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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  June 8, 2018 12:37am-1:35am PDT

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[ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- mindy kaling, star of "unbreakable kimmy schimdt," actress ellie kemper, director of "the fourth estate," filmmaker liz garbus, featuring the 8g band with steven wolf. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers. this is "late ni"onight? [ cheers and applause ] that is great to hear. in that case let's get to the news. president trump today sent a letter to north korean leader kim jong-un canceling their upcoming meeting. so, let me just get this straight. you sent a dictator a letter but used twitter to fire most of your staff.
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[ laughter ] how do you break up with your wives? billboards? [ laughter and applause ] "just, on your way home tonight, look up." [ laughter ] in an interview yesterday, author stephen king said vice president pence is quote, "creepy" and looks like quote, "the mean doctor on a soap opera." [ light laughter ] hey, stephen king, let me do the jokes, man. [ light laughter ] you don't see me trying to scare people with stories about an evil clown -- oh, right, every night. sorry, every night. [ laughter ] fair. totally fair. i take it back, stephen king. [ cheers and applause ] in an interview on fox and friends, president trump said that nfl players who kneel for the anthem shouldn't be playing. "um, actually, no one should be," said doctors. [ laughter and applause ]
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the new season of "the bachelorette" begins on monday where the bachelorette must choose between 28 strains of hpv. [ audience ohs ] [ laughter and applause ] the human rights campaign this weekend projected messages on the department of education headquarters asking secretary betsy devos how she sleeps at night. said devos, "same as everyone, i hold my breath 'til i pass out." [ laughter ] cnn reported today that eight women are accusing actor morgan freeman of inappropriate behavior. not only that, 600,000 penguins. [ audience ohs ] [ light laughter ] here he comes. [ applause ] new york mayor bill de blasio
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announced today that the city will begin rolling out a dockless bike sharing system this summer. and they're all at the bottom of the hudson river. [ laughter ] a new study shows that using a cpap machine to regulate airway pressure can improve the sex lives of people with sleep apnea. said one woman, "yeah, i'd probably be willing to do it more if you wore a mask." [ audience ohs ] [ laughter and applause ] "yeah, no, it's a billboard, white billboard. black letter -- just look up." [ light laughter ] kim kardashian and kanye west celebrated their four-year wedding anniversary today. "i love you more than ever," said kanye to a mirror. [ laughter ] and, finally, today was asparagus day, which means that tonight was "what the -- oh, right, asparagus day!" night.
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[ laughter ] we've got a great show for you tonight. [ cheers and applause ] she is starring in the highly anticipated "ocean's 8." mindy kaling is back on the show tonight. [ cheers and applause ] she is the star of netflix's "unbreakable kimmy schmidt." ellie kemper is back on the show tonight. [ cheers and applause ] and her showtime docu-series "the fourth estate" goes inside the "new york times" during trump's first year. liz garbus is here to talk about that great show. [ cheers and applause ] so, great show. real quick. yesterday was a very big show for us, last night. david letterman, the man who started this franchise -- the "late night" franchise here on nbc -- was at the show last night which was great. and we were so honored to have him here. he brought something that was very uncommon. he brought in a ziploc bag an actual tick -- [ light laughter ] that he'd taken off his own back. [ light laughter ] and he left it here. and we are going to check to see if the tick is still alive. and it looks like --
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[ audience groans ] it looks like it maybe is. well, anyways, we're gonna keep checking. and this is just a public service reminder to check for ticks. [ laughter and applause ] moving on, president trump has canceled his summit with north korea. meanwhile, he and his allies are pushing a baseless conspiracy theory about the russia probe. for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: president trump has spent weeks hyping his upcoming summit with north korea. he's earned glowing praise from the media, chants of "nobel" from his crowds, and his government even made a commemorative coin to mark the occasion. and you know what? i was so excited i actually logged on to the white house gift shop and bought one of those coins myself. here it is. [ cheers and applause ] there it is. because i wanted to be a part of history. so here's to you, mr. president,
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and all your success. >> breaking news -- >> back with our breaking news. president trump has just written a letter to kim jong-un, the leader of north korea canceling the june 12th expected summit in singapore. >> seth: damn it. [ laughter and applause ] although, it's my fault. i should have learned my lesson after i bought commemorative coins for the completed border wall, biggest inauguration ever, anthony scaramucci's first 100 days on the job -- [ laughter ] cleared of all charges, and "people's" sexiest man alive. [ laughter and applause ] so trump canceled the summit, which shouldn't surprise anyone. he earned back slaps from the media desperate to praise him for something, but he repeatedly made clear he had no idea what he was doing. for example, when he spoke today at the white house, trump urged north korea to give up its nuclear weapons. >> north korea has the denuclearization. >> seth: there you go, he wants them to follow the path of denuclearization. but when he was asked on tuesday how denuclearization would work,
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trump claims he totally knew but >> do you have an idea of how denuclearization would take place? >> i do, i have a very strong idea how it takes place and it must take place. that's what we're talking about. it must take place, but i have a very strong idea and i have very strong opinions on the subject. >> seth: once again, donald trump is a teenager who didn't prepare his oral report and is now stalling for the bell to ring. [ light laughter ] "i know a lot about the louisiana purchase. it's fascinating. a fascinating purchase. and i have very strong feelings about it that i want to show -- will you ring, you damn of bitch?" [ laughter ] so trump is flailing on foreign policy. maybe, just maybe he's distracted by the russia investigation which seems to get worse for him every day. since the investigation began, trump and his allies have tossed out one crazy conspiracy theory after another. like when trump said his wires had been tapped at trump tower. or when they said two fbi agents had a secret society to undermine trump. trump loves conspiracy theories, so much i'm shocked he hasn't
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accused don jr. of being a secret lizard person. [ laughter ] "have you seen the way he blinks?" [ laughter ] now, every one of those claims turned out to be total b.s. in fact, trump's crimes are apparently so obvious that his . instead of denying that collusion happened, he's saying if it did happen, it wasn't illegal. in an interview with "huffington post" wednesday, giuliani initially disputed the notion that trump's daily citing of russian stolen emails constituted colluding with russia. "it is not," giuliani said. then he switched facts -- "okay, and if it is, it isn't illegal. it was sort of like a gift. and you're not involved in the illegality of getting it." yeah, if somebody gives you something that's stole that doesn't make you a criminal. it makes you a pawn shop. [ laughter ] also are we sure giuliani isn't working for robert mueller? first he told sean hannity that trump did pay off stormy daniels, now this. if you called rudy in for questioning, you wouldn't need to do good cop/bad cop, because
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he would confess to the good cop. [ light laughter ] "so can i get you a cup of coffee?" "all right, i did it, i killed my wife." "we brought you in for a robbery." "i did that too." [ light laughter ] if rudy sang bob marley at karaoke, he'd change the lyrics to, "i shot the sheriff, but i did not shoot the deputy. but even if i did shoot the deputy, that wouldn't be illegal. and also i did shoot the deputy." [ laughter ] so -- [ cheers and applause ] so, because they don't have a good defense, trump and his allies have instead decided to go on offense, creating one fiction after another to discredit the investigation. a central figure in that effort has been republican congressman devin nunes, who in every single photo looks like he just realized he brought you the wrong entrees. [ laughter and applause ] "oh, you said veal? i thought you said eel." [ light laughter ] nunes has used his perch on the
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house oversight committee to extract information about the investigation and then use that information to help trump manufacture conspiracy theories. and it's not just nunes. trump's allies in the right wing media have been happy to run with his wild spying claims. just take fox news host maria bartiromo. she accused both president obama and hillary clinton of being in a sinister plot to take down donald trump during the campaign. listen as she rambles through a list of all the favorite right wing buzzwords. >> in march of 2016, sally yates and loretta lynch were both briefed by jim comey. a couple of months later we start seeing all the dossier information and that there's a dossier being written. and then we know that that dossier was used to get a warrant to wiretap and to spy on the trump campaign. we also know based on the text messages between fbi agent peter strzok and his girlfriend, lisa page, that he said, quote, "president obama wants to know everything we're doing on this." so -- >> right. >> where was obama? i don't know. what do those texts and all of
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this information tell us where obama was? it sounds like either president obama or hillary clinton were sort of masterminding all of this. >> seth: think about how insane that theory is. she's saying barack obama and hillary clinton sent a spy to infiltrate trump's campaign so they could get dirt on him and then chose not to use that dirt during the election. "mr. president, we found the pee tape. should we leak it?" "no, no, save it for my netflix deal. [ laughter and applause ] i got an idea for limited series." [ laughter and applause ] you'd watch! [ laughter ] trump and his allies are literally just making [ bleep ] up and because he's the president, the media thinks they have to take it seriously. for example, giuliani made headlines over the weekend when he claimed out of nowhere that mueller hopes to finish the obstruction investigation by september 1st. by putting end date on the obstruction inquiry, he's apparently seeking to publicly pressure mueller to stick to that timeline.
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i'm sorry, you think you can pressure robert mueller? [ light laughter ] look at that dude. [ light laughter ] that dude plays jenga to relax. [ laughter ] he has more steel in him than wolverine. his last job was support beam. they make skyscrapers out of robert mueller. [ laughter and applause ] well, this will shock you. it turned out rudy's claim about the september 1st deadline was entirely made up. like trump, rudy just goes on tv and makes stuff up and the media repeats it because they think they have to. for example, rudy also claimed recently that the president could just ignore a subpoena from mueller because past presidents have done the same thing. but after he said that, a clip of giuliani from 1998 resurfaced insisting that then-president clinton would have to testify if he was subpoenaed. >> if the president is asked to testify, subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury and says, "no, not gonna do it." >> you gotta do it.
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i mean, you don't have a choice. >> well, he said in a statement that he might not do it. >> well, then, there is a procedure for handling that. you go before a judge and a judge decides whether or not he has a recognizable exemption or privilege from testifying. and if a judge decides he doesn't then you have to testify. you don't have a choice about that. >> seth: wow, that interview has not aged well. [ laughter ] unlike rudy giuliani, who doesn't look a day over crypt-keeper. [ laughter and applause ] so rudy is obviously lying and contradicting himself. and yet, the media keeps talking to him. last week on cnn rudy insisted that if mueller were to subpoena trump, he would interfere in the investigation by going to attorney general jeff sessions, and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, and telling them to stop the subpoena. >> if mueller did it, the justice department could take the subpoena right back. >> or you could just litigate it. but he could subpoena him and you could litigate it. >> i wouldn't litigate it. i'd go right to the attorney general. i'd say, "jeff, you know, put on big boy pants and you go take it away." >> but he's recused from this. >> then i'd go to rosenstein and
12:51 am
say, "you wanna try the big boy pants on for size? you put them on and you get rid of the subpoena." >> seth: rudy sounds like a flustered salesman at a store called "big boy pants." [ laughter ] "what about you? two for one big boy pants? oh, come on, rudy, you gotta make a sale!" [ laughter ] and i'm sorry, but if jeff sessions tried to put on big boy pants they would go up to his nipples. [ laughter and applause ] now there is no reason, no reason to ever believe what trump, rudy, or their allies say about the russia investigation. they've proven time and time again they have no compulsion about lying and contradicting themselves. the media should stop taking them seriously. in other words, the media, should put on their -- >> big boy pants. >> seth: this has been "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] we'll be right back with mindy kaling, everybody. youtube. -♪ he's got legs of lumber and arms of steel ♪ ♪ he eats a bowl of hammers at every meal ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back everybody. give it up for the 8g band right over there. [ cheers and applause ] all this week, we've had one of sts like in-demand studio katy perry, alicia keys, beyonce, and many, many more. steven wolf, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] thanks for a great week, steven. we really appreciate it. also joining us this week on bass, from the strokes, our friend nikolai fraiture has been with us. [ cheers and applause ] thank you so much, nikolai.
12:56 am
before we get to our first guest, a new jersey school superintendent was arrested recently for defecating on the football field of a rival high school. [ light laughter ] which brings us to a segment called, "the kind of story we need right now." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: this grown, adult man pooped on the football field of a rival high school every day for several days. [ laughter ] and i have just one thing to say to him. thank you. [ laughter ] this is the kind of story we need right now. [ light laughter ] the news is bleak and depressing. and we need a break from it. which is why it is my pleasure to tell you more abohi ] this 42-year-old man got up every morning, put on a suit and
12:57 am
tie, waved good-bye to his family. [ light laughter ] then he got in his car, drove to a rival high school, and pooped on a football field. [ laughter and applause ] then -- then he went to his grown up job. he sat in important meetings all day. and if he drifted off in one of those meetings and a coworker said, "hey, tom, what are you thinking about?" he said, "oh, nothing." [ light laughter ] but we know what he was thinking about. [ light laughter ] "three hours ago, i pooped on a football field." [ light laughter ] this isn't just a newsrythis is determination. [ light laughter ] it's a story about the triumph of the human will. were there any victims? no. [ light laughter ] in fact, if i understand fertilizer correctly, the grass on that field will grow better now. [ cheers and applause ] police arrested this man after they caught him on video.
12:58 am
just think about that. that means someone set up a camera. [ light laughter ] a little tripod, and they pointed that camera at the area where someone pooped the day before. [ light laughter ] and then they waited to see if they'd poop again. [ light laughter ] and that plan worked. [ laughter and applause ] imagine -- imagine their joy. one police officer -- i don't know, maybe his name is bob, turned to another police officer, maybe his name was ted. and he said, "ted, we got him." [ laughter and applause ] this story is crazy. itis'siderrifying. [ light laughter ] when i heard it, i wasn't thinking about north korea or climate change. i was just thinking, "haha, gross." [ laughter ] so to this man, again, i say thank you. please get out there. [ light laughter ] get out there and do something
12:59 am
equally weird. [ light laughter ] because this is the kind of story we need right now. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] our first guest tonight is a very talented actress, writer, and producer you know from shows like "the office" and "the mindy project." she stars in "ocean's 8," which is in theaters june 8th. let's take a look. >> you want to run some stuff at the store? a necklace? >> a little more than that. how long would it take you to make seven pieces of jewelry if the stones were already cut? >> probably, five or six hours? >> how long if i told you you didn't have to live with your mother anymore? >> less. [ light laughter ] >> seth: please welcome back to the show our friend mindy kaling, everyone.
1:00 am
>> seth: welcome back. >> it's so good to be back. >> seth: so happy to have you here. >> thank you. it's so nice to be back here. >> seth: i saw you recently and we were talking about -- you have a baby. kit. >> i have a baby. >> seth: how is kit doing? >> kit is doing great. she's five months old. >> seth: fantastic. >> and actually, i've been living in new york for a couple months now. >> seth: there you go. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. yes. and one of the things -- you were so kind. you and your wife alexi were so kind. you recommended a doctor. >> seth: yeah. >> and she's an amazing doctor. >> seth: she's great. >> for my child. and so i went in with her to get her shots, and one of the -- this is a cool doctor. 'cause the first thing she said to me, she was like, "hi, just so you know, i don't watch any tv." [ light laughter ] and to me of course, that meant like, it was like a challenge to me. >> seth: yeah. >> she's just not into -- i don't know if she's said this to you. like she's just like, "i don't watch any tv."
1:01 am
>> seth: but i have to say, if she says that, like she's watched a little. [ light laughter ] >> she's watched a little tv. >> seth: to know that's something she needs to tell you. [ light laughter ] >> yeah. and instead of being like, okay, this is about my daughter and getting her shots. i was like, now i gotta impress this woman. [ light laughter ] and so i was like, "no, you don't watch any tv? what about films? [ light laughter ] have you seen 'a wrinkle in time'? [ light laughter ] i know oprah." and she's just like, "truly, i just need to give your daughter a vaccination to extend her life." and i'm like, "but i was on 'the office' with steve carell." [ laughter ] and she just -- she just didn't care. but she's a good doctor. >> seth: this is very exciting, to be in this "ocean's 8" film with all these incredible actresses. >> yeah. >> seth: and you guys famously are on a text chain together. >> yes. >> seth: do you and then, what happened was we have been talking about the text chain. so nora -- awkwafina, who is in the movie -- was like, "i think someone might hack one of our phones." >> seth: right. >> "to get the information." which i thought was smart. so we got -- she named some app that we we could have another text chain.
1:02 am
but we had to like, come up with our fake names on the text chain. [ light laughter ] and some of us were -- just used their first name because they're more mature. and i was sarahpaulsonfan69. [ laughter ] since sarah paulson is in the movie. and then she was manboob69. [ light laughter ] so that's the level. >> seth: okay, that's the level of discourse that's happening. >> of discourse on this chain. >> seth: you obviously, for a big film like this, you've had to do a ton of press. >> yeah. >> seth: how has that been? >> it's been mostly great because the other actresses are really fun. and it's nice to do press with them. power. which is why debbie ocean like, pulls us together to do this heist. and so, an interviewer, this s. he was -- i was doing press with anne hathaway and with sarah paulson. and he was like, was asking us, like, annie, she's an actress. in the movie, she plays an actress. and sarah paulson, she's a party promoter in it. and then with me, she was like, okay -- he was like, "mindy, you play a jeweler. now you are not married and have never been engaged.
1:03 am
so how do you know about diamonds?" [ audience ohs ] [ laughter ] 'cause it's all about diamonds and stealing diamond necklaces. and i was like, "i'm sorry." so he's basically like, "how you, a famous spinster -- [ laughter ] how would you -- you've never been anywhere near a diamond before. no man has ever --" as though, if you're not married and engaged, you've never seen a diamond. [ light laughter ] you have -- and it was -- >> seth: it also seems to be that he has a fundamental misunderstanding of acting. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> seth: because you could have said like, "by the way, none of us have robbed a museum." >> none of us have robbed a museum. but he was so incredulous. >> seth: yeah. >> he was like, "i can't put this together. [ light laughter ] no man has ever loved you. [ laughter ] so, in what way would you --" i know. it was -- >> seth: that strikes me as a very europpreswe do not -- we a the question we think of. and you cannot take offense." >> yes, without giving away too much, yes. that is a correct guess.
1:04 am
[ light laughter ] yeah. >> seth: you guys filmed at the museum, at the met at night. was that a cool scene, to be filming there? >> yes. a lot of the movie takes place at a fake met gala. and you've been there before. >> seth: yeah. >> which is very glamorous. so for most of the actresses, they got to wear like, gowns and go to the fake met gala. and when i heard about the script, i thought, oh this is -- i love fashion, i love the met gala. but we were going through the script and all of them are there, and i am playing a short order chef at the met. [ light laughter ] so i'm three floors down, like at the bowels of the met, like washing dishes. [ light laughter ] so without giving too much spoiler alert, like, you know, sandy is looking so beautiful. and anne hathaway is looking beautiful. and they then they cut to me, and i'm like -- i'm literally washing dishes. and i have my earpiece. and i'm like -- and then i have to go, "miguel, i'm going on my break." [ laughter and applause ] and then i spend the rest of the movie in a large bathroom stall assembling a necklace.
1:05 am
>> seth: yeah. >> so that's what i got to do. [ laughter ] >> seth: but that made sense to me. that makes sense to me because you have been to a bathroom. >> yes. [ laughter and applause ] >> seth: so i understood this part. this part makes sense. and this is very exciting. you wrote a film called "late night." >> yes. >> seth: it is not about this show "late night," but it is about a late night talk show. >> but we did steal the name of your show. >> seth: you did take it. >> by the way, thank you. >> seth: i can't blame you because the name of my show is just a description of the show. so there's no other -- >> thank you for being so generous. >> seth: yes. >> that's very nice. >> seth: but emma thompson plays a late night television host. there she is.r wrers. >> yes. >> seth: there's our friend ike berinholtz. so i guess he's just playing a lump. >> this is the most boring night of tv. [ laughter ] this is the first and second guest on this show that emma thompson's doing. >> seth: but it must have been -- how was it working with emma thompson? wld where there is a female late night talk show host on a major network. so it's in a crazy world. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: i think a world we
1:06 am
would all like to live in. >> a world -- so in a bizarro alternate universe. but it's so great. and you came and were on the movie. spoiler alert. >> seth: yes. >> which was so nice of you. >> seth: i -- you let me play myself, which is about the limits of my range. [ laughter ] >> you were very -- you were so great in it. and they did a lot of research for this movie. i did a lot of research. but, you were so kind to let the director come to the set. and i went to up to the writer's room floor to do research on this. >> seth: it was the most exciting thing that ever happened to my writers. [ light laughter ] >> no, they were so nice. and i came in and of course i'm just like, "oh, okay. these new york writers are going to think this is so glamorous. this actress is there." and i'm sitting asking about their -- and i'm like, "oh, do you guys need to be working?" and they're like, "yes. [ laughter ] you have to leave." >> seth: i think in general, this tracks back to what happened with the doctor. >> yeah. >> seth: like, you need to expect less attention from people who are working. >> less attention. [ light laughter ] i know. this is when -- i came to new york thinking like, "oh, these guys are going to love a bit of hollywood in their lives." [ light laughter ] and they're like, "no. fin" [ light laughter ] it was -- your whole writing staff was so nice.
1:07 am
>> seth: well, i cannot wait to see it. and thank you so much for being here. it's always so great to see you, mindy. >> yeah, it's so great. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: mindy kaling, everybody. "ocean's 8" is in theaters june 8th. we'll be right back with ellie kemper. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ growing up i didn't have anyone who looked like me. that's why i started my blog to inspire people to be themselves. the surface laptop has already made me more productive. i'm creating mood boards. i'm editing content. or i'm running around new york with a huge bouquet of balloons. so having a light laptop is a game changer. plus the battery life on the surface lives forever. sometimes about sprinkles. it's usually always about color. find what makes you different, because that sets you apart from everyone else. ♪ the boss has more meatte then we added some meat ♪ ♪ oh yeah, then there's brisket on top of all that ♪ ♪ if this doesn't speak to you get some fajitas ♪
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weaving your own shoes...rgy by out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: our next guest is an emmy-nominated actreouars the "unbreakable kimmy schmidt," which begins streaming the first part of its fourth season may 30th. let's take a look. the heck is w men in >> tell me about it. oliver quit. >> no, you are not making this about you that fast. fran dodd took the reverend's side! >> sure. people get set in their ways and they don't like to be told that they're wrong. remember how mad i got when you told me it was "sex and the city?" >> um, yeah. i sure do. [ laughter ] >> seth: please welcome back to the show our friend
1:12 am
ellie kemper, everyone. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> seth: hi. >> hi. i'm with two of my favorite people on the planet. >> seth: i'm so happy. i'm so happy to have you both ou >> seth: a very lovely reunion because, of course, you guys worked together on "the office." >> we did, yes. >> seth: and you were part of a -- quite a duo. tell me about subtle sexuality. >> oh, where do i begin? i think this was your brain child, right? >> mindy: yeah, i think this is b.j. novak and i. they gave us a lot of -- after a couple of years, they obviously let us do a lot of extra stuff. >> yes. >> mindy: and so -- i was like, "what if ellie kemper and i had a girl band?" >> seth: yes. >> mindy: and we could shoot a music video. >> seth: and so this was the music video. this was like on the web. this was not on the show, right? >> it was a webisode. right. >> seth: a webisode. >> yes. >> seth: and here is subtle sexuality. i don't know why your eyes are like that.
1:13 am
>> i don't know. [ laughter ] america couldn't handle. >> mindy: those are like -- that was when sunglasses that -- you were censored because we were -- they were too real. >> yes. >> seth: too real? but not through the whole video. >> no, no. >> seth: because then you were uncensored again. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. i remember mindy because we got our costumes on. mindy was like -- this is before we started shooting for the season. and you were like, "let's just like bop up to the writers' room and like, i don't know, say hello." but i was new. i didn'tw re my years like since the beginning. and we showed in our gold lame. and then we didn't really say anything. we were just like, "we're here. take it in." [ laughter ] it was so fun. i loved -- that was one of the best days of my life. >> seth: that's fantastic. >> sorry. >> seth: and that -- i have to be honest -- >> no, it was great. >> seth: when someone says that about this, you know everything you need to know about a person. [ laughter and applause ] you were -- so congratulations, by the way, you're wrapping up your final season -- >> yes. >> seth: of a fantastic show. >> oh, thank you. >> seth: you were shooting yesterday. the president was in town yesterday. >> that -- >> seth: you guys were very close in proximity. >> we were so close. we were all in bethpage, new york, because we were shooting on a studio. this is a hour outside the city.
1:14 am
and i guess there is an office of homeland security or something there. donald trump was also there. and so huge security measures in place. you know, everything -- all the roads were closed off. we were on a lockdown. and i have to tell you, i was secretly hoping that at some point during the day, a secret service agent would come to me and say, "excuse me ma'am."e you know, "the president would like to meet you," just so i could say "no!" >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> i don't want that. [ cheers and applause ] and nobody came up to me and asked that. >> >> but i think that's for the best. i was -- 'cause i don't always follow through on things like that. i have a very good friend whose husband cheated on her and i -- man, i will never talk to him. i'll give him my famous stink eye, turn the other way." sure enough, i'm walking down the street and, you know, this guy brian, fake name, fake name. name has been changed. brian is eating in a restaurant outside. i see him. i ripped my sunglasses off, open my arms. i'm like, "brian, how are you?" [ laughter ] "is this your girlfriend?" so i was so nice to him.
1:15 am
because i was too -- i think it took less energy in a way. so i feel like if the opportunity had risen to say hello to donald trump, i would have been like, "great to meet you, boss. [ laughter ] you're doing a hell of a job." so it's good i didn't meet him. yeah. >> seth: i am a huge fan of your husband. >> yes. >> seth: you guys have a two-year-old and your husband michael writes for "snl" now. >> yep. yes. >> seth: and he'd -- your long time. >> yeah. >> seth: shows like "conan," late night shows, but now, "snl" totally different thing. how is -- 'cause i can't imagine working on "snl" having a two-year-old now. fst of all, prior to michael working there, most of my knowledge of "snl" came from the james franco documentary which i was like, "oh, they work really long hours." >> seth: yeah. >> i feel like they stay -- as you know, you stay up mostly all night tuesday night writing this thing. michael -- you'rju >> seth: yes. >> and so when michael comes home, he's mostly asleep. that's what he's doing. especially in the morning, like, he -- don't get home till 3:00 in the morning so he's, like, asleep. so our two-year-old, almost two-year-old son james will say -- he doesn't really talk yet. but he'll say, "dad."
1:16 am
and dad's asleep. and i'm like, "yeah, dad is asleep." but i want him to have some image etched on his brain that his -- other than his dad sleeping all the time. [ laughter ] i like need michael to get up there and haul brush or fight a fire or something. because saturday like when the show is obviously on, last saturday i was home with james. and he's like, "dad?" i'm like, "oh, no, no, dad's at wo [ laughter ] like he sleeps for a living. [ laughter ] it's so bad. we love you michael. [ applause ] >> seth: you have a new book. >> yeah. >> which is very exciting called "my squirrel days." >> yes. >> seth: and i'm very ashamed to be the only person on this panel right now who has not written a book. >> oh. >> seth: you are all accomplished authors. but this is real squirrel. yes? >> yeah. there was -- yeah. >> seth: and you did multiple photos with it. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> seth: how -- what was it like working with a real squirrel? >> again, like a comment on my life, that was probably the most difficult thing i've ever had to do was photograph myself with a live squirrel. and at the beginning, i had all these wild pitches like, "i think we should get the squirrel thrashing at my face.
1:17 am
and i'm just smiling, like broadly unaware. i think it was just be so funny to have a squirrel on top of me." forgetting when i get to the place, it's a live squirrel. >> yeah. >> seth: yes. >> it's an animal with claws. >> seth: yeah. >> it's awful. so i did feel fairly brave, because that, you know, i think that's a live shot. >> seth: so that's not photoshop. that's -- those are his -- that's -- >> i think that's real and that's photoshopped. >> seth: okay, good. >> but the squirrel was real. >> mindy: squirrels are like straight up gross, right? >> seth: yeah. >> disgusting. >> mnd: specially new york squirrels who are all too co >> yes, yes. exactly.>>o like, he was a huma. so very comfortable around -- >> seth: was his name -- was his name "human?" >> squirrel and human have made a go of it -- [ laughter ] in new york. that's the next show i'm working on. >> seth: yeah. >> after "kimmy" ends. but it was -- anyway, there was this one bad time -- moment when the squirrel clung to me because he was falling. and it was in that silky blouse so he sort of fell. and then the shoot ended. it was sad. [ audience aws ] >> seth: oh. >> i know. he lost faith. >> seth: yeah.
1:18 am
>> that's okay. he's a squirrel. >> seth: but, you know, look he's -- i mean, he's still working. you don't have to worry about it. >> yeah. >> seth: and he seems happy. you guys gave him nuts. that's nice. >> yeah, no, he had food. oh, that's the other thing. i feel like -- you've shot stuff with squirrels. i mean -- sorry. [ laughter ] animals. >> mindy: yes, yes, yes. >> we're used to -- >> mindy: i -- we -- i love shooting with squirrels. [ laughter ] >> your squirrel work is unmatched.: thk you. >> we love your squirrel work. >> mindy: was are your -- what is "my squirrel's days" mean? >> it refers to a story in the book which is about me befriending an obese squirrel when i was a child. [ laughter ] >> mindy: okay. now i have an idea what the book is about. >> now you get it? >> mindy: it sounds great. >> yeah, well, okay. >> mindy: and it sounds normal. >> seth: you know what, i got to say that is -- you know, that that's an excellent title. >> yeah, exactly. there's a reason. >> seth: yeah. >> it's not just to say squirrel. >> seth: thank you both so much for being here. [ cheers and applause ] it is always a pleasure to see you. >> thank you. >> seth: ellie kemper everybody. season four of "unbreakable kimmy schmidt" begins streaming may 30th on netflix. we'll be right back with liz garbus. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
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pa dentro! we are all in this together, no matter what! vamos por la estrella. estrella jalisco, the only premium mexican cerveza proud to be the official beer of the mexican national team. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: our next guest is an oscar-nominated, peabody and emmy-winning filmmaker behind documentaries like "bobby fischer against the world" and "what happened, miss simone?." her showtime docuseries "the fourth estate" goes inside the
1:24 am
"new york times" during trump's first year. let's take a look. >> elizabeth, new york, they're rewriting the lead. >> it's not going to focus on immigration? >> oh, my [ bleep ]. >> seth: please welcome to the . [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> seth: welcome. >> thank you. >> seth: you know when you are watching something like that, obviously you feel like you're in the newsroom but you forget that because you're there, there is also a film crew filming them. they do not seem particularly -- i should say, obviously they're aware. but they don't seem to be adjusting their behavior. did that -- because you just wore them down by being around all the time?
1:25 am
>> we wore them down. no, there were times of course where we're -- >> seth: yeah, in the beginning, i mean, that's what it looks like when you are in a newsroom and there is also a film crew. [ light laughter ] yeah, how do they respond at first? >> that's not -- what are you talking about? what's wrong with that? [ light laughter ] honestly, they did. i mean, look, these guys have reported in war zones.ean,hey'r ocusrdn what they need to focus on. and look, news is coming like this. we're behind them. they've got to, you know, stay h is a very interesting choice -- on the human toll of being a reporter for a newspaper, especially during a year like the one we just went through. what led you to that decision? >> to focus them -- on them as human beings? >> seth: yeah. >> well, i mean, you know, when you're demonized by the president of the united states who calls you fake news and, you know, the enemy of the people, i thought it was important to pull back the curtain and show that these are just people going to work, doing their jobs, not so different from anybody else in
1:26 am
this country, you know. >> seth: there was a really interesting scene where jeremy peters, who covers -- what would you call it? >> conservative movement. yeah. >> seth: yeah, the conservative movement. obviously that movement does not care for the "new york times." but yet, when they started talking to him, they - kmetapho take away from it. you know, when jeremy went to the conserv -- cpac, the conservative political action conference -- he went around, and as soon he introduced himself as from the "new york times" people would be like -- they smelled something really bad. but then after they talked to him for a couple minutes, they're like, "hmm, you see fine." so that's kind of what i think happens when you see people kind of doing their job and doing the >> seth: you obviously want everyone to see this series. but you -- do you feel like even more, you want people who have a negative opinion of the "new york times" to try to engage with this? >> i mean, that would be nice. i mean what i think about is if i -- i'm not a regular watcher of hannity's show. but i think if there was a documentary that went behind the scenes and showed me how they got the show up every night, what they focused on, what are they thinking about, what are those decisions, i would want to
1:27 am
watch that. so i do hope that even people who are hating on the "times" might come take a look? >> seth: the other thing that's really exciting right now is this, i guess -- i don't know, york times" and the "washington post." but it's definitely a competition. thasomething that' palpable when you're in the newsroom? >> oh, yeah. >> seth: yeah. >> it is really intense. i mean, you kind of think of it as like a trope or a metaphor, but these people are banging their heads against the wall when they get beat. and sometimes they're beat by minutes. i mean, they're working on the same story. it's -- they take it very personally. >> seth: now that's interesting when you get beat by minutes because in this day and age, i mean it seems like they're the only ones who know who won by two minutes. like, i don't think the next day people aren't waking up and saying, like, "oh, i didn't read the 'new york times' because the 'washington post' tweeted it a minute ahead of time." >> yeah. >> seth: but i guess it's just professional pride, right? >> i guess. >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. it seems to really matter. >> seth: i mean, i like that it matters to them, because obviously their work matters so much. >> yeah. >> seth: and i do want to ask this, because obviously we see so many newspaper movies these
1:28 am
days. we did a parody of newspaper movies here. >> you don't say? >> seth: yeah. and how much of it is like the movies? like, within -- when you're actually there? >> it is -- no, i mean it's often very, very boring. i mean, even in the era of trump, there are hours and hours in the day where it's very, very quiet. but then, there are these moments where there's breaking news or you know, something is unsealed. and it's this extraordinary like air traffic control, you know, bring in the investigative reporters. bring in the russia expert. everyone coming to put -- you know, drop some knowledge the o. it's pretty amazing to see it. >> seth: well, it's a fascinating work. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> seth: i really, really appreciate it. liz garbus everybody. [ cheers and applause ] "the fourth estate" premieres sunday night on showtime. we'll be right back. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to mindy kaling, ellie kemper, and liz garbus, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] steven wolf and nikolai fraiture, and of course the 8g band. stay tuned for "carson daly." we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
1:37 am
♪ ♪ >> carson: good evening. this is "last call" coming to you from the cutting room in new york city.


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