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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 8, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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scene to bring you a live report. >> breaking this morning, cnn's anthony bourdain dead at 61 from an apparent suicide. the details emerging at this hour. >> plus, tragedy overnight in the east bay, a child killed in a crash along the busy stretch of 680. what led us to that accident. >> social media solving the bay area traffic crisis? steps facebook is taking to ease congestion. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> good friday morning, i'm kris sanchez, laura garcia is off. >> we'll get you caught up on traffic in just a moment but first we'll head over week. >> okay, >> can't complain. >> don't curse me next week. it's going to be a great weekend red we' cool and here's a live look outside in san jose, mostly clear skies and we'll get sunshine all throughout the day. here's a look at the temperature trend, we go from 66 at 10:00 to upper 70s today. which is exactly where we should
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be this time of year. as we check out highs, up to 80 in livermore, 84 in antioch and oakland 72 degrees and mid-80s for the north bay and san francisco 64 degrees. we'll talk about what's ahead for the weekend, slightly cooler tomorrow and then a big warm-up. and mike says remember what -- remember -- >> i just want you to tell them i can see what they are doing. i watch them on cameras over here. i see what folks are doing. see this crew, they are clearing up the cones but until a couple of seconds ago the two right lanes were coned off. you remember the shot from a few minutes ago and they were getting out of there cutting through the cone zone and trying i w near misses and what must have been very irritated drivers jogging around. things are much better now but i was watching this behavior. i did not like it. so folks, when you're in a cone zone, stay in the coned areas because there are crews walking around, especially things better.
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they are making them better. we're clearing the slowdown just in menlo park heading down past willow. should be clear in next few minutes. and rest of the bay moves nicely, minor slowing for san jose and 101. a couple of fender benders on 280 but out of the roadway through downtown san jose and cupertino, we're looking at this. there's a derailment but it's a car carrier that is off the rails right now preventing capitol corridor from coming through the davis area. amtrak doesn't have alternate service to there may be more folks heading to the roadway. back to you. 6:02. we're following breaking news for you this morning, world famous chef and tv host anthony bourdain is dead from an apparent suicide. cnn confirmed his death early this morning. this is video of bourdain visiting the bay area. he was filming his tlc show and he was just 61 years old.
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he was in france working on an upcoming episode of his cnn series parts unknown. a close friend found him unresponsive in his hotel room this morning. he reportedly hanged himself. we're reporting all week of death of fashion and handbag designer kate spade who also committed suicide by hanging herself in her new york home. it was a shock for people around the world when this happened and in fact, a new study just released from the cdc yesterday found suicide rates are up 30% across the country. this has been since 1999. if you or someone you know needs help, someone is always available to talk to, you can call this number right here on your screen, 1-800-273-8255. the national suicide prevention hot line is free and confidential. >> we have more breaking news to tell you about this morning. another reported shooting, this in san francisco, the third one in less than 24 hours. >> bob redell just arrived on
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scene. near the border of tenderloin. what do you see out there? >> reporter: well, good morning to you, kris and marcus. san francisco police are still trying to find the person who shot and killed a man just outside of bob's doughnuts and pastries. what i see in the front we don't necessarily want to show you is looks like a white t-shirt or something that has blood on it. there's a person's jacket and ball cap and wad of cash. we did speak to a person who's inside the p shop, we're shot sure if he was here when the shooting took place at 4:40 this morning. he had no comment for us. so again the san francisco police, they have not put out a suspect description, not clear if they don't have one or they -- this person shot this person and took off and no one witnessed it. we don't know that part as you see out here live. someone from css is taking pictures and they have officers
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out here trying to figure out and solve this murder that took place again outside bob's dough nutds and pastries. this is the third deadly shooting here in the city within the past 24 hours around 2:00 yesterday afternoon, a woman was shot and killed in the mission and a couple of hours later there was another person who was shot and killed an area, the third scene of a murder again within one day here in san francisco outside bob's pastry and doughnuts and pastries here on the 1600 block of polk street, man shot and killed and still haven't found the shooter. that person took off. reporting live here, bob re-dell, "today in the bay." >> thanks, bob. 6:05, an 8-year-old child died in a crash overnight. live in sunol and sharon, this happened in a construction zone. did that have something to do with it? >> reporter: kris and marcus, this area looks fine right now
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but earlier this morning the entire area was backed up and this accident shut down all of the lanes here northbound direction of highway 680. there's a construction zone just north of here near cal vegavera road. the driver of a black dodge apparently fell asleep at the wheel and hit a white toyota corolla at a high rate of speed and crashed into a gray ford. the 8-year-old child who died of injuries was in the white car. it does not appear that drugs or alcohol were involved. now when it comes to sleepy driving, aaa says in a recent study it shows one in five fatal accidents eachr caused by sleepy driving and the cdc has a tip. stay alert, day unhurt. something to think about definitely this morning. reporting live i'm sharon k katsuda, "today in the bay." >> a story that is getting a lot
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of attention, a san francisco woman arrested and suspected of killing her inmate and dismembering her roommate is expected in a courtroom for the first time today. investigators say 47-year-old lisa gonzalez used a hacksaw to killed margaret mamer. police say gonzalez told them that she argued with mamer because she refused to move out of the mission apartment. the victim's friends say she may have lost her life because she couldn't afford that high rent in san francisco. a pit bull, row boat and fast moving fire all part of this wild story in nar rinmarin. an officer commandeered a different boat to rescue a dog on a burning boat yesterday. he coaxed the frightened dog to him just in the nick of time. witnesses say the boat was almost immediately engulfed in flames. the dog is back with his grateful owner. look at him there. the owner says that the officer is a hero and he is getting a
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lot of love and phrase and maybe a couple of licks and wags too. >> good looking dog there. >> i've got good news, facebook and other tech companies continue to hire in a big way but there's a down side, more traffic in the silicon valley and dumb bart ton bridge. what's the solution to ease the traffic? >> facebook is teaming up with san trans and the plan is to add a bus and pedestrian options on the bridge and renovate the railroad bridge that runs from the east bay to the peninsula. san trans says upgrading would cost about $1 billion. could history be sealed tonight? i don't know. warriors with the chance to win a third nba championship in four years. >> the dubs were calm and collected and you see during practice. this is in cleveland yesterday, they know what's online here but they also know that not to get ahead of themselves right now. the cavaliers schooled them last year in a similar game four.
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the dubs say this time their approach is different. >> our attitude is kind of like not satisfied. last year we were kind of little bit giddy, to see walking off the court, yes we got it. last night it was good win and walked off and it was like still got a lot of work to do. >> i've got a fun fact for you. see draymond green says that he has an outfit picked out for every single final game but he says that he's hoping you won't see the game five attire because they are going to sweep it and win tonight. we're hoping that as well. >> if they don't, they'll have to be shorts because kari says it's going to be hot. the world fastest rodeo is about to turn into the world's oldest rodeo the livermore rodeo kicks off this weekend and it turns 100 years old. cowboys started it in 1918 to help raise money during world war i. it still raises thousands of dollars for local charities and
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scholarships and try to preserve the western way of life. >> are people surprised it's been around 100 years. >> they are, so many here have talked to that in the california and livermore especially that lived in livermore for 30 years never been to the rodeo and it's quite interesting to get them and they do come -- i met people at the mixer. >> people in san francisco never go to alcatraz, same thing. >> exactly. >> bob always put teenager ting perspective. they have 15 chutes which means once one rider has competed on their bucking bronco or bull the next competitor is locked and loaded and ready to go so there's little break in the action. that horse not one of the fast ones. the competition kicks off with a parade through downtown livermore tomorrow morning. kari says the weather should be pretty nice. >> it will be nice. there's so much going on this weekend. especially in oakland comic con
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and a's and warriors going on. if you're going to the watch party at oracle arena tonight, it will be in the mid-60s as you're heading in, great weather cooling off quickly and it's going to be chilly out there for the a's game next door we'll see those clear skies and temperatures right at about 60 degrees at 9:00 then a few more clouds moving in later on this evening. we'll have that event planner and how to break it down and make your plans for the weekend coming up in just a few minutes. mike, now there's a crash in sng? >> there is a crash in san jose and slowing. most of the bay shows how light the volume is. this friday as we slide into summer vacation for almost all of the school districts, we're looking at northbound 280 at saratoga, a couple of lanes are affected. i'm told a motorcycle is down but not told about any serious injuries so that's hopefully better news. we're worried of course about the driver. warmer days like today we're going to see more motorcycles on the roadway, nice weather but
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you've got to look out and be careful. over here we're showing north 101 and berkeley curve is great but there's a backup at the bay bridge. back to you. >> coming up here on "today in the bay," at 6:12. a new sports is taking over levi stadium this weekend. how you can tee off from the stand. >> what? >> and later, back in the spotlight, the big public appearance from the newlywed duke and duchess this weekend. something kind of interesting this morning. we'll tell you why, you're watching "today in the bay."
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we have a clear sunrise and nice start as we look out in san jose. let's check out the temperature trend for today. 62 degrees at 10:00 and mid-70s by early afternoon. it's going to be a really nice day and slightly cooler day tomorrow before a major warm-up in the forecast. i'll have more on that coming up in less than five minutes. >> i don't like that major wa warm-up but do like this shot of fremont from 880 here. we'll show you the travel times towards the bay bridge look great. typical friday light. we have an update for the slowing in san jose and also f not paying their workers enough. the laborcommissioner's office
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says kome japanese seafood and cafe and burma did not pay minimum wage, overtime or split shifts. workers at kome worked more than 55 hours per week but paid a fixed salary. burma ruby had workers logging in ten hours of overtime without overtime pay. >> here's your chance to show off your athletic glory at levi stadium. no football experience necessary. >> thank goodness. you have to know how to swing a lf can do. there are tee times still available for the stadium links whi kicked o seeff from last y with whack a ball from the stand on to a tee on the 50th yard line. igh above levi would appreciate a four before you slice or hook. >> 6:17 right now.
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business and tech news, this morning and more trouble for facebook. >> for that and the rest of the news, go to kate rogers live at cnbc world headquarters, good morning, kate. >> good morning to you both, wall street could open lower as global trade concerns remain in foeb focus with the g-7 getting under way in canada. a mixed session yesterday and dow rose thanks to a gn ansd heavily weighted towards that sector. another step back for facebook, the social media giant is admitting a software - million users over several days last month. the bug has been fixed but it automatically suggested new posts be made public even if you had restricted them to be seen only by friends. the latest problem calls into question a key point that executives have been trying to
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make publicly that users have full control over the data and ultimate say on what they share and who they share it with is in their hand. aaa is holding a contest for couples looking to get hitched in vegas, the perfect twosome to take part in first wedding aboard the shuttle which launched last year. the 8-seat shuttle runs on a half mile route and the couple will need to write about a road trip they shared together and how a self-driving vehicle would have changed that experience. all entries have to be in by june 20th but the restricted to nevada residents only. >> hesre positive. >> are you looking for something to do this weekend, hollywood's leading women are taking a crash an at iconic film, sandra bullock and the gang get together for ocean's 8. >> an all women's cast, bullock is say recently paroled con
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artist planning her biggest job yet, to swipe the ice off ann hathaway's neck. it will take the expertise of a full-on crime squad. and get to know mr. rogers even better. explore the land of make believe and you -- don't you want to be his neighbor? >> i do. >> won't you be my neighbor? >> this documentary offers a behind the scenes look at fred rogers better known as mr. rogers to all of us. the children show host who touched the world w kindness. >> every morning i'm generally out in the field don't know where i'm going to be. most mornings i switch out of heels into my little flatsz flats and i always think of mr. rogers, look, i'm being mr. rogers, taking my shoes off. i wish my kids had known his show while -- i wish he was still alive. >> a great documentary, his theories will live on forever.
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>> he's known for wearing card gans -- >> you do need a light jacket this morning but later on today it will be like short sleeves and shorts, warming up for the inland areas. we're going to have a great start to the weekend. here's a live look outside to san francisco, it's a clear start this morning. i think we'll see a lot of sunshine throughout the day. the 7-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen starting in the south bay as we get a look at the morning drive peninsula. upper 50s to start and low 70s for early afternoon. as we head to walnut creek, it will be 67 degrees at 10:00 and little bit warmer there up to 82 degrees by 4:00 today and still nice and clear. a look at all of the high temperatures in cupertino, expect a high of 78 degrees and these temperatures are right about where we should be for early june. concord 83 degrees and vallejo at 79. it's going to be breezy and down right windy for the coast and half moon bay, 58 degrees and san mateo 70 today and 62 on the
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embarcader embarcadero. north bay up to 85 in napa. as we look at the pollen count, if you've been sneezing or sniffling, you're alernlg lernlgic to grass pollen. there will be rain farther to the north and this will not make it in the bay area as it moves closer we'll see that rain staying up around redding and mt. shasta and fizzling out. there will be more clouds and slightly cooler temperatures a . after that clears it will be warming up and getting very hot next week as a strong area of high pressure moves in. our highs for the inland areas . san francisco also on that roller coaster ride with 64 for today and 72 on tuesday. mike, do you have improvements to report? >> i have two areas of improvement to report. that's great because it's 6:22 in the morning. we typically see things getting worse but it's friday. we have now rail service restored and folks at capitol
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corridor contacted us and said thank you for reporting it because we did call in and let them know what's going on. the train service once again through davis, much better news. train service about 20 minutes delayed at the worst. the delays now expected for palo alto. we have improvement as all of the cones have been cleared in the shot. whether the top of the screen -- quick traffic break as we move last equipment out of there. a minor delay added to menlo park or palo alto itself. all lanes cleared and there may be a crash on the northbound side. the traffic volume very light. san jose does have this crash northbound 280. i see speeds improving, they may have moved the motorcycle from the roadway. folks were talking to that rider and making sure everything was okay. we'll track the rest of the commute as we do see a smooth drive through the south bay and the north bay, easy drive southbound through san rafael. a bus was stalled around the pad in marin and has moved off the shoulder as well. all good to the golden gate bridge, back to you. >> thanks, mike.
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>> all right, we have more for you here on "today in the bay" including the massive amount of money americans will spend on dads this fatherer's day. >> contract disputes across the desk of the response team all the time. chris chmura has a vital piece of information that might help you prevent a problem. >> california law gives contractors who might redo your kitchen, for example, zero wiggle room to demand a lot of money up front. they can take 10% of the cost of the job or $1,000 whichever less. if they ask for more money and ask yourself, do you really want to do business with a company willing to break the law? send us your consumer complaints, 888-996-tips or visit
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if you haven't got enough of the british royal family, you can get a glimpse of the new royal couple. >> prince harry and duchess are making the first appearance since a wedding and garden party last month. here's why this is a big deal. >> the saturday event is the major show piece event of the royal calendar, known as the queen's official birthday and magical moment where all of the royals appear on the balcony together. to have meghan there for the first time because she didn't get married in london, didn't have that balcony kiss moment
6:27 am
that kate had is really significant. it's her first and biggest test as a married royal. >> all right, right now resumers are swirling that prince harry and meghan markel are in ireland for a mini honeymoon. >> father's day is around the corner which means millions of americans are forking out extra money to celebrate dad. according to the national retail federation, father's day spending is expected to reach a near record of morth$133 per dad, a lot of macaroni necklaces, father's day is sunday, june 17th. >> and this was my reminder. all right, 6:27, coming up on "today in the bay," still too close to call. the race for san francisco mayor gets even tighter. how long it could be before we finally find out who the winner
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is. >> continuing news -- coverage of breaking news this morning, world famous chef and tv host anthony bourdain dead at the age of 61 after an apparent suicide. new details emerging this morning. you're watching "today in the bay." we )re off to a cool startt
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it will warm up as the day right now at 6:30, we're off to a cool start but today is going to warm up as it progresses, looking live outside
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near san jose plaza of cesar chavez. you see this beautiful piece of public art. it's going to be there for a while. go out there and see it. gorgeous. >> june 9th. >> thanks for joining us, i'm kris sanchez. >> we want to check on your weather and let's go over to kari hall. >> we've got great weather for the weekend and today will be a little bit warmer than yesterday as we take a live look outside in palo alto. as you get ready to step out the do w 60s through about 10:00 and then reaching in the mid-70s today. you're making weekend plans, maybe going to santa cruz, today will be nice and warm. sunshine 77 degrees and it will be cooler tomorrow with highs in the upper 60s and by sunday, a few more clouds and 71. we'll talk about the forecast for your weekend plans all around the bay area and some events going on in seven minutes. mike says traffic is restored in palo alto. >> that shot you were showing,
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temperatures on the peninsula, i'm talking speed, you're at speed but the last time we look there was no traffic southbound. that quick traffic break cleared that crew over on menlo park just north of willow, that's on easy drive at speed. north 280 recovering and the crash has been cleared as we suspected. some slowing for 87 north and that disabled vehicle cleared and once that was cleared we got back up to the limit because traffic volume is light all around the bay. we have a little slowing from hayward and west across the san mateo bridge. the berkeley curve, great towards the bay bridge but you plaza. h bespe you do get through without any problem. >> we're following breaking news, world famous chef and tv host anthony bourdain is dead from an apparent suicide. cnn confirmed his death early this morning. this is video of bourdain when he visited the bay area forming his tlc show, he was 61 years old in france at the time
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working on an upcoming episode of the cnn series parts unknown. a close friend found him unresponsive in his hotel room this morning. he propertiedly hanged himself. we've been reporting on the the death of fashion and handbag icon kate spade who also dued by suicide by hanging herself in her new york home. it was a shock around the world. but a new study just released from the cdc yesterday found suicide rates are up 35% across 1999 and this is in all age groups. if you know someone who needs help, someone is always available to talk, thatfor the national suicide prevention hot line. it is free and confidential. we have more breaking news, another reported shooting in san francisco. the third in less than 24 hours. >> "today in the bay's" bob
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re-december dere decemb dell is live in and you were tweeting folks were arriving not even knowing what happened at the doughnut shop. >> reporter: this is a perfect illustration of how life goes on in spite of horrible things that happen. you can see customers and regulars we're assuming here for the friday morning doughnuts inside bob's doughnuts and pastries here in the 1600 block of poke street, many unaware a couple hours earlier there was a man bleeding to death right there on the front entrance. this man we believe stumbled from a couple of blocks away where w we beliee here and ended up here where he was suffering from at least one gunshot wound and taken to the hospital and was sadly pronounced dead. his shooter, the person who shot him, police have not released any suspect information, have not arrested anyone. it's not clear if there are any witnesses to that but we did watch police come here. they did collect evidence,
6:35 am
including a bloody cloth, what appeared to be the man's jacket and ball cap and wad of cash, money out here. this happening -- the shooting happening around 4:40 this morning. as you were alluding to earlier, this was the third deadly shooting here in the city of san francisco within the past 24 hours. yet two investigations yesterday in the mission district, again police looking for suspects in both shootings and there was a double shooting that happened around 2:00 yesterday afternoon at mission and santa rosa avenue. a 34-year-old woman was killed and then about two hours later there was another shooting in the ss fired, that was on treat way near cesar chavez at general hospital, two victims arrived in private vehicles. so again, san francisco police sadly have a third homicide on their hands they are trying to solve. the most recent taking place here in this area of poke and sacramento, a man found bleeding to death in front of bob's
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doughnuts and pastry ks, which is back open for business. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> the race for san francisco mayor became tighter overnight. less than 300 separate votes separate the top two candidates, people are counting ballots still this morning. london breed and state senator mark len no have more than 74,000 veets but breed is closing the gap between her and leno who know only leads by votes. wednesday he was leading by 1100. definitely a sh shrink there. san francisco used ranked choice voting where they pick the top three candidates, if no one gets more than 50% in first count voters then seconds and third choices come into play. just in, president trump taking reporters questions before getting on air force one. this is for the g-7 in canada. we brought you some of what he had to say live here on "today
6:37 am
in the bay" at 5:30. the president was asked about a lot of issues, including pardon s and the nba dhchampionship. >> there will be more pardons, i thought alice was beautiful. i am thinking of someone who you know well and wasn't popular then -- >> o.j.? >> wasn't popular -- i'm not thinking about o.j., he was not very popular you no. 3,000 names, we're looking at them, of the 3,000 many of those names really have been treated unfairly. didn't invite lebron james and didn't invite steph curry. you know my attitude, if they want to be here, the greatest place on earth, i'm here. if they don't want to be here, i don't want them. >> lebron james and steph curry both said they wouldn't go before that point anyway. the president also talked a lot about today's trip to canada and some say the president's sit
6:38 am
down with america's economic allies could prove tougher than what he will face when he meets kim jong-un next week. "today in the bay's" jay gray is live with what we are expecting from these meetings always interesting when the president shows up, jay. >> reporter: chris, never dull moment, i think he has a same attitude with the ally leaders that he's here and if they want to talk he will. that seems to be the attitude coming into this like he had with the nba players there. the president lands here in a couple of hours. sitting on earth. we've already seen protests last night and this morning as well. and he will be met by a group of allies that are at odds with some of the recent policy >> on the eve of the president's visit -- protests, first of several planned marches during the g-7 summit.
6:39 am
>> there will be surveillance and law enforcement in the area, ready to act and ready to move and help people. >> the backlash -- outside the meetings comes as anger and frustration seem to be building among allies inside. >> i think it's been a feature of the relationship that -- and certainly emmanuel have maintained with the president that allows us to be blunt and frank and we have been. >> canadian prime minister justin tru doe and emmanuel mac dsz ron, issuing a stern warning, calling new tariffs counterproductive and question of principle and saying six members of the g-7 could band together against what they call his unacceptable actions. >> all right some labeling this
6:40 am
the g-6 plus one, the u.s. the outsider here. after dualing media briefings overnight, the president will meet face to face, one on one with both tru doe and mac kron. it should be very interesting to see the outcome as i talked about earlier,ay to be something. >> yeah, we know you'll be busy this weekend. >> if for tonight. the dancing and arts and crafts and game and second friday of the month. is yours on the list? take a look at the map. fun run from 6:30 to 8:30 and did we mention it's free. call the city parks and rec department for more information and i put this information on my twitter page and facebook page if you want to check it out there.
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>> just go there if you want to check out what's there there. looking over here for san jose, nicely and slows a bit. the volume just kicked up over the last five minutes, we see slowing here. recovery for 280, a crash at saratoga has cleared and build happened at the same time. slow approaching 17 and this is the traffic break i was warning you about -- it looks like it cleared and speeds recovering. the rest of the bay looks really good right now. we're showing no problems out of the north bay towards the bay bridge and we're showing slowing now for the san mateo bridge as folks slow a bit towards hayward. look, where these folks are headed to foster city or the weekend? >> i'm thinking the weekend. >> a great weekend and warmer weather today, cooler tomorrow. we'll tack about the changes as we have a lot of events going on from graduations to people just excited about the summer.
6:42 am
last day of school hitting the road, inland areas up to 79 degrees and bay at 74 and 66 for the coast. even cooler on sunday for the coast, we get sunshine and warmer temperatures inland, expect a high of 84 degrees in the valleys. if you're going to livermore, we're going to have great weather for the parade tomorrow. it will start out in low 60s and partly cloudy skies and we'll only make it up to 70 degrees there tomorrow. and in san jose, the dia de portugal. 66 degrees at 11:00 and throughout the day we'll warm into the low 70s with mostly sunny skies and the san mateo county fair kicks off tomorrow and late in the evening. sheila e will be on stage. make sure you're wearing something nice and warm. upper 50s for the sierra. 72 degrees today and tomorrow windy and only 58 degrees but the weather improves on sunday with highs in the mid-60s. i'll break it down with today's temperature trend for palo alto
6:43 am
coming up in three minutes. thanks, kari. >> coming up here on "today in the bay," the happy ending for a group of dogs stolen on the way to a bay area dog show. >> so glad to see that. plus making golf more accessible for everybody, one bay area teen pushed to raise money for other kids so they can afford to play the games they love, you're watching "today in the bay."
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happy friday, it is 6:46. a beautiful sunrise this morning, all around the bay area we're starting out with temperatures in the 50s and palo alto will be warming up in the mid-70s today. a little bit warmer than
6:46 am
yesterday and we keep the sunshine. we'll cool down a few degrees and warm up in a major way heading into next week. i'll talk about all of that coming up in less than five minutes. >> and continued recovery for a capitol corridor train 523 under 20 minute delay. all problems have cleared and the backup is at the bay bridge but the berkeley curve is not having a problem out of the maze. friday light, guys. >> 6:46. we're getting a closer look at the life of legendary comedian robin williams and his own words. it's a first look at the documentary ahead of the release next month. >> every person that's driven by some deep secret. >> hbo is releasing this trailer, the documentary called come inside my mind. it is an intimate look at the life and work of robin williams. the story will mostly be told through his own voice and never before scene archives. it features interviews and family and friends of williams
6:47 am
who have not only bay area outcome but international star. you might remember williams died by suicide in 2014 in his north bay home. >> you can breathe a sigh of relief. the van full of dogs heading to a show has been found. all of the dogs are safe and accounted for. a tearful reunion. take a look. all of those 14 dogs and reunited at the redding humane society. the ordeal began on day. you may remember the stories as trainers there. they were traveling to seattle there to vallejo for a show. the person in that van stopped in redding for lunch and that's when the van was stolen with the dogs inside. police found the van -- this was yesterday morning in a field outside of redding. the dogs were all inside hot, of course put they are okay. >> i can watch that video all day. happening today, a bay area high
6:48 am
schooler works to make golf more inclusive. he started a charity to raise money to buy clubs and pay for court fees so lower income kids can afford to play. >> some students did no have the economic means to play golf. and i wanted to do something about that. there's a lot of players that played like basketball and football but there weren't that many on the golf team. it may have been an economic barrier. i wanted to solve that problem. >> the group he started call golf 4 all kids is holding a charity event at moffett field. we've been talking with the r g oregoner e oregonizers. >> first saw this, golf is a world changing type of thing because he saw a need and i can help with things i love. he took action and his mom said you want to change something, do it.
6:49 am
so he did. >> good for him and good for his mom. >> absolutely. >> well definitely the weather today will be nice, playing some golf outside? >> it's going to be great today and throughout the weekend. it will be a little warmer today than yesterday. as we start out this morning, here's a look at the sunshining over san francisco this morning. we're starting out with temperatures in the 50s but it will be heating up for the inland area. as we go towards martinez, it will reach in the low 80s by 3:00 today and we keep a lot of sunshine and iton 7-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. you'll see how hot it's going to be early next week. you'll want to come over and look at that. in antioch, 84 degrees, 85 in napa. oakland 72 degrees. 79 in san jose and palo alto and 60 in half moon bay. we're starting out this morning with a need for a light jacket but the rest of the day it will be good for short sleeves and shorts, breaking out the summer gear. there will be slightly cooler temperatures as this cough and cold front moves in and brings
6:50 am
rain across the pacific northwest. head's up traveling around portland and seattle. there will be wet weather and it starts to edge its way into far northern california around area, we'll see clouds and for and gusty winds kicking up as the system moves in. once that moves out we're in for hot weather early next week. low to mid-90s for the inland valleys and big cooldown by thursday. you'll be happy to know that very intense heat lasts for three days and for san francisco, we go from 64 degrees today to more clouds and fog tomorrow and low 70s e l early next week with a lot of sunshine. as we get an update from mike, how is it looking for traffic? >> a light volume and bright look at the commute. sun finalally changed angles. the hov lanes or secondary toll plaza, both are clear and that's good news, the maze shows no
6:51 am
backup and metering lights are on. the stall clearing quickly or s slowing. no problems over thelowing across the the dumbarton bridge menlo park slow of willow to northbound 101. disabled vehicle off to the shoulder there and quick look at the north bay travel time, no problems but highway 37 slows out of vallejo, back to you. coming up next here, a busy morning of breaking news across the bay. one of our crews just arriving on the scene of an active police scene there of a public shopping center in fremont. a live report in just moments. a deadly crash in a construction zone in the east bay and now a little girl is dead. we're finding out about what led up to that crash. >> but first happening now, it's a story which probably shocked you as you heard it happen, the
6:52 am
woman who kidnapped a newborn from a florida hospital nearly 20 years ago, will learn her fate today. sentencing is scheduled for gloria williams, who took a baby girl and raised her as her own for 18 years, williams was arrested in 2017. plus, president trump accuser and adult film star stormy daniels is launching a perfume line. that new fragrance is called truth by stormy daniels. we'll have more news coming up after the break. before you head
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
here are the top stories on 6:55, before you head out, here ahe s "today in the bay." >> the breaking news just that information about police act tist in pacific commons in fremont. and sharon katsuda is there. what have you been able to find out? >> reporter: well, kris and marcus, we just got here five minutes ago and it is next to t.j. maxx, you can see police officers behind me. they are looking inside of this window. the business says itchibox, right next door and close to t.j. maxxwe're learning what drew police here a man was brandishing a sword and chasing after a lady. we just saw some business owners
6:56 am
arrive to give the keys to the police officer and right now they are trying to get into the building or at least keeping a close eye on what's going on inside of the business here. but they just told us that move back towards the sidewalk further away from the s because they don't know exactly what is happening. so we will of course give you more details as they come in. reporting live, sharon katsuda, back to you. world famous chef and tv host anthony bourdain is dead from an apparent suicide. cnn confirmed his death erlgly this morning. this is video of bourdain visiting the bay area filming his tlc show -- just 61 years old. he was in france working on an upcoming episode of his cnn series "s parts unknown." found him unresponsive in the hotel room this morning reportedly hanged him. we've been reporting all week on the death of kate spade who also committed suicide by hanging
6:57 am
herself in her new york apartment. if you or someone you know needs help, someone is always available to talk to, that number right there on your screen, rk screen. this is the national suicide prevention hot line. this is free and confidentiality. >> and more breaking news. here's a live look at the crime scan fncisco that is trying to get back to normal. police investigating an early morning shooting right outside a doughnut shop there. it is the third homicide in san francisco in less than 24 hours. the shooting happened at poke and sacramento in the knob hill neighborhood. police have not released the descriptions of any of the suspects. our other story this morning, an 8-year-old girl died in this crash overnight on 680 in sunol. the driver of a black dodge told police that he fell asleep at the wheel and didn't wake up until he slammed into that white
6:58 am
toyota corolla that crashed into another vehicle, a ford, the 8-year-old girl inside is the one who kied died in the crash. >> the pit bull and row boat and mast f fast moving fire. a dog was trapped on the burning boat in san rafael harbor yesterday. he coaxed the frightened dog to him just in time. witnesses say that that boat was almost immediately engulfed by flames and that the dog back with its owner this morning. >> l lur window over san jose right now. some of the beautiful public art there at cesar chavez plaza, it is going to start to warm up but then we're going to see another shift. kari, what is the shift? >> we've got all kinds of temperatures in the forecast. a little warm-up today through the mid-8 0e's inland but then it will cool down with more clouds. next week it gets really hot. 64 today and low 70s tomorrow.
6:59 am
inland areas low 80s today and look at that next week, hot 90s. >> right now traffic looking light for commuters. >> it is light. we still have slowdowns and ion,l show y shots we it does slow coming out of hayward but no big fremont looks nice here, 880 as you travel north past auto mall, get off at auto mall, that's where sharon follows the person with the sword that was reported. >> we'll continue to keep you yupt da updated on the social media platforms. we don't have a midday newscast but we'll see you tonight. >> bring it home, dubs. . good morning. breaking news, celebrity cheferchef anthony bourdain has died of an apparent suicide. he was found dead by a fellow friend and chef. we're live with the latest on the investigation and th tributes pouring in this
7:00 am
morning. trump sounds off. the president speaking with reporters this morning as he heads to canada for the g-7 summit. taking aim at longtime allies canada and france. and making a big push for russia to be included. >> why are we having a meeting without russia being in the meeting? kim gets candid. kim kardashian west speaks for the first time about securing


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