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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 4, 2018 4:00am-4:28am PDT

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breaking overnight, dozens killed and hundreds are injured as a massive volcano eruption decimates parts of guatemala. new details ahead. pardon me? the president's attorney making some eye-popping legal comments including whether the president could and would pardon himself. >> look, if they can convince us that it will be brief, it will be to the point, there a five or six points they have to clarify and with that we can get this -- this long nightmare for the american public over -- >> reporter: new developments in the run-up to next wes the "tone message to the students at marjory stoneman douglas high school's graduation ceremonies.
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and it was lights out in game 2 of the nba finals for a red hot steph curry. "early today" starts right now. rn phillip mena. breaking overnight, a fiery volcanic eruption in guatemala has left at least 25 people dead and nearly 300 injured. the volcan de february fuego, or volcano of fire, exploded in a hail of ash and molten lava that reached temperatures of about 1300 degrees. rescuers struggled to reach people where homes and roads were blanketed with ash and worked to help any survivors and recover any bodies. >> local media shows mud and ash covered residents walking barefoot as nearly 3400 people are forced to evacuate but the explosion stands to impact 1.7 million pele. officials say rescue efforts have been suspended due to the dangerous conditions. violence broke out on the what began as peaceful protests clashed. escalated when left-wing anti-fa activists squared off with a right-wing patriot prayer group.
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pepper spray, fireworks and rocks were hurled at members of the opposing side. police showed up in riot gear to break up the bloody fights, urging people to stay out of the immediate area for their safety. they say they confiscated several weapons. four people were arrested. the protests come one year after the same two groups clashed during a pro-trump rally that led to 14 arrests. now to developments in the russia probe. this weekend president trump's personal lawyer rudy giuliani said he is now against having the president testify in the russia investigation. unless special counsel robert mueller produces more documents about the probe. giuliani also made headlines by saying the president probably had the power to he pardon himself, only to backtrack and tell "meet the press" moderator chuck todd this. >> the president of the united states pardoning himself would just be unthinkable. and it would -- it would lead to probably an immediate impeachment. >> it all comes as a legal memo gets leaked, showing the
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clearest view so far of mr. trump's legal strategy in mueller's investigation. let's go to nbc's tracie potts in washington with more. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. this is a me memo are coming fr that report. it's the latestn e trump legal team's strategy trying to get the president out of testifying. it claims that as the nation's top law enforcement officer president trump cannot obstruct justice but he can shut down any investigation including presumably the russia investigation and he could even pardon himself in the times they're reporting that this memo says, in this confidential memo he could unfettered authority over all federal investigations. aln this memo we are learning that president trump did in fact dictate that memo abt his son donald trump jr. meeting with a russian lawyer. here's what his attorney said back then about that.
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>> the president did not draft the response. the response came from donald trump jr. and i'm sure in consultation with his lawyer. i do want to be clear the president was not involved in the drafting of the statement. >> reporter: well, that's not what the memo says. and here's what the president's current lawyer rudy giuliani said when confronted with that. >> this is the reason you don't let the president testify. our recollection keeps changing or wre n assumption. >> reporter: they're concerned about the possibility of a subpoena, the president being forced to testify in the russia investigation. and as giuliani just alluded to, frances, inconsistencies in what he said publicly or what his legal team has said publicly before and what the president might say sitting down face to face with robert mueller and his team. >> all right, tracie, thank you. now to hawaii's volcanic disaster. it's hit the one-month mark and it continues to wreak havoc.
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authorities say nearly a dozen people are stranded without power, cell reception or water after lava flows cut off last remaining escape routes. this after they ignored orders to evacuate or arrested. they'll now need to be ted. the ongoing lava flows have devoured 87 homes and is now racing toward the ocean. fire officials say the lava evaporated all the water of green lake. that's the largest fresh water lake in the hawaiian islan. just over the weekend 500 earthquakes rocked kilauea's summit. officials say that's the highest rate of quakes ever measured. we are now just over a week before president trump and kim jong un are scheduled to hold their summit in singapore with the president saying he is once against cruising toward that summit on june ba with pyongyang after kim yong chol visited the white house on friday. and with preparations intensifying in both washington and asia the question is will we remain on course toward that summit. let's go to nbc's hans nichols
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who is in singapore where those high-level preparations are happening. hans, good morning. >> reporter: preparationsize a good way to do it, and good morning to you. when you think of all the logistics that need to come together for summit of this stature, it is indeet complicated. you need to figure out where both heads of state are going to be staying and crucially where they're going to meet. this is a city that is very well organized. they can be able and they should be able to pull it off, even a high-stakes summit like this. but it's one piece of thepule. there are alsootcretary matwath summit. flying home he told reporters aboard his plane that he's very certain that troop movements, troop withdrawals from south korea will not be on the agenda. and he was very firm about this saying that unless north korea denuclearizes there will not be any lifting of the sanctions. now, one bit of news from the president's delegation, we know that his wife, melania trump, will not j bning him here in singapore. the president will be doing this summit stag.
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guys? >> hans nichols in singapore. hans, thank you. now we turn to some hopeful news for women battling breast cancer. there may be a sea of change in the way doctors treat one of the leading causes of cancer death in women. a new international study finds that often debilitating chemotherapy may not be necessary for the most common type of the disease. according to researchers that means up to 70% of patients could survive without harsh chemo. medical experts say the res nbc's anne thompson h debra reese heard the dreaded words i cancer. reese worried about chemotherapy, but a genetic test that reveals the rix of cancer coming back revealed her risk was low. so she didn't need chemo. >> i was relieved because that adds a whole different dimension to your treatment. >> reporter: that test, oncotype dx, was helpful to those with low scores like reese who didn't nooem need chemo and those with high scores who would benefit from chemo. but what about all the women in the middle?
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now at the annual american society oflinical oncologists meeting, the largest study ever of women with estrogen-fed breast cancer that hasn't spread to their lymph nodes, gives doctors and patients the answer cancer center. >> so is this a game changer? >> this is a game changer for these repter: the study was jus released in the "new england journal of medicine." researchers split that middle group in two. some got chemo plus hormone therapy. others hormone therapy alone. the outcomes for cancer recurrence and overall survival in both were about the same. >>candentify larger group of women that we can avoid chemotherapy and just give anti-estrogen therapy and get the same results. >> reporter: the side effects of chemotherapy can be devastating. hair loss, fatigue, and nausea to name a few. now with the guidance of the gene test those with the middle scores, the majority of women, can skip chemotherapy, a
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development that will change the course of treatment. >> a lot of my patients who are still wondering in their heart should they have done chemo or not, i think this will be very reassuring. >> reporter: for reese, who recently celebrated her 27th wedding anniversary, it's aabou. >> it's always good tthat. always good treassurance. >> reporter: taking away harsh treatment and keeping survival rates the women a better quality of life. anne thompson, nbc news, chicago. it was an emotional day in parkland, florida. graduationor the senior class at marjory eman douglas high school. those being honored included four seniors who were among the 17 people killed in the mass shooting in february. and among the speakers was "ton show ht jimmy fallon. >> when something feels hard, remember tha it gets better. choose to move forward and don't let anything stop you. >> reporter: fallon told the students they had started a movement not just in florida,
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not just in america, but throughout the world. let's take a turn and check on our weather. some of us are starting off with a drenching this morning. bill karins -- >> soggy sxugly. it wasn't a great sunday in new england. the rain will be moving through areas during the day today. it will improve as we get through the afternoon, but the heaviest rains, the steadest rains will be in vermont, new hampshire, massachusetts. cape cod looks to get drenched too. you could see up to an inch of rain. many areas a lot lighter than that. the forecast will be improving throughout the day. areas like philadelphia andewyo. temperaturre in boston. look at the heat. still down in san antonio at 98. but nothings 109. rainy weekend in washington, d.c. not bad in west virginia. highs in the 70s.
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both the trump administration and the government of puerto rico for their lack of action in what she says is a moral imperative to help. >> what is staggering is that the trump administration has completely looked away when this death toll is announced. what is for real, we may not ever know how many people died. is that hundreds or thousands died? and that the government of puerto rico remains silent and idle while the federal government under the trump administration was looking and continues to look the other way and make things very difficult for the puerto rican people. police have confirmed the identities of four people on board a small plane that crashed off the coast of east hampton, new york this weekend. 70-year-old builder to the stars ben krapinsky, his wife bonnie, their grandson 22-year-old willie marav and the pilot. all four are yez yooumd dead but
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so far only two bodies have been recoughed. mr. krapinsky is described as a prominent builder for wealthy celebrities in the ham tobztons and his clients include billy joel and martha stewart. the plane has not been recovered the accident sunder investigation. a family is demanding answers after their dog alejandro died during a layover at detroit's metro airport. the 8-year-old pomeranian was in his pet carrier on a flight from phoenix to new jersey when he was found dead in his blanket stained with blood. the owner says he was alive when they landed ichigan but tw hours later he was gone. in a statement delta says they are conducting a thorough review of the situation and have been working directly with alejandro's family to support them however we can. a necropsy will be performed to determine how the dog died. after a very controversial ending to game 1 of the nba finals steph curry and the golden state warriors looked to make a statement in game 2 against the hungry cleveland cavaliers. curry led the way with 33 points on the night doing most of his damage from behind the arc.
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he set an nba finals record. nine three-pointers that he hit in that game. despite every effort from lebron james to keep his team in the game, the cavs just simply couldn't match the run and gun offense of the warriors. golden state wins 122-103. game 3 will be this wednesday in cleveland. have you seen the miranda rendition of "two goats in a boat"? it is hysterical to sate least. plus actor benedict cumberbatch became a real-life superhero. those details next. lot of innov that goes into making our thinnest longest lasting blades on the market. precision machinery and high quality materials from around the world. nobody else even comes close. it about delivering a more comfortable shave, every time. invented in boston. made and sold around the world. order now at gillette, the best a man can get.
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♪ two goats on a boat ♪ goats down to our throats ♪ two goats onoa on a boat ♪ >> two peas in a pod. jimmy fallon and lin-manuel miranda are two goats on a boat. the two paired up to flaunt their summer goatees and rhyming skills on this video which was posted to fallon's instagram over the weekend. way to kick off our summer with some laughs. you know everything they touch turns to gold so that wl probably turn to a hit too. >> take that, carpool karaoke. instead two goats on a boat. even when the camer aren't rolling benedict cumberbatch still jumps into a character during a robbery in london. he was riding in a taxi when he saw a food delivery cyclist being jumped by four people on the famous baker street. thinking on his feet cumberbatch hopped out of the car and ran over to the attackers shouting to leave the suklist alone. the victim didn't require any hospital treatment and so far no arrests have been made. >> right where sherlock holmes
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lives. >> it happened right there. and of course some pictures of him coming in to savt day too. >> it happened a while it took an uber driver to mention it. >> he didn't need the pat on the back. >> but here he is getting it. well deserved too. a unique regatta also took place on sunday in key west this happened. participants, they were required to complete this course using minimal materials. sailors navigated 23 homemade plywood and duct tape boats. some sank before they even left the dock. others, they capsized along the urse. these races mark 27th annual schooner wharf minimal regatta. prizes were given to the fastest and most creative boats but also to the ones that sank the fastest. so they are rewarding all sorts of things there. >> all or none. really good or you make one that just -- well, the 2018 red bull cliff diving world series made a splash over the weekend. the competition's tenth anniversary kicked off in possum kingdom lake in texas and will continue in portugal,
4:21 am
switzerland, italy among other countries. thousands of fans gathered to watch the world's most daring divers execute dives from heights of up to 90 feet. trophy for the men's took home tournament and mexico's alejandra jimenez won for the look at your losest final ever. weather for the week ahead. bill karins has our forecast next. that's why megared advanced 4in1 packs more omega-3 power into just one small softgel. it supports four vital areas of your body. your heart... your brain... your eyes... and your joints. give your body the omega-3s it's missing. megared advanced 4in1. one pill. more power. she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains
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tomorrow marks a big day in california politics with a record number of democrats vying for seats as they seek higher office following president trump's election. and with so many candidates running, strategists worry that they could split the vote and pave the way for republican wins. as california democrats look to make waves, it's lgbtq candidates in texas who are looking to make history come november with several historic campaigns. nbc's katie beck has more. in red statether, we're going to fight for change. >> reporter: army veteran and becoming the first openly
4:26 am
lesbian and first latina to ever win a major party nomination for governor in the state. >> the truth is texas has a vart of people. we're not just one culture. we're not just one theme. >> reporter: the november ballot will reflect that. more thanlgbtq candidates are running for office in texas. that's three times more than the state has seen in any other election cycle. >> how are you? >> reporter: if elected, former intelligence officer gina ortiz jones will be the first lesbian iraq war veteran and first generation filipina american to represent texas in the u.s. house of representatives. also the firstom to serve from her district. >> that's a lot of firsts. >> it's a lot of >> is it a lot of pressure? >> to me i'm more concerned that i'm not the last. >> reporter: a groundswell in a conservative climate. the state hasn't elected a democrat to statewide office in nearly three decades. and during their last session
4:27 am
texas lawmakers tried to pass legislation denying gay targete. and so we need to fight back and i look forward to doing that. >> reporter: the uphill battle getting harder for valdez following a report that she owes $12,000 in unpaid property taxes. a spokesman tells nbc news valdez plans to pay it off entirely. but the odds don't scare her. >> we've made quite a few advances. but we're not done yet. >> reporter: hoping 2018 will be a winning year for equality on theasballot. katie beck, nbc news, san antonio, texas. the daughter of a fallen state trooper was supported by dozens of her dad's friends at graduation. lauren rich lost her dad in the line of duty when she was just 7 years old. and her high school graduation 39 members of the indiana state police from six police departments came out to honor her family. one of the officers tweeted this photo and said, "we promise we will never forget your family's sacrifice." >> even 10, 11 years later there
4:28 am
they are to support her. >> i'm sure they'll continue to be. i'm frances rivera. >> i'm phillip mena. thanks for watching "early today." he news continues rightere on
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good monday morning to you. june 4th, 2018. live pictures now from oracle arena, dub nation still cheering after warriors win game two of the finals. thanks for start being your morning with us, i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sancz, laura garcia is off. breaking news in the traffic department. mike? >> a tragic crash. this video isriat this hecint hg way driver reported northbound in the southbound lanes of 680 in walnut creek. all of those flares out and the car ended up into the center divide but at the
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