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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  June 6, 2018 5:30pm-5:58pm PDT

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>> a ly news is next. >> bye. see you at 6:00. tonight, star power, and a great-andmother set free. president trump commutes her life sentence after an oval office plea by kim kardashi kardashian. release, alice johnson's daughter back.> she's been resurrected after all these years. also tonight, menia trump. her first public appearance since being hospitalized weeks ago. caughtn camera, police officers pummelling a man who is talking on the phone, punching him in the face, shoving his head in the elevator do>>ade. rusband revea d he suffered from depression for years, potlign a sn the rate amongwomen. >> if you have a loved one who is very
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depressed and would like to get help, what's a person to do? new details on a chan armored police vehicle barrelingown the highway. so grateful for the nurses who saved howhese parents were inspired to a new li's calling. >>nnouncer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. following a reality star powered plea for leniency, president trump has fast tracked a convicted drug offe t an abama great-grandmother ter aace-to-face appeal from k kardashian. alice johnson has served more than 20 years for drug crimes, a harsh sentence and a story not unl som otherelon waiting to have their own pleas for clemency heard. son'hn sudde fre her family and supporters tonight, while offering a glime into president trump's priorities. alexder >> rorter:ni in wit the commutations. 63-year-old alice
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johnson now a free eased this gan alabama pron an emoaloneunion with her family. president trump today ending the great-grandmother's e. >> thank god, god. epter: just days after an oval office appeal f reality star kimrdashi. johnson's daughter tonight overjoyed. >> to just be able to have a cup of coffee with my mom, go out to dinner. simple things people and. av o ba. ter: apor serving 21 years for heading up a drug ringwith tiei cartel, she has been described as a model inmate. kahi, bestews ever, touting johnson's release as irional. i lifrye mistakes. she really deserves a second chance. >> reporter: mr. trump's use of his pardon power fitting an. li ally. >> i stand by my partner sheriff joe. elebeaty er: or
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friends. >> it's my hono it's about time. >> repr: more may former trump campaign adviser george paulose ng the her husband. >> reporter: a w >> i a trp to pardohim, i house official says iderg dozens of additipardons. recently floating martha stewart a disgraced illinois governor rod night house speak paul ryan saygthere's one perse idprt should never pardon: himself. >> oath ious is e t,nd is above the la a ro house, melania tr wh hadn't been see amer in 26 days, was seen today but not heard, accompanying her husnd to fema headquarters. the president said she had a little rough patch but is now doing great, telling her the people of our country love you. earlie today on t president compla thathe conspiracy theories about her absence vious, lester. >> peter anr, t n disturbing video that appears to show police brutally beating an unarme m at an
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apartment building in phoenix,arizona. nbc'ery has the video at deme t. >> reporter: four officers are on leave tonight after captured on surveillance video. the police chief is now promising an investigation. >> this in no way represents the whole work that is done every day.they're human beings. and certainly at first glance this looks like a mistake. and it doesn't look right. >> reporter: the video, whiot haaudit,hows officers responding to a domesc dispute call last month. the m othe phone is 33 n, ariend of the man police were questioning. the officers appear to direct johnson to stand by the wall. police say he was refusing commands to sit down. moments later, the scenesc with officers repeatedly striki is later charged with rderlyconduct. >> no matter what's going on preceding that, he didn't deserve to be punched, kicked.
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i mean, nobody deserves tha c >> reporter: the mesa licericizedhe depant for releasingideo with no audit. it is important to understand that any use of force when viewculto never l tion it'sot the first for mesa police.>> dohoot >> then listen to my instructions! >> repr: in, the an oicer st dn father in a hotel. the officer, later acquitted of second-degree murder, claimed he thought the man was reaching for a gun. now a new incident joe fryer, n there's late word this eveni from the husband of kate spade revealing that his suffered from depression and anxiety for years before her death from an apparent suicide at the age of 55. her death is shining spotlight on the soaring suicide rate among american women and 64. the ages of 45 we sent nbc's rehema ellis to the suicide
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eventi resource doing everything they can to save lives in at moment of crisis. >> reporter: tonight kate spade's husband andy confirming to "the n york times" that his wife sufred from anxiety and depression. she was actively seeking help and working closely with her doctors to t itas a ce e. shock and it clearly wasn't her. ther pernal demons she was battling, ag my main concern is bea and protecting her privacy. his wife, kspade's sudden death once again igniting a national conversatn about suicide. >> if you have a loved oneho is very depresd but o getlp at's asodo? >> the first thing we need to do is letm know that we care about them, we love them, and they don't need to go through this alone. >> reporter: four years ago, after the h of robin williams, suicides across the country increased by 10%. doctors s there are
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warng signs. >> look out for any change in behavior patterns. withdrawing, sadness, irritability, anger, losing their temper more quickly. those would all be indicars that ssibly the person's mental health is deteriorating. >> reporter: middle-aged women between the ages of 45 to 64 are particularly suicide.of death by >> i think the ige of women needing to be perfect, it's pretty much an impossible goal that society has puthere. theeais life is messy and challenging for all of us. >> reporter: her brother-in-law, david spade, paying tribute to his late sister-in-law on twitter last night. i love this picture of her. it's a rough world out there, people. try to hang on. and her knees, actress rachel brosnahan, ng pple to remember her al qaedaing -- exceedgly kind aunt, reminding them to leave a little bit of sparkle wherever they go. nd lester,t's
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attention to loved ones who may show things like ess over ships, subse abe, a job, money problems or health crisis. ay t first step to helping is to listen without judging. >> not easy to talk about but we have to. all right, rehema, thk ouw someone struggling w suicidal thoughts, the national suicide prevention lifeline is available 24 a day, seven days a week. there is the number, 1-800-273-8255. we turn now to the race aga tear the so-called volcano death toltand he 75. pes fading of inhe rubble.urvivor the volcano exploded o buttwic ing people with little to warng to get out of the way. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in the disaster zone. reporter: by all accounts, it is a ghost town. from the air, a rodeo guatemala seems haunting, a mass grave of ash and rock. for hugo lopez, it was
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home. the heeft behind to go toork onay. the home where he last saw his wife and kids before the volca erupte "i apologize to the authorities for coming back so soon," he says, "but i was desperate." remarkably, he tells us 46 o eended members are you truly get a sense of the overwhelming magnitude of this disaster. rock, ash, and mud as far as the eye can see. we're walking through what used to be homes. now this country is mourning an incredible loss. today, rcuers pulled more bodies from the bble. there's the threat of more explosions, even as the scope of omes before the eruption, this luxury resort boasted stunning views of the so-called volcano of fire. now it's covered in a thick blanket of ash. all of guests managed to evacuate. we met jose, who found this dog who was still looking f his
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pregnant cousin. he says she wasue to give birth next week. tonight she's among the almost 200 people unaccounted for in ghost towns that are still unreachable. several patients are now being flown t s. to be treated sere burns. the workers here say they will continue to search for bodies. but they don't know for how long. lester? >> a grim and tough work. be gutierrez, thank you. now to ourbc news exclusive w with a new harvey weinstein sexually assaulted her. melissa thompson is part a class action lawsuit fed against the disgraced movie mogul. she spoke with our stephanie gosk. >> did he force himself on you in the hotel room? >> he did. >> did he rape you? >> he did. >> reporter: melissa thompson was 27 years old when she went to harvey weinstein's new york office id. >> he quickly shooed
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people out of the room and said, don't interrupt, don't interrupt. do >> reporter:ho has video of e 2011 meeting and gave this screen grab to nbc ne. later that day, at weinstein's hotel room, she says he raped her. >> i can bary tal about it now, it was so traumatic. >> reporter: weinstein has repeatedly denied all allegations of sexual assault, insisting any sex was consensual. thompson is part of a class action lawsuit filed on friday. in the suit she accuse weinein's er, benjamin brafman, and a former associate, alekx spiro, of ung deceptive a particula tactics, which she did. spiro says, i left brafman's firm long before. but they did talk over the phone, she says, and sent e-mails. thompson met with prosecutors in new
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york city thi week, where weinstein has already paded not guilty to three sexual assault ges. the d.a. says the ongoing investigation could need to new charges. the notion of bei involved is very scary. but i finallyched a point where i said to myself, enough is enough. >> reporter: like hasy just begun. stephanie gosk, nbc s than ak k. trumnd de koa's kim jong-un meet in singapore. and while the white house hopes for a breakthrough, there is a remote base here in the u.s. always on high alert for a potential north korean nuclear missile nbc's miguel almaerwas granted access and takes us inside alaska's ft. greeley, america's last line of defense. >> reporter: on this vast frozen tundra in the north america's highest peaks, u.s. army missiles defense teams are at the ready. 10 les away from fairbanks, essentially
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the middle of nowhere. a place where moose outnumber of men and il d of 49th baall have volunteered toe here. life seems normal for these 300 whoseotto is efending300 millery important mission for r nn who. >> engaging threat to los angeles. >> reporter: their mission anything but normal. lated threat, a kore icbm called the huangson 15. gbi intercepters would be launched by a simple mouse click. >> we're training nstop here. >> reporter: major terri holmstead leads the training. >> it's telling my weapons, shoot that interceptor. >> reporter: beneath ese domes lie 40
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5 mtercepters, each a lion sh the missile silos are 75 feet deep. they're encased in steel and concrete. this is the underground vault where maintenance teams can access the weapon. but right now, all of theissiles here are locked and loaded, which means we can't t'the his >> we send enough gbis up there to make sure we negate any sort of threat. >> reporter: colonel kevin kick says for every north korean ic headed to an ic target at le intercepters will be shot. how confident are you that you will be successful i the event of an attack? >> i have absolute confidence in the system. >> reporter: although test records show only a 55% success rate, north korean icbm designed from models. >> as we assess north korea, we know they've continued to exceed their capability to be. >> reporter: at this remote outpost, these
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intercepters could one day decide the fate of millions of americans. miguel almaguer, nbc news, ft. greeley, alaska. a massive fire broke out at a famed luxury hotel in london today. more than firefighters rushed to mdarin oriental hotel. guests and staffers fortunately no reports cae is under there's much more ahead here tonight. the wild police chase after an armored vehicle is stolen from a military base. also an apame budi flame and the amazing save caught on camera.
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back now with new details on one of the in recen memory.ases a virginia national guard soldier allegedly led police on a two-hour chase in a stolen armored personnel carrier. ce, he did takeo t social media. tonight he's cha with driving under the influence of drugs and eluding police. here is nbc's tom costello.
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>>eporr: with sirens blaring, it was a 75-mile chas the getaway vehicle, an armored personnel carrier stolen from ft. pickett, virginia, and going 40 miles per hour. as witnesses did a double take, inside the unarmed apc, say police, the first lieutenant had his gun but no ammo. taking to twitt during the two-hour trip, he posted photos of him driving and tweeted, man, am i thirsty. any station on this net, do you read me? to which someone replied, you are coming in broken and stupid. a few minutes later, where is this damn water buffalo, a reference to a military trailer? he is an afghan war vet his yearly routine training whee suddenly drove away in the apc, leading police uusy i-95. finally, just before
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10:00 p.m. in downtown richmond, the apc came to a stop. he was tased and surrender surrendered, tonight charged with driving under the influence of drugs and eluding police. the apc turned back over to the national guard undamaged. tom costello, nbc news, washington. we will take a short break. coming she'l drink to that. the baseball fan did something amazinghat drove the crowd wild.
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munchkin from "the wizard of oz" has died. jerry marin, one of a hundred little people recruited to play munchkins, seen handing judy garland a holly pop in the 1939 classic. he was 98 years old. a mother on the second floor dropping her baby to a man below who caught the child as flames
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engulf apartment above. a fan in the stands snagged a foul ball in here night's padres/braves game, then got the crowd cheering by drinking the whole cup with, yes, the ball still inside. up next, the parents, their ailing baby, and a life channg decision. those who serve is ne. a driver rams a car, but it
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didn )t end there. what he did after plus, an amazon drone may be making deliveries to your house soon. the one thing still standing in the way. next. the news at 6 starts right finally tonight, those who serve. and a couple so inspired by the nurses who were there for their family's most difficult days that they decided to pay it forward in the only way they knew how, by joining them. >> reporter: it's or adam mann and a celebration of a
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journey with his wife lauren that started out five years ago, amidst heartbreak and worry. their son isaac was and days later, . diagnosed with a serious heart problem. >> it would slow way, way down, and then he would turn blue, gray. he would be floppy. it was really scary. >> reporter: isaac spent the first 2 1/2 months of his life at children's national medical center. there the nurses who cared for their precious baby left a lasting impression. >> one of the nurses was sitting in the chair holding isaac, snuggling him. i'm sure she was really busy, but she took the time to go in there and hold him. >> reporter: when isaac returned months later to have his heart defect repaired, a chance comment changed their lives. >> adam's mom said to me, you know, you would make a really good nurse. i just had the thought, wow, these nurses are incredible, and i wish i could do what they're doing or be like them. >> reporter: lauren gave up her photography career to attend an accelerated
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nursing program at marymount university. she is now a nurse inthe sam h where isaac was treated. >> nice! >> reporter: it was then adam decided it was his calling too, and gave up his accounting job. >> i know i never would have considered it if it wasn't for isaac's experience in the hospital. >> reporter: at marymount's graduation, adam spoke from the heart. >> our life's work from this point forward must be to champion the interests of our patients like they're our own children, mothers, fathers, and grandparents. >> reporter: soon he will join his wife, workg to help the same people who saved his little boy. such a remarkable way to say thank you. tomorrow night in our spotlight on pop culture, we'll show you country music stars giving back to the teachers who helped them find their voice. that's "nightly news" for this wednesday nice. lou tight holt. with a live look at the world war ii memorial in washington, d.c. on this anniversary of d-day. it was on this day 74
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years ago that the blau on the beaches of normandy, france, began, and the liberation of europe from the nazis was under way. good night, good evening and thanks for joining us. )m raj mathai. and i )m jessica aguirre. stl no decision. sa good evening. thank you for being with us. >> still no decision. san francisco's voting means it could be days before voters in the city know who the next mayor will be. >> when most of us went to bed last night, london breed had the commanding lead but tonight mark leno. there are still 85,000 ballots to be counted. >> reporter: the latest is they only shaved off that 4,300 today, leaving roughly 8,700.
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it is more than half the number they count on election day. meaning this could tip the scale in either direction. >> reporter: buried in the basement of srancisco city hall -- all hands deck ballot operation. piles and piles of boxes, brimming with unprocessed boxes that will push one candidate out of mayoral race and crown the other the san francisco mayor. >> we have 90,000 or so to redo and process. it will take more than a week to get through everything. london watched the double digit lead evaporate into the soggy area. >> thiis a sys we' workingon. it is a dssion we n


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