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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 4, 2018 3:00am-3:29am PDT

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he has no intention of pardoning himself. but he probably -- it doesn't say he can't. >> it would be an open question. i think it would probably get answered by -- gosh, that's what the constitution says and if you want to change it change it. but yeah. >> the president's attorney is making the rounds laying out new legal ground rules on the mueller investigati and where it's headed. to a new view on treating early breast cancer. this is being hailed as a game changer for patients. several dozen deaths reported with hundreds injured in gatdalic eruption has reside scrambling to evacuate. then to a self-titled docto operating room dancing has led to some major lawsuits. plus the classroom where one teacher is turning math skills
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into practice in the real world. "early today" starts right now. great being with us on a monday morning. i'm frances rivera. >> and i'm phillip mena. we begin this morning with some major developments in the russia investigation. president trump's personal lawyer now says he'sst having the president testify unless special counsel robert mueller produces more documents about the probe. rudy giuliani delivering those remarks while also making headlines and facing a backlash when commenting on the president's pardon power. admitting the commander in chief could use it for himself. nbc's jennifer johnson has more from washington. >> reporter: president trump's le team against stressing it will fight any effort to force the president to t robt mueller investigation of russia's election meddling but would consider a short one-on-one interview. >> look, if they can cone that it would be brief, it would be to the point, there are five or six points they have to clarify and with that we can get this long nightmare for the american public over -- >> reporter: warning of a possible legal showdown came in a now leaked confidential
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memorandum oet president's team sent to mueller in january. >> the bottom line, the president continues to believe he's above the law, and that is what they're arguing in this memo. >> reporter: giuliani who was not involved in crafting the memo, is distancing himself from some details including an assertion the president could end the investigation at any time and potentially pardon himself. >> t presint of the united states pardoning himself would just be unthinkable, and it would lead to probably an immediate impeachment. >> reporter: many legal scholars doubt the president could pardon himself. president trump sunday again blasted intelligence agencies for investigating his former campaign manager in 2016 tweeting "as only one of two people left who could bepreside or department of justice have told me that they were secretly investigating manafort?" manafort is now facing several charges. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. we now turn to some hopeful news for women battling breast
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cancer. there may be a sea of change in the way doctors treat one of the leading causes of cancer deaths in women. a new international study finds often debilitating chemotherapy may not be necessary for the most common type of disease. according to researchers that means up to 70% of patients could survive without harsh chemo. medical experts say the results would lead to immediate changes in the doctor's office. nbc's anne thompson has the details. >> reporter: last fall debra reese hearded dreaded words "you havencer. >> i was incredibly surprised. >> reporter: stage 2 breast cancer. reese worried about chemotherapy, but a genetic test that predicts the rate of cancer coming back revealed her risk was low. so she didn't need chemo. >> i was relieved because that ad a who different dimension to your treatment. >> reporter: that task, oncotype dx, was helpful to those with low scores like reese who didn't need chemo and those with high
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scores who would benefit from chemo. but what about all the women in the middle? now at the annual american society of clinical oncologists meeting the largest study of women ever with estrogen-fed breast cancer that hasn't spread to their lymph nodes gives doctors and patients the answers they've sought. dr.ennifer linton is an oncologist at m.d. anderson cancer center. >> so is this a game changer? >> this is a game changer for these women. >> reporter: the study was just released in the "new england journal of medicine." researchers split that middle scoring group in two. some got chemo plus hormone therapy. others hormone therapy alone. the outcomes for cancer cuence and overall survival in both were about the same. >> now we can identify a larger group of women that we can avoid chemotherapy and just give anti-estrogen therapy and get the same results. >> reporter: the side effects of chemotherapy can be devastating. hair loss, fatigue, and nausea to name a few. now with the guidance of the
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gene tests those with the middl scores, the majority of ca skip chemotherapy, a development that will change the course of treatment. >> a lot of my patients who are still wondering in their heart should they have done chemo or not, i think this will be very reassuring. >> reporter: for reese who recently celebrated her 27th wedding anniversary, it's a decision she feels good about. >> it's always good to know, always good to have reassurance. >> reporter: taking away harsh treatment and keeping survival rates the same while giving women a better quality of life. anne thompson, nbc news, chicago. four people have been shot and killed in arizona within the past week, and police now bee at least three of them are connected. an urgent manhunt is under way following the latest killings over the weekend of paralegals 48-year-old valeriaha and thphoenix suburb of derson in scottsdale. police say the murders were related to the fatal shooting in phoenix just a day earlier of dr. steven pitt, a prominent
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forensic psychiatrist who assisted in some high-profile murder cases, with yet another person found dead as well. nbc's steven patterson reports the hun for the suspect. >> reporter: fear spreading across two arizona cities. a killer on the loe. >> heard shots, seen somebody's hurt. >> reporter: police in phoenix and scottsdale investigating four shooting deaths in three days. the victims all working in the mental health and legal fields. so far police believe at least three murders are connected. >> we're confident that both scenes are related after we've ooked at the witness statements, the forsic evidence taz been collected. >> reporter: the killings started thursday. the first a prominent phoenix forensic psychiatrist. police say steven pitt was shot outside his office. pitt worked on several high-profile cases includinghe . nbc's "dateline" interviewed him in 2016. >> i'm kind of a news nerd to begin with. so -- and i follow crime stories. always have. >> reporter: on friday two
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rs, valeria sharp and laura anderson, both paralegals working at the same family custody law firm, were shot at their office in scottsdale. one woman found dead at the scene, theereen running outside a being shot in the head, pleading with a bus driver for help. >> female came running up to the bus. she is bleeding fler face. >> reporter: she later died in the hospital. saturday a fourth murder. police discovering the body of psychologist marshall levine inside his own office. >> thoughtful guy. kind of exactly what you'd want in an office partner. >> reporter: just tell me how confident you are that you're to this. >>or information about composite sketch. police, though, firmly believe that suspect beyond that that a break in this case could come from cooperation with the public. any information leading to an arrest, the reward is now at $21,000. phillip, back to you. >> all right, steve, thank you. at least 25 peoplere dead including several children and nearly 300 injured following the eruption of one of central
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america's mostctive volcanoes. local experts say guatemala's fuego volcano spewed red hot lava in one of th volcano's most violent eruptions in four decades. the towering cloud of smoke blanketed nearby villages with heavy ash. the ash spread far enough that the country was forced to close its international airport in guatemala city. nearly 25 miles away. the government's national coordinator for disaster reduction says the explosion stands to impact 1.7 million people. more than 3,000 people have already been evacuated from their homes. officials say rescue operations have been suspended due to the dangerous conditions. more than a month has passed since the first volcanic eruption rocked hawaii's big island. nearly a dozen people are stranded without power, cell reception, or water after lava flows cut off the last remaining escape routes. this after they chose to stay in their homes despite official orders to evacuate or get arrested. and now their only way out is by helicopter. the lava has devoured at least
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87 homes,nd officials expect that number to climb. more than 500 earthquakes have also rocd the island in a span of 24 hours. th's the most ever recorded, including a powerful 5.5 magnitude tremor. in laguna beach evacuations have ended as brush-fire containment efforts continue. as of last night authorities say all residents who were evacuated due to uncontrollable flames and aggressive hot spots have been permitted to return to their homes. thousands were initially displaced in what was a several mo than 400 firefighters along with air teams are still working to combat the fire.nd suffered a minor leg injury but no structuralamr additional injuries have been reported. the cause is still unclear. after one of theos finals history, j.r. smith and the cleveland cavaliers looked to bounce back against the red hot golden state warriors in oakland and behind a 33-point night from steph curry the warriors' high octane offense just proved to be too much for the cavs. the babyfaced assassin set an
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nba finals record by hitting nine three-pointers in this game. despite every effort from lebron to keep his team in the game they just couldn't match the warriors' depth. the warriors went on to beat the cavs 122-103. game 3 will be this wednesday in cleveland. a lot of us starting the morning and the week really, really wet with a drenching out there. nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> it wasn't a fun morning for us. heavy rain in new york city now moving into central portions of nupgd. and that's where the rain will be as we go throughout often of the morning. it will clear out in the afternoon. because of this the temperatures unseasonably chilly throughout the region. highs 10, inots. high in the beginning of june. but it will warm upthek augusta, maine only 52 for your new york city back into the 70
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spots today. gorgeous weather from louisville to lexington, all the way back up to chicago and detroit. heat will still be the story throughout much of the middle of the country all week. >> as long as they send it our way, we'll begin with that. bill, thank you very much. have you seen this latest "time" magazine cover? it is bigger and brighter tan ever. more than 950 drones were used to create the iconic "time" logo at 400 feet in the air over california. look a a sky. for this high-flying publication on drone technology the magazine worked with the intel shooting star company. its devices first appeared as dots in the sky and then can make recognizable shapes and designs. very cool. >> yeah, that is really cool. i wonder what they put inside that. you can superimpose so many different things right in there. very cool. over the weekend jimmy fallon had a tremendous message for the graduating students at marjory graduating students at marjory stoneman douglas high school. sh scarred soaked the sun does not care.
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bombshell revelation that could make you take a second look at your facebook account. after the paper found that facebook allowed 60 device manufacturers including apple, microsoft, and samsung private access to your data and that of your friends, with tests showing manufacturers can not only retrieve data for facebook users on their devices but also data on those customers' friends, their relationship status, political leanings and upcoming events. one democratic lawmaker's already calling for an investigation into the matter, while facebook is refuth "the new york times" reporting saying they disagree with the issues they've raised. a georgiaicficer's been fired after hitti a fleeing suspect with his patrol car. the incident was captured on body camera. officer taylor salrang after th was wanted on a felony probation warrant. the suspect runs in front of the car and the officers rams into him, knocking him to the ground. the suspect suffered scrapes and bruises. in a statement the police
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department says, "this video sfrn the kind of conduct we would expect from the officers." state authority determining if criminal charges should be brought against that officer. it was an emotional day in parkland, florida. graduation for the senior class at marjory stoneman douglas high school. those being honored included four seniors who were among the 17 people killed in thes shooting on february 14th. an among the speakers was "the tonight show" host jimmy fallon. >> when something feels hard, remember that it gets better. choose to move forward. don't let anything stop you. >> fallon also told the students that they had started a movement, not just in florida, not just in america, but throughout the world. still ahead, we haven't seen first lady melania trump since early may. but could something happen today to change that? at gillette for. i bet i'm the first blade maker you've ever met. there's a lot of innovation that goes into making our thinnest longest lasting blades on the market. precision machinery and high quality materials from around the world. nobody else even comes close.
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fast forwarding today, first lady melania trump is expected to attend a white house event honoring gold star families. her attendance will mark the first time since may 10th she has participated in an official event and 24 days since a public appearance. but there is still a chance we won'eeher. today's reception is closed to the press. apple will hold its annual developer conferen, introduce a digital health feature. the softwa designed to help people use their iphones less. and it is national cheese day. to help you celebrate zabar's customers can get cheese straight to their door with a
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15% discount. with that you can stock up on your favorite. an atlanta dermatologist is facing several cases of malpractice from former patients. she has posted videos of herself on youtube singing and dancing right before opening up patients on the operating table. now over 100 women have come forward to say they suffered under this doctor's care. here's nbc's maya rodriguez. >> reporter: on her wers she bills had herself as a doctor to the stars. but she's also thi woman. a doctor singing and dancing for the camera while performing medical procedures on patients. a complete shock for former patient mitzi mcfarland. >> it's just so beyond a level of decency that you wld expect of a doctor who's dealing with women's bodies and their lives. >> reporter: now mcfarland is among those serving dr. boutte
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claiming they suffered severe injuries while under her care. mcfarland says after both she and her sister had liposuction from about dr boutte in 2015 they suffered from scarring, nerve damage and more. >> we both had to call inor more pain medications because the pain was that extreme. >> reporter: attorney susan witt represents mcfarland and several others who have sued. none are in the posted videos. >> they trusted her to make them feel beautiful. >> reporter: the doctor posted the videos to her youtube channel. they've since been removed. nbc news obtained the videos fr to reach either dr. boutte or her attorney. according to georgia state medical records, in the last eight months dr. boutte has paid out nearly $3 million in four separate settlements for medical malpractice and she is still practicing. >> i don't think that she deserves the privilege of having
3:21 am
a medical license. >> reporter: witt says upwards of 100 other former patients have contacted her law farm with concerns about dr. boutte, potentially adding on to this doctor's legal woes. maya rodriguez, nbc news. still ahead, a soggy day so far in new york city. but how's the weather around the country shaping up for your monday? bill karins' forecast is next. f? that's why megared advanced 4in1 packs more o-3 stgel. it supports four vital areas of your body. your heart... your brain... your eyes... anur give your body the omega-3s it's missing. megared advanced 4in1. one pill. more power. she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy
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looking ahead toward the workweek, showers are going to continue today throughout areas of new england. even some periods of rain. very hot. phoenix up to 109 today. as we go into wednesday, still a little cool and damp in areas of new england. pretty quiet weath across much of the country. some showers and storms along the gulf coast. also around eapolis. triple-digit heat. 109 in west texas. the heat wave continues. it let up a little bit this weekend and now it's going to spread back through much of the country. even by friday. just a few storms in the middle of the country. it's a pretty quiet week but the heat will be the big story in the middle of the nation. >> thank you, bill. still ahead, taking geometry out of the classroom and into the real world. how one teacher is giving kids an edge. ♪ oh, look... another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair® works in just one week. with the fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to work on fine lines and wrkles. one week? that definitely works!
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students at a growing number of schools in this country are getting real world use from what they learn in math class. these high schoolers are taking geometry outside of the classroom to measure their success while building a better future. here's nbc's joe friar. >> today we're going to talk about -- >> reporter: geometry classes are typically packed with an overwhelming array of points, lines, and arcs. >> is that a circle? >> reporter: so in colorado decided to tackle the subject from a different angle. >> definitely different than normal math class. >> the pole switch. >> reporter: this is geometry and construction where students actually build houses. here math lessons about trusses and triangles are hammered home. >> it's pretty cool. i like being high up. >> reporter: on the rooftops of their budding projects. >> are you actually learning geometry by doing this? >> yes. i actually am. math's one of my best subjects, and this is helping a lot. >> we're installing the kitchen sink. >> reporter: teacher scott berg says the goal is to show kids
3:27 am
how math applies to the real world. unli where they just memorize it for a test and then regurgitate, it here they actually memorize it but then they go out and apply it to the actual construction site. >> reporter: the program started here 12 years ago, by today is bernd at more than 425 schools will top 500 after more schools are trained this summer. most 69 house they bui non-profits that help the homeless and families in need. >> just that thought alone it brings me to tears. >> reporter: staunt haley hansen understands that need. >> there you go. >> reporter: there was a time her family was living in motels and crashing on friends' couches. >> sometimes people need that little bit of a helping hand to get them on their way and better their future. >> reporter: she has seen firsthand how much these homes help other families. >> it makes me feel like i have a purpose. >> reporter: haley now plans to study construction management in college. she credits this class, which is building homes for the community
3:28 am
and foundations fhe students. joe friar, nbc news, loveland, california. >> no better way to learn than to just actually go out and do it. >> real world experience and they are helping people in need all at once. >> and if he could do that to other subjects too, that would be a school i'd go back to. >> the perfect school 37. a massachusetts high school student got a big surprise at graduation. tyler selliyman stepped on the stage to receive his diploma. the announcer introduced his father are david sel iyman he was granted special leave from his year-long deployment overseas to watch his son graduate. there the two embraced and were met with cheers from the crowd. >> already one of the best most memorable moments of kur life and you add that on top of that. >> it's a good way to start off the week. i'm frances rivera. >> and i'm phillip mena. be sure to follow us on facebook, twitter,
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breaking overnight, rivers of lava are rolling down the streets of guatemala. the president's legal team working on options. an off duty fbi agent is in trouble after some dancing and an accidental discharge of his gun. a new spacex satellite just launched into orbit. >> and


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