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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 7, 2018 11:00pm-11:33pm PDT

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a chaotic scene tonight on the streets of san francisco. a triple shooting in the mission district leads to a lockdown at sf general. >> a man has been arrested quintana e hospital, and a car is live at sf general with a story that's still developing. what do we know at this >> reporter: well, tonight we know, of course, that one of those men, he has xaminer has identified him as 21-year-old jam
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jamie pool. the other two men are at the hospital. one in critical condition, the other in serious condition. and the police are still looking for suspects. this all started this afternoon around 3:30. several shots were fired on treat way near cesar chavez in the mission district. police arrived and found a man hit by gunfire. >> they found a victim here. they rendered aid and got an ambulance. >> reporter: at general hospital, two other men arrived in private vehicles. enrique btohe hospital w and s and stuff like that. >> reporter: according to gang intervention workers at the hospital who spoke to me off-camera, there were weapons in one of the one man who was s taken into custody. police have not said how he may be connected or if he's facing any charges. a hospital spokesman said when they arrived, the hospital went on lockdown. he said it's standard procedure when they have what he describes
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as a multiple casualty event. he also said sheriff's deputies at the hospital immediately cordoned off the vehicles just in case police needed to search them as part of an investigation. police are still trying to piece together exactly what led to this shooting. they're also trying to figure out exactly how these three men may be related to each other. lots of questions still. reporting live at san francisco general hospital, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> we'll stay on top of it to get those answers. sergio has been tweeting pictures and video from the scene all evening. our twitter page is a great resource for updates during breaking news. you can follow us. our handle is @nbc bay area. new at 11:00, school is out for the summer but a valedictorian in the north bay still has plenty to say. that's because during the graduation ceremony, she was cut off mid-speech. she says school administrators didn't allow her to go off-script. nbc bay area's ian cull is with us. ian, what happened, and what did
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she want to say here? >> reporter: a stanford bound grad started to speak about the struggles she and her classmates have been through including a personal one. she went off the approved script. addressing her fellow classmates on the petaluma high football field last saturday. >> the fires which caused many of us to lose our homes and all of us to miss school. we didn't let that drag us down. >> reporter: but four minutes in, she young to speak up, to dream, and to create change, which is why even when some people on this ame people >> reporter: her mike drops off, later finished ct. her speak! her speech online. >> and even running on a campus in which some people defend perpetrators of sexual assault and silence their victims, we didn't let that drag us down. >> reporter: tonight by facetime, she tells me she was
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sexually assaulted on campus last year and feels it was important to address it. >> the person didn't get any consequences, and he was even there at graduation watching me give my speech. and that's just not fair to girls. >> reporter: administrators say they can't comment on this case, but tell the press democrat any student who went off-script for their speech risked being cut off. now, did the school have the right to stop the speech? one law prefer cites previous m constitution would say they did not. ian cull, nbc bay area news. it is a stunning act of lt dressed man kicking a homeless man lying on a san francisco street. we have to warn you, you might find this video disturbing. sfpd released a surveillance video showing the man walking up and kicking a man on the sidewalk. this is along leavenworth and
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mcalester near the tenderloin. people who live in that area say they were stunned. >> to be in a city that kind of has a reputation of promoting love and unity and just getting along, that's what shocks me the most. >> the attack totally unprovoked. if you recognize the man in the video, call police. a bizarre arson attempt at two east bay preschools. take a look at this surveillance footage. investigators say this woman, you see her there, may have tried to set fires attrng to li cocktail. the first location was safari november, and also the safari kid in newark. a scam on the peninsula. the fbi is calling it a virtual kidnapping. police say strangers call your phone saying they are your loved one and will kill them unless you pay up. the callers go to great lengths to make it seem as real as possible. we spoke with one victim in redwood city who says he received a frightening call from someone pretending to be his daughter.
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no elected mayor yet two days after the primary we still don't know who will be san francisco's next leader. tonight, though, the winner's edge, at least the partial winner right now is razor thin. mark leno leads london breed with fewer than 250 votes. tonight there are still thousands of votes to be counted. san francisco uses rank choice voting where voters pick their top three candidates and if no one gets 50% of the first-place vote in thatome into pl. the city says it could take days or even weeks to finalize that count and certify a winner. is it going to happen? that historic summit between president trump and north it's scheduled for next tuesday in apti new that summit will be in singapore. today, president trump met with japanese prime minister shinzo abe at the white house to discuss this upcoming summit. north korea officials say after the meeting between president trump and kim jong-un, secretary
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of state mike pompeo will then travel to seoul to brief leaders from south korea, japan, and china about any progress on denuclearization. the tesla was in autopilot mode. we're getting new details about that deadly tesla crash in 101 in mountain view back in march. today the ntsb released its reports which confirms the tesla suv was onave his hands on the wheel. nbc bay area's anoushah rasta has more. >> reporter: the images from the crash are horrible. the front end of a tesla suv ripped offnd. tonight the national transportation safety board confirming that the autopilot ur for the last six seconds prior to the crash, the vehicle did not detect the driver's hands on the steering wheel. >> no matter how good this is, this is software. it's written by humans, and you can never count on it doing everything. >> reporter: the government
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report also indicates at three seconds prior to the crash and up to the time of impact, the tesla's speed increased with no pre-crash braking or evasive steering movement detected. stanford university's professor dr. sven biker is an expert in the field of self-driving technology and says it is possible that the tesla's technology malfunctioned here. >> what it seems to indicate, that theict, did not worked for hours to safely remove parts of the exposed damaged car fire after the crash. the ntsb's report reveals five days after the crash, that burned battery reignited, something doctor beiker says can easily happen because the chemicals in these electric car batteries are still interacting with each other even after a crash. >> you cannot just pull the plug or flip the switch and turn it
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off. >> reporter: anoushah rasta, nbc bay area news. another privacy headache for facebook. facebook is being blamed for a software bug, for publicly revealing the posts of nearly 14 million users. that glitch was active for about ten days last month. it changed users' privacy settings without them knowing. that means some facebook users who thought they were posting to friends or within the social network could have published posts visible to the public. the company says the problem has been fixed. ur you were impacted, you'll see newsfeed. cold beer, cold beer. >> you heard right. peanuts, popcorn, and beer right from your seat. for the first time in more than three decades, a's fans are able to purchase beer without going to the concession stand. the tradition of buying beer from your seats ended in the 80s. now, 32 years later, the athletics have reintroduced
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in-seat beer service after an amendment to the coliseum's liquor license, and the fans like it. >> you can watch more of the game. >> you'd miss half the game. that's the whole thing. you miss a good part. >> the a's do want to remind people who drink at the game to drink responsibly. the organization has designated a driver program. in order to sign up, though, you have to be over 21. they'reli nows. they' figh. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. > also we hav new body cam nd video of an unusual rescue. the great lengths police officers went to rescue a dog trapped on a burning boat in a bay area harbor, next. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. clearing out in san francisco. it's a sign of the warming trend on the way. i'll let you know how hot for
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friday. my forecast coming up in about seven minutes.
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well, so many of the north bay fire victims continue to struggle, not just recovering from the devastation, but also struggling with their insurance claims. >> our consumer investigator chris chmura has been trying to get answers from their insurance companies, specifically state farm. tonight we have an important option that couldus. chris? >> really. i think this applies to just about everyone. the root of the dispute here is simple. home openers bought insurance thinking if they lost 100%, they'd get paid 100%, but that's not happening. so an emotional fight is still raging in the north bay. >> the fire is coming fast. >> it's very, very difficult. >> reporter: relentless flames spared nothing in raul de leon's home. >> we're actually standing in what used to be my kitchen. >> reporter: everything is gone. but now to get fully reimbursed by his homeowner's policy, state
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farm is requiring a list of his home's contents. >> every fork, every knife, every spoon. >> reporter: raul could settle for an up front payout reduced 25%, but he refuses to be low-balled. >> it's obvious that we lost 100% of everything. they should be paying us 100%. >> reporter: raul is not alone. early one saturday, we arranged to meet a few fireic130 people . please raise your hand if you lost everything. >> reporter: victims complained that state farm is dragging its feet, and they feel short changed. >> i paid my premiums on 100%, and state farm ought to pay me 100% of my contents. [ applause ] >> reporter: many told us they feel helpless, but not raul. he found he could challenge state farm by hiring what the insurance world calls a public adjustor. >> up until that time i had no idea what a public adjustor was. >> every major claim needs a public adjustor.
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>> reporter: gordon scott is a public insurance adjustor with 44 years and countless disasters like the north bay fires under his belt. >> it's not too late for them to get help. >> reporter: he says adjustors decipher jargon, counter unsatisfactory offers and convince insurance companies to pay as close to 100% as possible. >> if you don't have your own representative, you're at a disadvantage. if you don't do it every day just like the adjustor from the insurance company does, then you're at a disadvantage in dealing with that adjustor. >> reporter: scott says his industry exists solely because insurance companies bank on overpromising in ads and underdelivering after disa kind the whole process the big lie. >> reporter: public adjustors aren't a public service. they're a business. scott says hiring one will cost you about 10% of the claim. but he contends the negotiations usually increase the payout far more than 10%. >> sometimes we make hundreds of percents different, thousands of
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percents difference from what the insurance company offers. >> reporter: raul is relieved an expert is helping him fight state farm, but he remains frustrated. >> we're going to keep battling. >> reporter: raul wants the state to address the wide gap between touchy feely insurance advertising and their iron fisted claims processes. he fears inaction now after the fires devastated so many will send the wrong message to insurance companies about their nitpickiness. >> and they'll continue to do that and try to wear down the consumer until the consumer just gives up. >> should that change? >> absolutely that should change. >> reporter: we have extended several invitations to state farm to answer our questions on camera, and it has declined. today, though, a spokesman sent a statement that says there has been no change in our position. state farm is committed to helping our customers recover from the tragic wildfires. it goes on to say the insurance contract provides coverage for items a customer actually lost up to the policy limits. >> that's the key phrase. >> right.
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a few final notes about public adjustors. several might swarm you after a disaster. make sure there aren't any imposters in the group. check their state license, ask for references. there's a lot of money at stake. in you have to, even bring in a lawyer. >> as the story was playing out, we had no idea. so very good information. >> this is something you don't think about it happens, after it happens. this is something to store in the back of the mind. >> yeah. good tip. >> thank you, chris. if you have a conmer complaint for chris, give him and his team a call. here's the numbers and information. 1-888-996 tips or visit let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. it felt a little chilly today. >> i've got something to, you know, solve that for you. >> okay. >> how do you feel about some hotter temperatures tomorrow? >> yes. >> we aim to please in the weather department. something for everyone as we head into our next seven-day forecast. although we will be tracking
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eventually some higher fire danger. more on that coming up. it is an active pattern for june. we do have a system off to the north with some cooler temperatures, even some rain for northern california. we'll have more on that coming up. right now it's all about the hotter air building in from the south. that warmer, drier air is evaporating a lot of fog. so even though we few clouds near the coastline, the thickest fog remains out here in the pacific. so basically this means we start off with a lot more sunshine as we head into your friday morning commute, even down to the south bay which has had clouds the mostly mornings. sunny. isolated fog near the coast, and also in the tri-valley with 54 and mostly sunny skies. san francisco just a little bit of fog here and 54 degrees. temperatures on the rise for tomorrow. we've had a lot of these ups and downs lately. but don't worry. it's not going to get too hot as we hit your friday forecast. we'll see a solid 10-degree warm-up in temperature. that means in the south bay,
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away from the bay you're going to on in the low 80s from morgan hill to gilroy. downtown san jose, 79. los gatos at 80. east bay, you'll start to feel that heat right across antioch, also concord in the low to mid-80s. danville at 84. best weather by far, though, right here from oakland down to fremont with temperatures in the 70s. over to the peninsula, we get sunshine. still the cold breeze in half moon bay, though. if you like that chilly breeze, again, sun coming your way in half moon bay but 58. palo up a few degrees. not exactly 70s tomorrow but we will go to 66 in the mission. if you have a three-day weekend starting tomorrow and maybe you're heading up to wine country, you lucked out. look at this. in napa, also sonoma, temperatures in the low to mid-80s. a little bit of a wind out of the west here at 14 miles per hour. you are going to want to enjoy every single second of this tomorrow because once we hit saturday, i hate to do this to you. we have a new change setting up. it's a system off to the north.
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no rainfall for us right now, but it will bring wet weather to washington, oregon, also northern california near chico. we'll get the clouds from this. so, again, warmer tomorrow. then the clouds increase once we hit saturday's forecast. you can see in san francisco eventually some low 70s by next monday, tuesday, and also wednesday. for cities away from the coastline, lots of changes. 85 tomorrow down to 75 on saturday with that system to the north. then up to 83 on sunday. and here comes the heat once we hit that week. that will increase the fire threat with low humidities, but the best part about that is we'll see it drop from 93 next wednesday down to 79 next thursday's forecast. very interesting june weather we've had lately. >> he's excited about the drop. >> he likes the variations. >> it's what i do. >> thanks, jeff. up next at 11:00, facebook has a new plan to speed up your commute right here in the bay area. we'll explain. and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys. adam sandler, chris rock, plus
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we have music from sting and shaggy. it's a great show. do not change the channel. it's great. happening now, her first major test as a married royal. meghan markle and her husband, prince harry, will appear with the queen on buckingham palace's balcony for the queen's 92nd birthday. many will be watching the newest member of the family. back with more news in a moment. temperatures next week. tomorrow - kari tracks overnight changes to the forecast. plus - making golf more inclusive. one bay area teen )s push to raise money for other kids... who can )t afford to play the game he loves. )today in the bay ) - 4:30 to .
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something incredible is coming to disney california adventure park. it must be epic! thrilling!...daring! come ride the incredicoaster. it's going to be simply exhilarating dahling!
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a pit bull, a row boat and a fast-moving fire. it's all part of a wild story in marin county with a happy ending. an officer commandeered a boat to rescue the dog on a boat burning in the harbor. he coaxed the frightened dog to him just in time. witnesses say the boat was almost immediately engulfed in flames. the dog got out just then. that dog reunited with his grateful owner, and tonight that officer -- the dog's happy now. that officer is getting a whole lot of love and praise from his fellow officers and the community members. a crowded yellowstone national park got a bit too close for comfort. a bison charged a group and actually gored a santa rosa woman in the hip. paramedics rushed her to the hospital. she's doing okay. this, it turns out, is the third animal attack in yellowstone just this week. l
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let's take you to the beach. there's a new report that says be careful when you lay out. the list of california's ten most polluted beaches is out. shown right there on the map. according to the group heal the bay, five of those beaches are in the bay area. the test measure for water for bacterial pollution. researchers say the number of healthy beaches has been trending down for years. the good news is facpani continue to hire in in the sili and on the dumbarton bridge. so what's traffic? facebook is teaming up with the san mateo county transit district or samtrans. the plan is to add bus and pedestrian options on the bum bart -- dumbarton bridge and to redo the old railroad bridge. samtrans says redoing the 108-year-old bridge, the railroad bridge, would cost about $1 billion. up next, the big party at the stanley cup and the local connection on the washington capitals. stay with us.
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i'm april kennedy and i'm an arborist with pg&e in the sierras. since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future.
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♪ a toast, from estrella jalisco. pa arriba! to the stars of the mexican national team. pa abajo! to the stars that know you don't get here by luck but after years of dedication. al centro! to the stars that bleed green, white and red. pa dentro! we are all in this together, no matter what! vamos por la estrella. estrella jalisco, the only premium mexican cerveza proud to be the official beer of the mexican national team.
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take a look. do you see it? the biggest party in the country tonight in washington, d.c. just down the street from the white house. more than a million fans estimated just loving it. the washington capitals win the stanley cup for the first time ever. in fact, this is the first major
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championship in washington in any sport in 26 years. the game itself was in las vegas where the capitals beat the golden knights. this is brooks or peck. he's a san francisco native. congratulations to brooks pick and his family and the capitals. >> they're going to be planning a parade soon. earlier we told you about the beer. quite important. but now we need to talk about the game. >> the a's, the royals and beer delivery to your seat like the old-fashioned way. local boy making good. paul blackburn from antioch heritage high school making his season debut. he did his part on the mound and matt olson did his part at the plate. a's now above .500. they beat the royals 4-1. we're all nervous. we know there's a lot on the line tomorrow. are the warriors ready? we're going to check in with them. >> they're ready.
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♪ when i first came to ocean bay, what i saw was despair. i knew something had to be done. hurricane sandy really woke people up, to showing that we need to invest in this community. i knew having the right partner we could turn this place around. it was only one bank that could finance
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a project this difficult and this large, and that was citi. preserving affordable housing preserves communities. so we are doing their kitchens and their flooring and their lobbies and the grounds. and the beautification of their homes,live, will make this a thriving community once again. ♪
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okay. it's a little nerve-racking. could history be sealed tomorrow night? the warriors with the chance to get a third nba championship, the third in four years. the dubs were calm and collected at the shoot around in cleveland
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today. they know what's on the line but they know not to get ahead of themselves as the cavaliers schooled them last year in a similar game four. dubs say this time their approach is different. >> our attitude kind ofikit gid. you could see us walking on the court like, yes, we got it. last night it was just like good win. we walked off and it was like still got a lot of work to do. >> andre feeling good there. draymond says he has an outfit picked out for every finals game, but he's hoping we don't get to see game five attire even though, as he says, it is pretty dope. >> that means pretty good, right? >> he can use it maybe someplace else because i'm sure he goes out pretty dope a lot. >> maybe if there's a parade, he can use it for a parade. >> maybe it's another suit jackets shorts combo. >> he'll rock a suit and shorts
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tomorrow. thanks for joini tonight. we'll see you back here tomorrow with pants on. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- adam sandler and chris rock,


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