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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  June 10, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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it's about willingness to get things done. >> tragic case of an apparent suicide. >> i'm just so thankful. >> justify is immoral! good morning. i'm willie geist. welcome to "sunday morning." president trump is set to touch down in singapore. kim arrived in singapore a few hours ago and met with their nation's leader. this week's high stakes summit
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coming after the president butted heads with the ally in krands. the president afterward lashing out with canada's prime minister on twitter calling him meek, mild, and weak and saying he would not sign a communique. history in the belmont as justify is the 13th horse to win the elusive triple crown. we will take a look at the horse's run into the history books. and later, a sunday sit hundred down "home land" star chris danes. she now plays the intense cia officer carrie mathison on a show that predicts life events. >> we have something called a spy cam. >> i've heard. >> we have spy cam. we lock ourselves in the clubhouse in georgetown and interview people within the intelligence community and in politics and we get this really
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wonderful insight into what is going to be relevant or six months's time when the show airs. >> a sit down with her coming up in a moment. let's begin to the countdown to the on again and off again summit in singapore between president trump answer north korea's kim jong-un. kelly o'donnell is in singapore this morning and traveling with the president. good morning, kelly. >> reporter: good morning, willie. president trump acknowledged he is stepping into unknown territory here as he tries to hammer out a deal with kim jong-un. this comes just hours after he tangled with long time u.s. allies in canada. president trump has also declined to answer when repeatedly asked if he and kim have spoken by phone. but no hesitation to try to manage expectations as he says any potential deal will take time. heading toward history. president trump traveled from the g7 in canada overnight, arriving in singapore this
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morning, hours after north korean leader kim jong-un's motorcade rode through the streets for his meeting with singapore's prime minister. in this neutral host country. the president saying his people skills will quickly assess north korea's true intentions. >> i think within the first minute, i'll know. just my touch, my feel. that's what. that's what i do. >> reporter: before he sits with kim jong-un, the president's personal diplomacy with close allies soured. not long after he praised canada's prime minister justin trudeau who hosted the g7. >> justin did a really good job. i think the relationships were outstanding. >> reporter: the president blasted trudeau on twitter on their trade over tariffs after trudeau complained. >> canadians, we are polite and reasonable but also will not be
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pushed around. >> reporter: president trump reif you haved all of the g7 leaders by refusing to back the joint statement or communicate and up-ended friendly relations as he tries to strike a deal with kim jong-un. >> this is a leader who is really an unknown personality. >> reporter: three generations of the kim family ruling north korea have wanted the attention of an american president. mr. trump defended his willingness to say yes. >> the haters, they say, oh, you're giving him a meeting, you're -- give me a break, okay. >> reporter: while the u.s. goal is a complete verifiable and reversal end to the north korea program the president set the bar lower to start. >> at a minimum, i do believe at least we will have met each other. we will have seen each other. hopefully, we will have liked each other and we will start that process. >> reporter: president trump said north korea gets, quote, one shot to show its serious
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about denuclearization. >> if i don't think it won't happen, i'm not going to waste tie mime. >> reporter: the president was asked about going beyond the issues like nuclear talks and human rights and he said he would bring that up and everything else. with japan and china who are willing to offer financial assists, the president is willing to make that part of the conversation if north korea cooperates. the white house is also allowing some extra time in the schedule if the meeting should go longer and the president may indicate that is possible if his gut tells him things are going well. >> kelly o'donnell starting us with the president in singapore. jeremy bash is an nbc national security an lit and former chief of staff at the cia in the pentagon under president gm. this meeting is historic by its nature that the fact that a u.s. president will be standing on tuesday with a leader of north korea but remains to be seen what exactly comes out of it. we have a graphic and see if you
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can add or detract or correct on any of us. the what is reasonable to expect out of this summit? >> it's important to put the politics and pageantry aside and focus on the substance. the united states needs specifics from north korea. north korea is so unpredictable and so dangerous the american president has been to go in there and get an ironclad commitment about what removing nuclear weapons really means. >> with this president, you cannot take out the personal element of this. if you go back just in the last year, some of the terms the two men have used about each other. little rocket man, sick puppy, the threat of fire and fury and short and fat and mad man. kim using the term dotart we had to ul lao up which means a senile old man. the president pulls the meeting off the table and now it's back
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on. how does personality play into a summit like this? >> we need to put some personal chemistry aside because, again, the only thing that matters for the united states for the security of the west here and for our allies in the region is whether or not kim jong-un agrees to a very specific timetable, a very specific plan to declare all of its nuclear weapons and declare all of its enrichment facilities and missile, maybe its chemical and buy logical weapons and get them out of the country. fountain two guys walk out of the room we like each other and had a good chat that is interesting and nice but that fundamentally won't change the balance of power. >> a point many people have made ask the question why wounorth ka give up their nuclear weapons. >> i want he wants a gashuarant of his family and he wants an investment in north korea to improve the economy there. again, none of that is going to
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happen unless they make some hard commitments here and i think the concern here is that the president is going to walk out of the room and say, we got along great, i sized him up within one minute and we are best pals now and then it's kind of a trail of open promises. we have seen this before twice in the 1990s and 2000s and north koreans made statements and never lived up to them. >> the summit in canada, go back to nap the extraordinary day because of what the president had said and leading up to the summit and pictures we got coming out of it. on the plane on the way to singapore the president tweeting calling justin trudeau meek, mild, weak. what are the indications that a president trump speaking that way about our at lies? >> no. we are going to economic war with our allies and our nato allies and canadians have fought alongside us in the iraq war and afghanistan war and their service members have died alongside our own. now the president of the united states is attacking them and really over a pretty small economic issue has to do with the balance of payments between
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our two countries. there is a broader context. we want allies. we need allies. allies are the way we are going to ensure that north korea, for example lives up to this deal. >> jeremy bash, thank you very much. i know you will stick around. appreciate it. lester holt will have much more on the historic summit tonight on "nbc nightly news." we are learning more this morning about the final days of anthony bourdain's live. the celebrity chef and tv host was in paris filming for his own show when he took his own life at a hotel on friday. matt bradley has more as bourdain's family and friends and fans try to come to terms with his sudden death. >> where have you be hiding, my love? >> reporter: anthony bourdain's lifelong culinary journey end in france where it began. bourdain first fell in love with food on a family trip to france where he tried his first oyster. >> yum. >> reporter: he spent his final days here as well in the region
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of eastern france. shooting his cnn show "parts unknown." bourdain and his crew came here to this city last monday to taste a traditional local kish salted meat on a bed of pickled cabbage and it would be his last instagram post. the chef told me bourdain seemed perfectly natural and smiling and laughing and two days later bourdain and his crew dined in auberge but by wednesday it seemed bourdain's mood had changed. his famous passion flattened. he seemed a little down? >> could be, yeah. it was not exactly expensive. >> reporter: it was the following night that bourdain hanged himself in the bathroom of this chambard bathroom. we may never know why medical
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they say his relentless travel 250 days out of the year may have finally defeated him. his stunned mother opening up to "the new york times" saying, qoe qolt, he had everything. a man who had made the world his oyster. matt bradley, nbc news, in france. we will take a look back with our time with anthony bourdain on this program and the spike of suicides in america later in the show. we want you to know there is always help if you need it. 1-800-273-8255. the department of defense has identified the soldier who was killed while serving in somalia. 26-year-old staff sergeant alexander conrad was killed when had i team came under fire from al shabab fighters on saturday. he was in a joint group of troops when they were attacked. the defense department says four
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other u.s. troops also were injured. president trump tweeted his condolences after the attack calling staff sergeant conrad a hero. and for just the 13th time in horse racing history, we have a triple crown winner. justify made it look easy at the belmont stakes on saturday winning the third leg of the crown and joining an exclusive club. nbc blake mccoy is outside belmont with more. blake, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. in his short career, justify had never lost a race and he wasn't about to this weekend. with everything on the line, showing why he deserves to be a champion. >> ready for the start. they are off! >> reporter: taking the lead out of the gate and holding it the entire race. >> it was a very good beginning for justify who goes immediately to the early lead. >> reporter: justify making one of sport's most justifies is im
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>> reporter: winning the belmont stakes after winning the kentucky derby and preakness this year a triple crown and second for train bob baffert who won with american pharoah in 2015. >> american pharoah will be my first love and he was showing me the same signs and showing me the brilliance, superior horse. >> reporter: the jockey riding justify is the oldest to win the triple crown at 52. mike smith says justify was so calm before the rafsrace, he wa worried. >> reporter: justify is 13th horse ever to win a triple crown. i'll step out of the way. how is this for timing? justify was just brought out here. look at that beautiful horse.
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look at that. that is a champion right there. now his future remains a little bit up in the air. his owners are going to discuss what lies ahead for justify when he travels back to louisville tomorrow but they tell me this morning that it is likely he'll race again, probably sometime in the fall. his real value, though, going forward will be with breeding. look at that beautiful horse, willie. >> that is a star horse too. who knows when the cameras are on and wanted you to get out of the way there. blake, thank look surprising for june, 43 in napa, 48 in livermore, but the big story, clear skies and increasingly windy conditions gusts 20 to 35 miles per hour and coastal hilltops mid to upper 70s for most spots inland, mid-60s around san francisco and get ready for a big warm-up. mid to upper 70s around san francisco and valleys soar in the '90s tuesday into wednesday.
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there is much more ahead this morning as we await president trump's arrival in singapore. the president is preparing to meet with north korea's kim jong-un in less than two days. we will go live as soon as the we will go live as soon as the
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that turned into an unbelievable reunion. new jersey state trooper michael patterson pulled over a driver named matthew bailey. they talked about where the two are from. same town where bailey was a cop it turns out. bailey mngsed 27 years ago that he delivered a baby at a home there. check this out. >> what is your address? >> 192 on poplace. >> years ago. that was the first baby i delivered at that house. >> at the house? >> in the bedroom? >> oh, yes by myself. >> that was you? >> that was me. that was me! >> get the hell out! >> trooper patterson pulled over the man who dloivered helivered baby in 1991. what are the odds? here is the man who saved him 27
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years ago. not a bad way to get out of a ticket. hey i delivered you! a piece of driving could have used one of those traffic stops. check out this instant. in ohio route 33. the driver in the vehicle highlighted here decides to bail and backs out of traffic and across a couple of lanes and up the on ramp to get up the highway. this video is from the ohio department of transportation entitled don't be this driver! now it gets strange. you're offer the highway so straighten it out and find the alternate route. no. for reasons that remain unclear the driver continues in reverse across the overpass make ago right and make ago right turn in reverse and cruising through an empty parking lot still in reverse. the d.o.t. said the car traveled 1.2 miles in reverse over the course of four minutes and avoided a conclusion. for the life of me i can't figure it out. if you have a clue give us a shout. the next high is the player of
5:21 am
week in major league baseball. she was sitting in the stands. petco park home of the san diego padres. a foul ball popped up behind home plate. a heads-up fan named gabby makes an incredible catch with her beer. the ball from the bat to the bottom of her beer in two seconds. a great play that became legendary when the 23-year-old then turned up her beer and chugged it with baseball still inside! gabby said, i felt like i won the lottery. what are the chances? people were cheering chug, chug, i said, absolutely i will chug this beer! gabby posted a photo of the empty cup and the ball on social media and promptly received a number of marriage proposals in the comment section. if gabby marries one of those people, the couple have quite a story to tell how they met. you've just won the national championship and you're attacked by a bug at your celebratory press conference. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! get this out of here!
5:22 am
somebody get this! >> oh, my god! >> that is florida state university star anna shellnut after her team defeated washington this week to win the women's college world series in oklahoma. congratulations to the seminoles and it seems to me that bug just wanted to celebrate with anna and the ladies. a bonus high this morning. to the site of congressman steve scalise on a baseball field. a year ago he was narrowly killed by a 66-year-old gunman who opened fire on a group of republicans practicing for a congressional game. this week the 52-year-old was back a practice between the annual game between democrats and republicans. jeff flake posted a photo of scalise looking good in his lsu uniform. you can see his crutches on the ground behind him in that sh. great to see you back on the field, congressman scalise! coming up next on "sunday today." a sunday sit-down with claire danes. on growing up in the hollywood spotlight from a very young age on one of the comic challenges
5:23 am
of shooting "home land" while pregnant and what she plans to do if the show's next season is its last. plus we are awaiting the arrival of president trump in singapore hid of his ♪ only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief. tylenol® if you spit blood you may have gum problems,s and could be on the journey to much worse.
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weaving your own shoes...rgy by out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. this is an nbc news special report. here is willie geist. >> good morning. i'm willie geist in new york. this is an nbc news special report. president trump is arriving in singapore as they we speak ahead of the high stakes summit with north korea's kim jong-un. air force one has landed at a military base in singapore.
5:26 am
kim jong-un met ahead of trump and met with that that country's leader. let's go to hallie jackson. >> reporter: we will see the stairs pulling up tolt do the df air force one. president trump will be stepped out and greeted by the singapore minister here and the question is how history will judge these talks between president trump and kim jong-un who is already on the ground, as you mentioned. he has already met with the singaporean delegation. president trump is expected to do that here tomorrow. then we expect much of the day he will be in prep and he will be holding briefings with his top staffers including his national security adviser john bolton who traveled here with him to singapore ahead fed discussions and the big morning is tuesday morning when the two leaders come face-to-face publicly for the first time. it is an interesting contrast
5:27 am
given where the president has just come from and air force one took off from 23 hours ago and that is quebec, canada, for the g7. traditionally, a bear hug. measure and its closest allies coming together. this time, president trump was in the lion's den and on his way here to singapore he aimed tough talk to, for example, canadian prime minister justin trudeau concerned with trade issues he has with g7 allies and raising questions among his critics why the president is talking so tough against our friends, yet, trying to be finding some common ground with somebody who has lock been considered an enemy in ki kim jong-un. there is tcontrast. we have come a long way since little rocket man and fire and fury. president trump, remember, a couple of weeks ago, called the whole thing off, he said to kim jong-un, write if you change your mind and want to tone don the rhetoric and i'm
5:28 am
paraphrasing and kim jong-un's right hand man came over and a warm greg and president trump putting the meeting back on. now just 48 hours away. >> stay with us. the stairs have been moved up to air force one. we should seep the president of the united states deplaning shortly. lester holt is also in singapore this morning. good morning to you, lester. >> reporter: willie, good morning. it's really happening and it is a surprise for anyone who has followed the events of the last, certainly the last year and a half. i've made four trips to the korean peninsula in the last 14 months and i recall april of last year getting to do "nightly news" from an american air base we got word another missile test, another missile launch occurred from the north. things were tense. the military there still on a war footing, if you will. their motto is ready to fight tonight. but they, like rest of us, watching the diplomatic events overtake the threat of military confrontation.
5:29 am
kim jong-un on the ground. he has been here several hours. president trump here now. the president will meet with the prime minister tomorrow in the same way that kim jong-un met with the. >> reporter: here shortly after his arrival today. he has got, of course, a large contingent. they are all staying at hotels about a half mile apart from each other. the negotiations of the summit take place on an island, part of a tourist island here in singapore and they will meet in the morning session and it will actually be monday, let's see, monday eastern time 9:00 a.p.m.t night they meet and 9:00 a.m. on tuesday morning here. the president is not expected to make remarks as he comes down the stairs here, with you we will go to his hotel in downtown singapore where as he will get briefings and prepare for the meeting with the prime minister
5:30 am
from singapore and there is the president coming off air force one. a truly historic moment. the first lady is not accompanying him on this trip because she is still under doctor's orders after her surgery not to fly. the president said this is a meeting that he has prepared his whole life for. this is a man who has certainly distinguished himts self as a negotiator and a businessman and plans to rely on those instincts. there is he being greeted by the foreign minister here and other singapore officials. the president has said he'll know in the first minute of his conversations with kim jong-un whether this is going to to ha, whether they are going to make a connection or not. that was his gut instinct. he has tried to tamp down on expectations of the meeting. at the same time, sometimes can't help himself by dropping little hints that he thinks this
5:31 am
is going to go well. he has said that this is one chance for kim jong-un to do something good for his people. the president, of course, coming off that summit in canada in which bad taste was left in the mouths all around after the president fired off some tweets during his journey here. a 9,000-mile trip from canada to singapore where it is sunday night. the president is now getting in his limousine and heading to his hotel. >> lester holt in singapore for us and continue his coverage all week on "nightly news" tonight and early part of next week. thank you. jeremy bash, extraordinary pictures here after all the back and forth after all these months and weeks on again and off again. the president and kim jong-un in the same place, in singapore and 36 hours from now sit down in a
5:32 am
roop. t room. the word historic is being used because the president of the united states has never sat across from the president of the north korea. what will make it historic in terms of beyond the photo op? >> if you put the politics and pageantry aside what would make it history would be a commitment by the north koreans to actually remove nuclear weapons, missiles and chemical and biological weapons from their country and allow for south korea and north korea. north korea is so unpredictable and so dangerous that we are going to walk out of the summit here monday night east coast time and when the president is going to say, we have a commitment to peace, a declaration of a peace treaty. and that, without the ironclad commitment from the north koreans, is just going to be an empty promise. >> jeremy bash, we appreciate your perspective. get more throughout the day at nbc and tonight on "nightly news" tonight with lester holt. most of you will stay with us on
5:33 am
"sunday today" others will be returned to your regular programming. much more is ahead this morning including our subside clear skies around san francisco. big change in the drizzle and low clouds from yesterday morning. 40s around napa. 43 degrees and 48 in livermore and we'll be watching once again the wind picking up for the afternoon. more sunshine today and trending gusty as we get into the evening. highs today mid-50s, san francisco, mostly 70s inland today and things really start to warm up as you go from monday through wednesday. san francisco with mid-70s and valleys reaching the 90s starting tuesday. coming up next, the sunday sit-down with claire danes from her early days on my so-called life to her hit show "home land" life to her hit show "home land" and a knew movie a ♪yeah life to her hit show "home land" and a knew movie a
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>> you really think that? >> no. i know that! >> claire danes, as cia officer carrie matheson on the hit show time series "home land." for seven seasons she played one of the most intense and complex a memorable character oz television and homeland was a hit from the beginning and a cast that includes danes and pinkin as her mentor at the cia and nick brodie, a traitor, and carries love interests before he was killed off. for danes, carrie mathson is the signature character in a long successful career that began when she moved across the country to los angeles as a middle school kid. claire, who recently announced she is pregnant, joined me here in new york for a sunday sit-down. carrie matheson is a single mother who spends her day chasing down terrorist plots around the world. all while struggling to manage her bipolar disorder.
5:37 am
>> i'll get you more drugs. >> i don't need to settle down. >> it is a commanding show for sure. it never gets more casual for this carrie matheson. they keep raising the stakes. >> reporter: there was an additional demand on danes this season. unbeknown as at first had tore cast and crew she was in the early stages of her second pregnancy with her husband. >> my dresser who did a lot of crocheting bags for me and in between plants i face-planted on this crochet bag. they woke me up saying it's time for your close-up. i had this crochet impression. i looked like i had suffered third-degree burns or something and they had to massage it and take a hair drier to it and half an hour past, time is money! >> you get into overtime.
5:38 am
>> so stressful! >> reporter: >> the 39-year-old danes knows the rules of a big-time set well. after all she has been on one since she was 13 years old. in 1993 she moved from her hometown of new york city to los angeles to shoot the pilot for "my so-called life." ." people with die of embarrassment. i bet it's been medically proven. >> reporter: a role a year later would earn the teenager a golden globe award for best actress. is it fair to say there wasn't much a plan? >> no plan. >> reporter: stage parents saying here is what we are doing next? >> no. they were not cultivating this interest in me. they were more just tolerant of my obsessiveness. >> reporter: did you have any sense of where that obsessiveness came from? certain movies you loved or tv shows? >> my parents weren't very -- they were, you know, artists and hippies and not all of that careful about, like, what i was exposed to as a little person.
5:39 am
so, yeah. i remember seeing like "the accidental tourist" when i was 8 or like i saw "wall street" in the theater i was the same age. i don't know if it was that appropriate but it was fine. >> i think the time too. my dad took me to see "beverly hills cop "when i was 9. what kind of parenting is that? or is it protective iive? >> i think it's both. >> reporter: her first movie gig came in "little women." >> i don't know. i can be brave like you. >> reporter: roles followed in "romeo and juliet." >> parting such sweet sorrow. >> reporter: and "home for the holidays." >> what is wrong, mom. >> reporter: the actress took life advice from director and mentor jodie foster.
5:40 am
>> she was pretty adamant that i go to college and she spoke about her experience and she was an amazing mentor to find myself having as a tiny person. >> reporter: danes spent two years at foster's alma mater gale university before returning to hollywood. she went on to win an emmy and a golden globe for playing an autistic woman in "temple grandan." >> i mow my system will work because i've been through it a thousand times in my head. >> reporter: she took on the role that may define her career later. she has won two emmys and a pair of golden globe awards for her starring role on "home land" a heart poundi ining show that ha aeped real-life event you saw the london attack and predicted that and fake news and russia being involved. all of those themes were on your show before they actually happened in real life.
5:41 am
>> yeah. it's pretty uncanny. >> reporter: is that a product of you all doing research and talking to people in the intelligence services? >> i think it largely is. we have something called the spy cam. >> i've heard. >> yes, we have spy cam. we lock ourselves in a clubhouse in georgetown and interview people within the intelligence community and in politics and, like, skyped with snowden one year and we get this wonderfully insight what is happening this moment and what is going to be relevant in six months or a year's time when the show finally airs. >> reporter: one of the parts of carrie that so many people appreciate is the way you treat her bipolar disorder and her mental illness. i interviewed glenn close one time and she has mental illness in her family, including bye-bye po -- bipolar, she out of the blue started to talk about you and how important not to careicatur
5:42 am
that snic that. >> the more i research the subject and the people that where wrestling with this. the more respect i have. we take a lot of liberties of show and exaggerated of a lot of experiences but ultimately she is a hero and a hero who is wrestling with something that is very painful and been stigmat e stigmatized a long time now. >> reporter: she addresses another stigma. a kid like jake. she plays a mother grap'ipling with her 4-year-old son's as they go through the preschool admission process. >> i'm doing everything for jake to place him where he feels safe and comfortable enough to -- >> dress like a girl is what you're saying. i think we are eliminating some taboos or eyed that are a little
5:43 am
charred or a little scary. all we want to do is encourage more conversation and for people to feel more relaxed about admitting to some of the complications and challenges that come with all of this, you know? >> reporter: soon, it will be time for danes to dive back into carrie matheson, as "home land" enters its eighth and potentially final season. if the show wraps up and an amazing chapter of your career, are you thinking about other things yet? >> yeah, a little bit. a little bit. i can't say what they are! >> reporter: is it acting? >> yeah. for sure. >> reporter: something else? >> no. i really -- it turns out i really like to act! i'm still into it! >> reporter: you're good at it and he should keep doing it. >> i'm amazed so many decades in, i haven't tired it so i definitely want to do that. i think, if anything, i want to produce material as well. >> reporter: you're not going to be an accountant or something?
5:44 am
>> i don't think i would do all that well in the world of accounting. >> reporter: too late to learn. keep going with the acting gig. >> exactly. >> she takes time away from season eight begins shooting catch up with the show on show time. "jake" is theaters now and our thanks to the hotel for hosting claire and me. to hear more check out and subscribe to the sunday sit-down podcast to hear the entire unedited interview with claire danes and check it out. next week, trevor noah who rose out of a dramatic childhood to succeed jon stewart in one of the biggest chairs in comedy. trevor noah next week on "sunday today." in a week we lost anthony
5:45 am
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[ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: anything you've had on the show you're like, good god, never again? >> yeah. they do this funky fermented fish in iceland. a hazmat situation. >> here is the tongue. >> yeah. good. >> i'm eating tongue with anthony bourdain. a moment from our day in october of 2016 with the late great anthony bourdain. anthony walked me up roosevelt avenue in jax heights in queens greeted the staff at food trucks like family and spoke lovingly about the young daughter who changed the way he saw the world. on friday in paris, the beloved bourdain took his own life. just days earlier in new york, designer kate spade did the same. all in a week when a new study revealed a jarring spike of
5:49 am
suicide in america. in our sunday spotlight steve patterson looks into the question of why. >> reporter: in the specter of her husband's death, talinda says she is still haunted. >> i can't personally listen to his music. i can't really hear his voice. i have a hard time seeing his picture still. ♪ >> reporter: last year, chester benefitington lead singer of the linkin park took his own life. to linda, she was shattered. >> after my husband passed ji just felt sad and hopeless and desperate. >> reporter: this tweak the painful memories stirring again. celebrity suicide back in the headlines. >> i'll takeat. right here, my good man. >> reporter: millions shocked by the death of story telling culinary icon anthony bourdain with his globe trotting always seemed on top of the world. >> travel around the world doing what indiana in every cool place i ever dreamed up and you paper. how is that idea?
5:50 am
>> reporter: days earlier we learned about renown fashion designer kate spade's death and mental health experts saying these suicide are a reflection of a much problem. new numbers from the cdc showing increase in suicide across nearly every state up by more than 25% nationwide and suicide now the tenth leading cause of death in the united states. with 123 deaths on average every day. >> until we actually start focusing on this as a public health issue, we are going to continue to have these crises and to see these numbers going up. >> reporter: help is often just a call away. >> suicide prevention center crisis line. this is ann. >> reporter: this week officials at this center in los angeles say in one day the number of callers to their suicide hotline more than doubled. and that is a good thing. >> it saved my life. >> reporter: on the other end of the phone you might hear crisis ann taylor who said the hotline
5:51 am
helped prevent her own suicide. >> i believe in it and i know we can help people. something comes up and gives them one little reason to maybe last another hour or another day. i mean, there is, i don't know what is more rewarding than that. >> reporter: psychologists studying the trend say the problem is systemic. >> i believe it is a cultural problem and until we start addressing it, we are going to continue to see these numbers going up. we have to change the culture and there is no easy simple solution. >> reporter: and that is exactly to loinedinda's mission. >> i needed to do something on the mental health landscape that chester's would mean something. >> reporter: spreading the issue. >> i think people pay attention to it more. people we look up to, athletes, chefs, designers, musicians and touching the world. >> reporter: open up a conversation for providing honest discussion. >> we can make a change because in the future, i would like to see a world where there is no
5:52 am
stigma around mental health. >> reporter: proving that the best way to stop suicide's destructive rise is start taking it head on. for "sunday today" steve patterson, los angeles. >> steve, thank you very much. please do remember there is help if you need it. the number for the 24/7 national suicide preventionline is 1-800-273-8255. 1-800-273-talk. if you want to see our full interview with anthony bourdain it is one of our favorites and it's at we highlight another life well lived. jerry mayoron was the one of the stembers of collective actors in movie history. marrin was the leader of the lollipop guild in "the wizard of oz." more than 100 little people singing "we are off to see the
5:53 am
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back on a busy sunday morning with more on the historic summit in singapore. president trump arrived there a half ago ahead of his meeting with fler's knorth korea's kim . kim jong-un and the president are on the ground. they have 36 hours before their summit. what does the president do now? >> well, he is presumably at his hotel which is a half mile from where kim jong-un will sleep tonight in a separate totalhote. the meeting is on an island and they are meeting at a separate resort there. to set the time line for you. a 12-hour time difference
5:58 am
between singapore and the u.s. east coast come is sunday night here. in america, the summit take place 9:00 p.m. monday night and tuesday morning here. they will have a morning session and then lunch and another session after that. president trump, as you know, has floated the possibility that this could go longer than just the one off meeting. he has also floated the possibility if it goes well, they could have another meeting in washington, d.c. it all, of course, remains to be seen. the president says he'll know in the first minute how it's going. he says this is something he has prepared his entire life for and we will see when it gets under way very shortly. >> lester holt, thank you. lester holt is live
5:59 am
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