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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 8, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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broke off and landed on a power line. six people dyed and that is one of the fires that has been referred to the da's fire. in the nun's fire, a broken tree came in contact with the power line. investigators felt that fire could not have been prevented. here is the bigger picture, the eight fires referred to the the appropriate da's office, the atlas, adobe, pocket, pooit jann, patrick, norbomm, sulfur and blue. these are fires where there was no evidence, the redwood, cherokee, 37 and the nun's fire. the tubbs was the deadliest of any of the blazes. it led to two dozen deaths that fire was not included in this report. we are still waiting on that. the cpuc just responded to our
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request for comment here. they said that's the state public utilities commission behind me. they said they're interested in the findings, it will inform their decisions, whether there will be citations or fines to pg&e. pg&e just responded to my request. they said loss of life, homes and businesses, in these extraordinary wildfires is heart breaking we're working on rebuilding, we look forward to reviewing the reports to understand the agency's perspective. they conclude, based on the information we have so far, we continue to believe our program meets our state high standards. again pg&e already looking at what is estimated to be more than a billion dollars in liability from all of these lawsuits from homeowners if they are found to have broken violations that could increase their exposure.
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>> sam, thank you so much. we now know the cause of some of the fires, but the tubb's fire was absent from the report today. it burned parts of napa, sonoma and lake county. the wildfire burned down entire neighborhoods. in all it destroyed 5,600 homes, businesses and other structures, and 22 people were killed. we posted the entire report on our website, nbc bay we hope to have a more indepth look of what i report tonight at 6:00. fellow, travelers this is what you want. >> three days after the death of kate spade, another celebrity has died of an apparent suicide. anthony bourdain was found in his hotel room in france. he was there filming an episode
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for his poplar episode, "parts unknown." he travelled the world, including several of his favorite spots in the bay area. we're joined in japantown with more. >> reporter: the owner of minato tells me that meeting anthony bourdain was an experience he'll never forget. he said several people came in to have lunch at the restaurant after they found out about his death. >> he could eat anywhere in the world and he chooses 20 or 30 restaurants a year. >> reporter: in san jose, he chose minato, the oldest japanese restaurant in the city. >> he chose this one, sat where you are right now. two years ago. >> reporter: the restaurant is owned by gene, who shares these pictures with us of him and his family with an industry icon. >> we didn't know what to expect
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but he turns out to be a real good guy. exactly how he is on tv. >> to millions of us who travelled the world through his eyes, anthony bourdain wasn't just an award-winning television show host and chef. >> it's his social conscience i think, and the way he writes stories and gets into the cultures, beside the food, politics even. >> fellow travel ers, which is what you want. >> perfect introduction, conclusion to all of his shows. >> reporter: cnn said he was taping his show "parts unknown" in france when a friend found his body in a hotel room. it's believed he committed suicide. >> you never know what's going on. >> reporter: at minato anthony bourdain is remembered for how he lived. gene still knows what he ordered. >> curry, tempura.
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>> reporter: anthony bourdain had a love affair with another bay area city and coming up we'll take you to one of his seafood restaurants there at 6:30. >> thank you. we'll see you at 6:00. this is not a taboo topic if you or someone you know needs help someone is available at 1-800-273-82 a 55. we've also listed this number on our website. titan john las teris leaving pixar. he's been on leave since september because of some missteps that made staff members uncomfortable. he said he will take on a consulting role until the end of the year. he began his career with disney.
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and spearheaded to pixar with "toy story" and "cars" disney's chairman released a statement reading in part, quote, we are profoundly grateful for his contributions, which included a masterful and remarkable turn around of the walt disney studios one of john's greatest achievements is assembling a standard for generations to come. the mayor's race is down to 144 votes. as of one hour ago that's the margin separating them. there are still thousands of vo t counted. the registrar's office is releasing daily updates. leno leads 144 votes.
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breed consistently has miles an hour first place votes. the mountain view police department is asking for the public's help. detectives say sun mi kim is a serial scammer. she meets men and then accuses them of domestic violence. the men deny the allegations, when they go home they find kim and belongings gone from the home. illegal dumping on city streets. tonight, this truck pulling up in front of a home dumping garbage. christy smith is live at oakland city hall after speaking to the mayor. >> reporter: that's right. and we also spoke with one neighbor who says he came home yesterday and there was so much debris in his street he thought there was an accident. he made a few calls and checked his surveillance cameras and was stunned by how it got there.
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>> i don't expect people to do this thing. >> reporter: he lives on east 17th street. yesterday afternoon he found his street had become a dumping ground. >> i saw all this stuff in a straight line like somebody dropped it from a truck. >> reporter: his neighbor caught the dumping on surveillance cameras and posted it to twitter. >> it was an illegal dumping. there was a conscious thought put into doing this on an oakland street. we felt disgust. >> >> reporter: he included the mayor. >> i was outraged. it's ridiculous that anyone thinks they can dump their crap in someone else's neighborhood. >> reporter: she said in the past five years dumping complaints have doubled. and they've added an illegal dumping pick-up crew. >> in this budget getting approved we are bringing back
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three environmental enforcement officers. kind of like the litter police. >> reporter: they would try to trace items back to the source. there's also a new 311 reporting option. but neighbors said they were not aware and unsure what to do. >> we got information on 311, but i haven't heard anything about that today. >> reporter: we're told the penalty for dumping is $1,000 here in oakland but also $500 in reward money for the person who provides information that leads to the person who is doing the dumping. reporting live in oakland, christy smith. new charges filed today by special counsel robert mueller it's on paul manafort, a washington grand jury indicted manafort after allegations of witness tampers this week. it accuses him and a russian
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associate of attempting to contact witnesses in his upcoming trials. when the witness tampering arose this week, mueller asked the judge to jail manafort. tonight president trump is at the g7 summit in canada, and there is tension in the air. the leaders are uneasy over harsh words and tweets from president trump over his trade policies. he managed to joke with the canadian prime minister and host of the summit, justin trudeau. >> great to have you here. >> justin has agreed to cut all tariffs between canada and the united states. >> president trump has further alienated further leaders by
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advising that russia should be allowed back into the group. still to come another day anovsy for facebook. a new report says the company may have shared personal information with companies after it claimed they stopped doing that. saving lives with or without the uniform on. t i'm jeff ranieri, i'm tracking a system just off to the north. i'll let you know how this impacts our forecast. coming up in about 8 minutes. ang
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information about facebook. fa another new report and another day of troubling information about facebook. that report suggests that facebook continued to share user information even after it claimed it had stopped. the wall street journal reporting that facebook gave certain companies access to user's information. the company said it was done so it could improve the facebook app for users and it stopped the practice in 2015. however court documents tha info for weeks and even months. many of these deals are separate from deals with device makers which facebook disclosed this week. it's been a dangerous san f. two people killed four wounded
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in three separate shootings. this started yesterday morning, a man shot two people, a woman died in that shooting. investigators believe this is the shooter, robert riley, the victim is his wife. a few hours later three more people were shot near cesar chavez, one man died in that attack. and this morning a man was shot outside of bob's donuts. we're told the victim in that case suffered nonlife threatening injury. there's no word on whether the police believe these cases are related. every police officer gets emergency calls but the call one local officer got was different and had nothing to do with the uniform he wears. we're joined in san jose where one officer is preparing to donate his bone maier row. dami
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damian. >> reporter: the officer is on patrol tonight, he works a swing shift but at the same time he's preparing to save a young person's life. he gets in his patrol car ready to protect and serve the people of san jose. he knows there is always a chance the next call will send him rushing to save someone's life. that call came recently but not when he was in uniform and not the way he expected. >> i was selected as a match. >> for a patient who needs a bone marrow transplant to survive. the officer found himself on a different mission, one that doesn't require a badge and gun, but rather a bone marrow and a heart. he happened to have all four. >> i could have been it's anot officers stepping up and doing what they need to do. whether it be public safety or an issue like this. >> reporter: the officer doesn't
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know who the patient is, only that she's a minor, and he has to travel out of state in the next couple weeks for the procedure. through it all the officer remains humble. >> i think i was born with the right blood, born lucky. i'm happy to do it. i'm really the glad i've been given the opportunity to help somebody out in that way. >> reporter: a cop who's used to chasing bad guys is now temporarily trading his uniform for a hospital gown and a badge of courage. he hopes to draw attention to bone marrow transportation and hopes more people sign up to be on the registry. i'm on the registry and it takes five minutes and a cheek swabdo. thank you so much. big night for the warriors, one more win and they'll be nba champs but no matter who wins they won't be invited to the white house. >> my attitude, if they want to
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be here, the greatest place on earth, they won't be here. >> it came after santa clara and the warriors said they had no interest in making the white house visit. last year president trump rescinded the warriors' visit when several said they wouldn't attend the event. the warriors could be bringing home the nba championship trophy tonight. they could sweep the cavaliers. the game is in cleveland. here's a live look at the oracle. thousands of fans are on their way inside and ready to get on the edge of their seats to watching this game. it's really the next best thing. you can pay 20 bucks and go there tonight. the warriors one win away from claiming their third title in the last four years. the oakland police wants dub nation to be safe. it's adding more officers at the watch party and throughout the city. >> we are prepared in this city
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to make sure that everyone can celebrate safely and responsibly. we want everyone to be joyous, but do please think about the neighbors around you and celebrate in a way that makes oakland proud. >> so essentially, have a lot of fun but be respectful of everyone else. >> don't be unruly. >> we have our crews traveling with the warriors, we'll have full locker room coverage. hopefully it'll be champagne coverage coming up on our 11:00 newscast tonight. >> that would be fun. a lot of people heading to the arena right now. weather nice today. >> it is. warriors colors matching what's happening in the sky. we have the sun and the blue sky. beautiful weather today. changes coming our way as we hit this weekend but not all hope is lost. let's look, this late season storm is bringing wet weather into seattle and portland. at this point it will pushukiah
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about it. the biggest changes i see for the bay area would be increased cloud cover and cooler temperatures. let's bring you into the saturday forecast and you can see the low clouds going down to the south bay and 60 degrees. more clouds from the north bay to the east bay. while we start with the gray skies tomorrow morning there's a new change in the forecast that i think you're going to like. let's get a look at my future cast. there's the gray skies to start at 7:30 in the morning. by the afternoon it looks like this should clear out faster for a mostly sunny afternoon. if you can get over the fact it's not going to be super sunny to start tomorrow you have a nice day coming your way. temperatures are going to be dropping off by about 10 degrees. but not cold by any means. this just makes it comfortable. hard to believe it's june. it feels more like march or early april. 71 here in san jose.
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it'll be breezy for tomorrow, that's kind of the only issue we'll have for the afternoon hours opinion not too hot. even the warmest city, concord, with 74. pleasanton 71. and back by the bay cooler in oakland and hayward with 60s. you have sunshine against the beaches but 59 in half moon bay. and daily city 60. it will feel blustery in san francisco, winds out of the west at 26 miles per hour. and right through the north bay, looking good, napa at 75, 71 in novato, and 68 in mill valley. let's spend time on the extended forecast. i have a lot of changes over the next seven days. what you're going to see in san francisco, once you get over the wind this weekend will be mild next monday, tuesday and wednesday. lots of sun, temperatures in the
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low 70s. for cities away from the coastline. take note of the changes, 74 tomorrow. sunday temperatures up to 83. a hotter 92 on monday. 96 on tuesday and wednesday 94. fire danger increases those three days. but look at the drop off but next thursday back down to 79 degrees. i heard a wow back there. >> ooh and a wow. >> i used to have to get paid to give a forecast like this, but we're seeing it quite a bit lately. >> it looks great. >> happy> still to come, a racet electric scooters back on the streets of san francisco. the two unlikely companies that now want in on the market. returr
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winning their first-ever pe on our twitter feed. the washington capitals have returned to d.c. after winning their first ever stanley cups. the giants are also in dc taking on the nationals. and they're whipping up dishes for next week's singapore summit. this is la salle drive i
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m fireor that started behind home quickly spread to 5 acres. it started just after 11:00 this morning in moraga. three dependenartments worked ot fire. firefighters say someone operating a weed whacker in tall dry grass may have started that fire. uber and lyft want to be part of the scooter craze. they and a handful of other companies are vying for permits from the city, but only five companies get those permits. they would allow them to have dockless stations across the city. we've seen thousands of them in the past month or two, but now they have to apply for permits. the new law that went into effect requires companies to have the permits.
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the program starts later this month. how a piece of pizza led rescuers to a homeless dog and her puppies. that's next. you could save energy by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold.
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do your thing. with energy upgrade california. ♪ a toast, from estrella jalisco. pa arriba! to the stars of the mexican national team. pa abajo! to the stars that know you don't get here by luck
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but after years of dedication. al centro! to the stars that bleed green, white and red. pa dentro! we are all in this together, no matter what! vamos por la estrella. estrella jalisco, the only premium mexican cerveza proud to be the official beer of the mexican national team. a family pet. the f tonight at 6:00 the search for a hit and run driver who killed a family pet.
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that family spoke with us about their heart break. we'll tell you about the charges that driver could face. that coming up on our 6:00 newscast. what began as a normal lunch break turned into a rescue of a homeless dog and her puppies. this dog was seen stealing a piece of pizza when rescue crews arrived they found she had taken that pizza to her puppies. they were only a week old. mom is queen elizabeth and her puppies are william, harry, duchess kate -- >> those names ring a bell. they sound so family. >> the royal family of east palo alto. >> we have to get them adopted and it's like a disney movie. >> we have made it to friday. that means jeff is here with our weekend forecast. >> down to 74 tomorrow, clouds for the morning, sun in the
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afternoon. down to 79 next thursday after a hot week. >> lester holt joins us next with nightly news. >> hope to see you back here at 6:00. bye. tonight is shocking death of anthony bourdain. the beloved chef and tv host took his own life in his hotel room in france and as tributes pour in the second high profile suicide in days shining a light on an alarming rise. >> president trump unloads on everything from pardons to pot to nd before a tense meeting with angry alabama lice trump is a bombshell. >> it's up to them but russia should be in the meeting. a woman vanished walking her dogs. growing fears she was grabbed by an alligator. the fight for freedom for a man let out of prison after decades


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