail project will eventually connect l.a. and san francisco, but city planners still need to figure out how the new electrofied caltrains will get to sales force. the examiner reports the city is considering three options. the first would have trains
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enter a tunnel. this is near 4th and king streets. the second has the trains enter a tunnel on pennsylvania avenue at 22nd street. and the third has trains enter a subway. this on 3rd street under the warriors new chase center. according to the examiner city planners prefer pennsylvania avenue option because it would have the least impact. the board of supervisors is expected to weigh in by august. it is 6:46 on your thursday morning. the president is on his way to texas to meet with survivors of the latest school shooting. >> scott mcgrew, the president has made a lot of promises here. >> he has after the shooting in parkland, florida, marcus. if you're counting parkland, that was eight school shootings before. i have a list of school shootings. this is where children actually died. this is not where children were only hurt. there were two in birmingham. this is not a mistake. the list goes on. since parkland you've got this. of course the santa fe one we're
6:47 am
talking about today. on the same day, i had no realized this, killing at a school in jonesboro, georgia. eight school shootings ago. you may remember the president surprisedern at a meeting following parkland shooting where 17 people died by saying he was not afraid of the nra and wanted states to raise the age limit for assault rifles and ban bump stocks. the president said that february 28th. that issue came to a head at the daily white house briefing on wednesday when a guest reporter, a student, who was the guest of "time" magazine asked this. >> at my school we recently had a lockdown. one thing that affects my and other students mental health is to worry about the fact that we, or our friends, could get shot at school. specifically can you tell me what the administration has done and will do to prevent these senseless tragedies? >> i think as a kid and as a parent there's certainly nothing mortifying than going to school
6:48 am
and not feeling safe. i'm sorry you feel that way. this administration takes it seriously. the school safety commission the president convened will meet this week in an official meeting to discuss the best ways forward and how we can do every single thing in our power to protect kids in our schools and to make them feel safe and make their parents feel good about dropping them off. >> the president will meet with families from the dead from santa fe high school after a fundraising luncheon in houston. this the president's second trip to texas this month. earlier he was in dallas to give the keynote for nra convention. executive orders and speeches every day on "today in the bay." we're interested in what you think, contact me on twitter @scottmcgrew. happening today oakland celebrates one of its signature sounds, tower of power. if you can belt out the lyrics to "so very hard to go" or what is hip you know what we're coming from. this year marks the band's 50th
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anniversary. today city hall, oakland celebrating tower of power today. it comes ahead of a home coming appearance tomorrow and saturday. expect the plaza to be seriously grooving starting at noon. >> a lot of fun. >> my wife works there. >> nice. cool. >> the weather is going to be good for that, too. >> going to be nice. kind of cool, though. you may be heading out. also wear your jacket. we're going to need the sunglasses, too. it's going to be a beautiful day as we start out this morning, here is a live look outside from tiburon. as you can look at the distance, can you see the golden gate bridge. right behind that clouds are lingering just offshore. we will see partly cloudy skies through the morning commute in the south bay. we'll be at 56 as you're driving to work. maybe as you're heading out for lunch, you'll be in the low 60s. it's going to be partly cloudy skies. if you don't have plans for tonight, head to concord, there will be music and market summer
6:50 am
concert series today. it's going to be nice and comfortable. upper 60s through the evening. it does cool down fast to the upper 50s later tonight. getting dressed this morning, of course you have to wear warriors colors. what else would you be wearing. long sleeves and maybe some pants will keep you comfortable as our temperatures come down. our highs today in the low 70s. antioch 0 degree70 degrees, 63 oakland. low 70s for much of the north bay. what's check out wind speeds we've been monitoring what's happening around bay area with wind speeds and also series of fires we have around byron. our current wind speeds already at 30 miles per hour. we'll keep tabs on that as the winds stay gusty throughout the day. our warriors game forecast that's going to be fairly cool as you're heading into the arena tonight, upper 50s. as we're celebrating that win tonight, it will be in the mid-50s. our highs are going to go way up over the next few days from 70
6:51 am
today inland to 80 tomorrow and 93 on saturday. then we'll gradually come back down. san francisco upper 50s today and nice and comfortable for the weekend. mike, you're still tracking that crash in redwood city. >> as far as speeds go, south bay, mild build across bridges, peninsula, north 280. the problem on the peninsula, right lanes blocked by a crash, a bus and prius involved there. the prius is really banged up. still waiting on words about injuries. that person taken to the hospital. at least one person was. looking over here towards east bay, east bay freeway great. concord recovery, more traffic walnut creek and lafayette 680, 84, contra costa held up highway 4 earlier traffic. this is all cleared. richmond, san rafael bridge. really backing up now for fasttrack lanes, over to this side just fine. north side no problems.
6:52 am
san mateo bridge moves nicely northbound, we do have build, flat sections move well. back to you. >> a quick look at what's next, top stories on "today in the bay," including breaking news. a series of wind-driven fires burning if the east bay. what firefighters are doing this morning. happening now, two breaking stories just out moments ago. president trump just imposed steel and aluminum tariffs on the european union, canada, and mexico. also just within the last few minutes president says he will pardon conservative commentator and campaign violator de souza, accused of breaking campaign finance laws. back with top stories in a few minutes. it's 6:52.
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to california schoolsd, need big change. marshall tuck is the only candidate for state superintendent who's done it before. less bureaucracy, more classroom funding. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck.
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when the worst oil spill hit san francisco, first responders went to work. and mayor gavin newsom, he went to hawaii. man: newsome left the day after the spill for a four-day vacation in hawaii. the same gavin who said his job as lieutenant governor was so dull, he only showed up for work at the state capitol one day a week, tops. gavin's not gonna work as governor.
6:55 am
a l . welcome back to you. it's 6:55 right now. before you head out the door, here are top stories we're covering on "today in the bay." >> a live look in byron where firefighters are battling tough conditions, a string of fires that have now destroyed a home. this is sky ranger video we shot this morning. strong winds are pushing a series of fires that together have burned 500 acheres. this is near byron highway. they say the home burned overnight and they say the fire is about 75% contained. firefighters plan to give another update in about an hour. new this morning in san jose, you can still see fire
6:56 am
crews, what they have pulled out of some buildings at the california teachers association. live look outside. mount hamilton spot. new video overpass showing you flames the firefighters were up against there. it took about 20 minutes to put them out. someone with the teachers association already there to get a sense of the damage there. don't know how the fire started just yet. kris sanchez has been there asking questions, and of course we're posting the very latest developments on social media. breaking news out of washington. moments ago president trump announcing north korean officials coming to washington, d.c., tomorrow delivering a letter from kim jong-un. he says the meetings have been very positive so far and, quote, hopefully will have a meeting on the 12th. a mysterious find off the coast of pacifica. someone spotted pieces of a boat. this is along with clothes and lifejacket yesterday. now the coast guard is trying to
6:57 am
figure out who it belongs to. the crews searched that area looking for those clues. pictures of identifying marks from that boat. they plef the number is ba rca del rio. no reports of accidents or mayday calls. >> roseanne tweeting a series of apologies after comparing a former obama adviser to an ape. since then she started criticizing and complimenting others. she tweeted she's not a racist but the damage is already done. her show is canceled and reruns pulled from television. she is scheduled to talk on a podcast tomorrow. the search is on for the driver of a toyota prius. danville believes it belonged to a robbery suspect. it happened yesterday afternoon in a safe way parking lot.
6:58 am
police say the suspect met a man who wanted to buy an apple iwatch but things went south. the suspect then threatened the buyer and stole his wallet. 6:58 right now. how are your kids doing in the city? today we'll get details on the state of early child care and education in san francisco. a new report due out at 10:00 this morning. overpa overnight we looked back through the council's report, need a license and subsidized programs. looking live from inside oracle arena where the excitement is building. the warriors host cleveland cavaliers for historic nba finals rematch starting tonight at 6:00. this the fourth year in a row teams will face off in the finals. the warriors will have hard work ahead of them because they are without andre iguodala. he's recovering from a leg injury and will be out of the game. >> wish him well. here we go again. and again and again. >> that's right.
6:59 am
>> another day of cool temperatures, too. >> it's going to be nice. a little break from really hot weather we've had for inland areas. as we check out our forecast, it will be up to 70 degrees today. 81 degrees tomorrow. look how hot it's going to be this weekend. if you like it, though, you know what, you're going to have whatever kind of weather do you like in this forecast over the next few days. we're going to make sure everyone is happy around the bay area. warming it up a bit in san francisco. >> a dip in the pool. >> all right. we're still tracking a crash in redwood city. >> overall light volume of traffic. we're showing you on the maps south bay smooth drive building, north 280 up expectedly slow. we do sarah crash blocking lanes. we have a couple of left lanes open. that's unusually slow. a note on the other side of the bay oakland, a's playing in the afternoon and warriors playing tonight. 880 past coliseum will be congested. right now it's great. >> great if you can get inside, too. >> great. >> with a ticket. that's what's happening
7:00 am
"today in the bay." back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> don't forget to join us nbc bay area news at 11:00. thank you for starting your morning with us on "today in the bay." have great one. good morning. good morning. touchdown usa. good morning, touchdown usa, kim jong-un's right-hand lan arrives in new york the highest ranking official to visit in 18 years, sitting down for dinner with secretary of state mike pompeo ahead of key meetings later today so will that historic summit between president trump and the north korean leader really happen? fire and rain, torrential downpours from alberto trigger a massive landslide, ruptureing a gas line, killing two people the governor declaring a state of emergency, under the threat of more flash floods him we are live with the latest. >> alternate reality. new details emerged from


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