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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  June 7, 2018 12:37am-1:38am PDT

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♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight, kate mckinnon, star of "book club," actress candice bergen, from "the gospel according to andre," andre leon talley, featuring the 8g band with matt byrne. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how is everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] that's fantastic to hear. in that case, let's get to the news. today was the one-year anniversary of the russia investigation and president trump marked the occasion by tweeting, quote, congratulations, america, we are
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now into the second year of the greatest witch hunt in american history. [ light laughter ] i gotta to say i'm excited because season two is when they start killing off the characters nobody likes. [ laughter ] [ applause ] according to the "new york times," a tv show featuring stormy daniels lawyer michael avenatti and former white house communications director anthony scaramucci was recently pitched to two cable networks. the show is called "the very good lawyer and anthony scaramucci." [ light laughter ] the white house announced today that president trump would donate his first quarter's salary to the department of veteran's affairs. it's just a little less money than he's given to veterans of his affairs. [ audience ohs ] [ laughter ] new york gubernatorial candidate and actress cynthia nixon held a campaign event on a subway platform today.
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said subway riders -- [ laughter ] texas rangers pitcher bartolo colon this week stopped a line drive with his stomach. players and umpires are still looking for the ball. [ light laughter ] the cdc has announced that romaine lettuce is safe to eat again. so i guess that's what passes for good news these days. [ light laughter ] romaine's back! [ light laughter ] ikea's launching a new credit card that offers rewards and perks for frequent customers, but it is a bitch to put together! [ light laughter ] [ applause ] why do i need a dowel for a credit card?
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scientists claim to have succeeded transplanting a memory from the brain of one sea snail and implanting it into another. or more likely snails live pretty similar lives. [ laughter and applause ] i just had this memory of moving very slowly. according to a new report, more parents are smoking marijuana now than ever before. said parents, "oh no. we forgot jeremy." [ light laughter ] and finally, as you may have heard, abc recently brought back the '90s sitcom "roseanne." on last weeks episode roseanne met her muslim neighbors and the episode caused a lot of controversy. here with more on that please welcome on of our writers amber ruffin with "amber's minute of fury." ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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>> "roseanne" is back and better than ever at being racist. so in this tired ass episode she has muslim neighbors and she thinks they're terrorists until they give her their wi-fi password and then she decides they're okay and saves them from a different racist person proving that she is no longer racist. now let me tell you one of the bajillion reasons why this episode was poison. that show is poison. she didn't like these people until they proved to her that they were one of the good ones by giving her their wi-fi password. so what would have happened in this episode if they had been mean to her as was their right to do? she'd have called the cops and they'd have gone to jail. [ laughter ] that's a dangerous mentality and it isn't limited to "roseanne."
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last week, a group of black women leaving an air bnb didn't wave to a neighbor so that neighbor called the cops on them thinking they were burglars. what world does this neighbor live in? one where there's only two kinds of people? people who wave and burglars? [ light laughter ] also this month, a white woman called the police on two native american teenagers who were taking a college tour because she didn't think they looked like they belonged there. they're native americans standing in america! they're the only people who do belong there. [ cheers and applause ] i mean, if you want to get rid of people who don't belong, get and then -- and then last week a
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black yale student fell asleep in the common area of her own dorm and a white yale student called the police on her! i'm sorry she was napping. maybe she was tired from getting into yale, a school most white people can't even get into! [ laughter and applause ] and let me just point out all three of these things happened in may. we're only halfway through the month! pace yourselves, white people, oh, hello? oh, that was too far? okay. i've got more. it is asking too much of black people to live under all of this oppression and also make you
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feel comfortable. the idea that people of color need to be told how to act by white people is becoming more pervasive in our society and it's a gross attitude that which is every time that someone else pays for my ticket and i can't figure out why. i just can't put my finger on it. oh, yes, i can! this has been "amber's minute of fury." ♪ >> seth: amber ruffin, everybody, right over there. we got a fantastic show for you tonight. she's a star of "snl," the season finale is on saturday. kate mckinnon is back on the show. how about that? she's an emmy award-winning actress starring in a very funny new movie "book club," candace bergen is on the show tonight. and he's renowned fashion editor and is the subject of a new documentary, "the gospel according to andre." andre leon talley is here, everybody.
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[ cheers and applause ] before we get to that, for president trump and his inner circle the past 48 hours have brought one damning bombshell after another. for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: since donald trump was elected the news has been coming at us fast, but the last 48 hours have felt like standing in front of one of those tennis ball machines without a racket. ow, china! ow, north korea! michael cohen, don jr., porn stars, collusion. ow, ow! obstruction. oh, royal wedding, ow! giuliani. it's been a truly head-spinning 48 hours of news. in fact things are so crazy that i'm just going to sit here with my mouth open so they can digitally add in all of the breaking news that will happen after we tape this show tonight, but before it airs. here we go. >> president trump filed a new financial discloser form admitting he lied about repaying his lawyer for a hush payment to stormy daniels. while the senate judiciary committee released new evidence about don jr.'s meeting with the russians at trump tower suggesting an attempted
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cover-up. and also a qatari businessman says cohen asked him for a million dollars. and also cohen was working on a deal to build a trump tower in moscow and also donald trump is currently leading the police on a high-speed chase on the los angeles freeway in a white ford bronco. >> seth: who knows. we had to make some educated guesses. i hope all that information was correct. [ light laughter ] now as we learned last week, trump's personal attorney michael cohen had a secret shell company set up not only to pay off stormy daniels, but to collect millions of dollars in secret payments from companies. and a firm link to a russian oligarch. we know about these secret payments because cohen's bank records were leaked but, last night we got a truly crazy story about why. the person who leaked those bank records decided to do it. >> the new yorker speaking to a law enforcement official who claims to be the individual who leaked michael cohen's bank records. a whistle-blower, quote, the official had grown alarmed after being unable to find two important reports on cohen's financial activity in the government database.
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the official worried that that information was being withheld from law enforcement released the remaining documents. the two missing reports, reportedly involved more than $3 million in additional transactions which we have not seen, triple the amount in the report that was released last week. >> seth: wow, so an anonymous law enforcement official discovered that some of cohen's bank records detailing more than $3 million in secret payments were missing and decided to leak the rest of them. man, you know a story is crazy when it involves a deep throat and an actual porn star. [ light laughter ] also, can i just say -- that whenever eventually when they make a movie about all this, it is going to suck because it will never be as crazy as the real thing. plus, it is hard to follow all this [ bleep ] in real time. imagine if you compressed it into two hours. you would have to cut the screen into nine blocks. of course, the cohen news also coincides with huge new developments in the russia inverstigation. now one of the big questions in
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that investigation has been whether special council robert mueller can indict the president. basically, there is a debate about it. justice department guidelines say no, but others say he could. yesterday however, trump's lawyer rudy giuliani said out of nowhere that he had been assured that mueller would not try to indict trump. >> giuliani is telling cnn tonight that he has been told by the special counsel, by bob mueller's team that they cannot indict a sitting president. >> i asked him specifically if they realize or acknowledge they didn't have the power to indict. and then the next day and the day after they clarified it for jay sekulow who was with me at the meeting that they didn't have the power to indict. >> seth: just think about how dumb this is. he's not saying the president's innocent. he's saying you can't indict him. it's like if your wife asked where you've been all night and you said, "cheating isn't grounds for divorce." in fact not only is rudy not going on tv proclaiming trump's innocence. he's going on tv and as usual making him sound incredibly guilty.
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last night for example, he went on fox news again where he was asked about the allegations of russian collusion against the trump campaign. and rudy tried to claim there was nothing wrong with getting dirt on your opponent from a foreign adversary. >> when i ran against them they were looking for dirt on me every day. i mean, that's what you do. except maybe you shouldn't, but you do it, nothing illegal about that. and even if it comes from a russian, german or an american, it doesn't matter and they never used it is the main thing. they never used it. they rejected it. >> seth: rejected it? rejected what? did rudy giuliani just go on tv and reveal that they did get dirt from the russians and just didn't use it? man for a guy who looks like he eats brains, he sure doesn't have any. [ light laughter ] also, does anybody believe that trump would get dirt on hillary and decide not to use it? "no, i want to win fair and square. put this dirt in my safe next to obama's kenyan birth certificate."
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in fact rudy isn't the only trump lawyer who has been on tv confessing to stuff. trump's former divorce lawyer, jay goldberg went on msnbc this week where he was asked about michael cohen's alleged mob ties and out of nowhere he basically seemed to confess that cohen, trump's fixer, paid off the mob on trump's behalf when trump was a real estate developer. >> we hear a lot now about potential money laundering and the mafia. why do you think that comes up with michael cohen? >> well, people involved in the building trades are at the mercy of the mob. >> do you think michael cohen's job at times was to keep the mob away from donald trump? >> if he says he was a fixer, then the question is what did he fix and what needed fixing? what needed fixing was relations with the mob. >> seth: i'm sorry. who is that guy looking at? [ light laughter ] is there a ghost on set? does he see a mobster with wings? is it the devil saying, "soon your soul will be mine!"
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of course all of this infuriates trump who cannot stop lashing out on twitter and in private about the investigation. "the washington post" reported this week that the president vents to associate's about the fbi raids on his personal attorney michael cohen as often as 20 times a day. trump gripes that he needs better tv lawyers to defend him on cable news. you mean someone better than atticus grinch over here? [ light laughter ] that's right, trump wants tv lawyers. i can't wait for his trial. your honor, i'd like introduce my legal team, perry mason, ally mcbeal, "boston legal." jack, matlock, cellino, barnes, "suits", and john travolta from "the people v. o.j. simpson." [ cheers and applause ] as a reminder that trump sees the entire world through tv. when it comes time to go before a judge he's gonna be shocked. "mr. trump, how do you plead?" "who are you? i thought i was getting 'hot bench.'" [ light laughter ] that's a real show. of course, right now trump's
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main tv lawyer is giuliani who has repeatedly gone on tv to contradict trump and confessed things that trump has previously denied. now apparently trump and rudy do meet to discuss strategy although it doesn't sound like they get into the legal nitty-gritty. giuliani told "the post" that the two men huddled for five hours may 6th at trump national golf club in virginia. eating a cobb salad, giuliani and a well-done burger trump with half a bun in service to his health. "i do that too sometimes," giuliani said about the half bun. "it's a good way to do it." well, it must be because you both look great. [ applause ] good-bye, other bun! what do you do for exercise? "i like to jog up the first couple of steps on the escalator before i settle into my lean." [ light laughter ] you think rudy is incompetent when it comes to the law. apparently he's also bad at getting out of cars. according to the daily news giuliani and his staff doored a pedicab driver in midtown thursday. people think he's gonna see
12:53 am
mueller coming, he didn't even though trump and giuliani keep calling mueller's probe a witch hunt but in reality it seems like almost everyone who is interviewed by mueller's team comes out scared about how much he knows. just take former trump aide michael caputo who said mueller was still very interested in allegations of collusion. >> these guys have got every single e-mail and anything that's ever gone down and they're clearly focused on trying to identify some russian collusion. >> you do not believe that they have ruled out the idea that the trump campaign colluded with russia? >> no, i don't think so at all. i think they're still focused on it. they know exactly what they're looking for and they have e-mails backing it up and i don't think that they ask any questions they don't already know the answer to. thank goodness i watch a lot of cop tv. >> seth: oh, you -- [ light laughter ] you watch a lot of cop tv? well, then, let me ask you this question, what you going to do? what you going to do when they come for you? [ laughter and applause ]
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let's be honest, "cops" is gonna be great preparation because it's only a matter of time before we see on cnn a shaky footage of a naked blurry trump being chased down the street. "there was no collusion! you colluded. i didn't collude!" this has been "a closer look." ♪ we'll be right back with kate mckinnon, everyone. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: for more of seth's "closer looks," be sure to check out "late night" on youtube.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. give it up for the 8g band right over there. [ cheers and applause ] also, sitting in with us all this week, he's a long-time member of the grammy-nominated hardcore band hatebreed. whose latest album, "the concrete confessional" is available now. for more information check out, matt byrne, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, everybody. >> seth: really appreciate it. come back soon. our first guest tonight is a two-time emmy award winner for her work on "saturday night live." the "snl" season finale airs this weekend here on nbc with host tina fey and musical guest nikki minaj please welcome back to the show, our very good friend kate mckinnon, everybody. [ cheers and applause ]
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♪ ♪ >> seth: woo! [ cheers and applause ] >> woo! >> seth: welcome back. >> killer -- killer kit, man. >> seth: yeah. >> killer kit. >> seth: when you got a drummer from hatebreed, take advantage. >> he's bred hate in me already. i could kill somebody! hey, how you doing? >> seth: can i -- can i -- [ talking over each other ] >> good to see you, how you doing? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: can i shout out, right away, give you a shout out on something i enjoyed seeing? >> i won't stop you. >> seth: you're on the cover of the gq comedy issue. look at you! [ cheers and applause ] issa rae, sarah silverman, our friend kate mckinnon. >> yeah, pretty cool to be with those two gals. it's nice. >> seth: and there's -- it's a very funny cover, because there's like, extra limbs where there shouldn't be.
1:00 am
[ light laughter ] >> yeah, because remember when that happened? >> seth: yeah, there -- yeah. >> so they kind of -- we did that, but they -- these two actually were in a different room when we shot this, so it was stranger number one and stranger number two. and they were, "like, okay, now put your leg on her head." >> seth: oh, funny. >> "and now stick your legs through her leg and then put your hands up on to her thing." [ light laughter ] >> seth: oh, wow. >> so i got pretty close. >> seth: and that's great. >> with strangers one and two. >> seth: you -- >> hey guys. [ light laughter ] >> seth: you got to take a photo -- there's a photo shoot inside where you have -- took a picture with an iguana. a live iguana. >> oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> seth: and you had -- is it true that you had a pet iguana growing up. >> no, i'm no stranger to iguanas. [ laughter ] i had one from the years 15 to 16. >> seth: that seems like a short period of time. >> well, you know, they're not meant to live in suburban homes. [ light laughter ] and they're even less meant to participate in photo shoots. [ light laughter ] the guy was, like, "we've got
1:01 am
the iguana, her name's angela. i'm going to place angela on you. don't worry. they don't bite." that's not true. [ laughter ] 'cause i've been bitten by one for 20 minutes once. >> seth: oh, so he didn't realize he was dealing with the rarest case of a cover -- a cover shoot model who had actually owned an iguana. >> right, exactly. but he was just, like, "angela, angela, look at the camera. what are you doing?" [ light laughter ] he would take the iguana aside, "listen, baby, we need to see your face. [ laughter ] why don't you look at the camera?" it is an iguana. that's why. [ light laughter ] >> seth: it's great when you have -- sometimes i've been on sets where animal handlers show up, and you think they're gonna be like horse whisperers. that they're going get whatever animal they handle to do the perfect thing. and then they do exactly what you or i would do, and be like, "come on, just do it! don't worry, i know how to talk to horses. do it!" [ laughter ] >> "angela, don't climb. don't climb up her. they're very safe. they're very safe."
1:02 am
an iguana's got talons, okay? [ laughter ] an iguana can rip flesh open. >> seth: we had -- i had the most wonderful thing happen. we were at a wedding together. we were at our friend aidy bryant's wedding, she married conner o'malley, also our friend. >> it was the best wedding. >> seth: it was a great wedding, we sat next to each other. and i gave you some advice, and you actually took it. >> yeah, well you worked -- i was complaining to you that i don't ever have time to workout. time or the will, or -- [ laughter ] and you were, like, "well, i jog to work that's my --" >> seth: i do. >> and when your workout is your commute, that saves a lot of time. and i thought, "well i'm going to do it, too." so i've been running to work for the past three weeks. i did it every day. >> seth: and it's working out. >> yeah. >> seth: what's the difference? >> the key thing that you mentioned to me, but sort of glossed over was that you have a shower in your dressing room. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> right. so i have been showering with a couple of paper towels. [ laughter ] wet paper towels in the office that i share with aidy bryant.
1:03 am
[ laughter ] and gosh, i'm just praying, 'cause one of these days she's just going to walk in and find me like -- [ laughter ] >> seth: no one wants that. >> no one wants it. i don't want it. she doesn't want that. >> seth: she -- you brought them in. i can't believe these are the headphones that you, a television personality, you are actually -- actively running with these headphones? [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] needless to say you had to get the attachments. it looks like -- were these, did these used to be a chew toy for your old iguana? [ laughter ] they're crazy. >> what's wrong with the headphones? >> seth: they look like -- well, first of all, if i saw somebody jogging by with this, i would assume they had started in the past. [ laughter and applause ] they had run from the past. >> everyone who sees those says,
1:04 am
"how did you get those vintage headphones?" [ laughter ] and i say that i got them at duane reade last week, because they're still selling them. >> seth: oh, really? is that true? >> yes. >> seth: now, i will say, i don't want totally run down these headphones, because i do believe -- i'm serious. i'm going to say something true, i don't use brand new headphones either, i -- i find an old -- there's like a sony headphone that goes over the ear, because normal headphones fall out of my ear immediately, and these stay on. >> yes, you've got a little raisinette in your ear. i don't see why that's better than this. nothing -- no one can pull these off. [ laughter ] this is an air-tight operation. >> seth: now on your commute -- [ cheers and applause ] have you had to -- i'm assuming this is the first time anyone's wrapped these up, yeah. >> my children are here. [ light laughter ] thank you so much. >> seth: have you had to do any errands on your run? have you had to do any sweaty errands on your commute? >> oh, yeah, well --
1:05 am
now, i like to combine a run and an errand, too. >> seth: yeah. >> but the problem with that is you've got your cash in your sports bra, maybe you guys don't. [ laughter ] if you have another option please tell me afterwards, but i keep my cash here. and then so when you go to pay for something and you're, like -- [ breathing heavy ] [ laughter ] and hand them a dollar bill that has like, wilted already -- people don't want that. >> seth: they don't want that. >> they'd rather keep their merchandise than -- >> seth: well, even from a celeb, they don't want it. >> they don't know. [ laughter ] >> seth: i want to talk briefly before -- you played giuliani a couple of weeks ago. [ cheers and applause ] >> i did, didn't i? >> seth: how was that? [ cheers and applause ] >> well, you know, this was a -- that was not my idea, i want to say. it was the idea of one of our best and most wonderful writers kent sublette, i guess.
1:06 am
and he said the night before, do you want to do giuliani? and i said, yeah? [ laughter ] turns out, it wasn't as hard as i thought, because we have something in common which is that we both go like this. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] and i've been -- yeah. >> seth: so it was secretly -- yeah, he maybe was stealing the move from you. >> i think he was, because i've been doing it a long time. >> seth: i'm so happy for you that you are going to have a break, and you're going to do a show on saturday. and then you're going to have the summer to do other things. well deserved. i can't wait, of course, for you to come back next year. >> thank you so much. >> seth: kate mckinnon, everybody. check out the season finale of "snl" this weekend. tina fey and nikki minaj. we'll be right back with candice bergen. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: our next guest is a golden globe and emmy-award winning actress you know from the iconic tv series "murphy brown" and films such as "starting over" and "miss congeniality." she stars opposite jane fonda, diane keaton, and mary steenburgen in "book club," in theaters everywhere this friday. let's take a look. >> judge meyers? >> yes. >> it's 12:15. >> well, i really have to stay with this. >> of course. >> rev up your love life with these tips from -- make love happen now, and change your luck. >> do you need anything else, your honor? >> a man of your dreams is just a click away. >> no, i don't. i'm fine. thank you. >> yep. ♪ >> seth: please welcome to the show candice bergen, everyone! ♪
1:12 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: hello! >> hello. >> seth: so happy you're here. >> i'm thrilled. i don't think i've never -- i've never done this. >> seth: i know. >> and i realized as i was watching kate mckinnon, i'm like 50 years too old for the show. but let's do the best we can. >> seth: well i wanna start. [ cheers and applause ] you -- you mentioned kate mckinnon. you hosted "snl," i believe the third episode of snl. >> first woman. >> seth: first woman and then you were a five time -- [ cheers and applause ] well obviously, we live in an era now where i think anyone who's asked to host the show is so honored because it has this great reputation and it's a rite of passage to host it. what were you -- what did you think what you were getting into all those years ago, when you got asked to host "snl?" >> well it was the purest terror being injected in my veins.
1:13 am
it was just the fact that i could even speak was a miracle, and just -- it's -- but then you do a few more and it's still terrifying. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] no, it never got easier for me either. so that makes sense. >> wow. >> seth: well, you never quite shake that it's live. that's the one part you can never get out of your head no matter how many times you did it. so i want to ask about this. this is a -- a film about four women who are in a book club. they are reading "fifty shades of grey." >> yeah. >> seth: did you -- have you actually read the books? >> i did read the book when it first came out. but then we were too embarrassed to go out and buy the book because it was unseemly. so a friend of mine lent me her copy of the book and i managed to get through most of the juicy parts and then someone else borrowed it from me and it never came -- so i -- >> seth: oh, it never came back. >> and i've had the opportunity since, but i just haven't -- you know. >> seth: you know, save it for a time when you really needed it. >> yeah. [ laughter ]
1:14 am
>> seth: so you have never -- you've never worked with diane -- >> no. >> seth: diane keaton, jane fonda, or mary steenburgen? >> no. >> seth: that's amazing. >> and what a treat. >> seth: and what a group. you -- you posted this of you guys watching the eclipse on instagram and that's a real dream team right there. and there was -- there was one instagram comment that was not kind. >> all of them were kind except for one guy who said "i am sick of you. you guys are just a bunch of tired-ass honky hos." and i thought, i like that. [ laughter ] so i -- [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: and then sure enough, you made yourself -- you gave yourself a sweater that says tired-ass honky ho. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> and when i instagramed it, it went through the roof. women loved it. >> seth: that's great. and then, yeah. it certainly takes away that
1:15 am
same guy can't tweet after that. >> right. >> seth: he can't comment like, oh i agree. [ laughter ] so very exciting news this week. it became official. "murphy brown" is coming back. >> yes it is. >> seth: so exciting. [ cheers and applause ] i'm assuming this is something that people had asked you to bring back over the years. is it safe to say that the current political climate is maybe one of the reasons it's coming back now? >> i would say that's very safe to say. >> seth: yeah. >> yeah, that's completely, i mean -- diane english and i just looked at each other. we thought -- we can't not do -- we can't not take advantage of this. it's just begging for it. so, yes it was the deciding factor. >> seth: that's really exciting. i certainly look forward to that. you -- you have many skills, though. and you have something called bergen bags. >> yes i do. >> seth: and this is raising money for animal charities. >> yes. >> seth: and you are the artist here. you paint -- people give you a bag and they give you photos of their pets and you paint the pets on the bag. these are bergen bags. beautiful.
1:16 am
>> oh. >> seth: there's some cats there. you did -- hedgehogs. this is very cute. the good one and the bad one. [ audience aws ] >> that was for lena dunham. >> seth: that's for lena dunham. >> yes. >> seth: and now let's just lay it out there. you did one for my wife. >> yeah, i failed. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] you didn't fail right away. i thought you got off to a good start. you did our dog frisbee. and that's frisbee, but then you put all these words on it. >> i don't know what happened to me. i was just like i was possessed. then i looked up the breed of the dog and i started writing and my daughter said, "stop!" by then it was too late, so i owe your wife. >> seth: the best -- we look at it all of the time because it says -- these are all true. affectionate, athletic, agile, compassionate, companionable, excuse me. mischievous, intelligent. which is all true, but everybody always thinks it's spelling a word. [ laughter ] and so they're always like, what's aaacmi? [ laughter ] that's a -- that's an italian word that means loving pet.
1:17 am
>> yeah, you need language skills for it. >> seth: but it is -- i will say, it is a prized possession for us and you did not ruin it. we love it very, very much. >> thank you. >> seth: and i love having you here. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you, seth. >> seth: give it up for candice bergen, everybody. "book club" is in theaters everywhere this friday. we'll be right back with andre leon talley. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ you are many different things in one amazing package, and t.j.maxx gives you the freedom to express every one. with our unique mix of must-have brands at must-buy prices, you can be active or totally relaxed. ♪ ♪ you can shop online or take it home today. you'll always save on something for every you. maxx you. maxx life. t.j.maxx. (rapping) you can do and you can say anything you want
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vamos por la estrella. estrella jalisco, the only premium mexican cerveza proud to be the official beer of the mexican national team. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everybody. we're here with a fashion industry icon who is best know for his work at "vogue." he's the subject of a new documentary called "the gospel according to andre," which is in theaters may 25th. give it up for andre leon talley, everybody. welcome to the show. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: so what a wonderful thing to finally see your story. i've sort of known you as this fashion icon. i did not know you were from north carolina. >> yes. yes. yes. well i remember you when -- way back in the day when you were at "snl." >> seth: yes. >> you said, i wanted to do you on "snl." you wanted to do me on "snl." >> seth: i did want to do you. but -- >> with versace. with the versace. donatella versace. >> seth: exactly, but they ended casting someone else. >> not as me. not as me, though. >> seth: right, right.
1:23 am
and so tell me, you -- your grandmother was very important to you. >> very important. unconditional love. we grew up in a very modest house. church was very important to us. my grandmother was a maid all her life. she only read the bible, the missionary helper, and the local newspapers and everything was done by instinct. she raised her flowers. she had beautiful geraniums. she grew vegetables. she cooked. she never had a recipe in her life. she cooked everything. it was great -- it's a great household. >> seth: and she supported what your passions were. >> she wanted -- she knew that i could be anything i wanted to be. could do the best i could. once, i had my uncle over after church one sunday, and he said, i was about 15, "what do you want to be when you grow up andre?" and i said, "a fashion editor." and he said, "what is that?" and i said, "well i don't know. but i know it's a person who works in fashion." and he said, "well men don't do that. do they?" i said, "my grandmother is in the kitchen frying chicken," for the supper. and she said, "shut up. shut up. leave him alone. he'll do what he wants to do. he'll do it great." >> seth: well that's very lucky. you're very lucky. [ cheers and applause ] to have a grandma like that. how -- tell me, growing up in north carolina, how does someone even come across an issue of "vogue?"
1:24 am
>> you walk across -- well i was naive. you could subscribe to it, but it was more exciting to walk to duke university where the rich, wealthy, white honkeys were going to school. [ laughter ] and i'd walk across the railroad tracks into duke east campus -- the women's campus, to the newsstand. but on my way to the newsstand, the young guys at duke would throw rocks at me out of the cars. i'd keep walking. i'd just kept walking. and i'd go to the newsstand and buy "vogue" twice a month. it came out twice a month then. the first of the month and the 15th of the month. i also bought "bazaar." i bought "french vogue." i bought "the new york times." so i exposed to all that world that i became a part of at a very, very young age. >> seth: and what was it that you saw in the pages of those magazines that made you realize that your passion for -- >> glamour. glamour. [ laughter ] the big life. [ cheers and applause ] glamour. escape. >> seth: yeah. >> travel, russia, luxury, literature, art, culture, fashion, wow. and this is what i was -- i was submerged in that. and then at home, you know, they were playing football and
1:25 am
basketball and running around doing all that jockey stuff. and i was in a room reading "vogue." [ light laughter ] [ scattered applause ] >> seth: you have a -- you have a signature look. you are sharing it with us tonight. >> yes. yes, yes, yes. >> seth: when did you come across this as the leon -- >> from doing my homework. doing research and i was once in marrakech, and i noticed in marrakech, that's in morocco, all the native men walk around in these loose caftans and loose shirts. they were this every day. they were this to church, they were this to weddings, and to funerals. so i realize, oh, i can take to that to -- and make it my look. and i started making it my look. >> seth: fantastic. did you -- [ applause ] were you someone who shopped at thrift stores when you were young? >> i did shop ahead. my first extraordinary look i -- i was inspired by scarlett o'hara, when she pulled the curtains down and went to make the dress to go to atlanta. so i went to a curtain shop and bought these tassels. and then i went a thrift shop and bought a rubberized policemen's cape to the floor. i bought maxi coat to the floor. i bought all my shirts at the thrift shop. and i would go to school, and i would also put the kabuki, i put purple lipstick on my temples and put vaseline on my temples
1:26 am
and e as in everything the way diana vreeland did. >> seth: oh, my goodness. how were you received? [ laughter ] >> well, no one beat me up. people said nasty things. there were bullies. but no one dared touch me. i was tall and skinny. no one dared touch me. i was very intimidating. very -- this look was a very intimidating look in the south. >> seth: that's fantastic. >> so they just let me go by my way. they stood apart. they stood -- the red sea parted. >> seth: we actually -- we actually have a clip of the movie. let's take a look. >> at your dinner fantasy party of designers, four guests at your party, dead or alive, designers dinner fantasy party. >> well they would all be dead. >> okay that's fine. >> dead or alive? >> which four? >> madame gres, chanel, schiaparelli, and two men. i'd have to be five. balenciaga and saint laurent. when you see madame gres clothes -- >> oh. woof trousers! >> what? >> woof. [ woofing ] [ light laughter ]
1:27 am
>> seth: while i have you here -- while i have you here. [ cheers and applause ] i would be remiss not to ask about the met ball. it was a -- >> well it was the most glamorous event of the year. you know, it is a super bowl of parties. anna wintour does an extraordinary job. she's raised so much money for the anna wintour costume institute. and this year, bar none. it was a bit like fellini's "roma." you know the famous fashion scene in fellini's "roma" where all the popes have a fashion show. >> seth: yeah. >> so, but i like the people who came looking like themselves. >> seth: yes. can we go a through a few you like? >> kate moss was the best dressed wearing a saint laurent. >> seth: that's beautiful. >> and she was sexy and she looked herself. and she was wearing something very comfortable. she wasn't wearing a costume. >> seth: yeah, some people were dressed like the pope. >> like the pope. similar to the popes and the nuns and the bishops and the cardinals. i don't know. >> seth: and that did not look comfortable. >> that did not look comfortable. >> seth: yeah. >> someone wore wings. >> seth: yes. i saw wings. didn't katy perry wear wings? >> yes. i think she wore wings. >> seth: here's a -- here's another one. >> tiffany haddish, looking fabulous in brandon maxwell. >> seth: yeah. >> beautiful, very elegant, very sexy, and very stately. very clean. clean. minimalism. minimalism. >> seth: yes. and in a -- in a great tiffany way it doesn't seem to be taking
1:28 am
it too seriously. >> oh, she ready. she ready. look at the tongue. [ laughter ] >> seth: last, but not least. >> and this is great. bee shaffer who used to work with you. >> seth: yes, she did. >> she looked absolutely stunning and beautiful. you know she's gonna be getting in july and this is sort of a prelude to the kind of beauty that she can -- will become once she becomes mrs. -- carrozzini. or whatever she's gonna be -- >> seth: very well done. i was not there this year, but i assume i would of made your list. >> well you wife had a baby in a taxi, i was told. >> seth: yeah, she had a baby in the lobby. yeah. >> oh, that's even better. >> seth: we tried for the taxi but we couldn't make it out the door. >> it came out. it came out. it came out. congratulations. >> seth: hey, thank you very much for being here. >> thank you. thank you. >> seth: congratulations on the film. >> thank you. >> seth: andre leon talley, everybody. "the gospel according to andre" is in theaters may 25th. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ man 1: this is my body of proof. woman 1: proof of less joint pain... woman 2: ...and clearer skin. woman 3: this is my body of proof. man 2: proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis...
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♪ whatever it is that floats your boat... ...or tickles your tastebuds... ...or brightens your day... ...even if you've never tried it before... ♪ ...just know that... you can, in portland. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to kate mckinnon, candice bergen, andre leon talley, matt byrne and of course, the 8g band. stay tuned for "carson daly." we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ]
1:37 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> carson: hello friends. i'm carson daly. and you, of course, are tuned


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