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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 11, 2018 3:00am-3:30am PDT

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breaking overnight, president trump meets with leaders from singapore ahead of his historic sit down with kim jong-un. as he prepares for his most crucial moment yet on the world stage, we'll have a live report from the ground. >> global war of words. the president lashes out at his canadian counterpart amid a simmering trade war calling him weak and dishonest as his own staff piles on. >> you just don't behave that way, okay. it's a betrayal, okay. essentially double crossing. >> plus a new information this morning about the final days and hours before star chef and tv host anthony bourdain took his resisted arrest not far from his california
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home. >> and the tonys light up broadway with a little help from the boss. "early today" starts right now. good morning. i'm phillip mena. >> i'm frances rivera. president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un are now in singapore. less than 24 hours away from their historic summit, it will be the first time a sitting u.s. president will meet with a north korean leader. the focus of the high stakes meeting denuclearization of north korea. president trump suggesting the summit could be the only opportunity to work out a deal. >>e-me shot and i think it's going to work out very well. i think very quickly i'll know whether or not something good is going to happen. and if i think it won't happen, i'm not going to waste my time. i don't want to waste his time. >> mr. trump's first official meeting with of the trip not with kim but singapore's minister, a day after kim jong-un's own meeting with the
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prime minister. and work hasegun elsewhere with u.s. and north korean officials sitting down ahead of the summit. secretary of state mike pompeo tweeting these photos calling the meeting substantive and detailed. >> nbc's janice mackie frayer will bring us coverage of the summit. we begin with peter live in singapore. peter, good morning. >> reporter: frances, good morning to you. within the last few minutese confirmed some new information. the white house, two white house officials confirming to me that tomorrow to begin the summit, president trump will meet one on one with the north korean dictator kim jong-un. no guidance on how long that private meeting will last, though it is likely they'll be joined by others later in the course of the meeting including most likely the secretary of state mike pompeo who a short time ago released a statement describing some of the pregame meetings taking place today as being substantive and detailed in advance of tomoow's summit. he said of the president that the president is well prepared for tomorrow's engagement with
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chairman kim. the u.s. position, he says, remains clear and unchanged. we heard from president trump a short time ago here as well saying he's looking forward to what he described as a very interesting meeting tomorrow. he said that he thinks it could workout very nicely. the president was vetted by the singaporean prime minister today, the foreign minister posting a picture of president trump enjoying a birthday cake in advance of his birthday which will be later in the week on thursday. to give you a sense of the stakes here for kim jong-un, this meeting already gives him a win, the respectability, the dictator this hermiten lookinti alongside president trump. it is not noted what president trump will take away. he doesn't know if complete and verifiable denuclearization is
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known. the next time will be 9:00 a.m. in singapore 9:00 p.m. back at home. back to you. a >> it is the count down. peter, thank you. >> janice mackie frayer, how are things being received in south korea where you are? >> reporter: phillip, if there is one perso who has tied their fate to the outcome of this meeting it's south korean president moon jae-in. moon had his own meeting with kim in april. that laid the groundwork for this summit with president trump. this is very tricky for moon, trying to balance loyalties to both the u.s. and to north korea. domestically he's looking at local elections where his party's credibility is at stake and he's also still struggling to get his own agreement with kim ratified by the legislature. there is also an uneasiness here on what appears to be a lack of deadiness for this summit me that when moon went into his meeting with kim, they had an agreement that was about 90% there. they needed to negotiate the
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word complete around the issue of denuclearization. arguably we could say the issues with the u.s. present bigger gaps and also higher stakes. president trump is going into this having alienated long-time allies, whereas kim jong-un has spent months seeking them out. and he has found them in south korea, in china, and in russia. all of them now taking concrete steps toward building economic ties with north korea. so, for the u.s., a return to maximum pressure is not an option. phillip? >> fascinating and consequential days ahead. thank you so much, janice. >> and while that historic north korean summit may be imminent, it is a in he continues his fight against members of the g7, particularly canada, calling free trade fool's trade and name checking canadian prime minister justin trudeau in twitter posts once more. it follows a stunning reversal
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saturday with this image printed around news sites around the world. the g7 joint communique what he called trudeau's false statements. it's turned into a global war of words. nbc's kristen welker has that for us. >> reporter: it's the picture that says it all, president trump alone and increasingly alienating allies at the g7 summit. the president battled them over tariffs and trade and stunned the leaders by first agreeing to sign a joint statement called a communique then abruptly pulling his support african da's prime minister said this. >> canadians were polite, we're reasonable, but we also will not be pushed around. >> reporter: the president en route to singapore accused of justin trudeau of false statements and called him dishonest and weak. trump aides lashed out. >> he stabld us in the back. >> there is a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with president donald j. trump.
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>> reporter: allies stunned, announcing new counter french president emmanuel macron accusing trump. incoherence and inconsistency. the canadians defiant. >> we are clear we are insulted as a country. >> reporter: at home lawmakers seeking distance including senator john mccain writing to the other leaders, americans stand with you, even if our president doesn't. a growing divide with america's allies as president trump tries to make a deal with one of its oldest foes. kristen welker, nbc news, washington. >> new this morning, a disturbing report from the tampa times is rocking florida after the paper found the state had stopped doing national background checks for those seeking conceal and carry gun permits for over a year from february 2016 to march 2017. the agriculture commissioner adam putnam, a republican currently running for governor said the state did conduct its own criminal background checks on those applying for permits. just not national ones.
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putnam blames it on the negligence of a department employee saying the former employee was, quote, deceitful and negligent, and that an investigation was launched. democrats in the states are now calling for him to resign. a final audit report issued this month states that an employee in the division of licensing did not run applications through the national system because she couldn't log into the database. >> lawyers said they have wanted an emergency stay blocking the depour tags of an ecuadorian man. he was turned over to immigration officials after making a pizza delivery to an army base in new york. a judge grapted the stay until june 20. pablo will remain detained. his day comes as dozens of people were seen rallying outside of an i.c.e. detention facility this weekend to protest his detainment. new york governor andrew cuomo said the detention of him and raid of upstate dairy farm show reckless contempt for the constitution. >> in hawaii another steam explosion has been reported out of kilauea summit. in the civil defense agency is
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warning volcanic gas emissions have doubled over the past two weeks quickly moving inland. drivers are advised to avoid hawaii's affected areas during kilauea's ongoing eruption. over the past 4 kilea has consumed 600 structures with its fast flowing lava spews. seismic events remain common. there is no way to pinpoint exactly what will happen next. >> the raging wildfires nearly doubled in size in colorado forcing hundreds more to evacuate. firefighters say the 416 fire hasn't damaged in the structures in durango but force the 425 home evacuations. so far it has dee vourd nearly 1700 acres at the san juan national f national forest. it is 10% contained. forecasters not expecting rain until thursday, they expect the wildfire to continue growing. it's hot, dry, and windy there, making it worse.
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>> yeah, now is a great time to bring in meteorologist bill karins. good morning, bill. >> good morning. they'd like the sense of the rain over areas of the mid-atlantic t areas of the west especially mountain west. ings from just outside lood philadelphia so narrow sliver right through the state of new jersey. flash flood watchers continuing for the baltimore area. we've had a lot of rain over of the last 24 hours and we have this little narrow band of heavier rain that just shifted south of philadelphia now over the top of wilmington. also some steady heavy rain going through washington, d.c. and baltimore at this hour, too. as we go to a wider we have numerous storms around des moines, north central illinois and raleigh and heading to eastern north carolina and more ra that will cause a lot of those storms and numerous storms through kentucky, too.
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the week ahead forecast coming up. we're going to try to dry it out in some areas. >> sounds good. thank you, bill. now to your box office weekend recap, "oceans 8" easily stole the top spot at theaters all across the country. the female film opened a series best $41 million dough he mess tickly. >> "solo" story took $15 million. superhero flick "deadpool 2" came in third earning nearly $14 million in north america bringing in a total of er$278 llion. "early today" will be right back. ♪ cleaning floors with a mop and bucket is a hassle, meaning you probably don't clean as often as you'd like. for a quick and convenient clean, try swiffer wetjet. there's no heavy bucket, or mop to wring out, because the absorb and lock technology traps dirt and liquid inside the pad. it's safe to use on all finished surfaces tile, laminate and hardwood.
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but in very different ways and pampers gives all of them our driest best fitting diaper. pampers cruisers with three-way fit. they adapt at the waist, legs and bottom with up to twelve hours of protection for all the freedom to move their way in pampers cruisers only pampers diapers are the number one choice of hospitals, nurses and parents. are confusing ilted northern for robes. they're both cushiony, comforting, and add elegance to your home. but quilted northern is not a robe. it's just really nice toilet paper. actor vince vaughn is facing drunk driving charges as r after he was arrested early sunday morning in california. the wedding crasher star was pulled over at a checkpoint in manhattan beach according tosou.
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this will be his first dui if charged. he was warned of checkpoints all week. he faces charges for resisting arrest. >> an ex-nfl player said he was helping his mother-in-law find a new home was arrested on suspicion of burglary a former cleveland brown tight end said. a person in california called to report him, a black man entering the neighbor's mobile home. a rep said according to the owner he never went inside the home or took anything. he was later arrested and spent five hours in jail before posting jail. >> tributes continue to pour in for anthony bourdain after the chef and tv host was found dead of suicide in france over the weekend. there is a memorial outside his new york city restaurant. this is where he went to work as an executive chef. jason wang, ceo of the popular chinese restaurant famous foods thanked bourdain for helping his
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family live the american dream. wang donated friday's profits to the suicide prevention life line. we are learning more about the final hours before bourdain took his own life. we have the details from nbc's lucy cavanaugh. >> reporter: anthony bourdain was a globe trotting chef who ly skipped a good meal. so, when he didn't meet close friend and chef prepared for dinner thursday night, something seemed off. a waiter telling "the new york times," mr. ra pair thought it was strange. we thought it was strange. ra pair was in france filming the cnn series "parts unknown" staying at this five star hotel. when bourdain failed to show up for breakfast the following morning alarm bells went off. hotel staff said they tried to reach him on the cell phone. he was later found unresponsive in his room. >> let's talk about food and eat food. >> reporter: bourdain's mother told "the new york times," he is absolutely the last person in the world i would have ever dreamed would do something like
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this. but she a bourdain's mood had darkened in recent days. >> i was an angry young man. >> reporter: on the 2014 episode of his show he opened up about his past struggles with drugs an depression. >> there was some dark genie i hesitate to call a disease that led me to dope. >> reporter: bourdain's remarkable life end in the same country where his love affair with food began. lucy kavanagh, nbc news. >> if you or anyone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts, pickup the phone and call the life line, 100-273-8255 o talk. they areille 24 hours a day. you're watching "early today." psoriasis does that. it was tough getting out there on stage. i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. and keeps on working.
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and lastly, check your alarms weekly. replace. change. test. because early warnings help to save lives. ♪ ♪ legendary bruce springsteen gave that heart felt performance at radio city mus hall during the 2018 tony awards. the 68-year-old was honored with a special tony award for his critically acclaimed sold out one man show springsteen on broadway. co-host josh groban and sarah kicked the celebration off. the best of broadway with a duet while joking about their own lack of tony awards. big winners of the night included harry potter, parts one and two, the sequel to j.k.
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rowling's sevehit nove. the best lead actor in the play. british actress glenn da jackson home her first award at 82. raking in ten tonys, best original score, best lead actor and best actress in the musical. >> now to this weekend's other crowning achievement, justify going all the way to win horse racing's triple crown. the rsee made history becoming the 13th thoroughbred to earn this huge honor. nbc's blake mccoy got in on the excitement at belmont. >> they are ready for a start. >> reporter: out of the gate and into the history books. >> he's just perfect! >> reporter: justify winning the triple crown. a rare sports feat now accomplished twice by trainer bob who first won with american farow in 2015. >> after that, what do we do next? >> reporter: then came this
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chestnut colt. >> do you think he still has some juice in him? >> he's a bad dude. when he walks in there, those other horses, he's very intimidating. >> reporter:is racing career spanning 111 days is already nearing an end. too valuableo risk injury, justify's future says his orrin is in breeding. >> his future in breeding could bring in 20, $30 million a year? >> yes, absolutely. >> reporter: thart's a valuable horse. >> yes, that's a valuable horse, and he knows it. >> reporter: blake mccoy, nbc news, new york. >> coming up bill karins has a check of your forecast. a suburb of cleveland leaves questions in its wake. scarred soaked the sun does not care. but we do. walgreens beauty consultants are specially trained to know what works for the health of your unique skin.
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hydro boost and our gentle exfoliating cleanser from neutrogena® welcome back. gusty thunderstorms today in the central plains and watch out from areas from kentucky to the carolinas, definitely an umbrella day. hit and miss showers and storms in the southeast. let's fast forward into the middle of the week. still looking at showery weather on the east coast. pretty quiet conditions in the middle of the country. some isolated storms. let's see if we can finally dry it out by the end of the week in the east. new england yes, but still hit and miss showers and storms in mid-atlantic and southeast. can't catch a break. >> bill, thank you very much. still ahead a i deeper look at what's at stake in that historic north korean summit. plus rafa nadal shows why he is the king of play. any object. any surface.
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time for today's top stories. the scene in paris was absolutely electric sunday after rafael nadal won the french open beating dominic thiem in three straight sets. he had a cramp in his hand only to come out on top with his 11th french open title. it reinforces his reputation of the greatest clay player of all time. >> a house exploded on a residential street. it happened in east cleveland. the blast killing one woman and leaving a man critically injured. fire from the explosion spread to four neighboring homes with the explosion blowing out windows down the street. authorities are still investigating the cause. >> turning back now to singapore and what's at stake at the president's historic meeting with kim jong-un, if the summit
3:27 am
is successful, it will represent a beginning with a great deal of work to be done in the months and years ahead. nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell has a look at what the world can expect. >> reporter: president trump has described the singapore summit as get to know you, plus. the question now, what is the plus? in addition to the handshakes and photo opportunities, will kim jong-un agree to blow up his nuclear weapons? as he appeared to do at his main test site last month. experts say complete denuclearization could take a decade or more. >> the best outcome would be a solid commitment by the north korean leader to denuclearize, and along a definable time line that the trump administration can then see as a big victory. >> reporter: in fact, the vast regime's nuclear complex is so hidden, u.s. officials don't know how many they have. current estimates ranging from
3:28 am
20 to 60 war heads buried in dozens of sites i away? to denuclearize, that he >> he has to personally that he is prepared understands that the current model doesn't work. >> reporter: skeptics are doubtful. >> if we don't get something concrete coming out of this, we'll know that kim jong-un has achieved status and prestige, second, a weakening of sanctions and we will have achieved nothing. >> reporter: a more realistic outcome, the first diplomatic steps towards finally ending the korean war. >> yes, we could absolutely sign an agreement. we are looking at it, but that's probably the easy part. the hard part remains after that. >> that was andrea mitchell reporting. a whole lot to watch in the days ahead. >> i'm phillip mena. >> and i'm frances rivera. thanks for watching. be slur to follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram at nbc "early today." your news continues here on nbc and our nbc stations.
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breaking overnight, president trump meets with officials in singapore. we'll have a live report from the ground. >> a global war of words. the president lashes out at his canadian counterpart calling him weak and dishonest. >> you just don't behalf that way. it's a betrayal. he is essentially double one st carry out a background check for kbuns for nearly a year. and the


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