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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 9, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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right now at 5:00. police officers open fire in one of the busiest tourist spots in san francisco. the details on a shooting that sent a man to the hospital with serious injuries. plus the shake-up in the race for mayor in san francisco. but first the champs coming home. look at that. golden state warriors coming back to oakland after winning a third nba title in four years. the news at 5:00 starts right now. good evening. >> the golden state warriors staking their claim to sports history. the dubs not only boating butle cavaliers. >> the excitement over last night's win not dng down anytime soon. just a short time ago the team touched down right here in the bay area. our christie smith is live at
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oakland international airport where the nba champs just added with the larry o'brien trophy in hand, christie. >> reporter: that's right. i have to tell you the warriors certainly got a welcome that was fit for back-to-back nba champions. hey, how are you? congratulations! they just landed at about 4:15. of course, as you said, three wins in the past four years. when their plane actually pulled up, there was a water rinse that went over the plane. of course the first out were finals mvp kevin durant, and he was carrying his trophy. of course steph curry was carrying the larry o'brien nba championship trophy with him as well. of course there were a screams out here. media, also warriors employees to welcomehe people including sean livingston also outside the gate.
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hundreds of fans came to welcome them. >> this is special every year. it was harder to get here this year, but just to be able to come home and put it up, it's awesome. >> i just wanted to be a part of this whole winning season. i was at the oracle last night, and it was amazing. >> we broke so many records throughout in championship run. i hope they continue it so we can create more history in the bay area. >> reporter: now, we also heard from coach steve kerr briefly. he said it was a challenging season, but of course we all know certainly worth champagne. of course that was the big story last night after the game in the locker rooms of fans to welcome them home. some of them had bee 11:30, just excited to be a part of it, saying that they feel like this is really sports
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history they're seeing here in the bay area and just really a lot of excitement, telling us that they want to welcome them and wave to them as they drive out on their way home. we asked a couple of them, hey, after this, will you be at the parade on tuesday? and we did not have one person tell us no. that's the latest from here. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> can you say hello to steph for me. >> steph just walked right behind you, christie. >> we're going to let her go get him. you might want your championship gear. warriors team store fully stocked with 2018 championship merchandise. fans as you can see packing the store. long lines to get in at oracle arena. the excitement over last night's bidown. >> the warriors deserve it, you know? they played a tough team. cavaliers, you know, flati congratulations to them too. sweep was great. i'll take it anytime.
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>> it was coming. >> foregone conclusion in. >> hey, that's what we do. that's what we do, sweep 'em. >> that is what we do. better get your gear quickly. we're told popular sizes like medium and large are selling out in a big hurry. >> it's crazy that's become the expectation. that's what we do. >> i know. well, the excitement over the warriors win led to some out of pocket celebrations last night. take a look at the scene on 880 in oakland right across from oracle. traffic brought to a standstill for an illegal sideshow. the driver was spinning in the road for several minutes with spectators standing on 880 nearby. we called the california highway patrol but they are not providing information about suspects. >> the chp not amused. clear your calendar because we have another parade on the way. this coming tuesday, june 12th, our third warriors parade in four years. this one will be a little
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different. players are going to be part of a brief rally before the parade begins. here's some stuff. fans are going to start lining up along the route at 6:30 in the morning. parade is going to get rolling at 11:00 a.m. it starts at 11th and broadway, ends at oak and 13th near lake merit. we posts details on our website. between the giants and warriors, this is actually our sixth parade in the last nine years. if you can't be there on tuesday, we're going to broadcast the parade beginning at 10:00 a.m. right here on nbc bay area. he's just perfect, and now he's just immortal. >> justify, a chestnut ct with a white racing stripe down his face made history this afternoon. immortal. i don't know about that but darn good horse. you saw it unfold on nbc bay area. justify has now done what only a dozen of the greatest have, win horse racing's triple crown. having captured the kentucky derby and preakness, he got a
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story book ending at the belmont today. the race really wasn't close. start to finish, it was justify shooting out front. 52-year-old jockey mike smith rode justify to victory. >> this horse ran a tremendous race. he's sent from heaven. i can't describe the emotions that's going through my body right now. >> justify's trainer, bob baffert, says the 3-year-old horse reminded him of another horse he trained, american pharoah, the last winner of the triple crown. >> that is a winning combination. now to the developing story out of san francisco. police officers shot and seriously injured a man while changing him. it happened on the popular and very crowded north beach neighborhood area. you can see in this video just how many people were there when this was all unfolding. the entire ordeal happened about midnight at grant a vallejo. in. officers say they found a gun and they are now talking with several witnesses. >> there were a lot of people out and about this morning just
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after midnight. it's a saturday morning in a popular entertainment area, so i believe we've identified some witnesses. >> so far those san francisco police are not saying what sparked that pursuit. now to our continuing coverage of the san francisco mayor's race. we still don't know who the next mayor is going to be but we're at least getting closer. tonight we're learning london breed is back on top. nbc bay area's sergio quintana live at the department of elections at city hall. sergio, breed is ahead, but there's still more ballots left to be counted. >> reporter: still more ballots to be counted, and the lead is not by that much. right now london breed is only ahead of state senator mark leno by 498 votes. i want to show you the very important counting that's going on because there are still 46,000 votes to be counted. and judging by how close this race has been since tuesday, there's a chance this office will not be decided till next week at the earliest. but this afternoon there are
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several supporters of london breed who are happy their candidate is now ahead. >> we're feeling really encouraged. i mean this is the fourth day now that we've seen some slight improvement, so we'll take it. but we still know there's a long road ahead of us. >> reporter: london breed has actually garnered more overall votes but didn't get more than 50% of the votes so the race went unit an instant runoff and ranked choice votes are now being considered. again, this race is so close that every last vote is going to end up counting. and so this office is going to stay open at the very least through tuesday to continue counting all of those ballots. reporting live at san francisco city hall, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> the ultimate cliff-hanger. thanks very much. we're going to continue to track the developments in san francisco's race for mayor. follow us on twitter @nbc bay area. we're going to post the latest results and the final outcome as soon as we know, whenever that
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is. new at 5:00 tonight, a swimmer had to be rescued during a swim to alcatraz event. a lifeguard on a jet ski saw the man in trouble. san francisco fire says by the time a lifeguard got to the swimmer, his heart had stopped beating. rescuers quickly started cpr. we're told the man did regain his heartbeat before he was take ton a hospital. we're still waiting for an update on his condition. the swimmer was among 800 people taking part in the alcatraz shark fest swim event this morning. a man is in police custody. he is being questioned after three people were stabbed early this morning in san jose. one of the victims died. police say they got several calls about the stabbing around road and payne avenue in west san jose. officers found one victim. he later died at the hospital. two other men also suffering from stab wounds drove themselves to a hospital. they are expected to be okay. the man in police custody was taken from the scene. investigators are trying to determine if he was responsible.
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still ahead on nbc bay area, the emotional moment that a graduation in the south bay. >> why the diplomas are especially significant to these grads. and we're watching a windy start to the weekend right now. gusts of 44 miles per hour in san francisco with some cool temperatures. 70s inland. when those 70s could turn into 90s in our forecast when we come right back.
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well, this afternoon a south bay high school held its first graduation ceremony ever. >> san jose jesuit high had its inaugural graduation at santa cruz's levy center today. 98% of the students graduating will be the first in their fami families. some of the grads tell us they're grateful for the school, the experience and also, yeah, their parents. >> i feel very fortunate. i know there's a lot of kids that don't get the same opportunities. i know at times we might complain about going to school and all that, but it's just the right thing that they're trying to do for us. >> we have changed their lives, but i think if anything they have changed our lives more. their stories, their personalities, and the values they brought to our school. >> that's a teacher you heard from there. students had the opportunity to work at silicon valley companies, and they hel students earned more $2 million towards their own
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education. still ahead on nbc bay area news at 5:00, a group of south bay high school students get much more than they planned. >> a community service trip to central america takes a dramatic turn when a volcano erupts. and we're seeing a windy evening around the bay area right now. tomorrow, san jose should be about five degrees of warming for those afternoon temperatures. later in the seven-day forecast, niep 90s could be in reach. a closer look when we come right back.
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search for survivors in guatemala. it's been almost a week now since the volcano eruption. more than 100 people have been killed. some 200 are missing. many family members now assuming their lost loved ones are dead. tonight a group of south bay high school students will remain in guatemala helping the rescue effort. they were there for a separate service project, but ten minutes after they landed, the volcano erupted. here's nbc bay area's ian cull. >> reporter: a group of 13 students from bellarmine prep in san jose had barely landed in guatemala city. >> we all noticed it was really cloudy out. >> reporter: they were ready to start their service trip sunday, helping poor kids at a school. then the eruption. >> we noticed some ash falling down, and we found out that it was a big deal, and it was pretty close to where we were. >> reporter: the fuego volcano ruthssly spewing ash and lava on unsuspecting towns, burying villages.
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at least 109 people have died. the boys were about 25 miles away. >> a lot of people just really worried for everyone's health, and we agreed that it would probably be better in the long run to go and help with the volcano efforts. >> reporter: and they did. helping at the local shut-down airport, organizing, preparing food and supplies to be shipped to the affected areas, and they're not stopping there. >> the next few days, we could be heading over to antigua to help out. i know it's covered in ash, and we're not too sure on the safety of that. >> so this was them in the airport. >> reporter: back home, luke's parents are proud of the bellarmine service group. >> you want to instill that in your child that they should help others and make a difference in the world. but this is a true difference. >> reporter: the students' return on tuesday in question. the worry is more eruptions or earthquakes could close the airport. until then, they'll continue the service they never expected to give. >> we're definitely going to try and do what we can.
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>> as impactful as this has been, it's going to be really nice to see his face in person. >> reporter: in san jose, ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> that's amazing. >> good adjustment on the fly. things change. they change with it. >> absolutely. speaking of things changing, rob mayeda with a look at our forecast, which was cold during the week, then scorching yesterday. >> warm, now back to koemcold a. there's no in between. right now it's extremely windy outside. gusts up to 47 miles per hour at sfo. and blustery evening around the bay area. you'll certainly want to grab your jacket if you're heading outsides, even in spots that are typically warm this time of year. loo look at the trees blowing ing flying. you've got 44-mile-per-hour gusts at sfo, sustained winds of 32. that 60 degrees probably feels more like 50 outside. you see dublin too.
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cool. numbers there in the upper 60s. typically we should see upper 70s this time of year. and in san jose, similar temperatures. upper 60s and gusty winds out of the northwest. so most places inland have cooled down. now, this pattern is going to reverse again during the day tomorrow. instead of five to ten degrees of cooling, we'll get five to ten degrees of warming during the day tomorrow. really wind is the big story at this hour. those speeds 15 to 30 miles per ho hour. about 9:00 tonight, wind speeds should taper off except along the coast and our wind-sheltered valleys, check out these temperatures tomorrow. we had a cold weather system pass by, which is cranking up the winds right now. no real rain other than the drizzle we had this morning. as the skies clear, weou mid-40s in some spots to start the day tomorrow. mostly clear skies. patchy low clouds for the morning and then like today which began with a lot of clouds and some misty skies and drizzle, tomorrow looks mostly sunny. at least during the afternoon, mostly warmer than the temperatures we're seeing outside right now.
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should see about mid-70s. san martin, low 80s tomorrow. tri-valley and east bay into the upper 70s to near 80 degrees. still cool in oakland for the a's game. temperatures around game time in the low 70s and still breezy. bayside, temperatures in the 70s. peninsula temperatures, 70s around palo alto. still cool in san francisco. not quite as chilly as today. temperatures in the mid-60s. north bay temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s. now i want to fast forward to your monday numrs by the afternoon beginning to see mid-to-upper 80s inland. this is goingoe another abrupt change in our weather as high pressure builds back monday and tuesday. tuesday's temperatures could be 20 to 30 degrees warmer than we're seeing outside right now. so a ridge of high pressure for the first half of the week, which is the reason why the
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seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen is showing those temperatures climb. the heat not lasting long. by thursday and friday, another area of low pressure dropping down the coast and taking our temperatures along with it. so i think we've got everybody covered. if you like chilly weather, windy weather, summer weather, it's all in the seven-day forecast. san francisco may actually feel a little hot downtown. those numbers in the mid-70s on tuesday. valleys, yeah, mid-90s. feels very summerlike as you get into monday and tuesday. wednesday we see those temperatures coming down. i do want to point out warriors victory parade tuesday just happens to be the warmest day of the week. if you're going to head out, probably looking at low to mid-80s around lake merritt, kind of like last year. temperatures will be trending hotter as you watch that big event in oakland. still ahead on nbc bay area news at 5:00, she lost her leg in a rock climbing accident. >> but she's not letting that stop her from pursuing her dreams. the ambitious journey she's
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embarking on is a story that will make you bay area proud.
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you may know the bay area is a mecca for cycling. cyclists here say the sport of mountain biking originated in the north bay. >> it was a launching point for a major undertaking by a 45-year-old amputee. garvin thomas shares her first of a kind journey in a story that will make you bay area
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proud. >> reporter: three years ago, niki rellon, a dual german-american citizen walked the entire length of the appalachian trail on a prosthetic leg. it took her nine months. the only thing harder than that, she says, was writing a book about it. and the only thing harder than that was marketing the book, which brings us to fairfax this past sunday. >> i'm more than happy to sign for you. >> reporter: authors have been known in the past to complain about the grind known as the book tour. they might not after hearing about niki rellon. >> here we go. >> reporter: you see, after the launch party for her book outside the marin museum of bicycle, niki will get on her bike and promote the book on a 4,000-mile unsupported ride across the country. if successful, the first amputee to accomplish the feat as far as she knows. >> hey, everybody, awesome for showing up today. >> reporter: and if you think
5:26 pm
that's remarkable, that's only because you've yet to meet niki. >> actually, i like to push my limits. i like to feel like i have a good workout. >> reporter: niki has worked out in the past as a kick boxer, triathlete, and ski instructor. >> i free fall 45 feet. >> reporter: but on a canyoneering trip in utah five years ago, she fell off a cliff's face and broke much of her body. >> i had to wait six hours before finally the paramedic arrived, a broken pelvis, a broken spine, all my ribs were broken. >> reporter: but it was her foot and lower left leg that were hurt the worst and couldn't be saved. after amputation, niki struggled with depression and fought back against those who thought she should change her lifestyle. >> i like to doh my body. seeing myself behind a desk and doing a desk job, that was definitely not hike the appalachian trail. again, a first for a woman with a prosthetic leg. it's what her book "push on" is
5:27 pm
about, and inspiring is what she hopes it is. >> if someone believes really strongly about something, whatever you want to do, you can do it. >> is that about the right place? >> yep. >> reporter: so with therapy sessions on an electromagnetic device and practice rides on a custom-built bike, niki feels she is ready to once again show the rest of us what limits look like when someone speeds right past them. of course many people have ridden bikes coast to coast, but niki is planning on doing it unsupported, which means she has no support vehicles, no one helping her on the way. packed on that bike is camping equipment, a cook stove, everything she needs to make the journey. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> do you have a story idea for our bay area proud page. look for garvin thomas nbc bay wrar and leave him a comment. still ahead on nbc bay area news, he may have left, but president trump isn't done with the g7 summit.
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the major announcement by the president that's creating waves among world leaders. plus the ongoing fight over fire insurance. we have an unexpected strategy for north bay fire victims. nbc bay area responds is next. maybe you could save energy by
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right now at 5:30, chaos in quebec. in just the past hour, president trump announced the u.s. will not sign a joint statement at the g7 summit after being criticized by the canadian prime minister. welcome back, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm vicky nguyen. president trump upset that prime minister justin trudeau criticized the new u.s. tariffs on steel and aluminum and says the u.s. will not sign the statement of the group of seven nations in quebec. >> the president is on his way for his historic


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