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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 5, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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today marks the beginning of a pivot alley leks cycle here in the golden state. we're breaking down all of the major races and ballot measures for you and all you need to know before hitting the polls today. good morning and thanks for starting your morning with us. i'm marcus washington. of course we're going to get your traffic and up to date with that in just a moment with mike inouye. first, kari, another beautiful day. >> it's going to be really nice and also much cooler for the inland areas you're going to notice that difference and we'll be coming down out of the 80s and 90s. upper 70s for antioch today. we start out with cool temperatures and sunshine at 9:00, heading out to the polls it will be 64 degrees. noontime temperature 73 and eventually making it up to the upper 70s but it will be windy today and that keeps the coast cool with san francisco reaching 62 degrees. in san jose, 71 and in napa today 78 degrees. we'll talk about more of those temperatures and warm-up ahead and mike has a problem on the bay bridge. >> we do.
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this is tuesday, we expect more traffic than yesterday and also we have more slowing than just a few minutes ago westbound just shy of treasure island, the traffic starts to break up. now over at the toll plaza side, been monitoring this. there are no metering lights just yet but i did see a tow truck leave the parking lot and head over across the span. we'll track that but right now westbound 801 slow to treasure island. add another ten minutes to be safe from east bay into san francisco. back to you, marcus. >> thanks, mike. in decision 2018, voters will decide which candidate for governor compete head to head in november. the two top advances regard lgs of political party. here are the six candidates who debated right here on nbc bay area. we'll list them in no particular order. lieutenant governor gavin newsom, state treasure john
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chung, businessman john cox, former state school chief eastinand travis allen and former mayor antonio villaraigosa. another race we're following in the south bay, current lori sminl has four challenges, john iriwawa and jose salekrxts ito and martin monica. in san francisco, voters will weigh in on the use of tasers by police officers. that issue has been simmering for some time now with a lot of back and forth. most recently the police commission in march voted to begin deploying tasers. chief bill scott is on board but the police officers union still went ahead with its own ballot drive. proposition 8 would be less restrictive and override the new police commission policy. >> and we're going to have much more of that coverage on today's
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election throughout the morning. if you're still debating how to vote, head over to for a look at our special election page. there you can see all of the gubernatorial candidates substances on issues important to you and other information on local state and national races. happening today, making tech companies pay their share. mountain view city council members are going to make a final decision on the so-called google head count tax. it puts a tax on the number of workers a company employees within city limits. bob redell is live at google headquarters with the impact this could have. mountain view isn't the only city really considering this. >> reporter: true, good morning to you, marcus, the city of cupertino home to apple is also looking at a similar ballot measure that would tax companies based on the number of people who work there. to be clear, this is not something voters are voting on today. this would be for the november
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ballot. google, which is here behind me would pay the city $5.4 million first year. the city of mountain view says it needs the extra revenue to create more affordable housing for people priced out of the area and help alleviate the extra traffic and housing problem brought on by the business boom here in silicon valley. what mountain view is proposing restructuring their current business license tax. if approved by voters, the new plan would tax businesses anywhere from 100 to $400 a year, that would be a progressive flat rate for companies with 1 to 50 employees. for companies with more than 50 employees, there would be a tax per employee again a progressive rate that ranges from 50 to $300 per head count. that's $300 mer person for companies like google who have more than 5,000 employees. the city estimates the tax would generate around $10 million a year. later tonight at city council,
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will decide whether or not to approve it for the november ballot. the president of the silicon valley leadership group tells the mercury news he believes a job tax like this would stunt job growth and as we mentioned, the city of cupertino will also consider whether or not to put a similar tax on the ballot and they'll make that decision sometime over the summer. reporting live in mountain view, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. 5:05. a follow-up to tell you about this morning. a ride share nightmare but now some relief for the victim thanks to hard working detectives. investigators say that two men are in jail accused of randomly grabbing a woman off the street, this is in san francisco and then sexually assaulting her in sonoma county. she got into a carhinkg it was a ride share. we told y a this story a couple of months ago when it happened. that victim escaped at the safeway parking lot. deputies zeroed in on this dodge magnum using the victim's cell
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phone records. >> we were able to pull her phone records and we got about the time she crossed the golden gate bridge, which certainly helped us out because we were able to get video from the golden gate bridge district. >> detectives remembered seeing that black car and the blue license plate light in surveillance video. investigators then asked nearby agencies for help and novato police were able to give them a name. the search of the cell elphone records showed them in the same places at the same time as the victim. both men are expected in court later today. san leandro city manager will soon be back on the job. here's the back story. the city council placed chris za zapata on paid administrative leave in january after the director of a non-profit accused him of sexual misconduct. after an investigation, the city council determined the allegations lacked credibility. we don't know when exactly he'll be back on the job.
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you know all about the housing crisis in the bay area, now there's a push to bring more affordable housing to the south bay. santa clara leaders will consider giving more than $66 million towards new development. chris sanchez is live in san jose with where the projects could go. >> reporter: hi, marcus, this is a second of two actions santa clara county supervisors have to take to move on the affordable housing particularly for low income seniors. i want to show you a map of where this is. we're talking about a parcel of land in gilroy. this is where the greateway senr apartments would go up north of irvin court. it is enough land for 75 affordable apartments, half of which would provide supportive housing for seniors with special needs this is just $66 million of that measure a housing bond that santa clara county voters approved in 2016. the supervisors will vote to
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create 465 new low income units for families and individuals and also create a $25 million fund for down payment help for first time home buyers in the form of deferred loans for down payment. the median home price in santa clara county is now nearly $1.3 million, which is up 26% over last year. the median rent in the county is $3500 a month. that will certainly be weighing on the supervisors as they make their decision. if they choose to move forward today, then the county takes ownership of that land on june 20th and then we could see ground breaking after that. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> right now at 5:08, we walk out the door, it's nice and cool. as you get ready to head out to work, it's going to be a nice clear start in san jose. that morning commute will be in the mid-50s at 7:00 and 60 degrees at 9:00. mostly sunny skies for the south bay and a very comfortable
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afternoon as you head out to vote in walnut creek, it will be sunny and cool and 9:00 it will be 60 degrees and noon 69 degrees and comfortable 73 at 3:00 today. we are in for some nice cool temperatures and that continues into tomorrow as well and warm-up in the forecast. i'll talk about it in a few minutes. mike gets us out the door checking on the bay bridge and peninsula. >> behind me right here, you notice a full traffic stop and that stopped seconds ago, northbound 101 approaching university, just north of emb k embarcade embarcadero, traffic held up while they moch the cones and crews and overnight road work just about completely clear. until it does, you have a delay. expect another 5 to seven minutes from mountain view up through this area. the bay bridge shows a slower drive westbound across the span. a tow truck may do work over there as you approach treasure island. that disabled vehicle blocking one lane. that is the big problem right now. i do see a backup forming over at the bay bridge itself.
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we'll track what's going on there as well as crews clearing from sunol but there's slowing right now. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up here on "today in the bay," are you ready for the next disaster? the south bay neighborhood getting praise for how prepared they are for an emergency. >> the starbucks executive may have some grande plans. marcus? >> i lost them and i was the police officer there with the gun. that's going to haunt me the rest of my life. >> later, speaking out for first time, coming up at 5:30, that resource officer accused of failing to stop the parkland school shooting shares his side of the story. his moment by moment account of what he says really happened that day.
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it is 5:13 and we're looking live in fremont. nice cool temperatures, it's going to be a beautiful day but you do need a jacket as you get ready to step out the door. we'll be at 60 degrees and low 70s today heading into the forecast. a couple more delays of this cool weather and then a warm-up. i'll talk about all of that coming up in five minutes. >> as you look right now as we said, just a couple of minutes and they reopened 101 through the construction zone, still got crews to clear there and bay bridge westbound looks like a disabled vehicle has been pushed over towards san francisco side but we have some recovery and additional backup.
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>> and very good tuesday to you, companies making news, twitter is going to get a slot on the s&p 500. this is important because some funds is set up their rules so that they now have to buy twitter stock. starbucks the chairman there howard shultz will step down. there's a lot of speculation he'll make a run for president in 2020, facing offer against donald trump. he is on the board of square here in san francisco. the nasdaq set a new record monday. the first time it hit a record in quite some time pushed higher by tech stocks, microsoft and amazon have been on a tear lately. donald trump recently tweeted in many ways this is the greatest economy in the history of america and best time ever to look for a job. i often point out when the president is misguided. let me tell you here he's absolutely correct. shares in apple helped push the nasdaq higher and apple hit a new record monday. worldwide developers conference continues today in san jose.
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yesterday we saw new features in os 12 which will come out in september, including memoji, to create an emoji that looks just like you. >> i'm can select my eye color. as i'm making changes, the character up above is coming to life. >> that will come out in september. as a free update to ios12 i d s guess it will be now. no new products or devices but lots of software. >> that's what we like, when you change too many, it gets too complicated. >> yes, it does. >> back to our decision 2018 coverage and if you're in san jose, you will see two measures on the ballot, both dealing with senior housing and there's measure b and c. measure b calls for the city to change zoning rules this is to allow places zoned for business development to build senior housing. supporters want to put more than
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900 units in the evergreen campus industrial area. mease cshe mayor's counter proposal and it also cnges the zoning rules but it requires half of the new housing to be affordable and requires fiscal and environmental reviews. meantime, help may be coming for san francisco tenants facing eviction. if voters approve a measure meant to give them a legal boost. proposition f would provide tenants a free attorney within 30 days of receiving an eviction notice. legal representation would be supplied in the case is resolved. the city dollars would cover the cost. in other news this morning, happening today, in honor for group of workers making sure san jose's japantown is ready for an emergency, city council will celebrate the community group and san jose students who worked last month to collect emergency supplies. developing in central america, the search for survivors continues in guatemala.
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it's still too hot in many of the places to pull those bodies out. some are really thickly coated with the ash. first responders say that they look like statues. this morning, we are actually seeing the moment the volcano of fire started erupting this weekend. we expect the number to keep rising as the recovery teams move into those areas most impacted by the lava. right now over 3,000 people have been evacuated. >> new video for you and when you think the word shark with rescue, you may not how you normally picture it right here, but after a few pictures, to capture that moment right there, a man in south carolina came to the rescue of a black tip shark. it became stranded on the shore. this is after a fisherman reeled it in using the tailfin as the kind of handle. you can see that shark began
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being slowly dragged back into the water safely hopefully. reuniting with his family. >> at least with the water. >> as least that's the number one thing. >> when you hear shark rescue, i think rescue from the shark. >> exactly. everyone needs help sometimes. >> we need help -- not much help today because it's going to be nice. >> it's going to be so nice today, a lot of sunshine and cooler temperatures. it was hot over the weekend so this is our little break before it heats up again. our temperature still going up and down as we take a live look outside in san jose, we are about 30 minutes from sunrise right now and we're seeing some of those thin clouds moving by. it's going to be a very nice day. a few clouds here and there in santa teresa, 57 degrees at 9:00 and low 70s today which is well below normal. we should be in the upper 70s this time in june. we're heading up to 71 degrees in san jose. gilroy will be up to 77 degrees there, nice and warm and also
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comfortably warm in parts of the delta and also over towards concord. a high of 78 degrees and 65 in oakland. half moon bay will be at 63. we'll be up to 67 in redwood city and gusty winds coming in from the west in san francisco as the city will be in the 50s and mid-60s as well. in novato, expect a high of 75 degrees and 78 in santa rosa. it's going to be gusty for the rest of the day. winds coming from the northwest and turning more westerly as we go into the evening. we can also see that fog returning early tomorrow morning. but i think these winds are really keeping it mixed up as we get a look at the satellite and radar, we have a trough, this elongated area of low pressure setting up along the coast is going to keep us in with the westerly winds but it's also producing some rain, light rain for the pacific northwest. now, that's all going to clear out. as you make weekend plans, it will start to warm up. let me know what you're doing
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this weekend. @karihall weather on facebook and twitter. we'll talk about the weekend forecast in a few minutes as we look at what you'll seal for the inland areas, breezy, 75 degrees, little bit cooler for tomorrow and thursday still pretty nice but it will be warming up for the weekend. low 90s back in the forecast to start next week. we're enjoying a break from the hot weather. san francisco will go from 58 degrees tomorrow, 59 into the low 7 0s early next week. >> you still have the backup. >> because of the crash that was on the span that has been cleared, we have recovery on the span but now we have the metering lights turned on as a result. they were turned on at 5:05, that's about 20 minutes early and we have the backup forming early slow off the 880 overcrossing hoping to clear the metering lights faster and that helps ease the backup, so far everybody else getting to the bay bridge, walnut interchange, off the carquinez bridge, all
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moving nicely. same thing for the maze. i think they are going to speed the metering lights up as they move the crash to the san francisco side. a nice easy drive for the rest of the bay. we have slowing in palo alto but i do want to point out the slowing through sunol where construction crews scheduled for the northbound side but slowing southbound, chp may ask for help over there it does look like crews are moving over the next few minutes. mean while, these crews finish the moving 101. you see traffic restoring back to the lanes from embarcadero past university. we have 101 back in service from the overnight construction crews where they were down a couple of lanes. back to you. >> 5:21. coming up here, a disturbing warning in the east bay. the person pretending to be a cop to scam you. plus -- living through a night mare. an nbc news exclusive. this morning we hear from the young american who was just released from a venezuelan prison.
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hear the horrifying story what life was like behind bars. warni.
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be wary of a poli c 5:24 right now. new this morning, a warning for you, be wear of a police impersonator in contra costa county. several people reported getting calls from someone who claims to be an officer but the thing is he is not an officer. the scammers call their i.d.
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makes it look like he's calling from the police department and tells people to send him money or he'll arrest them. the real police say if you get that call, just hang up. a terrifying crime in the north bay. police right there need your help finding that suspect. i want you to look at this picture right here. they released this sketch of a man they say chased down a teenage girl last month. a witness saw him saw her a but she was able to get away. disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein will be in court today, aappear in a new york city courtroom to face criminal charges. it involves allegations made by former actress evans. the alleged weinstein forced her to perform oral sex. he denies all of those allegations. now an nbc exclusive, for first time we're hearing from an
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american missionary who survived almost two years in a prison known for human rights abuses. holt went to venezuela and police arrested him shortly after he was married and accused him of being a spy. he and his family taulked to hoa kotb this morning. >> there was a lot of anger but i had to keep pushing. i knew that i was his wife and i was only thing that -- going to be able to get him home. if i wasn't loud, if i wasn't bringing his case to the front of the american public and to our government, for them to push against the venezuelan government, i knew i would never get him home. >> okay y, the full interview o the "today" show after "today in the bay." >> we have more for you on "today in the bay," including breaking news just into our
5:27 am
newsroom. the sweeping changes coming to the miss america competition. also, open for business as the new fire season heats up, we check on how businesses are doing in wine country months after the devastating wildfires. but first a live look outside at the bay bridge. a full check on the weather and traffic this tuesday morning coming up. you're watching "today in the bay." it )s offi i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message.
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i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein
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vote for-- we )ve got you it is officially election
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day. if you're still debating what to vote for, we've got you covered. we're breaking down all of the big measures in races you need to know about this morning. good morning to you. and thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. right now we want to head over to kari hall with your election weather forecast. it's going to be nice and easy today. >> no excuses, you can't blame the weather for not heading out there. let's look at the election forecast in hayward. it will be mostly clear, 58 degrees at 9:00. and noontime temperature nice and comfortable, 62 degrees, only make it in the upper 60s there today, comfortably cool and with gusty winds too at 6:00. as we get a look at the rest of the forecast in san francisco, we've got a giants game tonight. first pitch at 57 degrees, it's going to be windy. make sure you're bundled up. a gradual warm-up on the way and i'll have more on that in a few minutes and we'll talk about the weekend.
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mike, a look at the bay bridge. >> look at the bay bridge bind me, i don't want to look. the backup is still there, it formed early because we had a crash on the span but now the sp span is completely clear. they were turned on 20 minutes earlier than we normally see. a lighter flow through alameda into the area. hopefully will help. we see early backup in the maze itself. we'll see if we get a chance to recover. a smoother drive but still slow in sunol. we'll end with this map right here, showing slowing in sunol itself and may be because of the northbound side, trying to sort this out. i'll send it back to you. >> at 5:31, back to that election day coverage this morning. as we prepare you for what's ahead at the polls. one of the closest watched local races is the one for san francisco mayor. >> in this case, if no one receives more than 50% of the vote, the race will then be decided by ranked choice. more than half a dozen
5:32 am
candidates are in the mix. the top candidates include london breed and jane kim and former supervisor mark leno and another former supervisor angela alioto. it's a crucial election day in santa clara as well. recalling judge aaron persky, after he sentenced former stanford swimmer brock turner to six months in county jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. people behind the recall say that the judge was too lenient. persky says he followed the law. voters will also choose between two candidates to replace persky today. sticking with nbc bay area for continued election coverage, we'll have all of your election day news and results both on air and online and a special one-hour newscast at 11:00 tonight if you want to read up on the big races, visit of course we have a special election section for you. >> breaking news just coming in
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on this tuesday morning, miss america enters the modern age. the swim suit competition is out. we're not talking about a beauty pageant anymore either. two bombshells announced on abc outlining the future of the miss america competition. simply put, they are saying miss america is no longer a beauty contest. not only will the swim suit competition go away but the evening gown portion is also being revamped. ahead of the competition, gretchen carlson explained what's behind the decision. >> but now we're adding in this new caveat that we are not going to judge you on your outward appearance because we're interested in what makes you you. carlson acknowledged the me too movement for inspiring these changes. you'll see them when the next miss america competition takes place in september. at 5:33, we're officially in wildfire season and the north bay as you see right here still recovering from last year's wildfire. this morning we're taking a closer look at how far the tourism industry has come since
5:34 am
last year's devastating wildfires in wine country. pete suratos is live in santa rosa with the progress businesses are making. good morning, pete. >> yeah, good morning to you, marcus, you know it all depends on which part of the north bay you're talking about when it comes to tourism or business in the area. i want to point out as we're standing here in coffey park in santa rosa, you're seeing a number of homes being built and that has been a good thing for the economy, at least here in santa rosa. here's information that we're getting from the santa rosa chamber of commerce, the economy overall is doing pretty well and that's because of some of these recovery projects or the recovery projects that i just showed you because their hotel rooms in the area are being booked by workers and officials who are in town doing work on some of these projects. now the winery traffic has been showing signs of life according to the chamber of commerce here and saying that businesses around the fire zones are still struggling. so we're talking about the businesses such as the larkfield
5:35 am
shopping center still struggling because of the wildfires. let's talk about the sonoma area, these are the latest information we're getting from the sonoma chamber of commerce saying october and november were slow months just after the wildfires and business has been picking up since january. now as far as napa valley goes, the fires had no impact on what's called the napa valley fl floor. that's highway 29 and silverado trail. the fire mostly impacted the hillside area. it didn't touch much of the winery, we're talking about a small number of wineries affected. 400 of the wineries are open days after the wildfires. so didn't see much difference as far as their business goes. it appears that a majority of the wineries in napa are seeing business as usual but there's still some work ahead for these businesses near the fire stones like we're standing out in coffey park. live in santa rosa, pete suratos, "today in the bay." >> seeing devastation behind you, such a reminder. it is also a tough time for the
5:36 am
49ers faithful. mourning the loss of ledge end dwight clark. >> hello, my 49 faithful. >> this is video of clark being honored at the niners game last october. yesterday clark lost his battle with als at the age of 61. so young. he played eight seasons with the 49ers but he will be forever remembered by fans and players for the catch. that one, the 1982 nfc championship game. >> everyone liked montana but then there was dwight, the good looking guy and miss world wife and dwight lived the life. >> joe montana who threw the pass that would become the catch tweeted dwight was a vibrant charismatic soul. we are heart broken over the passing. while we knew it was inevitably coming, it came way too soon. >> the resource officer widely
5:37 am
criticized for his response to the parkland florida, school shooting is defending himself. his name is scott peterson and he did not go into the building during the shooting. people have called him a coward and this morning he's talking to the "today" show's savannah guthrie. >> it happened so fast and i was just -- what i heard i assessed and went right to, right to what i was trained to go in there, find if there's any type of cover at th p because i don't know where that shooter was, that's what i did and i mean, it's going to haunt me the rest of my life. >> see more of that conversation in the first hour of the "today" show, including why he says he did not know there was a shooter. >> are you taking more lyfts or ubers, fewer people are taking buses across the bay area. the marin i.j. is reporting ridership down 10, muny down 9%.
5:38 am
san trans an 8% drop. ac transit about 2%. all that equals to thousands not taking buses, this is the same story across the country. experts say one of the reasons could be bus travel times are down because of congested freeways and roads. take a live look at at&t park where last night the giants won again and beat arizona for the fifth straight victory. no matter how they do tonight, pencil this one in as a win-win. >> for first time this year, mad bum takes the mound. the madison bumgarner broke his pinky on a line drive during the preseason he had some good rehab starts in sacramento and san jose against minor leaguers. >> what's in a name? when it comes to the san francisco giants, new top draft pick, should probably mean free fast passes for life. giants selected georgia tech catcher joey bart as a second overall pick in the mlb draft. guess who liked the pick already? already, b.a.r.t., as in bay
5:39 am
area rapid transit. here's the tweet. @ sf giants never go wrong when they choose bart. welcome to the bay, joey. it may take a little while for this b.a.r.t. train to arrive. >> that's cute. >> we'll see if we can get joey bart to come -- talking about b.a.r.t. in the south bay. this is the slowing. i talked about the construction reportedly being scheduled for the northbound side but showing up southbound and indeed our friends through waze, partnership through waze shows it is there. we want to thank these folks to please make sure you sign up for the team as well. we'll take you off the waze system where they talk about a 14 minute delay through the sunol area and back to the regular maps where we're showing slowing on the sensors but kben, reagain, as we move towards the bay bridge, i talked about the ripple effect. the earlier crash leaves the maze jammed but i want to show you it really shows up on the live camera.
5:40 am
this is much heavier than we've seen for weeks over there at the berkeley curve. >> i was surprised to see so much traffic out there. when you wake up a little bit later sometimes that happens. >> the whole bay area suffers laura. >> i thought it was the weekend. i thought it was the weekend. >> we're looking forward to the weekend already. and it's going to be a nice one across the bay area. go ahead and make your plans to get outside. here's a look at saturday's forecast, a few more clouds near the coast. up to 67 degrees and 79 for the inland areas. a little bit warmer on sunday for the valleys with highs reaching 84 degrees. the bay at 78 and 64 degrees for the coast. if you're going to napa valley, beautiful weather, nice and warm on friday. a limb bttle bit cooler on satu with highs in the upper 70s and low 80s on sunday. going to monterey, it's going to be cool and windy all weekend. highs reaching in the mid-60s and for yosemite, this is a live
5:41 am
look this morning as the sun rises in the upper 60s on friday but we'll keep that sunshine, low 60s through the end of the weekend. so just let me know what you're doing this weekend. if you're going to the tri-valley also, really nice weekend ahead. and i'm @kari hall weather on facebook and twitter. >> 5:41, election day coverage continues including paying more to cross bay area bridges, we weigh both sides of regional measure three and how it could impact your commute. when it comes to national anthem demands, the president is moving goal posts. plus, attempting the impossible. the remarkable journey one man is about to take, how he plans to swim aoss the entire pacifi oan fm japan all the way to san francisco. ase ase i deal talk.
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it is 5:44, as you get ready to head out, a cool start and mostly clear. let's go to campbell and check out our temperature trend for today. normally this time in june we're up to 78 and we won't make it there today, highs only in the low 70s and you'll enjoy this cooldown before it heats up in the forecast. a look at all of that as our roller coaster weather continues in less than five minutes. >> a look at the north bay, san rafael southbound 101 moves smoothly picking up the volume a
5:45 am
little bit here and tracking the bay bridge backup, i think i see a little hope. i'll show that to you coming up. thanks so much, kari and mike. as we've been reminding you all morning, it's election day in california and today bay area voters are will decide whether to raise tolls on our bridges including bay bridge and the san mateo bridge. it's called regional measure three and if it passes it would create bridge tolls by three over a six-year period. all serve state owned bridges wilt get a toll increase but not the golden gate bridge. on the bay bridge tolls would rise to $9 during peak hours on bay bridge. the money will be used for transportation improvements. >> this is how we fund those 35 improvements that we know we needed for decades and they don't happen for free. so i hate tolls. i hate traffic more. >> it's very hard to support a measure when our transit needs are so great here. we have over half of our teachers say they are leaving employment in the district within six years.
5:46 am
what's our answer to those teachers? this measure does not address that. >> the toll is already too high. the tolls like -- $6 and i feel that's too much for people to commute. >> the measure only needs a simple majority vote to pass. 5:46, to washington, the president's former campaign manager is in more trouble this morning. >> paul manafort could go to jail immediately. >> i would be surprised if he didn't. he's awaiting two trials actually, out on bail. but robert mueller's office clamgz the former trump campaign manager has been trying to contact witnesses ahead of his trial trying to convince them to lie. that is something the court will take extremely seriously. it's important to note all -- in all of this manafort was under investigation before robert mueller was appointed special counsel. in fact, even before trump announced his candidacy for president. in other news, you know the president's lawyers now say the president wrote the letter
5:47 am
explaining what happened in the trump tower meeting between his campaign and the russians. that was a huge admission because the white house at first denied the president knew anything about his son's meeting and the president had nothing to do with the letter. which led reporters to ask sarah huckabee sanders why she lied. >> you said last august that the president did not dictate the statement about the trump tower meeting during the campaign but lawyers wrote to the special counsel that the presidentdy dictate that statement. was the reason for that discrepancy? >> like you said, this is from a letter from the outside council and i direct you to them to answer the question. >> reporters were not happy with that answer. why did you lie? you have to ask the attorneys who wrote the letter who told the truth why i lied. the president has uninvited the super bowl champions the philadelphia eagles to the white house. the presintweeting that the philadelphia eaglesootball team was invited unfortunately only a small number of players decided to come. we canceled the event.
5:48 am
staying in the locker room for the playing of the national anthem is as disrespectful to our country as kneeling. as best we can tell nobody on the philadelphia eagles knelt for the national anthem this year at all. note the president has moved the goal post on this. this is one of those rare situations metaphor really fits, he's now saying staying in the locker room is unacceptable. the white house will have an event today where fans are invited to listen to the national anthem. we'll be covering that throughout the day and on twitter, @scottmcgrew. >> thanks, scott. 5:48. when it comes to one epic climb, two speed climbers have everyone else beat. >> the climb we're talking about is the one up yosemite's el capitan. how long would it take you, laura? >> a lifetime. >> i'm with you on that one. two hikers just broke the speed record for the second time in less than a week. this time it took two hours, 1
5:49 am
minute 53 seconds. first time someone scaled it, it took them 12 days. >> that's amazing to see. gorgeous there too. >> happening today, if you can't climb el cap, how about swimming the span of the pacific ocean. we're talking japan to san francisco, a lot of adventurers out there. that's what one professional distance swimmer set to do this morning. he plans to swim eight hours a day for more than six months. >> too many things happening at once right now. difficult to describe it but it's very exciting. >> hard to make out there but what a swimmer. the entire trip will cover 5,000 miles and he's actually -- the man that's doing it created a similar swim before krogs the atlantic back in 1998. >> wow, that's a marathon swimmer. >> when he was 20 years younger. >> yeah, right?
5:50 am
>> i was really shocked by the people on sunday morning who did the escape from alcatraz. >> that was a long one. >> i had a friend who did that. that's amazing. >> that is amazing and you see people doing extraordinary things. >> you know they have planes? >> or even a boat. >> it's cool too. it's cool outside as you get ready to head out this morning. we're going to see a little bit of a dip in our temperatures for the next couple of days. here's a look at your out the door temperatures as you head out on this tuesday morning. morgan hill now 46 degrees, it's also 46 in santa rosa and some of the cool spots at 55? san jose. and 54 right now in san francisco. seven-day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen as we check out the primary election as you get ready to step out in saratoga at 9:00, sunshine earn 60 degrees and nice warm 68 degrees but it's going to be breezy and those winds at times especially this evening will kick up to about 15 to 20 miles
5:51 am
per hour. with temperature at 6:00 at 67 degrees. will only make it in the low 70s today in san jose and palo alto. upper 70s from concord to antioch and also in napa, 78 degrees. as you get dressed this morning, you do need a jacket because not only is it cooler but it's going to be windy. also pants a good option today instead of the shorts but we'll break them out this weekend. we have this elongated area of low pressure increasing our westerly winds today, bringing in cooler ocean breezes and that will continue for the next few days with highs in the rlow to mid-70s for the inland areas and look at friday, gets a boost in temperatures in the low 80s and we'll be up to 90 degrees by monday. if you're looking forward to the hotter weather, you've got it, in san francisco go from the upper 50s to 76 to start out next week. and mike, you're looking for a good sign in the backup. >> or tracking signs here. look at this folks, the fast track lanes are starting to move better and also this other sign
5:52 am
right here, no backup on these lanes, all the way off to the right when things are bad on the bridge and meetering lights you'll see a backup over there. this is not the case so i have good hopes you're going to see some recovery after the earlier crash cleared a while back. the bay bridge itself is clear, it's just a maze and approach still jammed on 580. 24 slow towards the area but the backup on the eastshore freeway back to university area. we have some recovery now, looks like southbound 680 recovering, i think the crew has cleared threw sunol. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> coming up next on qutsed in the bay, a lot more news, ai man ends up paralyzed but fully conscious of everything happening around him. ghter finally discovered he was okay, as doctors were still ahead, how his daughter finally discovered he was okay and doctors were ready to give up hope. first happening now, good news if you're flying out of heathrow airport in london. britain's government has given the go ahead for construction on
5:53 am
a third runway. plus, a japanese royal couple are in hawaii on first official u.s. visit. taking part in the 150th anniversary of the first japanese immigrant to arrive on the island. we have more news for you right after the break. have you been g
5:54 am
5:55 am
sitting in front of the air
5:56 am
conditioner these past few days? kari posted these picture on welcome back, have you been sitting in front of the air conditioner, kari posted this picture on facebook. back in a few minutes to tell us whether perfect weather is in our forecast. more arrests after protests at our state capitol. ♪ >> 13 people arrested yesterday. this follows weeks of similar protests not just in sacramento but across the country. the poor people's campaign planned simultaneous rallies in more than 30 states and washington, d.c. the same group has protested in sacramento every monday for the past month. trying to raise awareness about poverty and racism and health issues and also want a christopher columbus statue removed. the group is promising to keep protesting until the demands are met. we caught up with one protester from berkeley. >> if we don't stand up, it will
5:57 am
be too late to stand up. it's now or never. >> organizers are planning a similar protest next monday. more than 50 people have been arrested in protests so far. >> a former michigan state university dean is due in court today, william strample faces charges related to az oversight of dr. larry nassar, accused of mow molesting more than 200 girls and women. he is also accused of sexually harassing or assaulting medical students. he was the dean at the michigan state college of medicine until he stepped down last year. he pleaded not guilty to the charges. new this morning, this could be everyone's worst night mare, an arizona man trapped in his own body because of a rare syndrome. he suffered a stroke back in 2012 and paralyzed and couldn't talk. he was completely aware of everything happening around him. he suffered from what's called locked in syndrome.
5:58 am
doctors think it's because it's caused by bleeding in the brain stem. dims was aware of his surroundings but physically unable to react. >> basically you're locked in your own body. you can't do anything. you can't move anything and you can only move your eyes vertically, can't even more side to side. >> finally his daughter who was a pre-med student noticed him blinking. she found a way to communicate through blinking and spelled the phrase no hope. spent the next few months using his mind to retrain his body and now he's back at home. 'even walking again. doctors say the case is remarkable because most patients never regain full function. >> united airlines wants to make the boarding process easier for you. this is a response to the complaint from passengers. ulted is looking to eliminate three of the boarding group narrowing the system down to just two. it's testing the changes at chicago's o'hare houston's
5:59 am
george bush airport and lax. lays down -- >> that's a goal! >> double play! >> you see it there. a wild dive, a catch at the women's softball college world series, florida state seminoles taking on the washington huskies. florida state's jessie warren makes an incredible catch then quickly throws the ball to catch the runner headingack to first. now, nflorida state went on it win and one win away from the first ever college softball title. election day is here, we're getting ready for the primary. important races you need to know about before you fill out that ballot. >> paying their fair share. next tax bay area tech companies could soon end up paying. >> and we all know how expensive it is to live in the bay area but relief is on the way for some people in the south bay. the plan to bring hundreds of
6:00 am
affordable housing units to santa clara county. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> a very good tuesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. all right, now we want to get over to kari hall. you've been telling us this weather will be so nice and i love it when you talk like this. >> it's going to be cooler today and for spots like san jose, when it's 70 degrees, you can't beat that and we'll also have a lot more changes on the way. let's get out the door this morning with a live look outside in sunol, an amazing sunrise with low 50s out there now. as you get ready to get out to vote in concord, it will be a cool morning and 62 degrees, upper 70s today, still comfortably warm but it will be windy as we go into this evening. we'll talk about our temperature still on this roller coaster going down and back up as we head over to mike tracking the early backup for the maze. >> i've been scanning all of the areas around the maze because we did have that early backup forming but i'm


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