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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  June 4, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein it could mark major c right now at 11:00, a major decision from the supreme court that could mark major changes around the country. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm marcus washington. advocates of religious freedom say this is a win or is it? [ chanting ] >> and right after the ruling, there were protests o-- outside of the supreme court over the decision. sand bob redell is live and what was the response there? >> reporter: good morning. this morning supreme court decision coincides with the start of pride month here in san francisco.
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at any moment we're expecting the mayor to step out on the balcony and raise the lgbtq rainbow flag over the entrance to city hall, a symbol of how much gay rights have advanced in the country and a number of people in the city view the ruling as a setback. this is the scene after the nine justices voted 7-2 in favor of a colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for same-sex couple. he said his cakes are a work of art. and today's decision was a narrow one, they were hostile to the religious views but the court did not give any indication on how it might rule in the future nor give the lower courts much guidance. >> making a latte and a -- and a
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smile, is that artistic expression and are they -- going to say our religious beliefs can't serve you coffee because you are gay. >> i don't know the repercussions, i think find a different baker. but i don't know if his cancelation ruined their wedding plans. >> i think christianity has too much to do with our government which shouldn't be because it is supposed to be separation of church and state. >> reporter: liberal justices ruth bader ginsburg and sotomayor desented while briar and kagen joined with the decision. and live over san francisco city hall and we're expecting the mayor to raise the rainbow flag to coincide with the start of pride month in san francisco. supposed to happen any moment here now. bob redell, today in the day. >> and we'll continue to watch
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that. and house minority leader nancy pelosi is speak out against this ruling saying, quote, the masterpiece cake shop is not about the most -- or rather is about the most fundamental right of all americans to be free from persecution because of who they are and what they love and adding no business or organization open to the public should hide behind the guise of religious liberty. and the conversation continues online. we posted on our facebook page and would like to know what you think. friend us, we are nbc bay area. other local top stories, the man accused of plotting a tear attack on pier 39 in san francisco said he's guilty. the fresno bee saying he pled not guilty back in january but changed his lea hours ago and he admitted to bomb and shoot up the pier. and a hit-and-run investigation in san jose. police are look for a black suv
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and whoever was driving it this morning hit a woman on first and al ma near the spartan stadium near 3:00 a.m. and they describe the injuries as life-threatening. and in palo alto, the city is testing new cameras along four railroad crossings, they are equipped with thermal imaging and on the look out of people trying to stand or jump in front of moving trains. happening now, thousands of people are packed into the san jose convention center learning what is ahead for apple? >> worldwide developer conference brings in programmers from all over the globe. >> yes, it does. we talked to folks in line from london and the middle east and from all over as they waited to hear what apple has planned. now much of what we've seen so far, incremental upgrades thx demonstration where an executive shows you how to point something and have an idea on a screen and they take the idea and build
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apps. we talk to the developers as they stood in line. here is two of them. one traveled from belgium and the other didn't sleep last night. >> i've been coming here since 1996, whenever i can get a ticket of course. but it is saulz exciting. >> i'm excited. i couldn't sleep all night. i'm excited. looking forward. >> so one of the other improvements with ios 12 in september is that the phone could do things. if it detects you're in a church or a tv studio, because it knows where you are, it will turn off the ringer. or when you get into the car, it will play your favorite podcast and then turn on the air-conditioning and tell your spouse and then you set this and never think about that. >> and you like that. and i'll do that myself. >> let me say this --s it called
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me-emoji, and that he program, like on the wii, you could do that. so kris sanchez emoji -- >> with or without a filter? because that changes everything. thank you very much, scott. turning now to our microclimate weather forecast. we won't leave it to chance. we'll let kari talk about it. looking live at san francisco and san jose. a little bit of haze there. >> this weekend you may have been wearing a sweater in some places but other places not at all. good news if that is your thing, hot and sweating. the cooldown is coming. kari hall is tracking the change and it is a big relief for some people facing that. >> inland areas were really hot yesterday and our temperatures across the bay area span from 58 year the coast to 102 degrees yesterday in the tri-valley. a live look outside in palo alto, a traffic moving slow on 101 sound. just a heads up about that. but as we look at temperatures,
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it is much cooler today. only reaching into the mid-70s for the afternoon and still breezy with mostly sunny skies. if you are going out to the giants game later this evening, that is where you need the sweater. it is only going to be in the upper 50s at first pitch. we'll be at 7:15 and it is going to be windy out there, too. our winds gusting up to about 25 to 30 miles per hour. nice and cool there, we'll see the highs in oakland reach up to 71 degrees. coming out of the 90s in the north bay, we'll bring it down to 83 degrees in santa rosa today. still pretty warm in antioch, but at least it is not in the upper 90s. 87 today in san jose. up to 78 degrees. now this cooling trend continues as we go through the middle of the week. i'll have a look at those numbers and ahead for the weekend coming up later. developing in arizona. a man police think was a serial killer is now dead. s.w.a.t. officers surround a phoenix area hotel and
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authorities say that man then shot himself to death inside a hotel room. police say they can connect him to at least three murders and trying see if a fourth killing is connected. they all happened -- happened within the last three days. the survivors of marjory stoneman douglas in florida announced a road to change campaign. it is a 20-state bus tour this summer to register voters and push for gun reform. >> so many people from around the cotry, families and famies a cmunities affected and not affected by gun violence have donated to us and said we believe in your cause and keep moving and we hope after the march we could see some real change. this is us implementing that. this is us making sure that change can go right on paper. >> the new website said that the bus tour will come through california. we reached out for specifics and haven't heard back.
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this is one day after the school held the graduation ceremony. and just in, president george h.w. bush is discharged from the hospital. the 41st president was being treated for low blood pressure. he spent a week in the hospital. the former president also was hospitalized for 13 days back in april after an infection that spread to his blood. so have you voted. the california primary election is tomorrow and the mail-in ballots are starting to roll in. some voters are rolling threw. this is a drive-thru ballot dropoff in martinez. all bay area counties have similar drop offs and you could drop off at most local library and city hall and county administration buildings and such. the governor's race that we are tracking and the mayor and the bridge toll measure. if you are debating how to vote, go to and check
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outour page. ser seena williams withdraw after the much anticipated showdown. the 36-year-old 23 grand slam champion making her comeback had a pectoral muscle injury. knew at 11:00, we're hearing from her. >> beyond disappointed. i gave up so much from time with my daughter to time with my family and i put everything on the court. and all for this moment and it's difficult to be in this situation. but i always -- for now in my life i try to think positive and just think of the bigger picture and the -- hopefully the next event and the rest of the year. >> social media buzzing about this one. so williams worked hard to get back in shape and making her
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grand slam comeback at the french open following the birth of her daughter last september. happening tonight on nbc bay area, game four of the stanley cup finals. at 5:00, the capitals taking on the vegas golden knights. the capitals are up 2-1 in the series. stay tuned for a special edition of news at 8:00 right after the game. coming up, mother nature shows a force. a deadly volcano eruption in guatemala and the rush to save people. plus -- >> do you think differently or feel more responsibility? >> no. i felt terrible then. and i came to grips with it -- >> [ inaudible question ]. >> and nobody believes that i got out of that for free. >> only on nbc, president bill clinton speaks on the me-too movement. and check out our social media pages. we'll help you if you have any problems with your internet provider.
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as lieutenant governor, he skipped many of his duties, saying the job was "so dull," he only shows up to work at the state capitol "like one day a week, tops." the same gavin who, as mayor, "split town" during a massive oil spill and "jetted off.. to hawaii." gavin's not gonna work... as governor
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volcano eruption in a a developing story for yo. take a moment to look at this volcano eruption. this is in guatemala and right now we know 33 people are dead and there are fears that number will go up. so far more than 3200 people are evacuated. chapman bell has the latest. >> reporter: erukting for the second time this year, the volcano of fire spewing lava and sending an ash cloud more than six miles into the sky and rivers of lava in a flow of fast-moving hot gas and debris causes destruction.
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officials estimate 25 people have been killed. and around 300 injured by the violent eruptions and other surrounding areas have been cut off by devastation and authorities fear there could be more casualties. more than 3000 people have been evacuated. the ash cloud forces the airport around 25 miles away to close because of potential danger to planes. dangerous conditions and weather suspended rescue operations last night. they are due to resume this morning as hundreds of rescue workers, including firefighters, police and soldiers look to continue their search for survivors. chapman bell, nbc news, london. our continuing coverage in hawaii. no deaths in the kilauea but it is flowing freely. this is new video overnight and you could see the embers in the distance. three people trapped on sunday are now safe. but they didn't get out alone. the national guard had to airlift them out of an isolated area. officials are urging people in
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those evacuation zones to actually leave. also there was a 5.5 magnitude earthquake there yesterday one of the more than 500 earthquakes over the weekend. geologists say it is the most earthquakes recorded in a 24-hour period on the island. [ bell ringing ] >> windham ringing the bell. and the dow jumped more than 150 points as apple and tech sector hit new records. new at 11:00, at cosco they are getting a raise. the retail giant is boosting the starting minimum wage to $14 an hour. now that is a dollar increase for entry level positions. warehouse employees will also receive an increase to up to 50 cents an hour. costco is just the latest company to raise wages after the new tax law went into effect. just so you know, the minimum
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wage in san francisco is $14 an hour on july 1st it will go up to $15 an hour. b.a.r.t. rapid response team is at work cleaning the trains that need it the most. we told you this would happen last week. crews are starting trains with urgent cleaning needs and they have a mobile website to report a bio hazard when you see one. i think you know what we're talking about. >> we'll continue coverage for you. hunters point shipyard clean-up controversy and the chronicle reporting a widening scandal. more than a year ago the investigation unit first brought you the story. the company hired the navy to clean up the site and fake soil samples later determined to be safe for development and the environmental protection agency is confirming the accusations and they said the navy understated the severity of the problem and it is looking more
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likely this is a case of fraud. how much crashes is excessive? some folks in palo alto are pushing the city to do something about a intersection they say is trouble. it is middlefield and lincoln. they said they reported 19 collisions in the last 7 and a half years and they plan to run a traffic pilot program in the fall but folks want to see something sooner. a lot of people want to see a lot of sunshine but not feel the hot temperatures like we saw this weekend. >> he don't want the heat because you have a -- >> i got the kids out in the sprinkler to cool off. it is really hard to cool down when it gets into the 90s and even 100 degrees. that is what we had over the weekend. so as we head out right now, in spots like san rafael, it is starting to feel better. and mostly sunny skies there, it is still pretty breezy and those winds will kick up through the day. we can see those golden hills of
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sunol with all of the sunshine. the temperature at 78 which is above normal. already for the high temperature. as we get a look at san jose. 71 degrees, now palo alto at 68. and it is 78 in fairfield. morgan hill a hot spot checking in at 81. but if you could believe it, this is 10 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. and the bigger difference will be for the inland areas. so san jose and livermore, a feeling of a cooldown compared to that extreme heat we had over the weekend. as we go to los gatos and check out our temperature trend. in the upper 70s at 1:00 and then 82 degrees. we could hit the high temperature early and then cool off into 6:00 or 7:00 and into the lower 70s with gusty winds kicking in from the west like walnut creek were in the 90s and today only in the lower 80s and
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at 3:00 we're starting to see the temperatures come down. 79 degrees at 3:00. and then some upper 60s at 7:00. nice little evening for a walk. here is a look at high temperatures for today. cupertino with a high of 76 degrees. and notice the winds coming in from the northwest at about 15 miles per hour. it is going to feel windy but still warm for part of the east bay where antioch will top out at 87. in oakland very nice, 72 degrees and it is still going to be cool in half moon bay with a high of 60 degrees and without that very brisk wind, it is going to be much warmer in spots like redwood city reaching 72. san francisco staying in the 60s like we did over the weekend. and for the north bay, winds coming in from the west with highs up to 83 degrees today in santa rosa. now the winds will pick up, sustained winds from san francisco, at times up to 30 miles per hour. while the inland areas at about
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15 to 20 miles per hour. and this is going to help with the cooling as we get a stronger onshore flow, and that strong high pressure over the weekend will be moving off toward the east. and we're also looking forward to the primary election for tomorrow as you start to make the plans in the east bay, spots like concord will start out at 62 at 9:00 in the morning and at noon a very light wind and it is going to be a nice day, reaching into the upper 70s tomorrow. and our cooling trend continues. the coolest day of the week is on wednesday with mostly sunny skies, look at the weekend, though. it is going to be one where we are looking for somewhere to cool off in the mid-80s. and san francisco stays in the 60s but fall could return as early as tomorrow morning. we'll be keeping tabs on that. and of course i'll have the latest tomorrow morning. i'll have another look at the forecast coming up in -- later in the show in about 20 minutes. >> the kids will be mad in we take over that slip and slide. mommy, who are these people? >> coming up here, a new look at
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the historic 1906 quake, the pictures you have to see to believe. but first, happening now, make other plans for pancakes in pleasant hill. the city shut down the pancake house on contra costa boulevard and inspectors found 18 health code violations. also first lady melania trump is likely getting ready for her first public appearance in nearly a month. she will attend a white house reception for gold star families. she spent time in the hospital last month after a kidney procedure. we're back after the break. as as
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up... we check on tourism to world-famous wine country. and - our consumer investigator helps an east bay couple.... running into (turbulence ( tryg to get an airfare refund. )today in the bay ) - 4:30 to . maybe you could save energy by weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat.
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do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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election day. i studied up this week en welcome back. don't forget, tomorrow is election day. i studied up this weekend but i did it poolside watching the kids. so if you don't want to bring your voter guide to the pool, just log on to and we have a whole section dedicated to the election so you could read up on the races impacting you and your community. >> and people doing that today. and we're staying on top of what is trending online and on >> mike inouye joins us. what is happening. >> on our website -- back on april 18th we talked about the annual commemoration of the great quake of 1906 and the destruction and the survivors and we talk about that. we have this photo right here taken from a broadcast last night, photo journalist joe ross ado shows this picture of market
11:27 am
street and we're familiar with the video. taken by the miles brothers and residents of san francisco, a nice newscast where we were allowed to premiere footage from the same photographer and taken just after the quake. we're used to seeing the shots -- look at this. before the quake the buildings were there and now we're talking about one roll of -- one reel of film discovered that we have identical shots from after the earthquake showing the destruction. i want you to check out the website and go there. call it a couple of shots to see. this is the one from a picture of san francisco city hall. you see the cloud and there is an explosion going on there. i'm not sure if that was part of the demolition before the rebuild but there was a ton of rebuild and this one final shot which is very similar, if you look at structure, right in the middle you see the tall building there and on the side, the first video i showed you had a full
11:28 am
bustling market street. this is still market street but the same shot we're used to seeing but this time you see all of the rubble and very few people walking with heads down and a very different city after the quake. so this is phenomenal footage that is coming into our availability. >> just found. >> just found. so historians found this at a flee market who sell it to a coordinator who brought it over to chaplain would film and it was restored by a film historian there. brought back to life. so now the whole circuit brings back the pictures from right after 1906. it is phenomenal footage. great opportunity and we were allowed allowed to premiere that on our show. and go to our website -- and we can help you track the new earthquake -- >> happening all of the time. >> go to map and see the latest. and notice how freak went the
11:29 am
quakes are and we live our life around them. not a huge issue. >> and it is important to be prepared. and remind folks to have the supplies ready. >> definitely. and i'm not saying 1906 was not a huge issue. it was. be prepared but this is not something worth pouring into. >> thank you very much. it was a -- one thing we could say, a lot of people were shaking because we all know that the warriors actually stomped the cavaliers last night. and this is a game two of the finals. >> when you are clearing the bench and putting in all of the nonstarters at the end of the game, you know you've thrown in the towel. mcgee got in on the action. and starting the game and 12 points and steph was spectacular from theowd side and bearing outrageous three-pointer and set a nba record with nine threes and he took that in stride. >> i never woke up and set get
11:30 am
nine threes and make a record and it is playing the game the right way with good intentions and good things happen. >> the final score, dubs win 122-103. the warriors up 2-1 and now headed back to cleveland for games three and four. game three is on wednesday. our local pizza guy said if you are going to order pizza on a game night. order the day before. >> put the order in. >> oh, okay. that makes sense. you heard it here first. is go to, only on nbc. former president bill clinton opens up about monica lewinsky in the wake of the me-too movement. >> i like the me-too movement. i think that it doesn't mean i agree with everything. >> the reason the former president said he does not owe monica lewinsky an apology. clin
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the me too movement. one of the things the me too movement former president clinton is
11:33 am
speaking out about the me-too movement. one of the things the movement has done is change how many people view power dynamic and relationships with subordinates. some would supported clinton then suggested he should have resigned. >> in an interview, craig melvin asked the former president about that and in light of the me-too movement if he would have changed any way he handled the monica lewinsky scandal. >> some say you should have resigned in the wake of the monica lewinsky scandal and you said you would not have. and if you were president now in 2018 with everything that is going on with the me-too movement, how would you have approached the accusations differently? >> well i don't think it would be an issue because people would be seeing the facts instead of the imagined facts. if the facts are the same today, i wouldn't. >> in 1998 president clinton shocked the world.
11:34 am
first denying and then admitting to an affair within turn monica lewinsky and the investigation ended with him being the second president ever to be impeached. >> you're asking, don't we have a right to change the rules. but you don't have a right to change the facts. >> reporter: he said critics are now pouncing in light of the me-too movement but he stands business hi decision to fight impeachment rather than resign. >> so the facts have been conveniently omitted to make the story work. but i think partly because they are frustrated that they got all of the serious allegations against the current occupant of the oval office and the voters don't seem to care. i think i did the right thing and i defended the constitution. >> do you think this president has been given a pass with regard to the women who have come forward and accused him of sexual misconduct. >> no. but it anything like the
11:35 am
coverage you would expect. >> reporter: president trump has been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior, all of which he denies. >> i like the me-too movement. i think that it doesn't mean i agree with everything. i still have some questions about some of the things made. >> this march monica lewinsky pinned an op ed in vanity fair taking part of her part and years later she was diagnosed with ptsd. >> this forced a lot of women to speak out. and one of them is monica lewinsky and she wrote an op ed that the me-too movement changed her view of sexual harassment. he was my boss and 27 years my senior and with enough life experience to know better he was at the time while i was in my first job out of college. looking back on what happened, through the lens of me-too now,
11:36 am
do you think differently or feel more responsibility? >> no. i felt terrible then. and i came to grips with it. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> yes. and nobody believes that i got out of that for free. i left the white house $16 million in debt. but you typically have ignored gaping facts and i bet you don't even know them -- this is litigated 20 years ago. two-thirds of the american people sided with me. and they were not intenseive to that. i had a sexual harassment policy when i was governor in the '80s. i had two women overrepresented in the attorney general's office in the '70s and i've had nothing but women leaders in my office
11:37 am
since. you are giving one side and omitting facts. >> mr. president, i'm not trying to present a side. >> you asked me if i agreed and the answer is no, i don't. >> and i asked if you would ever apologize and you said you have. >> i have. >> you apologized. >> i apologized to everybody in the world. >> it's important to me that everybody who has been hurt know that the sorrow i feel is genuine. first and most important my family. monica lewinsky and her family. >> but you didn't apologize to her. >> i have not talked to her. >> to offer an apology? >> no. i did not -- i've never talked to her. but i did say publicly on more than one occasion that i was sorry. that is very different. >> and you don't think a private apology is owed. >> i think this is 20 years ago. come on. let's talk about jfk, let's talk
11:38 am
about -- lbj, stop already. >> i don't think -- do you think president kennedy should have resigned or believe president johnson should resign. someone should ask you the questions the way you formulate the questions. i dealt with it 20 years ago plus and the american people, two-thirds stayed with me and i tried to do a good job since then with my life and with my work. >> and you can see the former president later in month. clinton and author james patterson will talk at the sap center on june 28th. take a look at this badly mangled car. the driver behind the wheel did not survive this crash. the chp said a woman was driving the wrong way on interstate 680 around 1:30 this morning when it happened. she struck the median just north
11:39 am
of la vorna road and all lanes reopened this morning. a weekend at the el cerrito b.a.r.t. station and one man is in custody and another in the hospital. this is after a stabbing. this happened on saturday night and police say 50-year-old carl johnson stabbed another man in the stomach. it is not clear what led up to the altercation or if they knew each other. the victim has serious injuries. new details now from family members mourning the death of two experienced rock climbers on yosemite el capitan. tim klein and jason wells died on saturday morning after they fell about a thousand feet. and they are both from southern california. just last year klein was named teacher of the year for the antelope valley school district and his wife said he'd done that same climb 100 times before. >> i never worried about him because he's so safe and careful. >> family members say he -- he was a devoted dad and they were
11:40 am
speed climbers and the cause of the fall is under investigation. and survivors of the parkland florida shooting are graduates. seniors walked across the stage on sunday. the ceremony honored four students who were among the 17 killed in the february shooting. officials also thanked their teacher. >> i would also be remiss if i didn't recognize another group that is possible for the graduates being here today. all of the teachers, and administrators and staff -- >> "tonight" show host jimmy fallon encouraged them to keep making a differee in the world. a major step in rebuilding. electrical work underway in santa rosa, in one of the neighborhoo neighborhoods destroyed by the wildfire. they will get new cables and transformers put in. the infrastructure was destroyed by the fire high temperatures. more than 19,000 feet of new cable will be laid down. the new lines should be
11:41 am
installed and running by the end of the year. did you have trouble breathing this weekend? the east bay air quality is so concerned after this massive fire that happened on saturday. it was at the schnitter steel recycling facility in oakland and it appears that a flammable car part started the fire. health officials are monitoring air pollution levels. -- inspectors plan to visit again this week to check for violations. coming up, kari hall has what we could expect weather wise and for the rest of the week. >> it won't be oppressively hot like over the weekend. record-breaking temperatures. today it is cooling off. today in fremont, the highs only reach the upper 70s and a cooldown this evening with breezy winds. we'll talk about what is ahead for the rest of the week and into the weekend coming up next. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. the way you prop up your mattress could determine whether the warranty is valid.
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nbc bay area responds, next.
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when the worst oil spill hit san francisco, first responders went to work. and mayor gavin newsom, he went to hawaii. man: newsome left the day after the spill for a four-day vacation in hawaii. the same gavin who said his job as lieutenant governor was so dull, he only showed up for work at the state capitol one day a week, tops. gavin's not gonna work as governor. my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service.
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i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. fremont man who says a mattress warranty kept nbc bay area responds to a fremont man who said that a mattress warranty kept him up late at night. >> chris chmura looked into the dispute. >> good morning. we get dozens of complaints to
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hear about mattresses, related to sagging or lumps. this one is different. carlos gonzalez contacted us after his beauty rest warranty claim was denied. he said the bed began tearing at the seams less than a year after he bought it. we asked beauty rest why. it said that tearing was because the bed frame wasn't providing proper support and that voided his warranty. beauty rest later agreed to restore the warranty, provided carlos corrected the support issue and sent him a free mattress cover. quite observe -- quite often you need to ask detailed questions about the warranty. some manufacturers require the use of a box spring or similar support and there might be a very specific definition of problems like sagging that must be met before they will replace it. figure that out upfront and if you don't like those conditions, go ahead and look for another
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mattress. if you are losing sleep over a consumer problem, call us, 888-996-tips. or visit >> well there are a lot of promotion ceremonies and graduations and sometimes it is tough for the grandparents to be out in that heat. kari. >> and the good news is we don't have to deal with that for too much longer. in fact, today starts our cooling trend as we look outside from the cooler spot around the bay area right now. looking at tiburon where it is 64. and then in san jose, making it into the low 70s already. but at least it is still feeling fairly nice. it is 78 now in livermore. morgan hill, heating up fast, up to 83 degrees there. and it is 63 degrees at oakland. 64 right now in san francisco. and we measured quite a bit of cooling for much of the bay area. especially the inland valleys. and this is where you feel the
11:47 am
difference into the next several days. the coast will stay about the same. but the valleys are going to be quite a bit cooler and as we get a look at our san jose temperature trend, we'll be at 76 degrees within the next hour and then 78 degrees, we'll have a high temperature early and the rest of the afternoon is when the breeze will kick in and it will cool down significantly as we look at martinez, reaching into the mid-80s. still quite warm. at 3:00 in the afternoon, that is when we meet that high temperature and then by 7:00 it is at 74 degrees. as we look at all of our high temperatures. cupertino, a high of 8degrees and in the east bay, 87 in antioch and vallejo expect a high of 83 degrees. and 72 degrees in oakland. and for san mateo, 70 degrees. and still in the upper 50s in daly city. san francisco reaching the mid-60s from the embarcadero to
11:48 am
the mission district and ingleside up to 60 degrees. and point rayes, 63 and compare that to 83 in santa rosa and sonoma, expecting a high of 82 degrees. but as we talked about, it is so hot over the weekend. we were see something triple-digits in a few spots. but now we have this northerly wind and northwesterly wind. and through the rest of the day, san francisco will be gusty. winds at about 26 to 30 miles per hour. inland areas feeling those breezes too, even in the south bay. san jose wind speeds at about 15 miles per hour. and then calming down tonight. we'll do it all over again tomorrow. as we look at what is happening out there. things are fairly quiet. as we get ready for election day in the south bay tomorrow, at 9:00, it will be all clear and 60 degrees at noon. 68 degrees and only reaching the low 70s tomorrow for the south bay. and then it will be a comfortable 67 degrees and once again it is still windy by
11:49 am
tomorrow evening. and some upper 60s and as we look at the rest of the forecast, the cooling continues, the best day on wednesday for the inland areas. warming up in time for the weekend. but this won't be unbearably hot. and san francisco will start to see the fog returning tomorrow and we're keeping the temperatures in the 60s throughout the rest of the week. and i'll have another quick look at the forecast coming up later. >> thank you, kari. coming up next, the next time your flight is delayed don't head to the airport bar. the new way you could learn how to safe a life while you wait for your flight.
11:50 am
i call it like i see it. the race for governor has turned into a scam. gavin newsom's trying to elect a republican who was endorsed by trump. and villaraigosa's being bankrolled by a handful of billionaires. it's everything that's wrong with politics. and none of it is helping struggling families. here's my pledge to you. i'll keep our budget balanced. invest in affordable housing. fight for universal healthcare. and stand up to donald trump. as governor, you can trust me to do what's right- because i always have.
11:51 am
i thought after sandy hook, where 20 six and seven year olds were slain, this would never happen again. it has happened more than 200 times in 5 years. dianne feinstein and a new generation are leading the fight to pass a new assault weapons ban. say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. california values senator dianne feinstein a new survey says nearly half of so how do you feel about the bay area? most of us feel good but a survey said half of the people here want to leave. >> and every year there seems to be more and more people wanting to leave. now a study by the bay area council found 46% said they would likely leave the bay area in the next few years.
11:52 am
that is up from 34% two years ago. now the reason is, no big surprise here, the high price of housing. and the cost of living. >> most people who live here know what causes people to leave. expense -- everything is expensive and traffic. >> i have decided to moof -- to move into a travel trailer and park it in the delta area and commute to the city. >> that is survey and say that bay area traffic is another huge factor in wanting to leave. >> how could you leave your family? so starting today, you could use the time you spend waiting for a flight learning how to save a life. oakland international wants you to spend two minutes learning cpr. watch this. the american heart association training kiosk walks you through the bakersfields of hands only cpr, where to put your hand and how hard to push and how often and then test your skills on a rubber mannequin.
11:53 am
i took it. and i passed with a score of 84. but only after i failed with a zero the first time. passengers say they think it is a good idea. >> if it saves lives, the more instructors and more people that could you do it is better. push hard and fast. you can't go wrong. >> oakland international is only the second california airport with the hands only training kiosk and the only airport in the bay area. you could find those in terminal two and in the international terminal. and that only took two minutes. >> that is fun. >> take a look here at southern california couple, getting ready for a tandem bike ride from san francisco to la. this is to raise money for charity. now they're story is pretty inspiring. david francisco and his wife christie are from fullerton and today they're share their story on the "ellen" show. back in 2016 he was hit by a car and told he would never walk again. well he spoke with ellen about his challenging recovery and how he regained the ability to walk
11:54 am
as well as how he decided immediately to forgive the woman who wasesponsle for the accident. >> so someone hit me and it was acciden and they didn't mean too. they must feel awful. and tell her that it's okay and i forgive her. whatever happens, she shouldn't hold that -- >> so you could watch that full interview. that is on "ellen" at 3:00 right after nbc bay area -- or here on nbc bay area and nbc "nightly news" will come on and we will carry a special 4:30 newscast ahead of the game at 4:00 for the stanley cup. or game four coming up at 5:00. and we'll be right back. pare
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♪ ♪ [ singing ] >> take a listen there. so parents, think of all of the school recitals that you sat through, did you hear a song this good. that little boy has some talent. this is a 10-year-old, adam singing john lennon's "imagine" and a fourth grader in minnesota and that video has been seen more than 9 million times. >> congratulations to him. congratulations. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning starting at 4:30.
11:58 am
we all know guys like gavin... boasting. overselling his achievements. making false claims. as lieutenant governor, he skipped many of his duties, saying the job was "so dull," he only shows up to work at the state capitol "like one day a week, tops." the same gavin who, as mayor,
11:59 am
"split town" during a massive oil spill and "jetted off.. to hawaii." gavin's not gonna work... as governor i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school
12:00 pm
about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california. four -- three -- two -- one. looking back on what happened, through the limbs of manafort now, do you feel differently or more responsibility? >> no. i felt terrible then, and i came to grips with it. >> did you ever apologize? >> no. and nobody believes i got out of that for free. i left the white house $16 million in debt. >> oh, boy. the interview everybody is talking about today. former president bill clinton back in the spotlight and once again in the hot seat about the monica lewinsky scandal with


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